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Doctor Secretly Aborts Girlfriend’s Pregnancy, Walks


A doctor who drugged his pregnant nurse girlfriend in order to secretly cause her to miscarry has escaped a prison sentence.

The 36-year-old Tokyo physician advised his pregnant girlfriend, who also happened to one of his nurses, to take contraction-inducing pills, with the ruse that they were vitamins which were “good for pregnant women.”

Soon after, to further ensure that the pregnancy was terminated, he gave her an intravenous “nourishment” drip with a drug that had similar effects. The contraceptive combo was successful, and he had found himself rid of his fetal problem some six weeks after conception.

The pregnancy initially proved to be an issue when the doctor attempted to end their relationship, as he wanted to marry a different woman. After she refused to terminate the pregnancy, he made the decision to take matters into his own hands.

Prosecutors requested a five-year prison sentence for the doctor, but after his confession of guilt the ruling judge gave him a sentence of three years – suspended for 5 years, making it likely he will serve no time if he can keep his nose clean.

The judge presiding was not however very lenient in speech, saying he was “egotistical and selfish” and that “that he deserves strong social censure for his criminal acts as a doctor whose duty it is to respect life is undeniable.”

The judge also cited the unavoidable social ramifications of the man’s actions as reasoning for the light punishment: he had not only been fired, but also sworn to no longer continue his medical career at all.

It is not clear if the scandal affected the man’s nuptials, but to say the least, statistics suggest the average Japanese bride is likely to be less than receptive to her prospective husband suddenly losing not only his job but also his prestigious career as well.

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