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Revenge of the Bull


Not content to be slowly tortured to death for the amusement of the crowd, an enraged bull leapt out of the arena and began attacking the crowd in something of an upset, the entire grisly event being captured on film.

For once it was the audience and not the bull which suffered – 40 people, including children, were reported injured after the bull turned its rage upon them at a bullring in northern Spain, its bloodstained horns glistening in the sun.


The bull was later subdued, removed from the ring and killed.

Earlier in the year another bull turned the tables on its tormentors and gored a matador’s face into pulp – most bullfighting events are however carefully managed to ensure the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against the bull, with efforts taken to ensure no bull ever gets the chance to accumulate the experience needed to pose a threat to matadors in a second bout.

Even in backwards Spain the sport is increasingly coming under criticism – Spain’s northern province of Catalonia recently moved to ban the spectacle, the first major Spanish region to do so.

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