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“Game Elite” vs “Light Gamers”: Which Are You?


A senior game creator has told industry figures that Japanese gamers can now be divided into a “game elite” and “light gamers.”


The types were identified by veteran game designer Masanobu Endo, known for such titles as Druaga (both game and anime) and director of “Game Studio” and the “Digital Games Research Association Japan,” in a presentation he made to audiences at the recent CEDEC 2010.

Game Elite Tendency Light Gamer
Enjoys strategising themselves Strategy Likes reading hint books whilst playing
Likes to clear games quickly Time Doesn’t like to play under time constraints
Likes to play at their own pace Time Doesn’t want to spend too much time on each game
Likes sophisticated controls Control Complex controls = boring
Buys on release day Purchase Buys when free to do so
Game magazines Info Friends
Discount stores or Amazon Budget Buys normally if they can’t get it for free
Excitedly waits through loading Loading Long load = off
Likes games (also anime and comics) Interests Interested in games amongst other things
Must play to be satisfied Play Satisfied just to watch others play
Virtual Love Real

Game Elite:

Has played eighties games
Remembers pleasures of pixel perfect control
Likes high risk/high return trade offs
If a PC gamer, likes FPS and RTS, also MMO
Prefers Xbox 360 for consoles
Prefers PSP for handhelds
Often single
Lacks endurance for Wii sports games

Light Gamer:

May be female
Often young
Has little time for games
Email is more important to them than games
Won’t install

Or in summary, Japanese gamers can be divided in fat creepy Xbox-owning otaku busily humping their pillows, and everyone else.

Japanese gamers overall are said increasingly to fall into the light gamer category, possibly spelling doom for games not published on mobile phones, browsers or the Wii.

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