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35% of Japanese Women: “Sex is Nothing But a Hassle!”


35% of Japanese women apparently regard sex as little more than a “hassle,” whilst more than half of Japanese in their twenties thought romance equally bothersome.

Quizzed about their attitudes to love in a survey of 1,000 Japanese conducted for a Japanese newspaper, 45% agreed that “engaging in a romance is bothersome,” with both genders feeling equally put upon at 43% for men and 47% for women.

Young people were particularly negative – 58% of men in their twenties regarded it as a hassle, as did 50% of women of the same age. That for various (primarily financial) reasons marriage is now all but impossible for Japanese men in their twenties probably plays into this perception.

Regarding sex, 28% merely regarded it as “a hassle” – with a substantial gender gap evident, as 35% of women regarded it as such, versus 20% of men.

However, when the results for this question were broken down by age a slightly different picture emerged – 24% of men in their twenties, normally thought to be their sexual prime, thought it bothersome, versus 21% of women of the same age.

Once into their thirties the responses reversed – 19% of men and 33% of women called it a hassle, which rose precipitously to 42% of women versus only 22% of men in their forties.

Media froth over so-called “herbivorous” men, a class of young men generally perceived as being uninterested in courting, does not seem quite so hyperbolic in light of such results.

Meanwhile 25% of both men and women reported themselves entirely “sexless” as they had no partner.

With over half of young Japanese apparently regarding love as little more than another of life’s obstacles, it seems little wonder that their leading cause of death is suicide.

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