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57.5% of Japanese Girlfriends “Expect Sex at the Fireworks”


A survey of the expectations of Japanese women visiting the fireworks reveals that most consider it a prelude to hot sex.

The survey, conducted by a cosmetics vendor, asked 400 women aged 18-45 about their dating expectations when visiting fireworks events (hanabi).

57.5% of women anticipated sex with their boyfriends, though only 24.8% had actually managed this feat.

Not all was romantic sex under the fireworks however – horror stories of women unable to put their yukata back on by themselves after the deed surfaced (for obvious reasons Japanese men may not be much help with traditional Japanese lady’s attire, and many women will have had mothers or female friends help them don the unfamiliar outfit).

Needless to say, owners of recalcitrant Japanese girlfriends may wish to make a beeline for the nearest fireworks display.

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