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Tekken Staff: “The Tekken Movie is Terrible!”


Hollywood’s franchise raping antics continue with the revelation that even the producer of Tekken is willing to publicly trounce the recent $35 million Tekken movie, calling it “terrible” and entreating Tekken fans “don’t even ask me about that!”

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada expressed his dissatisfaction in an English language Twitter exchange with fans:

“That Hollywood movie is terrible. We were not able to supervise that movie. (It was cruel contract.) I’m not interested in that [movie].”

“Please don’t ask me about that movie. We did not have the supervision right. I don’t want talk about that.”

Considering the atrocious results of practically every effort to adapt a fighting game to the silver screen, just why they persist is something of a mystery.

The trailer:

The film was aired in Japan in March, with a number of other territories getting summer 2010 releases. The US release is due some time in 2011.

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