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K-ON! Ends with Azunyan Tragedy!


The previously announced devastating finale to K-ON! has been revealed early by way of 2ch’s spies – the ending looks set to prove particularly devastating to Azusa fans.

Although it is debatable whether it is possible to spoil as vapid and devoid of plot a title as K-ON!, those wishing to preserve the dramatic tension of learning Azunyan’s ultimate fate may wish to avert their gaze.


The 1st of March was Yui-senpai and company’s graduation ceremony.

“It was so much fun being in a band with you… I was saved so many times by Yui-senpai’s cheerfulness…”


“I won’t be mad if you forget your lyrics or hug me any more… Please don’t graduate… [snuffle snuffle]”

K-ON! is now over, and Azusa has been left all alone – few could wish for a better finale than the sweet tears of Azunyan, whatever the dangers of suicide amongst the show’s more devout fans.

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