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An American’s Response to Japanese Ero-Anime


An American’s reaction to seeing top shota ero-anime Boku no Pico has been making waves online.

The man’s animated commentary and (evidently futile) reluctance to succumb to the charms of the crossdressing shota cast of Boku no Pico soon found their way onto NicoNico Douga and 2ch, creating something of a phenomenon:

For those not aware of this latest trend, the popularity of effete young boys dressed alluringly as girls is currently approaching Catholic levels in Japan.

The name of the boom is unfortunately difficult to render into English as it involves textual Japanese wordplay – called “Otoko no Ko” (男の娘), it is a pun on the Japanese word for “boy,” “Otoko no Ko” (男の子 – literally “man child”), but with the character for child substituted for the word for “girl” or “daughter” (娘 – musume), which can also be read as “Ko.”

Now it seems even manly Americans are capable of succumbing…

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