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8-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide


An 8-year-old girl has committed suicide by hanging herself.

The 8-year-old girl, who resided together with her parents and 4 siblings in Osaka prefecture, was discovered by her 27-year-old mother on her return from work.


She had hanged herself by tying a towel around her neck and to a 1.8m high clothes rack on their apartment’s veranda, using a folding chair to reach the rack and as a platform from which to drop herself.

Her 29-year-old father immediately summoned emergency services, but the girl was later pronounced dead.

She is said to have been alone at home whilst her mother took other siblings to a nursery.

No note or other indication of why she chose to take her own life has been found.

Her parents previously complained to her school that somebody had vandalised her schoolbooks, writing her name and “die” on a total of 12 of them. At the time the girl took 8 days off school, but later returned.

The mother of one of her friends described her as “a polite little girl” and claims she was subject to harassment but seemed unaffected, whilst a local woman who knew the girl as “really cute” reports the girl had been the victim of physical abuse at the hands of classmates.


The school principal, pictured, feigns ignorance and denies any connection between the incident and the suicide, as might be expected:

“Some of the graffiti resembled her own handwriting, but we were unable to determine who wrote it. We don’t think her suicide was related to the graffiti. It’s truly regrettable that she lost her life like this.”

The local board of education backs the headteacher:

“Her condition at the time was stable – we consider the chance of the suicide being connected to bullying to be low.”

There is some suspicion the school is attempting to evade responsibility so they do not have to pay any compensation in the event their handling of the bullying turns out to be inadequate, as seems to be the case.

Police are treating the investigation as that of a suicide.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Japan, but elementary schooler suicides are exceedingly rare – since 1998 the less than 5 per year have been reported. In 2008 no incidents at all were recorded.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hold on, I mean she’s the principal it’s hard to know what’s what when you haven’t been told what’s going on; BUT because of her statement she just bought her coffin.

  • What we really need in society today are anonymous persons willing to investigate the causes of such tradgeties, locate those ultimately responsible, collect evidence of their guilt, carefully review the information with one another to ensure the culprits are the culprite…

    …and then utterly destroy their lives publicly, showing to all of their peers and friends what these assholes did and what pain it caused the the victim and their families. Then keep it up for the rest of their lives, or until they have made appology/restitution to the satisfaction of the victimized.

    You know, because the police, courts, persons of responsibility, etc. are doing such a BANG-UP job.

    In this case, the school admin would need a good look-at as well, including their e- & paper files, just to see what had been reported. As well as discussion with those around the girl to see anyone bothered to try and stand-up for her, or see if any of the school admin were notified. In this case it seems that many knew, but did shit about it. They deserve to be publically dishonored/burned as much as the ones who pushed the girl into murdering herself to get away from her life.

    …Hopefully the parents didn’t turn a complete bline-eye as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Someone just lost his future wife, I feel sad for him T_T. How can children commit suicide anyways,it totally sucks if the parents don’t care about their children.

    And about bullying, bullies should be tied to a chair and be hit with sticks by the other children to prevent bullying in the future yet noone cares really about punishing children just because their minds are fucked up.

    People who can’t ignore others and just pick on them are human trash that should be sorted out and be incinerated like any good for nothing trash, why do the good people have to die and the fuckers survive? That’s the reason why our societies are so totally mentally fucked up with all that perverts and criminals out there.

  • it’s so sad that an innocent 8 YEARS OLD loses her life because of bullying.
    I can’t seem to find the words to describe how I feel right now, but that’s it for my sankaku exploring for today.

  • i remember when i was little i thought of suicide alot… one day i almost did kill myself but i thought of everyone i would of been leaving behind.. oddly enough i was seven and more scared of making people sad than the fact that i would hav bought myself a one way ticket to hell

  • ‘They are afflicted, the hearts and times of man’

    if I remember the quote correctly.

    It means a little less to be human, when stories like this surface. We should be looking for the person who is desperate and silent in our midst, all of us.

    I never cared about people for a long time, but I got my karma early, and fuck do I regret who I was, now. It’ll be easy as hell to snigger at the ‘spread the love’ message, but believe you me, there’ll be plenty of people out there who are gonna get the wake up call I had.

  • poor girl.It honestly doesn’t surprise me that a Japanese girl would rather kill herself than face her bullies…I was bullied at school ,it didn’t stop until I started punching back..It should never get to the point that you should kill yourself over some immature kids.God bless

  • The world is truly fucked up (as usual), from kids to teachers, the bullshit never ends, you know what the saddest thing besides a little girl losing her life ? it is the fact the teachers and students well forget about her and move on like nothing happen, the bullies well continue bullying and everyone is happy go lucky except the parents and siblings of the young girl who can never be the same.

    We all have seen bullies or have been bullies, i was bully, i bullied someone in relation but realized how fucked up it was, not everyone can take stress and from the article i can see that, the girl had her feelings locked up, no one was there or able to see she was in trouble and those who knew pretend like nothing was going on and now the school is trying to save there own asses and I bet anything that when names start calling on the bullies the parents of those bitches are going to be act like their kid is the sweetest thing in the world, perfect just perfect, everyone is covering ass while a family buries their child.

  • Not to say bullying isn’t bad, but from bullied to suicide usually takes enough time for people around the bullied child to notice depression or suicidal tendencies before it actually happens. And when that happens parents’ and friends’ support is what keeps the child together, as it brings the child closer to its defenders.

    The question now is, did the people around the child did just not notice suicidal tendencies? or they made little of it in hopes that it was not serious? It seems unlikely she was ignored by her parents as they did complain to the school about the bullying, but complaining to authorities is just one small step towards healing the mind of the child.

    My heart goes out to the child’s parents.

  • I have tried to kill myself as a child, as a result 4 of the 5 homes my family lived in were burned down. They didn’t leave me behind I tried so many times to burn myself alive but, somehow someone always stopped me it was so frustrating.

    I was 7 years old when I started trying to kill myself I understood things about life that I didn’t want to it was like a curse to this day I’ve been thinking of a way to do it, I don’t know what it is that keeps me from doing it and I hate it.

    I use to get bullied and made fun of in school but that started when i was 10 so that doesn’t add up.
    I would have to say that her understanding of how life is going to be was distorted by the bullying as a child you don’t understand much only what you experience first hand so her wanting to kill herself was due to many things, being bullied at school and singled out at home even if for only 30 minutes it’s enough time for her to develop some form of depression. Her loneliness and the bullying plus how ever she was treated else where made her want to understand life to understand why things were happening to her. Small moments when she felt happy didn’t make things easier they had the opposite effect and just made her think more and were more of a catalyst that have brought her to her conclusion.

    unfortunately since she was alone she succeeded and personally I envy her for she got rid of her pain and is now at peace no more bullying no more being left alone and who knows what happened to her while she was home alone those days, no more frustrating thoughts or questions that not even the adults could give an answer to.

    People can say what they want but, I am happy that she finally has some peace it is sad yes and the anger I’m assuming I will be provoking is just from the lack of understanding. She would have been a genius being able to think to the point of suicide is not something a simple minded person or child could do but, she had no one who cared enough to look deep into the small things. In her mind and many others I was the unlucky one I never succeeded in achieving my peace but, then again they will never find the other answer to the question they had.

    I would love to be there for them and help them understand why what happened did and that the path they chose was ok.
    As soon as I get the other answer to whatever it is I will gladly tell her and every other child who went through and is going through this rare test in life. That is what I would like to leave as my legacy the answer…

    • Anonymous says:

      Most likely there is no answer and you are suffering from some sort of imbalance as personalities are hardwired by biology to wish to remain alive. I suppose your soul could be wanting to die though.

  • Klingengeist says:

    I wonder why should didnt tell her parents about her problems at school. Or did she and they just ignored it?
    Sometimes i wonder if i really would want to live in Japan. Its a beautiful country but the society seems fucked up.

    I hear the swiss is a nice place to live where you are getting paid good money for your job unlike Japan or Germany…
    They also make the best cheese!
    <3 Tête de Moine^^

  • I was bullied heavily from 4th grade to 9th grade and the school wouldn’t do anything about the bullying and I was depressed all of the time. I was contemplating suicide a good deal of the time and attempted it once when I tried to poison myself but failed. Nothing changed until I decided to stand up for myself and beat up my bullies which stopped the bullying. I probably would have died if I didn’t stand up for myself. The bullying I went through wasn’t just name calling but everything from mental abuse to physical abuse so it really couldn’t be ignored and it was happening almost all the time from waiting for the bus to coming home.

  • Of course the school board backs the teacher. No one ever really does anything about bullying. I don’t know which it is, they can’t or can’t be bothered but either way when the shit hits the fan suddenly no one knows a damn thing. Now, what if instead of suicide she started hittin’ motherfuckers? She would’ve been the one in trouble and not the provokers. This is their fault not her’s. If anyone should’ve died, it should’ve been one of them. Not her.

  • God, it’s so sad to imagine a little girl hanging herself. I was suprised to see that the leading cause of death for young people in Japan was suicide. I suppose it makes sense though with how much pressure they get with school and trying to excel. Really, I’m just more and more suprised when I learn things about Japan.

  • I know some of the comments Ive read are horrible, but on the back of my mind, Ive read various reports of this kind of crap all over this site for some time. There is a point where you are going “yay another stupid kid killed themselves for some dumbass reason.” I can’t be to sympathetic about reports like this.

    Primarily if you kill urself at this age, something extremely mental is wrong with you or you do not attempt to create a good repport with ur parents. The bullying I can understand and thats bad, but there was no attempt for the kid to even confront the issue. She just commited suicide. Why commit suicide when you haven’t tried to solve the problem? Its because of this that I do not feel to sympathetic to the child simply because shes just to hopless to call for help.

    If you can’t help urself in any event, how are you going to get through life. Bullying happens all the time in the US but there are no reports of suicides because of it (probably not reported). The situations are always being handled. Btw… in common suicide is quiet common to in the young age, but thats due to stress that the parents put on them to get better greades.

    Seriously, the morale of these stories is to help urself in all situation. Survival of the fitness and adaption. Adapt at last resort or fight back, because if you can’t you are probably better off dead.

  • The clear presence of bullying in this girl’s life cannot be ignored. Whether she wrote it herself or not — the word “DIE” written on no less than TWELVE schoolbooks belonging to an EIGHT YEAR OLD is an extreme cause for concern! Now add on the fact that her parents AND a neighbor KNEW she was being bothered at school and it seems as though the school was not doing anything about it, PLUS the fact that the new school term in Japan starts THIS WEEK… it seems as though the girl committed suicide rather than face her heartless classmates again. The parents should sue the Board of Ed for every yen they can — although no amount of money will EVER compensate for the loss of their precious daughter. This is the saddest story I’ve ever read on Sankaku. My deepest condolences to that family and the girl’s friends/their families.

  • compensation, what kind of bullshit is that. they should treat the incident seriously and take consequences. bullying is not something you stop by paying a victim’s family money. what a bunch of selfish arseholes.

    • Tip; When trying to express your opinion on the tragic death of an eight-year old girl, try not to do it with a line from a shitty song that is best known for being sung by Mini-Me in the third Austin Powers movie.

      • It’s funny actually that people draw these imaginary lined boundaries people should give a shit for example where in the age demographic when someone commits suicide. Humans fail to be empathetic to the situation of teens and adults but regard young children as “innocent”. Well logic is really an imaginary concept of naturally irrational humans trying to rationalize subjectively where these imaginary lines are to be drawn so this point I’m making is entirely moot as no human can be rational. It’s impossible and yet so irrational. TL;DR >OPINIONS

    • It’s funny actually that people draw these imaginary lined boundaries people should give a shit, for example where in the age demographic when someone commits suicide is it ok to care. Humans fail to be empathetic to the situation of teens and adults but regard young children as “innocent”.

      Well logic is really an imaginary concept of naturally irrational humans trying to rationalize subjectively where these imaginary lines are to be drawn so this point I’m making is entirely moot as no human can be rational. It’s impossible and yet so irrational. TL;DR >OPINIONS

  • This could have been avoided if she was upfront about her situation with her parents at least. So her parents could bitch at the school to prevent this or had taught her how to fend off bullies.

  • Suicide would have been avoided if she talked with her parents about it so they could let the school know although that wouldn’t do much. But her parents could have re-directed her distraught state if she brought attention she was being bullied. If the girl realized that those kids were just idiots with their own inferiority complexes she could had rubbed it off with confidence. But alas humans are prone to be driven off emotion rather than logic especially for an 8 year.

  • Bullies really are the worst kind of people. And they take form in all sorts of shapes. And they really do ruin you or your child’s world.

    Fighting a bully only makes things worse than they are. You have to endure it. And if you can’t endure it, they ruin your life, because you have no choice and you can’t get away.

    Imagine being forced to go to a place (Work or school) where people don’t want you around and try to make your life a living hell. Wanting to fake an illness just to avoid a person. Feeling helpless as the people who would support you either can’t or won’t. It truly is one of the saddest things in the world to be alone.
    Even starving African kids have other starving kids to starve with.

    Its no surprise that a suicide would happen with “Bullying” being the reason.

  • Japanese culture puts such a great emphasis on respect, so it’s amazing whenever this happens and the CYA principals try to act like nothing was wrong. Yeah, maybe the girl wrote harassing messages to HERSELF telling her to die, then she died, but it probably has nothing to do with it…

    When a “local woman” can tell the girl is being abused, and the principal supposedly doesn’t, it’s time to fire the principal for gross negligence and incompetence.

  • Well well.
    Looks like she was too cute for this ugly world.
    Or better yet too cute for her ugly female friends who probably viewed her as a threat to their money-grubbing future because cute girl, being cute and all, would have the best chances to get the prettiest and richest guy.

  • people think violence media isn’t as damaging as showing a females nipple on tv

    it is much much more damaging then people think it is

    its one of the reasons people stay in the sidelines when people get hurt in public (experienced this first hand, people will just tune it out and think its just a show or something will be resolved w/o anyone doing anything)

    You need to have the reaction to violence to solve this kind of problems or else you will just stand still or you will have much more anger when something happens to you

  • 8 years old… for godsakes, poor girl.

    i just say, the modern world is just in deep downward spiral towards the horrors and miseries.. sad to say, but once sunk rock ain’t gonna rise again..

  • This is just a big pile of bullshit. When I was eight, I didn’t even know what suicide was, and I was bullied pretty badly, though they didn’t say me to go and die.
    And this “school” was ignoring her bullying, or possibly abusing for the sake of saving money?
    They’re going straight to deepest pits of hell. Not to mention the bullies themselves.

    It’s so frustrating to read these news, and not being able to do anything…

  • Bullying, yeah probably the cause.
    Still I support the school and their bullshit because if a connection is made then they will be paying a shit ton to the parents.
    The money won’t bring their daughter back but it will certainly harm all the other kids still alive in school.
    If anything a real investigation should take place to find who really is responsible, and how responsible they are to proceed with penal charges instead, the possibility of the girl already being unstable shouldn’t be ignored though.
    Bullying is a normal part of life, there would be no people walking on earth today if we all killed ourselves every time someone was mean to us.

  • That news is really sad and and sucks, an 8 year old girl hangs herself. Do you know how much you have to be put through to go through the effort of starting to kill yourself? That being said the group of punks at her school and the all the kids of her grade should be required to go to her funeral and then be required to stay at the cemetery for another hour after her family leaves. Then, the ones who did it will go home and hang themselves and the school can find out who did it……..

  • What’s the matter with you people? There’s a drawing of a non-existant girl hanging herself sitting right at the top of the article, yet all anyone can talk about is a real girl. What we need to focus on is making sure fictional characters aren’t driven to suicide!

  • School = forced mental labor facility for children. With a sentence of (insert number here according to your country, between 8 and 12) years for everyone, for no crimes committed, at the age of 6, that automatically increases by a year every time you don’t work well enough and fail the final exams.

    Any sane person would consider suicide under that condition, bullying is just an extra.

    Yes, I do think the majority of children who think school is “normal” are insane or plain stupid.
    Or maybe they are just NPCs, like in Angel Beats. 😀

    • That’s weird. I always thought the teachers were robots and the other kids were like a manifestation of my subconscious or something. I remember how hard my mind was blown when I saw one of my teachers out shopping. I thought they were, like… unplugged at the end of the day and put in a closet. As I got older I began thinking they lived at school and slept in the closets they had in the rooms.

  • More and more, horrible things happens that reminds us how messed up the world is. She’s only a child and yet she ended up getting pushed to the edge to actually taking her own life. It’s rare but when it happens, it happens. I can relate to bullying during my middle/high school years. Certain things about me that some punks didn’t like and want to make a joke out of me.

    I’m not going to start up a story, but I ended it with my own hands. Even after I’m out of high school and into college, I know the same bullying won’t stop with this immaturish people which is why I have to continue to be bold and keep going making sure any negativity toward me ends one way or another.

    I’m sorry to hear about this, and I’m not surprised at how ignorant people are and they give other peoples lives’ misery and not be regretful of it. Just because they do that stuff doesn’t mean bad or horrible stuff will happen to them. When it does happen to them, the pain will be more times worse than they pain they inflicted on others. These bullies know better.

  • All the time I had contemplated suicide, a little girl 8 years old just went ahead and did it. I wouldn’t know who had more courage or fear in either of us, but I do wish she can be in a better place now.

    Who would dare claim responsibility over her death?
    No one. Such is the pathetic society she was raised in, that which caused her death, and feigned ignorance of it.

    Even if they managed to shirk this black taint upon their names, they can never wash it off their souls. After all, which parent would ever want to leave their child in the care of such people? Would you?

    • Kids shouldn’t ever be raised in a poor society. It’s obvious how much pain they are going to go through which changes them into a person whose either violent, anti-social, hateful, and etc. with no regard of other peoples’ lives. There’s plenty of good kids who ended up living a messed up life that lead them to become a criminal or worse.

      Let’s admit we got people with dark souls causing people pain and misery, and those other innocent souls caught up in it wound up becoming dark due to the influences shrouding them.

      I’m not making much sense somehow since i’m speaking subjectively. But I know what I’m talking about, good kids becoming bad because of the poor pathetic society they live in.

  • Some of the comments I have read are just sick, how can people laugh and joke when a 8 year old girl has committed suicide, it’s just not right, that kid took her own life and people laugh, this world must be very fucked up. Most of the people commenting and joking wouldn’t be joking if that was their sister or their child. Its just wrong.

      • She may be let off because she is too young to really understand what she was doing. Kids that young (and even when somewhat older) don’t really understand the idea of Death. I doubt Big G would hold her accountable for doing something if she didn’t really understand what she was doing. That’s what I believe, anyway.

      • RaspberryKisses says:

        ah religious people dooming innocent little girls for eternal torture. there is no hell. and there is no god and heaven. fairy tales are for kids. As for a girl it’s really horrible what happened she had her full life ahead of her. Suicide is wrong not because your religion tells you so suicide is wrong because shit that makes people commit suicide should never even exist in modern society.

    • jamesownsall says:

      If you’re looking for compassion, sympathy and all that shit, don’t look over the Net. Though it’s weird; by now, I thought everyone should know to keep their righteousness in front of the monitor only and not through the keyboards into the site’s database.

      I’m not doing tribal dance to celebrate that kid’s suicide, but BAWWWWing about this on the Net will get me nowhere. Same goes for you too. Her parents, if they really cared, still wouldn’t get anything from you doing this.

      Chill the fuck out.

  • An eight year old girl hung herself up due to bullying, and the school already tossing the responsibility away, without any effort to seriously search for those little arse-holes who bullyied the girl to dead?

    Gotta love Japan.

  • not just in japan, i live in Australia, and many things like this happen, also all over the world

    this school is a deep shit, they dont want to take responsibility…, the moment there is a suicide student, is already part of the school issue, not to mention half of the day the children is at the hand of the teachers…
    Teachers should take more attention to the student
    and the bullying group should be punished, as well as their parents!!
    even one word can result the death of ppl…..

    DAMN!! the world getting crazy….

  • “Her parents previously complained to her school that somebody had vandalised her schoolbooks, writing her name and “die” on a total of 12 of them.”

    walk it off, pussy! that’s life.

    • And beaten her. And (presumably) told her to die, ganged up on her, systematically abused her, etc…

      If you think that’s not that bad, you are the pussy who doesn’t understand how life works. Bullying isn’t all that different from torture, and is just as harmful to the victim.

      The girl was 8. She was neither capable of packing her stuff and leaving or getting help from anyone, seeing how even her parents and teachers downrated the problem. High stress every day, the prospect of even more stress for many years to come and inability to escape… most people would break under such circumstances.

  • Typical Japanese school, doesn’t give two shits. “Bullying builds character!!!” Fuck you, it makes people depressed and when they don’t have fully developed minds it can make them do off-the-cusp things like this. You can’t treat a kid like an adult and say that they should just take the bullying.

    There’s a reason that we have ways to deal with bullies in American schools – because we’ve recognized that sometimes, our kids need support from the adults in facing adversity. Does it always work? No. But it’s certainly better than deliberately looking the other way to cover your preppy ass like this bitch.

  • seriously what the fuck ??
    this is what the school says basicly
    omg its unbelievable that they say such things..also those bullies should be sent to institution or something…she was just 8 years old

    • “An eye-for-an-eye leaves the whole world blind.”

      Revenge isn’t the answer; through it we become what we hate. Then what? Murder the murders? You don’t see the irony in harming someone for harming someone? What does that make you?

      I guess you best beat the living hell out of yourself when you’re done with them.

      I’m not sure what the answer is, though. I suppose some sort of retribution? What is the going rate for manslaughter?

      What an age we live in, aye?

      • I wouldn’t fault the girl’s parents if they sued the bullies’ parents for all they’re worth. I know that really wouldn’t bring their daughter back but at least some form of justice is brought down.

  • Wow, kids hate life and want to kill themselves in a school system where the teachers are told to stay out of bullying and school violence and not get involved. What a surprise. A friend of mine was working at a school where, on graduation day, a thug who had been arrested by the police was allowed to attend, and on his way out he belted one of the nerds in the crowd on the way out. Nobody did anything.

  • Indeed there are too many fishy details, but I think we can rule out insurance since insurance don’t normally cover suicide.

    I wasn’t bullied, per se, at her age. Kids just liked to isolate me for some reason. Maybe I was too weird? Hell if I care. Of course, a few years later it did get worse. I’d easily be agitated, so much that I once threw a wooden chair to a teacher.

    Somehow, I persisted living. I don’t know if it was some kind of God-sent luck or anything, but my last 4 years at school were the best 4 years of my life. Somehow, I landed into the right group of guys and girls in the same class who all accepted me for what I am. We fucked around a lot; breaking school rules sometimes, played hella lot of sports at PE time together, hang out at friends’ house for rounds of KOF…

    Whoa, didn’t mean to reminisce, folks.

    Point is, you can’t see the future. Shit might be bad now, but there’s no guarantee that it will always be that way. Sometimes you need the ‘fuck all’ approach and maybe you’ll run into people and stuff you’d appreciate life for, later.

    Of course, that 8 year-old couldn’t have thought about that herself. Her parents doesn’t always seem to be around when she needed them anyway.

    If she was an adult, I wouldn’t have had a shred of sympathy for her. But this kid, if the bully case was right, was probably being led to believe that she needed to die. And since kids can’t normally think for themselves, I hereby declare this to all bullies, irresponsible parents who only depend on authorities, hypocrite teachers and PTA members, and politicians and feminists who tend to come out to the media and say things pretending as if they give a shit:


  • All the funny ‘Zetsuboshita!” jokes aside, that’s some seriously fucked-up shit.

    Maybe it’s an ‘American’ thing, but if I were bullied like that, at that age, I’d turn my rage on the bullies, not on myself.

    If the bullying was bad enough, I’d have secretly followed them after school to learn their route home, then later, lain in wait for them with a baseball bat or crowbar.

    If the bullying was anonymous (books defaced, bad things written on the chalkboard, etc.), that sort of specific revenge/deterrent doesn’t work, which moves the victim to the level of having to take out the entire class (or school) ala Smackwater Jack (old Carole King song).

    “Now Smackwater Jack, he bought a shotgun
    ‘Cause he was in the mood for a little confrontation
    He just let it all hang loose
    He didn’t think about the noose
    He couldn’t take no more abuse
    So he shot down the congregation

    You can’t talk to a man
    With a shotgun in his hand…”

    Guns and knives are hard to get in Japan (especially for an eight-year-old), so that leaves arson or something.

    What is it about Japanese culture and/or living conditions that allows/encourages such group bullying, at such a young age?

    I was the weird/nerd kid, but I never was bullied (nor saw bullying) until I was in the 7th grade. And even then, it wasn’t an organized group thing; it was just a few random assholes doing a few random things, and it was so minor that I never reported it, let alone felt like going Rambo on them.

    • “Turning your rage on the bullies” unfortunately doesn’t always make it go away. I mean sure, if you beat their ass that kid will stop physically assaulting you, but that’s about it–even an ape knows not to do something that can mean pain for them like starting a fight again with someone who can clearly beat you. You don’t win any respect or anything and they still usually won’t stop fucking with you in other ways.

      I was a short kid. Kids much larger than me picked on me when I was 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 years old. Fighting and even winning these fights in self-defense often got ME (but not them) suspended from school because it’s human nature for the assholes running the show to take the side of those deemed “more popular” and that’s usually the bullies.

      There’s really nothing uniquely Japanese about this either. This really happens the world over. Anyone who’s significantly “different” is usually targeted. That means if you’re the minority race kid, you’re the short kid, you’re the funny looking kid, whatever. These behaviors are learned and don’t really go away when people get older either, they just manifest differently.

    • It’s not an American thing that’s just you who decided to stand up to the bullies, lots of kids here in the US also commit suicide when bullied. It’s just doesn’t really go Mainstream. This year alone i heard 2 cases of a high schooler’s commiting suicide in the south florida area.

  • Why is it that every school related incident that happens, every principal reacts quickly to deny any connection to not lose face? When a teacher was discovered to be a lesbian and was promptly fired due to parental complaints, who was it that actually keeled in, and then deny to the newspaper of dealing the deed?

    • The problem is that MOST kids are bad. We would have to imprison half the population.

      The real solution is to either add heavy daytime camera and microphone monitoring to every classroom, or to enter the next era by creating Internet schools.

  • I remember when I was a kid, some eight year olds could be pretty brutal, but…

    This is absolutely horrible. I know it’s a futile hope, but I really wish that the bullies (and the asshole school officials who are trying to play dumb) would take proper responsibility for this.

    “Some of the graffiti resembled her own handwriting…”

    Yes, because that’s the proper thing to do; place the blame on her and make it look like either she was warped and wanted to die because of other circumstances that had nothing to do with the teachers’ incompetence, or that she was making it up for attention or some shit. Real good way of avoiding the issue.

    “Her condition at the time was stable – we consider the chance of the suicide being connected to bullying to be low.”

    Define ‘stable’ for me. Did you give the kid a psych eval? Did you ask her serious questions instead of just looking at the outward appearance? And even then, some truly warped people can hide their own issues so deeply that even shrinks and those around them can’t see it. This kid could be seriously screwed up and you wouldn’t know a damn thing, would you? Usually instability doesn’t show on peoples’ features, and it’s hard to judge by appearances…so obviously these people know absolutely nothing about basic psychology (Though then again, MDs tend to double as counselors/shrinks in Japan, so maybe that’s part of the problem, too? Correct me if I’m wrong on that front, though.)

    She’s a CHILD. Instead of sitting around and denying…At least TRY to be helpful? But no, that’s just asking for too much, it seems…

    • I think these cases are the sort of thing that makes me want to pursue a teaching career not for the love of it but to try and stop cases like this myself – even if one person cannot accomplish a lot.

      – With the fucked up world we live in unless we take actions ourselves this is what happens, an innocent person loses their lives to these types of people but to them as long as they receive their paycheck they don’t give a fuck.

  • Just to point it out since nobody else seems to have mentioned it in the comments;

    -“27 year old mother”
    -“4 siblings”

    Those 2 details stuck out like a sore thumb when I was reading the post.

    Plus – she was ‘alone’ at home when her mother took her siblings to a nursery, and wasn’t discovered until her mother returned from work. I would like to know what her mother works as, so I can possibly understand what kind of emotional state she was in given the circumstances of her family life. No doubt her father wasn’t present either – which is strange since he called the emergency services… split couple maybe (mother called father first suffering emotional trauma?)?

    I’m sure there are a number of factors in this, and it seems a little well done to have just been a silly childish accident out of curiosity aka it was intentional.


    • I’d guess she is… er, was the oldest. That means her parents probably had their first kid when mama-san was 19 years old. That’s not crazy young to be having a child.

      Oh, and when I was 8, I was left alone at home all the time (by that I mean when my folks had to go out and do something, they went, not that I was alone all the time). A different era, though.

      • “What’s so wrong about a 27 year old woman having 5 kids?”

        See my reply to Jennifer Darkknight, plus I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong in the moral sense… but it’s a little out of control, and only makes things more difficult to have so many young siblings at the same time.

        “Maybe there are twins or even triplets.”

        Doesn’t matter – this may even have worsened her situation with a sudden appearance of several newborn kids gaining preference over her in a single instant.

        “Maybe the father just came from work. Is that really of any importance here?”

        Like I said first time around, maybe they’re a split couple, and this mother is taking care of these 5 kids on her own, as we have no information of what the father is doing other than the fact he called the emergency services. It would seem totally plausible to me at least that if this were the case, she would’ve called her father before calling emergency services in a traumatic state at what she has witnessed.

        Even if they’re not split – the mother arrives home, followed by the father so soon that he is the one who calls the emergency services? So that would mean if we make the fair assumption that her father is working full time, then her mother also did, meaning the girl spent practically the whole day by herself, which only changes circumstances, and doesn’t actually make them any less complicated.

        Anyway, few leaps here and there, but I’m just guessing reasonably from my ‘expectations’ based on the information I’ve been given. Mainly because I find the idea that some bullying in the past is all too convenient an explanation when there’s the circumstances that would seem obvious, heck even somewhat natural/normal/expected that would arise from other details surrounding her family life.

        Rant over?

      • “But I figured that maybe the siblings were younger? Like, baby-age younger.”

        I guessed that too, and it was the reason I highlighted these points in the first place because I could make a few decent guesses on her situation. It’s not unnatural for a sibling to feel abandoned as the attention turns to younger sibling(s), of which she had FOUR. My next assumption is based on the choice of words for the post on how her mother was taking the other “siblings” to nursery – were all her siblings young enough to attend a nursery? For me that puts her in a pretty shitty position – pretty much in terms of care, you’re the last in the pecking order after 4 other siblings who need so much more attention, and at 8 I don’t think it’s going to be a nice feeling to be so ‘vulnerable’.

        Then given the age of her parent – 5 kids by the age of 27 I can’t help but begin to imagine that things were incredibly tough for her if it wasn’t bad enough already.

        Mother pregnant at age 18/19 at most – did she finish education? Having to work a strenuous job for shitty pay just to get by? More problems for the girl in question.

        O yes, plus bullying.

        More rant, more wild assumptions. I should be a detective.

        • It does suck to be the youngest…When I was little, I myself was left at home, but I at least had a sister to keep me company. Being alone at home probably just exacerbated the problem, if not from the issues of young parents…

          When you’re bullied a lot (assuming you’re a small child), you want your parents to be there. But when they’re not there as much as you want them to be, and they work a lot, you don’t get that care that you need and thus you feel either neglected, or the feelings wrought from the bullying just got worse over time.

          It would be nice to get more information on the parents and siblings, but I still wish that the teachers would give out more information…or at the very least, be more cooperative and less evasive.

  • saw in in the news this evening
    really shocking
    I mean how fucked up is japan?
    When I was in that Age I saw bullies doing their thing, was a bullie myself and was being bullied too
    but since when does a person, who is under the age of 10 think of comitting suicide
    or on the other side
    how can such yung bullies tell her to die when their just so yung
    there has to be something wrong
    i sometimes wonder if the protection of children from violent video games etc. in germany could be somitimes a bit too strong, but when I see this i somehow can understand
    i mean
    where do thos children have this kind of behavior from?…

    • Is it really so surprising?

      I just wonder what the entire situation was. Bullying can get pretty harsh, but I do wonder if anything was going on at home or outside of school. If you have at least one person supporting you, you can usually pull through a lot of things.

      However, if her home life was rough, there really is no escape. Most people, when faced with intense stress, have a fight or flight reflex… children, however, can freeze and just take everything that’s handed to them.

      • Yeah. Everyone has the capacity to suffer from learned helplessness when under immense stress. She probably just figured, ‘what’s the point? It’ll never get better.’ Kids are even more prone to fatalistic thinking because of their underdeveloped critical thinking skills.

        Even if the situation wasn’t completely shitty, all she needed was a cycle of bad thinking. And once someone commits to that thinking, there’s not much you can do.

    • I’m not saying this kind of case is supposed to be normal, but the reality is it’s not impossible. Speaking of suicidal desired bullied child… used to be one myself and I’m still wondering how I managed to survive till this day.

      • I hear you. I wanted to run out into the street and get hit by a car when I was 5 years old. I used to stare at the street from my lawn. I just never really had the courage. Still don’t. Oh, well. Probably have another 30 years to go before I die from a heart attack or stroke.

    • Bro;
      “where do thos children have this kind of behavior from?..”

      Surely you answered that question 2-3 lines above with great accuracy – violent video games have once again created another victim. She clearly played too much of that…. that game where you deliberately kill your own character over and over.

  • Wow fucking japanese education system, if its not pedophile teacher its ignorance principle. What is with this “regrettable shit”, it seem like in Japan you can get away with almost anything by apologizing and saying it is regrettable.

  • Narutaru’s dark story was shocking with the imaginery and young school kids bullying the weaker ones.

    Yet real life finds its ways to make itself even darker than the darkest fantasies one could ever imagine. I doubt concious suicides can get much younger than this.

    And obviously the bullies and the school’s tutors will get away unpunished. Wonderful, wonderful.

  • It worries me that an 8 year old child can do something that I, as an adult, would be completely unable to do in all but the most drastic circumstances. She must have been really hurt by the bullying, poor girl.

    And, on a side note, the comment by the headmaster about how regrettable the loss was really does not seem sincere. They probably are simply trying to cover their own asses, as the article mentions.

  • Kids, let this be a lesson to you. If you feel you have absolutely no recourse but to kill yourself, at least leave a note explaining why you did it.

    If you leave a note, the people responsible can be punished, and you can at least go out as something sort of resembling a martyr.

  • oO dont know whats so funny to bully someone

    it suprised me that a 8 year young girl knows how to commit suicide

    the skools reaction is pathetic, “Some of the graffiti resembled her own handwriting,…” -.- of course, we all know 8 year old kidz that write “die” on their own stuff

  • loli in a box says:

    Please tell me this is not just gonna get forgotten as a pityful girl who comitted suicide by chance…The link between the two is so clear.

    Since when did 8 year olds get this warped? I know we were no angels but wow…

    These little bastards really should take responsibility.
    Damn, I’m raging so hard right now…I can’t comprehend such behaviour.
    If nobody teachs bastards like these now, children will grow up thinking such acts are acceptable and that you can’t be taken responsible for the consequences.

    If the judicial system will allow this shit, one must really wonder if it should be allowed to exist like that…

  • “She is said to have been alone at home whilst her mother took other siblings to a nursery.”

    For certain reason, this maybe the motive.. Leave a child whom parents themselves don’t really know what happened to her/him in school and pay more attention to the younger ones, little chance that would lead her to silent depression.

  • Yeah, because a bunch of people you have to spend everyday with telling you to die and abusing you with no adult intervention can’t lead to suicide. It’s like saying video games don’t cause murder. It doesn’t make sense. *BLATANT SARCASM*

  • Damn teachers. They never listen, or pay attention to students. This reminds me of my old days at school when i and my sister always were bullied and the teachers never did anything. Just pathetic.

    • You need an 8 year old girl commiting suicide to realize how fucked up this world is? How about the two kids that abducted and tortured an even younger kid? Or the case where kids raped some little girl. Srs, world is fucked up, always was.

      I bet you’ve forgotten about this case by sunday. ‘Cause obviously you can’t remember all those other cases.

      • World’s even more fucked up with people like you breathing down my neck just for commenting an opinion. Not everyone keeps tabs on these stuff, maybe I haven’t read the other cases on Sankaku, I don’t like reading these stuff for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Call me ignorant. Bigdealgetoverit.

        • Jesus, it’s just a comment on sankom, why do you get this agitated? And in fact,.. I have little to no emotions. Not like you, who gets all excited over trivial stuff.

          >>I’m sorry but not everyone is born into the world thinking this world is messed up. There must be something that makes you think it.<<

          Exactly,.. I was just wondering why you only realized it now. On sankom, of all places. I remember cases from girls throwing their babies in the trash barrel, people treating humans like things (slavery), wars, bullying in schools, kidnapped & raped children, early insane asylums, … if you where some six year old brat, I would be understanding if you didn't pay attention, but I guess you aren't some six year old brat, now are you? Thus the only possible explanation is, that you in fact have forgotten about all those fucked up things, that happened all around the world. Sure, you can forget about some cases,.. but not about all of them.

        • Why are you making such a big deal out of this? Stop acting as if you are the only one in the world who has emotions, things can never be conveyed 100% to another person. I am sorry if it sounds like I’m a total asswatt and offended you with my comment but everyone starts somewhere. I’m sorry but not everyone is born into the world thinking this world is messed up. There must be something that makes you think it.

          I never read or have seen the cases you have described before, again “Call me ignorant”. Getoverit.

        • Oh no, I am better than perfect. I am myself and accept that very fact.

          The point is: people just repeating what should be said in those cases without actually caring. It’s not just the two cases I mentioned, fucked up things are literally everywhere you just have to look.

          I’m just saying that Whistle can’t possibly care if he needed an 8 year old comitting suicide to get the idea that the world is in fact a mess. Also it feels a little, like to him russian bitches biting penises off aren’t something that make the world fucked up, but children, oh, the poor children! (So I pointed out some cases involving children, that according to the “poor children”-logic shouldn’t have been forgotten already.)

        • >>Chen-04

          What’s your point, again?

          You’re acting like he made an active choice to forget those past incidents. Perhaps they just slipped his mind for the moment; you’re going to find yourself constantly disappointed if you expect everyone to remember to a fault every event that’s occurred, especially when only you, personally, find them important.

          As Whistle said: get over it. People’s memories slip. Are you calling yourself perfect?

        • If you don’t want to remember those cases, but still feel the need to express how this news affected your emotions, you are an hypocrite.

          Only thing we can do is remember sad events and teach our children, so past mistakes won’t be repeated in the future. Also, kids aren’t nice kids. They are monsters, till we teach them otherwise. And I mean teach, not force to.

      • No one wants to hear you preach nihilist bullshit in the wake of an eight year old hanging herself, especially when it’s not even presented well.
        The very definition of “value” is relative worth or merit. Regardless, the objective value of human life or lack thereof is a metaphysical issue that has no answer supported by empirical evidence. Stating that life has no intrinsic value is just as fallacious as saying it has X value.

        lrn 2 science, and try a philosophy textbook while you’re at it.

    • I concur its a sad day to see someone so young end their life, if this was bullying then i hope the bullies are dealt with and hope the realise the shame they have to carry for the rest of their lives for causing something like this to happen 🙁

      • Actually, while the death is sad, I also find it pretty sad that the system as a whole (including parents and society) could allow bullying to lead to a death. That, and the bullies would have to live with the fact for another half-decade or so, assuming they weren’t malicious in the first place.

      • And everyone goes into defense mode, claiming their little devils wouldn’t even bully a fly.

        Do they not know the horrors on the receiving end when being called names, getting personal property defaced and socially rejected by people in your own class everyday?
        I can somewhat relate to that feeling too…..

        It’s a little heartbreaking and sad for it to happen to an 8 year old =(

        *ashamed at human beings*

        • I think the majority of teachers DO care, they’re just not allowed to do their jobs. School boards are terrified of lawsuits, and won’t let teachers do anything that might be considered offensive by certain people.

          I think the following question is a fundamental one for civilized society: Do children have rights? If an adult is harassed, they have the right to press charges. Does a child have this same right? No. The parent has to do that for them, but the parent cannot be fully aware of what the child is going through in school, so they are not in the best position to defend the child’s interests. Where does that leave the child? On his or her own. Alone without the right to press charges or to defend themselves from attack. Adults already do not have the right to defend themselves. (They have to ask someone else to do it.) I wonder if a time will come when they are not allowed to press charges either? After all, a bully would find that offensive.

        • Part of the problem is that teachers really aren’t paid enough to care anyway. And even if they were, it’s a sad part of human nature that people tend to side with the majority, in the case of schools that usually means they side with the bullies because they’re more popular.

          Modern public schools and maybe even some private schools are run like prisons. In some countries they don’t even really have any pretensions of teaching anymore, they just pass every kid.

        • Kitsune9Tails says:

          It should be noted that often parents of bullies are bullies themselves. They cannot see their own child’s behavior as wrong because they do not see anything wrong with coercion, teasing, and physical abuse.

          A teacher who sees a bullying situation has little recourse. Telling the child’s parent is likely to solve nothing. All that can be done is to try and catch the problem early and really set expected behavior for the kids (ALL the kids). If it gets so bad the kid is getting calls home or even suspended, there’s very little hope for that child, because the parenting effort has already failed abysmally.

          Yay parents. When are we going to institute a mandatory parenting license?

        • @anon 3:18,

          I never said anything about a way of getting vengeance, punishment is the one of the best forms of hard lessons given to offenders. Look, they caused the girl to kill herself and you tell me that I’m directing it at the wrong person? They may also have their own bullies and they may have lax parents but still that cannot erase the fact that they drove that girl to her death.Justice isn’t picky when it comes to age.Even if they are minors,they still need some spanking.

        • good for you EyE but me who wasnt better in physical activities was depressed of the demoralisation and the denial of my former classmates (i was 12 y old)that i often cried (im a guy so that in itself is mortifying)and my grades did gradually drop (and so i got stress from my parents
          and although it did change to the better as time went by
          im 21 now and i still think my life is more or less worthless (depending on my mood)

        • i kinda had something like that. well i did wat i always do which was to ignore them. That and i know im always better than them in intelligence and physical activities so yeah that didn’t leave much room for them to work with.

        • @KrazedLumberjack

          Having them – and even more important – their parents disciplined is of course necessary, but punishment should only be a deterrent for wrongdoing, not a way to get ‘revenge’.

          You’re also directing this at the wrong person. The bullies might have had their own bullies, but even if they did, at the heart of the problem will always be the parents.

        • I don’t think parents were at fault here, they had five children. Even if you earn good money, thats a lot of expenses and eats tons of time and strength. Therefore it might be very hard to pay close and wise attention in such delicate case. A true shame, because world lost completely innocent child in environment where it shouldn’t have happened. Its neither a war zone, nor 3rd world or some barbaric place, its god damn country with 1st GDP per capita in the world. And here we lose a being that by all human ethnic rights and laws should be protected. A little quite cute girl who didn’t want to, or couldn’t rely hers problems. A sensitive innocent one dies, without even fully starting her life. I hope detective in charge is as enraged as me, because in times like this justice is truly needed. If system that lets law enforcers earn overrated pensions to ensure their qualifications and honesty fails in case like this, and makes fuss over cases like “a man has loli drawings; child saw man walking naked in his house; man touched hip of a woman in a train” then in my opinion theres something wrong with it… ;( Artifact please change the world

        • I’m reasonably certain, that even if the bullies aren’t properly ‘disciplined’ for this, than just the realization of what they’ve done will destroy their maorale for the most part of their lives.

        • That’s the sad thing about people who raise and nurture kids today. Parents of bullies are blind to the truth about their kids in most cases.They think that they have given their son/daughter enough preaching or just simply let their child’s elementary school teacher do their dirty work….,Only then when things get out of hand do they realize that their child will have a big chance of growing up as an asshole and by that time it would probably be too late for them.Most of the teachers today are just taking their job as a means of income,few are those willing to help their students outside school regarding such matters.

        • If the teachers did their damn jobs, I think sending kids to institutions wouldn’t be necessary. My teacher in elementary school was -very- hard on kids that bullied other kids, and believe me, it didn’t take long for them to stop.
          It’s a damn shame that this loli was pushed so far that she felt this was her only way out…

        • ” The mother of one of her friends described her as “a polite little girl” and claims she was subject to harassment but seemed unaffected, whilst a local woman who knew the girl as “really cute” reports the girl had been the victim of physical abuse at the hands of classmates. ” -> now this line really got me inside a bit, These bullying kids should be sent to an institution or something for at least a few years like that for what they’ve caused.That should be enough for their punishment,they indirectly killed the young girl for crying out loud.And if anyone mentions rights defending minors from being confined,screw them! Minors today are getting more arrogant and out of hand lately…

      • This is so fucking sad. She was trying to hide, so she mustn’t hadt anyone to rely on. I can’t remove the image of Tachibana Kanade from my mind. Sad, alone, with no friends plus being bullied. But in the real world thing never come to a happy end. Shit. And two months from now the school will dany everything and noone will remember the kid.

    • Bullying is serious. I’ve suffered with it as I usually had high grades without much effort or studying. For some weird reason my reaction was going to be punching the first idiot that tried making fun of me till complete and irreversible death but my mother prevented a tragedy and a criminal procedure against me because she noticed something was wrong.

      While I might be a less common case (most bullied teens get depressed instead of getting violent), bullying is terribly serious since the other kids tend to ignore what is happening or taking the bully’s side because helping can make you the next target. If a child/teen actually says something about being bullied then the issue has already reached a critical point and it has to be solved asap. Unfortunately, parents these days need to work a lot to survive and support their kids so sometimes they can’t give enough attention to all of their offspring. No wonder birth rates are declining rapidly.

      The school may deny it but it’s an 8-yr-old death they’ll carry for the rest of their lives.

    • Wow..
      8 years old and she offs herself.. That’s damn sad..

      I thought kids were pretty tough. They get depressed but they won’t off themselves. They’re still curious.. Seems like a case of bad influence..

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he/she hits puberty and goes all emo. By that time you’d be tired of your daily monotonous view of life.

      • Anontard is retarded. Thats the principal. Learn to read.

        As a side note, if the little girls own hand writing was actually found to have written on her own stuff, saying die, etc, then I would thing that should be MORE FUCKING CAUSE FOR ALARM. Either she clearly has issues, or she was forced to write that by the children bullying her. Why in gods name would people think its ok or normal for a little girl to deface her own stuff with the word die? Were the children who did that supposedly even talked to?

        • I need to agree. The word “Die” being scribbled on the bullied victim’s belongings cases have already been repeatedly used in most movies, dramas and stuff (hell, it even appeared in GTO) that it’s too significant to tell those stuff are based on and actually happened in real life.. Seriously, how can the adults were just like:

          Papa: Is that Miki-chan’s exercise book?
          Mama: Honey, look! Miki-chan wrote her first kanji!
          Papa: Oh, what does it say?
          Mama: It says “Die, Miki, Die!”
          Papa: Awww.. How cute!

          Principal: By this we concluded that graffiti have nothing to do with the suicide.

        • terrible, that’s all that can be said.

          I’m not appreciating the school’s response tbh. Then again I guess they’re concerned with crowd control, or some domino effect with the rest of the kids feelin guilty or some crazy shit

      • Aye. One less loli in this world. This is a very sad loss.

        no seriously. Idid believe that many kids can easily submit to the temptation of suicide, but I never thought they had the gut to actually fullfill it. At least not at that age.

        How’s the bully rate in Japan by the way?

      • Just a question. If the mother was the one that found her, why was it the father that summoned emergency services? Did the mother call the father first?

        And I’m just curious, how many 8 year olds know the knot used for hanging oneself? It’s not something you learn at school, and any knot won’t work.

        • The girl in this case died from asphyxiation.

          I think the comments about the difference between suicidal hangings and formal execution hangings are correct – you can hang yourself with a belt and a doorknob, a sophisticated knot and a high spot aren’t at all necessary.

        • Yes, official hangings are about neck snap but suicides usually just do it in a way that they can’t escape while they asphixiate. And its only recently that official hangings have become fairly accurate at neck snaps without decapitation due to the work of US hangmen in the 1800s, the ones they used to do in London were almost all strangulation, it’s only with the correctly sized and weighted rope with correct length and number of loops in noose knot that it works correctly, according to weight of victim.

        • I call bullshit on this. Unless they have a proper noose. Everything I heard suggests that you need a pretty stout fucking noose(like those thick ass ropes they used for typical execution) and a decent hard knot on it.

          Anything else would likely just strangle you, I’m fairly sure most, or at least half of hanging suicides are likely death by the strangulation and not their damn neck breaking.

        • RopeXPantsu says:

          [quote]And I’m just curious, how many 8 year olds know the knot used for hanging oneself?[/quote]I guess all Japanese elementary schools offer shibari classes since it’s something like their national pasttime.

        • @ Anonymous 01:46 20/08/2010

          The hangman’s noose isn’t really decorative, the knots add friction to the slip knot and prevent it from moving. The knot is then usually placed behind the left ear and when someone drops the full length of the rope it is supposed to break the neck of the condemned, thus killing them instantly.

      • YET!…Artfact had a anime pic for this story.

        There’s a few cases in America every year that some little kid shot or stabbed another kid or beat to death. It’s rare when kids kill themselves. I feel sorry for the parents.

        Now those “Bullies” can spend their lives with that ‘stigma’ of forcing a girl to die.

      • Artefact where’d you get this? We had a recent(around a few months back) case of suicide by a student at our school cause of bullying, he was graduating too. I’m sort of interested in correcting her statement of
        “we consider the chance of the suicide being connected to bullying to be low.”

        • Well, if the loli was alone, guess she didn’t get some lovin’…..

          joke aside, that’s basically the truth in a nutshell – single friend or lover can go a long way (at least at that age). Without one or the other that I had at times, I would have really done that too – came to be about 2 months away from it(or well, playing Chao…), and got the latter one before going to school to give me the lovin’.

          And on parents: They’ve always been there, and while they can help they’re still just parents.

        • I think this behavior has a lot to do with “respect the others” and “if you are insulted, don’t sink to their level”. When I was bullied in elementary school, I was programmed by the teachers there to NOT respond to bullying. I ended up received more of it. In junior high, there came a moment in which I just snapped and hurt several of the bullies before being beaten by a larger bully who didn’t leave unscathed anyways. He still bears the scars I left him with my teeth and nails as a reminder. When my father found out, he supported me. My mother made a fuss scolding me and my friends were celebrating.

          Bottomline is, we are taught and hardwired to be nice (most of the ones that got bullied) by a society of negligent adults who don’t want to put up with conflicts. When we snap, depending on the time and our mental stability or lack of it, many things can happen, ranging from talking back to murder in the most extreme cases.

        • @TehBoringOne
          It’s part of the feminisation of boys today by modern society. 50 years ago if you were getting bullied, most fathers would likely have supported kicking them in the teeth. Today though, if you get pulled into a fight and do anything other than curl up into a ball and die, you’re found to be at fault. I honestly don’t know how I made it out alive.

        • Carrot I can totally understand you. My mother actually stopped me from punching since I’d kill whoever I started hitting. Yes, it reached such point. My mother tried to speak with the school direction for over a month and nothing was done. Of course, you know angry moms can move mountains….

        • Carrot_Glace says:


          Yes, you are totally right…

          Bullies are no more than stupid kids, the problem is supporting the bullied one.

          In my case, the teacher supported the bullies (yeah, crazy, right?) so I was alone in school. My mother saw me depressed, so asked me what was going on. After knowing the source of the problem, she told me “can you give them some of their own medicine?” I: “yes, I will” she: “so go kick some faces”. “I would, but, what about the teacher? she’ll punish me” “That’s not your problem, that’s mine” she answered. So I punch them in front of the teacher, who went hysterical right there. And my mother finished the matter putting the teacher in her (fucking) place.

          The moral of my little story is that someone have to support you passing through this events. Sadly, this poor girl was completely alone.

        • @Carrot_Glace

          Yeah, well, lucky you and those of us who grew a pair. Sadly, that little girl didn’t make it that far. Bullying prospers because of negligence on the part of teachers and parents who don’t pay attention to their bullying spawns, and those of the victim who are sometimes clueless about what their kids go through.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Yeah. Blame bullies. Bullying is a problem everywhere. It’s not just in Japan. EVERYWHERE has problems exactly like these. Unfortunately, some kids just can’t handle it. It’s best if people take into account bullying as a more serious threat and make it downright fashionable to smash bullying where it starts.

        • Carrot_Glace says:

          @Darkrockslizer: The fact that she has been bullied leaves no place for arguments of her possible cause of death.

          Anybody has has been through this would know.

          /I was bullied in primary school for years, until I grow a pair of balls and kicked some bastards in the face.

        • Suicidal ideation can be conceptualized by a brain more mature than an 8 year old’s. Its just not possible for a child of that age to be intellectually advanced to come up with the notion of suicide, so the best angle would still be the graffiti on her books that suggests she dies. If the school is trying to evade responsiblity for thus and the police are helping them, then I’ve lost faith in japan’s legal system.

          +who the hell in their right minds would leave a child unattended?

          such a waste of life….

    • you have a quite weird view on life.
      besides, it requires quite a lot of courage to commit suicide, and is in no sens cowardly.

      I can only assume you haven’t suffered hard ships, even if you have. you haven’t felt even close to the pain she probably felt, which makes you an ignorant cunt.

      • Suicide does not take courage, fool. It takes courage to see yourself through hardships and to look for the good in life and make the future better yourself, rather than taking the easy way out. I’d know I was on hte border of doin’ me self in. None of me friends or family ever knew this yet they were the one thing keeping me from commitin suicide. I thought of how deeply sadenned they all would be if I were to kill me self and I felt horrible. So I put up with the shit that happened to me got over me self and looked on the brighter side. Suicide itself is a cowardly and selfish act.

        That said, this is indeed a exceptionally sad event. I dunno what’s more sad, the fact that this wee girl is dead or that so young a child could be so world-weary as to take its own life.

        • how the hell is it selfish?
          If the people around the person that commited suicide can’t take it, they can feel free to commit suicide too.

          If the people around this girl didn’t give a crap about her, what the hell should she do?

          Some happenings screw you for the rest of your life, usually those people try to put out a little longer to not harm significant others, but WILL die sooner or later.
          I don’t know what kind of hardships you had, and I won’t say it wasn’t hard, because that is different for everyone.
          Saying suicide is a selfish and cowardly act just shows how ignorant you are.

      • I have suffered many hardships and I admit, I too was once a coward. Maybe you’re right. Maybe it does take courage to kill yourself. But it takes far more courage to look at the faces of the people you resent every day of your life until your time comes. Do you get what I’m saying? It takes more courage to live in this fucked up world, than to leave it early.