Fans Weep as Atlus Announces First PS3/360 Persona Title


Atlus has announced the team behind the Persona series will be creating the first HD instalment of the series on both PS3 and Xbox 360 – but as always with Atlus, there is a catch…

The catch in this case is that Catherine is not an RPG, and it is most certainly not the long awaited Persona 5 – it is described instead as a horror-themed “action adventure.”

The developers explain that they are preparing for a future HD Persona title by developing Catherine first (now said to be 80% done), a wise strategy were it not so pathetically belated.

More promisingly, the developers are keen to emphasise that this is an “adult” title which has plenty of erotic elements – backwards Japanese attitudes to sexual content in mainstream games probably preclude anything more risqué than that already seen in previous instalments however.

The story revolves around protagonist 32-year-old Vincent (Koichi Yamadera) and 22-year-old heroine Catherine (Miyuki Sawashiro) as they unravel the secret of the “nightmare,” where all the action takes place – much as in the previous games.

Vincent is apparently confirmed as having had an earlier appearance in P3P:


Persona fans can be forgiven for wondering at the continuing refusal of Atlus to place this flagship RPG on a modern platform – the PS3 is not getting any younger, and if they approach a simple PS3/360 title with this much trepidation, just what they will do when the next generation comes around is a matter of some doubt.

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