The Future of Atlus? New Persona Title Unveiled


Index, the company which just announced the dissolution of beloved RPG maker Atlus, recently unveiled the latest title in the Persona franchise – Persona 3 Social, a mobile phone game promising the latest in “social” gaming with the advanced graphical capabilities of a mobile phone handset, and with players nickelled and dimed for each item.

An actual screenshot of an exciting boss battle in progress:


The game itself is free, but players will have to pay for items and other elements.

Index Holdings, the parent company into which Atlus is being so ignominiously folded, have stated current development plans will be unaffected and that the Atlus name will continue to be used to publish its games – it is claimed the merger will allow the two companies to make better use of their respective strengths and IPs, a one-sided arrangement if ever there were one.

With the Index conglomerate dwarfing Atlus in size, and with its core business mostly concerned with mobile phone development, including such marvels as Persona 3 Social and “Bowlingual,” an iPhone application for talking to dogs, the scepticism of long time Atlus fans as to the future direction of Atlus is understandable.

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