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Top 10 Traits That’d Turn You Off a Guy

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Women revealing what it is would turn them off a boyfriend yield up a list which is headed by an item likely to be particularly problematic for many males.

The ranking:

1. His room is messy

2. His dress sense is bad

3. His cooking is bad

4. He gets excited over everything

5. He’s bothersome

6. He’s restrictive

7. He’s forgetful

8. He’s got a sharp tongue

9. He’s a narcissist

10. His timekeeping is loose

The ranking for the other sex.

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  • 1 my room is messy too i don’t care
    2 i like when they dress well it makes them looks delicious and if they smell good what a nice BONUS
    3 who cares
    4 i like hyperactive people opposite attracts
    5 bothersome how?
    6 yes im free u understand? free
    7 im forgetful too, i have all birthdays written down
    8 if it only sometimes and only because he is really really mad cuz that happens to me too
    9 ugh
    10 what¿

  • #10 must have a caveat to it out of any combination of these options:

    1. Must really like the guy
    2. He’s handsome or cute
    3. Money situ is good (at least)
    4. Has some skillz in the bedroom (if you know what I mean, and I think you do)

    Otherwise, it escapes me that this is not higher than #10.

  • 1. His room is messy
    You got me there, I can clean it up like once every two weeks but it would get messy again.

    2. His dress sense is bad
    No fasion sense at all, I dress in drab colors and simple clothing.
    3. His cooking is bad
    I cook for my family, so I think my skills are at least average
    4. He gets excited over everything
    Just some eroge stuff, for ex. how majikoi has Yuko Goto, Shizuka Itou, Kyon, and Ledouche.
    5. He’s bothersome
    Dunno about that, my friends seem to enjoy my presence.
    6. He’s restrictive
    I’m blase about everything, but then again, never had a gf, so wouldn’t know
    7. He’s forgetful
    Just the not important stuff. Important stuff like gun specs I can remember
    8. He’s got a sharp tongue
    Hardly, socially awkward.
    9. He’s a narcissist
    Nope, low-self esteem due to assymetrical mandible/jaw and non-perfect teeth.
    10. His timekeeping is loose
    Not for important stuff.

  • My turn!
    1. His room is messy : Define ‘messy’. I have a very messy room myself so I dont judge people on their mess. If he just has a lot of his belongings everywhere, that’s fine. If he has week-old rotting food and dirty laundry and rubbish…yeah, that’s a turn-off.

    2. His dress sense is bad: As long as he clothes are washed I don’t mind. A nappy dresser is aesthetically pleasing, but it’s just a plus; the opposite isnt necessarily a minus.

    3. His cooking is bad : Like I’ve said before, there’s nothing sexier than a man who cooks (ie, Hosaka), but if he can’t it’s not his fault. Problem is, neither can I, so it would be awkward. We could learn together though.

    4. He gets excited over everything : …personally I find this kind of adorable.

    5. He’s bothersome:
    I don’t really know what ‘bothersome’ refers to in this context.

    6. He’s restrictive: I wouldn’t want some control-freak.

    7. He’s forgetful: It can be annoying, although it depends on the severity of what he’s forgotten. Like if he forgot my birthday, that’d be a kick in the teeth.

    8. He’s got a sharp tongue: I dont really have strong opinions on this either way.

    9. He’s a narcissist: Looool. It’s kind of a turn-on for 2D characters (again, Hosaka) but I guess it doesn’t work well IRL.

    10. His timekeeping is loose: No strong opinions either way.

    My biggest turnoffs:
    1. He’s closed-minded
    2. He doesn’t wash/smells bad
    3. He makes blanket statements about other groups despite only knowing maybe 1 or 2 people in that group. Surprise, suprise, that’s most people here.

  • 1. Thou shalt not live in a pig sty.
    2. Thou shalt not dress like a pig sty.
    3. Thou shalt not burn dinner.
    4. Thou shalt not give a (insert expletive of choice).
    5. Thou shalt not be a pain in the @$$.
    6. Thou shalt not say “No!”
    7. Thou shalt always recall all things always.
    8. Thou shalt not use caustic speech.
    9. Thou shalt think of me.
    10. Thou shalt have a schedule and a timepiece.

    Lo and Behold! The (Proposed)Law of the Covenant between Japanese Woman and Male Victim. Stiff-necked men who will not keep these Commandments shall only know and be known by his hand.

  • This is utter Bullshit! – these are the exact things a guy would dump a girl over! – who cares if a guy cooks? since when was a guy’s room a “status symbol”- who cares about habits as long as he’s paying for dates & buying you stuff??

  • …Okay, I’m going to facepalm. It wasn’t you who said that, it was the likely throwaway comment made by Yoshi-kun. So, if that makes more sense, then…yeah.
    Anyway, I’d like to thank you for replying in such a kind manner. I’ve been lurking on here for a few months, only got the courage to post some comments today, and it seems that half the time you don’t really know what you’re going to get. So, thanks.

  • Let’s see:

    1. His room is messy – Just my desk, but that’s where I work.
    2. His dress sense is bad – Too bad function doesn’t equate to style in Japan
    3. His cooking is bad – Started cooking regularly 6~7 years ago, and feedback is still good.
    4. He gets excited over everything – I’m a perpetual frowner. Probably scares away the smaller ones though.
    5. He’s bothersome – I have no idea.
    6. He’s restrictive – Probably, but I am trying to change.
    7. He’s forgetful – I can be when things get hectic.
    8. He’s got a sharp tongue – I hardly talk
    9. He’s a narcissist – A little, but I can’t express it.
    10. His timekeeping is loose – Hardly, but I can get anal about this to others.

  • A messy room is generally indicative of a person who doesn’t take care of his stuff, himself, and can’t reasonably be expected to take good care of others, so it’s no wonder most girls are turned off by this (and if they aren’t, they’re usually not winners either). You can get away with some “creative chaos” if you’re the artistic personality (you’re probably not) but when you live in a fucking moldy landfill, it basically screams “something’s wrong with me! stay away!”

    Also, “dress sense” doesn’t translate just into “expensive suits”. Yah I know, we’ve all read how women want rich guys (and men want hot girls, surprise), but the most basic interpretation is that how you dress yourself is part of how you present yourself to the world, how you take care (see above) and how “socially aware” you are, ie. appropriate clothing. I’m talking crusty Naruto-shirt /stained jeans VS. clean slacks and a button-up shirt here. Surprise, if your clothes are an embarassment less people would like to hang around with you. Like it or not, your dress projects a message to the world; it doesn’t really have to be “I’m filthy rich”, just as long as it isn’t “I’m filthy, period.”

    Cooking is part of a self-reliant personality, same with the clean room, shows you’re a mature adult who has his shit together. Incidentally cooking yourself usually correlates with being healthy and not being a disgusting fat fuck, always a plus.

    Rest of the list are trivial personality traits that nobody likes anyway, but hey, people usually do get the partners they deserve. You can stay the retarded inept disgusting Otaku you are, for example, and still get a girl, though it will probably be a female version of you and if you’re honest you know that’s not as awesome as it may sound..

    • Of course, what they fail to report is that, sure, girls may want their ideal guy to be rich, but that’s not who they end up falling in love with. Believe it or not, there are a lot of girls out there who are okay if you’re not a millionaire. Every girl has a different criteria, but they’re usually going for people that they like. I sure as hell know that I would never date anyone I wasn’t friends with first.
      Apparently, guys being self-sufficient is a bad thing. At least, from what the media says, a guy who cooks and cleans is sissy and isn’t a REAL MAN. Well, let’s face it. It costs a tad too much to go to a restaurant every day (even fast food) and a lot of microwave stuff is either crap or will make you regret it later from all the grease that’s making you feel sick. Besides, if you’re living in your mom’s basement… Eventually, she’s not going to be able to take care of you anymore and you’re going to have to figure out stuff on your own. And you’re going to have to figure out a lot on your own.
      I know quite a few girls who would go for a nerdy guy who is kind, smart, thoughtful and funny, and is interested in the same things that they are. But, it doesn’t exactly go for the socially-inept kind. It seems that anime fans have a disproportionate number of those types… Perhaps because it’s a new-ish genre?

      • Anime (fandom or whatever) has a higher proportion of maladjusted fucktards because of a selfselecting process. It’s not ‘mainstream cool’, so it’s a genre that gets overwhelmingly filled with social rejects who didn’t exactly sit at the popular table (much like metal music, etc). And surprise, not all of them are special misunderstood snowflakes, many of them are in fact creepy sperglord slobs whose behavior reinforces every negative stereotype, thus making Anime even more unpopular and the feedback circles even further down the drain. The anime shows increase to pander to them, thus alienating any outsiders further. The ‘community’ doesn’t self-regulate, because its point is the opposite, being a place for all the aforemented rejects to freely jerk off to the weeaboo shit with likeminded people instead of getting the weird looks in real life.

        I could spent hours on discussing how (“funny wrong” at best, “disgusting wrong” at worst) the topic of “girls” is handled in such circles, either by people who’ve never seem to have met an actual real women, or people who think they’ve met all women and got shit figured out. But anyhoo..

        “Every girl has a different criteria, but they’re usually going for people that they like.”
        See ? That’s a mature attitude. If you recognize that people are multidimensional and different, you can gear your personal interactions much more specific to arrange for a happier life instead of treating (and failing) all people the same way (for example, operating either under a “all women are angels” or “all women are whores” mindset).
        People like different types of people, and want different things (a relationship (and the sort of person you want to have it with) is different from a one-night-stand, and different from a friendship, etc.). As far as generalities such as “all women want rich guys” are concerned, if you cut through all the third-party-opinions of misogynist rejects (or talk to some actual women for a change), you’ll see that for a longterm relationship prospect people (in general, OMG) like to have ‘security’ and ‘stability’ in their partners, to which there is a definite financial aspect. No, that doesn’t mean they’re sluts for six-figure bank-statements, but it means they usually don’t want to burden themselves with a destitute hobo (who hasn’t got anything else going for it besides maybe being a one-night-stand). Yeah, sucks to be a no-income NEET, but you know what, it should! Do something productive, get some money, it’s better for you, your dating prospects and society. On the other hand, men usually care(d) less about the wealth of their women, historically that’s because being on a different financial power level is a means to exercise control (because they’re insecure fucks).

        “At least, from what the media says, a guy who cooks and cleans is sissy and isn’t a REAL MAN.”
        Dunno about that. What adult doesn’t have to take care of his shit ? That’s either mommy-boys (ugh) or people who live in 50’s TV sitcom land with a housewife as their ersatz-mommy (and then complain about overbearing and nagging when the woman runs the house). Taking care of your shit, even such ‘womanly’ chores like cooking and cleaning, makes you a self-reliant person who controls his life, and surprise, people generally like to go for people who aren’t a burden. I say generally, because there are of course some women out there who’d love to play mommy for you (sure, give up your control, suckers) or slob girls who don’t care about how disgusting you are (most likely because they are too)

        “I know quite a few girls who would go for a nerdy guy who is kind, smart, thoughtful and funny”
        Yeah, but the problem starts when the nerds themselves go for girls who aren’t interested in them (cue to “nice guy” and “why does she date jerks” and every other eyeroll-inducing cliche). If you want an examplary on how dysfunctional the gender relation is, just imagine, many “pick-up -guides” for nerds deem it necessary to include chapters on basic fucking grooming, for chrissakes. If it starts here, you have bigger problems than getting women, but then such misaligned failtards come back online and set the tone of the discussion.

  • 1. His room is messy -sometimes…

    2. His dress sense is bad -nope

    3. His cooking is bad -nope im a good cooker.

    4. He gets excited over everything -nope

    5. He’s bothersome -nope

    6. He’s restrictive -nope

    7. He’s forgetful -sometimes

    8. He’s got a sharp tongue -nope

    9. He’s a narcissist -nope

    10. His timekeeping is loose -sometimes

    • thats be must have trait choosing a wife though. imagine you forget her birthday or somthing prison. you only take her to the toliet. and point to the shitpot “look! is a floater! happy birthday!” and she will get very excited

  • 4. He get excited over everything

    i do not know about other but i find this is an exceptionally good trait as human being…
    that’s how you can enjoy live to the fullest like Akari does (Aria series)

    if a guy does not enjoy/excited over several stuff..
    he is probably a rather boring guy and you just can’t have good conversation with a guy that does not excited over stuffs

    IMO, the more the merrier…

      • Yes, but there probably are domains of interest that do get you excited. Just the wrong ones.

        Most women would call that ‘get excited over everything’ at argument or break-up time. That’s usually just before they inform you they always simulated, you have a tiny penis and you generally have poor sexual skills.

  • …Well, I’m feeling very unfeminine now. I’m going to marry a guy whose room is a mess… Even messier than mine. At least I have all my anime and manga sitting on my shelves… He has too much to hold on there.
    I have a friend who is male and cooks for his girlfriend’s family… I want to be more like him, make myself useful. Except for the whole thing about smoking and snapping at everything and complaining during D&D that he doesn’t want to be a drow in the Forgotten Realms campaign even though it’s a drow campaign and about any other race would be killed… Stuff like that.
    I’m guessing the dress sense is about really bad fashion? I design clothing myself for my characters, so I notice it a lot, but it doesn’t really bug me until it actually hurts my eyes. Like bright Hawaiian shirts and whatnot. Every. Single. Day.
    I can see how getting excited about every little thing could get annoying, but at least you know he’s happy, right?
    I love the fact that the restrictive one’s on there. Obviously, Japanese women aren’t quite American girls (though obviously some things transcend borders and global culture and whatnot) because the top imaginary boyfriend is apparently very restrictive. And they don’t think it’s a problem. “The stalking is love and he took the engine out of her car to protect her because he knows best!” …Right. *getting away from full-fledged rant*
    Narcissist? Oh that would definitely be a problem…
    But, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised to see that they’re missing a lot of what should be an issue… Like the guy not sharing any of your interests. That would get really old really fast. I’m not sure how those people survive…
    Really though, for a lot of these, these are fairly minor things that can be accepted. Also, people can learn how to cook. It’s not something that hasn’t happened before.

    • nah i think they just want to share the cooking, well in my case I like to be cooked for, but at the same time also cook cause we make different styled meals and I’d get bored of the one. Plus you can learn from each other if you’re a good cook.

  • 1. Messyness is awesomeness!

    2. I can barely dress myself.

    3. I can cook pretty well at least.

    4. I don’t get excited much anymore…

    5. I R annoyzing?

    6. I don’t put out…

    7. What I forget now? 😛

    8. Dull dull dull

    9. I is not prety…. nothing to be self adsorbed over other than my own opinion…

    10. Time? waz dat?

  • I think they lie to look cool.

    5. He’s bothersome
    6. He’s restrictive
    7. He’s forgetful
    8. He’s got a sharp tongue
    9. He’s a narcissist

    Girls love guys with this points or almost always this type of guys have girlfriend/s.

  • …Wow. I don’t really get it. I can understand restrictiveness, being bad with schedules, and narcissism…those can be genuinely bothersome, and can cause issues not just in a relationship, but in your daily life as well if not unchecked. Even a messy room and bad cooking I can understand to a degree, if a woman wants a man who is more domestically inclined (and that just sits in with personal taste rather than necessity)…

    …But dress sense? Really? What’s that got to do with anything in a relationship? The only way I can even comprehend it ‘mattering’ is, say, a guy is known for streaking or something…and even then that’s more of a matter of personal decency and propriety than dressing well.

    At the very least, they didn’t mention anything regarding anime this time…

    • I wouldn’t mind if the guys dressed better. I guess I’m in the minority that wants a sharp dressed looking man or at least someone who doesn’t look like a slob. And would it hurt to actually invest in cologne or something?

      What this list describes are typical ‘nerd’ traits so if any girl is going to date someone that into some sort of “fandom” then those particular traits are expected.

      Everyone’s got their preference. I just happen to like people who aren’t slobs. Same applies to females who are into any type of fandom. Nerds of all walks of life tend to belittle people who actually make an effort with “appearance.” You should see the woman in my office. Most are bookworms that are into comic books and as soon as a hot looking and nicely dressed female is hired on, they all seem to huddle together and create some metaphoric “slam book” in her honor. It’s ridiculous. The men in my office are the same way when they encounter someone that resembles a metro sexual. And the funny thing is that the Metro ends up being the nicest guy of the bunch. lol

    • I’m not sure, but I’m willing to guess that it may be an issue in extreme cases. Maybe his clothes make your eyes hurt or something or he has the bad foresight to wear something completely inappropriate and offensive to meet your family or something. I don’t know.
      Also, hey. I guess at least they’re wanting guys who can keep things not messy and cook for themselves… Being self-sufficient is never a bad thing, no matter how the media may make fun of guys who cook for themselves.
      Maybe people are starting to figure out that there are more pressing issues than that? Or they didn’t put it on there for some reason? (Perhaps because it was always a contender and they decided to see what women disliked BESIDES the token creepy otaku?) I dunno. That’s my guess.

      • Maybe his clothes make your eyes hurt or something or he has the bad foresight to wear something completely inappropriate and offensive to meet your family or something.

        I guess that makes sense…I never considered that under real ‘dress sense’, but that does fit into that category now that I think about it. Though I don’t know what a guy could wear to make my ‘eyes hurt’. Neon lights on their clothes? At the very least, I’d probably think he was being expressive. Obnoxiously expressive, but expressive.

        I guess at least they’re wanting guys who can keep things not messy and cook for themselves..

        This is very true. So often you see girls (or at least, I tend to) hanging around guys who fail entirely at self-sufficiency, or are unwashed and/or jobless losers…it’s nice to see a paradigm shift. At the same time, some of my ranting was due to a misunderstanding on my part, and for that I apologize.

        Maybe people are starting to figure out that there are more pressing issues than that?

        One can hope? It’s what it looks like, and it is a positive thing. It just surprised me a little, that’s all.

    • trust me dress sense has a lot to do with a guy. I can handle a messy room since my is just as bad at times, but a messy dress sense just drives me nuts, even if its a super hot guy, it can easily ruin there overall image. Yet even if a more, lets say a more unlucky guy the dress sense can automatically boots what they look like. Heck 80% of american look shit and the only the clothes make them acceptable. Do you get my drift? Hair and clothing can make a worse looking guy into a hottie in girls eyes.

      • Well, this does remind me of something we were talking about in middle school home ec once way back when. Employers want to see a candidate who is clean and well-dressed. Really, it does make sense, because if their outfit looks professional and their jacket is all buttoned and there aren’t any missing buttons or little things like that, that means that they pay attention to detail.
        Something to remember… People make assumptions the first time they meet you based on how you look. If you’re nice, neat, and clean, then people will see that. But, if you’re unwashed with messy hair and dirty clothes, people will think you’re a slob.
        Well, this is why I set standards for myself… Make sure to take a shower at most a few days before going out in public. At least. Less if you’re going to a prerelease for a game and want to reflect that nerds aren’t unwashed.

        • Anon 1: I’ve never understood that. I mean, I can understand if a guy’s neat and clean, then yes, that can really make a difference (I personally hate bad hygeine). But just ‘nice hair’ and ‘nice clothes’, IE in style, ‘cool looking’, etc…that’s irrelevant. So long as they have the sense to dress like a professional at work and shower once a day, I could care less how they dress. Then again, maybe that’s a reflection on myself, since I don’t really think too hard on what I wear, either…though I’m told that I have good taste, when I really try to come up with an outfit, or when I pick clothes out for people (which only happens once a year at the very most).

          Anon 2: I agree with you entirely. I always thought that ‘dress sense’ consisted of being ‘stylish’ or ‘cool’, and such, though… Actually wearing clothes without any holes, showering, etc…I tend to just toss that under personal hygeine and leave it at that.

          I should probably think of all angles before I just assume, huh? *scratches head*

  • 1. His room is messy

    Most women I know are none to tiddy as well. Be glad if he does anything at all.

    2. His dress sense is bad

    It’s a guy thing, be happy if his clothes are clean.

    3. His cooking is bad

    Actually the best cooks I know are guys.

    4. He gets excited over everything

    Oh like girls never get excited.

    5. He’s bothersome

    Most girls whine they are not the focus of our attention.

    6. He’s restrictive

    Oh like you’d rather he didn’t give a damn what you did?

    7. He’s forgetful

    Just be glad if he remembers the key days.

    8. He’s got a sharp tongue

    Actually beware of overly smooth tongued liars.

    9. He’s a narcissist

    No problem with this requirement.

    10. His timekeeping is loose

    This is clearly a bad item on both lists.

    • > Most women I know are none to tiddy as well. Be glad if he does anything at all.

      Not the ones I know, though. Well, my mom is rather messy, but that’s about it.
      I usually find a girl’s or single woman’s room charming of tidiness and womanly cuteness.

      > It’s a guy thing, be happy if his clothes are clean.

      Actually most of my friends have elegant casual wear. I expect them to relax in the comfort of home, but that’s hardly bad dress sense.

      > Actually the best cooks I know are guys.

      Quite agreed. Well, my mom and grandmas are quite accomplished too, but it’s a different story in younger generations.

      > Oh like girls never get excited.

      Still, that can be construed as unmanly. And besides, if it bothers you in others, it bothers you in others.

      > Most girls whine they are not the focus of our attention.

      That’s womanly.

      > Oh like you’d rather he didn’t give a damn what you did?

      Agreed. I like to teach that being completely free is not what you want. A few persons who still stayed actually asked I become firmer.

      > Just be glad if he remembers the key days.

      Actually I do remember them, but I never remember what was ever planned to do.

      > Actually beware of overly smooth tongued liars.

      Frankly, if you have a problem with sharp mouths, then both are bad. You can be honest with delicacy.

  • “4. He gets exicted over everything” really really bad but if she cuts quarter an inch of her hair and you are not all cartwheels and backflips you’ll be fucked as well… or rather not being fucked

    • Lol im a girl, and i’m just as bad as guys when it comes to noticing people haircuts, therefore unless its drastic, I understand they wouldn’t notice cause yeah it would take me a few days too lol

      • Same. And, apparently, my family’s the same as well… Got a hime cut and nobody noticed for a few days. It was festive.
        But, a quarter of an inch? That’s something NOBODY will notice. Nobody. Unless they stare at the back of your head all the time…
        Actually, scratch that. The guy who sits behind you in math class will be the first to know.

        • Sorry about the misunderstanding. Sounded like you were implying that, though, because you said that at least you could keep your porn collection. So, I just took that to mean that whatever girl you’d find would automatically try to toss it out.
          As for myself… I actually didn’t start collecting hentai until recently, actually. I kind of blocked that part of myself out, but I’m rediscovering it again and it’s quite liberating. But, I only really try to go for the genres that interest me. But, hey, I suppose that I could start archiving stuff and whatnot. Just might be interesting because I’d likely have to sort it into categories and I just have it sitting in a folder on here. But, my DM already thinks I’m a complete pervert, so I’m going to prove him right! xD;; And everybody thought that I was so sweet and shy and innocent before…

        • @ Anonymous above me…

          I never said that…I just don’t want them touching/stealing my VHS/DVD classic retro porn collection…

          I’m willing to let them watch it though…

          Although I don’t plan on starting a relationship any time soon until I am a full-time cardiac tech…So I don’t have to worry about anyone touching my collection (except my mother if she ever decides to go into my room and rummage my closet, but that’s highly unlikely since I installed a dual-lock in my room and she respects my privacy)…

          I also stated that we should treasure such things as they are a part of our childhood memories and thus irreplaceable…

          And as for my massive hentai collection…

          What can I say..?

          I’ve been a Hentai Archivist ever since I was 13…Saving everything from Regular anime to Guro Tentacle Hentai~

          I save everything to my three 2 Terabyte external hard drives…And a 4th one for back up of important things like my Touhou girls/anime girls armpit collection and Guro Hentai~

          Why don’t you start archving hentai too..? In a few years you’ll have a bloody huge collection that’s enough for a life-time of fappage…

          Tentacles, yuri, futa, loli, shota, MILF, yaoi, furry, guro…

          It’s a buffet!!! There will be days you won’t even know what hentai genre to fap to anymore..!

        • …So, you’re saying that girls can’t have a porn collection too? I disprove you by having a massive hentai collection, including things I’ve drawn myself. In the grand scheme of things, it’s really not that big a deal, unless it’s something that could get you arrested later (solution: burn it to disc and call that disc Windows ME or Math Homework and then delete it the fuck off your computer) or if it’s something that’s of an ex girlfriend. Especially if it was taken without her consent. And if it also had sound, that’s a felony!
          …Besides, if you’re both perverts, then you can have conversations about what you like and don’t like and would like to try later on. Not sure if you can get that with girls who want their first time to be magical and can’t imagine anything other than vanilla sex and thinking that everything else is freakish.

        • Your right…It should be reserved for another thread relating to otakus…

          Maybe a thread titled “Top 10 Traits That Make You Hate an Otaku” or something similar…And an opposite thread like “Top 10 Things That Make You Love an Otaku”…


          Hell yeah!!! No matter what kind of person you are, you best treasure your porno tapes (especially the classic, vintage, and retro ones) because they are a part of your childhood and coming of age..!

          I remember the first VHS porno I got from my friend way back in elementary school…

          Lockers are awesome back then…And the school halls don’t have cameras~

  • 1-3 seems frivolous to me…. If you’re a kind guy and a handsome one to boot, I bet the women wouldn’t mind those… It’s the rest that are troublesome as they’re actual personality quirks.

    • well, most “women” dont care for a slob, it’s why they go out to buy their clothes and play dress up in their minds once they got em hook line n’ sinker.

      who cares to live with a mess? or a slob? other than trailer trash women of course

      tbh what man can’t cook nowadays? do you all stay at home with your mother and before you get a chance to step a foot out the door, marry to a gourmet chef to take care your feeding trough needs from then on till the day of your divorce??

      • Knowing how to cook =/= gourmet chef.
        I’m sorry to say it, this may be a news flash, but it’s nice being self-sufficient for the sake of it. People die, the ones you counted on to make you food won’t be around forever and fast food gets a tad too expensive after a while. Hell, even marinating a chicken breast and cooking it on a panini maker/electric grill is better than nothing.
        Also, it’s not necessarily that the person is a slob. They may prefer having things neat, but they may be in too small a space with too little room (makes it really hard to, say, change your sheets) or they may simply be lazy and actually put things where they belong after they’re done, but someone else screws everything up and doesn’t put things back in their proper place. It happens more than you think.

        • Well I never wondered why I can’t get any lady favours, but I guess this confirms it.

          1. My room is messy – check.
          I can keep a whole house tidy if asked for by a relevent person, but I won’t if I can’t see a need.

          2. My dress sense is bad – check.

          3. My cooking is bad – check.

          4. I get excited over everything – check.
          Far from everything really, but I’m sure ladies would see it as such, given my habits towards any nerdy coolness.

          5. I’m bothersome – nope.

          6. I’m restrictive – nope.
          Well, way less than a responsible adult is supposed to be anyway.

          7. I’m forgetful – sometimes.

          8. I’ve got a sharp tongue – nope.
          I can have one in approriate environments, but I’m not a natural.

          9. I’m a narcissist – check.
          The funny thing is I despise being it.

          10. My timekeeping is loose – nope.
          Not if it is likely my loved ones would notice anyway.

          Oh well. There’s a reason why I don’t even try anymore.

        • Here my the explanation

          1.Messy room – If a guy keeps his room messy, he will most likely be the same in a appartement/house, which gives me more work.

          2.Dress sense is bad – I don’t mind if HE doesn’t mind if i dress how i want. If he wants me to make efforts and look cute and tidy, i expect the same.

          3.Cooking is bad – It’s all about sharing the chores again. I don’t mind cooking for my man, as long as i know i will get treats too. :3

          4.He gets excited over everything – I’m not sure what they meant.. But a bit of motivation never hurts, i prefer my men bright and positive!

          5.He’s bothersome – Wth? Why would a boyfriend be a burden? I don’t agree.

          6.He’s restrictive – Yeah no lol, i’m super calm and don’t need to be bossed around, so that would ruin the relashionship.

          7.He’s forgetful – Well.. If he has tricks to help him, like an agenda or something, how bad can it be? :/ I forget stuff too you know

          8.He’s got a sharp tongue – Good, me too. 🙂

          9. He’s a narcissist – Yeah that’s a total turn off. 🙁

          10. His timekeeping is loose – Me too lol xD Who cares. If it’s important he’ll be on time~

        • 1. My room is messy – sometimes

          2. My dress sense is bad – hell no

          3. My cooking is bad – no

          4. I get excited over everything – no

          5. I’m bothersome – no

          6. I’m restrictive – sometimes it’s necessary.

          7. I’m forgetful – yes

          8. I’ve got a sharp tongue – heck yeah!!

          9. I’m a narcissist – yuss

          10. My timekeeping is loose – depends on the urgency of event.

          I guess it’s all right with the most important points!

          By the way an advice, guys – always clean up the room before a girl comes. Even if u ask her if it’s all right that your room is messy she’ll always say “yes it’s nothing” but will actually care about it a lot.

        • 1. My room is messy – check

          2. My dress sense is bad – check (most likely)

          3. My cooking is bad – nope

          4. I get excited over everything – heheh, not exactly

          5. I’m bothersome – nope

          6. I’m restrictive – fuck no

          7. I’m forgetful – sometimes

          8. I’ve got a sharp tongue – sometimes

          9. I’m a narcissist – nope

          10. My timekeeping is loose – check

          i did better than i thought XD

    • I only got no. 7 and 9
      I can Cook
      to appetizer to dessert
      I keep my room Clean
      while i still can
      I don’t get excited at everything
      Except for cute ones ehem
      Bad dresser?????
      Hmmmm all i can say is dress simply
      Plain Black and black jeans etc
      Sharp Tongue???
      probably No My tongue is more like licking
      just Kidding it’s more like a teaser type
      probably sometimes though

    • seems like the list is missing something.

      i guess as long as you have a clean room, dress nice, cook well, remain calm, keep to yourself, not care what she does, remember things, speak softly, beleive in equality, and showing up on time for dates,

      it’s okay to beat on her from time to time when you’ve had too much to drink and gambled away your rent and spent the rest on drugs and tattoos in a yakuza bar.

        • Well, in the old days the guys used to have to work like slaves, and the women stayed at home and did the fun things like cooking (essentially chemistry, I love it), housework (pushing a hoover around for the dust (great for my asthma, I got one with a * micron filter), mopping the floor (good cardio excercise, looks better than any place I ever seen done by one of those female skunks), having a ball with the guy next door (she’s 3 doors down as it happens.) Then the guys went home and had to beg for a good meal and some nooki.

          Now, I get to have a headache, moan about the tradesman who came to fix the air-con ( a she, a real hottie), and generally make her life hell on earth.

          But she’s so busy making a career and more cash for me so I don’t run away with the air-con lady (who makes a lot on the side putting out, a good old-fashioned girl making big bucks in a starved market (Our air-con is so unreliable, but its her fault, she chose it, the tchib!), that I can do ANYTHING I want.

          The lady has idea how to cook or dress, her make-up is so sloppy I have to touch it up before she runs out the door to earn some more cash for my credit card! Check out the hose before she goes. Takes about a minute to rip off the old ones and slam a new pair on if you train good.

          The begging for nooki is like amazing. After a 12 hour day, she’s on her knees,(praying of course!). If she is up-to-date on my cards and the rent, I grudgingly give in, but not without a (verbal) fight. I learnt the lines at college “Ah no Cherry, please no, not there, is bad, naughty.” After the (wonderful, hell, I cooked it myself, but I cheat for the specialities) meal, we “retire to the futon. Some times I get naughty and entice her out to the balcony. Then she needs a scarf around her mouth. Once she’s done her nooki, she sleeps like a baby, so I can jump 3 doors down for the real thing.

          Life is good brother, just marry and get your own personal cash machine. I look to the future, and it glows, like a furnace!

          Gotta go now, gotta go for my chimo fitting, manicure, hairdo etc. Busy day! Door 3 comes off at 4, she gets 2 hours sleep, oven is on automatic. Dinner will be served at 8 when my “nearest and dearest” gets home. I get 1 1/2 hours with door 3. Tomorrow…

          Well no, whats the point in going on? Get some cook-books, take a course in make-up and baby-care, and prepare for your new life of leisure.

          I think I might take up painting soon. I feel a creative urge, oh, not to forget the on-line Ph.D. Then I can go up-market. The appartment is looking jaded, and she snores. Maybe time for a change.

          Yours truly

          Chef de L’Ordre Magistrale (Certifcat a l’appui)
          Bientot Ph.D. gyno!

          >06:00 08/09/2010 # ! Neutral (0)

          >3. His cooking is bad

          >Isn’t it pretty normal for guys to not >really know how to cook well? They want >boyfriends to be “wives” these days or what?

        • Eh… stupid thing is, most of the girls I know tend to not know how to cook, whereas me and my buddies we know how to cook a bit. Nothing fancy mind you, but tasty stuff nonetheless.

          And for some reason, all the high chefs out there tend to, typically, be male.