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Newtype Reduced to K-ON! Fanzine


Top anime rag Newtype’s latest character popularity ranking reveals it to have finally descended to the level of K-ON! fanzine – the entire first half of the top 10 is now apparently solidly dominated by moeblobs, with the rest of the ranking scarcely any better.

The ranking:

1. Mio Akiyama

2. Yui Hirasawa

3. Azusa Nakano

4. Ritsu Tainaka

5. Tsumugi Kotobuki

6. Tenshi

7. Yuri

8. Haruhi Suzumiya

9. Rei Ayanami

10. Yuki Nagato


So dense is its reverence for moeblobs that some refuse to believe it is anything but a cruel Photoshop, although given the proclivities of Newtype readers it seems all too plausible.

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