Chinese Babies “Developing Breasts”


Contaminated milk is causing Chinese baby girls to develop breasts.

Chinese girls aged from 15 months to 4 years old being fed milk powder have been found to have developed “breasts” (presumably meaning their breasts are larger than usually associated with infants, rather than them not having any breasts to start with).

Medical tests found some of the children afflicted to have hormone levels the same as those of an adult woman.

A Hubei doctor dispenses the sage advice that “parents should stop using the formula to feed their children and that the powder needs to be analysed.”

The problem is thought to stem from farmers giving their cows huge doses of hormones to increase milk yields – a practice which is illegal in most of the developed world (though of course not in the USA), but quite unregulated in China.

However, even where illegal the practice is acknowledged as being safe for humans – it is actually banned largely for being harmful to cows. Just what has been finding its way into Chinese milk can only be guessed at.

The company responsible, Synutra, insists its milk is perfectly safe.

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