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Japan’s Death Chambers Exposed


One of the execution chambers where Japanese death row inmates are hanged has been revealed to the public for the first time.

The pictures are a result of the current justice minister’s decision to grant journalists access – she is a staunch opponent of the death penalty, although she has nonetheless authorised and witnessed executions as part of her official duties. She intends to review the practice.

The Tokyo execution facility made public is one of 7 nationwide.

Prisoners are executed by hanging, with a carefully calculated drop through a trapdoor designed to break the neck of the prisoner, giving something approaching an instant death.



The execution chamber is decorated much as a conference room might be, but directly below is the drop room, a much more utilitarian area. Both areas are visible from a viewing gallery. The metal rings visible in the pictures are for securing the rope.


The trapdoor is dropped by one of 3 switches, which are pressed simultaneously by 3 guards so that no one knows who directly triggered the execution.


This is a method similar to that used in some firing squad executions (only one firer will be given a rifle with a live round) so that nobody knows who fires the fatal shot, although experienced shooters can generally distinguish between live rounds and blank rounds, so this perhaps owes more to a sense of plausible deniability than anything else.


Prisoners can say their prayers before a golden Buddha.


Executions in Japan are now solely of suspects convicted of multiple murder charges, or those who murder under particularly aggravating circumstances, and public support for the practice remains high.

Japan has almost a hundred death row inmates, many of whom have been awaiting execution for years, and they are generally executed at a rate of less than half a dozen each year. Conditions for death row inmates are said to be particularly harsh.

The circumstances surrounding the executions themselves are particularly noteworthy – each execution must be personally authorised by the minister of justice, and the approval of the executions is shrouded in secrecy, with executions often timed to ensure minimal public attention.

Prisoners themselves hear that their execution has been scheduled a few hours in advance. Families, legal counsel and the media only hear about the execution after it has occurred.

The number of executions carried out based on false convictions is not known, but a number of those sentenced to death but not actually executed have been declared innocent after a retrial, and sufficient doubts have remained about others on death row to dissuade ministers and courts from actually scheduling their execution – some in fact have died of old age waiting to be executed as a result of these doubts.

Nothing is known about the rate of botched executions in Japan, but in the unusual event that a prisoner’s neck is not broken by such a fall they can usually be relied upon to be strangled to death by the noose. A drop which is miscalculated can also cause decapitation – again there are no recent public records of this.

In other countries it is common for executioners to informally finish off prisoners who survive the initial drop by some means.

Secrecy about the practice ensures no records of botched Japanese executions exist, but there is the famous case of a 31-year-old farmer sentenced to death for committing the crime of arson during a rice riot in 1872, near the beginning of the Meiji Restoration and just after Japan had begun introducing western style hanging and criminal justice.

He was hanged, but after the corpse was claimed by his relatives moaning was heard from the coffin – he had revived, despite being declared dead in an autopsy. He was taken back to his village, and soon reported to the authorities.

Reasoning that as the execution had already been carried out, and referring to practices where sovereigns would grant clemency to those who survived executions, the court’s verdict was that “as the condemned has already been hanged once, he shall not be hanged again – he is to be restored to the family register at once.”

He is said to have lived either to 1898 or to 4 years after the execution, though perhaps as a result of injuries sustained in the hanging he was a changed man and lived his life out in solitude in a hut. Nobody was punished for botching the execution, but three officials resigned out of shame at their failure.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Look as horrid as this sounds, if your gonna do excutions it needs to be more open. or its room for imperial governments to exploit it. If it was fair thered be fair court cases. if were told we need to be more open. why must there be a double standard knowing when a criminal dies for there crime doesnt harm “national security” and usually the media would take pride in announceing a crimals punishment.

  • The chance of executing an innocent person is one of the main reasons why I am for getting rid of the death penalty.

    Another one is that no group of people is better than any one person when it comes down to it, and they do NOT have the right to say that someone ‘deserves to die’ unless they are going to cede that same right to that person.

  • Hmm they should make the lower room a kareoke room and rent it out for halloween party’s and mid way through when they least expect it activate the hatch with a sex doll on the end of the noose.

  • Wish Sankaku would stick to his roots instead of going all political. That just reminds me how stupid and one-dimensional everyone here is.

    Fucking morons everywhere.
    Prisoners should do slave-labor ? O rly ? So now it’s 1930 again ?
    This is 20freaking10. People do need Jobs. Many people. Free People.

    Oh and Artifact thinks that killing people is not about revenge but Tax-Money ?
    Geez Morons everywhere ? How simple is the world you live in ?
    Where do you think does the money go ? Is it burned or something ?!
    No ! It circulates and creates jobs. So it benefits not only prisoners – do you guys realize this ?
    And how expensive do you think this is ? Seriously ?!
    Heh … take a look on how many jobs you subsidise through the US-Army. It’s much much more.
    Some people would say it’s wasted. But in fact … the USA is in need of those jobs ! Escpecially right now.

    You guys here are retarded and your views are so simple-minded.

    • Oh stop pretending that imprisonment is not slavery already. We’ve long since abandoned the idea that prisoners have “rights”.

      Ah yes, free market idealism. I always laugh when someone tries to tell me that spending my money on useless things will somehow make the world a better place. I’d make an argument but idealists aren’t worth arguing with.

  • 死刑執行の期日が、死刑囚本人に秘されていることは良
    されている。 以前は、職員には前日に通知されていた
    職員が 相次いだため。




  • All these stupid ways of executing people…hanging, electrocution, poison gas, complex three-stage lethal injections. Vets quietly, gently, and effectively put to sleep thousands of animals every day with a massive overdose of barbiturates. It’s simple, it works, and it’s (except for the prick of the needle) painless. Of course the usual suspects claim being jabbed with a needle is “cruel and unusual punishment.” You know, like you suffer through every time you get a blood test.

    BTW, a proper hanging does not kill instantly by “breaking the neck.” Weight going onto the spinal cord pulls the brainstem and medualla oblongata down into the foramen magnum, crushing them.

  • The case of a school girl found in a concrete filled drum whose body where burn was also bore torture wound. I think there’s movie but I didn’t watch it because of the description it’s too much horrifying I thinks the suspect didn’t get death because they were minor at that time.(or maybe they’re family are influential) instead they get a life imprisonment, what a useless law that Japan has that time.

  • Y’know, If it wasn’t for the possibility of being killed/arressed by the police, I wouldn’t mind tying you up then skinning your family infront of you.

    Slowly removing the eyes and brain and heart and force feeding you them.

    The slowly cutting pieces of your body off and feeding that to you.

    The at the end cooking you in a massive oven alive and then eating you.

    And I don’t even have to worry about a death penlty, becuase as we know, they don’t work do they.

  • I’ve always wondered why murderous criminals don’t get put to death,instead they spend life in prison being taken care of by taxpayer money with free health care to boot.Being in prison is still bad,but it seems more like an inconvenience rather than a punishment when you consider the crime they did.A really expensive one.

  • Coming from a country where the death penalty and the army were banned ages ago, I digress from the death penalty. But I must admit that they had the taste to make those chambers actually look like a good place to die in.

  • The Penalty itself does nothing to improve the situation. Even if it was a mass murderer, the chances are that he will rot in jail for the rest of his life, and everyone will forget about him/her after some time. To decrease crime rate in the first place, the society has to do 2 things: 1- raise awareness of penalty (whichever that may be) and 2- provide a large enough verification of behavior (like policemen, security personnel, surveillance…). If the people know that some sort of behavior is not allowed (1.) and they get the feeling they will found out eventually (2.) logic says, they wont commit the crime. There are always mad people who do it anyways, but they are sick and to be treated.

      • Crime is always due to a cost/benefit ratio I would say. You can increase the cost by means of what you call a ‘police state’, or you can lower the benefit(of crime) by better life conditions otherwise around. I would recommend both at the same time.
        And no- I don’t wanna have a state like NK.

  • Three American guards at the death-buttons…

    Commander: “One, two–”

    Guard 1 pushes his button; the Commander, Guard 2 and Guard 3 turn and stare at him.

    Commander: “Smith, what in the hell did you do that for?!”

    Guard 1/Smith: “I… I thought we were going on ‘two’.”

    Guard 2: “I thought we were going going on ‘four’.”

    Guard 3: “Idiots! We go on ‘three’. We ALWAYS go on ‘three’.”


    Three Japanese Guards at the death buttons…

    Idol: “Se, no!” (the guards press their buttons simultaneously)

    The guards and the idol bow to the Commander, who bows back.

    All bow in the direction of the corpse.

    The Commander, the Guards, and the Idol line up and walk through a door into a little room with a table in the center of the room.

    They sit down around the table, and an aide brings all of them a beer.

  • I just find it so sickeningly ironic that there are those that would condemn others to death for the crime of murder – as if one act justified the other.

    Man to the executioner: “What are you doing?”

    The executioner: “Why I’m killing this man.”

    Man: “Why?”

    Executioner: “Well, he murdered someone.”

    Man: “Oh, I see. So once your done killing him, shall I kill you, too?”

    Executioner: “Why on Earth would you do that?”

    Man: “You are killing that man, right?”

    Executioner: “Yes, I told you that.”

    Man: “And you’re killing him because he killed someone?”

    Executioner: “I already said that. What’s your point?”

    Man: “If we kill those who kill, surely you too should be killed? After all, you’re about to kill him.”

    Executioner: “Well, yes, but he started it!”

    Flawless logic right there. Flawless.

    The murderer of murderers are just that.

      • No, his logic assumes that killing somebody because they killed somebody is illogical because you are then justified to be killed.

        Let’s set up a situation where a man killed my daughter. Blinded with rage, I kill this man. Most people at this point would think to themselves “this is justified”, but it’s not. Let’s say that man had a son, and his son kills me now because I killed his father. Is his son wrong? Well, no, but he was just as right as I was.

        A eye for a eye leaves the world blind.

  • I don’t know. Death by hanging sounds like there’s way too much space for failure. I mean, it seems like most societies that still employ the death sentence want to make the actual process as quick and painless as possible.

    I don’t like the death sentence at all. Sure, there are people out there who’d definitely deserve to be put to death but still, there are way too many falsely accused prisoners out there. I always imagine being framed for something i didn’t do and would end up in such a crazy situation. It’s horrifying. Most criminal cases aren’t crystal clear and many times there’s still a lot of doubt.
    It just takes one biased judge or prejudiced jury to screw an innocent persons life.

    I’m all for indefinite lock-up for severe cases. That still leaves room for rolling up certain cases again.

  • My basic guess is that somehow, the japanese are getting ¨CHANGE¨somehow by christian principles!!!!

    In chritianity, since you can´t give live, you can not take life!!!!, so life is sacred no matter what!!!

    • Sure, that’s why Jesus got crucifixed by jews, they who created the christian god.
      That’s why DP was legal in the old Papal State, and was applied (and still is) in many christian states.
      Death Penalty is not frowned upon in the bible.

      • Actually, Jesus got crucified by Romans under Roman laws. It was the Jewish religious leaders that pushed for his execution, but it was the Romans that performed the actual execution.

        The traditional Jewish execution method is stoning, which was still in use at that time, as is evident by the John 8:1-11, where Jesus saves an adulterer from stoning by the Pharisees.

        • Well, before you try to answer the question of whether Jesus existed, you first have to understand what question you asked.
          I gather Jesus was quite a common name, I don’t doubt for a minute that a Jesus of Nazareth was walking around that general area at some point.
          And maybe some of the stories were based on a real person (or perhaps multiple people? some do contradict).
          And then some are obviously made up. It’s been a while since I opened the Bible, so I’ve forgotten the guy’s name, but one of the Apostles was clearly talking about someone who lived in a kind of mythical / spiritual realm, not this world. And to him *the message* mattered, so that was okay.

      • “a lot” is a understatement! Read the bible the same way the pro-lifers, creationists, or just the normal and fairly common “homosexually is wrong because the bible says so!” morons read it, we would be killing:

        anyone working on sundays
        impolite kids
        anyone that’s not christian
        anyone that knows someone that’s not christian
        all women who have sex before marriage
        anyone that commit adultery
        all fortune-tellers and witches
        anyone not listening to priests
        and of course the homosexuals

        • Sankaku Complex, you’re just as bad as MySpace. Don’t just randomly remove incorrect tags, leave them there as 99% of the time its intentional.

          Last paragraph should be:

          So, let me rephrase a bit:
          “Are you an idiot?
          While many [insert group of people here] are pro-life, they’re also pro-death penalty at the same time.
          Death penalty is advocated a lot in [insert just about anything here].”
          There are Christians who support the death penalty, and there are Christians who are against the death penalty. What do you know, Christians are individuals just like all other people! It might surprise you, but they all have their own opinions!

        • Read the Bible in the same way as [insert ideology here] morons read it, and it says [anything that backs up said ideology].

          Since the words of the Bible are valued by so many, countless people have twisted, continue to twist, and will always in the future twist the things it says to support their own opinions. It’s not just the Bible either, any religion will do. If you can convince people God says [your opinion], you can get people to do lots of things.

          According to the Bible, Jesus himself practically said that all those extra rules are bullshit. He worked on Sundays, talked a lot with sinners, helped whores and adulterers get their lives back on track, and argued against the religious leaders of that time (so strongly they eventually got him executed because he had a bad influence on the people).

          So, let me rephrase a bit:
          “Are you an idiot?
          While many are pro-life, they’re also pro-death penalty at the same time.
          Death penalty is advocated a lot in .”
          There are Christians who support the death penalty, and there are Christians who are against the death penalty. What do you know, Christians are individuals just like all other people! It might surprise you, but they all have their own opinions!

        • Give fundies the chance and they’ll do it.
          Especially the execute the homosexuals one.
          There was an attempt recently at Uganda but thankfully it was sort of thwarted.
          By the way, many of things you listed are already happening in Islamic countries.

  • “Executions in Japan are now solely of suspects convicted of multiple murder charges, or those who murder under particularly aggravating circumstances, and public support for the practice remains high.”

    This is a good practice. I’m all for it. Generally I’m against death sentence they way the USA handle it, but it certainly is punishment fit for the vilest scum. For those a life sentence just isn’t enough.

      • I’ve thought that as well, but have you ever considered what a prisoner on death row might go through every day of their lives?

        Just constantly waiting for that day to come, knowing you will be executed eventually but not sure when… If you’re from a civilized country the process will likely take many many years… What a mental torture.

        Maybe you might find a purpose in life within prison with a life sentence… Surely plenty of time to reflect on mistakes… It’s a tough call which sentencing I might favor. Both are pretty damn shitty IMO.

        • Humans are resilient, they’ll put it away to the back of their mind or they’ll make peace with it and live until the day the announcement comes then worry.

          Ie. There are a lot more nukes being sold on the black market; living in range of a nuclear power plant; stepping out of the bath tub; choking on a pretzel; killed by being knocked into the edge of a soft tofu.

    • How can one put a value on another’s life? So, the other person the individual killed didn’t warrant the death sentence, but combined those two lives equate to the killers? I fail to see the logic there.

    • I think it’s generally stupid. You could get some cheap organs, do experiments on them or other actually useful stuff. Just letting them go to waste in prison or by killing them off is plain stupid.

      Prisons are basically the proof of human incompetence to rehabilitate criminals. Said criminals are the indications of a sick society. Cure society and solve all those problem at once.

      There are two factors that support criminality in our society. Having no money at all and having too much money. If you don’t have money and do not have the possibilty to earn it, chances are, you’ll do something considered a crime. On the other hand, if you have too much money, you could get bored and do criminal stuff out of fun.

      There are other factors, too. It’s possible to cure society, but people that have the means to do, don’t have the will and people with the will to cure don’t have the means. Sad story.

      • Most criminality is caused by defects in the criminal. Like a complete and utter lack of empathy, or an excess of greed, or a lust for power. Most of these things are innate and until we can screen embryos for those traits there’s nothing society can do to fix that.
        Yes, there are people who are genuinely poor, but they generally try to work hard and live frugally to fix their situation, rather than see if they can steal some stuff.
        The argument that criminals are just bored rich kids is even more stupid; a psychopathic killer doesn’t maul out of boredom and has no particular need for money to accomplish his goal. And insofar as rich people use their resources (time, money) for evil, they tend to do so completely legally.
        There are good reasons to get rid of monetary extremes, but tackling criminality isn’t particularly high on that list.

      • Criminals are still human beings even after they’ve committed crimes and lost their freedom… Who are YOU to play with human lives as if they were toys, and experiment on prisoners just for the benefit of the rest of us?

        Cruel, insensitive people like you should all move to China. Their justice system is just right for you.

        • Before you start to condemn him for ‘playing with lives’ (i.e. stating his opinion on the subject matter), you should first tell that to the people in Academy City who made those expendable Biribiri clones and that d*ck-wad, Accelerator who killed over 9000 of your onee-samas…

          All those wasted biribiri clone armpits…That will never be sniffed, licked, or creamed on…


          At least this guy is thinking about resources (organ harvesting and giving their body to science) instead of outright killing cute clones just to ‘level-up’…

          If I die, I would be more than happy to donate my organs…

          I can save a life that way, whether I am a criminal or not…

          In a way, a small chance at redemption before leaving the mortal coil…

          I hope my donated organs end up in the body of a cute girl…

          Don’t be so naive, Kurok–er, kyosak…The government is thinking the same thing…

          Resources should not be wasted…

          For the most vilest of death row inmates…Let the organ harvest and experimentation begin…

        • @Anonymous 01:17 30/08/2010

          Amen to that…

          Collateral damage and statistics is what society is all about…

          Taking an infected part of society away and disposing of it is the reason we are still here…

          If we let all the dangerous criminals live, then it will create a society of fear…

          How would you like to know that a mass-murdering killer is on your neighborhood after being freed from jail by pro-life, naive individuals..?

          If you are a concerned person, you would rather see said killer die…

          Kill the killer before he kills you…

          That is survival instinct…It is in all of us…

          Forgiveness and mercy can only go so much, but when something is taken away from you like a loved one because of your naivete about morals and ethics, then you will know…

          That is why we have Judge, Jury, and Executioner in society…

          This isn’t the witch hunts or the holocaust anymore…No more draconic mass killings of heretics or people with different religions and sexual practices (except if you are in the middle east)…

          This is the modern era of 2000 and beyond…

          Chen-04 is merely stating that we should harvest the organs of said killers upon their deaths…

          In a way, they will ‘contribute’ back to society…

          Give me all the negative votes you want…

          When your own survival is on the line, I guarantee you will throw morals and ethics outside the window…

          One minute you want to save this killer from execution, but the very minute he tries to kill you after he is out of prison, you seek his death like the rest…

          How many of us can say that we will never succumb to our survival instincts..?

          It is in OUR genes at moment of our creation…

          Morals and ethics are just ingrained to us by our parents…

          But that survival instinct and self-preservation is IN us all before all that…

          It is human nature…It is in our genes for self-preservation…

          You know this to be true if it all comes down to survival, protection, modernization and social improvement as a whole…

        • Because killing them is so much better right?

          Call me an asshole if you want, but if I have to kill one man (ok, person you femi-bitches) in the prospect of saving 100, I would in a blink of an eye.

          If I am cruel for wanting to improve my own species by sacrificing a few individuals then so be it. Just remember that the next time you or one of your intermediate family needs a life saving surgery.

      • AsakuraZero says:

        murderers, serial killers, and other really sick people are not human anymore, those should be treated like beasts they didnt respected the life of the victims we shouldnt respect a killer. we pay way to much taxes feeding them while they do nothing in most of the prisons, and a lot of them are impossible to rehabilitate since they are FUBAR’ed

        robbers and other minors crimes can be rehabilitated they are minor crimes for something

        also indeed society is sick, we are used to the easy life, we should fight for our things, many of us forgot the words “work hard to eat” and go to the easy way,the education system helps and make even more sick the society since its doesnt crave morals on childrens nor the parents do that either in many homes.

        oh god dammit i wrote a letter =o

      • Is it lonely up there on the internet, on your pedestal, in your room? No doubt you offer so much of value to society. Perhaps your organs would be of more use to the world than you could ever be in life?

        • It’s called Sci-Fi because of the fiction. Science Fiction. In those machines get emotions. God, is there anything more stupid than machines with emotions? If the machine isn’t doing what you wanted them to do, you’re doing it wrong.

          Also, there should be more people like Azure Xuchilbara. People that think logically. One should respect life, but damn, if you’re going to kill them off anyway… what’s the difference?

          note: I am against death penalty, prisons and people that think they must decide how others live.

        • Righteously said, Chen-04…

          Let their organs save the people who need them, rather than let it all go to waste in some cemetery…

          Being dead doesn’t mean you can’t give back to all the pain and suffering you caused to society…

          Before one dies, we should donate one’s organs and bury/cremate the rest…

          It is the most logical and resourceful thing to do…

          Let’s just hope said organs don’t end up inside people with ill intentions towards others…

        • I already am an organ donor, it’s the obvious thing to do. Also, I am against prisons in general, but I acknowledge the need for them. Only.. if you kill them off anyway, you might as well get the best out of it. I don’t like Godwins law all that much but you know, _they_ did it. Efficient germans. Though, they aren’t allowed to anymore, due to historical circumstances, I think.

        • There Sci-Fis warning how organs influence people. Perhaps there are studies on how transplantees change their behaviour.

          But aren’t death penalty in the US done with cyanide or poison which would invalidate the organ donation? A bullet or high voltage to the head would preserve the lower body organs.

    • The modern way of execution is way better than those of past times…, no town square to display the convict and put him/her to shame before they do him in, no mob jeering at the convict which can further intensify his probable humiliation and today’s method don’t involve bloody spectacles that were introduced way back that were meant to deter would-be criminals.

      Even if it’s a justified killing of an individual, at the very least today’s methods allow the death-row inmate to live with his dignity and privacy intact…

      • @KrazedLumberjack 23:02:

        I don’t care about the convict’s “dignity and privacy” — s/he’s a convicted murderer!!

        I _am_ against public executions, because I think the mob/bloodsport mentality is detrimental to society.

      • supposedly they are for the most serious of crimes. in that case, they have no conscience of how or what they have done. then why should anyone else. in extreme cases the punishment should fit the crime. Saying that, they gave no concern to the dignity of there victim then they should receive none. DEATH ROW called that for a reason. you have been deamed worthy of the worst punishment society can bestow. I don’t know how many other ways to say it. Let the bastard rot! get what you receive. I’ll shut up now.

      • How is that better? That just shows how fucking pussified we’ve become. We can kill people; but let’s make it clean. You know? Think about the children. They might grow up and believe that humans can be violent and despicable, we need to purge those ridiculous delusions at once.

        Political correctness aside, fuck death penalties, no system run by authority should ever decide who should live or die. If you want revenge, do it your-god-damn-self.

      • It’s a death sentence- whether they die by firing squad, hanging, or torture, whether they die with family members gathered around their bed or with crowds jeering at them, the end result is exactly the same- they’re dead. Dignity and privacy are for the living, the dead don’t care.

        Taking that further, there’s really no difference between a life sentence and execution. I don’t know why so many people are opposed to execution (not counting cases where the accused is actually innocent, of course). The two are exactly the same- the end result is that the accused dies.

        That said, it would probably be a better arrangement if the families of the victims had to be the ones to push the button. If they want the murderer dead, they should be the ones to push the button.

        • don’t forget that a criminal does have family and loved ones and by executing the criminal you harm the family and friends while they are innocent. also people that are awaiting death so in death row are more keen to become crazy then people with life sentences but i’m also against life sentence.
          killing a killer is still killing, how can you teach them that it is wrong to kill if you want to do actually the same thing

        • Actually a life sentence is worse than being executed as the incarcerated basicly sits in prison knowing he/she won’t ever get out.
          It seems that some people lose their sanity after a while.

        • A life sentence can be cancelled and the prisoner let free if the court made a mistake, which happens more often than we might like to think. That’s a pretty big difference from getting executed.

          Also, being alive is quite a big deal compared to being dead for the guy sentenced. You’ll die one day to, does that mean you could as well just die right now?

        • While the end result of a life sentence or execution is the same, a lot of people feel that it is wrong to keep the criminal alive and in good living conditions for the rest of his life, while his victims rot in their graves.

          Why should I pay (as part of taxes) money to feed and clothe a man who killed my loved one?

    • I like it too. Murder 2-3 persons and you get death penalty, send your citizens to die in battle and you get… paid for it. 🙂
      I wonder why those approving DP never ask for it to be applied to men like Steve Jobs or other big politicians/capitalists who indirectly kill and enslave people all over the world.
      Business is business, power is power, and the poor people always pay twice for their crimes.

  • “Executions in Japan are now solely of suspects convicted of multiple murder charges, or those who murder under particularly aggravating circumstances, and public support for the practice remains high.”

    This is a good practice. I’m all for it.

    • It’s not. The moralist “burn-the-witch” types make mistakes all the time, and the legal system is stuffed to bursting with them.

      It’s not uncommon to sentence people to death only to prove them innocent later on in the US, and it’s not a stretch to consider Japan may be in a similar situation.

      Executions are pointless barbaric acts. There are many better ways to punish criminals that does not involve destroying them in the process. Society paid for and raised these people. We should at least give them something useful to do for the rest of their life, rather than killing them off or keeping them locked up for ridiculously long periods of time.

      • Nobody who does a crime thinks about the consequences, so deterrence doesn’t work.
        Life in prison is 10x cheaper than a death sentence (because all of the procedures).
        Vengeance never works — you can’t un-do what’s been done.

        Finally — if the practice is morally right and just — why the uncertainty about the buttons? If it were the right thing to do, then it should be clear and open who did it.

      • I know that years back that finding out people were actually innocent was the case (and is why such sentances are given time before execution btw) but with advents in crime investigation, such as better DNA testing (IE CSI crap) its far, far, far less likely now.

        The question is of course, is it better to kill 100 guilty men, and accidentally kill 1 innocent one, or better to let them live in a prison until they die.

      • Honestly, that kind of criminals should pay back for the society by doing some kind of “slave labor”, much more useful and to be honest I find the idea of killing someone, even a serial murder abhorrent.

        • Kitsune9Tails says:

          Artefact, regarding your point of costs:

          Executing someone actually incurs higher costs than keeping them in prison for life, due to lengthy appeals, court costs, death row detention, etc. Plus, if they are lifers in prison, they can at least make chairs or sweep the roads to help defray their detainment costs, even if only a little. (Yes, that last was a little tongue in cheek :))

        • I find it abhorrent that you guys think that we are a “Greater Being” in any respect. Death Penalty is pretty pointless when there is nothing to lose in the first place.

          Death Penalty will cause some ruptures in society and killing them “will” increase the rate since they have nothing to lose or feel so much despair. Living in solitary confinement will be much more punishing in their acts rather than killing them off.

          Even if they die they see this as a atonement/repent of what they have done and could. if not will increase a number of these cases. There are countless situations which will use this tactic, instead of finding a good solution they will find this a quick answer. Look at examples in other countries to see that killing themselves is a quick option.

        • @Kitsune9Tails

          I doubt that is universal, but it suggests that there is a threshold beyond which it is less expensive to keep the condemned alive (and hopefully miserable), and maybe also that these matters are needlessly complicated.

          Seems that the Constitution guarantees that serving justice will be *expensive*.

      • @Anon00:57 seriously? Tell that to the family(ies) of the person said murderer killed. I’m not for jumping to the death penalty in every case, but to say it shouldn’t exist seems like naivety to me. Plainly, some need to be “put down”.

      • The problem how society view death penalty is, they only see death penalty as a punishment. Death penalty’s main use is to scare citizen from committing crime. Death sentence should be use in the beginning then every now and then to show that the government is not just bluffing. Those who were executed were not disposed but used as an example to the rest of the citizen.

        • They were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt 20-30 years ago when they sent people to death row.

          There would still be innocents going to jail for murder now and by the same evidence that can be used to convict death row, technology just make the rate smaller.

        • putting someone in prison for life, lets assume that is 40 years. it costs about 30-40k to have just 1 prisoner, lets say there are 100 life prisoners per 1000000 people. now there are 250 million americans for the last time i checked.

          it causts anualy 100million to keep those fuckers alive, and over 40 years over 4billon

          this is how i believe people should live. get rid of criminalization of possession of drugs, get the users out.

          now anyone who would qualify for life or death row, if you are 100$ guilts, there is enough evidence that they are damn sure its you and not someone else, they publicly execute you on a pay per view event. some people may not draw a crowd, but a guy kills his faimaly and tortures them over a few days, that would draw a national crowd and rake in millions, this would be used to fun prisons, and people can call in on cellphones to vote on how to kill them, naturally this will be 10$ a call.

          like i said, this is what happens when there is no doubt these fuckers did it.

          and lets be 100% honest, in america, you go on death row for a reason, even sense dna has been used, some have gotten off of death ro because of it, but the people who go on it now only get off it by appealing and trying for life in prison, they arent innocent, they just want to live.

        • Artefact – indeed. Why live a life not worth living anyway?

          Even our lives has glimmers of happiness. An inmates for life do not have those.
          Better to have them do some good, if not in labour…then at least not a social burden for the rest of society.
          And remember, this is not dead-man wonderland.

        • “The death penalty is used for vengeance”

          Executing criminals can be argued to save resources that would otherwise be spent incarcerating them (at $50,000 per annum over a lifespan this could be a huge social burden), and to preserve public safety in a very definite way (although public safety is greatly harmed by the occasional execution of innocents).

          Clearly it fails to reform, but with no-parole life sentences this is redundant.

          Since modern penal policy is to reform the criminal, deter other criminals and protect the public, and lastly and least modernly to appease the public demand for vengeance, clearly it is an oversimplification to say execution merely serves as revenge.

        • 02:08
          I heard there was a study in the US where the conclusion was people obey the law simply because it’s the law and not about how practical or right it is. If the study is true then it reinforces 01:20; breaking the law brings the hassles associated (jail times, fines) so it’s just easier to follow.

        • “I’d be fine with replacing the death penalty with “life in prison with no possibility of parole”, even though I have to pay taxes to fund the prisons”

          You don’t have to worry about that. In America at least, the trial, investigation and subsequent execution of a death row prisoner is on average much more expensive than life imprisonment. There is literally no point in capital punishment, aside from revenge.

        • @ Anon 01:20:

          I’d say, “studies indicate…” (if I had sources handy, but I don’t) … that most people obey the law because they think it’s “the right thing to do”.

          Laws that are perceived as arbitrary, unjust, or stupid are typically ignored.

          Some examples would be speeding and alcohol/drug restrictions,

          Sociopaths (no consciences) and anger-impulse killers make up the bulk of murderers, and they don’t care about/don’t think about the death penalty; or they think “I’m special, and won’t get caught.”

          To victims’ families, the death penalty might be about revenge.

          To me, the death penalty is about removing a threat to society. I’d be fine with replacing the death penalty with “life in prison with no possibility of parole”, even though I have to pay taxes to fund the prisons. It’s worth it to me, because governments clearly _do_ make mistakes, and _do_ abuse their power.

        • technology made the difference.

          when was the last death row conviction without dna evidence, or at least good video or even a great picture that places them there doing it?

          you have life in prison for people who there is still some doubt (but not enough to let them go)

          but you have a guy, on camera, getting hit and bleeding by a store clerk, he kills store clerk, and is found 3 days later with the injury from the clerk clearly viable, dna matches, and you have video of it happening.

          when he is found guilty, you hold him for 1 month, to gather knowledge of the execution, and set everything up, than kill the motherfucker and get some money for funding the lives of the rest of the shit in prison.

          when was the last person falsely put on death row who didn’t do it sense dna took off?

          and i don’t mean people who are in prison for life falsely or admit doing it when they didn’t to cover.

        • like i said, we don’t put people who are innocent on death ro anymore, anyone there has done it beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt, they appeal there cases as much as they can to avid excitation.

          i’m not saying innocent people don’t go to prison, but they don’t get accused of multiple killings and rapes, are tied by dna to every one, and are still innocent. most innocent people now that go to prison are things that are low profile crimes, not death ro worthy things.

        • keeping criminals alive costs allot of money.

          we only excicute, at least now, people who have been proven guilty with more evidence than ever before.

          and the public would love to see many of these fuckers die.

          you charge people to witness it, offset most of the cost of prisons with killing the worst of the worst, and there you go.

          think of some of the people who commit horrific crimes, you cant tell me you never thought of killing them, and you cant tell me that you wouldn’t kill them yourself if you could get away with it with no court time.

          there are allot of people who would pay to see these miserable fucks die.

          and if you actually want to keep them alive, you foot the annual bill to do it, because i guarantee you that having the life in person live on and having the victims family pay for keeping the fuck alive is just pissing in there face.

        • Too bad there’s no proof that supports that view. (Actually states / countries with death penalty tend to have higher rate of [ both serious and lesser ] crime, though it is unclear which is the cause ).

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I’m not for mass executions, but just the ones that are too heinous, too irredeemable and too dangerous to society. If we had the Health Ledger Joker in real life, HANG HIM. Don’t let Batman get all soft and let him free in jail until he comes out and kills 10,000 more people.

  • “I told him then (as I had been taught) to eat little in the morning so that he would not be ill when the time came, and cautioned him to empty his bladder, which relaxes at the stroke. I drilled him too in that false routine we teach to all who must die, so that they will think the moment is not quite come when it fact it has come, the false routine that lets them die with something less of fear. I do not know if he believed me, though I hope he did; if ever a lie is justified in the sight of the Pancreator, it is that one.”

    —-From Gene Wolfe’s book, “The Shadow of the Torturer”…

    I say just have someone cut their fucking heads off with a sword or an axe. Can NOT believe the “Three Buttons” thing, is the “Modern world” committed to raising a society of cowards and liars, or have I answered my question?

    Killing a human being is murder, no matter how you dress it up. Make no mistake of that, ever. An execution must be a bloody affair. I’m not saying ANY killing is unforgivable, quite the opposite, but it must be recognized as such.

    Myself I’d make it so execution had to always be done by one person, no matter what. And that, as a final fail-safe, if the executioner refused the condemned was to be exonerated of all charges, let free. The executioner could be investigated, in case there was extortion or bribery involved, and most certainly would likely never get work as a headsman in addition to losing his fee for that execution, but the condemned would be freed.

    And, though some might think otherwise, I am NOT a fan of the “Death Penalty”. It is too far a scourge on the poor and non-white, while the rich rarely if ever face it. And while the rich elite rarely murder directly once they get past their “Bum Burning” college days, the damage they do in financial crimes, market manipulation, wars for profit does far more damage than many many times the number of serial killers and mass murderers. A law that applies for some and not for all is not a law, but just the heel of authority.

    BTW-checked and that Aum Shiro Kuno or whatever guy, the “Guru of Poison Gas” STILL hasn’t been executed… Now, really, unless he’s lost a LOT of weight in prison, they could have a really gruesome decapitation with a noose. Far better to use a nice big axe or have one of those “Samurai” types use a sword.

  • Hanging is much better than being tied up, neck bound [so you can’t move], eyes peeled open and watching Endless Eight of Haruhi for the rest of your life.

    Nobody was punished for botching the execution, but three officials resigned out of shame at their failure.

    … you don’t have to.

  • I can’t speak for all of Canada, but I can tell you as a resident here, prisons are overflowing with criminals. Perhaps if we had such a system in place, our local violent crime rate would go down dramatically..

    But no, that’ll never happen… we’re just too goody-two-shoes about the punishment fitting the crime. Meanwhile, those under 18 years old can literally get away with murder because they don’t get tried as an adult.
    Anyways, looking at those pics, I was surprised at how clean and pleasant looking the execution room is. And is that actually carpet on the floor?? lol!

    The public release of such photos is a great idea. It basicly says to don’t act like a stupid dick and you won’t ever need to see this place firsthand.


      Seriously, nobody looks at any fucking statistics or anything before making claims.

      And no I won’t google it for you, do it yourself, you’ll get trillions of hits.

      • Then do you feel good about a portion of your tax dollars continuing to give rapists and killers a roof over their head and food every day for the rest of their sentences?

        Another viable solution might be to exhile violent criminals to a small remote island and have them destroy each other. Might feel better about that.

  • This is what Japan can think of? Pathetic. Be like what China does…shoot a death inmate in the back of the head while hundreds, no, thousands of people watch without showing any horrifying emotion.

    Either that or let the inmate commit seppuku…

    • “Deserve” is kinda an ambiguous word. What if tomorrow half the citizens of your country would decide that those who follow sankaku complex are perverts, pedophiles, sickos, and deserve to die? Will you still be saying “they deserve to”?

      • But he’s specifically referring to people who did ACTUAL CRIMES. Sankaku complex is not one of them. I don’t recall saying or talking about crime is the same as doing it. Like I said, It seems people these days like to defend and care more about the criminals than the victims.

        • Paedophilia is a “serious crime”, and the legal definition of it has never been so loose. In fact, if you visit Sankaku, you are almost certain to have some lolicon stuff in your cache, even if you didn’t look for it.

          And also, “crime” is also subjective. Ever heard of the (now defunct) US law which made any sexual act other than missionary pose illegal?

  • WTH. Texas stopped hanging people like over 200 years ago! If you really have to kill somebody, do it with a lethal injection: there is enough stuff that would put to sleep a whole family of elephants…..
    No botched executions, no suffering, no broken bones/marks on the body.

    • Actually they don’t know for sure that there is no suffering, thats why the first injection causes complete paralysis of the body, if the stuff that actually kileld them hurt like hell you don’t have to hear them screaming in agony, only those injected know if it hurts and they never survive to tell us 🙂

      • If they ever have to execute me, I would wish for them to let a heavy rock or vertical pillar of some sort fall on my head from a great height.
        The results may not look pretty, but it’s guaranteed to be 100% free of suffering.

      • “Horrific results”…? Such as?
        Botched, yes.
        The problems with it are that many of the prisoners are IV drug abusers and it is a bitch to get an IV started in their ruined veins. It would help if they could get real doctors to start the IVs (or do cut downs) but they have to rely on EMTs because a doctor could get into big trouble if he helped at an execution (not legally, professionally). (The fact that he could perform a partial-birth abortion with impunity is a matter for another time.) And having a hard IV start isn’t “torture,” just unpleasant. When I was in the hospital with a badly broken arm, the intern who came to draw my blood jabbed me without result six times before she broke down crying. I just patted her on the head. “You have to learn somehow.” She got it right the next time.
        Another problem is that they build these complex one-off machines to do the injecting and they are not reliable, for some reason. Inept engineering, I guess.
        Finally, the complex three-stage sequence of drugs is ludicrous.
        All they need to do is get someone who can set a fucking IV right, like some RN with 25 years of experience, then push in a 10x overdose of pentathol. Dude will go to sleep and be gone. The pentathol push could be done manually with three people each operating a syringe (two dummies, one real) inside a black box. No fancy engineering required.

  • Some people just need to die. I don’t understand why we even have life sentences; if they’re never going to leave the prison again, why are we wasting resources keeping them alive? Not to mention how retarded it is to keep alive convicted murderers.

    The only problem is, of course, the number of falsely accused people who would end up being executed if the death penalty was more prevalent. In my opinion, while unfortunate, if that number could be kept low enough there’s no reason not to execute just about anyone who commits rape/murder/gets a life sentence for whatever. Society as a whole would be better for it. There would actually be an effective deterrent to crime for a change, imagine that!

    • It’s been sufficiently demonstrated that death sentences (or any punishment for that matter) do not act as a deterrent (look at the US of A or China for example). Punishments are not meant to be deterrents in the first place FFS, even if politicians and society as a whole seems to have completely forgotten about that.
      Sacrificing even one innocent person for a pointless placebo such as this is completely unacceptable. The very thought of sacrificing an innocent person for anything at all is unacceptable.

      Utilitarianism needs to just die.

    • “if that number could be kept low enough there’s no reason not to execute just about anyone who commits rape/murder/gets a life sentence for whatever.”

      lol, “kept low enough”. I’m sure you’d feel the same way if one of your family was the person who was in that “low enough” category, right? For the good of society you’re happy to see a family member die, right?

      • The good of the whole outweighs a few individuals. That should be obvious. Cold hard logic is cruel clearly, and if I were in the situation you described I would hate it. But maybe a few score innocents dying every year for the benefit of MILLIONS? Its worth it, whether you want to admit it or not.

    • “That’s the best thing about the Death Note, Ryuk! By writing down the names of the biggest criminals, the amount of criminals in the world is decreasing. […] Nobody will dare commit crimes anymore! The world will be a better place!”

        • In the real world, if you do get all that, someone’s trying too hard to fake evidence against the suspect.

          Yes, videos can be edited, and crime-scene videos are rarely good quality. Confessions are almost always written by the police, and then signed by the suspect after they’ve been subject to a grueling interrogation which tries to “encourage” them to sign it.

          Eye-witnesses may seem the hardest to fake, but eye-witness testimony isn’t nearly as reliable as most think it is. The memory is malleable, particularly if a police officer is gently trying to encourage you that perhaps you’re getting faces mixed up.

          If you have to write that the presence of a “this guy did it” note is miraculous, it should ring a few bells as also being suspicious.

          And finally, DNA evidence will never prove that someone committed a crime (even in rape, as consent is an issue there). At most, it will prove that they were present at the crime scene.

          I’m not saying people convicted with this level of evidence are all innocent, but just that this still isn’t 100%. Japan’s justice system has big problems with seeing confessions as proof-positive of guilt, when they’re usually made under duress. So even when they say they only use it for the 100% cases, that’s only what they think, not what actually happens.

        • Fake the video, bribe the witnesses, interrogate until you get a confession (Japanese police in specific are good at getting confessions for crimes the suspect didn’t commit), DNA evidence is circumstantial, and the ‘this guy did it’ note can be a forgery.

          Or, you can do it in a different way, framing the suspect in such a way that it seems to all witnesses and the victim like the suspect is the culprit. (ROT13 for Phoenix Wright 1 case 4 spoilers) Guvf unccraf va pnfr 4 bs gur svefg Cubravk Jevtug tnzr. Iba Xnezn fubbgf gur ivpgvz (jub vf vafvqr na ryringbe) sebz bhgfvqr gur ryringbe, znxvat rirelobql (vapyhqvat gur ivpgvz) guvax gur fhfcrpg (gur bayl bgure thl va gur ryringbe) xvyyrq uvz. It’s not all that hard to actually get the wrong culprit in certain contexts, where it seems unlikely for anybody other than the suspect to have committed the crime, especially if everything was set up.

        • There is no such thing as a 100% water proof case. In the theoretical worst situation, everybody involved with the case has been bribed. No matter how well you organize it, it’s impossible to prove something with 100% certainty.

          Like the protagonist says at the end of Soredemo Boku wa Yattenai, a court is not a place where they find out what happened. It’s a place where they speculate about what could have happened. You can only prove that somebody COULD have done something, you can never prove that somebody DID do something.

        • There is no “100% water proof” in the law book. You are either legally guilty or innocent, regardless of weather you’ve really committed the crime(s) you are accused of.

          People just don’t act rational once they get drunk with the power given to them. I’m sure you know the witch hunts where people were only executing women who they were “sure” were witches. And no, humanity hasn’t changed. Just wait until the next brutal crime article on Sankaku and the internet tough guys will instantly start to call for death sentences even before the accused’s trial.

        • Not if you have video, 100 eye witnesses, and a written detailed confession of everything that happened in the video along with DNA evidence, and a the victim miraculously writing a “this guy did it note” before they died.

      • Maybe not, but I still think the actual execution room looks awfully cheap. It has a kind of run-down industrial warehouse aura that I would be pretty keen to avoid if I were to have the misfortune of being in charge of the place.
        Just look at the floor – bare concrete? Seriously? This is fit for someone’s last steps? Then the hanging construction. The square hole in the ceiling isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing and the hanging construction itself looks… Improvised. Or perhaps like something you’d see on a construction site. The glass window looks out on what? Greenery? An ‘official looking’ bench with magistrates? No, just a random balustrade. And then the drop to the grey hallway below – WTF.
        Dead people have no feelings. But living people do, and if I had to work there, I’d feel pretty bad about these things.

    • Way better than the Nazi gas chambers used in The Final Solution,but then again those weren’t use for executing convicts…,they were tools of murder…Don’t get me wrong in case you’ve misunderstood my point, I’m just using it as a reference that today’s methods are more humane than the preceding eras.

        • What do they teach you in school these days?

          [quote]A word or phrase with a meaning that [b]is the same as, or very similar to, another word or phrase[/b].[/quote] Source: wiktionary, emphasis mine.
          Euthanasia and homicide are not just nuances of the same thing, they hold radically different ideas.

        • Motivations count, especially in the court of law.
          You killed someone? Okay… why?
          *Self-defence. -> You’re free to go.
          *It was an abortion, but in the earliest stage. -> You’ve ended a life, but the embryo isn’t ‘someone’ yet. You’re free to go.
          *To end suffering with no end in sight. You’re a qualified doctor. -> Euthenasia. You’re free to go, as long as the paperwork is in order. (Note that there are some backward barbaries where this won’t be accepted.)
          *A complete accident, unavoidable, not your fault in any way. -> Precise sentence will vary, but will usually result in your insurance company paying a sum to the ‘victim’’s family.
          *An accident, but you should have done more to prevent it. -> Involuntary manslaughter.
          *You only wanted to mutilate him, not kill him. -> Voluntary manslaughter.
          *You wanted him dead. -> Murder.
          *You wanted him dead for quite some time, so you meticulously planned everything out in advance, to eliminate all possibility of the victim’s survival. -> Premeditated murder.
          The principle that people are (so far as this can be made to work in practice) tried for their intentions rather than their actual acts is one of the corner stones of the justice state.

        • Because the animals usually did not commit crimes and are put down because they are no longer needed.

          The methods of execution are too soft as they are now, it would be better to execute the murderer in the same way he killed his victim(s). Bullet to the head? Same for the killer. Buried alive? Same for the killer. Let him feel what his victim felt in the last minutes/hours.