“I Ordered My Men to Use a Prisoner for Bayonet Practice”


An elderly Japanese veteran’s recollection of how he ordered his men to use a Chinese prisoner as a target for bayonet drill, reasoning that the soldiers needed to develop some “backbone,” is proving highly controversial online.

The 90-year-old man, a resident of Wakayama prefecture, recounts how he served in the Imperial Japanese Army and was dispatched to Jiangxi in southern China in 1941, aged 20.

The men forced Chinese to provide them food, but he recalls doubts – “We were taught that this was a holy war to save the people of China, but I wondered if this was really right.” He was not told of the laws of war.

He experienced bitter fighting on the frontlines, and recalls that when not fighting he spent his time being beaten and whipped by superiors.

By 1943 he was a corporal, and in command of 5 conscripts himself. He tells how, in order to put some backbone into his men, he ordered them to bayonet a Chinese prisoner – a man in his mid twenties.

His hands were tied and the corporal ordered his men to charge the man one by one with fixed bayonets, each running 10m and then stabbing him in the chest. The prisoner  screamed as he realised what his captors were about to do, but the soldiers had soon killed him.

After returning home he did not speak of the incident, though his recollection of the events never faded – “I did an inhuman thing.”

“My ignorance [of international law] caused me to give that order. We lost our reason in that kill or be killed world back then.”

Despite speaking about his war experiences repeatedly, only in 2010 did he reveal he ordered the murder – “If we don’t tell people, I fear the world may again descend into war.”

As ever, the 2ch response is instructive:

“More leftist fabrication?”

“Like that fake ‘Contest to behead 100 men‘ Mainichi reported.”

“You won’t instil any backbone in anyone by killing dirty Koreans or whatever anyway. Maybe if you killed hundreds like in the Nanjing massacre, but that was faked anyway.”

“He’s a B-class war criminal – he admits it. There should be no problem executing him – Mainichi did for the two officers in that contest.”

“This old man is not to be believed. He has no proof and it is all subjective. This biased newspaper probably made it up anyway.”

“International law is just an excuse – what about America’s indiscriminate bombing and nuclear attacks?”

“Prisoners of war were considered despicable cowards in Imperial Japan, and the feeling seems to be they didn’t deserve to live in case they committed further acts of treachery. And all human lives were treated like disposable trash in that period…”

“Maybe in Japan, but other countries treated PoWs well.”

“There’s no statute of limitations for war crimes is there? Won’t he be tried?”

“There are no laws against war crimes in Japan. As a result there are no war criminals in Japan. The A/B/C class war criminals were just a farce made up by the UN.”

“They should really try him. The death penalty is only fitting.”

“They had 3 million troops in China so it probably did happen here and there. The net right wingers are always babbling about their horrible delusions that Nanjing, comfort women and Unit 731 were all made up.”

“It was just him being an idiot. I wish he’d stop saying the whole army was bad just because of what he did. At least, I wouldn’t have killed a prisoner.”

“If he really was ashamed of what he did, why didn’t he tell the Chinese and accept their punishment? This is a clear war crime. He didn’t think the prisoner was even a human being, and just used him as an object for his men to train on as he thought they needed it, and ordered it all. But when he lost the war he ran off.

It can hardly be called sincere for him not to confess for all this time. He should have apologised to the prisoner by taking his own life. What a spineless coward.”

“Wasn’t the prisoner a guerilla? You don’t have to treat them as PoWs…”

“For doing something so atrocious you just want to tell him to go and slice open his own belly, don’t you? This old fool is busy shifting the blame for his actions – I hope he dies soon. And to think this guy is probably getting a war pension…”

“Note – ‘he thought it necessary’ – it wasn’t the army’s fault, this was just one crazy soldier’s decision!”

“All responsibility lies with the Showa Emperor. As he has inherited the responsibility, executing the Heisei Emperor is fine too.”

“Japan took relatively good care of its prisoners. This was just one man’s actions.”

“The net rightist filter:

Q1. Is he alive?

YES→ to Q2

NO→An honoured spirit of  Yasukuni

Q2. Did he say something?

YES→ to Q3

NO→A Hero of the Empire

Q3. Was it favourable to the Imperial Army?

YES→ A Hero of the Empire


“Another fanciful lie. There’s no way a mere corporal could have decided what to do with prisoners. You underestimate the Imperial Army.”

“They don’t even give his name – just another fake.”

“They should turn him over to China.”

“You guys, denying anything inconvenient to your point of view is really bad. Scepticism is important, but denying everything based on ideology is the same level as those dirty Koreans.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    That’s why soldiers have to be young. They still lack the personality and life experience to judge for themself what is right and what is wrong. Later, when they realise what they did, it’s too late.

  • “You guys, denying anything inconvenient to your point of view is really bad. Scepticism is important, but denying everything based on ideology is the same level as those dirty Koreans.”

    When I first started reading that comment, I thought it was posted by a reasonable, open-minded and non-discriminatory human being. Then I lol’d.

  • Japanese can deny it all they want but the world knows that Japan during that time was the worst war criminals ever. They were more cruel than Nazis. It’s a waste of time for Japanese to deny. It’s already known all over the world what they did. “You reap what you sow”. It all eventually came back to Japan with Japan getting wiped out completely. Japan is to blame for all of WW2 in Asia. They alone started it and they alone acted like barbarians first. It wasn’t until everyone realized how barbaric Japanese were that they felt no need to give mercy to Japan anymore. Had Japan shown even a little mercy to the Asian countries they invaded (that set the groundwork for WW2) they would have been loved by those Asian countries. Instead they thought themselves superior. The issue is not war or fighting. It’s cruelty. That is what is the focus. Japan was unusually cruel to civilians they encountered. Inhuman. There’s no possible way for anyone to see Japan in any other way back then other than inhuman.It is not a good thing to want to see violence happen to anyone, but it was nature’s justice. It’s a natural thing that occurs even if you take morality out of it. You behave like demons to innocent people then eventually it will be your turn to feel the demon’s wrath. If one ant colony goes to kill another ant colony, but loses that battle, the other ant colony who never attacked before will completely destroy the first attackers. Japan was evil in early part of 1900s. They eventually had to be on the receiving end of evil. It is called human justice. It has nothing to do with religion, culture, nation. It is a tribal thing deep within all human beings. Show no mercy at all, and no mercy will be shown to you. The decision to fire bomb Japan into nothing was the proper decision for that time. As were the decisions to use atom bombs. It’s easy now to sit at a computer looking at old documents and photos and judge. But it was the right decision for that moment it time. It guaranteed the most evil nation ever to exist would have no chance of ever doing that again. Nobody in history murdered more innocent people than the Japanese did during those days. Not even the old ruthless Mongul hordes, European invaders of Africa and Americas, nor the Roman Empire killed more people than Japanese did during those days. It’s easily 30 million people. Probably more. Japanese even admits it’s about 15 million and no nation ever admits to more than it did. Fire bombing Japan allowed allowed Japan to focus on their economy, engineering, and other things they are very good at instead of their demonic obsession to take over Asia and Pacific Islands. America showed great mercy once the war was ended. America could have simply left Japan to allow China and Russia to fight over it and we know that Russia and China would have raped, tortued, murdered ruthlessly to get their revenge. America could have taken over Japan easily and made it US territories permantenly. Japan was shown great mercy once the battle ended. When you read the diaries and journals of ordinary citizens once Americans arrived, it was overwhelming that the people preferred America system to old Japanese ways. Many many Japanese felt liberated too. That cannot be said of Japan whenever they won a battle. They stayed intensely merciless and cruel even in victory when it was completely unnecessary to act that way to a defeated, humiliated, conquered people. It was in their nature to be cruel. Japan still has cruelty in their every day society but it’s mostly related to work patterns, communications problems, and no interest in an individual becoming something the group does not them to be. But at least they have no super power anymore to torture anyone else. A good thing to know their cruelty was beaten out of them completely and likely forever. A good thing to see China rising as the superpower since China never invaded other people. They are crazy of course lol but at least they keep their crazy close to their homeland. Good to know Japan can never again murder tens of millions of innocent Asian “brothers and sisters” simply because they thought it was exciting to do such things.

  • The japanese are guilty of trying to erase their horrific behavior in WWII. Their racism may have even surpassed the germans, Survival rate of POWs in german POW camps was something like 97%, while in Japan I know the survival rate of the POWs from the Phillipines was 30% or so. The japanese would fight to their own extermination in the pacific, the fighting far more humane in europe.

    It is rather interesting that the two defeated nations in WWII for many many years had the 2nd and 3rd highest ranked economies post war.

  • I know they were evil during the war and the people who did that are evil and horrible and must be punished..

    But to say we need to nuke japan again seems a bit harsh..

    I’m part japanese and i’m tired of people thinking cause the idiots from back then did something, I’m totally gonna do the same thing 🙁

  • Yeah, I read about this happening at the WW2 museum in New Orleans. War is hell, but you expect there to be some humanity and empathy for POWs. Sure, you can keep them in cages and kick ’em some. But to feed them to the bayonets? That’s evil, no matter which way you look at it.

  • Laws of war. War shouldn’t have laws, its war. Always with ye persons with ye laws and such. Its War, its human nature at its primal worse….laws. Pfft. Rape, pillage, and burn as in the olde days…

  • Time to look forward.

    As Chinese I’m pretty cool with all those right-wingers and racists ranting about ‘us dirty Chinese’, since it just proof that they feel threatened and cornered by China’s growing power.

    Not only did China overtook Japan in terms of PPP like a decade ago, but also in terms of GDP recently, making it the second largest economy in the world.

    And reading the 2010 DOD Pentagon Report about the Chinese Military, and imagining all the wet panties of fat, middle-aged american politicians, I can surely say that the century of weakness and humiliation for the Chinese people is finally over.

    It’s now up to Japan to bend over. And no amount of sucking off America will save them in the long run.

  • The South Korean and Chinese fabricate and shout these.
    They always say, “facts…facts…facts…”, but do not present the precise data. (It is not possible to do. Because such a thing doesn’t exist. )
    The historical science researcher in the United States investigated various data and proved there was no such facts.
    They fabricate fake stories, and in every case demand money from Japan.
    These are the activities concerning finance.

  • “International law is just an excuse – what about America’s indiscriminate bombing and nuclear attacks?”


  • In WWII there really was good and evil sides.
    Japan unfortunately was on the side of evil in that war.

    As for the US’s use of nukes it was only after much deliberation and in the end the action resulted in less deaths on both sides.
    An invasion of Japan would have resulted in far more death then those two bombs.

    The generally inexcusable treatment of POWs ,use of germ warfare and the vile actions at unit 731 in China probably helped the decision.

    The irony is that surrendering to the US may have been the one thing that saved Japan from Soviet occupation and allowed it to quickly recover and become a great economic power.

    • yeah, while pardoning them for their warcrimes and even lets them continue their human experimentations with CIA support.

      It’s known fact that the US pardoned the key scientists of the Unit 731 in exchange for cooperation in continueing their germ-warfare research program under the command of the US.
      They even let the same people (Dr. Shiro Ishii for exp.), who killed and tortured thousands of people with their experimentations, to continue their researches on living humans during Korean War, with Chinese and North Korean POW’s as victims.

      And all the results from these research, was used to develop germs and agents for chemical and biological warfare, as used in Agent Orange during Vietnam War.

      If there is an absolute prince of evil in this world, then it’s the USA with their equally evil cronies under their protective organisation, called ‘the free world’.

    • Much less deaths than an unnecessary invasion, you mean. America wanted Japan to agree to an unconditional surrender (even Churchill thought they were insane) and turn the country into another puppet state. And even if the Soviets had occupied Japan, they did the same to East Germany. East Germany may have suffered greatly at their hands, but nowhere near as much as Japan did with the bombings.

      Why do we always have to try to justify the unjustifiable? And why do we have to stick up for one country when putting others down? Germany, the USSR and Japan may have been the worst overall, but the USA’s atomic bombings are definitely among that war’s shameful “highlights”.

      Just about all participants in WW2 behaved despicably. Understandable, given the vicious desperation of that war, but not forgiveable.

  • 2ch trolls are still trolls. Consider 2ch like 4ch.

    As for what I think, it happened decades ago and the guy’s remorseful. No reparations can be made over even one unnecessary death, so just get over it. This world needs to grow up on so many levels, seriously…

  • I feel like some people fail to see this for what it is. If true then it is just another story about the horrors of war and the monstrous capabilities of human nature. If fake then its a poor peice of propaganda since I almost feel as sorry for the old man as the guy that was bayonetted to death for having to live with the guilt. In reallity, war is ugly and rittled with a history of unforgivable and unspeakable deeds that were commited in the name of the cause or patriotism. Im not saying war justifies these actions but its no reseason to condem a 90 year old man for something he did ages ago; you learn from it and move on trying not to this kind of stuff happen agian in the future.

    • Yeah, I see your point. It’s a case of “It was a good idea at the time” If i have to give it a humorous touch.

      But yeah, isn’t there a saying that goes a soldier kilss and a man lives with it? or something like that i am not sure.

  • OK the war crimes of a individual that happened years ago, check, 2ch stupidity check, racism check. AH HISTOY! always bring out the worse in people, opps thats war, maybe both but seriously what happened happen i mean yeah he murder someone but it was WAR and you know what sad, it is the fact that the 2ch faggots believe that japan was innocent during war world 2, seriously ? theirs even evidence that prove otherwise,”the japanese treated there prisoners very weel” ? wtf, i know ignorance is bad but damn man, world war 2 was bad, the nazis and japan were FUCKED UP, i can not stress on that and no country was “innocent” but germany and japan took the cake on awful but it happened what 80 years ago, isn’t it time to move on ? though 2ch needs to read up on their history because many of them are amazingly ignorant.

    • In my opinion the Japanese were worse. Yes the nazis were bad, but they were brainwashed to think all jews were bad and shit and all their cruelty was based on ideology, compared to the Japanese who just did shit like that for the hell of it and most importantly, because they could.

  • what about America’s indiscriminate bombing and nuclear attacks?”

    wtf why are you bringing that up! over something about PoW.
    can you not get over it!
    because if you can’t even get over the bombings, then your just scum depending on past event’s trying to make up excuses.
    Japan started the war with America first FYI
    so get your history straight, before japanese complain about THE BOMBINGS, because the bombings ENDED THE WAR
    also we didn’t kill any Japanese in America we just put them in camps so is that as bad as being stabbed in the chest?!?!

  • China just overtook Japan as the world’s number 2 economy. And, clearly, whether judged by culture, intelligence, or creativity, the Japanese are superior to the Chinese.

    If the axis won ww2, there wouldn’t be one billion culturally revolutionized chinks roaming the earth, assembling inferior products for inferior people to buy.

    More power to the people who know they are better because they act and think better. The world is flushing down the toilet, in case no one noticed.

  • @anon 02:06

    I know 1 war crime the british did, but it’s supose to be controversial which was the bombing of dresden and if you count the canadians as british of sorts they burned down civillian houses, i am a loss for any other crimes lol

  • This was before a billion culturally revolutionized chinese are in existence.
    Its too bad the axis lost.
    Bet there wouldn’t be a billion chinese in the world today, and what a better place this world could be.
    We wouldn’t have hair ties made out of VD-ridden condoms or poisoned juice drinks, and that’s reason enough.

  • For real, it was war. Both sides did things that can’t be forgiven, but if people hang on to the mistakes of the past, it will do nothing but cause more hate.

    Also, those little fags out there that say things like I don’t know shit, I study history and I am a Native American. Look up that history and see how it’s would later be repeated in later wars.

    For 2chan users and other world based users, please, get away from the computer sometime and see the sunshine or the moon. Notice, it the sun and moon is there for everyone, not just for one “chosen race of people.” So get over it, move on and stop blaming America for everything, I am sure your nation isn’t that great either.

        • Actually, America being named after Amerigo Vespucci is disputable, because if it was named after him, they would’ve used his last name instead because he wasn’t a royal.

          America was most likely be named after an english born welshman called Richard Amerike.

        • If they had the intelligence, they would realize “native american” is an insulting term, because AMERICA is named after the White Man Amerigo Vespucci.

          I call them garbage, maybe its nicer than calling them savages, as the conquorors of this nation referred to them.

          Granted, in the modern day, out of probably 95% of the injuns I’ve come across, they’ve been nice, easy to get along with people. Mind you, this is after their warrior class has been killed off. Makes me think of how world wars 1 and 2 could also be called White Wars 1 and 2 and be true (except for the Japanese allying with the Germans, good spirits the Japanese are).

    • I hate to break it to you, but having the “big bully” in America has probably resulted in a decrease in major warfare. If only because the presence of a superpower means anyone that gets TOO aggressive gets their dick knocked in the dirt pretty fast.
      Without America around, the unraveling of the former colonial world would probably be a lot bloodier than it has been. Stop deluding yourself, human nature leads to conflict. Having a system without a threat of overwhelming force just makes it more tempting to act on that nature.

  • Every one just believes and syas the same crap about wars that we never fought in fist place.

    Let our parents to carry the hate and sorrow of the battles they fought.

    We, the idiots of the present, are the people with the mission of never let this happend again in our days.

    Stop blaming for stupid things that will never change, no matter how LOUD you say war happened, it ‘ll never change.

    Living in the past is the reason for having terrorist and extremist factions, that want to go back to the past, don’t let that happend, don’t fall in that trap.

  • ‘I fear the world may again descend into war’

    for thousands of years humankind kas been into wars, wars are going on and people are killed even as we speak, this has always been a part of civilisation. is it really a question of ‘if’ we(i mean most of us who have never seen war) will see war or is it a question of when, i bet on the later one, its just a matter of time till there is war for one reason or other

  • Korea would whoop Japan’s ass in combat today, considering that the average Korean is drafted into mandatory service and they’re generally on a higher state of alert, constantly.

    And Japanese are offshoots of Koreans, so I don’t know why they hate Koreans so much. It’s like Americans hating the British for no apparent reason other than they don’t like their accent, or some other ridiculous thing.

    The two use the same grammar structures in their sentences as well, not to mention both learn kanji. Though I guess it can’t be helped, seeing as East-Asian countries in general are extremely racist.

    • >>And Japanese are offshoots of Koreans, so I don’t know why they hate Koreans so much. It’s like Americans hating the British for no apparent reason other than they don’t like their accent, or some other ridiculous thing.

      1 – They want more than apologies. They want compensations.
      More than what had given at end of the war after the defeat of japan.

      2 – They want the history should be taught the same contents of Korean one.(Probably for they, Japan history are all of lies and Korean one is the right.)
      And the Korea teaches the history of japan as country of uncivilized barbarians and Korea is the country what civilized japan.

      And here why Korean history is considered distrusted at Japan.

      3 – They say the Tsushima and Takeshima(or Dokto as they prefer to call.) is Korean territory.
      And looks like already have Korean army at Takeshima.

  • This kind of stuff happened on both fronts and quite often.

    Just read a book as see what the Germans (specifically the SS death squads) and Russians (generally in revenge) did to each other, it was quite horrific.

    2ch is just being 2ch.

    • Whoaaaaaa, people in your father’s POW camp were subjected to severe frostbite in their limbs, then had each limb amputated one by one without anesthesia, then had their still-live head and torso experimented upon with biological weapons?

      DAMN, son.

  • War in itself is a crime. All who participate in it are guilty. War doesn’t create heroes or villains because, at the end of the day, all soldiers who survived a battlefield have blood on their hands.

    The rom,atic garbage is only suitable for Hollywood. Veterans could tell you something about the mental and physical traumas that will haunt them for the rest of their miserable lives.
    It’s really no use to shove around the moral highground and pass judgments on who’s the worst “war-criminal” and which side killed more people.

    As long as we can avert another WW we are on the right course.

  • It’s not surprising, we saw what the Japanese did to prisoners on the islands that were being recaptured from them and other areas as well as heard the stories of what they did to the Koreans.

    To stop a way of life is about what world wars are fought for in the first place. To stop a very bad way of life that causes even more and more pain upon every one. This guys story is just one of a million but one that was told, the rest took what they did to their graves.

  • God, these Japanese youths are so clueless. They say Japan is more progressive than backwards China, but their ignorance of Nanjing is just as bad as Chinese youths’ ignorance of Tiananmen.

    It’s pretty bad when people in foreign countries know your country’s history better than you do.

  • ““You guys, denying anything inconvenient to your point of view is really bad. ”

    This guy is a genius.

    “Scepticism is important, but denying everything based on ideology is the same level as those dirty Koreans.”

    Then he says this.


  • Kinny Riddle says:

    ttp://www.sankakucomplex.com/2010/03/04/ldp-japan-must-introduce-conscription/ (Add the “h” in front of the address)

    Well, 2ch, here was your chance to sign up for the Imperial Army and show your patriotic fervour at last and teach these Chinese and Korean upstarts to learn their place and not challenge your beloved Empire for doing what it should do.

    And how did you react?

    You all bloody chickened out.

    And thanks to you guys holing up and playing eroge all day, China has now taken over your country as the 2nd largest economy in the world.

    And if you guys believe fervently in 1940s militarism, do you think a government like that would have allowed the likes of you to even survive? They would have thrown you in the concentration camps to rot, while poking bayonets at your beloved 2D girl figures.

    If possible, these xenophobic hikkikomori Scum should be gathered in one spot (away from all the other sensible Japanese people) and have a 3rd nuke tossed at them. They’re useless to society and they can’t procreate (if jacking off to 2D girls is their idea of procreating), so they might as well rid themselves from the human gene pool once and for all.

    Fucking racist cunts.

  • Lol, from most of the comments here I can tell that most of you are chinese dick riders. Poor helpless china, the victim of Japan…… what a load of shit seriously.

    How can they claim to be victims when they are doing the same thing today in Tibet, beating up defenseless monks who cant fight back. Chinese propaganda at its best, pretending to be victims so that no one pays attention to the brutalities that they are committing today.

  • Klingengeist says:

    There are sick people all around the globe, everything is possible…

    After reading the history of Oda Nobunaga i know there were/are also many stupid japanese and i dont mean him. ^^

  • Yeah , but not justn’t that, a long ago japanese has colonize indonesian just for 3 years, but it worse than when netherland colonize, they make the people to work like an animal, even they don’t care about their health , they kidnap young girl to become their army’s *** slave . ., and they used the people to make their pawn’s for war, and after they lose they left the country without any reciprocation. and now they angry just because of the past, and so they forget about their sins. . . what the heck is this . .

  • First, I would like to say.

    most of us here can only view this as a sort of atrocity unraveled of news from the way back.

    it is true, that things happen from back in the World War days were “eff’ed up” or “inhumane”. As countries desperately cling to their ideas by using manpowers to make it happen. Reluctantly, Hitler and his allies did not win, or else we would not live in the world today that we know of.

    As fervently as we can argue to each other and like say stuff like “it’s your fault!” “some crap happen and what not ” “they didn’t apologize!” etc etc…to be honest… moreso in personal opinion, why not just let go?

    like people from before said, what’s done is done, concentrate on fixing the now to build a better future.

    I mean rather than looking to the past and be like “OMG LOOK WHAT THEY DID!….Eff’ed up piece of s**t!”. Why not think about how you can work to improve upon what’s already done?

    I do agree, it was eff’ed up, and what’s moreso is the Japanese covering up in their textbook, but whose fault is that? I don’t think it’s the japanese public themselves…obviously it’s political.

    let me not go on further.

    • Absolutely! China and Korea should learn to let go.

      However, it’s really hard when Japan acts like it never happened. Call it human nature or weakness or whatever, but I think most Chinese and Koreans are now upset because of a sense of Japanese arrogance rather than the incidents themselves.

      Interestingly, if you document both the Chinese and Japanese attention to Nanjing, it’s always been brought up for very political reasons. Unfortunately, in this world, face political relations are important, and if Japan wants there to be pan-Asian peace, the burden of the first step lies with them. It’s much easier for one government to acknowledge crimes than for a nation of civilians to forgive and forget without any spurring.

      • Shippoyasha says:

        Except China and Korea did largely ‘let go’. They’re on a faster rise to prominence now that Japan’s economy is slowed down.

        But yeah, the arrogance of Japan to even brazenly revise textbooks is wholly inflammatory by itself. If Japan had the same apologetic outlook like Germany did, there wouldn’t be this level of outrage.

        • At the rate China and Korea are going, Japan may just be left in the dust. Their pride won’t do any good then :[

          It’s a pity though. Despite all of their short comings, their product quality has always been good -_-;

    • 我同意你的观点
      但是!!!我要说的不是:“OMG LOOK WHAT THEY DID!”

      I agree with your point of view
      China is a hope to be able to develop good relations with Japan, to cooperation, to create a better future,
      But! ! ! I would say not: “OMG LOOK WHAT THEY DID!”
      Instead say: “OMG WHAT ARE THEY DOING NOW!”
      They even refuse to acknowledge their past mistakes!

        • Actually, they did. A lot (not all, but some) of Japanese kanji is simplified from the original Chinese characters. 國 and 国 is the most obvious example.

          INTERESTINGLY, when the government worked to simplify Chinese, they took a lot of characters from the Japanese simplifications. Way to go, Communists! >.>

    • 广岛和长崎的原子弹事件似乎给了你们足够的理由给日本所犯下的罪行开脱的理由,可是我倒要问了:
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb incidents seem to give you enough reasons to justify the crimes committed by Japan, the reason, but I’d like to ask:
      In Japan, the United States to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had a bomb yet?
      Before the Chinese invasion in you have slaughtered the Japanese people?
      Saying that there is no absolute right and wrong of war
      Always said that if the positions were reversed in Japan, then China will go to slaughter
      But history does not “if”! ! !
      ‘ve Got that done, and to admit mistakes!
      Will not reflect on the history of a nation has no future, sad
      It was also stated that “no one would care what happened 70 years ago!”
      You can not learn in Germany after World War II what it?
      The same World War II Axis
      How come such a big difference!

  • The Japanese during WW2 were similar to the nazis. During WW2, Japan did whole lot of $hit that was covered up by Japan and America. One example was infecting randomly abducted Chinese with viruses and cutting them open to observe the virus’s potential as a biological weapon. But Japanese soldiers are more known for raiping the women in China to the point where Japan sent Japanese whores in an attempt to get them to stop.
    Although I told myself I wouldn’t fault people over history they didn’t participate in, I can’t forgive any idoit who supports or denies such atrocitys for somthing so small as pride.

  • Geez, big fucking deal…
    Maybe shocking for Japaneese themself, as they live in denial of their WW2 war crimes. Germans got over holocaust and mayhem after Warsaw uprising. Americans don’t care about their bombing raids on German and Japanese cities, made for no strategic purpose, other than killing local population. Hell, Russians STILL think massacre of Breslau was an heroic act of their soldiers, even if they don’t deny they were slaughtering civilians left and right.

    I mean seriously, that happened 70 fucking years ago. Nobody cares anymore, maybe with exception of some butthurt nationalists YOU feed with your silly behaviour.

    • Of course. Most of the Japanese soldiers were acting on orders, and unfortunately for human nature as shown in so many experiments (Stanford prisoner, Milgram), people will do terrible things if told by an authoritative figure or if everyone else does it.

      It’s wrong to say “all Japanese people are evil.” I think it’s right to say “there were some terrible things that happened, and people need to know about them and acknowledge them so that it doesn’t happen again” though.

  • I love it how chinks portray themselves as victims when they are doing the same shit to Tibet. Beating up defenseless monks anyone? China is not much different from Japan, except that the commies have a much better propaganda system to make the world forget their atrocities.

    Silly chinks, weak in mind and weak in spirit. No one complains as much as those communist fuckheads.

  • This is an undeniable fake !!! You say this things happens between Showa era while you all live in current era …. did you witness things infront of your goddamn eyeballs ? Us japanese will never commit such things ….

    • The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are undeniably fake!!! You say these things happened during the 20th century while you all live in current century …. did you witness these things with your own goddamn eyeballs ? Us Americans would never commit such things ….

      The only difference between what I just typed and what you just said is that my grammar is slightly better.

    • Wait, so you’re saying that because of your race, your people would never do such things?

      Look at ANY powerful nation in the entire world. America, China, UK, Russia, Germany, anyone. EVERY country has the capacity to pull shit like this. Saying that the Japanese are incapable of doing terrible things is just as ridiculous and stupid as someone saying that ONLY the Japanese could have done such a thing.

      The correct middle ground to take here is that the Japanese are humans just like everyone else. Humans do some terrible, terrible things at times, including these incidents.

      Really, it’s disgusting that the extremist Japanese are EXACTLY THE SAME as the extremist Chinese– completely nationalistic and blind to the truth and their own prejudices. You guys are the reason that we can’t have pan-Asian peace.

      Also, look, several of your own countrymen have admitted to doing these things. Consider the numerous witnesses from third-parties who aren’t Chinese or Japanese as well.

    • And what proof do you have that your country did not do all those things?

      Have you seen with your own eyes that your country’s soldiers did not commit all those crimes?

      You can’t, now, can you?

      Now, fuck off this site and go back to 2ch, you ultranationalist pig.

  • All of our roots were rotten; the Germans committed massacres, the Americans committed massacres, the Japaneses committed massacres, the Christians committed massacres.., and my ancestors had a tradition where you have to fight and behead someone before you can propose a woman (and ironically my elders always give me the “WTF are you talking about!?” look when I stated that tradition was to barbaric).

    Keep all those black spots in mind and history, but leave all those old evil grudge and the desire to repeat them to oblivion.


  • I defecate on the memory of all the brainwashed nips who died for their monstruous country.

    Keep going to the Ya-suck-uni Shrine idiots, but your “loved ones” DON’T EXIST ANYMORE! There’s no gods, spirits, afterlife, or anything your retarded religion, Shito, teaches. You’re wasting your time praying to someone that can’t hear you anymore. HAHAHA.


  • 2ch and other right-wing retards may whitewash and deny whatever they want, but there’s a fact that they will never be able to ignore or change:

    Japan lost the war.

    Deal with it, uyoku losers!

  • We should just nuke every fucking capital in the world,
    declare us a global nation, then make them follow are laws and make the law so that nuking every country wasn’t a crime or act of war.

    Then make sure all countries that did retaliate did in fact do war crimes; punish them.

    It would solve a lot of things, for example our nuke stockpile would be down to a manageable level.

    Overpopulation would be solved.

    Our economy would bloom. (Since we are the only one with somewhat of an economy left mahahah)

    We could then also cleanup all unwanted people by dropping a few extra on those countries.

  • “You won’t instil any backbone in anyone by killing dirty Koreans or whatever anyway. Maybe if you killed hundreds like in the Nanjing massacre, but that was faked anyway.”

    the nanjing massacre didn’t happen huh. then i guess Nagasaki and Hiroshima didn’t happen too and the crazy japs blew themselves up and the chinese raped and killed each other in the nanjing massacre

    i know the japanese government denies the Rape of Nanjing, but rlly, 2ch too?

    • First, Japan must not deny that they committed during World War II of any crime, such as the Nanjing Massacre, the Bataan death march, these are undeniable facts.
      Indeed, during World War II, Japanese people are also victims of war, not only that the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing hundreds of thousands dead, but you thought not, if Japan did not invade China and other Asian countries, also launched the Pacific War, the United States dropped atomic bombs in the final it? Yes, I believe, is Japan’s militarist war of aggression launched by elements, not the people want, but it can be denied the Japanese invasion forces in various regions of the world the crimes committed by it? I am a Chinese, the Nanjing Massacre can not always forget, can not be denied, there are 300,000 innocent people were massacred by Japanese invaders, until today, the Nanjing massacre are still preserved ruins left, are “10 000 one pit “was forged inside a body count it? Documented numerous crimes the Japanese invading army photographs, can also forged? Built just like the Nazi “concentration camps” as indisputable. But until today, Japan’s extreme right wing does not even recognize, and to educate generations of Japanese, so the idea, which is why we have a national day in criticizing Japan’s reasons, because of you still do not recognize, do not apology, this would only continue to spread ethnic hatred!

  • Cmon that is not an interesting, what should we need to know if what they(Japanese) done to COMFORT WOMEN they held in the camp I heard stories here in the Philippines I bet they did it in China, Korea etc. What interest me their doing to Women(or girls) besides RAPE is there a bondage, torture and other kinky stuff Japanese do to their SEX FANTASY.

  • sad story old man… but I’m glad he told the world. I hope it makes a difference in this world that’s slowly being eaten up by wars everywhere.

    @Those arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong: It’s WAR people… Do you even think reason and morals existed within everyone that time? People do crazy stuff when confronted with pressuring events…

  • And what? Japanese often used chinese prisonners as test subject… i’m not really shocked… Chinese as probably do the same, nobody talk about it… and those who’d like to talk about it experience the recognized chinese freedom of speak!

  • I fucking hate war, it always bring innocent people who have nothing to do with war being murdered just because they live in a certain country. Fucking idiotic barbaric shit. The ones who advocate and agree to go to war should be the ones to go out to the frontlines fighting and dying since they love war so much. Pro-War idiots, I hope you die.

  • Funny how people forget that in feudal japan samurai used to use their katana on live prisoners to see how sharp their sword were the more people/bodies the better the blade this incident reminds me of that seeing as a lot of american say that WWII was japan’s reversion back to feudal thinking. Of course what he did was wrong but what can he do about it and not all that surprising in the fact that many soldiers in the Japanese Imperial Army fought and treated prisoners like the day gone by Samurai.

  • “You won’t instil any backbone in anyone by killing dirty Koreans or whatever anyway. Maybe if you killed hundreds like in the Nanjing massacre, but that was faked anyway.” – Fcuking kunt deserves to die. To have the nerve to say the Nanjing maasacre was faked.

  • I imagine most of the people on this site are weeaboos so let me drop some truth bombs on you.

    1.Had it not been for the nukes many more Japanese would have died not to mention Americans and other Asians.

    2.The 442nd Infantry Regiment composed of mostly Japanese Americans who fought in Europe during World War II became the most highly decorated regiment in the history of the United States Armed Forces.

    3.Try and learn something today before flooding the internet with gay Naruto fanfic. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcrljd_japan-the-strange-country_tech

    • What does the 442nd have to do with anything? Japanese Americans != Japanese; we’re talking about atrocities made by Axis power Japan, not those Japanese Americans loyal to Allied power America.

  • War is always bad and atrocities are always commited by all sides.

    Thats why soldiers usually are the scum of the earth.

    People put in situations where they have to commit and endure the worst things turns everybody into immoral animals.

    Thats why there is no honourable soldier and also never will be. Just look at the troops coming back from iraq to the US.

    Mentally wrecked time bombs waiting to go off…

  • “You guys, denying anything inconvenient to your point of view is really bad. Scepticism is important, but denying everything based on ideology is the same level as those dirty Koreans.”

    Gotta love this one.

  • I call bullshit.

    These people talk as if Japan was somewhat ‘righteous’ during WWII.


    Know why a lot of people oppose war so much? It’s because, it doesn’t matter if you’re a nationalist, or a religious fuck, or democratic liberalist. Once you go to war, there is no white. Only black and shades of gray. To save yourself and your men, you have to kill others, or you get killed. And when you take over enemy territory, all that fear and anxiety built into you as you dodged bullets and bombs, and you let them out on anyone you can get your hands on. POW? ‘Civilian’? Geneva Convention? “WHY MUST I GIVE A FUCK!? I WAS FACE TO FACE WITH DEATH THE WHOLE DAY, AND NOW I’MMA RAPE AND KILL ANYONE I CAN GET BECAUSE I FUCKING DESERVE IT!!”

    TL;DR: These NEETs, hikikomoris, and kids raised by uptight nationalist parents who didn’t have a life, need to be re-educated, brainwashed, or if all else fail, murdered in the same way that war criminals did towards everyone in that war.

  • 2ch is the worst asia has to offer. Worse than anything else in japan and also worse than the chinese und koreans.

    Hahaha…must give quite a sense of achievement to be even worse than chinese and koreans.

  • I don’t understand the intense anger so many people feel towards the U.S for the nuking of Japan during the war (I have many other reasons to dislike the majority of the U.S).

    Since when is bombing the enemy during a war a bad thing? Sure, war is never a good thing, but defending yourself by taking the offense is hardly something to get your nickers in a knot over.

    ‘But they killed so many innocent citizens’. Yeah, war has casualties. Go figure.

    The U.S stopped the war right then and there. Kill many to end a war and save many more? Yeah. It’s a hard call, but the right call.

    Japan wasn’t an innocent bystander in the war, you remember? One cannot instigate a war and then turn around and ask for an apology when those you attack fight back — regardless of how much it hurts when they do.

    If someone tried to break into my house, I sure as hell would have no qualms about grabbing a gun and stopping the threat. Sure, he/she could have broken in, stole some stuff, maybe vandalized – whatever – and no one might have gotten hurt. Sure, he/she could have rapped my family and killed us all. Who knows. What I would know is that someone is threatening me and my family. Stop the threat. That’s all that matters. The instigator looses the right to complain when they decide to inflict their will upon others.

    War is a terrible thing and no matter how it plays out, nothing productive can come of it. What the U.S did to Japan wasn’t good and I don’t condone it — just as I don’t condone any war. I mean, who wants to see a war? Barring the munitions industry of course — but I don’t blame them for striking back at those that would attack them and their allies.

    The U.S ended a terrible thing by doing a terrible thing. Is it right? Probably not. Is it good? No. Did it save millions and end a war? Yep.

    The blood of those that died and those that are still being affected to this day, is not on the hands of the defenders.

    • First of all, learn your history.
      It was the US who provoked and literally forced Japan into war, by cutting off all it’s oil imports. Japan had the choice of either suffer enormous economic collapse that would have put entire country into starvation and essentially middle-ages, or… send battlegroup to Pearl Harbor and hope yanks will get very scared and stop with embargo. (yeah, that was Japan’s entire plan… hit few US navy harbors and hope the entire US will get so scarred the whole country will surrender). In reality, Japanese attack served only as nice and very compelling cause for US to get into war.

      Anyway, the point is – that by your reasoning, it’s US that is at fault and has no right to whining, as they are the ones who provoked/started entire thing.

      • Yes the pressure on resources that US put on Japan at that time was the trigger, we all learn that in history… But then Japan invading so many irrelevant countries? That was clearly for their own needs… I understand the desperation that Japan was in at that time, but I disagree with the solution they chose…

        And to point out some mistakes in your account of history…Well, in the first place, Japan’s attack on pearl harbor wasn’t to scare shit out of US… It was because the war was progressing so favorably for them that their reach extended into the pacific… To get rid of a potential threat to their fleet and forces in pacific, they decided to cripple the US fleet by destroy their carrier group, but was unsuccessful as the fleet was not at the harbor at that time… There was still a significant amount of damage done and gave US a reason to enter the war…

        And nope I am not a US citizen and I don’t really favor any side in particular… Just stating facts…

    • Let me guess, you’re an US citizen, right ?

      The US doesn’t give a damn about the geneva convention where killing civilians is a war crime so they treat them as fair game and its not considered bad.

      Probably because the US is out of harms way and never had a real attack towards its own people. The little 9/11 skirmish where only a few thousand people got killed but the entire USA pissed their collective pants compared to over hundred thousand (including many children) killed by the nukes in ww2 that supposed to have been justified the is proof for that.

      ‘But they killed so many innocent citizens’. Yeah, war has casualties. Go figure.

      Same could be said about 9/11.

      Go figure.


      PS: Most of the world actually sees the US as quite barbaric…and rightly so…

  • “Japan took relatively good care of its prisoners. This was just one man’s actions.”


    My grandfather served as an MP in the British Indian Army
    and he would often talk about knowing fellow Indians who were used as target practice by the Japanese.
    – This was also why he could never join the Indian Nationalist movement.

    Granted there were attrocities committed by the allies too.

  • It’s easy to be a right wing troll when your name is anon. 2ch are full of pussies who wouldn’t put their real names on their comments hence they can’t be as racist as they want.

    No one takes the Internet seriously anyways. Relax. I, for one, don’t give a flying fuck what anonymous pussies have to say on 2ch.

  • War brings out the demons within everyone involved…,may it be in your common private,a squad captain,or the innocent civilian.almost all people who went through it only realize what horrible deeds they have done during their waning years…Even if the people of today forget or try not erase the very memory of it from their minds it’s still there to haunt them as a deed not to be repeated…,Sadly, the present generation is somewhat oblivious or ignorant of the events that transpired in the last great war….

    • So Japan’s OK because they kill civilians gradually within warring period, with conventional weapons like guns and regular bombs and chemical weapons in a relatively slower and more painful way?

      And the US was worse because they killed a whole bunch of people at the same time? And probably 30% of them just vaporized into thin air not even realizing they’re dead via nuclear bomb? And stopped the fucking war simultenously?

      Ask yourself; not about justification of murder, but which mass murder was able to stop more murders.

      You might just be saying it sarcastically, but I still have to let go.

        • Actually, there won’t be another major war breaking out between Soviets and Americans for one very good reason: Soviets ain’t got much of a Navy! Not to mention the fact that the two nations are separated by one big honking ocean! Soviets are just as afraid of USA as the USA is wary of them. The only kind of war they can do to each other is nuclear. Having nukes is a deterrent to ensure they aren’t gonna nuke the hell out of each other.

          This is why Americans went batshit with Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A nuke there more or less bypasses the whole ‘There’s an Ocean separating us’ issue. Not to mention now they can nuke any part of the East Coast from there.

        • Give me one real good instance where the US explicitly used their nuclear weapons when directly demanding something AND got/used it after WWII.

          Nowadays, nuclear weapons, when owned by sovereign countries, are used as mere deterrence. In the Cuban missile crisis, both the US and the Soviets took to great lengths to achieve agreement because both knew that if they start firing nuclear weapons at each other, no one wins.

          Supposed that either Soviets or the US didn’t own nuclear weapons, another war would break out because the offending side could be sure that they will only be met with conventional resistence and get away with it.

          In Iraq, even though many speculated that it was all for oil, the US didn’t use nuclear weapons until Saddam was brought down. Where’s your logic now?

          Not defending what the US have been doing since the start of this millenium until now, but nuclear weapons, whether you like it or not, has a great role in maintaining stability. You don’t even have to fire that thing. Only own it just to tell anyone else, “IF YOU ATTACK US, WE’LL ALL DIE!”.

    • Japan are the country of pride and honor …. we hold our pride as japanese and would never admit such lies …. japanese will never commit such atrocities …. why do people keep accusing us …. ? It is because of you all jealous of our honor ….

      • Lies???

        Oh brother. Proof is all over the place and we have these kind of Japanese people who refuse to take it?

        It takes a mentally handicapped human being to not recognize all the shit done during WWII.

        Americans hide a lot of shit now, but they didn’t hide the facts about nuclear weapons and we heard all kinds of stories about people involved in the Manhattan project who carried their everlasting guilt to their graves.

        Some high ranking former German official during WWII later kneeled himself in front of a monument commemorating the massacred Jews. They’re so pressed with guilt that the current Jews are abusing WWII tragedies to halt all criticism against them, and Mein Kampf is banned regardless of whether the owner agrees to the content or not.

        Where is Japan in all this? Not even acknowledging all the shit done back during WWII, and some of you demand apologies from other countries when YOURS is WAYYYYY overdue?

        If your country truly holds the principal of honor, your war criminals would take responsibilities for their actions and not deny it like a bunch of senile old men with brains reverted back to a 5 year old.

        If your countrymen truly holds pride, there won’t be stupid (minority of?)Japanese like you who refuse to acknowledge history.

        It’s people like you who will only repeat history again. And while I don’t like the US at all, I’m glad that their large stockpile of nuclear weapons are always ready to bomb your country again if worst comes to worst. Either that, or North Korea gets to you first. Quite frankly I don’t care.

        Acknowledge history, learn from your mistakes and carve a better future for your own children’s sake. DON’T ADVOCATE WAR.

  • “You guys, denying anything inconvenient to your point of view is really bad. Skepticism is important, but denying everything based on ideology is the same level as those dirty Koreans.”

    This guy made a very good poin– wait, “dirty Koreans”?
    *sigh* Racism defeats intelligent advice again. But what am I surprised about, we are talking about sloppy, interwebs social rejects here.

    • They’re mostly NEETs and hikikomoris. Their normal mental workings are very likely too whacked beyond repair. They care about mangas and animes more than real human beings.

      I don’t expect a majority of them to understand what it means to kill another man. They probably already did, and too busy jacking off to animated porn to care about complicated shit like ‘guilt’ and ‘morality’.

  • The Nanjing massacre was faked eh? And people wonder why everyone in Asia hates Japan.

    At least America doesn’t pretend the nukes never happened. At least Germany doesn’t write the Holocaust out of their textbooks. You know, racism and nationalism is ugly no matter what the country, but goddammit Japan, really?

    2ch people should go study some goddamn history. There are plenty of sources (many of which are not even China-sympathetic) ranging from Japanese army veterans to American journalists and missionaries, who have witnessed all this shit.

  • End of the day, the people need to accept the actions they made right or wrong during the war and admit it. The Japanese needs to accept what they did and apologies, because denying it will take them no where, and will just make Korea and China hate them more over time. At least America doesn’t deny their nuking, while Japan denies the cruel thing they did in China.

    The current generation of Japanese is simply being brainwashed making them look the victims. They won’t learn the truth until they leave their country, go to another e.g. Australia and New Zealand(neutral countries) and read the history books from there. But I don’t blame them, China, Taiwan, Korea are all doing the same.

      • Shippoyasha says:

        If you ask me, the reason why they ‘play victims’ is because THEY WERE VICTIMS. The futile resistance they gave the Japanese is not a reason to go around nations and killing millions of civilians. That is just willful evil and they should be reminded that it is a wrongful act. One “good” thing from all this I guess is that most Japanese combatants in the war did lose their lives fighting.

        I still don’t see how the other Asian nations’ are supposed to be guilty in any way by being taken over in such a savage and complete manner as the Japanese did. The scope even rivaling that of Nazi German occupations, and that is just not easy to ignore.

  • Anonymous@13:05

    I’m by no means a Japanese sympathizer, but flippant remarks like yours only encourages feuds and shows your lack of maturity. I would go on to make a point, but not today troll.

  • Brave of this man to come forward and admit the wrong he did!

    Like I’ve said elsewhere, I’m just wondering when we’ll have a discussion about some Japanese equivalent of a “Right wing ultra Nationalist Nutbag” making a “Rape of Nanking” Manga. And I mean glorifying the event, not denying or condemning it. I’ve heard this issue related to Manga bounces Left/Right on a cyclical basis every few years, and the last was “Anti-Nanking” (as in “it was terrible, a war crime”)…

    Wonder if due to modern internet/direct marketing it’ll go past “Doujin” stage and get popular enough to make a toy line? That’d really freak ’em out in the Sweatshop in China. Workers assembling, painting, boxing little toys of Japanese soldiers raping and impaling Chinese prisoners, with captions like- “What fun, and it isn’t afternoon yet!”

    Supervisor; “Worker unit A-103, why are you committing an illegal strike!?”
    Union rep: “I know Marx said that the last capitalist shall SELL us the rope with which we shall hang him, but this…THIS!?!?!?”

  • 2ch can call me a dirty pirate as much as they want(I honestly don’t care, as part of me has acknoledged and accepted this fact, although I buy manga when I can get it), but this is ridiculous.

    “Japan took relatively good care of its prisoners. This was just one man’s actions.”
    I didn’t even know Japan took prisoners.

    “It was just him being an idiot. I wish he’d stop saying the whole army was bad just because of what he did. At least, I wouldn’t have killed a prisoner.”
    If you were educated since elementary school that the Chinese didn’t deserve to live, and if you were beaten and singled out if you felt otherwise, odds are, you would’ve killed a prisoner. The fact that the military pretty much controlled Japan at that point would also, make them guilty of making him think that way.

  • sdarkpaladin says:

    Seriously, even though it’s over, why still harp on it? It’s everyone’s fault a war started, whether directly or indirectly.

    So they should just stop talking about wars and start thinking of how to export/localize stuff faster and more efficiently.

  • Seems 2ch has their crazed right wingers just like other countries. I think this is what happens when you let nationalism get out of hand.

    It seems it’s either “what a coward for not telling everyone sooner,” which if he did tell what was clearly a war crime he would likely have been executed for what he did, and therefore he should have killed themselves. I doubt any of these guys would have the balls to do that in this situation.

    The other, far worse segment, is that there was nothing wrong, of course nothing happened in Nanking, la la la I can’t hear anyone saying otherwise. And of course, the people who want to somehow shift the focus to the Americans to using nukes as a justification for this kind of thing. It really concerns me that there’s even enough of these guys around to hold a conversation on 2ch.

    Where are the more reasonable people? I guess people get quite unreasonable with WW2, there’s a whole mess of nationalism and coping with defeat there that probably makes everyone a little nuts.

  • Tch! it’s nothing compared to what this bastards did to the people of my country during WW2. Comfort women, bayoneting an infant while tossed in the air, beheading people like its a hobby, slicing off breast of their raped victim and the list still goes on. War bring deaths and suffering to men. It doesn’t matter what was used to kill. A corpse is still a corpse.
    History is just part of the past and we can’t do shit about it.

  • If you admit to the rosy history and deny the horrific parts, you do a dis-service to everyone.

    It sucks, and it was a period tainted by 4 years of global war. How about taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

    • of course, chinese woman requested to be fucked but filthy japanese. I remember an episode where a little girl had his vagina “enlarged” by bayonet to fit better. this is obviously a fabrication: japanese penises are as big as a bean.

    • ofcoure not
      who would be stupid tell that with open mind doing those awfull things !!! all war winnners doing those unmoral / beast actions !!!

      You can say want you want but Japanese emperor is worser then Hitler (Germany )and Benito Mussolini ( Italy ) Don’t understand why didn’t executed that bastard !!!

      • I would like to note this
        mussolini was killed by italians, and hung in the streets.
        hitler always had someone to protect his ass and died suicidal. it’s true that germans tried to kill him too.
        “the emperor” was always loved by many japaneses and lived somewhat happily.

        I think this make difference.

        • And that is precisely the problem… When the nation idolizes the person who started the war wholeheartedly…

          And yes, countries occupied by Japan suffered shit… Even though I don’t live in that era, I know… Cause it happened in my country and my grandfather’s generation suffered torture and cruelty from it… Even if this is war, I simply can’t help feeling disgusted with their misdeed… It is unbelievable that the country is so successful in blinding their own people to the truth… And despite the brilliant minds available in Japan, I see no reason to why they refuse to accept the truth other than self-denial… Obviously something is very wrong when the entire world’s history depicts a different account from your own education system does…

    • Take a knife and stab a guy…he starts screaming in pain but he’s just wounded…but he’s screaming at top of his voice both in fear and pain,writhing in agony,bleeding all over,maybe some of his guts were showing…what do you do? Do you hesitate to stab him some more or do you continually plunge the knife into this guy that has nothing to do with you until he’s dead….

      Such desensitization were necessary for soldiers, since if its the enemy it could mean a matter of life and death for both you and your unit.Most soldiers during wartime were conscripts without full proper military training, thus certain “shortcuts” were deemed necessary…i have no doubt that such acts were carried out by any military during any act of war