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Pirates Rejoice as Xbox 360 Slim Hacked


Pirates are rejoicing at the news that the new “slim” Xbox 360 has been cracked to run pirate copies, or “backups” as they are disingenuously called.

There is apparent video proof of the accomplishment:

The success of pirates in hacking the Xbox 360 is in stark contrast to the as yet unhacked and piracy-free PS3, which has already caused countless cocksure crackers to give up after predicting easy victory.

Meanwhile the suspicion that Microsoft’s pitiful technical anti-piracy measures are all part of a deliberate ploy to capture pirate market share continue – sheer ineptitude or apathy are however all too plausible alternative explanations in the case of the Xbox 360 however.

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  • It’s not like I hate what they are doing, it’s just that they have enough time to crack game consoles, but they don’t have the time to get a job(honest work) to earn money to buy what they want. Lazy Bastards…


    Mysterious Voice: “That’s not funny. Besides don’t feed the troll. Even I know that much.”

    You’re a troll yourself! How come you never leave me alone?!

    Mysterious Voice: “Because you never learn. As for the topic, so what. It’s not a PS3, therefore the information’s worthless. If you can get by Microsoft’s punishment for hackers, then we’ll talk…not that anyone would willingly play an Failbox 360.”

  • Actually, in almost all cases, backups are what is being played on these systems, NOT pirated copies.

    Backup copies are being played so that people can have the confidence to say “I’ve still got my original disc if the copy gets hosed for some reason!”

    • The irony is for the same effort they put in detecting modded xboxes they could implement a scheme along the same lines as windows activation to allow hd backups but still prevent casual copying.

    • No.

      5. Loss.


      Let’s make this even simpler.

      Microsoft lose money for each console sold.
      Microsoft gain money for each game sold.
      Pirates buy consoles and not games.
      Therefore Microsoft are losing money from piracy.

      • WRONG

        M$ does NOT lose money from selling consoles.
        They calculated that console sales would probably not be enough to get the money back in, that they used to develop the Xbox360, if every person willing to buy one only bought one.
        In order to negate that they “generate” more console sales with the banning.
        Each sold Xbox360 makes the loss smaller.

  • Well, I haven’t bought a PS3 yet because it can’t be unlocked so yeah, Sony loses. And interestingly, while I couldn’t care less about xbox live, I do have many original games for my unlocked console.

    • And only stupid people would buy those only downloadable games. What happens when someone say 10-15 years down the road has nostalgia for a game they used to play and they turn on their xbox with all these downloaded games and uh-oh i guess there’s no xbox live service anymore.

  • I don’t have ps3 and until It won’t be able to run backup copies I wouldn;t have one. 3-5 games cost about the same price as Console ( which isn’t cheap itself). I hate those leechers. i will stuck with my linux with no games nad ps2 with a lot of games.

  • Route me if necessary, but I’m slightly curious. Some DLC is literally just unfinished product. [In the case of BlazBlue: CT They have spaceholders for VH And PT] Now when this unfinished product is released, will it corrupt the disc, or do they have something for that too? When I tried this on my old Xbox with Halo and tried to get new maps, it was a no go. Of course I only got the pirated copy because I was fucking around with powers I didn’t understand.

  • jamesownsall says:

    You know, it’d still make sense to think of the loose anti-piracy measures as one of Microsoft’s strategies.

    Exhibit 1: Windows

    This is an OS that gained heavy use in the beginning from piracy. I mean, that shit got Bill Gates rich! What they couldn’t get from direct software sales, they probably recover from support and compatibility services.

    Exhibit 2: Playstation

    PSX’s games were heavily pirated. Many kids in poor countries didn’t mind saving up for months to own that console because they knew that they didn’t have to save that long to buy the games. Playstation became a big name and a part of gaming culture so much that, when PS3 came without the piracy, still a significant amount of poor people saved cash to own the console, and probably the only 3 games(max!) they’ll ever buy for it.

  • 360 is like the poor man’s PS3.
    If it couldn’t be hacked, I’m pretty sure the sales would be a lot lower.
    I own one myself, and with a 250GB HDD and a retail copy of Bayonetta, the price was still nearly TWO times lower than the price for which I can get a PS3 with a mere 40 or something gb HDD here.(and no games, obviously – they also cost a minimum of 56 euro here.)
    And of course Slim was hacked, as someone mentioned before, M$ purposedly made it hackable.
    If it wasn’t, then the already declining sales of the 360 would plummet further.

    • I don’t know how many pirates you think there are, but they’re certainly not in the millions.

      And why the fuck would Microsoft purposely try to sell more of their console, at a loss, to people who aren’t going to buy games to make up the loss?

      Please learn to think next time.

  • geohotz is no hacker, he stole the work of others and passed it off as his own. I knew that fag would never successfully hack the PS3. He’s just a glorified script kiddie.

    With the PS3s market growing (and the price dropping), eventually a method to exploit it will be found. But that probably won’t happen in the near future.

    As for the xbox slim, aside from figuring out how to trick the drive into allowing read and write commands, there’s not much to be impressed about. Been done before, still gets you kicked off XBL.

    BFD, call me when they figure how to install an exploitable dash on systems running 8xxx/9xxx dash. Maybe then I’ll be impressed.

    • Scratches primarily happen if you move the system while it’s on and only an idiot would move their system while it’s on, to begin with.

      PS2phats did the same thing, place it vertical and scratches were bound to happen. But as they say, hatters gonna hate.

      • I love when people compare old systems to new ones in terms of problems

        at least you’re better than some guy who was defending the xbox by saying the “original NES broke down too”

        yeah. . . for entirely different reasons, and completely different tech involved

        and hell, at least we had more successful home remedies for that shit back in the day. I could fix my NES and PS2

        I don’t even want to look at the insides of another 360 again

        • How is it an invalid comparison? Oh I know, it’s invalid because Sony swept it under the rug and MS slapped a sticker on the front.

          Aside from the shitty 72pin connector, NES decks rarely died. I’ve known NES decks which have dropped from over two stories and tumbled down hallways; which worked, when powered on.

          As for the insides of a PS2phat, sorry, but it’s a mess! They’re a bitch to put back together, because of the placement of ribbon cables and multilayer design.

          Honestly, it is easier to remove and install the 360s xclaps and that is coming from someone who’s got a huge gouge in the pcb, from removing the gpu xclamp. (Installed the heatpipe heatsink redesign with artic silver 5 and the upgraded xclamp too.)

  • Funnily enough I actually have legit backups. Granted I do have some ‘backups’ of my own (sorry but I’m not paying the ludicrous shipping charges to import stuff from Japan), at least I can prove that running backups is a legitimate thing even if it coincides with pirating.

    • No, it still isn’t. You’re still taking the video game company’s property without paying for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re dirt poor or not; stealing is stealing. That’s ok, but admit that what you’re doing is wrong and don’t try to justify your actions.

      • Pirates are outlaws, they never stole a thing cause they don’t believe “not stealing” is a law.

        Therefor there is no need to justify a pirate’s action. You who is in lawful society cannot justify, but outlaws can.

        Just saying.

  • fake, lighting changes, so fucking obvious.

    they recorded the disk eject and insert and thats it.

    why does he pull out the same disk? well because it was sitting on top of the xbox, why do you think the xbox was placed awkwardly above the camera view? so you can’t see the top where he was hiding the disk.

    • I agree about this being a fake.
      1- he shows every tab and menu except the one that shows you what’s in the disc tray
      2- you don’t see the disc loading in the menu,
      3- he hides the disc tab in the menu when taking out the disc
      4- the system powered off instantly the moment he touched the button
      5- the 360 is on top of a thin TV (1 bump or evern the disc spinning would make that fall)
      6- you don’t see the 360 cables hooked up to the TV

      I have no doubt that the 360S has been hacked (only the case is new, not the hardware) but this video is clearly faked like the “long loading” GT5 video Kotaku (spelling?) made an article for. .

    • The lighting looks like one of those Philips TV’s. You know, the kind that has ambient lights behind the TV that change intensity based on the image.

      I won’t discredit it being fake, or being real either. Just wanted to point that out.

  • I can’t believe some people think “Microsoft deliberately make their console hackable so more people will buy it.”

    Yeah, because Microsoft like selling a console at a loss to people who aren’t going to pay for games to make up the money lost. It’s clearly incompetence at work here, or at least the unwillingness to go to the extreme efforts needed nowadays.

    And I’m one of the 360 supporters saying this too.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      At this point, the only way Microsoft curbs piracy for good is if they come up with some sort of solid state drive that is Xbox proprietary with no possibility of it being emulated physically. The Cell is kinda like that considering the structure of the Cell itself is the impediment towards easy hacking.

    • Undesirable? Makes sense, I mean how else could you explain the half a million units sold last month, outselling even the Nintendo DS.

      If you want to know what a true ‘undesirable’ system is, checkout the PSP Go. Last generation consoles and xbox360 outsell it, in Japan.


    • Shippoyasha says:

      “so undesired” is a hyperbole… The 360 has a huge user base, competitive with the other consoles and it is still selling pretty well.

      Saying Wii or the PS3 is ‘undesired’ doesn’t make any more or less sense either.

      That said, how is this a headline worthy issue anyway? Did anyone in their right mind actually think the new 360 was going to be unhackable?

      • Xbox 360 is becoming undesirable because the reasons for owning one as opposed to a PS3 are dwindling with each month.

        PS3 had a very bad start into this generation, at $600 launch price with bad launch software and coming in a year later than Xbox 360.

        Since 2008 though, it has been gaining momentum, and now it is only 3 million units behind Xbox’s total, and is likely to eclipse within the next 6-8 months.

        Kinect seems to be mostly garbage with unrewarding games and shallow experiences, while Move has a decent launch lineup and is essentially an idealistic effort in response to what Wii could’ve been if they initially embraced core gamers’ desires.

        Then comes the games. These days it seems like the only franchises that are assured to be only on Xbox are Halo and Gears of War. Microsoft made a huge error in choosing to buy contracts with third parties instead of outright buying the third parties entirely, which is what Sony did when they were launching the PS1 15 years ago, and it ensured that new games and IPs would be steadily streaming, but more importantly, be only available on PlayStation.

        Microsoft has literally been throwing money around in attempts to stave off people who would otherwise be prospective PS3 buyers. But ultimately these efforts haven’t been paying off (FF XIII) or don’t last (Bioshock, GTA Episodes, Mass Effect).

        These factored with the PS3’s price now being identical to Xbox’s, while offering more features including Blu-ray, just make Xbox 360 a difficult investment to justify in the face of the competition.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          That’s the thing, anon. I agree the PS3 is getting stronger due to more exclusives. But the 360 isn’t exactly bowing out completely. They still haven’t unveiled all their cards for possible future franchises (since after Gears 3 and Halo Reach, those series are over for the current gen. So MS needs more new franchises).

          Also, 360’s main forte has always been their formidable Xbox Live Arcade download store and multiplatforms doing well sales-wise.

          I do agree with motion controls. Not a fan of any of them really.

  • This just may make me consider an xbox 360 slim even though I don’t like them.

    DO you guys think MS will try to fix this with a software update if they see a significant increase in slim sales? o.o~

    • M$ can update the 360 as much as they want. It does not matter. The 360’s piracy is from the DVD drive firmware. As long as they never mess with the DVD firmware nothing will change. The actual OS firmware on the 360 has never been changed. Just a simple flash of the DVD firmware. M$ has tried locking people out with the lite on drives but they have only bought about 2 months additional time.

      The 360 is hacked and will always be open to piracy. M$ has to invest way to much to try and stop it now.

      • @Quack! the world is not black and white like in fact there is no black and white only shades of gray.

        If someone bought a 360 and decided to pirate half the games they bought MS would still make their money back on the half of those games that where bought legally.
        The average user will probably not even bother to hack their console anyway.
        It’s all about market penetration.
        These are the same people that made windows the defacto OS on PCs lock it down too much it losses it’s appeal.

        BTW I suspect MS does profit from Xbox sells because it’s a simpler and cheaper to manufacture system then the PS3.

      • Ok, I understand 🙂

        And I see Quacks point .-.; it doesn’t matter if I buy a xbox or not because M$ won’t make any money from it (which is a shock to me; they are M$! they settle for producing at a loss?!).

        I may still buy one, but like I said, I’m not a big fan of M$… and if I were to buy a console out of preference, it’ll be a wii. I’ll still to computer gaming for now (.-.)b

      • They don’t want to stop it. People will rather buy a hackable console, so they can save up money from buying original games. Thus means increase in console sales, and that means more profit for Micro$oft… Simple. And it will work. Doesn’t matter that PS3 is overally better, with better games and higher capabilities, because XBox is cheap and easy to hack, as we can see. It is a very clever strategy… But I’m buying PS3. Fuck you Micro$oft!!!

        • True, but most of those that do buy games would probably buy the console and games anyway, even if the console wasn’t hackable. However, it is hackable, and those people don’t pay for some games; thus Microsoft are losing money. That was my point.

          “And those who don’t were never a market in the first place.”

          Whether they’re a market or not isn’t the issue; those who don’t pay for games still buy the console (again, at a loss to Microsoft) before not buying games (again, at a loss to Microsoft).

          Basically, there’s absolutely no fucking way Microsoft are doing this deliberately, because there’s no possible way to make money from it.

        • @2:19
          The world is not as black and white as you describe it. Even among people who pirate, those with a stable enough income tend to buy at least some of their games. And those who don’t were never a market in the first place.

        • … WHAT?

          “People will rather buy a hackable console, so they can save up money from buying original games.”

          What’s the point in buying a console, on the sole reason that it’s hackable, if you’re then going to buy the games anyway?

          “Thus means increase in console sales, and that means more profit for Micro$oft…”

          Except that Microsoft, like Sony and Nintendo, sell their console at a loss. Meaning they’re losing money here. To people who aren’t going to buy the games anyway, because they’re just going to pirate them.

          This goes way beyond Fridge Logic. I think I’m going to start calling this “Frozen Hell Logic”.

    • MS just makes DRM just secure enough to make piracy difficult enough to prevent profit losses.
      It’s all about reaching a compromise.
      Sony on the other hand goes to far and forces publishers to try and avoid things like the occasional bit of unsigned code this ends up costing them more then any loss via few copied games would cause.
      BTW I will never forgive Sony for the stunt they pulled last April.

    • Like it’s been said, the design of the system is more then intentional at this point. They could have changed things around to prevent this entirely with their what, 4 console versions before and including the slim..

      Now they’re just trying to make them fail faster and faster as we’ve also seen by each “newer” version of it and issue a steady stream of bannings for the millions of pirate users forcing them to “just buy another one”

      • Sure the Xbox 360 slim got hacked but you cannot play with other people online which is also a minus.

        The person who tried to hack the PS3 also wanted that online capabilities. That’s probably why the PS3 cant be hacked because he want the best of two worlds instead of sacrificing one for the other. It’s insane that none of you guys have ever suspected this…..

      • The primary reason the PS3 hasn’t been hacked is due to the odd and difficult-to-work-with architecture of the PS3, which has turned off developers and caused the PS3 had huge support problems early in its life.

        So, yes. It is possible to make something that can not be reasonably hacked(the PS3 in theory can be hacked, I just expect it not to happen while anyone gives a shit about it) at the cost of aliening the people you need to support the console and making the thing a pain in the ass to develop for.

        Not that making it unhackable has done anything for SONY. PS3 game sales aren’t that much different from 360 game sales, even on exclusive games, which should be the final blow that piracy=lost sales(it won’t).

        In any event, SONY seems to think that it might be possible to hack the PS3, as evidenced by their removal of Linux support.

      • well i look at it this way. almost no one has a bluray bunner but every drive for the computer is a dvd burner.

        the games are often higher quality on xbox

        and any game that is a console exclusive on the ps3 that is even worth pirating, no one would pirate because these are the system seller games these are the ones you have to have weather you are a pirate or not.

        • o yay i misspelled words, make fun of it everyone.

          and as for streaming movies, we are at least 15 years off and movie producers will fuck it and fight it tooth and nail until they are forced to submit

        • 8:34 is right, bluray burners exist. But they’re expensive! And I don’t think there is writable duallayer bluray media available, yet. Last I checked quality singlelayer bluray-r discs were around 20 US dollars.

          Pricey f**king things. As for a failed format, I’m not so sure about that. Yeah, eventually movies will move to online distribution, as a media standard…

          But that’s still a few years away. Bluray would have been a more successful format if the filmmakers did not choose to gouge their customers for the first 3-4 years. Right now, prices of bluray movies are on par with dvd prices, but I’m afraid that it’s too late for that price point. Web enabled HDTVs and MCE systems will eventually overtake optical media because bluray camp choose to rob their customers for far too long.

      • Maybe the reason the PS3 hasn’t been cracked would be because of it’s sales? How many games does the PS3 have that are actually worth buying the console for? I’ve monitored the PS3/PSP hacker forums, they have to be some of the most idiotic brain dead hackers I’ve seen.

        Would you like me to explain why the Wii and 360 have been hacked? The hackers on these consoles in general are A LOT smarter. Who the fuck cares if sony’s handheld and consoles aren’t hacked, no one cares as the PS3 has zero games worth buying. PSP has been out forever and I could hold the only games worth getting between my thumb and index finger.

        The fanboyism on this site is incredibly sad.

      • If this caused a reason to celebrate, I was thinking what more if it was the PS3 that was finally cracked…, I bet it would be like some high-spirited Mardi Gras if it ever comes true…

        • i know when the console was new, they took a loss, what about now

          i believe the system has a 3 core processor, and a 7000 series gforce. a dvd drive is 20, the case is at most 30 and psu is at most 30.

          thats 80$ there, they put dick of ram in there, so lets add 20$ and lets also not confuse yourself. prossers and video cards cost next to nothing to manufacture, so long as you have the infrastructure, what they pay for is the development. and i haven’t heard of any cpu costing more than 1 billion $ than the cell.

          and if the system had a hard drive, thats an extra almost 80$ of profit right there.

          all in all at this point i wouldnt be shocked if microsoft was close to the break even point per system sell.

          now lets not forget, 50$ a year, and they were only 200 in the hole at launch per system i believe, that would be 4 years of live and they make there money back. now its probably 2 years at most before they profit off the system.

        • You can tell that to those who’s console got screwed and besides there are those lucky ones like you who haven’t had the pleasure of being a regular at their hotline, Microsoft employs ALOT of call center companies to handle their products expecially with the Xbox 360.I ain’t an Xbox or Microsoft basher, It just ticks me off seeing a company siphon people’s money using underhanded tactics without those very people realizing they have been fooled right under their very noses.The OS being given away as free in developing countries?,Look they give out Starter copies to be exact and you know how much stuff from the actual OS they left out in those.So if you put yourself in the shoes of those people in those developing countries which would you go for? Free Starter OS or Free Window 7 Ulitimate from the web? Besides,most people would rather download something from the web for free than use their cold hard earned cash or take out their card for something otherwise found on a torrent or file-sharing site. Piracy isn’t just for lazy people dude, It’s a given these days.Go and browse the net more and you’ll probably see.

        • @Krazed Lumberjack

          Intentional RROD is bull. I had a release 360 and it’s never gone bad for all the years I’ve had it. Marathoned for 12 hours at a time for new games with no issues, I’ve just never had the exhaust grate blocked with anything and its fine.

          On OS’s, not sure if you know, but in many developing countries MS gives out free copies of Windows at their kiosks in malls and computer stores to build up a user base. Piracy is for people too lazy to visit a store.

        • A company with such a big name as Microsoft wouldn’t show it in front of the good populace their darker side of how they run business.Would you market your console to the paying costumer with this line: ” This thing’s insides and works right here is easy to crack,come folks buy it while it’s hot.”, of course no,unless they’re horribly desperate they won’t brick it openly.So they rather put some ” obstacles ” to the hacking process and they’ll hope that somebody will fiddle with it and presto!,instant Jolly Roger’d Console!Microsoft is definitely one of the kings of shrewd unseen business practices.The best example of it is their line of OSes that get pirated in a couple of weeks or so after their debut.I mean look,surely in developing countries piracy isn’t that easy to curb but from what I can see is that most of these contraband come from well-off nations that act as suppliers to these developing countries.Microsoft could just stomp out the dens of piracy in these supplier states with the help of local law enforcement agencies there…,Stop the source and it stops the users…,or so it seems…It’s like its all part of the dirty sales pitch.Don’t forget the lawsuits thrown at them way back then,It’s old Bill Gates to the rescue (testifying in court that is.)

        • they make more than there fair share of money back through xbox live. pays for online, dont know if you can use it on a pirate box but i know there was a control to pirate mode and non pirate mode. you pay 50$ a year, pirate and as long as you renew the 1 year thing, they make 50-60$ off your sorry ass.

        • So it’s basically like this then,
          for Microsoft to be able to “dominate” the console market they basically:
          1.made a piracy-friendly console
          2.add in some ” design flaws ” (RROD,disc-related and overheating problems) for ” better ” company-customer relationship (I bet there are some of you who are a regular at their customer service hotline)
          3.also don’t forget Kinect

          Personally I don’t consider piracy to be bad, infact it’s already part of today’s culture.
          Buying the game or getting it legally is now just a means to say thanks to the makers and that you appreciated their hard work,but then again I’ve thought of those who really appreciate it but can’t buy it due to budget constrictions.guess it’s all good if you don’t involve greed into the equation.