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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Delayed, Rie Tanaka Weeps


Square Enix have “temporarily” delayed the launch of the open beta test of the Final Fantasy XIV beta test at the last minute “due to fatal flaws,” disappointing many, including none other than top seiyuu Rie Tanaka.

Rie Tanaka made a lengthy series of Twitter updates explaining how she went to the trouble of buying a new FF14 PC with the recommended spec along with new furniture, and was enthusiastically anticipating signing up for the beta after getting home – only to find the beta’s opening has been cancelled.

Rie Tanaka herself seems unaffected by the disappointment, stoically saying she will wait for the opening and then going to bed.

Although an undetected last minute fatal flaw is hardly reassuring, it seems likely the delay will only be temporary and beta testers can get back to enjoying their allotted 8 hours soon.

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