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Sega Finally to Announce Valkyria Chronicles 3?


Sega is on the verge of announcing a new game in the Valkyria Chronicles franchise, widely thought to be the long awaited “true” Valkyria Chronicles sequel on the PS3.

The site is in countdown mode in an effort to build dramatic tension; the character silhouettes are obviously those of a Valkyria Chronicles title:


Sega was also recently spotted registering the “” domain – further suggesting the title will be the next sequel.

Sega’s original “sequel” to Valkyria Chronicles turned out to be a stripped down PSP version with no direct connection to the original and a hackneyed school setting – Sega later conceded that they felt they had too many male fans, and that if these unwanted fans obediently bought up the sequel they might consider a full sequel.

Whilst fans might be tempted to hope for Valkyria Chronicles 3 for the PS3, experience painfully demonstrates that with Sega even the simplest commercial decision can be turned into a painful debacle.

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