Azunyan Finally Top Anime Bride


Azusa Nakano, having long languished as K-ON!’s third least beloved heroine, is finally vindicated by her successful domination of the prestigious if predictable Megami Top 10 Character Ranking.

The ranking:

1. Azusa (K-ON!)

2. Yui (K-ON!)

3. Mio (K-ON!)

4. Tenshi (Angel Beats!)

5. Fate Testarossa (Nanoha)

6. Cure Marine (Heartcatch Precure)

7. Yoshika Miyafuji (Strike Witches)

8. Misaka (Railgun)

9. Nanoha (Nanoha)

10. Tsumugi (K-ON!)


Megami readers are apparently also behind a sudden jump in the popularity of none other than Teutonic bishoujo Erica Hartmann – not that even she manages to break the traditional Yoshika/Sanya ranking domination.

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