Man Hacks Off Cop’s Thumb with Katana at PM’s Residence



A man carrying a katana has engaged in a sword-fight with a squad of riot police at the Japanese prime ministerial residence, successfully cutting off the thumb of one policeman.

The man, in his twenties, attacked police 150m from the prime minister’s official residence in Tokyo’s central Chiyoda district. Reportedly his hair “was dyed seven colours.”

Using what appeared to be a Japanese katana, he began a confrontation with police, who attempted to subdue him.

As he was fighting police he struck off the left thumb of one officer with his sword.


After subduing him police immediately charged him with attempted murder, interfering with a public servant in pursuit of their duties, and possessing an illegal weapon.

He admits the charges, and police are investigating his motives.

Pictures seem to show police with batons and riot shields squaring off against the man, their batons held in sword-fighting stances – this appears to be standard training for Japanese officers (most of whom are kendo practitioners), as evidenced in previous incidents, but the officer who lost his thumb is probably regretting police disdain for firearms (carried as standard), tasers or pepper spray.


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