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Teacher to Class: “I’ll Just be Taking Your Pantsu…”


A teacher has been sacked for making a schoolgirl music club strip off their pantsu and wear the ones he provided as replacements, which he then took home for reasons which are unclear.

The incident began when a 49-year-old teacher, who assisted with running the wind instrument club at a Nagano prefecture school, called the club’s female members together and instructed them to take off their pantsu and replace them with some red pantsu he provided.

The girls dutifully obeyed without complaint. After the club activities were finished, he told them he would take care of washing the pantsu at home and had the girls change back into their own underwear, taking home the “used” pantsu for his own purposes.

One of the girls considered his actions to be suspicious, and asked a friend for her opinion. She then tearfully recounted the incident to her parents, who demanded an explanation from the school.

The teacher explains that “I was thinking of nothing but winning that tournament,” referring to an upcoming music event, and apologises profusely – “I did an extremely foolish and shameful thing.”

He claims that “I bought the pantsu for my own children.” The pantsu in question were confiscated by the principal and disposed of.

The teacher was sacked as punishment for his pantsu collecting activities.

Earlier in the year the same teacher was subject to an anonymous complaint alleging that he had touched a girl’s body – however the principal could not confirm this and so did nothing except warn the teacher.

Noting that “had the previous incident been properly handled, the current one might have been averted,” the local school board has fined the principal an entire month’s salary for his negligence.

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