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  • You need to be able to read to play most games in the first place…

    Also, I somehow get the feeling that they are just assuming all gamers speak in “1337” speak or game slang. With MMOs I can understand that most young players will start to shape their vocabulary on slang that their peers use, or won’t bother correcting typos for convenience, but that doesn’t mean kids are going to be using slang on school essays and things… at least not the smart ones.

    In fact I think most games encourage people to research things about the game or its settings, so for example, if you have a young person playing a game based on mythology or history, they’d become more interested in those subjects and might do research on it.

    I often find myself browsing for information, only to find myself unable to stop reading various articles from subject to subject.

    I think most of the smart young people in the world are or were probably gamers at some point in their life.

  • I must disagree with this stupid poster. i am 20 years old. i started playing games at the age of 2 when i was given a cheap 5 dollar hand held game. i started reading at the age of 3 when i owned my first nintendo system. i played a lot of rpg’s. when i was in elementary school, i was already reading at a college level. and i think it was all thanks to video games.

  • Gotta love the comprehensive and rational “history of the videogames” section and how it relates to the topic. Also, if they are going to use the ridiculous “- per household” statistic they should be counting consoles not games.

  • Why… Are we trying to make such a perfect world. Nobody realizes that nothing will become perfect.. rules are made to become broken… They sure do make us conform to the idiots who make them though, “Hey, I got a wild hair up my @$$ today.. it doesn’t matter if they are human… I am going to tell you what to do.” Always.. Always and forever rules where meant to be brokeN. . . . crax!~!

  • OK so as all of us already can tell, this report is complete horse shit.

    I’d like share something I’ve read about video games and aggressive behavior. I’ve read that violent games actually reduce violent behavior and it’s the racing games that increases it.

    Consider: Hard day’s work, on the drive home someone cuts you off, you get home, start up Gears or what have you, CHAINSAW THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF EVERYONE (we all knows what happens when you try that shit IRL), ACHIEVEMENT: GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (don’t know if that’s an actual achievement or not =P).

    In your traditional racing game what exactly can you do if you’ve memorized the course, are already driving as fast as possible, can’t win, and you can’t take your aggression out on the person or NPC that constantly keeps beating you? Eventually you become less of a person and more of a powder keg willing to blow up at the slightest stimulant. Personally, I think this applies to anything that’s on a time limit. You can’t very well beat up the track, y’know?

    • i in my personal opinion is because those games actually improved imagination skills i think that is the major problem who didnt imagine mario bros in the real life or how will zelda look thinks like that also even in the psx dreamcast era way before many many gamers of this current gen begun to play we where all open mouths with the level of graphical or with the feeling that games are slowly looking like we all imagined now its only of how much bitchs u run over in gta how much blood u shed things like that
      childrens that want to play videogames should start with games from the nes era that where more inspiring let them play all kind of game genres so they have open minds and slowly get them to nexts levels like snes, sega genesis, nintendo 64 an so on so when they play a game like gta if they like it they also know that there is more of the world of gaming and real life isnt like a video game i think that could be fun to witness let the goverment take care of the education and let the parents that care theach them about gaming education xD (sorry for the bad english i havent practised it in a long time damm those games with traducction included)

  • taking away our violent games or even heavily censoring it is just like saying to a very stressed person to “go fuck himself and see if i care”

    moral fag should be retaught of a more modern approach rather than using this old broken down and completely false info that they are trying to turn in a fact

  • Instead of playing violent video games that promote fighting and friendship, like pokemon (super violent), we should all go see the super PC movie “The Expendables”, with all our favorite childhood stars on Aug.13!

  • The lot of people who play jRPGs, often spend about as much time readings as “playing” games, while just only playing their video game. And people call Visual Novels games, but all you’re really doing is reading.

    Video Games have really become a hodgepodge of different media formats of the past. Along with variations of different board game systems such as the tabletop RPG, you also get the movie in the form of the cutscene and the book/novel in the form unvocal messages. And let’s not forget music, like movies, video games contain a lot of music.

  • What they forget to tell you is that players of violent video games have a statistically significantly lower rate of violent crime, compared to those who do not play video games.


  • Violent video games are directly linked to violent behavior as are violent movies. I like how people like to say they played violent video games and they haven’t killed anyone as some sort of proof that violent media doesn’t cause violence.

    • Yeah, what idiots! How could they think that showing that the vast majority of people that play violent games aren’t violent in real life could possibly prove that there isn’t a direct link between video games and violence?

      We know that video games cause violence because some technophobic moralfag said so. Evidence isn’t important!

      I was going to post this without pointing out that I was being sarcastic, but that would be overoptimistic.

  • i’m in video games (play and work), roleplaying games, airsoft, anime and even had significant military training… with all those hobbies that makes you violent, how come i have not killed anyone ?

    Unless, unbeknownst to me, i’ve a split personnality, hunting at night for excessive fog-censors, power-hungry moralcrusaders and zealous lolibanners…

  • Oh please, that picture had me facepalming.

    What made me really lol was the history of games. 1970’s, games invented. 1990’s violent games invented. They must not know how frighteningly violent space invaders and pac man were.

  • *sigh* california.

    Well, in any case, this particular law isn’t too bad. It’s just enforcing something that most stores do themselves.

    I hold the view that my state has multiple personality disorder. No one ever comes to an agreement, hardly anyone tries to compromise, and we get the short end of the stick. It seems the laws that get passed here are all based on who’s the loudest/most organized/has the most money.

    State issues aside, whoever made that infographic needs to just burn. That’s just all kinds of stupid.

  • I hate my state (Texas) with a passion sometimes. We’re not as “laid back” as the rest of the US thinks we are. We’re a police state with 50 million different laws that’s full of moralfags. But at least it’s not hard to find a good Mexican/Chinese/Japanese/steak restaurant. I guess that has to count for something? I don’t see why we shouldn’t ban sales of violent games to “underage” customers though… those tags on the game say “17+” for a reason o.x Won’t make me shed any tears, I’m 23.

  • …Damn it California! Makes me disappointed to be a citizen of the state. And I don’t see where they get off saying that video games make people illiterate. I play video games all the time and I still maintain above average grades.

  • Im surprised no kids have died yet let alone have any traumatic head injuries after repeatedly hittin their heads on stacks of bricks after a long session of playing Super Mario Bros. lol

  • Is this game “god of war” violent? I dont know its so hard to tell. would it be appropriate for my children? it says “rated M for mature” on the box, but what does mature mean?? I am apparently a complete moron.

  • this is fucking stupid.

    I did a report on video game violence during my senior year of high school, and right now, crime is at an all time low, the lowest it has ever been.

    Yes, some crimes have been caused by video game related events, but crimes have been done because of other things as well, and we don’t grab a pitchfork to take those down.

    The BIGGEST factor for teen violence is simply being male.

    And this is just another copout for parents to not have to pay attention to what their kids are playing.
    Maybe if parents spent a little more time watching their kids, shit like this wouldn’t happen. Instead, parents are still under the illusion that video games are still a thing for children, when the truth is that the average gamer is now in their 30s.

    This will be sad if this gets passed.

  • I swear, who the fuck is allowing these things? I assume that this was in a newspaper? If it was, I want to know which editor wasn’t doing their job, things like this are not supposed to be approved for print in most newspapers outside of the Daily World News…. and calling that a ‘newspaper’ is a severe stretch.

  • Klingengeist says:

    Feel the pain of us german gamers!

    But at least they dont censor games because of nudity here. 😛 Actually in the states some sexy outfits are already too much. ^^

    PS: I want to see a singleplayer game that contains 800 hours of “footage”. Even 80h are far to many for 99% of all games…

  • Labeling issues with given information:

    1. So if they appeal to emos, sadists, and psychos,
    they can’t be sold to minors? And before this,
    anybody who believes this garbage is NOT a
    reasonable person, therefore making this point
    relatively moot. Last note, difficult to discern?
    Ummm, either let them play or ban them for life.
    Either way, they’ll get around to playing them
    behind your back anyways…

    2. I believe minors not only CANNOT rent ‘M’ games,
    but they also CANNOT buy the ‘M’ games in stores
    for themselves here in the US. Simple fix, get
    said person who hasn’t bought into the ‘scare
    fagtics’ of violent game propoganda to get the game
    for the minor. Who would know the difference? Who
    would care if it caused profits for the store?

    3. FPS was only violent back then? What happened to
    swinging swords and other various weapons to kill
    creatures in other games before this? And even if
    ‘defending oneself’ was used as an excuse, the same
    could be used to defend Wolfenstein. Gah.

    4. 2003? Maybe some more recent info? And 800 hours
    of footage in a game? If Kojima couldn’t do it, no
    one can. In that same note, the only games that
    could push 800 hours are WKC and other online FPS
    and MMOs. And most violent content saved for last?
    Uhh, no. Most games give access to most content thru
    one single-player playthrough.

    5. It’s been said but most games have dialogue to
    read, therefore NOT impairing reading time. More time
    on video games = bad? In excessive amounts, it can
    be. But overall, bullshit is the name of the ad here.

    Oh, and be sure to thank your insurance company for NOT being this retarded…

    • No, dumb kids don’t get influenced. In fact, all the ‘mass murdering children’? Most of them never played a violent video game or ANY video game for that matter in their whole lives.

      That was proven by the stuff that we found out after Columbine, where people were saying that the kids were raised in liberal families and were playing violent video games daily…. we found out the exact opposite was the truth.

  • the hell? even though california is a good place but the laws there sheesh. i have learned alot from video games. vocabulary, heck i begin to understand violence more and it made me more mature than ever. now i don’t rage quit when playing games unlike some people. still today people are being an ass and giving video games a bad name. it didn’t happen during SNES days why now?

  • Those statistics are hilarious. They’re constructed to tell exactly what the maker wants them to.

    What’s with the “800 hours” statistic? “May contain”? If it’s referring to one game in specific, I would love to play this game. If it’s talking about every violent game ever, than it’s completely pointless.

    Some of the points in the last section are just blatantly untrue, and the others are misleading. 30 minutes of what games? Many games have shown an increase in frontal lobe activity, as the gamer plans out strategies, etc…

    And that last point… LOL~

    Also, some somewhat unrelated food for thought:

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    ‘An infographic for parents who know nothing about television has recently been causing waves with its assertions that television “turns children into impulsive murderers” and “makes them into illiterates.”’

    Fix’d, Ye Olde Whining style.

    • ‘An infographic for parents who know nothing about [b]rock music[/b] has recently been causing waves with its assertions that [b]rock music[/b] “turns children into impulsive murderers” and “makes them into illiterates.”’

      Even older~

  • “Violent” is a very broad term and I’m not sure minors would be able to play much if the law goes into act. Isn’t this why we have ratings in the first place? Minors would probably manage to buy it other ways, like by using the internet, and banning them would only make them want to play them more. I do have a thing against kids playing excessively violent games because personally, I feel that kids can be stupid and easy to influence. That said, I still feel like parents should take more responsibility instead.

  • OH GOD! What is wrong with the freaking government?! Can’t they just realize that just because playing violent video games doesn’t mean they would make them murderers?! Make it stop, for crying out loud!

    WAKE UP!!!

  • Speaking of illiterate, sitting here at home in Taipei, EVEN I NOTICED that half of Michigan, what they call in USA the Upper Peninsula or U.P. was not correctly colored when the map said Michigan.

    Is that some kind of California thing?

    Also, when I first saw California Game Law, the first thing that I thought of was hunting and fishing. Maybe my English is just not good, but did anyone else thing the same thing?

    • LOL, I was thinking that too, from up here in Canada. Couldn’t they at least colour the states properly?

      Also, weren’t the restricted game laws ruled unconstitutional in the States several times, back in 2005?

      Also, if you guys happen to live in any of the states in this group, feel free to call up your representative, and stop letting a vocal minority of idiots run your country.

  • I hate the fact that they try to stop “violent video games” to be sold to young kids, when as a matter of fact they SHOULDNT be sold already, its something called ESRB. Just parents and stores dont obey it, and instead of paying attention they blame vide games.

    God they put Wolfenstein 3D as an example and its rated M:Mature (17+).

    If your kids plays a game non suitable for him, its YOUR fault.

  • Fictional media doesn’t create murderers, society does. How many times have I wanted to go on a rampage from an all-nighter in TF 2? None. How many times have I wanted to do the same because of the jackasses & drooling morons out there? I’ve lost count.

  • What a bunch of bullcrap.

    I’ve played GTA, where the prime theme of the game is all about mafia, gangs, etc. but it did not, in any way, let across my mind of murdering a person.

    Citing computer games as a cause of murder is really too much. I’ve read some novels (forgot the titles) and they are way more gruesome than games.

  • 800 hours? There have been a lot of games that I’ve played and replayed over the years, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t accumulated 33 full days worth of playing from one game. If you are going to make up numbers and statistics they should at least be somewhat realistic and feasible.

  • “make them into illiterates”

    That’s interesting, considering the fact that most video games require more reading than the average adult does.

    “turn children into impulsive murderers”

    If it means killing ignorant fucks, like the ones who wrote this shit, I say good!

    That whole article is full of bright colors and a charting system, to appeal to the lowest form of stupid.

  • I’ve read some articles that FPS games improve reaction time and sharpens contrast differentiation, RTS games improve stress reaction and management; both genres can improve teamwork…

    I’d rather be a violent fast-reacting sharp eyed, cool under stress person than being some individual who had not experienced the joys of video games…

  • A word to parents of children who play violent video games: It’s your fault if your child becomes some sort of psycho-mass murder douchebag. Maybe you guys should start looking at yourselves before blaming video games for shit your kid does.

    It’s time to start looking at the shitty parents and put them on blast.

  • I personally am to lazy to read about this law, but if it keeps the 12 year olds away from games that actually look violent such as GTA and Kane and Lynch, then I’d tottally support it

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a shit about the children. I just hate hearing how they had to censor something or are unable to sell a game because its to “violent”.

    • you think the prohibition wouldn’t affect adults ?

      you know why there are no R rated or higher games available anymore ?

      stores like Wallmark refuse to stock them meaning they dont sell meaning they are not being made anymore, i dont know the details of the law but its very likely it will have direct or indirect effects in stocking, marketing and availability which would result in game changes to work around restrictions, also you can see by the wording of the infographic that the definition of “morbid violent game” is vague and will probably be left in the hands of some arbitrary nutcase

      the funniest thing is that consoles are the ones under the most threat from this law since the “supposedly dying” PC is quickly moving into the digital sales markets and can avoid stores

  • wait a second, by their own numbers 75% gamers are over 18 years old, 26% over 50, only 25 are minors yet they want to screw them all up because the parents of those 25% cant be arsed to check the esrb rating of the games their kids are using (they always have time to bitch and yell “think of the children!” tho), even if you take their games away, how are they going to stop them from getting wasted 24/7 with alcohol and drugs if they are unable to stop them from playing a video game ?

    and 800 hours of violent footage ? hell, tell me which game is it and sign me in, most of my games barely last for 5 to 10 hours, that statement about reserving the “atrocious material” for the end is BS, most newer games play all their cards the first few levels (you know, they ones reviewers play) and then get progressively crappier usually reaching a disappointing nonending (most games these days are released unfinished thx to the suits rushing everything)

    and 30% less reading time my ass, reading isnt not equivalent to studying, correlation does not imply causation, i could easily fault the fact Harry Potter ended in the 7th book for that 30% drop in kid’s reading time as well, i also love how they forget to mention they are also watching a lot less TV (the old root of all perverting evil)

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    video-games dont make people violent I’ve been playing games since before I could read and I’m a friggin pacifist! I dont fight back or retaliate and if I offend someone I always apologize! If anything my violent impulses are targeted at games making me a softy; so those critics can cram it!

    These pathetic theories have been around for Years “oohh comics rot your brain, oohh scary movies make you become a murderer.

    games use reading and literature all the time now, along with observation skills. Almost every game that contains violence also force the player to carefully plan tactics and strategies which requires lots of brain power

  • i wouldnt be suprised if a kid that is raised with gta in his/her hands to grow up to be violent

    this is because all games this gen resorts to violence to solve their problems, this isnt the biggest problem..

    the biggest problem imo is the fact that these new gen games are so graphic..
    they make games look so much more realistic that kids wouldnt be surprised if these things happened infront of them

    nothing is ever about using the brain and conversions to extinguish a flame anymore.. its all kill this beat that

  • Wait a minute, this topic came out on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit… The conclusion was that it’s bullshit, violent game do not turn you into a violent person who will one day grab a guns and explosives and start killing people just because it was on a game.
    They tested the theory in a underage kid who played violent video games, they let him fire a real gun to see if the kid would be “aroused” as the above law states, but the kid started crying. Also one of the supporters of the law against violent video games is a Big Gun Collector (don’t remember his name) who owns most of the biggest guns ever made, WTF.

  • Fucking retards, Video games prevent me from killing people. Without video games, I would be forced to go outside. Then I would have to confront all the whiteys in my neighborhood. And because I’m asian, they would make fun of me, and I’d have to put a cap in their ass. So Video games = good for me.

    Besides, violence has been around LOOOOONG before video games. Hell, fuck them christians too, the bible has caused over a thousand times more deaths than video games itself.

  • starsplash says:

    Welcome to California and the people that support this bullshit? Where people have no idea what they are talking about. Its a pity that its these bastards that actually has power, which makes me happy that I no longer live in the US.

    Every gamer in the world, and logical person with a brain knows that its the person that is violent, not the video game. Sure, video games has innovative way of showing you how to kill people, but thats basically it. Video games has nothing to do with whether someone is suicidal or going to go on a killing spree. Parents have the absolute power to control their kids, and if they can’t it isn’t the video games fault. Its you’re fault. Dont make video games a scapegoat.

    If you really wanna go after something thats more dangerous, go after religion. Religion has killed far more than video games.

    Hey politicians, people in California and other states supporting this bullshit, find a cure for AIDS, solve global warming, solve the Middle East problem, Stop North Korea from being a dumbass. Do something that makes us think you are actually useful. As of right now on this subject, you dont know what you are talking about.

    God I wish a politician or a supporter for this bill is reading this. The expression would be priceless.

  • I sense a flaw here in the last point:
    30 minutes playing:decreased activity in the part that is responsible for impulsive behavior
    –>playing much: less impulsive behavior
    –>less (impulsive) aggression and hostility, they become more thoughtful and less aggressive
    …or am I wrong??

  • [quote]…playing video games is vastly different than passively listening to music, watching a movie or reading a book…[/quote]
    Of course it is, Einstein. In other news, listening to music is vastly different from playing video games, watching a movie, or reading a book. Watching a movie is… well you get the point.

    [quote]It’s difficult for parents to discern if it’s appropriate for children.[/quote]
    Yes it is, because both parents work 8 hour shifts and cannot monitor their children at all times. But it’s much easier to blame video games for everything isn’t it?

    [quote]A little bit of history…[/quote]
    Tells us exactly nothing about the subject.

    [quote]239 milion+ computer games were sold in the US in 2003…
    9 out of 10 children and adsolents play video games in the US…
    50% of the 70 top-selling games contain violence…[/quote]
    Yes, and what of it?
    [quote]800 hours…[/quote]
    And there I was hoping for something remotely intelligent to come out of all this.
    Just how many games have 800 hours of game time and even for them, how many players play long enough to complete them?
    Furthermore, the real issue should not be total play time, but rather, how much time gamers spend on video games on average. Even for games that take so much time (MMO?), where’s the proof that gamers play them obsessively and not 1 hour/day for two years?

    [quote]Gamers between 10 and 19 years old spend 30% less time reading…[/quote]
    Compared to what? Statistics from 30 years ago?

    [quote]Large amounts of video game play are likely to hurt further school performance…[/quote]
    As a large amounts of… well anything. Even too much study can hurt school performance. The brain can only stand so much useless trivia before entering “deny all” mode.
    If your child spends too much time gaming, this is a bad parenting issue, and not video games issue. And besides, what exactly is the relationship with violent video games?

    [quote]30 minutes *blahblah* impulse control *blahblah* 2-3 hours *blahblah* adrenaline *blahblah*[/quote]
    Wasn’t this about violent behaviour and video games? Last I checked, sports have similar, if not greater effect on the brain. Compared to US Football, which is widely encouraged in the US school system, video games have pitiful effects.
    There is no established relationship between increased violent behavior and gaming.

    [quote]Adolescents and children who expose themselves to greater amounts of violent games are more hostile[/quote]
    Says who? Many respectable health organizations claim the exact opposite, and I’d rather take their word than this inconsistent sentence.
    In fact, how do they know that violent children aren’t more prone to playing violent video games, and not the other way around?

    All in all, just the typical brain dead bullshit you can expect from right wing Christian fundamentalists. Video games are the new rock-and-roll with hidden subliminal messages played in reverse.

  • Of course gamers read less, they’re spending their time engaging in more brain activity.

    ALSO funny how so many kids who love math and science and engineering and technology are the most intense gamer nerds. GUESS VIDEO GAMES ROT YOUR BRAIN.

  • All their assertions are quite strange, because science do not lead us on such conclusions,
    on the contrary.For instance, an article from Green & Bavelier, published in Nature prove that action video games such as Call of Duty or Quake improve visual abilities. They thougth that there will be some side effects, like a decrease of “something” (such as global IQ) but they were unable to find any decrease.

    The link to the paper : http://www.med.upenn.edu/ins/Journal%20Club/Fall%202006/Bavelier,%20Dauphnie/GreenandBavelier_Ltrs_to_Nature.pdf

  • a travel insurance company has no business making this infograph.

    maybe a health insurance, MAYBE, but this is just over the top saying, yo videogames are bad. do you want you kid to be a retarded killer?

  • So with all due respect… is it legal to sell R rated movies to children? If yes, then I see no reason to oppose a law banning the sale of M rated games to children.

    Whatever the state of the law, I think the movie and game laws should have a high level of parity.

  • 800 hours? Wow, what games were they playing? Most games last only 4 to 6 (if I’m lucky) hours. I gotta get some of those. As an added bonus, there’s even lots of violence.

    What I don’t understand is where is all the blaming on porn? I mean in the US no matter how violent the game is (with one exception I believe) it will just be like 18+ yet as soon as a nipple is exposed it gets a Mature Plus rating. Seems that the true evil is there.

  • Translation:

    1. We think games are bad!
    2. Some other idiots agree with us!
    3. Look! Violent games exist!
    4. People play games! Some of them contain violence!
    5. We let our children spend twelve hours straight every day on games, and now they’re retards!

    Basically, only the last point has any real point; extended playing can be damaging – but that should teach “don’t let children spend excessive amounts of time on games” not “GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER! IT’S DANGEROUS!”

  • I am not against this for a very simple reason, when nothing changes (which it either won’t or will get worse when people have nothing fake to vent on) then we can all point and laugh at these idiots.

    Besides it is not like it will really be enforced any way, only if some dumb fuck does something and the cops go after the seller after the fact.

  • Wow looks like they did some long research into this whole thing. But i have to disagree on this whole thing, not only because i’m a gamer myself, but because i don’t think it’s right. They just keep blaming games for all the bad things happening, why can’t they just change the people instead of changing the whole games? It’s the players’ own fault for not knowing the difference between reality and fiction games. Talk about lack of self control -_-“.

  • what is up with that crap:
    long time playing is bad for school performance
    as if i played at least 4-5 hours a day( more on weekends) since i was 12 or so and i made it without a problem into university
    and i cant really say that i am in any way violent or impulsive
    but i was actually surprised that Texas is in favor of such a law but maybe i am just being prejudiced (non american here)

    anyone opposing my comment should just die

  • A massive glacier just broke off in Greenland, Russia is on fire, War is raging in the middle east, the world is facing an imminent shortage of resources from fossil fuels to fresh water and general corruption rampant.

    Good thing that the government decides to poor resources and energy into something as vital as the control of video game distribution.

    Fuck. We’re screwed.

  • What does this have to do with travel? Look at the bottom of the image, its a travel source. Since when did airline magazine reading material become the standard for video game news? Also, what are these other states doing listening to California, the most fucked up state of them all?

    • @ Ollie 20:18

      http://www.TravelInsurance.org is owned by Consumer Media Network, which in turn is a group of insurance companies.

      The Consumer Media Network’s home page is http://www.consumermedianetwork.org.

      Their domain names are misleading. They are using “.org” instead of “.com”.

      The words consumer, media, and network have no obvious connection with “insurance”.

      That these companies (shell corporations?) are disguising themselves shows they are up to no good.

      The sheet itself is deceptive.

      It conflates “violent video games” with (all) “video games”.

      It makes incomplete statements, and relies on human nature to fill in the argument in a way which benefits their cause.

      The state, “Gamers between 10 and 19 spend 30% time less reading”.

      30% less time reading than what or who? They don’t say. It _could_ be, “…30% less time reading than college seniors with Rhodes Scholarhips.”

      They let human nature fill in the blank as “30% time less reading than non-gamers”, but don’t actually say it.

      Insurance companies make money by making you afraid something bad will happen to you, and offering to insure you are compensated when that bad thing happens, if you give them a bunch of money.

      Basically, they are fear-mongers.

    • by “fucked up” you mean the state with the largest amount of dumbasses? I agree.

      Ignorance is abundance here in this infographic. If it’s indeed for parents, then I guess we have some seriously bored parents that like to generalize over the smallest things without a hint of thought and logic.

      Know what’s slightly ironic? Playing video games or just being a gamer that plays games other than FPSs actually show more brain activity than those who sit on their asses and watch TV all day. Not to mention it should be common knowledge that just watching TV is just as harmful to your brain.

  • I agree with Weiq, maybe parents should play more games with their kids. I know it is hard for a parent to always be there but at maybe they could get into playing the games for their own fun. I don’t think kids should be playing really violent games, but I also think some parents take it too far. My cousin only untill recently was only allowed to play on the NES console because her parents thought it was the only safe one out there. That’s taking it too far.

    What was I saying?

  • misinformation.

    parents shld take time off from their own shit work, sit down n play the games with their children.

    lack of communications is one of the things that cause kids to fucked up.

  • Yeah. Blame it on the video games. It’s not the education system and mass media pushed by the government. Did I forget to mention? Even games are published selectively. Poor Americans are aggressive and illiterate for no reason, because government and God would obviously not turn agains them.

  • Gotta love how they throw common sense out the window. Of course to much of anything is bad for you not just video games, but can’t we give some people credit? I’m pretty sure it’s a common fact that hurting people isn’t right same goes for going out and killing people, so chances are if someone who plays a lot of violent video games goes on a murder spree it’s cause they weren’t really all that alright to begin with. We need to stop using every excuse for a crutch and just accept the facts, some people are just messed up, crazy or both.

  • Yet another bogus study, i play violent videogames and i am no more violent than i was before i started playing them. Just because i played GTA doesn’t mean i’m going to go out stealing cars and killing hookers. Hell violent video games help curb my anger…have a bad day, play call of duty and shoot some guy in the head…aggression gone. If anything it helps in that aspect. Impulsive behavior isn’t bad either, some situations you need to be impulsive. And if your studies are hurting that much because you play video games too much, then as parents maybe you should just take away the video games and help his/her obvious obsessive personality.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    Not news to me. Any overstimulating of entertainment or food or activity is harmful for a child. They single out games here, but everything in life is about safe moderation..

    I just wish they let parents do their damn jobs instead of trying to pass flippant laws for it. Why not tackle more serious issues like fixing their extreme lack of budget in California?