Ubisoft: “Motion Controllers Must Become Standard”


Ubisoft has been singing the praises of motion controllers, but insists it must become a standard feature of all consoles if it is to take off.


Ubisoft creative director Jason VandenBerghe gave a presentation at the GDC Europe event, in which he lavished praise upon motion controllers:

“Have you ever fucked up pushing a button? Binary input is like drag racing. You have to hit the accelerator and keep going in a direction and not turn. It’s not hard.

Then analogue control was introduced, and this sustained us for 15 years. It’s worked great. If button pushing is like drag racing, analogue input is like Formula 1. You’re still on a track, though, and there are still guard rails.

We’re in Baha buggy land with motion control. We can go wherever we like. There’s not even a finish line. Players can do whatever they want, and they do.

Motion control is profoundly different. It’s screwed up the entire industry! The most important feature is the absolute, utter lack of guard rails. This turns the human being holding the controller into the constraint, and this makes a designer’s life a living nightmare.”

Motion control must become an industry standard, he says:

“Things might suck now, but I think they’ll get better. If they put motion control standard in the box, suddenly the model expands. THAT is money.

My recommendation to you is that you should ship on multiple platforms. Nobody will want you to. Sony won’t, Microsoft won’t, Nintendo won’t. But the market will…

Many genres will remain unchanged, and some people will still not want to exert themselves. But if the hardware remains an add-on, motion control will remain niche.”

However, when talking about the commercial failure of one of Ubisoft’s most ambitious motion controller games he concedes that the vast majority of players are unwilling to move when playing a game:

“We had to ask ourselves: how many gamers are willing to move? I don’t know how many there are, but it’s no higher than 20 per cent. That’s actually probably optimistic.”

Motion controller proponents may yet find that the primary limitation on uptake of the new controllers will be the players themselves, many of whom are unlikely to take to controllers requiring them to flail around madly, stand up or limit their gaming to large rooms.

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  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    What is written here is the Exact reason why people on the PS3 Don’t talk trash to each other since mics are Not part of the package!

    If the “ARCH”($80!) isn’t part of the basic package on the PS3… It will NOT become the standard that third party companies will join into. And like the RRoD kineck($150!!); it will die and disappear like the keyboard add-on for the PS3~

    Seriously. Who bought that half $C thing? $55+ add-on that is only used for home?! What the fuck? What happened to actual talking to people in home?! That was one of those many promises at the beginning of the PS3!

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    “We’re in Baha buggy land with motion control. We can go wherever we like. There’s not even a finish line. Players can do whatever they want, and they do.

    Motion control is profoundly different. It’s screwed up the entire industry! The most important feature is the absolute, utter lack of guard rails. This turns the human being holding the controller into the constraint, and this makes a designer’s life a living nightmare.”

    One word: screen. Or display, if you prefer.

    Unless people develop the ability to see all around them, either through Exorcist-like neck twisting or some Naruto-ish “jutsu”, there’s no way somebody using a motion controller can do anything other than stand there flinging their limbs around like a fucking monkey while staring at the screen. That is, if they want to actually get shit done in the darn game.

    So basically take your motion shit and use it in your shitty portable games, and leave us developed homines sapientes the fuck alone.

  • i just hope if they make motion controllers the standard that they don’t forget about use gamers that don’t always want to be up and moving while we’re gaming, because i for one like to be able to kick back and relax while i play most games

  • “…The motion sensor could have 1-1 control, incorporate 22-functions-Swiss-army-knife but that won’t change the fact that without physical feedback motion controllers are [b]unimmersive[/b], in the long run they can only hope to suck in casual gamers with teaspoon-shallow minigames like wii sports… I say: Stop buying the wii, fuck project natal up the ass maybe this whole motion sensor trend can fuck off and make room for the next innovation…”
    Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw – Zero Punctuation

  • When I read the headline I thought it would be “Motion controllers must become standard for the gaming industry to flourish”. I could’ve agreed with that. The money’s with the casual console retards and they need to be milked.

    I don’t see myself ever using a motion controller. There’s just not enough buttons to play the games I like.

  • I think this guy is somewhat right. Kinect have potencial. Potencial that is now completely wasted on stupid gimicks. Only thing I dont agree with him is the part about motion controlers braking game “guard rails” – its not dependent on controler but on game design.

  • Where is the “total immersion game”?
    Where is the perfect virtual reality?
    Where is the game that whenever you play always will be different?

    broken promises and stupid gadgets is what we have.

    • I hope they make feedbacks with those new motion controls.

      It’ll be the end of sports games, especially american football and boxing. But it’ll be hell fun to watch someguy get tackled by imaginary opponents.

  • I wan to win in my videogames and get a great experience from it, not just flail my hands or body around randomly.

    the problem with motion controls is that they are no where near as accurate or efficient in comparison to traditional controller schemes.

    bad controls = harder to play = harder to win = no fun

    no fun = no ones going to bother with this bullshit.

  • What the hell is wrong with a regular controller? There hasn’t been anything wrong with it since like 1986. I really don’t understand why we have to change to these new motion setups that only serve to take you out of the game rather than immerse you further into it. I hate them.

  • “Players can do whatever they want, and they do”

    What the fuck is he talking about? Motion controls haven’t improved player freedom, they’re just doing ths same old stuff but flopping around instead of pushing buttons.

    • If I could move like an assassin, I’d -be- an assassin. Unfortunately, I move like a duck. I wouldn’t make a good assassin, and I wouldn’t be able to play Assassin’s Creed if I had to move like an assassin, because I can’t move like an assassin.

      And yes, I just wanted an excuse to say “ass” repeatedly and make it look like I was saying something relevant.

  • VandenBerge claims motion control screwed up the entire industry, BUT things will be great if manufacturers made motion control a standard feature in their consoles?!

    What an ass-hat.

    What I think he really wants is to avoid spending Ubi’s development time+money on writing controller drivers for a small market (people who buy add-on motion controllers).

    Of course, nobody (sane) will want to spend money on motion controllers until manufacturers get that shit working properly and consistently.

  • If those arrogant and/or stupid fucks — game manufacturer managers, that is — want my money for console games, they need to do two simple things:

    1) Add mouse support;

    2) Allow PC version of a network-based game interoperate with the console-based versions of that same game.

    If the game is released for PCs, Xbox360s, and PS/3s, those versions should be able to all play together, with each other.

    “PCs may play only with other PCs, Xbox360s may play only with other Xbox360s, and PS/3s may play only with other PS/3s” == FAIL.

    • Wow I can’t believe I’m agreeing with an Anon >.> but the PS3 does have mouse support tho only USB 2.0 but who the hell still uses PS\2 mice anymore? I use a laser mouse that’s USB 2.0 on my PS3, works great. Yeah I totally agree that if a game is released multiplatform it should be able to play multiplatform, would be a lot better.

  • Sort of want.

    However, if Sony/Microsoft decide to ship these things in the box, they better not charge an arm and a leg. (e.g. Microsoft xBox 720 w/ Kinect 2 for $1200. Buy now!)

    If they do, it just may kill console gaming rather than strengthen it.

  • How about motion controls that emulate a controller? Then we can hold a weightless controller and press buttons that aren’t there. Completely handsfree, non-tiring, and no batteries required. Never have to go find your controller either, or borrow someone else’s.

    I would like to be that kinda lazy.

  • You should be able yo choose between a motion controller and a normal controller, I mean, i dont feel like moving my hands all the fuc**ng time!
    sometimes i just want to lie on my bed and just relax playing some olde games

  • The Wii-mote and PS-Move are fine, because they sill have buttons. Overall i still feel like I’m holding a controller.

    I wont Touch full motion controllers(Stuff like Kenect)until we get holograms(!!!) Otherwise its like walking in-place…in front of a screen….and thats boring!!! I want my Environment to move with me!!!!

    I’ll be sticking With my Standard controllers, Other controllers are just for party/friend entertainment.

  • you should be able to choose between a motion controller and a standard controller, honestly, if I want to play a game for a long time i dont want to stay all the time moving around mi f**ng hands all the time. Sometimes you want to be lied on the bed, or in your chair in the craziest position ever made, as long as you dont have to move xD

    • Same here I never really cared for the motion controls. Try playing Twilight Princess when you have to push buttons and swing the controller at the same time. It just gets in the way.

      Still use my GC controller for Smash Bros. too.

      • You couldn’t fucking play Twilight Princess with it’s motion controls? That’s like, the only game that has ever had an easier setup on it’s motion controls than it’s classic… FAIL.

        Multitasking: WTF IS THAT?

        • Hello moron, before posting a reply I would like to ask you to learn how to read.

          “couldn’t fucking play Twilight Princess with it’s motion controls?” never said that. What I actually said was motion controls GET IN THE WAY, it makes the simplest task harder. I didn’t say it was impossible or I couldn’t play it, shit I beat the game in about 4 days probably could have done it faster with regular controls.

          Original Zelda controls= Z+B Forward= stab
          (works 100% of the time)

          Motion controls= Z+swing Wiimote forward= link randomly swinging and eventually stab
          (Works about 50% of the time maybe less)

          Trying to beat enemy’s that needed to be killed with a specific attack took significantly longer than using regular controls.No reason for inaccurate controls in a Zelda game the controls before were fine thanks Nintendo.

          READING: WTF is that?

  • Before even considering there are many things to fix:
    Make the controls more precise and not need their own room. More games for them, FUN games, no more sport promotional games. Even still, i dont have hopes for motion sensitive controllers. The Move seems more precise and effective than the wii, but the Kinect is just…. i cant accept it

    • it depends very much on the game.

      broad generalisation is not a good thing if we’re talking about game control.
      the joypad is useful for many kinds of games, as is a keyboard & a mouse, or a touchscreen, or a joystick.

      but don’t try to force one type of controller into every single game to make it available for platform x, where you don’t have any other options.
      first-person shooters simply suck without the precision of a mouse. action games that need directional control suck on a touchscreen. and you don’t really wanna play a jump’nrun by waving your hands around, do you?

    • Whatever platform, whatever company…I want my interactive anime/celebrity snuff game using the full potential of motion controllers to hear their screams of eargasmic agony…

      You use the controller as the tool to choose and torture with various devices and other unmentionables…

      Kinda like a certain ‘operation’ game except you race to end a life instead of saving it~

      If it becomes standard, great…But the interactive “M” rated games must make use of their potentials to the fullest…

      *drools imagining snuffing an anime catgirl with a rusty auger*

      F*CK morals and ethics when it comes to a videogame involving anime/celebrity snuff simulation and interactive torture…

      Yes…Full potential = Happy Customers = More Money…

      I will pray every night that the majority of the games won’t be family/party games…

      Maybe an anime/celebrity snuff party game with 4 players then…

        • We all are, friend…But I’m honest about myself…

          All of us are a little bit f*cked up inside, one way or another…My internet persona is totally different from my home, and work ones…

          So many fetishes, so little time…

          Thank the Old Ones videogames, anime and hentai exist…

          Blood and semen, tits and tentacles…Hentai has it all…Well, videogames would too if the ESRB doesn’t exist…

          Oh yeah…

          Tales of the Abyss is my favorite of the series for reasons I explained above…

          Happy fapping to that Arietta guro pic, Anonymous 09:40 19/08/2010~

          Don’t get me wrong…I’m a huge fan of Arietta…


          The only way I handle the death of a favorite videogame/anime girl is to fap of to her guro pictures…

          Acceptance is hard, but the grievous pain will eventually be replaced with guilty pleasure…

          And that’s how I move on…

        • You really wanna know..? Alright…

          *puts his right hand on his helmet’s edge and ponders*

          The last game I fapped to was Fallout 3 when I was killing a raider girl…The position of her corpse showed her left armpit, and I paused the game to bust a nut on it…

          Prior to that I used to fap to any girl in RPGs that got killed/wounded…

          I remember back in my High School days, I fapped to Tales of the Abyss when Arietta got killed by Anise…

          I’ll miss those loli armpits…I wish her death was more bloody and messy…

          Of course, I remedied my melancholy by going to Pixiv and finding pictures of Anise (and one pic of Arietta) getting brutally killed…With their loli armpits exposed…

          Thank the gods Pixiv exists…If you don’t like how an anime girl dies in anime/videogames, there are always artists that kill them of 10x more violently and brutally~

          From getting their tits chopped off to their ovaries crushed, Pixiv has it all!!!

          I will always remember this picture of Arietta…


          Blood, sh*t, and vomit…F*CKING BEAUTIFUL…

          Utter destruction of a beautiful videogame anime girl…

          *wipes tears from his Pyramid helmet*

          She was my favorite character in ToA…Damn Anise for being a little b*tch and killing such a fine specimen…


          If anyone wants those Tales of the Abyss Anise Tatlin Guro pics, please let me know…

        • A game I could fap to..?

          Well…Other than certain female death scenes in “Tales of” RPGs, I haven’t really had any games to fap to…

          Although my favorite scene is when a certain pink-haired girl died in Tales of the Abyss…
          I fapped to her dying words and later when her body was carried off to be buried…

          In a nut shell, I fap to female death scenes in video games…Both eastern and western made…

          Hell, I remember fapping to Fallout 3 in my 360 when I was killing certain forest-dwelling individuals…

          Their female gate guard…I had a fun time killing her…She died in a position exposing her armpits…

          I busted a nut…

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I’d say give the technology a few years for it to work. Or at least the next generation when they are packed-in with new console releases so they’re truly proprietary devices (of course, don’t abandon normal controllers).