US Retailers “Don’t Want Anime Games”


A company involved with localising Japanese games for the US has publicly lamented the fact that US retailers refuse to carry games which insist on substituting Chinese cartoons for the sort of manly testosterone dripping beefcakes Americans apparently love so dearly.

Xseed, the localisers for Japanese RPG Zwei, report that “retailers aren’t too crazy about the cutesy graphics, which makes our job a little more difficult.”

In an earlier update they mourn the fact that US retailers apparently refuse to stock insufficiently manly games:

“We do take game requests, but games based on anime are very difficult to do – unless it’s a Dragon Ball or Naruto title, retailers refuse to carry them.”

Japanese publishers and US retailers seem to agree – American gamers simply hate anime.

Obligatory “east vs west” cover comparison:


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  • Depends on the company really. If it is NIS America, I can completely understand why people don’t want to buy their games. They localize a bunch of the loli / moe games that have terrible gameplay and are very buggy / laggy. It never gets fixed either. Compare to xseed games that localize quality games with excellent stories, deep game play, and are polished off the shelf. You really can’t lump them together. Using Y’s as an example is also unfair and misleading. The new Y’s game for PS Vita is a hot item, people actually are buying the handheld specifically for that game.

  • This article is bull. It’s only true if you completely ignore the largest console game market, the DS. Cute graphics are the only thing that sell on the DS. Anime games on the other hand don’t sell cause the only ones in english are crap. The western made games that do well have anime style graphics though.

  • fuuuck! blind asswipes have no idea …. sigh. screw it im moving to Japan, ill learn Japanese so i can play all the “GOOD” games , not very often have i seen a game from my country that lives up to my standards, 1. it needs good animation, not graphics, i mean sure graphics are nice for eye candy, but ill take the old .hack games over gears of war any day, (dunno if thats a good comparison but hell idc atm)
    2. good voice acting, yeah… as stated way above this, VO is key to any good game these days, (save ones like Okami and monster hunter, badass in general :3)
    3. a character that has depth emotion (not too much emotion, emphasis on emo.) the main character(s) have to be real in a sense that you can discern what drives and hurts them, american characters are just too out there and untouchable, their motives are right there on the surface and thats usually 1 of 2 things, A. the girl; B. revenge, or a mix of both.
    or then theres the wildcard who couldnt give a damn about anyone just their misson

  • Wait, American gamers don’t like anime? I live in america and every single gamer I know LOVES anime! I’m all for games that use anime-style graphics, and so are many of my friends, but games that are adapted from existing anime though? They usually suck big hairy you-know-whats, just like most games adapted from movies. It’s really hard to make a non-interactive media into an interactive one because things that work for one don’t work for the other one. But as far as graphics are concerned, I’d much rather have big googly anime people than the testosterone-injected super-humans in most of the american games

  • Yes! This American gamer HATES anime! That’s why he’s played Golden Sun 2 7 times, Tales of Symphonia 3 times, SMT: Nocturne 3 times, and…. y’know what? Fuck it. I like anime and I like games <_< What I don't like are are shitty anime licensed games. The problem here is that all that mainstream knows is mostly Dragon Ball Z and Naruto (and Pokemon but fuck it). Let's face it, anime are cartoons and mostly kids watch cartoons and if the kids like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z then you can't blame 'em for wanting carrying what sells. Either that or their little brains are mesmerized by hyper action and realistic graphic that they're completely ignorant to the other side of things? Who knows. Probably worth looking into though.

  • all i read is blah blah blah “WE HATE JAP GAME” blah blah blah


    question why are you playing tekken? Dead or alive? Disgea

    all i can say is racism

    that is all

    also the above pic comparison of game that is wanted is PURE fail

    todays latest games are MORE appealing even if they are anime related……………including Gundam vs gundam

  • So lame. I would love to see a brutal gears style shooter with anime-esqe graphics. Or imagine something like Dead Space, playing as both a defenceless loli and her gun totting older sister. Hmm?

    Don’t worry though. Whilst US publishers and retailer have always been retards concerning this kind of thing, anime style games certainly aren’t on the decline. I’d say the it’s the opposite even. It’s just going to take some time before retailers realise it.

  • why is evrybody saying they do want Jrpgs coming to america, when the mayority preffers their’ air headed gears of war,why do people coment on something innevitable? say it to yourself and admit you play GoW or halo!.

  • It can’t be helped really. There has been a noticeable drop in quality in games they ship from Japan since the twilight years of PS2 right before PS3 shipped. A lot of fire and magic that made Japanese games fun for me disappeared in favor of catering to the lowest common denominator like pedo’s and chicks like to latch on to emotionally addled men with low self esteem.

    Effeminate male protagonists that are men in name only cause they act like they’re completely missing the Y chromosome seems to be the order of the day anymore for a lot of JP games, and god for bid the protagonist be over the age of 19 or better yet ACTUALLY LOOK that age. I can’t really fathom what happened either cause it never used to be like this so severely.

    It’s sad too cause when you actually find a diamond in the rough like Valkyria Chronicles only to take 2 steps back with something like say Trinty Universe or Star Ocean 4 it just makes you want to beat your head over and over again into a cement wall. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy fan service like anyone else but I draw the line with tired and worn out mangaka cliches. I mean Edge Maverick? Really? thats the protagonists name?

    And it just annoys me when I think about it cause 10 years ago the content filter was a little better on what did and did not come over. I can still play and have fun with 10 year old JP games like FF9 and The Legend of Dragoon and Xenogears and even Wild Arms 3 etc, and then scratch my head when I pick up something like Cross Edge and wonder who the fuck thought it was a good idea to sell this to a western market.

    I don’t know maybe my western sensiblities just can’t mesh with the current JP pop culture influencing games from Japan these days, but if things don’t change soon I’ll find my self drifting further and further away from JP games. Which will mean the end of console gaming to me since not enough western devs are pumping out Uncharteds or Little big planets or Warhawks to satisfy my needs. I like to do more then shoot things.

    Games just don’t have the same personality or charm as games made 8 or 9 years ago. I doubt most of the games made this gen will be memorable like Baldurs Gate or Skies of Arcadia. :/

  • It’s not that Americans hate anime, it’s that they over-saturated it appeal and have been watering it down with rehashed crap over the last 10+ years. Ten years ago anime was still new and interesting, but once they started showing it on tv, the novelty wore off and the quality went down from anime studios desperately trying to recapture an audience that they didn’t understand.

    Also American gaming caught up on the visual quality, and Japanese stories are often seen as unrelatable when they have an overly cute bug-eyed little girl (or androgynous boy) as the hero. It doesn’t matter how much ass they kick, the cuteness factor and one or two dimensional characters don’t resonate with American gamers.

  • Those guys only want to publish main streamline anime games. Naruto, DB/Z/GT, Bleach…etc. They don’t know what they’re missing in most Japanese games that have great gameplay and story.

  • Thanks to all those stupid american bastards, even the japanese market is slowly changing to cater to those people who don’t even know how many sides a triangle has.

    US retailers can don’t want anime games for all the fuck i care. and fuck localisation with its blood-squirting-from-ear piss poor dubbing. ALL and i mean ALL american dubs on japanese game really sucks like cow poop. If you want original, go sign up for some language course for fuck sake.

  • i’m agree with US retailer
    the reason
    jrpg= men wanna become a girls and this men transform into a girl mission
    have lolicon, come on, is natural you like a good woman but a little girl is a pederast

    • Um… I have no idea what you just said, but here goes on my reply.

      JRPGs do feature feminine looking men much of the time, but does it have to be so fucking polarized? I mean, do I really have to choose between Bridget and Duke Nukem all the time? I hate too much of both, honestly, and I say we need more well-toned men. Not buff; well-toned. Men who have a bit of muscle, but not much. And girls with C cups and maybe just a tiny bit of fat on them. Girls with curves and delicious ass and nice chests, pretty faces and who don’t fight in high heels and dental floss outfits [I’m looking at you, Ivy].

      I want more natural looking people. Femme men are a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re better than steroid riddled, misogynistic gun toters with bitches on either arm and a handful of snappy one liners. Those guys are forgettable. I want more characters like Dante and Bayonetta- not too big, not too small.

      Also, if you notice, these femme boys never get with actual loli girls. They might pal around with them, but they never sleep together. Well, almost never- I allow for the possibility that something outside my memory exists where this has happened. But the majority of the time, they have party members who are small girls and boys. Not love interests.

      Also, pederasty is the practice of an older man sleeping with a young boy. Wrong word dude.

  • I’m seriously considering finishing learning Japanese. At this rate if I want to play the games as they were made I’ll have to import them…
    And it irritates me how the retailers seem to forget that some people actually DO like the so called “girly” games.

  • Well,that does Americans wants,because they got jealous to the anime that storm around the globe , what if someone created a Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 4 in anime style cell shade graphic,will they support it?…..

  • I will say that, despite the fact there’s still some prejudice, things have gotten much better with regards to having game covers with anime-style art. It seems like through the 80s and most of the 90s, you had art style changes like Ys III up above. At least the US art in this case isn’t bad. You want bad, check out the Turbo-Grafx cover for Valis III, with the awfully manly-looking heroine on the US cover.

    • Where covers are the only concern, the way to go is reversible covers… lets the local retailers choose what they think will interest their customers, as well as allowing the consumer choose what they want when they put it on the shelf. Online stores can easily show both and advertise it as a bonus feature.

  • Well they are idiots for the most part, they’re pretty much forcing us to now stick to games that are manly. I NEVER LIKED TOO MUCH MUSCLE IN EVERY SINGLE VIDEO GAME. Nothing wrong with muscles, but having too much makes me want to punch somebody out.

    This just angers me so….I hope somebody will create a retailer that accepts all games including the niche ones. I hate it when the majority of americans just kicks the minorities around, some of those minorites include some americans who like anime-based games. All it takes is A LOT OF PEOPLE to say differently so dumb retailers will get the point already that some of us don’t give a darn about the artwork. But they listen too much to the majority.

    Some anime based games don’t suck as they think.

    I’m now leaning towards and amazon to get the games I want from now on.

  • this is sad news.. especially for a niche gamer

    i hope xseed/atlus/rising star games decide to collaborate together and start an online store where they ship their niche titles worldwide

    im sure it will be a huge hit

  • FUCK!!! I’m a harcore gamer and I love anime style games. Why must they dick over people like me? At least Resonance of Fate and Valkyria Chronicles had the original voices and english subs. I really want the Japanese version Nier tho, or Yakuza 3 with all the content… fuck it I’m learning Japanese, then I won’t have to buy shitty made for the US games.

  • But retail noobs don’t play games. How the hell do they know what we like? At this point I’ll just say R.I.P High Street Retail Noobs, you never stood a chance because you never understood the problem in the first place…

  • Bronxdragon says:

    ….This makes me think….are they so homophobic that they reject it or is it that they themselves feel inadequate when a fictional character who looks girly than they do is 200 times maniler than they ever could hope to be?

  • ptolemy66t says:

    just start buying directly from japan, even if you don’t know japanese and ignore US stores AT ALL TIMES, if you have any kind of skill in learning quickly without even looking at the manual. You’ll know how to play in a hour despite the language barrier

    and to add, if they lose a chunk of earnings from the loss they might change their mind, if not its a win/win

    you get your games and they get their money from those jocks

  • wow I didn’t have time to read through all of this man stuff here gets a lot of comments quickly. I certainly would buy games with cute characters but then I am odd and I expect people would look at my games and think I was odd…I have enough trouble with people thinking I am some pedophile for having the one or two moe anime I have…(Yeah owning piano makes me a pedophile god people are stupid..its not like I own princess 69…oh wait I do..)

    Anyway yes hentai games would sell like hotcakes here and if you want a manly one to start with bring over the rance series…it is hard to get manlier than rance..(of course the controversy would be terrible but then that would just move more product..)

  • Hey, the cover art for the second one is simply BETTER.

    The first one any student of “How to Draw Manga” books could do. The colors shine garishly. It’s just “These are my first Manga characters! I maded my very first Manga!” and the menacing villain in the background looks more goofy than scary.

    The second image is Professional level. The whole image is at least “Golden Mean” balanced, both the elements and figures -AND- the colors. And frankly, it’s better based on the game, the artist probably played the first level, it reflects the “Constant Pest Deflection” annoyance of fighting through that game. However, that is my fav part, taping down the “Slash” button so your character just slashes endless enemies and then doing something else as you level up. The next day, you are Overman and then you can casually go through about to the end without croaking!

    Last, but not least, well the “Western” market is at least not (yet) a market of shut-ins that like effeminate Homosexual appealing “Boys” and pedophile appealing “Women” who look like little girls. Despite the Reptile Overlord’s attempts to turn us into just such a culture, we still see our fantasy adventure heroes as “Conan” esque characters and luscious wenches. Strong, adventurous, lusty, macho, MEN. Not wimpy faggoty fantasy boys and lolita girls!

    Matter of fact, even the “Gays” tend to like the beefy versus the “Young Boys”. (well, I think “high Fashion” is different, but that’s a different argument!)

    So, really, if some adventurer is carrying a sword that looks like a cutting blade off a 50 foot mecha, he’d better be buffed like the Hulk… Not everyone, including “heroic fantasy” friends have the “Suspension of Disbelief” of a “Fursuit Lifestyler”… Some “Thud and Blunder” or in sci-fi “Bolognium” is OK even awesome, but too much burns a bit.

    Likewise, the ladies in these things, esp recently…

    Let’s have “Conan” (see note) or a similar adventurer type meet up with one of these “Waifs” that somehow we have to think of as strong and capable as “Red Sonjia” if not “Wonder Woman”… Really, let Conan meet up with a “Loli Pirate” or that childish “Alchemist”. “Mistah! Mistah! Will you ADVENTURE with me!? Most men my age are such little boys! Want to make love to me?” And he’d be “Excuse me, young girl, I have a putrid boil on one side of mine anus which I must lance forthhaste!” and run, run, RUN.

    This is to protect HIM.
    He likes women when he’s not dumping them in cesspools and they tend to warn him when the city guards are looking for him or even hide him when he’s too drunk and a “Loli” is deadly toxic waste to that. Law or no law, women HATE “Loli” – she’s a worse ‘competition’ to them than a barefoot 6 year old girl is to a well paid factory worker. Supposedly (right…) all the sex but less “Please give some of thine loot to fix my family’s shack…” manipulation or at least open whoring. It’s not true, she’d be just as demanding as a woman AND a child, just as annoying as both and if she’s Tween/Teen going through a “Change of life” and just when he gets used to her, she turns worse… But the adult women see her as a reminder of their own clocks ticking away so a man doing her is someone they hate.

    So, the Barmaid can cook for and bandage you, the Merchant’s daughter you rescue can get you a job, the Princess can give you a “Usurper Card” if you can stand her, the whore gives a good lay and information on the Priest of the Dark Gawdz… The Warrior Woman and Sorceress are wild cards but the “Witches” don’t wear underwear and if you don’t mind the doing the crone and her daughter at the same time and giving blood for their ritual are powerful allies…

    But the “Loli” gets the town “Lynch Mob” running after you faster than punching out the drunk who’s the mayor’s son. “Protecting her”…right…the women are jealous.

    They actually had a neat “Savage Sword of Conan” on this issue. Conan ended up rescuing a young (early tween) girl who instantly developed a crush on him. He was determined to get her to safety, but she made his way there miserable by interfering (intentionally and non) with his womanizing! It was a dumb but funny as h— story…

    I’m not bashing manga, but parts of it’s appeal do need to be taken into consideration. Lots of manga I LOVE. “Monster Collection” for example, “Battle Angel”, “Vampire Hunter D”…

    —–Note: I don’t mean the “Detective boy” though IMO if they met, they’d get along. Conan solved problems with his mind too on occasion, he’d like the smart, brave and resourceful boy who he’d “Train” to also use a sword!

    Join my group, join MANarchy!!!

    • Doesn’t matter if it looks so detailed, professional or even Leonardo Da Vinci-ish. They instantly fail the moment they went overboard from the original by injecting steroids on Adol and make the game (visually) taking place 30 years later.

      If it’s a classic painting in a museum, i’d be hugely amused but seriously not in this kind of case.

  • I think it’s mostly a case of guilt by association; JRPGs aren’t in the best of reputation, so when a person glances that Japanese aesthetic they’ll write it off instantly.

    This would explain the Dragon ball and Naruto anomaly in that those are fairly well known franchises in the west whereas the torrent of mediocre games are just that: a complete wash devoid of any vestige of taste in the western eye.

    Of course the occidental age-old obsession with gigantic, rippling walls of man-flesh mustn’t be understated either; there’s definitely that bias toward anything ‘manly’.

    It’s perhaps worth noting the same processes apply with to any visual media as well.

    • Actually we never got those games over here because they would have been rated mature and companies are even less likely to release a “mature” anime game. You can blame ESRB and US retailers for the lack of Ikki tousen (which never made it exactly because of the would be mature rating), queen’s blade, and others.

      Personally I hate FPS or TPS with a passion. So boring a no real character, story, or emotion is involved with the games. Fuck my nation for being more tolerant on violence than the natural act of sex. Not to mention fuck them for also censoring the shit out of everything and for them catering to only one or two groups of video gamers…I’ll stick with visual novels from now on. They tend to be more *enjoyable* in the long run anyway.

  • Even though i hate the game i have one word for this. WOW, animated sometimes cutsey characters in one of the largest rpgs in the world. Wtf are these ppl talking about, if ppl in america didnt like anime why does anime sell so well in america? Maybe not all anime games would be popular but look at how they are generally made. Most movie, tv, and anime ports rarely turn out to be a good game. Dont blame the people blame the creators of the game

  • US retailers not wanting “anime games” has LOOOOOOOOOONNNGGG been a problem. Even as a kid in the 8 and 16 bit days of video gaming, there were a bunch of titles I wanted ported over from Japan. But the chance of it happening was like 1 in a million. And sadly, decades later, the problem still persists and hasn’t gotten any better.

    Only a very special few lineup get the translation treatment to the USA.

    Import gaming may be an answer, but d**n, if you don’t understand Japanese, you can be totally screwed with certain gaming genres. RPG & Strategy games would be right out of the question.

  • wow, I have found a new level of disrespect for my country. why do retailers get to decide what they sell? they are a front for the game market. video games draw people to their otherwise bare electronic section (wal-mart, target, pick one…) and they don’t even make any profit on the new games. the only time a retailer can say anything is when the game is controversial to the general public. anime is not, it is IN DEMAND! hell, japan makes most of our electronic accessories anyway

    • You are kidding me. Why do retailers get to decide what they sell? Every fucking retailer in any business does that with items, it’s not just video games. This has been going on forever. It’s not a new concept the USA just invented to piss off the Japanese in video games

    • How about they just release a version with RPG aspects taking precedence over yet another TPS, the way it should have been following the first.

      Some jackasses might call it streamlining the experience, myself & other people who don’t like this bullshit call it dumbing down for the masses. Happening with almost every franchise now, seems like the only ones sticking to traditions are those on handhelds or companies who rather deliver for their fans over millions of drooling morons.

  • lol one of the reasons why japan don’t what to localize their games. seriously why the fuck would anyone not want to enjoy different games altogether. if this keeps up we may see region lock games that can only be played to a certain system oh wait it’s already happening fuck that though ps3 is an exemption. hopefully next gen every game system is region free 🙂

    • Region locking has nothing to do with ‘COUNTRY PRIDE/HATE DERP DURR HURR!!”, it’s to keep sales for consoles in their countries. US Microsoft wants to make money off US games instead of everyone just importing it from Japan months eariler for around the same price.

    • The only ones who buy games based on anime are otaku weaboo losers and there aren’t as many of them in the West as there are in Japan.

      In Japan, there’s a whole subculture you can market to, to exploit for millions of yen.

      In the West? Not so much. Anime is still very much a niche market and no one’s going to invest in licensing and marketing a title that won’t sell.

      Unless it’s a big, brand name title like Final Fantasy, Japanese Games usually bomb in the US.

      • This is true. I personally don’t see why they’re complaining why they can’t sell what amounts to shit. Gee, maybe that’s because your game sucks, perhaps?

        But I digress. There are plenty of games I’d like to see that have nothing to do with anime, like more good Survival Horror games and so on. If you’d produce more of the good, thought-provoking games and fun video games full of kickass non-cliched characters and interesting plot, then we’d fucking buy more. I for one would be willing to even shell out for a few imports, aside from my Gyakuten Saiban remakes.

        Also, I knew reading this someone would have to bring up NiER. See my other post for my views on that:
        Biggest problem with NiER that I saw, is the execution of the story. I mean, we can handle not being smacked in the face with plot- we can take a bit of subtlety. NiER was… a tad too subtle. They basically required you to buy extra materials in order to get the full story, like they did with Drag-On Dragoon/Drakengard. Which basically meant that they only wanted the Japanese players to get the full story… >_>

  • LanceRayne says:

    oh, lemmie also say that if a company that holds a license from another country and is NOT distrubuting product of the newer type, then they HAVE to sell it.
    i want my macross in the us. as well as other stuff.
    oh yeah, funimation can GETTHEFUCKOUTTADODGE

  • LanceRayne says:

    i can understand the want to make money and not be able to cater to everyone. however, i DONT play halo or rockband. so, im left with the other titles that make up the console picks. so, i want my mutherfuckinganimeconvertedtoUSfeaturesgamesandwhatnotyoumotherfuckers.

  • what I hate the most about that, is that in Europe we get the US converted crap…
    If something is censored for US taste, we get fucked too, if a game’s art is reconverted for US, it makes it to EU too, if a game isn’t released in the US, it probably won’t make it to europe either and so on.
    Companies take US taste as a standard for all the western world.
    It may be fitting for the UK and Germany, but what about Spain, for example… bah
    The trend is not so strong nowadays as it used to be, but it’s pretty much still in force, unfortunatelly.

  • You know, despite what views the game makers and retailers have, they need to grow some balls and actually try to sell some of the really good anime games, or any of those categories that they imagine Americans so despise. They might actually be surprised how well it fares.

    Imagine how hard it was at first to convince retailers to carry Naruto merchandise and the like before it became popular, and obviously all those big titles exploded into huge money machines for all involved.

    Hell, even something as strangely Japanese as Katamari Damacy, a game that takes a swan dive off the deep end of what most would think as the Japanese weirdness scale did pretty well when it was released here. My 9 year old nephew finds that game HILARIOUS.

    So, you guys looking at me? Eyes on the prize for a sec? Grow some balls and try something new if you want to make some money and crawl out of the recession woes you so whine about.


  • The retailers have it all dead on.

    I mean who wants some girls or feminine looking guys on their cover art or even in their games.

    The American gamer wants big strong men. Men with rippling muscles, chiseled jawlines, sculpted abs and a huge coc… what were we talking about again?

  • There is indeed a market for anime games. That’s why Atlus keeps bringing them over. They are making money off this very well.

    However, the problem is not a lot of anime games are actually good. That’s why westerners are picky. You can’t just slap on boobs or give westerners some flat chest loli. They won’t buy it just for that. Maybe some, but most won’t.

    Sadly some companies such as Namco think that just because a few western companies voiced their opinion, it means most people over here hate their “Tales of” series. They are very very wrong.

    Make no mistake, there really is a large market for it in the west. However, western fans are getting to the point where they dislike the old fashioned battle menu system or some crappy battle system like Y’s.

    They want something like a good battle system like Tales of Symphonia. Or a new and interesting strategy turn based like Valkyria Chronicles.

    If you can’t have a really good system, then it has to be written really really well like Disgaea or Phoenix Wrights.

    Sadly, Disgaea games are getting to the point where the old strategy system is getting boring and old. They’ve recycled the same system like 5+ times by now. It’s not that good anymore.

  • To be fair, that Ys artwork looks really old. Americans have changed since then, and I don’t think such changes happen as much now. Didn’t final Fantasy 12 sell like crazy in the states?

  • the problem is there are too few major game retailers so there is no way to force a market diversity. Cause I mean what is there? Gamestop then electronic stores and if your lucky you may live around a mom and pop game shop

  • I doubt retailers will stop carrying Atlus games… Square Enix games? Eh…

    Well, it doesn’t really matter to me. I would only be worried if Kojima dropped the ball and tried his hands at a moe-action-dating sim-shooter.

  • The Japanese-bias on this site is almost sickening at times. It’s about being called “gay” or a “geek” for having cutesy games, it’s about questioning whether they’re that good.

    Cutesy graphics more often than not usually are games that don’t take themselves too seriously. Some are fun, playful, and somewhat childish. Trinity Universe has to be one of the worst games I’ve ever played, and aside from the fallic-fun, Agarest War’s core game play and battle systems pale in comparison to other games.

    The Ar Tonelico, while featuring an interesting world, story and characters, falls into EVERY SINGLE anime gimmick people have seen a BILLION times before. Small and big boobie jokes galore.

    There are exceptions, Zwei is indeed a great game. But Western Audiences prefer to play games, not graphic novels of 2D girls (again) falling into one-type personalities we’ve all seen before.

    Mind you, I’m not a huge WRPG fan either. They adore muscle-men as much as JRPGs love magical girls. Quite frankly, both sides do things a different way, and both are becoming stale in some senses.

  • I don’t think the problem is American gamers hating anime style games, the problem is that many anime games sucked (well, the ported versions at least). I’m going to be honest, Bleach is one of my favorite anime and when I played the Bleach games that was released on the wii, I so very disappointed.

    Firstly, the story-line sucked (a filler video game?! come on) and second, playing a street fighter style game with a wiimote=shittiest gameplay ever. Because of these kind of games, many American will not waste their money on anime-styled game hence, retailers not carrying them.

    I would like to play an anime game that has a good story-line and has fun gameplay… and does not get boring very fast.

    Oh, and the last remnant was a complete failure. I think that discouraged retailers the most.

  • oh great, if this keep going we will need to beg for a decent J-rpg we are arledy missing in EU and USA more then Half of the Tales Series games and now i found ppl don’t want Japanese game bullshit, you know what a poor guy that don’t like FPS need to do go in Japan and raid the Publisher ( i wuold gldly do that to namco bandai tbh)

  • Hay, Artefact. Can you give us a list of major game stores that are the main driving factor behind this problem, so that we can start some kind of letter-writing campaign to get more anime games?

  • Uggh, that’s BS. American gamers don’t hate anime at all and if they’re stupid enough to believe that they’re idiots. The quality of the games are SHIT, not the fact they’re anime. Look how well Persona and other games sold, but look at some of these games on the PS3 that use PSX technology, this is something I seen on the back of a PS3 game today, no fooling it said this to get people to buy it:

    “Not only do the character’s faces move but their whole bodies movie as well!”

    WELL JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! Isn’t that the height of gaming entertainment!! Maybe if they stopped releasing rehashed SHIT they’d sell stuff. But no, they don’t, and they blame it on anime. Idiots.

  • if i have to play a game in the third person, and i have a choice between male of female, i chose female. i get called gay and fag by even my parrents for this, but i look at it this way.

    if im going to sink 10+ hours (600+ in some cases) into this game, id rather stare at a females ass than a males.

    • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

      Don’t forget Drake from the Uncharted games. He’s in great shape, but sure ain’t no jock.

      The basic problem? Western execs are stupid, thinking that now that muscleheads are “gamers”, they’re going to carry the industry. Funny, I didn’t know Madden and Halo was enough to keep the gaming industry alive…

      Other half of the problem: Eastern companies don’t always make the best choices of what to send for localizing, and forget about this thing called “promotions”, leaving what might’ve sold pretty decently, to languish in obscurity. Case in point: The Super Robot Wars/Taisen(on this side of the pond) games. Only gotten 2 GBA versions and 1 DS installment, so far. :'(

  • What could be an excellent opportunity to corner the market on the demand for these products from specialty stores/distributors will be lost due to uncertainty from UNICEF & business signals from D.C will keep these products from reaching US Shores.

  • Just gotta learn japanese already, then I can have all the nice thinks, and spit on the rest of the market. I sick and tired of all this s–t with licensing, translation, localization and logic fails.

  • Expected when most gamers are children or manchildren with serious confidence issues, if its asian looking its moeshit.
    There’s a niche market for this stuff if its good with the more mature connoisseur but its not big enough for the Walmarts and gamestops, more like online or in other specialized stores.

  • Does anyone realize “retailers” means stores like Walmart? There will still be stores like Gamestop that cater to the niche gamer.

    This has nothing to do with publishers ceasing to make “anime” games. Wether Japanese publishers release their games overseas is another matter altogether, albiet one that looks not so promising.

  • Either American gamers are idiots (which I doubt) or the retailers are using them as a very VERY bad excuse to not sell stuff from the east. It almost sounds a bit like making an excuse to not invite Japanese culture to the US lol.

    Biggets problem is, if the US doesn’t sell things like those, neither will other country’s most of the time -.-

  • angermyode says:

    This is really just a poor business model. Think of it this way: was Luke Skywalker a musclebound jock? And if you compare the Spiderman of Saturday morning cartoons with the movie version, you can see that there’s actually a trend in media towards more svelte heroes. So they’re really just being retarded and basing their thinking on stereotypes.

  • I don’t really think that this has very much to do with macho vs anime in the least. Honestly its the quality of most anime games that are produced. In the US we don’t have as many batshit obsessed otaku like they do in Japan. Thusly so many of the sub par games that Japanese developers pass off to their public with popular anime icons don’t get picked up by US companies that know they won’t sell. Not saying that anime games are bad its just unless it carries a massive amount of star power it doesn’t receive very much in the way of funding and ends up being a bargain bin game. Even if most of the characters in US games are macho gun toting roid ragers the quality of the game still governs how popular it is.

  • These retailers obviously are only seeing part of the market. There’s usually a significant overlap of “gamers” and “anime fans.” Anime graphics attract anime fans. Though I will admit games that aren’t part of an established franchise tend to sell poorly unless they promote the hell out of them.

  • I’m not sure what is causing this? Could it be that as gaming has become more main stream it has become more susceptible to Western bias? The Western market has risen in influence at the same time that the Japanese market has declined. Perhaps there is a perception that games that are overtly Japanese don’t sell well unless they are sufficiently Westernized. Who knows?

  • traducing some comments from DQNPLUS.

    7 : 鉈(高知県):2010/08/08(日) 23:13:41.05 ID:X19uHJrQ
    (They have rotted eyes.)

    8 : MPS AA-12(アラバマ州):2010/08/08(日) 23:13:51.00 ID:5kgcE9zo
    (Good. Moe should be a japanese exclusive closed culture. )

    10 : 税理士(長野県):2010/08/08(日) 23:14:15.59 ID:scE8YUxF
    (Natives brains dont accept symbolism.)

    11 : 鵜飼い(長屋):2010/08/08(日) 23:14:20.40 ID:AXWeExsB
    (They are junior high school kids what think real and violence is adult.)

    13 : 水先人(福岡県):2010/08/08(日) 23:14:31.76 ID:g2DN9MvN
    (Just turn it musculous when release it oversea.)

    • 19 : 救急救命士(東京都):2010/08/08(日) 23:15:12.39 ID:ulLP+Ei/
      (When exporting it turn all female character in MGS4 graphic’s Merril(?).)

      23 : ドライバー(アラバマ州):2010/08/08(日) 23:16:11.32 ID:6lWFzJHN
      (Transform only the package to realistig draw as they like it.)

      25 : 僧侶(東京都):2010/08/08(日) 23:16:25.21 ID:o+BNELm6
      (What a ”Third world country delays for some half century from us.”)

      26 : AV監督(神奈川県):2010/08/08(日) 23:16:25.92 ID:1sSOIcjA
      (It is not being so accepted in japan too.)

      27 : 経営コンサルタント(鹿児島県):2010/08/08(日) 23:16:51.83 ID:bgk14Zst

      (Before I tried some of them, when I saw a anime draw I felt sick.
      I think If you don’t have a occasion(chance?) it is unnable to be accepted.
      In oversea this occasion is close to none.)

      28 : 音楽家(神奈川県):2010/08/08(日) 23:17:10.61 ID:gKKU6/UC
      (Muscle gorilas = Real? LOL)

      30 : 韓国人(東日本):2010/08/08(日) 23:17:35.32 ID:JRl0f2/9
      (I feel sick when I see a draw like american cartoon.
      I lose willingness while playng a flashgame with it.)

      32 : 音楽家(岡山県):2010/08/08(日) 23:17:56.10 ID:pqfZraQ/
      (I understand about Anime drawing being unnaceptable.
      But I can’t understand being happy with purely nasty Oblivion’s graphic.*)
      *Refering about the FACE of characters being UGLY at Oblivion.

      38 : 声楽家(アラバマ州):2010/08/08(日) 23:18:40.56 ID:qjLLUNKI
      (The anime otaku of oversea’s ice age still continues…)

      41 : ドライバー(アラバマ州):2010/08/08(日) 23:19:05.88 ID:G/q28u3F
      (Oblivion face is NASTY!!)

      43 : シナリオライター(神奈川県):2010/08/08(日) 23:19:08.43 ID:2xaVtStj
      (Their beautiful woman is what we says about old rag.)

      44 : ドライバー(東京都):2010/08/08(日) 23:19:08.83 ID:MdLw4phX
      (It is not about what is better.)

      45 : 救急救命士(岩手県):2010/08/08(日) 23:19:23.27 ID:cXIN2fJc
      (Oversea’s graphic is a nasty 3D avatar isn’t it?
      I think they have a different brain structure.)

      49 : フランキ・スパス12(岡山県):2010/08/08(日) 23:19:39.36 ID:6DGXvM+R
      (So stop playng hentai games.)

      52 : 消防官(三重県):2010/08/08(日) 23:19:48.60 ID:0b+lND0+
      (Their real world have too much fats.
      Turn all chara to fat persons before complaint it.)

      55 : ドライバー(滋賀県):2010/08/08(日) 23:20:01.31 ID:YSGCDGsC
      (World only with muscled guys = real? Say it before hang down your obesity rate.)

      57 : ドライバー(東京都):2010/08/08(日) 23:20:12.75 ID:l53ClTuM
      (I prefer real but the girls have to be cute.
      What the f* is that modeling what you want to punch off!?)

      60 : ドライバー(埼玉県):2010/08/08(日) 23:20:20.80 ID:gpiREsH5
      別に受け入れなくていいから 干渉しないでください
      (You don’t need to accept it. But don’t intervent to us.)

  • I’m not sure what is causing this. Gaming going more mainstream, and therefore becoming more Western centric, the general rise of Western developers in the gaming in conjunction with the relative decline of of the Japanese market, or a perception that games that are too Japanese didn’t sell?

  • I think a partial reason why I like Japanese games is because they generally give you a range of characters to play. Nearly all the Japanese games I own have either a strong female lead character, or strong female supporting characters. They also tend to offer better age ranges, as in having younger or older characters. I only have one Western game where the main character is a woman, and that’s Kameo. Some other Western games offer a female as an option, but it’s only an option, not seen as standard (for instance, Mass Effect).

    I wish more Western developers saw the story potential in gender, race and age instead of seeing it as a waste of time or a gimmick.

  • I just love it when retailers decide what I like or don’t like for me.

    It’d be great if there was some means of making the gamescripts publicly available with some means of using a text patch on a memory stick or HD…

    …or if there were more JRPGs on PC.

  • Fucking moronic. I’d love to see more anime games in america… anyone who thinks anime games can’t be “macho” and “dripping with testosterone” apparently never played the berserk games D:

    • I hear ya g0dslay3r, at least even if they don’t get released locally we still have the means to get. On that note, thank goodness my Japanese is enough to get me by on those games, and for the fanbase on the internet that’d go outta their way to put translations up for us.

  • Actually, most of us have already been missing a lot of games Japanese games due to this, so I’m not surprised at all. Take the Super Robot Taisen series or maybe the Another Century’s Episode series for example; they’ve never been localized AT ALL. But did that stop me? Nooooo~ And I’m sure other gamers won’t be stopped as well. Really, it’s only a matter of looking for the right way to get your hands on it (which differs greatly in between individuals, but that doesn’t stop us).

    In short: Screw the local companies..let’s all just support the mother-of-all-awesome companies that are in Japan instead.

  • Heres a wild thought, why not sell the games with reversible covers? One side for totally-not-homo half naked men wielding swords, the other for totally-not-gay cutesy girls.

    I always cringe when I see the american cover to Guardian Heroes for Sega Saturn and sadly lament the fact we didn’t get the awesome japanese one

    • That is a brilliant idea, and therefore it will never take off…

      I for one personally prefer 2D artwork on imported JP games to the 3D ugliness which infects the covers of localized versions.

  • pretty much, americans are too worried about being called a faggot and having their sexuality questioned for not constantly fucking something, of course, we all know master chief is the most realistic depiction of war, I mean theres no way there could be sadness or despair in soldiers right?

  • I coulda told you this without an article, just based on sales. Americans don’t want cutesy looking anime characters. That doesn’t sell in America. So of course retailers aren’t gonna be stocking all kinds of games that won’t sell. Its not being racist, or hating on anime games or anything… its a business. You stock what sells. Supply and demand. Am I the only one who understands the logic behind this?

  • Interstingly enough my mom asked me JUST this morning about this very thing. i told her that most americans seem to want gun toting overmuscled soldiers rather than story. Her thought was that most aren’t secure enough to play a cute woman. Either way something tells me that it’s also the mainstreaming of gaming and how all the college frat boys and their kin want muscular war sims full of action movie cliches. Course not saying japanese games don’t have cliches theirs are just better IMO.

  • Fucking retarded… Jock ass holes are going to end up making me miss out on some great games. While a game like Demon’s Souls isn’t cute at all, I fear even those types of japanese games will get hit simply because they are japanese due to this crap…

  • Could this be the real reason why video game covers have to be fucked up when the game are released in the West? *Retailers*, not gamers, decide that cute girls aren’t homoerotic enough and demand that they be replaced by big, hairy, sweaty, muscular men? Do the retailers have any idea what Western gamers like? Why don’t they let us choose instead of patronisingly choosing for us and saying that we hate anything that looks Japanese?

    Incidentally, when Pokemon was released in the West, the creators refused to make it more “macho” in order to make foreigners like it. IIRC, Pokemon did rather well in the West with all its cute characters, didn’t it? Even in my working class school, all the boys loved Pikachu when they weren’t committing petty crimes or fighting.

    • What was the last anime video game that wasn’t horrendous?

      To this day they’re all pretty god damn half assed and just a way for them to make a “quick buck” from the franchises name..

      Anime’s based on games don’t count either..

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I hope there are more stalwart proponents of western culture like Atlus and NIS to keep pushing for ports no matter what.

      Not every company or retailer believes in the nonsense in that article.

    • If anything, losing the Tales series is like finally winning against cancer. Stop playing that shitty JRPG franchise.

      I don’t really care either way, smart people use Amazon & other online sites. Unless Kmart is having much better deals for games I want, I never step into a store for games anymore.

    • Here some reactions of japaneses about it.

      7 (They have rotted eyes.)

      8 (Good. Moe should be a japanese exclusive closed culture. )

      10 (Natives brains dont accept symbolism.)

      11 (They are junior high school kids what think real and violence is adult.)

      13 (Just turn it musculous when release it oversea.)

      19 (When exporting it turn all female character in MGS4 graphic’s Merril(?).)

      23 (Transform only the package to realistig draw as they like it.)

      25 (What a “Third world country delays for some half century from us.”)

      26 (It is not being so accepted in japan too.)

      27 (Before I tried some of them, when I saw a anime draw I felt sick.
      I think If you don’t have a occasion(chance?) it is unnable to be accepted.
      In oversea this occasion is close to none.)

      28 (Muscle gorilas = Real? LOL)

      30 (I feel sick when I see a draw like american cartoon.
      I lose willingness while playng a flashgame with it.)

      32 (I understand about Anime drawing being unnaceptable.
      But I can’t understand being happy with purely nasty Oblivion’s graphic.*)
      *Refering about the FACE of characters being UGLY at Oblivion.

      38 (The anime otaku of oversea’s ice age still continues…)

      41 (Oblivion face is NASTY!!)

      43 (Their beautiful woman is what we says about old rag.)

      44 (It is not about what is better.)

      45 (Oversea’s graphic is a nasty 3D avatar isn’t it?
      I think they have a different brain structure.)

      49 (So stop playng hentai games.)

      52 (Their real world have too much fats.
      Turn all chara to fat persons before complaint it.)

      55 (World only with muscled guys = real? Say it before hang down your obesity rate.)

      57 (I prefer real but the girls have to be cute.
      What the f* is that modeling what you want to punch off!?)

      60 (You don’t need to accept it. But don’t intervent to us.)

      • 45 and 55 made me lol so hard!

        From those two I think I can gather that there must be a relation between being fat and overcompensating by having overly “macho” men in most Americans.

        I’m an American… am thin/slim/svelte… and don’t feel threatened by playing cutesie graphics with lolis featured as main characters.

        I feel odd now.

        • Yeah, I figure that if I’m going to be looking a character for an entire game, give me a pretty woman (and not the “sexy” types you typically see in American games… a woman that’s not an oversexed piece of skank)… cute will do as a second choice (loli isn’t really my thing, but it’s better than many other options). The irony is when you see players that refuse to play with those characters out of some homophobic fear that they’re not manly enough… so they precede to play with characters that are huge pieces of homoerotic beefcake instead. Which, I suppose, is fine if you’re still a prepubescent boy.

        • It’s the middle of the road people that have it bad with stuff like this. I, for one, am overweight (not like 500 lbs, but still) and would like to have more muscle as well, but I prefer games with good looking graphics and a good story. That said, I’d much rather look at a cute girl than 500lbs of pure muscle -_-

    • Worse comes to worse, 3rd pary sellers like Amazon and Play-Asia, or even the game companies themseleves will be our salvation…

      Take NIS and their online store for example…

      I buy all their games directly from their Rosenqueen website~

      What game companies should do is keep the voice-acting, change the text to english and sell it to those who love and appreciate anime games…

      F*ck Gamestop, F*ck the retailers who don’t want them, and f*ck the insecure fools who are with the rest of these mindless, testosterone fueled jock-bastards closet-homos…

      I mean, I love beefy hunks and GAR male characters, but I also love cute, silly lolis/anime girls and hell, even some certain pokemon and digimon species…I’m a greedy bisexual hentai fiend after all…

      My point is…Direct buy from the companies themselves, providing it is localized (just the text, keep everything else Japanese and unedited for American and western family…To hell with family values when it’s a videogame)…

    • A good way to get past this is to make the games dlc, or sell them online and ship, but doing it like this isn’t really good since people tend to want to buy it in stores, and it will be hard to publicize it…

    • Actually, we’ve already been missing on some great games do to this. Take Super Robot Taisen or Another Century’s Episode for example. But did that stop me? Noooo~ And neither will it stop other gamers as well. It’s just a matter of looking for the right way (which varies individually) to get our hands on it.

      In short: Screw the local companies. Let’s just directly support the mother-of-all-awesomeness companies that are in Japan instead.

      • in game design school the second thing they taught us right out of the gate, was that if you think you know what everyone wants, you are already going down the wrong path… the first thing was of course, “keep it simple stupid!(or KISS)”

        this pretty much implies that your own tastes may match up with some other people, but there is always someone who would prefer something else.

        if any one is curious, KISS is basically about the designing of games. don’t try to make lots of systems that you will have to integrate seperately as opposed to the template system, which streamlines the game mechanics and results in the same performance.

        • KISS isn’t a game design thing… it’s a general design thing that goes back a long way. Wherever things are being designed, KISS is a rule you’ll hear. Unneeded complexity isn’t a good thing for design unless you’re trying to create Art instead of designing something for use. And even in Art, too much complexity can ruin what you’re doing.

        • SquareEnix should have been doing this since Final Fantasy X was released, but apparently someone implanted the idea in their heads that any trace of Japan in a JRPG will destroy sales, and so they’ve done their damnest to scrub any signs of Japanese culture or language from their games.

          And then of course we hit the era of blu-ray with Final Fantasy XIII where they really have no excuse, at which point they create one saying the XBox 360 and PS3 versions have to be identical. Since the XB version already uses multiple DVDs, they can’t afford the space, and thus no extra language track on either. Seriously, fuck that shitty port. You really have to wonder what other compromises they made to the PS3 version to get that game looking and working even remotely close on the 360.

          They’ve got one last chance with FF Versus 13 to make a decent game, and if they fuck it up, I’m done with their company.

        • “Trinity Universe has the option to have Japanese voice acting and English subs. It’s the first JRPG I’ve seen to do that in America.”

          if thst is the first game you’ve seen with dual language VO options, you haven’t been paying attention. Almost ALL NIS america games have dual audio options, and they’ve been doing this since the Original release of Disgaea.

        • [i][/i]
          Holy fucking crap,wtf is this?Cant they notice how bad the VA was after?Seems they pick random people on street,pay some bucks and record in 2 3 days and call a go…
          Tales of eternia had a terrible dub too with the main character talking with a mood of a zombie,but this chaos head,is just wow…

        • Trinity Universe has the option to have Japanese voice acting and English subs. It’s the first JRPG I’ve seen to do that in America.

          I wish they would all do that, BluRay has enough room.

        • You know, since the originals are in japanese, and they are going to do dubs (if they sell it here) anyhow, why not just add english dub, english sub to the options that you can turn on and off? They can probably charge an extra 10 for it or so.

        • FallsfromGrace says:

          I’ve found that most portable games have pretty bad dub va, persona 3 an obvious exception, it started out on a home console but they have added a lot to it and maintained the standard.

          All down to the studios responsible and expected sales I guess.

          I would rather have no va than bad va, especially if you can’t turn it off.

          It must be cheaper to not dub and just keep the original voices.