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Top 10 Traits That’d Turn You Off a Girl


A ranking of the top flaws likely to turn a Japanese man off his girlfriend seems to reveal a rather traditional mentality on the part of men…

The ranking:

1. She can’t cook

2. She’s has a sharp tongue

3. She’s timid

4. She’s restrictive

5. She’s loose with her time

6. She’s negative

7. She’s forgetful

8. She’s bothersome

9. She’s got bad dress sense

10. She’s a miser

Japanese men apparently still think women belong in the kitchen – even if many apparently expect them to work for a living as well. Luckily Japanese women seemingly agree (as long as their man is paying them to be there).

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  • 1. Thou shalt not eat out or have take-out.
    2. Thou shalt not be critical.
    3. Thou shalt not be silent.
    4. Thou shalt not party-poop.
    5. Thou shalt not dawdle.
    6. Thou shalt not player-hate.
    7. Thou shalt be mindful of all things at all times.
    8. Thou shalt not cause inconvenience.
    9. Thou shalt know what to wear and how to wear it.
    10. Thou shalt not hoard money.

    Lo and behold! The (Proposed)Law of the Covenant Between Man and Prospective Wife In Japan. Stiff-necked women who will not keep these Commandments shall be Anethema and cast into employment in the adult entertainment industry at subsistance wages.

  • lol what’s wrong for being timid? i think it’s good she’s shy since you can understand her better rather than those who bitch alot.

    “She’s loose with her time”

    what do you mean by this? is that she’s not using her time wisely or what?

    ohh one last thing. she’s a trap. no matter how good looking “she” is, a trap is a trap

    btw nice header pic. i want a maid sama too 🙂

  • 1. She can’t cook: I don’t mind that we can learn how to cook together. Sandwiches, subs, and cereal FTW baby!!
    2. She’s has a sharp tongue: as long as she can give constructive criticism bcuz im not much an arguer. So if shes yelling at me over the phone or what not, Im not going to answer.
    3. She’s timid: thats hot!!! just not tsundere, no beating around the bush either.
    4. She’s restrictive: as in stalkish or controlling??? both are not cool
    5. She’s loose with her time: We can work on the time issue
    9. She’s got bad dress sense: Could care less about what she wears. her fashion is hers.
    Miser, bothersome, negative, forgetful abilities I don’t like in a girl. Now if she has a penis, we gotta work that out I wanna be doing all the sexual penetration lmbo ^-^

  • Hey i’m not so bad! 😀

    1. She can’t cook – I try my best, but i’m always afraid other people wouldn’t like what i like..

    2. She’s has a sharp tongue – I say what needs to be said, if that’s what it means, but i NEVER insult people

    3. She’s timid – This, in my case, is so extreme it IS a bad thing.

    4. She’s restrictive – Bah.. [quote] To live and let live [/quote]

    5. She’s loose with her time – I’m forgetful, i do have an agenda to compensate though ^^

    6. She’s negative – Haha neverrr, that trait in other people really gets on my nerves..

    7. She’s forgetful – See #5

    8. She’s bothersome – Um.. Well i try not to be, and anyway i expect people to tell me if i am :/

    9. She’s got bad dress sense – I like clothes too much for that :3

    10. She’s a miser – I’m quite the opposite actually, i have to work on that hehe..

  • All of them seems to be traits that I’ll like to find in a girl.
    What actually turns me off.
    1. She’s got breast larger than A cup
    2. She dresses up like a whore (simplicity is key)
    3. She wears makeup
    4. She’s obnoxious and social
    5. She does not wear glasses.
    6. Gets excited over every single little thing.
    7. Have a great outlook on everything.

  • 10. She’s a miser

    O.o Huh. I guess considering the current situation with guys wanting working wives and whatnot (though don’t these responses seem a little oxymoronic? They don’t want a sharp-tongued girl, yet they don’t want one who’s timid, either?)…Though I’d think that a man would want a girl who doesn’t spend much money…at the very least, she has enough sense to not spend her entire bank account, and can spend what money she has on the rent, and not on, say, pointless cosmetics that are too expensive and not worth it?

    Unless she’s such a spendthrift that she won’t even spend money on necessities, then it can be a major problem…

    • I’m fairly certain that miser goes beyond simply being thrifty. If I’m not mistaken, being a miser implies that you don’t spend any money on anything other than necessities. Now, sure, it’s nice to find things that don’t require money, but… sometimes it can go a little overboard.
      Besides, what’s the point of having money if you’re never going to ever do anything with it? Sure, it’s good to save, but… Again, moderation.
      Now, if she is thrifty and can find good deals, then I’d hope that guys wouldn’t have much of a problem with her…
      Though, really, a lot of these seem like fairly trivial turn-offs that wouldn’t matter much once you got to know the girl… Besides, wouldn’t the flip-side of this be a lot more troubling? Spending too much money on designer clothes, handbags, shoes, etc. Bonus points if she’s using her dad’s credit card. Wouldn’t that be a lot more of a worry in today’s economy?

  • I’m now going to pretend I’m male and make a list of my own and hope that I can stick to ten things.
    1. She’s completely vapid
    2. She spends too much money on designer purses, shoes, clothing, etc., and it’s off her dad’s credit card
    3. She spends too much money on that crap and it still looks terrible (Problem with mainstream fashions… Most of them look like crap. Besides, say, goth and loli fashions, most of them look terrible… I stopped looking to the runway for design ideas years ago.)
    4. She’s a wacko fundamentalist Christian and thinks that anime, video games and D&D are the devil
    5. She hates the fact that I have a large collection of hentai images on my computer
    6. She has artificially tanned skin and blonde hair and also spends too much money on it (pale skin, black/red/blue/green/whatever hair and black clothing is better anyway)
    7. She doesn’t like the fact that I sew things because I didn’t buy them pre-made off the rack
    8. We have no interests in common
    9. She hates necromancy
    10. She says that all women should be housewives and wants everything to go back to how things were in “the good ol’ days” all while being a money suck and not even being good at all around the house
    BONUS! Because I’m just so nice.
    11. She tells me that my drawings are terrible but doesn’t tell me why
    12. She tells me that I’m a pervert and that it’s a bad thing
    13. She wants her first time to be “magical” (Bring out the unicorns and leprechauns because this is going to be a party!) and wants it to be after marriage, but doesn’t want to do any research into it to make things maybe go not crappy
    14. She doesn’t want to try anything other than vanilla sex
    15. She’s a rabid pro-life neocon
    …Seriously, that’s a lot of stuff that pisses me off about a lot of females today. Might have even more bonuses, but I’d only be able to think of them after this is posted. Of course.
    Would have added something about The Handmaiden’s Tale, but I don’t feel like it. Or about how a bunch of girls are guy-crazy but say that they don’t know anything and refuse to believe that gender really doesn’t affect knowledge… Or about lying about how many guys she’s slept with… But bleh.

  • My list for unacceptable guys:
    1)He’s ugly. This includes baldness, fatness, a nose that’s too big or a bad complexion. I don’t like excessive facial or body hair either.
    2)He’s lazy.
    3)He’s fat.
    4)He’s stupid or culturally ignorant.
    5)He doesn’t read or watch educational programmes occasionally.
    6)No college degree.
    7)He’s a Conservative, or super religious or patriotic.
    8)All he plays are shooters.
    9)He’s a know-it-all.
    10)He’s clingy and wants to be all up in my business constantly.

  • As for flaws likely to turn a Japanese girl off her boyfriend:

    1. He’s poor
    2. He’s poor
    3. He’s poor
    4. He’s poor
    5. He’s poor
    6. He’s poor
    7. He’s poor
    8. He’s poor
    9. He’s poor
    10. He’s poor

  • 1. She can’t cook

    As long as she’s good in bed, everything else can be worked on.

    2. She’s has a sharp tongue

    I like a woman with an opinion.

    3. She’s timid

    I don’t actually want a cow.
    This conflicts with 4 and 8

    4. She’s restrictive

    Clearly 4 is in conflict with 3

    5. She’s loose with her time

    I like a woman that can plan her time well.

    6. She’s negative

    No one likes negativity in anyone.

    7. She’s forgetful

    Hey I have a lousy memory too.

    8. She’s bothersome

    Sure is in conflict with 3

    9. She’s got bad dress sense

    Actually it’s normally guys that can’t dress themselves.

    10. She’s a miser

    I like a woman that can save money well. Frugal is a good skill.

    This list over all, if drawn up by a guy for Japanese guys, clearly indicates most Japanese guys have no fucking clue what they want.

    • Well it says ‘ranking’ so my guess is there was some kind of poll, and this is the top 10 results of it. Doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who said, say, no.3 was the worst thing also believed that, say, no.2 was the worst.

      I’m mostly confused by ‘timid’ being on there, I thought japanese guys were all over that timid shit.

      • …Maybe it’s only those creepy otaku who like timid girls? Who knows.
        Honestly, though, it’s really a lot better to take girls as they are… You’re bound to find something that you don’t like about them, but the positives outweigh the negatives and you may find yourself a more accepting and open-minded individual. That’s what we can all hope for, at least.

  • Personally I’m pretty tollerant to 10 out of ten.

    Without a sharp tongue, there wouldn’t be very much “witty repartee” on those occasions when we find each other’s faults to be blatantly obvious.

    Maybe I’m too forgiving, but those traits can be found in most career minded women in the west. It’s the lazy ones with big butts, you gotta watch out for. Especially if they’re lurking the back alleys with nets and duct tape to catch their men with.

    I’d rather do the cooking myself anyway, . . all the better to be the house “husband” with.

  • For me, most importantly i wan my girl to work unless we have kids and she nids to take care of them. I dun wan her to sit at home and watch tv, surf internet and goin out to socialise all day while i work so hard just for her enjoyment. I dun wan my girl to be a delusional japanese women.

    for the traits wise:
    1.She cant cook: I can cook myself and also teach her how to cook-not really a turnoff.
    2.She has a sharp tongue: I do really mind this one, if she a tsundere type but doesnt really mean it, i dun mind.
    3.She’s timid: Actually thats a turn on for me, cos it makes me feel closer to her, it also gives u a sense that she would not cheat on me.
    4.She’s restrictive: Turn off point-I dun wan her to be like or worst than my mum.
    Point 5-8 not really a problem for mi
    9.I can dress her up
    10.Depends how miser she is. Actually being miser is good, helps u save $$ for future emergencies. My country wasnt heavily affected by financial crisis cos our government was quite a miser and saved up alot of $$. My country even lost US$100billion in investments but did not hit us really that hard.

  • I like girls that have a sharp tongue, to give nasty jokes and so on. Always funny as I myself love those kind of jokes.
    I couldnt stand girls that are offended by those jokes or are like wtf you dumb fuck 🙂

  • “1. She can’t cook”
    This is not a problem for me. Cooking is a hobby of mine, and I plan on entering culinary school and becoming a chef, So I don’t care about doing most of the cooking, as long as she can cook for herself/has money for takeout when I’m not around.

    “2. She’s has a sharp tongue”
    This is a BIG problem. I fucking hate girls who are loud and act all ghetto. It is not attractive in the least. One of the most attractive features a person can have is a healthy sense of tact.

    “3. She’s timid”
    I don’t mind this. I find a sense of tact, grace, and a bit of introversion to be increadibly sexy. Just as long as she isn’t so shy she acts like a stranger around me, and I’m good.

    “4. She’s restrictive”
    Yeah, that’s not going to work. AT ALL. I respect a girl’s, and by extension all people’s, right to live their life without being governed by their friends, family, or lover. If you can’t respect me in the same way, you are not worth my kindness, patience, money or time. Get the fuck out of my life.

    “5. She’s loose with her time”
    I don’t care that much. As long as she has some sense of being able to plan things out ahead of time and not leaving everything to chance, I can live with it.

    “6. She’s negative”
    I don’t think I could really take that. I’m already negative and quite a cynic. While being overly positive gives me diabetes, I would like a girl to be at least a little more positive than I am, so she could cheer me up when I feel depressed.

    “7. She’s forgetful”
    I’m… not sure. I’m already in the habit of being forgetful. If I was dating a girl who was just as, or more forgetful than me, that wouldn’t be very pleasant. I’m not sure how long we could deal with each other.

    “8. She’s bothersome”
    Once again, this won’t work. A person can be bothersome or annoying for a multitude of reasons, but if a girl’s flaw/flaws have progressed to the point of where I think they’re annoying, then obviously I don’t enjoy being around her anymore. And once again, GTFO.

    “9. She’s got bad dress sense”
    Depends. I don’t expect a girl to wear couture every waking moment and accessorize like a runway model. But yet and still, I don’t want her walking out of the house in a disheviled fucking mess. I want the happy medium. Take pride in how you look and do take care of yourself, but don’t take it too far in that you look more like a manequin than a person.

    “10. She’s a miser”
    Also, not going to work. It’s a relationship, meaning we are sharing our lives with one another. That means we share our money as well. If something you want is so expensive that it requires hoarding both your and my money for a long period of time, then it is something that is not needed at the moment. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIT. I am dating you, not your wallet. No one is allowed to just date my money without me along for the ride. GTFO.

  • = =… I’m a guy and I can cook. That’s number one on man’s list?

    It seems being ugly isn’t a flaw to Jap men. I rather have some girl who looks really good/cute and I cook for her instead -_-. Sharp tongue, negative and restrictive? That I agree.

  • The too biggest turn-offs for me would be:
    1. Smokes
    2. Can’t cook

    I personally think that women can’t cook, or least doesn’t bother to try learning how to, are a bit lacking in feminine pride. My mother/sister/aunts/elder cousins can and do cook even with their work/school, I’m not about to take a girl who can’t.

    And before someone tells me *I* should learn how to cook, I can.

  • So what about…

    – She smells bad
    – She weighs 300lbs

    and so on? Are things like this a given? And if so, what other things are a given for Japanese men?

    Anyway, not being able to cook is no problem as it lets me show off my own cooking skills.

  • maybe it should be in public education, teach girls how to be a women(bring back yamato nadeshiko~)

    and teach boys how to be a men(hate working with people who dont know his way from his ass)

    the current generation of young people disappoints, although the good looking are increasing or at least thanks to cosmetic + plastic surgery

  • 1. I can cook

    2. I have a dull tongue

    3. I am timid

    4. I am alil bit restrictive

    5. Time?Waz dat? =0-o=

    6. I am negative

    7. What was the question again? OOoo SHINY!!!!

    8. I am annoying!

    9. I can barely dress myself!

    10. I hate keeping money……

    I am also male fat and fulgy.
    Enjoy the fapping mates!

    • This i´s mine

      1. I can cook

      2. I do not have a dull tongue

      3. I am timid

      4. I am alil bit restrictive

      5. Time?Waz dat? =0-o=

      6. I am negative

      7. What was the question again? OOoo SHINY!!!!

      8. I am annoying!

      9. I can barely dress myself!

      10. I have a spend money complex……

  • sadly i cook better then most out there. however i have a really low salary…. so… most of those are not a real reason to be turned off… however, i don’t have a typical male “personality”

  • You have to LISTEN to a woman to realize she is sharp tongued, timid, restrictive, negative, forgetful or bothersome. REAL MAN™ doesn’t listen to a woman.
    Revealing clothes=WIN! REAL MAN™ doesn’t have a dress sense.
    It doesn’t matter if a woman loose with her time, REAL MAN™ doesn’t take her woman to places where he need to be on time (a.k.a. meeting with friends in Friday night).
    REAL MAN™ earns his own money and doesn’t let anyone to tell him what to do whit it.

    Conclusion: They shouldn’t take surveys in Akihabara… I mean ask a REAL MAN ™!!!!!!!

    ps.: They doesn’t like timid woman cause shy lolis are better? ;p
    ps2.:Sadly I’m not a REAL MAN™ either, I wrote it for the funz. (Yet I don’t have a dress sense either xD)

  • I like timid girls, also ones with bad dress sense if that means she doesn’t give crap about looking chic, then her upkeep won’t be high as, say, those who’d fanatically keep up to fashion every freaking hour.

  • Everybody knows that women only love you for your money.

    Soon as you’re broke, they’ll leave you for some other sap…

    Google “blonde bitch + memegenerator,” and you’ll see the most negative and accurate statements about women…

    • Because all women are blond and have a hivemind that causes them to do exactly what every woman on earth is simultane- Oh! I’m getting messages right now to go leech off someone! Better go do it, in order to fulfil the retarded misconception the loser guys here have of women.

      Seriousl you look like an idiot. I’m assuming you know like, 3 women IRL, if even that.

  • “Get back in the kitchen” aside, any girl that can’t do these basic things and look after themselves properly are no more than an expensive, glorified pet.

    That being said I’d rank any culinary shortcomings or clumsiness much lower than anything to do with hygiene and self-maintenance.

  • 3. She’s timid
    4. She’s restrictive
    5. She’s loose with her time
    6. She’s negative
    7. She’s forgetful
    8. She’s bothersome
    9. She’s got bad dress sense
    10. She’s a miser

    Aren’t all of these turn-offs the other way around too? I figured being loose with time would be forgiven since plenty of guys have this problem too right.
    Here’s the only bad points for me.
    3. She’s timid (timid and reserved girls tend to not communicate well, if at all, about their problems)
    4. She’s restrictive
    6. She’s negative
    10. She’s a miser (this being mostly the case for either uptight personalities or bitches who want you paying for everything)

  • “2. She’s has a sharp tongue”
    “6. She’s negative”
    “7. She’s forgetful”

    Damnit, no one will ever get turned on by me now. :c And I here I thought my big tits would make stuff better. I GUESS NOT.

  • Wow, the Japanese men in this survey must have been playing too much eroge. My list (in order of repulsion) is much more practical.

    1. She has AIDS.
    2. She has some other STD such as herpes or genital warts.
    3. She has a masculine personality. (Bossy, foul language, dresses in unfeminine clothing, etc…)
    4. She really loves another man more than myself.
    5. She has a child or children from another man and wants me to be the father figure for them.
    6. She has no financial sense. (Doesn’t save money, has thousands of $ in debt)
    7. She is lazy.
    8. She is obese.
    9. She has butch hair.
    10. She is ten years older than myself.
    11. She is overweight.

    Most of us can agree that these are more important factors that turn us off from some girls than the list as described in the article.

    • So, wait. I notice that you have obese AND overweight on there. I’m wondering… Define overweight. Is it having fat on you at all? I’m dating a fat guy and it’s really awesome to use him as a pillow. Also, it’s pretty great, because he’s lazy too and will tell me it’s okay if I’ve been procrastinating on drawing any ero pics. xD;;
      Now, okay, some of these are really reasonable, like AIDS or serious STDs or whatnot. But, you should probably put “does not share interests” on there as well because, hey, what’s the point of dating someone if you can’t talk to them about anything?
      …Though, then again, may also want to put “she is a yaoi fangirl” on there as well. About half the female anime fans I know are into it and it’s kind of weird. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, I suppose. But, yuri’s still better anyway. xD
      Also, 4 is a definite turn-off.
      On the subject of the actual ranking, though, anybody know how it worked? Like if they had set responses and the guys had to rank them or something? I’ve always felt that stuff like that was kind of deceptive… It’d be more telling if they came up with the responses themselves and they ranked high.

      • I put the traits in order of repulsion, meaning that I find obese women (#8) more repulsive than overweight women (#11). Of course, if a woman were obese, she wouldn’t have to worry about #11.

        I’m following the BMI definitions of obese and overweight.

        For me, not sharing many similar interests is not a bad thing for me. I've found many other topics to share besides common hobbies. For example, I like the outdoors but I haven't met very many women who like to go camping and fishing like I do. I just don't let it get in the way of the conversation and talk about something else.

        As far as the way the survey was recorded, it definitely would have been more honest for the men to have written down those traits by themselves rather than choosing from a list. The latter was more likely.

  • The REAL top 10 traits that turn you off a woman:

    1) Clingy, and/or needy.
    2) Restricts her significant other.
    3) Excessively insecure.
    4) Unattractive.
    5) Poor at conversation.
    6) Hen pecking.
    7) Hates kids.
    8) Can’t communicate how she really feels.
    9) A miser.
    10) Can’t cook.

    Note that many of these are basically the same thing.

    • Best part is that they didn’t ever mention anything about wanting to be a housewife in there and as a result not working. In today’s world, you’re likely to need two people in the workforce in order to make a living…
      So, I guess that this DOES mean that they actually do want a housewife? Weren’t they just complaining about the wives taking their money and whatnot? I’m so confused…

    • Some good ones in the list actually. lol

      Timid- I like shy girls. Better than obnoxious annoying girls. That said, there has to be a sense of attraction too. I don’t mean shy + they treat you like a stranger.

      Can’t cook- Cook yourself and show that you are useful in the relationship. Can’t get any easier than that to be honest.

      Bad fashion sense- If she allows, dress her up yourself.

      • Are you disagreeing with the ‘Can’t Cook’ item on the basis that a guy should just use this opportunity to show he is useful in a relationship?

        I don’t agree with girls having to cook either; it isn’t very hard for guys to make food good decent enough for themselves to eat, but this here is already a much better opportunity for the girl instead to prove that she is useful in this relationship. If a guy has a decent job, being the breadwinner is supposed to be useful enough. (Yeah I know women work too, but they don’t usually do more difficult jobs which is they they are payed less on average)

    • For me :
      1. She can’t cook / this isnt a problem , learn to cook is not a big deal my father always tell me , son a real man is the one who can survive by himself , if you know how to cook at least something that can make still alive , wash your clothes and know how to shoot a gun/riffle (wich one he also make me learn since 6-7 years old ) can survive not only in the normal jungle but also in the city jungle .
      2. She’s has a sharp tongue ok i think this one is pretty annoying.
      3.She’s timid / no problem
      4. She’s restrictive / i dont know what is ( not english speaker)
      5. She’s loose with her time / i have the same problem some times
      6.She’s negative / this one is a turn off
      7. She’s forgetful / i have the damn same problem
      8. She’s bothersome / off
      9. She’s got bad dress sense / if we go to a date or something i can be bothersome
      10. She’s a miser / The most one that i hate

      • well with all the loli and futa fans im not supprised. a dick and small/no breast would be a plus for these guys…kinda like a lil chinese boy…OMFG, few times have i actually scared myself..that was one…poor chinese boys…

        • not really…hermaphrodites are genetically ALL MALES.

          its true, males have the XY chromosome, females have the xx chromosome.

          atleast one x is needed to have even the genetic possibility of a vagina, and conversely a y chromosome is needed to make it genetically possible to have a penis. thus males by default have the genes of possibilities of either penis or vagina. while true females CANNOT under any circumstance naturally grow a penis. Its not possible.

          Thus Futas, hermaphrodites, and anyone with a penis is genetically male. Another way to recognize this is to look at embyros, all start off as male. then in the late 2nd term of pregnancy the males genetials start to form.

      • At least 7 of the listed are moe factors.

        One thing I’ve noticed is that in Shoujo manga/anime the male heroes are almost always perfect in every manner: Martial arts, intelligence, tall, good looks, good at cooking, good at sports, experienced with women, romantic… How on Earth would you be able to like somebody with no faults at all? It’d be downright scary if somebody was actually capable of all that.

        And the girls in manga/anime aimed at males often have very apparent flaws and it’s these flaws that make those characters appealing to the viewer. What the hell is wrong with women?!

        …yeah I read shoujo. Got a problem?

      • Being timid is actually a huge bonus since you won’t be constantly nagged and questioned when she thinks you’re up to something…

        I can stand these:

        1. She can’t cook – I can’t cook either…

        2. She’s has a sharp tongue – Your cursing only makes my penis harder…

        5. She’s loose with her time – No problem, since that means she’ll be doing something else and not bothering me while I archive hentai…

        6. She’s negative

        7. She’s forgetful

        8. She’s bothersome

        9. She’s got bad dress sense

        This made me think of Reimu Hakurei…

        10. She’s a miser


        3. She’s timid

        This one is a major no-no…And will determine how long your relationships lasts before you cheat on her…

        4. She’s restrictive

      • I think having a penis would effectively disqualify her from the “girl” section.
        Unless they mean they don’t really mind.

        1. She can’t cook

        I lol’d. 6, 8 and 10 would be the only ones that’d bother me. 2 is actually a good trait, imo, as long as she isn’t overly abusive. I’m sure most of the people who voted for 2 wouldn’t like Senjougahara.

        • am i really he only one that isn’t bothered by any of those ? I mean a girl can be cool, fun and sexy while still having all those “turn offs”

          Almost all chicks in anime have ALL of those and they are still bitchin’ hot xD

        • Anonymous

          i have never met a timid girl who was timid in moderation.

          i want a girl to speak her mind, voice her opinion, not someone who who is quiet and says nothing at all and just goes with everything regardless of their wants. and i bring up dominatrix, because timid in bed wont tell you what they like or at least not much, but dominatrix will force what they like onto you. i believe in a happy medium between the two.


          in japan its common for women to take all the money from a guy (wife at least) and give him an allowance, anywhere from 10$ a week to 100$

          thats why i said that one applies to japanese women only.

        • I’m going to assume that the one about cooking applies to things not from a box.
          Also, no dominatrix? Awww… Also, why are timid girls annoying? I’ve had people say that around me and it always made me so annoyed… But, everything in moderation.

        • 1. She can’t cook – cant cook as in read the label and do what it tells you? i know a few girls like that, really fucking annoying
          2. She’s has a sharp tongue – if i have to listen to her bitch and make comments about me all the time, id hate her.
          3. She’s timid – timid girls are fucking annoying. at the same time i don’t want a dominatrix.
          4. She’s restrictive – if she tells me i cant do something for no real reason her ass is out
          5. She’s loose with her time – this means either late, or possibly to much free time. and if its free time, i dont care, so long as she got the daily basics done.
          6. She’s negative – this can be a very down side, but i dont mind gloomy girls to much.
          7. She’s forgetful – seriously this one would piss me the fuck off. she goes to a store, forgets what we need, comes back with crap we dont, and than has to go back with a note….
          8. She’s bothersome – this is all encompassing everything thing huh? this is one that should be number 1
          9. She’s got bad dress sense – i ware satin shorts and a t shirt, so long as she doesnt spend fuck loads on clothing i dont care.
          10. She’s a miser – i had to look this word up, here is the wiki, A miser, cheapskate, curmudgeon, niggard, penny pincher, piker, scrooge, skinflint or tightwad

          this applys to japanese women only.

          now to the has a penis person, if i like her before i know and she shows it, i dont think i would care all to much.

          and why isnt frigged bitch on the top 10 list?

        • I’m personally only bothered by 4/6/8/9. I wouldn’t be able to stand a negative, restrictive bitch that is a constant nag and has no taste in clothes for me or for her.

          Somebody who is open-minded, makes the world a better place and is pleasant to be around matters to me quite a bit.

          For me, it’s not the end of the world if she can’t cook, or if she’s cheap. Besides, being timid could be exactly what a man wants too.

        • heh, i’d only consider number 4, 6, 8 and 10 to be something negative (possibly number 3 and 7 as well in extreme cases)

          1. She can’t cook – i have fairly decent cooking skills myself, so this one doesn’t bother me much

          2. She’s has a sharp tongue – if you can’t handle tongue lashing every now and again you’re a weak, weak man. i actually prefer it if she has a sharp enough tongue to say what she means, yet not so sharp that she randomly insults people on the street. it’s better than having her bottle it up only to unleash it in a brutal massacre 15 years later X)

          5. She’s loose with her time – if you mean usually arriving an hour later than agreed, that’s fine by me. if you mean “wasting” the time by being “unproductive”, that’s fine by me too X)

          9. She’s got bad dress sense – *tries to give a flying fuck* *fails*. if she’s good looking even if she dresses badly, i don’t see why she should think too much about how she dresses.