Schoolgirl Gang Uses Breasts to Rob Men


Girls aged 14 have been arrested after baring their breasts to men at ATMs in order to distract them so they could rob them of their cash.

The girls, aged 14 and resident in Paris, began a series of robberies with an unusual modus operandi – they would approach men and distract them by any means available to them, chiefly by baring their breasts to them.

In the first reported incident, they approached a man withdrawing cash and tried to distract him by shoving a newspaper in his face – when this failed one of the girls bared her breasts and grabbed his crotch whilst her accomplice grabbed €300 from the mark.

They apparently also robbed a woman in the same way, stealing €500, although it is not clear whether they bared their breasts to do so.

Police arrested the 14-year-olds and placed a 12-year-old boy who aided them into a home.

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