“Wii Successor Due – No Details as MS/Sony Will Rip Us Off”


Nintendo has confirmed the Wii successor console is well underway, but will not talk about it at all for fear of it being ripped off.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwada confirmed that a successor to its wildly successful Wii console is under development – however, he refuses to part with any details out of fear that the competition will swipe the idea:

“Unfortunately, the history of entertainment is also the history of imitation.

If a superb idea comes out, and it’s something you can’t protect with a patent, it will be copied immediately.”

He goes on to talk about the importance of “surprising” consumers – this and his secretiveness seem to suggest the successor may be more than just a Wii with upgraded hardware.

Previously Nintendo has been keen to point out that the Move and Kinect are mere copies of its Wiimote – though considering how long it took Microsoft and Sony to come out with them, they hardly seem to pose a major threat.

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  • Also nintendo basically set the standard for controllers. If you look at a PS1 controller, its just a Snes controller but with handles, two more shoulder buttons…And thats kinda it. Kinda sad that they strayed away from it by releasing the GC, and 64 controller. Nice ideas but eh…

  • I have my hopes up. After seeing what they’re planning with the 3DS(making it more powerful than PS2), I think they finally realized that they need to start appealing to their more serious fans again and stop making cheap shovelware that’s behind the curve.


    The Wii was such a goddamn abortion, motion control was insanely overrated.

  • According to Nintendos logic if someone takes an idea and wishes to improve it theyre stealing. If this were true why arent all these car companies and companies who produce stuff going to jail or getting fines. Because ultimately all theyre doing is “stealing” from eachother.

  • Until they start catering for hardcore fans again, I won’t care. I wasted money on the Wii, and I’m not making that mistake again. No matter how “Surprising!” they are.

    Unless it comes with an actual 1-up Mushroom.

  • Nintendo is full of surprises. Anyone interested in Nintendo’s strategy should check this article out:


    It has to do with the whole “casual” gaming. This article was written before this year’s E3 and does a very good job analyzing Nintendo’s strategy this generation. I wounldn’t be surprised if Nintendo’s next gen console becomes more “hardcore”-based than the Wii.

    • I consider myself a reader, and so I read articles and magazines all the time… But that article is seriously too long. Author needs to learn to make a point in half of the amount of words.

  • And now i dunno if I should buy ever a Wii… I was considering so maybe in this next or the years after but with information like thise i dunno now. . .

    Well I would still want one, i want to play some games from it and some from Game Cube but damn… i want to buy a live console with support and new games on it, not a dead one >.>

  • Cool, can’t wait for another gimicky system with crappy graphics and even crappier games. It’s unfortunate that they hold the license to a lot of really good game properties that are doomed to be played on that weak system.

    Also, I blame the Wii for the advent of casual gamers that have caused the producers to flood us with a thousand rock band and guitar hero sequels and other lame ass gimick games that are plaguing the rest of us.

    • It’s not Nintendo’s fault that other companies are releasing crappy games. Entertainment industry has one big weakness and that is other companies trying to cash in on successful products made by their competitors. The gaming industry is no exception, and it’s much more obvious because the game marketers will push successful genres instead of trying to break the mode. Nintendo has been highly successful in developing low-tier(aka “casual” as people call it these days) games.

      See, in order to make profit, you compete with other companies to win over a shared pool of target demographic. However, Nintendo has decided to target an untapped market, and did a very good job of it. The trick here is that Nintendo isn’t focusing on making “casual” games for all eternity. What they’ll probably do now is make a tier-2(games that appeals to to the “casual” but is deep enough for the “hardcore”) in order to market to the same group of people who are now known as “casual gamers”. They’re moving to phase 2, but what is Sony and Microsoft going to do? They’re going after the people that are now moving away from casual games to more hardcore titles.

      This was analyzed in this article(written about a year ago):

      And this is all evident by the way they are now releasing more core titles at E3.

      So don’t blame Nintendo, blame the industry that does nothing but try to imitate and ride off other people’s success.

  • Well-played, Nintendo.

    Twenty bucks says the new thing is a complete powerhouse Nintendo plans to sell at a significant loss for the first little while. They certainly have enough in their coffers to justify it, and they can use “hardware shortages” to pad out the time between when they lose money and when they gain money on the console while keeping demand high.

    Hard to say what they’ll do to innovate, though.

  • Well I wont probably by a new nintendo. They usually have few games to choose between that is good or somewhat good compared to Playstation or Xbox.

    I dont care about which system it is just that the game have 1: Good story, 2: Good graphics, 3: good game play.

    And everyone going on about wii beating ps3 and xbox on sales its pretty obvious it would as its nintendo. Its a system mostly for children. Dont hate me for that but its the truth. They have more of these mario, pokemon type of kid games than the others consoles which usually women like too in all ages.

    ppl can rage for what i wrote but its the truth. I just hope they make something cool that can actually produce some nice graphics and so on.

    • What you said isn’t the “truth”, it’s just your ill-formed opinion. I understand what you’re saying and it does make sense, but a conjecture is a conjecture none the less.

      There have been plenty of mature Nintendo titles, but in the end, they’re all video games and that’s all it should matter.

    • Didn’t you see the sales for the Gamecube and N64? The last time Nintendo had success like this in home consoles was way back in the age of the SNES.

      I could point out all the adult games on the Wii, but there’s little point. You’re clearly intent on ignoring all the “kid games” on Sony or Xbox.

  • Oh cry me a river… Both Kinect and Move, being video camera based systems, actually capitalize on roughly 20 year old work that began before Nintendo ever rendered a polygon. I know Move was essentially running on PS2. Here it is in 2004, ripping the Wii off a couple years before it existed!

    But if Nintendo hates copycats so much, I’m sure they’ll be happy putting out their next system with cartridge based games that save to their own internal RAM.

  • I think you guys are missing the point, big time. Nintendo might not be technically “first” to invent anything, but to take a relatively new technology and base your entire production, sales, marketing and strategy behind it is much different than the actual invention.

    Tesla invented all kinds of insane stuff, but he didn’t have the know-how to market and sell the stuff.

    Nintendo’s Wii was innovative because it took relatively new or different technology and placed it in a existing forum that had largely not used that technology in that way, not because they actually invented anything. If the term “innovative” meant that one had to also invent everything that ended up being used in that same innovative product, we would all be singing high praise to the maker of the wheel, because we really wouldn’t get shit else done in a day.

    The debate about “firsts” is really just as asinine and counter-productive as those who post “First!” in threads. It’s not hard to see where the Wii was innovative, and more so than its rivals. Denying this by getting into a discussion of who actually created what first is missing the forest for a tree.

    The only thing Iwata is saying here is that they’ve got a successor that will also try something probably new to the video game industry, and they’d prefer that idea to not to be ripped off by their competitors. Will Nintendo actually invent every single piece of hardware/software in the successor? No, of course not. Stop being idiots.

  • Nintendo is the new Apple.

    All they need to do is start charging twice as much for their less powerful hardware, and making sure their loyal fanboys feel special and “countercultural” for buying Nintendo, and they’ll be rolling in more money than ever!

      • The funny thing is that noone really has cared; what, over 70 million have been sold I think?

        Bad compromise or not, the Wii’s racked in the monies. Hopefully this will let them make a huge investment in the Wii’s successor going balls to the walls.
        The Gamecube was a fun console (still the cutest one imo to date <3) but it wasn't as popular as the Wii I think.

  • my bet since nintendo isnt all too focused on grafs, it will be something in the line of the 360 but with a more powerfull processor that i can see clearly.

    This because like in games with monster hunter where the grafs where quite powerfull for the wii, there wasnt processing power so we had to jump bettwen air vaults from time to time xD

    The HD component will be probably there, but only because you sicks fucks cant see anything else than HD HD … oh well evolution.

  • The Wii was a low cost accesible solution which made it very attractive impulse buy from a consumer’s point of view. Their new system will likely follow that trend and have a lower price point than its competitors at launch.

    • Now that is just silly. Being low cost does not mean everybody will buy it on impulse. That is like claiming everyone with a little bit of money bought a ps3/xbox360 on impulse to show off the money they had.

  • u know, at the end of the day… the console is only good as the games and well, nintendo doesn’t have much huge titles that even create a war fare such as halo and gta ^^

    once the sense of having awesome graphics if the game is not even worth playing, that’s like having a HDtv and watching vintage black & white movies

    • What? Nintendo has tons of great games. New super mario bros, Galaxy 1 and 2, SSB:B (an eSport game on par with Halo 3!) to mention a few. I have a feeling that the new kirby will do quite well too.

      Just because a game doesn’t contain violence doesn’t meant it’s not a game.
      The 360 has a really small group of GOOD exclusives like the PS3 and Wii do. It’s a great machine for multi platform games and Halo n Fable but not a whole lot more. Kinect will likely be lol but we’ll see.

      Anyway the point is Nintendo is the last company you should be pointing a finger at for making games with great eye candy but crap gameplay.

  • remember nintendo, super nintendo, n64, and wii.

    nintendo use to be a graphics power house system, which was only trumped by xbox, and even than it was arguable if xbox had the better looking games.

    nintendo is in a possession to once again be a graphics power house system.

    look here, a processor, im guessing quad core, at cost is close to 75$ or less. a mother board would be 25 or less 2gb of ram would be 30$ish and a 150$ graphics card would blow the fuck out of everything the competitors can produce, and you are looking at a 300$ console.

    with the graphics, boosted way the fuck up there, they could charge between 300 and 350 and as long as they get hard core games, and a decent online, sony and microsoft may be nintendos bitch in hardware, and quality of games for the next 5 years at least.

  • This really isn’t news per se. Of course they’re developing a new console, probably have been for a while. And I’m sure MS and Sony are as well, although the PS3 will likely have a longer lifespan like the PS2 did even though the situation is quite different.

  • Sure, most of the time Nintendo doesn’t invent its own tech., however, it’s the company that’s bold enough to incorporate that technology within the context of the video game industry. Nintendo is the innovator and the trendsetter.

    I look forward to laughing in the faces of the haters when Nintendo continues to dominate the handheld and home console market next gen. It’ll be even funnier to see Sony and Microsoft scurry behind in an attempt to catch up, but by then, knowing Nintendo, they’ll have already come up with the next big thing.


    Seriously, Most Wii games would look SO much better in HD. Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl being prime examples. Though something tells me this won’t happen.

  • sdarkpaladin says:

    What would i give, if there is only 1 kind of console with all the gadgets and stuff… it would be so peaceful without the console battles, copyright issue, porting headaches and whatnot

  • afaik nintendo never cared about being copied

    i think i read an article where iwata stated he was happy with the success that its being copied (not too sure though, maybe i misread something.. this was when the move was first announced)

    either way as long as nintendo keeps producing their games at a high standard they’ll have my money..

    i honestly dont really care hardware.. as long as they have software to support the hardware any company will have my money

  • I have the feeling Nintendo, or rather, Iwata is developing the same kind of over-confidence that Sony “used” to have when it comes to their “innovation”.

    Before I bought a Wii during it’s week of release, I was very surprised to find out how much hype it built up when I already came to the fact that with the failure that was the Gamecube, Nintendo will soon be forgotten in America at least, boy was I wrong.

    Copying the competition is a very common marketing tactic, I don’t understand why Iwata feels threatened by the Move and Kinect.

    • Communicating to the TV wirelessly? That’s been done before. It’s called forgetting to add RF shielding to your console, so the TV can tune into it without it being plugged in.

      It doesn’t really work in HD though.

    • well I call bullshit on all that TO BIG SECRET TO SAY

      but then again ….both sony and m$ are trying to be nintendo now so….Idk.

      IMO they will make a 3d console…that will not need 3d glasses….by including a screen with the console.It will be like Vectrex just better.

      • Like that dude did with the Wii, by switching the Remote and sensor bar gave a real 3D feeling. Where moving to the left caused it to look like you actually went to the left on the screen.

    • There will be technology that makes you ‘feel’ the game. Like clay, only with electromagnetsomething. It will form itself to any shape, so the user may touch and feel the game. But don’t get your hopes up, it’s still nintendo. No boobies for you.

    • Well, maybe this time we will finally get some video connections and screen resolutions that reflect the present. That would be a Nintendo first since the classic, or dare say ancient, TV resolutions …

      • Believe it or not, but everybody doesn’t care if you can tell the different leaves apart on the trees and every little rock on the ground is unique.

        Furthermore, simply great graphics already have two big opponents in the console market. Hitting big with the same as your opponents is quite hard.
        – We got great graphics!
        – So do we, and our harddisk is huge!
        – As is ours!
        Fuck, what’s the difference…Not to mention a PC beat the crap out of simple HD consoles any day.

        • Actually I don’t care much either, but I happen to be sans TV and just can’t be arsed to buy a plethora of overpiced upscaling/rescaling/flickerfixing niche doodads to get the picture from device A onto PC monitor B. TFTs already scale more or less reliably, so I don’t really mind the lower resolution. They still look much better than some crappy TV tube. And most importantly: They don’t flicker.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    Christ Nintendo. I mean, it’s not even as if Nintendo comes out and invents ALL their stuff outright either. They hire outside companies and integrate outside technology into their consoles. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

    Sure, Nintendo PUSHING the technology to the forefront as a package is pretty solid in their resume, but the way they pompously proclaim themselves as their own innovators is just wrong.

    Likewise, Sony hired outside tech sources to develop Move and 360 hired outside tech for Natal/Kinect.

    The more Nintendo goes on, the sillier and more hypocritical it gets.

    • A slightly better PS3 that you can do something insanely worthless with like control features of the game through voice.

      Call it Nintendo Voc or something, slap a high price on it, and laugh that people ignore it has the power of a system that’s almost 10 years old.

      Much like the Wii(ps2) and much like the new DS i (psp).

        • The only thing Sony did that was ‘innovative’ was the use of DVDs in the PS2 in a time when DVDs were not a widely accepted medium. When the PSX decided to use CDs, they were a relatively accepted medium thanks to music cds.
          Dual thumbsticks could also be somewhat attributed to the PS2, but thumbsticks themselves were innovated much earlier.

        • Sony ended two debates for home consoles: media format, and graphic strength. Sony’s first Playstation had 32-bit graphics at a time when everyone else was ramping up to 64-bit. N64 was constrained by the relatively small size available for cartridges (FF7 was the first of the franchise not to be on a Nintendo system specifically because Sakaguchi wanted to make a bigger, more visual game than was possible on a cart), and developing for the Saturn was incredibly complicated. At the end of the day, the cheaper PS1 with its lower-powered hardware ended up having the best graphics of its generation, owing to the larger space available for textures on the discs.

          Pretty much the same thing happened with the PS2: more disc space meant better graphics in spite of quantitatively inferior hardware, and having a built-in DVD player didn’t hurt, either.

          With the PS3, they decided to go big, and it blew up in their faces.

        • Not to be a Sony fanboy, but Sony had the first DUAL analog controller, which was quickly ripped off by everyone. Also: Why the fuck have they not swapped the second analog stick and the D-Pad yet -_-… I’m sorry, but sony fails at ergonomics. My hand is a shapely claw from long hours of video game playing, and it’s shaped in such a way that my left thumb is naturally positioned where their D-pad is. Bunch of assholes, not catering to their own customers needs..

        • I wonder if anyone made any references to the Sony’s PS2’s Eyetoy’s Magic Wand… Damn that was an ugly first concept of motion control.

          Which technically makes Nintendo the copycat in that department… But not like anybody gives a fuck.

        • Didn’t the PS3 launch for $799? Also notorious for being extremely difficult to develop on thus having an initial software drought.

          The PS2 was also more expensive at launch than the other consoles.

          Playstation and PSP too.

          So my question is, where did you get the idea that ‘dirt cheap consoles’ is part of their philosophy?

        • It doesn’t really matter if Sony innovated.
          In the past, their business philosophy was simply “Dirt cheap console, tons of games.”
          It worked and their consoles were the best of their respective generations. That’s the simple fact.

          All the bells and whistles of Nintendo’s consoles and accessories are worth a warm pitcher of spittle in comparison to an expansive, high quality selection of games.

        • The AX-E1 didn’t work with many games, but was compatible with the Megadrive, Sharp X68000 and also the PC Engine I think. Look it up. It looks a lot like the Saturn NiGHTS pad. Which in turn, although announced after the N64, it added analogue control to several pre-N64 games like Panzer Dragoon and Sega Rally. So quite a bit of forward thinking went into that one.

          Sony also went to Sega to develop a console pre-PlayStation. Sega of America were all for the idea, but Sega of Japan weren’t.

          There were loads of 3D games prior to the Virtua series. Hard Drivin’ is a pretty famous one that was released on several home formats. But as I said before, they really go back to the early ’80s.

          Eyetoy wasn’t the first video camera to work with a console. The Dreamcast had the Dreameye, which was pretty cool as it also worked as a digital camera when separated from the DC. And there was one for the Gameboy, although that didn’t do much other than take crap pictures as a novelty.

        • Sony was actually the first to implement motion controls. You may have heard of this little device called the Eye Toy for the PS2. The Sixaxis motion controller also shipped with the PS3 which technically launched before the Wii as well. They’re also the most aggressive at pushing new and advanced hardware. It may not be “innovative” in the way that some other features are viewed, but it’s definitely bleeding edge tech. From DVD players and the emotion engine in the PS2, to Blu-Ray and the Cell processor (and subsequently, PS3 linking) in the PS3.

          Where Sony really shines though is 3rd party relations. Establishing features and qualities that developers favor so that they make games for their system (Which is also what MS is really good at, which is why the 360 is stealing some of the PS3’s thunder this gen). Nintendo can innovate as much as they’d like, but when all that’s available on their system is Mario and Zelda, gamers aren’t going to flock to it.

        • The Wiimote was a gimmick that got in the way of gaming in most cases, very few games that used it were enjoyable to play with it. Thankfully, we could still use Gamecube controllers, LOL~

          I was disappointed when Sony copied the tool, and I’m just as disappointed with the motion tracking performance on Microsoft’s end.

          The Nintendo fanboys should keep in mind Nintendo’s recent track record of marketing to casual gaming at the expense of any real gaming before they blow their wad at this ‘new’ console.

        • Sony was the first to have CDs used in their system. This was Playstation. Everyone else didnt. Also not only brought CDs in gaming but 3D gaming as well, with the introduction to Final Fantasy 7.
          The PSX (Playstations Codename) was actually planned to be an ADD ON FOR THE FRIGGIN SNES.

          Nintendo wanted Sony to build an Add-on for their SNES, but ditched it… and Sony.
          Sony went on and wrote Console History with the Help of Nintendo.
          If it wasn’t for Nintendo, there would’ve never been a Sony Playstation to begin with.

          The Playstation didn’t bring us 3D Gaming as well. What the Fuck are you talking about? Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racing were the first 3D Games made on Consoles before and they were made for the Sega Genisis (ported from the Arcades back then).

          Don’t get me wrong, I love the PSX, I grew up with the SNES and PSX, but Sony never invented something on their own except maybe the Eyetoy.

        • Also some clarification, when I said they were the first to develop analogue sticks in home consoles, I meant the thumb analogue controls that we are familiar with today, as opposed to the “joysticks” that require you to use your entire hand.

        • First for CD in a console would be the NEC PC Engine, which was remarkably successful in Japan. By the time the PlayStation came out, Sega were already on their second CD-ROM machine, and arcades had been using Laserdiscs for at least 11 years.

          Most innovations are found in arcades. Analogue sticks, certainly, and there were several pre-N64 console versions like the Megadrive’s AX-1E. 3D goes back to Battlezone I think in 1980, and full colour polygons in 1983 with I, Robot. Motion sensors were seen in things like Sega’s fishing games and Samba de Amigo long before the Wii, and they had the Activator for the Genesis. Rumble is a poor relation to force feedback in gun and driving games. Touch screens were done with the Sega Pico, although there also used to be lightpens back in the CRT screen days.

          Nintendo haven’t really innovated much at all, and used to be notorious for not adapting to new technologies. But they are very good at marketing themselves so people think otherwise.

          The 3DS is mainly a DS with motion sensors and a 3D lenticular display, which has been seen before in the form of add-on plastic covers for the screens of other handheld devices. It’s not really doing anything that some phones from 2006 couldn’t do, although it does have the advantage of some decent buttons and a good back-catalogue.

        • This is a Nintendo article, please keep your Sony cocksucking, dickriding fandom to yourself. Nintendo had a lot of firsts in gaming history, enough said. I for one can’t wait to see what they come out with, I am always impressed by what the guys at Nintendo bring.

        • Well you seem to be someone who doesn’t know what there talking about. FF7 was released in 1997 where Super Mario 64, which was a game entirely in 3d came out in 1996. Also sega had the Mega CD for CD play with the Mega Drive in 1991 so they had CD play for a lot longer than sony’s ps1. Don’t talk, you’ll just make yourself seem more stupid.

        • Sony was the first to have CDs used in their system. This was Playstation. Everyone else didnt. Also not only brought CDs in gaming but 3D gaming as well, with the introduction to Final Fantasy 7.

          Other than that……..maybe you cant hack their system was innovating? Lol im more of a nintendo person. *shrugs*

        • No, he’s right. They were the first to implement rumble, the first to use an analog joystick on a home console, the first to implement save features and most recently, the first to utilize motion controls and touch screens. And these are only the more obvious ones.