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Anime Figure Exhibition “Sexist” & “An Insult to France”


An exhibition of anime art to be held at the Palace of Versailles has been condemned as being a blasphemous insult to the cultural glory of France.

The artist in question is none other than manga-influenced Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, also recently involved in subverting Britney Spears for the purpose of protecting loli manga.



French conservatives are angry that Murakami’s art, which includes such works as the $15 million “My Lonesome Cowboy,” a life-size anime figure of a copiously ejaculating man, and “Hiropon”, a similar figure rendition of a lactating girl in a bikini, is to be displayed at the Palace of Versailles, long a symbol of the supposed cultural preeminence and glory of France.

The group protesting the exhibition, Coordination Défense de Versailles, has apparently collected 3,600 signatures in support of its opposition:

“No to the provocation of contemporary art, which respects nothing. No to the attacks on cultural harmony – Murakami’s cartoons might, perhaps, be fit for the Orangerie, but never for the Palace of Versailles itself, which is not some crass advertising board but a symbol of our history and culture.”

The exhibition is, they allege, all part of a grand scheme to destroy traditional French culture:

“For 2 years, the great royal apartments, gardens and the royal opera have been subjected to the politics of international neo-vandalism, pornographic provocations and the sexist denigration of women, destroying our prestige and ridiculing France.”

The tract’s histrionics are almost worthy of Agnes Chan herself – “Don’t sacrifice our children and artists!”, it urges:


Assuming it goes ahead unmolested, the exposition will be open to public viewing at the Palace of Versailles for 6 months from the 14th of September through to the 27th of February, 2011.

Update: “My Lonesome Cowboy” and “Hiropon” are apparently not in any way featured in the exhibition, which consists solely of some of Murakami’s other works, which nobody is interested in.

In spite of this, the mere fact Murakami created such works is apparently enough to condemn him – even critics who know the works are not being displayed insist they render him unworthy:

“The young man with an erect penis whose sperm forms a lasso, the little woman with big breasts whose milk forms a skipping rope – these have no place in the royal apartments.”

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  • ok all calm down!.
    i finally got the answer.
    Murakami exposure can’t be made because (and now i quote):
    the doors are not large enough because they miss 1 inch to enter the room the exibition was supposed to be.
    Just got that news from a friend working in versailles.
    Most stupid and obnoxious answer ever!!!
    and now quoting my fellow french citizen: shame on france big time!
    “Country of the human rights”…this sentence make me laugh whenever i look at the news.

  • Il y a des moments….J’ai Honte d’etre Français.

    C’est pas compliquer, Il censure tout quand ca parle de manga dans ce Pays de Merde.

    Heureusement que je pars de temps en Temps au Japon pour me ressourcer de manga ^^

  • Pfff facon, On peut rien mettre de spéciale en France que ce soit choquant ou bien comme ses statues de mangas.

    Et puis au moins, ca change d’art dans un musée que de voir que des vieux truc qui sent la mort, serieux quoi ! Les vieux sont idiots et ne veut pas changer dans leur tete -_-

    On voit l’esprit français….Quand tu essaye de porter un cosplay comme mon ami un jour et que tu te retrouve a la police parce que tu est habiller comme Cloud dans Final Fantasy VII et que les gens ont dit qui était un pedophile (alors que je ne vois pas le meme sujet mais bon)

    Enfin pour dire que j’ai Honte de la France >_> et puis…Un gloire de la france…Il a disparu depuis longtemps ^^”

  • Wow. For someone to say something like that, for someone to protest something like that in the 21st century is an eye opener…

    I thought that we’re in the post-modern era of art, where anything goes?

    • The director of the museum says that they intentionally brought his artwork here because they thought that otherwise people would never encounter these kind of artforms. But…isn’t that the reason people go to Versailles? To not encounter these ”artforms”.

  • Ok, anime art is an “Insult to France”…
    They call THIS an “Insult to France”!?!?!?!

    If so this is not even the BEGINNING of insult to France. I could do so much better, even in casual thought…

    Uh, do they have figures from the “Moe Moe Nazi” encyclopedia…

    Like “Ze Frenche Collaboratore”… Showing an anime chick dressed in classic “Hello, sailor!” French hooker garb who’s got a fresh bloody swastika brand on her butt and she’s fingering herself as she’s giving oral-anal sex to a Moe Nazi…?

    “Ze Libertine” showing an Anime-esque De-Sade flogging a nearly naked “French Maid”?

    “Ze Weakling Cowarde” showing a French police man hiding in the bushes wetting himself as angry youth torch cars, rob parking meters, etc.

    “Ze Fashionable Rebel” showing a callow beret wearing youth dressed up in the most cliche of ‘beatnick’ fashion, with the expensive price tags dangling from everything from the beret to the latte…

    “Ze Forgotten dead olde Fogey” showing a putrefying old man dead in a tub ala rotten dot com’s “Boiled Broth of Man” picture, and an air conditioner marked “Out of Order”…

    Last, but not least, two French “Mimes” one thin, one heavy, both enjoying wine, cheese and Frog Legs and about to commit the Sin of Sodom… It’s called, what else…

    “Ze FROG-Eating FAGGOTS!”

  • Murakami’s works are a critique of anime and Japanese pop culture…he is not making porn or even endorsing anime stuff.

    Anyways this stuff isn’t even being shown, his other works aren’t pornographic for the most part…generally flowers and bears.

    He even did art for Louis Vuitton (and a commercial for them too) so he is generally held in high regard…

    Videos (commercials/short films/whatever for Louis Vuitton):

    This year’s collab:

    Previous designs for the collab:

  • So…
    They’re bitching about displaying works of art that aren’t going to be displayed?

    Shit, man.

    As much as I love my country, it looks like US hysteria is spreading like a disease.

  • I don’t particularly dig these works, but at the same time, there is a lot of art, new and old, that I find really offensive but are displayed in museums and other public areas all of the time. The people of France have a right to decide what is and isn’t shown in their museums, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with the decision at all. Really, it just seems to me that the people who formed the petition are just being uppity about newer and different art.

    Also, how is this even an issue, when these two works are being exhibited in the first place? I’m sure there are artists with stuff in the Versailles right now who have done less than savory things, so Murakami should be allowed to display some of his other stuff as well, assuming it’s not as…gratuitous as these two joints.

  • honestly the 2 figures we see here are ugly.
    when i first looked to asian porn it was because visual were way more artistic than some bitch we see on the west… but these 2 figures don’t have at all this asian style.
    for me it look simply like US/euro porn, not at all asian art.

  • I’m french, fan of manga, anime, visual novels and more and I don’t support them…
    When I see this I am not proud to be french…
    It’s not like they destroy the palace of Versailles, fucking idiots !!

    And why do they talk about children ?? Children don’t have to be saved in that case, it’s them for making this tract…

    Don’t forget that people who made this tract and people who read manga are not the same.

    Although I don’t like these figure, I’m not against this exhibition.

    Sorry for my English, which is not very good I think ^^’.

  • When I first saw “My Lonesome Cowboy”, I was shocked, then I laughed.

    I wouldn’t personally consider it ‘art’, as in, ‘something which goes into an art museum’.

    One definition of ‘art’ is ‘something that makes people react’.

    Who’s to say?

  • So again they want to freeze time and preserve a hypothetical golden age – this time, where art meant French art?

    Also, equality is not sexist, despite what feminist extremists would have you believe…

    …and these sculptures are OLD now. I’d be surprised if the originals were even in good shape anymore. Clearly they’re not an insult to France. They are however, an insult to anime.

  • Normally I would be against the idea of this gallery’s plan to block selected art, but the artical is written in such a biased, obnoxious French bashing way that it almost has me side with the protesters on this one, almost.

  • I thought the european conservative groups were more mind open. But it seems all conservatives are the same shit in every part of the world I guess. It reminds me an episode of the Simpsons, when Flander’s wife and the priest’s wife were making movements to close the David’s exibition on the Springfield’s Museum just for the nude and genitalia issues. (Sigh) These people.

  • I’m sorry, but for once I actually agree with the opposition. Such things should not be displayed in the palace of Versailles. It’s just fundamentally wrong. I highly doubt Murakami actually respects his own country’s royal family and palace, but one should take into consideration time and place when attempting to display erotic figures to the public. With a country like France where their history is something they place much pride in one should not keep pushing for something that has insulted them.

  • Those sexist feminist cunts need to shut up.

    Typical to single out the “sexist denigration of women” and completely ignoring the statue of the guy.

    I don’t care about the “art” either way, but that kind of sexist feminist bullshit needs to stop.

  • It’s not an insult to France.

    Murakami’s figurines are, however, stupid, pretentious asinine, poorly designed crap that’s probably intended as a pathetic joke.

    The fact that it’s apparently being taken seriously makes it an insult to EVERYONE.

    • It is well know that Murakami has no talent.
      Look at how he talk and show off on TV.

      He has managed to have relation to promote his “art” and make people pay big money for it.

      But anyway, it is like that with most famous modern artist…

      One of my japanese friend told me that actually he have a lot of poorly paid assistant in his design office.

      Well, at least it will not change for them from working for a famous mangaka anyway.

    • Art makes you feel. This made you feel disgusted.

      By that logic, trolling is an art, and while I want to destroy trolls, I’m cool with that conclusion too…

      I can’t stand Murakami, but… yeah, that’s art. So is the Coca-Cola logo… it’s hard to make something that’s not art unless you can just go for the hardcore engineer’s POV and make something strictly functional.

  • What is it ? Rednecks vs French ? Stop baiting trolls please, let them use your crapload.

    Americans ain’t got these kind of problems anyway, who wants to show art in their dumbfuck country ?

    Always remember, sub-product of British empire, that without Lafayette, you would still pay taxes to the Crown, sing God save the Queen for an anthem, and say “freshen your drink, Guv’nah ?” while serving tea at 5’o clock

  • Stupid cock fags american … you know french can hate an insult other poeple too ..

    quite hating french , becoz they don’t want ridiculus thing in a place where kings lived , i would like to ask American conservatives if they’d like these in the white house or independance hall ?

    theres 65milions of french , a bunch a young and stupid ones , but there loottttts more in USA if you compare the populations at least our conservatives doesn’t cry for the right to hold a gun whenever you want , god bless that ! retards french haters !

  • This shit doesn’t belong in the Palace of Versailles. Classic art goes there, those anime statues are more pop-art Andy Warhol things. Not something that belongs in a classy art center.

  • LOL, fuck you french conservatives.
    Your country is ruined because of you.
    If something, I hope Murakami’s art inspire french people to break up with such politics and politicians who can only think about their past, and start looking towards the future and a more open relation to foreign countries and people.
    Let them rot with their classical art and way of thinking.
    And I also think it’s completely idiotic to label Murakami’s pieces as “sexist denigration of women”.
    They clearly don’t know what they are talking about.
    I guess it’s questionable to put such graphic content on the Palace of Versailles, but I applaud the ones who did it because it’s obviously a cry for change.

    • French conservatives are retards, but defending this crappy art for art’s sake is more or less equally retarded.

      It’s just .. craptastic. Defend freedom, yes, but try to making something worth defending please.

  • You don’t understand shit T_T
    Yes, they’re ugly. Ugly and beatifully filthy. I don’t quite like them, but there’s something unique, at least teh cowboy.
    And modern art is all about provocation, it’s provocation itself which’s an art, not an object, but the way it resonates. It’s a kick in the butt – and I’d say, this one is quite successful.

    I’m an anime otaku myself, when I first saw that stuff I was like “wtf is this disgusting shit?”. But at the second look, yep, that’s anime culture, just another side of it, or maybe another point of view. 2D>3D? Ideal dream world of anime? Get a sense. You believe that one 2D girl is SOOO MOE and that is an ugly bitch? Most people in the world won’t see a difference. Pure and innocent schoolgirls that you FAP TO? Oh no one saw so that doesn’t count. Probably. Etc, etc. Ever thought how people who don’t like anime, who don’t get anime – how they see the anime otaku culture?

  • I’m a sick fuck, shameless animu and kawaiimoecrap enthusiast, but Versailles is Versailles, I signed the international petition for my cousins in France and their fight against the dirty Japanese oppressor, merci.

  • It’s Versailles we’re talking about (and i speak about the whole city, note just the place where the Kings were) a town where some old people are still living as if we were still a “kingdom” and one of the most wealthier and traditionnal place in the country.

    I don’t know where Artefact got the news, but us, french, do not give a shit about this exhibition, i study in Versailles and i wasn’t even aware of its existence and i said that as i read the local free newspaper distributed in Versailles.

    Et oui il a y a beaucoup de français lecteurs de sankaku complex, parce que dans notre globalité nous sommes tolérants mais comme tous les pays on conserve notre lot d’abrutis conservateurs, même si dans le cas présent je peux difficilement être en désaccord avec eux en voyant ces deux figurines…

    • Mouais.
      Pas vraiment une question d’être “abruti conservateur”, comme il a été dit : il y a de nombreux musée d’art moderne, pourquoi choisir justement un qui n’y est pas dédié? >_<

      • Bien sur que si il y a aussi une histoire “d’abrutis conservateurs”, si l’exposition avait pris place au centre Pompidou personne n’en aurait parlé et jamais une news pareille ne serait arrivée jusqu’à Sankaku Complex.

        Je serais moins optimiste pour le Louvre par contre, c’est bien là qu’ont vécu de nombreux rois français également (même si on a tendance à l’oublier).

        For english readers, we were saying that the fact the exhibition takes place in Versailles was necessarily going to provokes those kind of reactions (knowing the place and the people who live in Versailles). If instead those figures were going to be exposed in the “Centre Pompidou” (one of the biggest, if it’s not the biggest, cultural place in France), no one would have give a damn shit and this news would’ve never been published on sankaku complex.

        However Versailles was not probably the only place where “moralfags” would’ve appaear from nowhere, The Louvre (where some french kings lived before Louis XIV left for Versailles) could have created this kind of reaction too.

        (Yeah my english sucks, i know)

  • They are right, there is art and art.
    I won’t say that murakami is crap (well, it is) however, “the art” of murakami is not made of blood and sweat (well, sweat maybe and maybe some semen too) like the one of versailles. sculpturing a single statue in versailles took years.. how much time was required to sculpture a river of semen? ehm..

  • Here the reactions of japaneses. (DQN+)

    5 : 日本人から見てもおかしいと思うから・・・
    That is ridiculous even for japaneses, so…

    9 :ごもっともです
    You are quite right.

    11 :同意です
    Same opinion.
    You can smash this.

    13 :至極当然な反応だな
    Extremely natural reactions…

    14 :申し訳ない…

    15 : 絵本作家(神奈川県):2010/08/29(日) 22:42:49.30 ID:G4xmY4tg0
    Same opinion. This is not more than insult.

    16 :あんなの人目に晒すな
    Don’t show this to eyes of persons.

    17 :>フランスの極右や保守勢力などから、歴史遺産への冒涜との批判が噴出、
    >> France’s extreme rights and conservatives judged it as blasphemy to history heritage,
    Hey, it is an blasphemy even for the eye of ordinary person.

  • “My Lonesome Cowboy” and “Hiropon” is on display until I think the end of the week in the Pop Life show at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

    I’m surprised the gallery was even allowed to bring “My Lonesome Cowboy” into Canada as Canadian laws do not take shotacon lightly.

  • I don’t think an exposition should be banned for any reasons but those statues are fugly seriously. It’s not an insult to Versailles or french culture but an insult to Japan to show those craps as Japanese art when we know what they can really produce.

  • The only thing worrisome, is that someone paid 15 million for “My Lonesome Cowboy”.

    Although I must admit, I’d like to see the girl that could encourage my cock to ejaculate that enthusiastically, without damaging it in the process.

  • “French conservatives are angry that Murakami’s art, such as the $15 million “My Lonesome Cowboy,” a life-size anime figure of a copiously ejaculating man, and “Hiropon”, a similar figure rendition of a lactating girl in a bikini, is to be displayed at the Palace of Versailles,”

    Wrong, Artefact. Those works are not going to be displayed. Those are just some representative works of what he’s done, but what will actually be displayed are other works.

  • Translated Real Thoughts: “Well that should get us enough headlines, it’s hard enough to get any publicity these days. With any luck we should have a sell out show of comparatively obscure Asia statues.”

    Frankly “Outrageousness” in art is a cliche in itself.

    Oh, and those figures are crap.

  • Cultural harmony,eh? What a joke! What harmony are they speaking of? The one where everything is fine as long as moralists don’t have to bitch around?

    Here’s a good advice to all those effing femnazis, moralists and self-proclaimed saints:

    If you don’t like are certain type of art, shut the fuck up and mind your own business, idiots!

  • The setting is also part of the art, if the art doesn’t fit the setting well, then that’s as bad as the art inherently having awkward elements. Good art in the wrong place is bad art.

  • I, personally, don’t like having modern art in Versaille at all. It takes away from the whole point of the place when you have kinetic purple art in the middle of the hall of mirrors.


  • I wonder what america would say about those shits in the white house ? It’s not about the anime and manga or even figures .. it’s about the “grotesque” and uglyness of these ones .

  • I’d like to see the article where Murakami explicitly states he supports ‘loli’.

    Because so far I’ve seen no such thing. He’s just continuing to do what he’s been doing (and so many others before him, Jeff Koons anyone?) for years.

    Has nothing to do with loli. Has everything to do with what cultures and even all humanity define art as.

    Oh look Koons’ work is in that little flyer.

    Oh and the French can do whatever the fuck they want. If they don’t think displaying these pieces in Versaille is ok then unless there’s some revolution they certainly have the right to say ‘no’.

    Art ALWAYS has to stand the test of legitimacy. This has never not been the case. It is just easier and easier now because the state doesn’t create the artists, the independently wealthy do. Murakami is just an illustrator of his lineage. Same with Jeff Koons. Same with Damien Hirst.

    France saying artists don’t have free reign to do whatever wherever they want is completely legit and nothing out of the ordinary.

    Murakami does not represent anything more than a middle aged Japanese artist. That’s the whole point.

  • I like Murakami’s work, I’m French and I can’t wait for this expo. The ones that are complaining want old castles to be dead museums, they’re the same that want a King back in France.

    Not to say that Murakami himself said that his most extrem works were sorted out of this expo, so it’s highely likely that My Lonesome Cowboy and Hiropon won’t be there.

    And another thing, there won’t be any painting, only statues, because Versailles forbids to put paintings on the castle’s walls.

    I think that in fact, everything has been made to respect the Chateau de Versailles.

    So IMHO they’re just stupid and rich people that just complain because they have nothing else to do. A few years ago Murakami did an expo in Paris and we could see an advertisement featuring Hiropon on 4x3m signs everywhere in Paris’ metro, and NO ONE complained ever.

    But the very same people that complain now never takes the metro…

    Anyway, here in France the press doesn’t really talk about this. Most likely they will talk about the expo when it starts, not about the complains.

    • Que ça te plaise, c’est un compte, que pour ma part je n’aime pas l’idée qu’une poignée de bigots veulent interdire l’expo, c’est un autre compte.

      Apres c’est de l’art c’est subjectif, tu aimes, j’aime pas. Catégorise pas en disant :

      -Les gens qui aiment pas = les riches = la cabale Versaillaise bcbg royaliste qui veut interdire ça.


      -les gens avant-gardistes qui aiment ça, et eux c’est les mecs intelligents.

      C’est de l’art moderne, fait pour surprendre et choquer, je trouve ça moche, mais après faire un foin pour l’interdire, on est pas encore en Irak.

      • Je n’ai pas dit ceux qui n’aiment pas sont des royalistes.
        J’ai dit : ceux qui se plaignent sont des royalistes.

        Après c’est peut-être un raccourci un peu facile, je l’admet. Mais regarde mon lien sur le procès intenté par de Bourbon-Parme. Je pense qu’il s’agit du même genre de personne qui s’attaque à cette expo.

        Après, on peut être d’accord ou pas sur le fait que cette expo puisse ce tenir là. Mais cette attaque pue le royalisme extrêmiste à plein nez.

        En plus, si on avait encore un roi, qui dit qu’il n’aurait pas voulu de cette expo dans son château ? Louis XIV est mort depuis longtemps ! Les monarques actuels sont bien plus modernes, ex. la magnifique expo qu’il y a en ce moment à Monaco (Kyoto-Tokyo) au Forum Grimaldi…

        Bref c’est juste une minorité qui veut faire chier pour montrer qu’elle existe. Ils oublient peut-être un peu vite que Murakami est très apprécié à droite aussi (sinon il ne vendrait pas aussi cher) 😉

        • Effectivement, bon exemple avec l’expo de Monaco, que j’ai eu la chance de voir.

          Non, c’est juste qu’il suffit de ne pas en faire un foin, pour ma part habitant en province, on n’a pas eu encore d’échos de ladite expo ou des tentatives pour la faire supprimer.

          C’est a peu près la seule méthode potable pour s’en sortir : les ignorer. Ils ne sont représentatifs que d’eux-mêmes, dans la grande tradition (consanguine) de la noblesse qui ne se mélange pas avec le reste de la “piétaille”.

          Versailles n’est peut-être pas l’endroit où exposer ceci (bien que ..), mais les arguments utilisés sont tellement simplistes qu’ils se desservent eux-mêmes.

          Enfin c’est la mode : 3000 cons font une pétition, un article sur SanCom, si 500 gars créent un groupe Facebook pour la défense de la zoophilie, ils auront un article dans le 20 heures probablement.

        • J’oubliais pour étayer mon point sur les monarques actuels : expo sponsorisée par le Qatar, qui est bien sûr comme tout le monde le sait une république démocratique et qui n’a rien à voir avec une quelconque notion de monarchie.

    • true, i’m french and i learned about it here

      but still, i find this expo insulting as a mere modern art provocation, i definitely regret the image of japan that it gives to visitors of versailles, and i do believe the author had to compensate talent by pornography to become famous

      i also believe that the managers of Versailles were so desperate to need to have modern art expos there to bring some euros ….

      hey, y’know why it’s called “modern art”?

      because the word “crap” was already taken .

    • And we already get well enough of that modern art shit here

      Why Versailles among all places ? If it’s not for trolling the place and its decades of history, I just don’t see the reason

    • It’s also wrong to be stupid..

      Seriously that shit is filthy … you don’t put that shit on the place French kings used to live hundred years ago..

      That’s plain provocation from a talentless morron.

    • must be an american rule, because everybody knows that being french rocks

      in all typical french modesty, I would say that we’re the most open and wide minded people in the world. You will even find lot of french people on sankaku and on your english internet, because we have interest for anime of course among lot of other things and we make the effort to speak in your language.

      We are cool, but it doesn’t mean our land is free of stupid old racist and interent faggots like everywhere else.

      Despite all that, as cool as I am, I would still sign this shit, because even if I don’t give a crap about what they are doing in Versailles, to exhibit such horrible pieces of ‘art’ would do nothing but hurt the image of anime and japan among the mass.

      Murakami is just trolling his own country

  • Ghey Greeks having buttsex depicted on an ancient vase IS CULTURE!!! Like people would change at all in two thousands years, the inner message is the same either it’s a jerking figure or some ancient relic (even if it doesn’t consist gheynes)…
    Humans are sexist!

  • > sexist denigration of women, destroying our prestige and ridiculing France
    It’s always easier to insult something harmless. Let them say this to their happy-go-lucky muslims and afro-france non-integratiable scum.

  • You know, I’m really not surprised at this reaction. While I do believe in the absolute freedom of artistic expression, I still find it a slight bit in insensitive to be showing those 2 particular pieces in the palace of Versailles. (I’ve been to one of his exibitions and he has plenty of works that are not that “questionable”). I mean, it was the former house of French royalty! By putting these pieces there you are asking for trouble, expecially from any Conservative or Religious Right. Ultimately, I think Murakami should be able to show anywhere he wants, whether it be a Modern Arts Museum or a hundreds of years old palace, and this goes for any other artist as well. However, an action like this is like “throwing down the gauntlet”. You’re basically asking for trouble, and you shouldn’t be surprised in the least if you get it.

    Hah,… but I wouldn’t have to be saying those things if religious fundamentals and moral gaurdians weren’t so damn noisy. If this were true, I would have just said “absolute freedom of artistic expression” and left it at that.

    to quote a meme “this is why we can’t have nice things”.

  • Don’t care about those french, they are just asshole and what is called “bourgeois”. They are some people which doesn’t understand anyhing and are just good enough to do what they learned to do. If you are well dress and know how to talk to charm you can have them doing what you want.
    People whith so much money that they don’t know what to do with and think a bread cost at least 20€ although it’s 0,75€ max.
    I’m in France and it’s thanks to you that I’m aware of that.
    If you want to know thenews we have in france you can try here, it represents what the media (government) show to us :

  • “For 2 years, the great royal apartments, gardens and the royal opera have been subjected to the politics of international neo-vandalism, pornographic provocations and the sexist denigration of women, destroying our prestige and ridiculing France.””
    that’s bad?

  • I’m French .. and there’s no way such shits get in the prestigious palace of versailles , Like if the USA would admit that in the white house ? or japan in the royal apartement !

    I gotta tell : this “appel a temoin” thing is made from old poeples who never seen a dick , there a right in france to insurge against everything in public zones , if they had enought signatures it would’have been canceled !

    anyway i have to agree , this place is allowed to everyone and very visited , by classerooms ! i would see my chidren fall on that and asking why the boy throws milk with his penis , seriously !

      • That attitude is the consistently idiotic response to anyone saying “this isn’t good”. You don’t have to be able to make art to realize it’s not GOOD art.
        Do you watch a bad movie, and someone trashes it and you immediately go “WELL YOU GO DO SOMETHING BETTER!”? No, you don’t.

        The “art” provided, is a joke. In comparison to the masters inside Versailles, it’s almost an absolute mockery of real artists.

        Plus, I’ve seen far more lovely anime sculptures before. These ones really don’t showcase the ‘genre’ that well.

  • Really? I dont mind anime, but this is just rediculously disgusting. Id sign that shit too. Cant they have a better representation of anime there in France. Im against people bitching about religion and culture to, but come on. This is kind of disgusting. Have to draw a fine line between acceptable and unacceptable depending on where the location of the exhibit is.

      • same here, it’s fine for me as long as there is at least one people enjoying this shit.

        They are just a bunch of extreme feminist conservatist. and htere’s the dude’s statue as well.

      • @01:50, I’m too, but seriously, I feel insulted, these 2 figures look like they came out of an sick elephant’s butt.

        I’d be all for exposing nice stuff originating from anime, and were it the case would say they’re nuts to yell about exposing possibly risqué stuff, but dam they’re SO very right about that junk -_-

        • Le fait est que la plupart des post sur Sankaku parlent plus de la forme que du fond : il est dit que ca proteste pour 2 statues ou de l’art assez provocateur, gardons que ça. Ne parlons pas du patrimoine historique/artistique que représente Versailles, ça au fond on s’en fout.
          Et ça suffit a nous catégoriser (français) dans la case des anti-tout et racistes parce que des gens opposent une protestation (tout à fait personnelle d’ailleurs) 😡

          Autant les statues me gênent pas plus que ça, mais les exposer a Versailles me titille un peu la moustache.

        • I agree completely that those figures are ugly and very far from art. I agree too that those two pieces of junk would get a better reception at the Pompidou Center for Modern Art.
          Anyway, those figures are a shame to figure collectors and Versailles was meant for better than that (lets say, at the least, a Saber Lilly or some Rozen Maiden dolls)

        • Il y a beaucoup d’autres musées d’art contemporain (comme le centre de pompidou) où cette exposition pourrait avoir lieu;

          Le palais de Versailles est un monument distinct de l’art classique et le prestige de l’âge il représente, donc je suppose que dans ce cas, ils font rage à propos du lieu où on a choisi de tenir cette exposition, pas l’exposition en général.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Ugh. Pompous and whiny peoples yet again.

      This issue combined with the excessive racism against the French Muslim to the national-policy-backed ‘exiling of the Gypsies/Romani people’ in recent months..

      On top of that, there has been movement away from topless nudity and even that is about to get phased out or outright become illegal in French culture in the future.

      I can understand if they don’t want it featured and all, but it’d be nice if they don’t call this like some act of foreign invasion. That is just going too far.

      • “excessive racism against the French Muslim”

        I lol’d.
        Maybe if you lived in France, you would understand some things better. I guess the people are just tired by the fact that some Muslims are trying to impose their own values in France.

        • The absolute WORST thing to do is make different days off for different groups of people. How the heck are you going to integrate the muslims if it’s being constantly hammered into their heads that they’re a somehow different and separate group from all the rest of society (With their own rules, their own days off etc.)?

          NO special privileges to religions, everyone goes by the same system. All attempts to undermine that undermine the very thing they’re there in school for, integration into society.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Good point. What if you’re a Christian and with a western mindset and you’re forced to work on Sundays? Wouldn’t they be incensed as well? But yeah, most religions do allow for at least one solid day of rest/worship and these things can be worked with.

        • Why can’t the muslim have Friday off? Just come in Sunday instead. I mean they could have a case; what with the average work week set up so that a nominally christian prayer day can be held without conflict, secular or non secular.

          Oh yeah, pretty much every negative point you make about thier religion (sans the friday issue) can apply to any other group. Parents impose thier values on thier children ALL…THE…BLOODY…TIME it kinda comes with the territory. Some christians (mormons, biblical figures) are polygamous, and honestly polygamy is not WRONG per se (polyandry, is of course an utterly loathsome abomination). The beating thing sounds kinda word-o-mouthy but give me 20 min in a blue coller bar and I’ll find you a father who swears by the ol’ leather belt. Finally, being stereotyped and in some ways demonized rarely makes one wish to be the soul of understanding towards those who are doing this to you

        • The fact is that France is a secular state so it is forbidden to wear head garbs or show any religious symbols at public places such as schools. Many Muslims are still trying to impose their values by forcing their daughters to wear head garbs at school. Also, many Muslims are whining because they can’t have their Friday off for the Friday prayer.

          There are also a lot of bad examples of some Muslims being polygamous, beating other people because they don’t keep the ramadan or being racist again the French themselves.

          So I guess some people are just tired of that.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          If by that you mean building mosques and being able to wear traditional head garbs, I don’t see that as being too excessive. Then again, I fiercely disagree with other Japanese and American nationals in that they actually think such acts are imposing of values. I can understand if head garbs and other covering clothing in the traditional sense can clash with that of work uniforms and dress codes. I can understand the dicey situation. Just not when it degrades into a dialog about how the Muslims may not belong in France or any other part of the Western world. That goes dangerously close to outright racism to me.

          Honestly, I’m no fan of religion, but with Muslims it gets a bit dicey since it’s not only a religion with them, but a cultural way of life.

      • You’re just the kind of guy who whines about French being racists, while at the same time calling these same French racists.

        “This issue combined with the excessive racism against the French Muslim to the national-policy-backed ‘exiling of the Gypsies/Romani people’ in recent months..”

        You really think something done by politicians is reflecting the whole french opinion ?

        You’re quite hollow. You just whine about this “art exposition”, but all you can do is French-bashing. You’ve got no arguments besides French are jerks.
        Thanks for showing me that racist bigotry isn’t dead. You sound like your typical redneck, straight out from Georgia woods, looking for an excuse to butt other people.
        Move to China if you like to pick fights with everyone.

        For this art exposition, yes i’m French, yes i don’t like it, no i wouldn’t make a fuss to make it stop.
        I just think i have the right to say “this art doesn’t suit my tastes”, and not being called an asshole because i dare not liking things you like.

        • ^ +1000 Elc 🙂 ^
          For what is happening in Versailles’s castle, even without considering murakami’s exposition :
          There have been modern art stuff exposed in there for some time now and it doesn’t feel right. I think it’s ruining the whole renaissance ambiance of the castle for the tourists.

        • its called the “FOX NEWS effect”… where stupid zealots decide to make themselves look like fools…
          every society has people that are xenophobic and immensely ignorant people, its just the intelligent and open minded people are almost always being drowned out by the loud unintelligent baseless screaming and whining of the haters who dont even know what they are talking about… so its really hard to get a gauge as to exactly how people feel about many subjects.

        • To me, France and America and Japan all have some VERY xenophobic and selfrighteousness about them as I see it. But yeah, it’s usually the overzealous groups and governments that are at fault for magnifying the issues and whippings its own people into a frenzy, even for such non-issues as a modern art gallery.

          That said, it seems people are too touchy either way when it comes down to sexualized modern art. This honestly does not surprise me. There’s too much kneejerk reactions by almost everyone in the world if something is sexualized.

          Being a fan of art, I’d rather see that people have the right to complain, but not so much as to take a planned exhibit out.

          If you DO NOT like it, then DO NOT watch. It is that simple. And stop using some ‘cultural’ reasons as if that holds any meaning. Most people only start to ‘care’ when they want to throw their opinions around. Why the heck were other exhibits fine I wonder? Probably because they’re less titillating. Which to me is the finer point of art, but I digress. To me, the exhibit is already a success for causing such a ruckus. That’s the whole damn point of Murakami’s Super Flat style. It’s to raise a controversy.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          I actually agree. It’s the governments that are making a mockery of the people. In fact, that’s how it is in America as well, with idiot government whipping people into a frenzy (namely the redneck/racist movement of the Tea Party)

        • I’m not sure what you mean by “mainstream literary medium”. But I wouldn’t say that in France, manga are widely compared to graphic novels.
          Manga & japanese culture is very popular in the younger generations and at the same time very much hated by many of the older generations.
          It’s specifically people who probably think of themselves as “true art admirers” that think so low of the japanese culture. But are actually just pretentious narrow minded trash.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          “The only reason anyone considers that art is that westerners think anime is weird sexual shit and making a life-sized statue of it is oooh so controversial. Murakami has some good works but he’s a sellout who is in it for the money.”

          Wrong. It was considered art in Japan first. And titillating art and HENTAI? NO WAYYYYYY

          But yeah, you’re missing the point if you think Super Flat = fine anime art. They’re not the same thing. Nor do they aim for the same reaction. That is the whole damn point of Superflat.

          If anything, Superflat is supposed to be a post-modern, parody of the hentai/moe anime subculture. So if you think Superflat Murakami art is supposed to be a serious representation of anime/manga art culture, YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT.

        • Fine. You don’t like him and think he’s a sellout. I love him and think he has a lot to say. But whatever. It’s a moot point. All I can say is “agree to disagree”.

          However, I wonder how many people here have actually seen one of his exibitions in full, or do they think that all his work is like this? I will admit, it’s easy to laugh at Modern Art, but just like any other form of art (like the Lolicon so many sancom users hold so dearly) it should be able to be presented to the whole of the public without censorship. I did admit and explain in another post that the location is a slight bit insensitive, but that is besides the point. Freedom of Artistic Expression comes before any “proper etiquette” or “proper manners” in my book.

          Also, I don’t remember this many negative comments about Murakami when he was defending Lolicon (which I was happy about). So people here are willing to have Murakami defend them, but you’re not willing to do the same in return? How fickle is that?

        • Sorry but you got the wrong country dude…
          In case you didn’t know France is the second country in the world in terms of sales of Manga and Anime. The first one is obviously Japan. The third one is America. Saying that French don’t like or don’t understand Japanese Manga and Anime is utterly irrelevant.
          This is just a matter of taste in Art. It’s not because something is labeled Japanese that it is automatically good.

        • I have to agree with them tough, every museum is free to choose the kind of image they want to project.

          Is the Cowboy really a work of art? Yes it is, undeniably, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reject it.

          The way things work is that these kinds of artwork get displayed in avant-guard museums first, then once they become cultural icons do they earn the right to be displayed along other cultural icons.

          To put it simple, you wouldn’t display this next to the Mona_Lisa even though objectively, there is no difference between them.

        • How is it “incredibly ballsy”? If anything it’s boring and forced. Oh look it tries to be edgy and offensive, how cute. Yawn. Hentai is full of stuff like that.

          The only reason anyone considers that art is that westerners think anime is weird sexual shit and making a life-sized statue of it is oooh so controversial. Murakami has some good works but he’s a sellout who is in it for the money.

        • I must agree, despite Lonesome Cowboy being a bit “shocking” I love the damn thing none the less. It’s an increadibly ballsy piece of work (pun… intended?) and I have to respect it because of that. I do apreciate that Murakami is willing to do things like this. And the same goes for Hiropon.

          Oh, and for anyone wondering, Murakami has plenty of pieces that are not like these.