Britney Spears in Loli Manga Cosplay


None other than Britney Spears has been “reinvented” by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, which sees her “combining high fashion and Japanese manga” – in fact she is wearing sukumizu and a randosel, both major fetish items for Japanese lolicon.


Of course, Spears is no stranger to dressing up as schoolgirls for the purpose of titillating male fans – this is however probably the first time she has been dressed up as a character from a loli manga. Whether she actually realises what she is cosplaying is another matter however.


Some of the other works the artist responsible for her makeover is known for – possibly his choice of makeover for Spears is intended to be as much mischievous parody as fashion makeover:


“My Lonesome Cowboy,” above, famously fetched $15 million at auction.

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