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Outrage Over US “Apology” for Nuking Japan


The US government has been accused of issuing a “silent apology” for its atom bombing of Japan by sending an ambassador to a ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of Hiroshima being bombed.

The 65th anniversary ceremony of the Hiroshima bombing was attended by a US delegation led by the US Ambassador to Japan, the first such presence at the ceremony. The ambassador claims the visit is intended to “show respect for all of the victims” of the war.

However, his presence has been decried as tantamount to an apology by those concerned that the fact America was defending itself from a sneak attack by a nation bent on its complete destruction is being forgotten in favour of an account based on the much-cherished victimhood of atom bomb survivors.

The son of Paul Tibbets, the deceased pilot of the Enola Gay, is particularly incensed, calling the attendance an “unspoken apology,” and saying it promotes a warped view of Japan as being the victim of a US atrocity:

“It’s making the Japanese look like they’re the poor people, like they didn’t do anything. They hit Pearl Harbor, they struck us. We didn’t slaughter the Japanese. We stopped the war.”

It is generally accepted that a ground invasion, thought to be the only way of compelling Japanese surrender prior to the use of nuclear weapons, would have cost hundreds of thousands of American lives, to say nothing of those of millions of Japanese in and out of uniform.

2ch weighs in surprisingly cogently for once:

“There were all kinds of hellish battlefields in the war, some caused by the Japanese army themselves. Pearl Harbor must have been like that too. Do the hibakusha [atomic bomb survivors] really have the right to judge which is worse?”

“The bombs were unnecessary – it was all just so the Americans could get data on their effectiveness!”

“It’s 65 years on and those stupid American monkeys finally get it.”

Hiroshima and Nagasaki just think they are the only places in the world ever to experience the hell of battle – they are just incorrigible.”

“Those damn hibakusha never shut up about this stuff. It’s one part of the war, why does it deserve such special treatment?”

“It was horrible what happened to them, but Japan was pursuing its own nuclear bomb project at the same time as the US. And however you look at it, Japan started the war.”

“Americans are barbarians who don’t know how to properly lament the passing of the dead.”

“It makes no sense whatsoever for people to making an issue of killing people in a war. War is already bad, but it’s meaningless to bring ethics in when its a choice of killing or being killed.”

“There are a lot of crazies here saying the bomb was justified. What’s wrong with you loons?”

“As expected, Americans don’t care at all about killing 100,000 people if they’re orientals”.

“It’s a war crime and the US must apologise.”

“For the US national interest it must have the right choice. They showed their might and got the data, and they were able to entire the cold war in an advantageous position, and eventually win it.”

“Why think only of the US national interest?

The bomb ended the war quickly with no additional devastation or fighting on the Japanese mainland, saving millions. This is a matter of historical fact.

We should rather be thankful they dropped it, and recognise that they have no need to apologise.”

“I just do not understand the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and why they think you should apologise for killing people in a war.”

“I can sympathise with an individual saying they are a victim of an A-bomb, but I can’t stand it when they say our whole country is the world’s only A-bomb victim.”

“Next up, compensation.”

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  • Kill thousands of women and children to save hundred and thousands of solider’s life.
    kill hundred of thousands of soldiers.

    Logic one: thousands < hundreds of thousands
    Logic two: Killing of innocent is wrong

    Which to choose?

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought Japan attacked Pearl Harbour because America kept intercepting Japans shipping routes and stealing shit… war’s war and whichever side was really the victim or not I’ll always believe that America and their Atom bomb was a tantrum child that couldn’t get it’s way.

  • Anonymous says:

    The japs who bitch saying we need to apologize are insanely stupid. first off, had we invaded by land instead of dropping big and little boy, JAPAN WOULD BE A STATE. We would have annexed that little fucking island and begun plans of conquering all of Asia. We’re America. It’s what we DO.

    But also at the same time the Germans AND Japanese were creating their own nuclear projects. We’ve seen from Pearl Harbor, the invasions of China, and simply the insane level of otaku these days, that the Japanese HAVE NO RESTRAINT. Had they gotten the bomb first, there is NO DOUBT in my mind they would have bombed at LEAST a dozen American cities on their first run. A nuclear kamikaze would have washed over the world, so dark, so thick, and so cold, that it would have created the reality of a fallout series game, before they were even CONCEIVED AS IDEAS.

  • an invasion was already planned by the soviets, and there was no way that USA could have been quicker, the true cause for the nuking is that USA has already forseen the Cold War and by nuking they forced Japan to surrender to them and not to the soviets

  • Anonymous says:

    Why oh why oh why oh why do people always forget about Japanese war atrocities.

    Yes, the US killed around 100,000 innocent lives. But the Japanese killed more that 10 million Chinese, most of which were civilians.

    If anything Japan should be apologizing.

  • To be honest – the posters on 2ch are right. America did what it had to do. War is war you can’t rationally justify the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but at the time it had to be done. Apologising is a little redundant. Its kind of like a bully coming up to you at a school reunion and saying sorry – its pointless. It happened, just leave it alone. Japan can mourn the event as it sees fit and America has no real right being there.

  • Terrible things have happened in the past between both parties, but now Japan and USA are best friends forever. Forgive and forget.

    USA should annex Japan as the 51st state. Our first amendment will nullify their anti-otaku ban, and the Chinese government will stop trying to pull stupid shit like the slimy cowards they are.

  • japan made many warcrimes during war, but usa also slaughtered thousands of civilians, womens and childs.

    if ya people really want to believe so badly that japan is some kinda “unworth” boogeyman whatever, can’t ya then face the fact that neither you’re nothing more but messengers of satan yourself then.

    japan scored, usa made it draw. so do what ya do, but i’ve already forgiven the both..

    • kajunbowser says:

      Not exactly. Tactically, risk a B-52 (w/ crew) and Tuskegee Airmen as escorts to destroy two major manufacturing cities in Japan (happened to be two cities) with cutting edge weapon made much more sense than throwing ~1 million troops, sacrificing 300K or more in an invasion of mainland Japan. On top of that, Truman agonized for days before putting the Ok on the plan, so… yeah. Could’ve been worse.

  • The US never had their continental territory invaded or bombed by a foreign power, so they never learned the true horror of the war and don’t have humility admit theirs faults. In spite of that they keep bringing war and terror to many contries for over a century now. “All in the name of peace and freedom”, hah! I hope someday they get what they deserve.

    • Anonymous says:

      So bombing of our country outside of the continental states was ok in your eyes? Hawaii was only an Island and didn’t count???

      I guess Japan didn’t count then either seeing that it is only an Island.

      Don’t be upset that we ended the fight that Japan started.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a feeling people with mindsets like yours help Earth society continue on with random acts of violence against itself we call wars. I’m sure it’s not just mindsets like yours though, there are plenty in the world who seem to feel like they need to kill millions of people for some reason or another. One day everyone will realize we’re not a bunch of countries, we’re a single planet, but more likely there won’t be a planet left by the time that logical conclusion can be made.

    • I’m replying sooo late but the British sacked and burnt DC back in the war of 1812. Plus you forget taht the entire Revolution was fought on soon-to-be US ground. Also, the Civil War was fought on US ground as well and the Union burnt and razed southern cities.

    • USA has been partially invaded and bombed… by the Imperial forces during the event of Pearl Harbor bombing. There was shooting, bombing, and kamikaze pilots plowing into US military base. USA has also been threatened via Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK was a smart and smooth talker to save US from bombing. The most recent bombing in USA was through 2 airplanes toppling WTC.

      Get your facts straight before babbling.

  • What made Japan decide to surrender was not the destruction of a city but instead the power of the bomb itself. Their leaders saw that with nuclear weapons in the equation, their country could be destroyed in a matter of days, without any final banzai charges or “honor”. This is what made them surrender.

    So in hindsight, the US did not have to nuke Hiroshima and certainly not Nagasaki, all that twas needed was to explode the bomb in a place where the Japanese could behold it. If this method had been used, the 250,000 people killed by the bombs could have been saved, and Japan would have still surrendered out of fear of nuclear holocaust.

    But in the whole of WW2 over 60 million people were killed, and the fact remains that the US, as well as every other involved nation, was under a different mindset; it can not be expected that even the US would have been perfect especially in such a brutal conflict. The dropping of the nuclear bombs was massively preferable to conventional invasion, which would have utilized nukes anyway. I say that the US did a relatively good job given the atmosphere.

    Now, it’s still important that we (I’m American) apologize once we recognize our mistakes, regardless of how much more “well-behaved” we were compared to the Japanese or Germans. I believe that the method in which the nukes were used to end the war (namely, by nuking a city and not making a demonstration) were overkill and that it would be good for the US to apologize.
    And for some optimism, maybe if we apologize to them, they will feel more comfortable about apologizing for their own crimes.

    • Dear anon@06:54,
      Everything in life is so much clearer in hindsight, but judging the past by today’s standards is the act of a child.

      There are some interesting arguments about the futility of the use of the atomic bombs on Japan at the end of World War II. The bombs, as horrific as they were, may have had little effect upon many who were in power. That, of course, is either hindsight or knowledge that the USA did not have at the time it dropped them.

      There was zero chance of not dropping them. No President could explain to the families of the dead soldiers why he did not use a weapon but chose to sacrifice their sons invading the Japanese home islands instead.

      Japanese recalcitrance toward any sort of surrender, particularly by those in power, meant the bombs were not effective. What was likely the cause of Japanese surrender was the entry of Russia into the war against them. They had defeated Russia a few decades earlier, in fact humiliating the Russian navy.

      The Japanese did not want to be subjugated by a country they had previously defeated. But whether it was the almost certain likelihood of Russia’s voracious appetite for Japanese territory or the prodding of the mushroom clouds that caused them to back away from total annihilation of their country, that they got there was their choice.

      If the USA needs to apologize, it is for facilitating their initial push to become an Asian colonizer by occupying Korea in 1905. That was more likely a tipping point in history that the USA (read a bit of history about Teddy Roosevelt and his Nobel Peace Prize) that we were truly culpable for, ignoring the pleas of Korea and handing them over to Japan to help end the Russian-Japanese war and allow Russia (then under Czarist rule) to keep face in defeat.

      The USA’s recent (at that time) entry into colonizing foreign lands (the conquest of the Philippines, plus the retention of Guam and Puerto Rico from the Spanish American War) was quite possibly a cause for America’s approval of Japan colonizing Korea.

      But to the thousands that lost family members on the beaches and battlefields of the Pacific and in the POW camps run by the Japanese, the idea that the USA should apologize for bombing the home islands, regardless of the technology used, is simply ludicrous when viewed in relation the sacrifices made for your current freedom.

      Japan, in the early 20th century, made its own bed, just as Germany did with the Nazis. No one owes any of them an apology, though we all should acknowledge the tragedy of events that lead to such a terrible waste of life.

    • I’m totally agreeing with you, rather than dropping it on the city, its better to drop it somewhere the japanese can see as a warning.

      some people said civilians are ok to kill because they provide income for the country to fund the war, but what can they do? They are just doing their normal daily routine to live, to support their family.

      Thats why the target should be the government, not civilians. We all know soldiers fight mainly not for their ‘country’, but their ‘family’ or their ‘special person’ back in the ‘country’. If you nuke them, I think the soldier may get more angry and lusts for revenge.

      Although I’m not american nor japanese, I think they(japanese) deserves an apology.

      • There’s no need for apology because this was a “WAR” that was initiated by the Japanese unto America. USA retaliated and that was that. Japan is still flagged for Unit 731, Nanking Massacre, Contest to kill a hundred, comfort women, and many more. It is true there were many innocent victims killed by the A-bomb, but there were much more victims caused by Japan than America did to Japan. Hell, USA even let the Emperor live after Japan surrendered.

        Besides, this is an issue between the old generation; our generation is to educate ourselves about the history and try not to take the wrong step again.

  • I kind of agree with Paul. Saying, “I’m sorry” would make Japan the equivalent of a sulking child. And what do you do with sulking children? You say, “I’m sorry” in a sweet, gentle voice, pat it on the head, give it a treat, and it’s happy. No one should look like that!

  • I like how this is being turned into a big deal. Look, WWII was 65 years ago. NONE of us here can say shit because 1. We had nothing to do with it and 2. Just because our ancestors and our country took part in a war doesn’t mean the current generation did. So just relax. If anything, Japan should be grateful to U.S. for helping it back up like we did. Also, to anyone who is not from U.S. and hates anyone from there, stop your ignorant bullshit. Realize that there are 300 million people in the U.S., and we’re not all rich, greedy people who want your land and oil. That’s the government, and frankly, many of us hate it as much as you do. There are many thousands of homeless and poor people in the U.S., and I find it stupid that some people are complaining about it even though they don’t live here.

  • >The bomb ended the war quickly with no additional devastation or fighting on the Japanese mainland, saving millions. This is a matter of historical fact.

    couldn’t have said it better my self

  • The amount of uneducated commenters here is shocking.
    There were PLENTY of ways to make Japan surrender without massacring 246k civilians.
    It is known that by 1945, Japan was interested in surrendering. In fact, one surrender attempt was made in January 1945 with only one condition; to assure the survival of the imperial family. Why the US didn’t take this offer, and end the war several months earlier, thereby sparing thousands of US and Japanese lives, is an interesting question.

    Certainly, war is war, but killing civilians is not justifiable no matter how you put it. I believe an official apology from the US to Japan is the least any conscient person should expect. But of course, such expectations are extremely unrealistic, as the US doesn’t like to admit any deeds that might make it seem like the US hasn’t done them for the purposes of FREEDUMBS and JUSTICE.

    Oh and before anyone comes with the standard line “But Japan hasn’t apologized for their own war crimes!”, please google “List of war apology statements issued by Japan”.

    • Anonymous says:

      i remember watching a documentary where we found some fault in the line of communication to the us about a japanese surrender. whether the government or someone who wanted flaming message boards the reason is lost to me.

    • Well, tell that to the Imperial Force when they were killing, raping, experimenting, and using captors for katana practice. They didn’t need to do that, but the Japanese (back then) did exactly that. War apology cannot wipe the past of injustice.

      • @17:06 anon: You stupid moron, look at how people reacted at the tsunami and think again! Those are the same japaneses that fought in the WWII! Do you think they would do all the stuff the allies and China says? Who is the master of forging and altering history to justify their own errors? I’ll give you a hint, think of “thanks giving day” and the WMDs of Saddam. Did you know that your founding fathers thought of genocide? Did you know that Benjamin Franklin said that all non-protestant should be killed?

        The USA only recognizes Vietnam as their wrongdoing because that war was a slap at the face of Uncle Sam, otherwise, the napalm used in the villagers would have being “a humanitarian way to end the conflict before it killed more innocents”.

      • “War apology cannot wipe the past of injustice.”
        Exactly. Japs were simply murderous yellow nazis back then, they should be thankful to USA for bringing culture and civilization to their barbaric country.
        It’s hilarious how they think that what they did to chinese people is okay because they said ‘sorry’. Silly japs, they deserved those nukes.

  • I love how so many people post things about Americans not mourning properly and how we should “eat” the things we use as weapons in other countries.

    The use of the weapon was appropriate. It was an announcement of endgame.

    The use of such a devastating weapon was a counterattack against a country that had not a single right to declare war on the US, other than the extreme racism and xenophobia that the Japanese harbor.

    • You obviously don’t know about the blockade made by the USA against Japan before the war, wich was causing the japanese population to starve in hopes that USA would get it’s own asian colony like it’s Europeans partners.

      Also, nobody says anything about the colonization of Asia by Europe. History books tell it like the colonization were all about flowers and little birds singing, the europeans and the asias joining hands, until the evil japanese decided to attack “hohohoho!”

    • Huh? Nations need a “right” to declare war on other nations? Which war law book says that?
      Japan had pretty good “rights” to declare war (such as the oil embargo on Japan, the Hull note which pretty much was one big “Fuck you” from the US to Japan, and the little fact that the US violated the laws of neutrality by supplying China with war material during the 2nd Sino-Japanese war) compared to what the US usually hands out for bullshit (if any statement at all is made before invading the next poor country on the list) such as “WAR ON TERROR”, “WAR ON DRUGS”, “WAR ON COMMUNISM” and other ridiculously vague semi-justifications.

      And it also is pretty funny to accuse the Japanese of racism and Xenophobia from an American angle, considering Japan didn’t perform any kind of racial segration at any point in history.

      • Racial discrimination is openly practised in Japan to this day. Customers and patrons of non-Japanese race are sometimes openly barred from business establishments using the same justification as the Jim Crow laws, ie
        “We don’t want them here and they can go somewhere else, right?”

        • I can personally attest to this. It’s quite rare, but at a few clubs, and hostess bars, they’ll refuse you if you’re non-Japanese.

          However, I’ve probably encountered it more while visiting black friends in the southern US, than I ever did visiting Japan with a Filipino friend.

  • The US made a right decision to drop the atom bomb, to prevent the war from escalating and to minimize the victims of war that will always increased in number as long as the war rages. More of our servicemen will die if we choose not to.

    Stop complaining it, it’s 65 years ago. Time to let it go (Forgive the pun)

    • It’s hard to tell exactly what would happen is US didn’t drop the atomic bomb. But even if the first one is warrented, is the second one neccssary? after only 4 days?? Although I think Firebombing Tokyo killed more people….but no one really talked about that??

  • 謝罪が必要なんて言って無いよ。日本では。


  • Lets put it in a way you japanophiles will understand: if USA didn’t nuke Japan, you wouldn’t have your precious animu. :3 And for all you know, the radiation mutated the wiminz into the schoolgirls you know and love. xD

  • Buddy. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The Americans bombed Hiroshima. Neither side was the good guy. But the Americans were the worst. The Americans dropped an atomic bomb on several cities killing thousands of innocent people who didn’t expect to die. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, a U.s. military base. A BASE. When people walk onto a military base the first question thier asked is “Do you know there’s a possibility that you will die?” People on base are prepared for death. Many of you Americans are so fucking arrogant!

    • lol you sound so stupid. By your statement, as long as both sides drop bombs of equivalent size,it doesn’t matter who started it first because its even and therefore nobody is bad.

      Second, America dropped 2 atomic bombs. Not several atomic bombs.

      Third, “When people walk onto a military base the first question thier asked is ‘Do you know there’s a possibility that you will die?’ People on base are prepared for death…” by what you said, you are saying it is ok to take out Japan as a whole because [it was Japan as a whole that decided to go to war] and therefore Japan as a whole is a military base.

      You sir need to stfu.

  • drastic measures for drastic times i guess…so Japan’s forces just needs to be stopped by an equal or greater force…behold the a-bomb

    and there are no apologies needed since it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth situation

  • I’ve been to Pearl Harbor and that was heartbreaking.

    I’ve been to Hiroshima, too, and that was heartbreaking as well.

    Both countries might have had tactical reasons for their actions during the war, but were the decisions ethical? Maybe, or maybe not, depending on your views. And even if both sides do apologize or try to justify their actions, it doesn’t make up for the pain that the people directly affected by said actions had to go through.

    For example, look at the US internment camps for Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor. The government eventually apologized for it but my grandmother, who was in one of the camps, says an apology will never be enough.

    So will apologies be enough for countries who were victims of WWII? For some it might be and for others it might not be enough.

  • The article clearly reads Outrage Over US…
    as well in the body of article read everywhere US as the name of the country. Why you all insist in calling it America or Americas. That is the name of the mainland not the country. America, Europe, Africa, Asia…
    The rest of America countries aren’t part of the US government.
    Can that simple thing ever enter to your brains.

  • Would they prefer it if America sent their troops in, raided towns, took prisoners and raped the women? >>

    I seriously think that the bomb was the more ethical way to end the war. Japan should be grateful, along with rest of the world…

  • Wouldn’t an apology be an insult to the Japanese? You can’t just apologize for killing hundreds of thousands of people. Just accept its an unforgivable act and try to rebuild relations.

  • how come the US is expected to apologize for dropping the atom bomb, when the Japanese Empire is the one that bombed us first and also murdered an estimated 5 million Chinese and Korean civilians? Not saying that what the US did was necessarily right, and I’m not even saying that we DON’T need to apologize, but if we are expected to do so, shouldn’t Japan apologize for all of the atrocities it committed in the past, too?

    • actually, now that I think about it, a couple of Japanese politicians HAVE apologized in the past, but there’s still the issue of the Japanese textbooks skimming over all of the horrible shit their country did in WWII.

  • wow… this is the strangest misinterpretation of this news event I’ve heard so far… slanted to the right as usual. Sorry, but I don’t watch Fox News. What Artefact fails to mention is that dignitaries from other nations such as France also attended the ceremony for the first time this year. I can’t see how honoring the dead is in any way disrespectful of American soldiers who fought in WWII. Japanese representatives have attended the ceremony at Pearl Harbor in the past. It isn’t an apology, but an acknowledgment those who gave and lost their lives during the war.

  • before defending Japan maybe a lot of you should watch a little movie called “The last emperor of China”

    It shows the atrocities commited by Japan in China.

    Japan was no better then Germany.

    Does that mean that A-bombs were justifyable? maybe not, but considering the fact that Japan outright refuses to achnowledge it commited these atrocities in the first place I’m suprised they have the nerve to demand any kind of apology

    Note: I’m not American

  • lolz, look at all these stupid comments. You’re all a bunch of wanking nationalists. none of you fuckers was even born at the time. do you believe everything your mothers tell you?
    You should really know; killing is wrong. wars are for chumps.
    Those who wave the flag and beat the war drum can stick it up their ass.

  • you guys know that they had tested these A bombs in America right? there really wasn’t any data collecting needed to be done when they droppped them in japan… America knew it would cause that much damage.
    I don’t think america thinks that was their greatest moment or anything… i think they were doing what they thought was best at the time to end the war. when you’re in a fight you don’t think at the time what will stop a person with the least amount of damage… you just want it to stop and you do anything to make it stop. whether it was a smart move or not that to personal taste.

  • I Think when the are Billions of dollars in the way then you apology for everything who cares? it for billions of dollars, and USA lounch bombs who kills innocent and radiation for those bombs kill the next generations, then only says Im sorry and take the money

  • A. Half of 2ch, like always, can go ream itself royally with the biggest log it can find. No surprise the know nothing of history or why events happened.

    B. To hell with apologizing to Japan for the bomb until they apologize for Pearl Harbor. I suppose they would have preferred we invaded, and burned the entire country down block by block to ending it quickly.

    C. It’s a good thing the tech was as primitive as it was, because imagine an ICBM missile of right now hitting Japan. It’d have been 100 times worse

  • Why do people think Japan wouldn’t have become an economical powerhouse if they didn’t lose the war?

    Japan was already in their own industrial revolution in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Japan wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did on multiple war fronts if it didn’t have the economy to back it up.

    The fact of the matter is Japan was stupid for picking a fight with a US military base, and the US were douchebags for dropping 2 nukes on civilians. Thats all there is to it.

  • The US used 2 bombs, one used enriched uranium, one use plutonium. They were of 2 totally different technologies. It was not certain they would even work. Only one test of the uranium type had been done under carefully controlled conditions. The way a bomb is made means that if something minor fails, and we are talking about hard wired valve technology here, the bomb will fail. The bombs are very complex. North Korea’s failures attest to that. One was dropped, it worked, no surrender was forthcoming. Perhaps there was an element of, lets try the other one, its untested and may not even work, but if it does, it should convince the Japanese we have more than one bomb.

    Very little was known back then about the long term effects of the bombs. Science magazines of the fifties showcased nukes being used for constructing canals and other large engineering works. Seems crazy today with what we know now. Radiation tests were conducted throughout the fifties as little was known about their effects. In 1945 they were thought of as large bombs, once they had exploded, that was it.

    The US had the war forced on them by Japan. Japan had invaded other countries in the area, as they did after the start of the war and treated non Japanese with contempt. They experimented on prisoners the same way that nazi Germany did on its Jewish prisoners. Japan had only itself to blame for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Looking at how the war was progressing across the islands where Japanese soldiers had been brainwashed into believing the marines would commit atrocities on them if they were captured, so prefered suicide in mass rather than surrender, it is clear to any normal person that invasion of the mainland would have been a bloodbath on both sides. The nukes saved millions of lives, mostly on the Japanese side.

  • There is no right way in war, every country justifies their actions, when you look at the whole picture, dropping bombs ended the war, it was bittersweet, I would prefer ending war as fasr as I can than prolonging it, besides many people have got their heads on right, if America would have invaded, Japanese would have commited mass suicide, on both sides, I believe their would have been a higher death toll if Americans would have invaded. Yes I feel for civilians dying, but any other country would have done the same thing if given the horrible oppertunity, a country has to do the uglier things in war-

  • You guys are fucking retarded as well as weeaboo.

    Do you seriously think NUKING two city is a justifiable mean to end a war? Do you guys seriously believe the USA needed to nuke Japan to make them surrender or that a “normal” conflict would have resulted in less deaths?

    Those retarded on 2ch could easly be americans posting in japanese as well as the same kind of retarded japanese that would rape a dead corpse.

    You guys are cockriding the view of some fucked up japaneses that more than likely did not sustain a loss from the nuking of hiroshima and nagasaki.
    ya’ll sick as fuck.

    Americans should put pride aside for a second a use their goddamn brain.
    War is war, sure.
    But you are supposed to win a war when you defeat the enemy’s army you dumbfucks, not killing thousands of >> INNOCENT << whom could be fucking kids or elders.

    Seeing so many internet intellectuals going at it while being so sickening stupid is just crazy as fuck.

  • Koyoto_Shadow says:

    The dropping of the two bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki are excellent examples of how people on both sides ignore history…just to make a point.

    The literal reality of the situation was this: Around 1942, F.D.R. received a letter from several concerned scientists that had fled to the US from Germany that Germany was attempting to build the bomb. In response to that some time later, FDR ordered a group of American scientists to research the technology ourselves. When they tested the first one in the New Mexican desert, they had no idea if it’d even work at all. Obviously it did, and even the ones who built it were shocked at the result, as it had many times the power that they predicted.

    In 1945, FDR died in office, and Vice President Harry Truman took over, and US forces were practically already on Japan’s doorstep. He didn’t even know about the A-bomb until this point. A terrible decision was dropped on his lap: either attack Japan directly, which was expected to cost a million allied soliders their lives, and quite possibly mean the extinction of the Japanese people, or use a never before used bomb on Japan itself. He toiled over it for some time before he gave the green light to the attack. When that first bomb was dropped, it was understood that it would demolish a city…none of them understood the horrible aftermath that it’s fallout would produce.

    The one thing that everyone should take away from this is that it’s easy to judge soldiers fighting a war after peace has been attained. Only soldiers who have fought in war can truly understand the weight that any soldier, regardless of rank, bears on taking life, or seeing lives taken from around them. Every person involved in war takes a life, they bear that burden. To stare down at soldiers during peaceful times, and deride them for the choices they made, choices that may very well have been the reason that you are alive today, isn’t just disrespectful or pompous, it’s poisonous…venomous.

    America and Japan fought a terrible war 65 years ago. A lot of good people died, on both sides. But the war ended, America helped rebuild the Japanese homeland, gave them their country back…and left. When a war started in Korea years later, it was the Americans who intervened to help…though seemingly only the South Koreans remember and respect that. And now, a lifetime later, people want to cast their eyes down an old war and tell the opposing side how terrible they were?

    Even if your people suffer the devastation that those in Hiroshima and Nagasaki did, even though your own people committed atrocities yourselves during war…even if people who lived there lost so much, possibly even everyone around them, what good does it do to pursue a blood feud over it 65 years later? Perhaps it’s because I haven’t endured the same, but when you really get down to it, I only have one question for those who would think otherwise: Would those who you’ve lost, whether by your own people’s doing or by another’s…would they really want you to spend not just your lifetime…but your childrens and so on…so full of hatred? Or would they simply want you to be happy any way you could?

    I would hope that I could wish that for the people around me. Perhaps one day, others will see this too.

    Even though we are peaceful now in much of the world, unless each person takes steps to break a cycle of hatred, peace will never be lasting. Do what you can to break it, and you’ll find the world might not be as bad as you think it is…


  • Why attack cities and innocent people with the bombs instead of millitary or industrial important targets?
    Oh yes your government wanted to see how it looks like if an entire city gets hit by one of those new bombs.
    The same happend in Germany, USA claimed they were only targeting industry and millitary targets, but thousands of phosphor bombs on a city are not meant to destroy industry or millitary, they are meant to decimate the population.
    In that point the USA were no better than any Nazi!

  • There’s aloooot of opinions, but, you know what:

    Doesnt matter what Japan did before that tragedy. NOTHING can justify such a slaughter of innocent civilians: kids and womens. Imagine, you wake up early morning, go to shcool as usual, and boom, YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD. Those kids didnt deserve it. No matter how many lives that strike must have saved, it’s still cannot be justified.

    I swear that I would kill the general who gave order to drop the bomb, personally, and very painfully.

    • So nothing justifies Nanjing as well. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed, women raped and promptly gutted with a knife, and babies were either decapitated or stuck onto bayonets.

      The atomic bomb was used to prevent American deaths, or so they say, right?

      The massacre in Nanjing and all of China, was it really to prevent deaths? Or were the Japanese trying to show their “superiority” over their neighbors again?

  • in the end, what i think people don’t realize is that those casualties of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are predominantly civilians. it is in no way right to murder (yes murder) civilians in order to achieve a military victory. yes, if we invaded by ground, many civilians would have died, but at the very least, their deaths could have been avoided. as far as an apology, i think that it is deserved, not to japan in general, but to all the people and families that where literally denigrated. that is my opinion on this matter.

  • nukes weren’t necessary, US used it because of their high handed attitude; they thought none would have criticized them once they had won.
    US high handed, imposing attitude is always present in that country, and we see it everyday here.
    hope one day americans understand world isn’t their property. i’m european and i’m tired to read the usual american crap about how they saved the world dropping nukes. only stupid americans can believe you can save the world dropping nukes.
    nuke are the worst crap stupid human mind can conceive.
    iff you like nukes, drop one in your anus.

    • Robert Oppenheimer, David Bohm, Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, Otto Frisch, Rudolf Peierls, Felix Bloch, Niels Bohr, Emilio Segre, James Franck, Enrico Fermi, Klaus Fuchs and Edward Teller ..

      weren’t genius.
      THEY WERE FUCKIN’ HUMAN SCUM, since they used science to commit overkill. They KNEW atomic bomb would have been used on PEOPLE.

      The fuckin’ retarded Teller weren’t satisfied enough, and invented the fuckin’ ulam-teller design.
      Books sat “He thought a bigger bomb would have manteined peace”.
      SO FUCK! americans discovered the cold war effects many years later. in the ’50 US would have used EVERYTHING against URSS in any moment.
      Teller and the remaining crap-humans invented nukes to use them on people. SO FUCK!

  • The sad fact is that Japan didn’t agree to surrender after the atomic bombs were droped. They only agreed to surrender after the USSR captured Manchukuo and even then some factions still wanted to continue the war.

    Whats more Japan has never apologized for any of the countless atrocities it soldiers commented on USA, China(and surround countries), and Japanese who were raped by their own soldiers.

    The Potsdam Declaration forced the USA to demand unconditional surrender.

  • We stopped an enemy that would not back down, would not surrender, and would not let the war end until there was no possible way to win. The Japanese soldiers were so hellbent on winning a horrific war, they’d use their planes as ammo if their guns were empty.

    The Japanese in charge of the POW camps did unspeakable, evil those they captured. They considered the prisoners sub-human, because western soldiers weren’t willing to kamakazi, and thus had no honour.

    The only way to stop such an unreasonable and unstopping foe, was to show them that we were tired of their shit, and that we weren’t going to just let them win this.

    The bombs melted a lot of innocent people, and that’s more than a little unfortunate, but it had to be done. We were tired of fucking around in a drawn-out war that wasn’t really getting anyone anywhere. As unfortunate as it was for the Japanese, there was no other recourse, and there’s no reason for America to apologize.

    Considering the amount of games, anime, and whatnot that all feature an analogy for America being a big evil bully who pushes innocent little Japan in the mud, I’m honestly surprised and happy to see that 2ch, of all people, can be logical about this.

    • Why attack cities and innocent people with the bombs instead of millitary or industrial important targets?
      Oh yes your government wanted to see how it looks like if an entire city gets hit by one of those new bombs.
      The same happend in Germany, USA claimed they were only targeting industry and millitary targets, but thousands of phosphor bombs on a city are not meant to destroy industry or millitary, they are meant to decimate the population.
      In that point the USA were no better than any Nazi.

  • whoever thinks the atomic bomb is not necessary IS RETARDED. Not only does the a-bomb makes the war end quicker,it also prevents further casualties on both sides.I know there’s no “ifs” for past events but supposed Japan didn’t surrender,the US will have no choice but to move on to bomb or land on the main islands of Japan,by then the death toll will very likely be way higher than wiping those 2 cities out.

    Besides,did you guys really need to see some pictures of victims brutally murdered or raped by japanese? Do a google search it’s not that hard. I’m not familiar with the numbers but I’m guessing there’s at least half a million or a million ppl killed or died indirectly because of the war waged by Japanese. Do you think there’s no consequences for this large scale of crime? Use your brain and you know it’s totally justified to use the a-bombs. Japanese need to stop pretending as a victim,look at what your country did to your neighbours,totally deserved.

    • Tell that to this “much-more-informed-than-thou U.S. Fleet Admiral” if you will:

      “The use of [the atomic bombs] at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons… The lethal possibilities of atomic warfare in the future are frightening. My own feeling was that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children.”
      Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, Chief of Staff to President Truman.

      And if you want to check the sources:

      Leahy, William D. (1950). I was there. New York. p. 441.

      That the Japanese had been butchers doesn’t mean that the U.S. had to lower themselves to their level. They could have won keeping the moral high ground but choose not to for strategic reasons against the Soviets.

    • I hope you realize that that was only an advanzage for the USA?
      I mean they still could have lost the war on the japanese mainland like they did with Vietnam.
      But nevertheless I saw some rare picture from some people who sorvived the bomb, ine for example showed a young girl at the beach side which entire skin was ripped of her body by the bomb (yes she survived and yes she lost all outer skin), there is nothing you can say that will ever make the A-Bomb use sound reasonable and still claiming it as just a test and not war use makes it worse.

    • In all fairness, there’s rarely ever a true justification for war or its resulting atrocities. It’s just human/animal nature and war generally happens as a result of the most trivial disagreements. Skin color? Trivial. Territory? Trivial. A ‘Yo momma’ joke gone wrong? … well that’d actually be pretty entertaining.

  • Millions of lives were at stake.
    Also a possible Russian invasion of Japan.
    Casualties were pilling up for both sides.
    Japan would never admit defeat or an armistice.

    I think of too many variables and one only viable solution: Nuke’em. Twice.

    Why twice? Because one was demonstrated not enough for japs to surrender.

    Did they deserve it? I’m not the one to judge them, but koreans, chinese, thais, viets and birmanians, who suffered their invasion.

    • You Americans are so ignorant and short-sighted.

      Russia wasn’t about to invade Japan, not right then and now. However by then the Cold War has already started and the US wanted to show Russia that it has these horrible and poweful weapons and is not afraid to use them. THIS is why you nuked Japan. Japan was already defeated and was about to surrender. If you only LET them surrender you could’ve still occupied them without senselessly wasting civilian lives.

  • Some of the posters sound like my ex-girlfriend. “You should apologize from the bottom of your heart but only in the manner that I tell you!”

    The second step can’t be made without the first one. And, it *was* war after all. Sneak attacking a country that wasn’t exactly secretive about their strongest weapon and one that may or may not have been a bit eager to test it isn’t exactly the smart thing to do.

    That event is essentially why North Korea’s leader is allowed to be so bat shit crazy. Nobody wants a repeat of it. Period. It was an atrocity and always has and always shall be treated as such. Add in your Chernobyls and (to a far, far lesser extent) your Three Mile Islands and you get even the most hardened war-mongers slinking sheepishly away at the mention of anything nuclear as it pertains to weaponry.

    That said, there have been far more atrocious things (maybe none more frightening in concept) done by those toting war’s bloodied banner.

  • starsplash says:

    This is turning out to be a shitstorm of just posting opinions where in the end, its hard to really make sense in which was the best decision. I can say that alot of the information I obtained from this post I didn’t know like 7 more Atom bombs, the negotiations etc…. One thing to keep in mind which is seriously devestating to me though is the Japanese mentality and Japanese customs about warfare. Ive been to the “Rape of Nanking” measeum in Nanking and also a warbuff at the same time because of my dad. The Japanese didn’t care at that time. At this point in the war, the Japanese were completly suicidal, holding every island to the last patch of land. Kamakazies smashing and destroying every ship they can because it was their way of escaping disgrace. The Japanese also killed themselves on the island knowing that they were defeated and didn’t want to go back home fear humiliation.

    Americans have already lost more men than they expected all because of the Japanese mentality and not taking surrender as an option. Its only expected that by knowing this pattern and that at last, invading the mainland would be plenty worse than the islands, the atom bombs would of been a prime solution on minimizing casualties on both side. Im not saying I agree with the Abomb and no one does, but it was the last resort if I understood things. Imagine the casualty report if the US invaded Japan? Just think about it. This is not even knowing that Japan and the US had been issueing peace settlements for months before the first Abomb was dropped.

    All we have to go on is history and the pattern that it makes. Its hard to interpret what would and the what if’s because they never happened. And it is escpecially hard to argue for and against them because know one knows what would happen. What did happen is that 2 nukes were dropped in Japan that ended the WW2. Whether it was good or bad, that ship has sailed.

  • “As expected, Americans don’t care at all about killing 100,000 people if they’re orientals”.

    At least they didn’t slaughter 10,000,000 like the Japanese. The difference is that the Americas did it to stop the war, the Japanese did it for the lulz…

  • 1. The bombing of pearl harbor was known ahead of time but the US government ignored the warning signs.

    2. Near the end of WWII, Japan did try to surrender “before” dropping the atomic bomb.

    Research and come to your own conclusion. Think for yourself.

  • I don’t know about all the facts. I don’t know if Japan wanted to surrender already, and I’m not sure why America (or if, for that matter) wanted unconditinal surrender. But I think there’s enough to be sorry for. War is a mad thing, and people are forced to kill each other. In other circumstances they could have been friends. You can be sorry for ending ones life, even though you did it to save yourself and/or others. You can be sorry for the fact that you had to use the A-bomb in that situation. You can be sorry the war happened in the first place. It’s basically wishing the situation would have been different back then.

  • In any case, some countries did a lot of messed up things. When it comes to war, there’s always somebody in control whose going to do anything to win. I’m not going to go off like an idiot knowing my own nation and other countries clashed and did terrible and devastating things that I didn’t know about while I was living my own life.

    USA wasn’t even involved until Japan attacked them. Before the attack. USA was neutral, they didn’t want to be involved.

    US was sucker-punched into a war with Japan because maybe they did something to the Japanese that pissed them off so much to the point of the Japanese getting them with a surprise attack. I can’t remember much except the US embargo on Japan. That’s how it started, no one has forgotten this.

    My thoughts on the nuke on Japan itself, I don’t got much to say about all this, just the thought of the power that a-bomb can do can make people fear for the worst if someone who has them starts to use them again. All I can remember is that once the A-bomb was used, Japan just surrendered straight up and the war just ended.

    I know USA did worst things, but I wouldn’t count out USA as the only country who did terrible things in this world. Few countries also share the blame as well with whatever they did. I knew this war was something to remember, besides that,to now make an apology out of nowhere in a time where USA still needs to straighten out their problems is completely out of nowhere. We’re pointing fingers at each other at who should be saying sorry and none of us will acknowledge that our own countries did something terrible as well. The finger pointing always seems to be towards the ones that did the most damage.

    Back then, Japan, Germany, and other countries leaders involved did stuff under reasons that they considered to be acceptable and absolute. Reasons like for the good of their country or something, which obviously is some plain nonsense to others who do not share their views. USA was only involved to retaliate on their attackers. Don’t know anything else other than that. I don’t know what to think about my country or others. We’re all guilty in doing something bad, maybe even for something that not even the history books will tell us.

    Hey! I wasn’t born in the 1940s, I was born in 1989. I know some people can’t forget the war, but I want nothing to do with things that’s already been done by previous world leaders in the past. I can deal with the BS going on around here and so do people who thought outside of the box with what’s going on in this world.

    I might have made an error on my arguement, but I wanted to get something out.

  • Nice to see that more than 90% of the US population still don’t know that the japanese ambassador was trying to hand in the war declaration before the events of pearl habour and that the US goverment and generals thought too liitle of him and his country and ignored him for hours and did something else instead too listen too him.
    Go on and believe further that what Japan was against international war rights and further claim the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be only A-Bomb tests.

    • Your details are a little lacking, here’s what really happened:

      “On the diplomatic side, Japan was supposed to declare war on the United States at precisely 30 minutes before the attack started. However, due to decryption difficulties, the Japanese embassy was not able to deliver the message until the attack had already started. President Roosevelt took advantage of the sequence of events, and marketed the concept that the attack was a unprovoked sneak attack, and used that marketing concept to rally the previously isolationist Americans into war against the Axis powers.”

      Someone dropped the ball and it was exploited for political purposes, that’s all, your attempts to make it look like a case of arrogance and racism doesn’t help your credibility any.

  • I’d say it’s a good thing that the US prescence at the ceremony was actually seen as an apology. Interpretation in these cases plays a big role, and the fact that this was seen as an apology is probably for the better. I’ve heard plenty of people saying that Americans should never attend such ceremonies and that the Japanese should do this on their own.

    Plenty of people have also said that it is ridiculous for the Japanese to visit the Pearl Harbor Monument, and for Germans to visit the Anne Frank Museum, for example.

  • Hopefully the Japanese realized that what happened in Okinawa would be repeated in every major city in the mainland if the invasion were allowed to proceed. The sad truth is that sacrificing those two cities would’ve been a much better option than sacrificing the entire country. From what I read, their leaders were very much willing to do just that.

  • I’m from Ireland a country that was entirely neutral in the war, and my grandfather a scotsman was tortured in a japanese pow camp, but even I believe you cannot justify Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and to everyone saying it wa to gather data, you are in my opinion retarded, Hiroshima was chosen deliberately as an area in a mountain basin to cause as much damage as possible, and detonated in the air to create a shockwave. it was about killing as many people as possible, never mind the instant death toll count those who died of radiation sickness, of ash burns, of starvation, and the deformed foetuses. furthermore quoting pearl harbour is just ridiculous 2,400 killed, MILITARY personnel. And it wasnt an unprovoked ambush either. if american aces hadnt been flying chinese fighters, would they still have attacked the United States.?

    • How is it a matter of not getting it? We get it. It’s just 60+ years later. It’s an entire generation’s war ago.

      The first step is being taken toward mending those ‘scars’ by the country that left them. Getting angry at progress isn’t going to solve anything.

    • And what none of you idiots demanding an apology understand is that the ones responsible – both on the Japanese and American side – are GONE. Dead, retired, senile, whatever – you harp on about what “America did” like it’s a single, immortal Aryan man perched upon a throne made from the bones of Native Americans and African slaves, flipping through a trophy photo album and laughing at the shadows of victims vaporized by the bombs, but the truth is the current American government is as responsible of nuking Japanese civilians as they are of rebelling against the British colonial government.

      Worse yet, none of you idiots are even old enough to even be in the position to demand an apology, because it didn’t happen to YOU.

    • hopeless burger-eating rednecks defending their bloated country that’s desperately trying to hang on to its illusion that it’s still a superpower.

      no problem, though. what with your utter failure in Afghanistan and China’s hold on your throats your little empire will be a thing of the past and you’ll join your older brother the UK on the list of has-beens.

  • Yeah, sending the Black ships to forceable open trade routes with Japan wasn’t a very good idea was it American goverment.

    Face it, Japan becoming an Ally of Germany and attacking Pearl Habour was all Americas fault.

    Its like stamping to death a dangerous pet you bought when it bites you and you can’t look after it anymore.

    • Uh, no, the reason Japan attacked America wasn’t some retarded overdue revenge for being culturally raped – it was because they wanted to cripple the Pacific Fleet and prevent America from intervening in Japan’s attacks on Western bases and colonies in Southeast Asia.

      You’re on crack if you think that was the product of a five century old grudge.

    • they’ll be boned 100%…fps doesnt even came close to real deal…i laughed at them especially COD…the only thing it got is graphics quality and that wat make people thinks its real enough…

      even tactical shooter or war simulators would be way easier than real life…the fear and pain really does scare u the most

  • and i happens to watch a documentary this week that japanese were researching and producing biological weapons for a massive attack before they were bombed.

    bioogical weapons were actually banned in warfare back then but japanese decided that they would be the only one that have biological weapons since other countries follow the rules of not using them. they even made a special unit that was design for biological weapons usage, unit 731.

    • Dude, Japan was done and dead at the time they were bombed. The only reason they didn’t surrender earlier is because the US kept stalling the peace talks.

      Unit 731 did some really shitty things that shocked even the Nazis but that doesn’t justify fucking NUKING them.

      • Dude, i never said using nuclear weapons is justified…but the unit 731 was continuing with human research at that time and god knows what would happen if further research was done, imagine what kind of warfare we would be in, terrorist would use all kind of those weapons based on their reseach and spread plagues around…

        the same thing i could say about america if you want me to, they were collecting data on the nuclear bombed patient instead of healing or treating them…the also tested drugs and brain surgery on their own soldiers to create what they called ‘super soldiers’ so that they could go on suicide missions, fortunately it didnt want well and yes,also drugs that are used for interrogations

      • i think it was called “As it happened: Doctors of death”

        it also have footage of other countries(germany, america, japan, Czech) developing chemical, drugs, biological and nuclear weapons testin on live subjects.

  • By ending the war quickly they also prevented the russians from getting involved. If Japan had ended up like eastern europe the country would probably look quite different today.

    Bombing civilian population is a war crime, but in the end it might have been the least evil solution out of the available options.

  • Why is America so hung upon Pearl Harbor? It’s like a spoiled little kid whining about being slapped for the first time. “WAAAH YOU HURT MEEE! HOW DARE YOU!!”

    Fact: Pearl Harbor was nowhere near as bad as much of what happened in the war, and it’s not even comparable to the two nukes (which were mostly dropped to show Russia the US’ power).

  • i think it’s a discraes to japan if the US doesn’t apologies for the boming and a “silent apology” doesn’t count the thing i am getting at is the boming of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is overdoing it buy a huge margin and i think buy sending an ambassador to the 65th anniversary of Hiroshima being bombed is pathetic the US president Barack Obama should of been thair in person and apologies for the boming and sind an formal apology and maybe just maybe that’s enough

  • The only people who needed to apologize to the Japanese people were the idiot leaders who dragged their country into a losing war. Too bad those cowards went to their graves over the past 65 years without so much as a word of regret.

    And the ones who need to apologize now are the board of education members who insist on rewriting history to make Japan look like some well-meaning victim that got nuked for trying to save China.

    Nobody else needs to apologize for shit they haven’t done, that is all.

      • No more than the current Japanese government needs to apologize for the massacres of civilians, inhumane biological tests, maltreatment of prisoners, and various other crimes the old government committed.

        • @19:44

          As scary as the word ‘nuke’ is (and the concept of it) it was just a weapon used in war. The reasoning behind it wasn’t to slaughter as many people as possible and bring them suffering for the sake of suffering.

          To that end, there have been many more terrible things done by humans to other humans before and after the dropping of the two bombs.

          I’m sure a quick google search of the term ‘genocide’ will support my point.

          While I agree that portions of the Japanese population has a right to be upset, I also believe that the United States is in no way more guilty of bloodshed in the course of a war than any other country. Welcome to the true nature of the world.

        • No, the fact is that the people who made the decision and did the deed aren’t around anymore, so if you want an apology you might as well ask Santa Claus for it, because it’ll be every bit as relevant as the current American government offering an apology for something it didn’t do.

        • Yes, because this all invalidates the fact that the US dropped two fucking NUKES on civilians simply to show off.

          Dream on, little American. God forbid you ever see things in perspective.

  • More Japanese should know that before the A-bomb was even considered, there were plans for a land invasion of Japan that would involve Soviet forces as well. In fact, the Soviets were even considering transporting Chinese troops for the proposed invasion. Now imagine how that would turned out.

  • Any act of war is regrettable, but to say that the bombs dropped on Japan were for military testing is a bit extreme, considering test bombs were also dropped on American soldiers in New Mexico and Utah and Bikini Atol. We are sorry for the bombs, but get over it.

  • “It’s making the Japanese look like they’re the poor people, like they didn’t do anything. They hit Pearl Harbor, they struck us. We didn’t slaughter the Japanese. We stopped the war.”

    from wikipedia:

    Pearl Harbor
    “The overall death toll reached 2,350, including 68 civilians, and 1,178 injured”

    “directly killing an estimated 80,000 people. By the end of the year, injury and radiation brought total casualties to 90,000-140,000”

    Japanese did wrong…
    Americans did wrong.
    Japanese attacked military base.
    America attacked city full of civilian.
    And Americans think they did right here?

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Seriously who cares what happened so many years agos…besides its just gonna happen again hopefully this time the bomb will take out a chunk of the world that will be fuckin sweet…good thing I’ll be dead by then lol.

    • unit 731 had also developed a flee bomb that’s designed to spread flees with smallpox on civilian populations. so yeah, they were just as welling to murder civilians in wide scale.

  • If Japanese had the a-bombs they’d do exact same thing to American population as well. It was war, It was during the 40’s. Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY are xenophobic racists back then. Who’s to say they wouldn’t drop the a-bombs on the ‘American devils” if they had the capability to do so back then? Just look at how they treated American POWs. They definitly thought of American as inferior subhumans as American also thought of them.

  • One with power can only be stopped with another with even more power. We humans are barbarians to begin with, we act upon our bestiality yet claim not to. Apologies? No, why would we do so? Killing is such a common action to us, the nuclear bomb is only a symbol of power and the US Government dared to us it against the Japanese.

    If they did not do so, then conflicts would’ve lasted much longer, as the superior power would’ve never shown up.

  • “A bomb was necessary to prevent the killing of more people”

    at least that people would have died a fast and decent death. they wouldn’t have died with eyes burned, skin liquified, cancer and worms eating alive what remains.

  • The fire bombing of Tokyo was far more cruel than hitting the two cities with the most remaining military infrastructure. I will never understand arguments against the bombs. Next the US will be expected to apologize for using guns. Bombs are a part of war, the only difference is the US had better ones.

  • What scares me even more than nuclear weapons is the revisionist history that is unfolding before my eyes. Slowly all of the atrocities committed by Japan are being swept under the rug by those who could care less about the truth if it does not advance their agenda.

    History forgotten is bound to be repeated. Revising history could cause more deaths than a nuclear weapon ever could. It is inevitable though. The truth will be forgotten and history will repeat. It is the way of things.

    • bull fucking shit

      Don’t blindly subscribe to Hiroshima/Nagasaki = purely civilian target.

      Did you know that Hiroshma and Nagasaki were legitimate military targets?

      Hiroshima was the HEADQUARTERS of the 5th DIVISION and FIELD MARSHAL Shunroku Hata’s 2nd GENERAL ARMY HEADQUARTERS, which commanded the defense of all of southern Japan. It was also a COMMUNICATIONS CENTER, a STORAGE POINT, an ASSEMBLY AREA FOR TROOPS, and was a MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL CENTER powered by the mass-scale forced labor of Koreans known as HIBAKUSHA. The Hiroshima island of Edajima hosted the NAVY ELITE ACADEMY. Kure, around 20 km from Hiroshima, was also known for a MILITARY PORT and NAVY FACTORIES. The famous GIANT WARSHIP, YAMATO, was constructed in Kure. The material and labor for Kure came from Hiroshima.

      Nagasaki was one of the largest SEA PORTS in southern Japan and had wide-ranging industrial importance. ORDINANCE, SHIPS, MILITARY EQUIPMENT, and other war materials were manufactured there. The MITSUBISHI STEEL AND ARMS WORKS was located there. Mitsubishi produced over 10,000 ZERO FIGHTERS and the Yamato’s twin giant battleship MUSASHI.

      • bull-fucking-shit

        Don’t blindly subscribe to Hiroshima/Nagasaki = purely civilian target.

        Did you know that Hiroshma and Nagasaki were legitimate military targets?

        Hiroshima was the HEADQUARTERS of the 5th DIVISION and FIELD MARSHAL Shunroku Hata’s 2nd GENERAL ARMY HEADQUARTERS, which commanded the defense of all of southern Japan. It was also a COMMUNICATIONS CENTER, a STORAGE POINT, an ASSEMBLY AREA FOR TROOPS, and was a MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL CENTER powered by the mass-scale forced labor of Koreans known as HIBAKUSHA. The Hiroshima island of Edajima hosted the NAVY ELITE ACADEMY. Kure, around 20 km from Hiroshima, was also known for a MILITARY PORT and NAVY FACTORIES. The famous GIANT WARSHIP, YAMATO, was constructed in Kure. The material and labor for Kure came from Hiroshima.

        Nagasaki was one of the largest SEA PORTS in southern Japan and had wide-ranging industrial importance. ORDINANCE, SHIPS, MILITARY EQUIPMENT, and other war materials were manufactured there. The MITSUBISHI STEEL AND ARMS WORKS was located there. Mitsubishi produced over 10,000 ZERO FIGHTERS and the Yamato’s twin giant battleship MUSASHI.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Uhh why are they saying sorry? It was war its not like they really mean it. I mean if you drop a bomb of that calibur thats pretty much a physcial representation of FUCK YOU RIGHT IN THE ASS I doubt you would be sorry especially after doing it TWO TIMES! Especially when the payload was delievered by a fuckin ship named the Enola Gay….though the second plane didn’t have such a funny cool name.

  • U.S. has only one excuse and it’s Pearl Harbor. A war proclaimed by the Japanese through a Japanese attack against the U.S. military forces.
    U.S.’s response? Atomic bombing on civilian cities.

    ^ it’s right up there retards.

    Sure you can justify it for ending the war quickly, but how come no one’s dropping any bombs in Afghanistan? Unethical and barbaric?
    If a country resorts to weapons of mass destruction, it promotes its weakness and inability to withstand a fight on equal terms. And America has been proving its military incompetence through out the recent decades.

  • Maybe we should start rattling off all the atrocities japan committed during the war, I’m sure China, Korea, the Phillipines, and survivors from Okinawa would have something to say about that.

    They’re not exactly innocent either…hell, they’re no where near it!

    ….and most of that was BEFORE they ever started w/ any s*** us (especially china/korea)

  • atomic bomb may have been necessary to stop the war (despite the fact i think this s a winner’s lie), but this does not mean it was not an infamy. killing people is always an infamy. on top of that, americans killed civilians too. killing civilians is a double infamy.

  • You don’t see the Germans going around acting like victims over the fact that the Allies carpet bombed their civilian population and left their country in a state resembling the Dark Ages.

    Japan on the other hand was largely spared the wholesale destruction of their country. Maybe we would have been better off leveling their island in much the same fashion…perhaps if we killed more people by conventional means, that would make it appear more humane to some.

    When WW3 comes around, I wonder how many of these moralists are going to be willing to become body bags in the place of using the current weaponry so we can state that we are more moral than our enemies for doing so? I know the enemy(as it should be)likely won’t give a damn sending you to your maker.

  • It would be pretty hypocritical to say that the US needs to apologize for Hiroshima and Nagasaki– Japan has done worse to China and Korea. And they’re hated by those countries because they’ve never given a solid apology, either.

    I have a Japanese friend who’d never even heard of the Nanking Massacre where hundreds of thousands of people were killed and tens of thousands of women raped. These things are left out of the textbooks, my friends.

  • “Unpopular Apology”?
    Not alone there.

    Note that despite the bomb’s destructive power, the Japanese got what they wanted (minus super victory) the Emperor stayed in power and his top brass escaped war crimes trials despite doing a lot quite worthy of Mengele level stuff. I remember some testimony during the 90s with survivors of the Bataan Death Marches trying for compensation, since Auschwitz survivors had gotten access to Swiss bank accounts. Congress dryly and with utter contempt for them said the treaty of Japan’s NON-Conditional (propaganda lie “Unconditional Surrender” repeat LIE LIE LIE) surrender made them not liable.

    For another “Unpopular” apology/concession, look at the ADL (Anti-Defemation League)… They fought like a stray animal caught by a “Special” person facing it’s 20th daily “Temperature reading so bubba know you a happy kitty!” to try to:
    1. Keep the “Homeless” off the “Hate Crime” laws.
    2. Avert any US and UN recognition of the “Armenian Genocide”.

    Now, it’s really hipocritical.

    On the first note, they protested I think every single other inclusion (gays, Latinos, etc.) except for “Blacks” fearing a “Dilution” of the hate crime laws. Who cares that homeless are by FAR the victims of “Hate Crimes” in the USA and the world? And what people have, until very recently, always been ‘homeless’ in that they could be uprooted and expelled at any time? Even gypsies were less hated, and blacks tended to be ‘slaves’ who had a ‘home’ like it or not.

    On the second note, there’s reason for it: Turkey is Israel’s neighbor and the least openly anti-Israel country in that region. But, like the Japanese, they want history to forget a little “Incident”, the “Armenian Genocide” as Japan washes away the “Rape of Nanking”.

    Note that in justifying and driving forward his own “Eugenics and Ethnic Cleansing Plan” a German leader said; “History will forgive our actions – who now speaks of the Armenians?” Well, at least there is something they can agree on…perhaps that’s a good thing?

    For a footnote, since web links take forever to appear here, just look up the ADL on wikipedia and look for “Armenian” and “Homeless” to prove what I just said;-)

    Join my group, Join MANarchy!!!

      • Nazi “Scientists” were later extradited to Israel for kangaroo courts. Well most were guilty as sin, but too many “Turnkey” guards got lynched for just not making themselves the next in line for the Gas chambers. But the Japanese war crime guys got to glorify themselves as Heroes.

  • Japan should also apologize for all the things they had done to other nations, the harshness they made to foreign civilians like for example the “rape of nanking”

    And they attacked the closest nations without any warning, some nations didn’t even know that they are engaged in the war meaning (neutral).

    So basically Japan started it and America just ended it. Even so there are a lot of people massacred by the war so that is why we now strive for peace.

  • Whoever written the 6th, 8th, 13th, 14th and 16th quote from 2ch, has earned a substantial amount of respect from me. War is always a harsh painful situation taking away loved ones and friends. And to hold bitterly to such a past is going to bring unwanted strife. I mean sure we did retaliate in such a harsh and cold manner.

    The past can never be fixed, forgiven or forgotten. But to keep hate from the past is to keep the wound open and salted. All we can do as the surviving generations is pray for those lost and for the future.

  • There are numbers of records and data which showed that Japan would’ve surrendered even without the A-bomb. I don’t want to make any assumptions on why the USA went that route, but one thing for sure is that it killed more people than necessary.

    • Unlikely, since the government at the time was being run by the military, you know the ones who created Kamikaze attacks, Operation Ketsugo, and “Honor before death” mentality. And they would not have surrendered any time soon, which was the entire point since there were looming threats from Russia joining the fray.

    • There are also a number of records and data which show you’re a transvestite hooker working under a bridge in Dubai. I don’t want to make any assumptions on why you went that route, but one thing for sure is that you killed more braincells than necessary.

  • Some Quotes:

    “…the Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing.”

    – Ike on Ike, Newsweek, 11/11/63

    Chester Nimitz Commander in Chief of Pacific Forces: The Japanese had, in fact, already sued for peace before the atomic age was announced to the world with the destruction of Hiroshima and before the Russian entry into war. … The atomic bomb played no decisive part, from a purely military standpoint, in the defeat of Japan-The New York Times (6 October 1945)

    ADMIRAL WILLIAM D. LEAHY: Chief of Staff to Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman –
    “It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons.

    General Douglas MacArthur:
    Norman Cousins was a consultant to General MacArthur during the American occupation of Japan. Cousins writes of his conversations with MacArthur, “MacArthur’s views about the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were starkly different from what the general public supposed.” He continues, “When I asked General MacArthur about the decision to drop the bomb, I was surprised to learn he had not even been consulted. What, I asked, would his advice have been? He replied that he saw no military justification for the dropping of the bomb. The war might have ended weeks earlier, he said, if the United States had agreed, as it later did anyway, to the retention of the institution of the emperor.”

    “If we were to go ahead with the plans for a conventional invasion with ground and naval forces, I believe the Japanese thought that they could inflict very heavy casualties on us and possibly as a result get better surrender terms. On the other hand if they knew or were told that no invasion would take place [and] that bombing would continue until the surrender, why I think the surrender would have taken place just about the same time.” (Herbert Feis Papers, Box 103, N.B.C. Interviews, Carl Spaatz interview by Len Giovannitti, Library of Congress).

    Admiral William “Bull” Halsey, commander of the Third Fleet: “The first atomic bomb was an unnecessary experiment……It was a mistake ever to drop it……(the scientists) had this toy and they wanted to try it out, so they dropped it……It killed a lot of Japs, but the Japs had put out a lot of peace feelers through Russia long before.”

    Commanding general of the U.S. Army Air Forces, Henry H. “Hap” Arnold:
    “When the question comes up of whether we use the atomic bomb or not, my view is that the Air Force will not oppose the use of the bomb, and they will deliver it effectively if the Commander in Chief decides to use it. But it is not necessary to use it in order to conquer the Japanese without the necessity of a land invasion.”

    (Assistant Sec. of War)

    “I have always felt that if, in our ultimatum to the Japanese government issued from Potsdam [in July 1945], we had referred to the retention of the emperor as a constitutional monarch and had made some reference to the reasonable accessibility of raw materials to the future Japanese government, it would have been accepted. Indeed, I believe that even in the form it was delivered, there was some disposition on the part of the Japanese to give it favorable consideration. When the war was over I arrived at this conclusion after talking with a number of Japanese officials who had been closely associated with the decision of the then Japanese government, to reject the ultimatum, as it was presented. I believe we missed the opportunity of effecting a Japanese surrender, completely satisfactory to us, without the necessity of dropping the bombs.”

  • America should not say sorry, it was war. Also, its the past, something that should be an eye opener for some, for things like this to never happen again. Japan too, also had messed with Korea, China and the Philippines.

    I do not know of the Korean or Chinese side of it, but visiting the Philippines, was rather shocking.

    The resort I stayed at, had a Japanese man staying there, along with his wife whom is a filippina. The family I was with, was rather afraid of him, as they told me of stories of what the japanese have done to them. One older man, told me when he was a child, his pregnate mother, 3 brothers and himself, swam to get away from them. He told me how they shot at them, but missed them. He also told me what they did to the babies, throwing them in the air, and stabbing them.

    Why I sat in silence, hearing the story, he continued. Telling me he didn’t hate that man, just he was unsure how to feel around him. He told me not to hate him either, nor be afraid. If he was there, then their must have been a reason. He also told me, that it was war.

    I never did get to talk to that japanese man, but I did talk to his wife. She told me that regardless of the history, she still loved him, even if her family was against it. She also told me, that her husband felt sad to what his nation had done, even if he was a child at the time. But what she told me, got to me. That if people look only at the past, a place filled with hate, how can a person move on into peace, with out forgiving others, but only create more hate, in the futures place.
    As an American, 22 years of age, there would be no way I could understand the battle between emotions like this. But I do know, that Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, I do know America dropped the bombs, and yet, I’ve seen America forgive, as I am sure most of Japan has too. The two nations seem to be at good terms, but with idots running a nation, sening an apology like this, is a slap in a face to everyone everywhere.

  • Urgh America, stop being a pussy and just apologize. Yes they did attack Pearl Harbor and caused many deaths but we nuked them, causing generations of health problems and birth defects. We practically invaded them and destroyed most of their beautiful culture. I’m american but sometimes I feel so very ashamed of being one 🙁

      • They were soldiers doing their duty. They knew that they might be killed one day when they signed up to the army.

        The people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were CIVILIANS, most of whom had nothing to do with Japan’s war crimes.

        • Don’t forget, those soldiers had no reason to expect to die anytime soon since the US wasn’t at war with anyone at the time.

          Regarding the bomb drops, as has been stated several times up above, those were military targets since they had the production facilities for supplying the enemy armed forces.

          No weapons were very accurate back then. Carpet bombing was the norm, so targeting the cities with an atomic bomb wasn’t a stretch, nor was it immoral at the time. If you think carpet bombing is somehow more humane, read up on the history of the war and how it affected the brits. Not only did countless civilians die from german bombing runs, the germans failed to destroy key targets. Thus repeated bombing runs (hence even more casualties) were required.

          You can’t look at history with blinders on. You have to see the reasons behind the decisions, only then can you judge whether they were justified or not. You’re welcome to your opinion if you’re uneducated, but we all know how much simple opinions are worth.

  • While it’s a fact that if it wasn’t because of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, my country won’t be saved from the Japanese occupation in the 40’s, I won’t accept that act by the US as a heroic one. I mean, they bombed normal residences instead of straightly aiming for the military. It’s like a boy who got bullied by a guy in his class taking revenge by beating the bully’s helpless little brother.

    • Actually Hiroshima and Nagasaki were kinda military targets. Look it up on wikipedia

      or I can just cut to the chase

      “Supporters of the bombings have emphasized the strategic significance of the targets. Hiroshima was used as headquarters of the Fifth Division and the 2nd General Army, which commanded the defense of southern Japan with 40,000 military personnel in the city. Hiroshima was a communication center, an assembly area for troops, a storage point and had several military factories as well.[18][21][22] Nagasaki was of great wartime importance because of its wide-ranging industrial activity, including the production of ordnance, ships, military equipment, and other war materials.”

  • It’s been 65 years. Can we just fucking say it’s all water under the bridge now? It’s not like anyone who actually carried out the operation or ordered it is still alive. An apology from someone who didn’t do it would be hollow and worthless lip service.

  • With this and the Usa-kun post, I guess Artefact is intent on trolling everybody.

    I don’t think anybody in Japan was crazy enough to want to destroy America. They wanted regional hegemony, and indeed looked to the way the US made Central and South America its bitch as an inspiration. I don’t think anyone with brains even had any illusions about the US’s ability to defeat Japan. They just hoped to be able negotiate a peace from a position of strength and keep much of what they had taken.

    Not that crying about failing their bid for bully of Asia is very becoming.

  • People who say that the Japanese were suing for peace for vastly overestimate their political influence during the militaristic regime of the Japanese government of the time. Hell they even planned to move the Emperor into a series of underground bunkers to continue the fight if the US ever set foot on the Japanese mainland, and not to mention Operation: Ketsugo which was implemented on Kyuushu in an all out civilian defense force to repel the US invaders with their poorly equipped bamboo spears.

    It was all planned to bleed the US side through attrition and have the US make more favorable surrender terms the Japanese could accept, nothing more and nothing less. It was when Emperor Hirohito declared surrender that the war ended and did not without incident either.

    But all these speculation is pointless for the US diplomat or only came to show their respects, not to apologize for something that happened 65 years ago.

  • At least America doesn’t gloss over what it did in the war and, I dunno, WRITE THIS STUFF OUT OF THEIR HISTORY TEXTBOOKS AND TELL THE WORLD IT DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAPPEN.


  • You simply cannot apologize for something that happened 65 years ago. It’s just pointless for someone to apologize for something they didn’t technically do. Emperor Hirohito, Truman, and the like would have been the only ones with the apparant right to truthfully apologize, and I doubt they’d be keen to do that, even back in 1945.

    I assume the USA wants Japan to apologize for Pearl Harbor, and Poland wants Germany to apologize for the invasion in 1939. Hey, why can’t every country apologize over each atrocity made during WW2? Well, you’d be apologizing for the entire war, then. And no one would accept that apology (DUH).

    Gotta love the warmongler’s point of view. **sarcasm**

  • wow reasonable responses from them for once. i think anyone can agree that if not for pearl harbor we probably would not have gotten as involved with world war 2 as we did and as a result dropped the atomic bombs.

    • But they wouldn’t have won the war. Japan was already K.O. at the time they were nuked.

      And what do you think where did those Nazi scientists who did all those horrible things end up? In the US. America made special efforts to rescue Nazi scientists and ship them off to the US. Oops.

  • It’s not an apology, it’s sympathy.

    To put it into terms that can be understood here it’s not regret over dropping bombs to end the war. It’s regret over the thousands of Japanese schoolgirls that died or were never born due to this.

    It saddens me just to think about it whether it was necessary or not. But, if the estimates of 200,000 vs 20,000,000 were correct then for every 1 that died in those cities 100 were saved.

    If it makes you feel better send me two Japanese schoolgirls and I’ll apologize right now.

  • The bombs was necessary.

    Without the bomb, Empire of Japan wont surrender on August.

    Didnt they know something about august a little bit to their north?

    Russia declare war on Japan and within less than 2 weeks all theier territory on Manchuria and Korea fallen to the Soviet hands.

    They also planing to invade Hokaido later in that month.

    Even Worse, the Soviet can launch invasion to the mainland sooner than Western Allies which can invade the main land on November.

    Can Japan win against Russia? War on Manchuria and Korea is already a Massacre to the Japanese.

    Without Atomic bomb, Japan will “became one with the Russia”

  • what a dick the enola gay fella like do you not realize that not all the japanese where in the war.

    Just americans like to think that killing all those people stopped the war like a badge of honour you just nuked 100,000s of people. most wud of been children and regular civilins the people that dont fight in wars. Plus I remember seeing in history book that japan including the emperor where thinking of surrendering before the nuke because they feared that due to morale gettin hit in the country that china would try to insight a revolution that wud turn it communist country. The Nukes just hurried it.

    Americans like to glamorize the nuking.

    Plus dont think as many people died or as many people got containmenated when pearl harbour was attacked like what happened to people after the nukes just americans seem to always if get hit hit ten times as hard like shock and awe on iraq, they killed a lot of civilins theres no way that firing as much as they did wudnt of they just want to sit on the number..

  • Both countries fucked up and did horrible things. Comments against the bombs coming from Japan are totally hypocritical.

    I’m pro-peace and anti-war, but surely I understand, since I am a thinking human being, that in the end the bombing became the “lesser of a bigger evil”.

    It also sucks comment like that one: “US should never apologize”, yes they should, and so should Japan, maybe not apologize completely, but at least affirm “We are truly sorry we had to bomb you, but you had it coming”, but a thing like that will never happen.

    Humans are just plain animals, or even worst!

  • first i want to thx USA for dropping it or those evil government will kill atlease 100-200 million peoples with their chemical weapons.
    Those weapons shouldn’t exist !!!

    If USA didn’t drop it how many more peoples will suffer from booth side ?? It was the world VS Japan :p
    Soon or later other will join force Russia,UK , etc
    don’t tell me Japan can handle it :p

  • AmericanOtaku83 says:

    The bombings we’re horrible. We should honor those who died but we should also learn from the bombings and work to ensure that it will never happen again. War makes people do horrible things. No country that fought in World War II had a clean conscience.

    Plus, even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed and the Soviet Union invaded Manchuria, while Hirohito wanted to give up, there was those hardcore Japanese militants who wanted to keep fighting. And the night before Hirohito surrendered, those in the Ministry of of War and the Imperial Guard wanted to stop the surrender and place Hirohito under house arrest. But it failed and Japan surrendered. And today, Japan is a better country now that they have given up their militaristic past.

      • AmericanOtaku83 says:

        Thank you, Lulzy.

        The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shouldn’t be taken lightly. And I’m sure that the decision to drop the bombs was taken lightly either. I’m sure that those who dropped them weren’t celebrating the deaths of innocent civilians. In fact, after the US occupied Japan, there were some who saw the destruction up close and felt bad about it. In fact, some of them felt so guilty they committed suicide. So to say that all Americans gloat about the bombings is just flat out BS. There have only been two atomic bombings and we must all work together to ensure that there will never be anymore.

    • Japan did the same thing when Obama said (and I do not quote word for word here but the idea is) “the US has the obligation to stop further nuclear action” in retaliation to N. Korea breaking the promise to get rid of their nuclear power plants and stop building warheads (this happened when N. Korea exploded an a-bomb underground back in 2009 I believe)

  • Didn’t Japan attack pearl harbor first, did japan “apologize” for that??? Didn’t Japan continued fighting until the bomb was dropped, and wasn’t that the only reason Japan surrendered??? Did Japan “apologize” to the countries they attacked? Didn’t Japan omit all of World War II in the history books just like the Muslims believe the Holocaust didn’t happen???

    • I have to admit, the japanese truly do owe the US an apology for Pearl Harbor. Not because they bombed it necessarily, as that was what they felt was necessary. But because their declaration of war was delayed. It was supposed to arrive in the US just prior to the attack, but they screwed up and ended up attacking a nation they were at peace with.

      They planned on playing ‘by the rules’, they just messed up. Thus an apology should be issued.

      Just my opinion.

    • the problem is in home country those peoples where heroes for protecting there country’s :p

      attacking other country = protecting 🙂

      for getting same amount they killed there should atlease drop 5-8 of those atomic bombs to made it equal !!!!

    • I agree with that. There has NEVER BEEN ANY WAR IN HISTORY where a side has been expected to surrender unconditionally!

      Not even when we were still using SWORDS instead of TANKS!

      Unconditionally means that you just step aside if they say “As a part of surrender, we get to rape and kill your children!” or something just as outrageous.

      That never happens and never should happen! Someone who wishes for ‘unconditional surrender’ is an asshat who is thinking more with their DICK than their BRAIN!

      • >There has NEVER BEEN ANY WAR IN HISTORY where a side has been expected to surrender unconditionally!

        Apparently, Japan did in WW2. At least they were wise enough not to risk a third A-bomb, it’s existence aside. Their war victims prolly wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    • It’s not ‘pussification’. It’s realizing that in reality, war is not necessary 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999599999999999999999% of the time, and some things after the TRUTH comes out are exposed as WAR CRIMES…. as in this case.

      The only wars I can personally say were necessary in the past 100 years: World War II (not including the Nuclear Weapons), World War I, The First Iraq War.

      Only those three wars!

  • Why do people act like Hiroshima was a civilian target?

    Hiroshima housed the headquarters of Japan’s Second Army, a communications center and a military storage depot.

    Nagasaki was an industrial center which produced weapons ordinance, ships, military equipment and other war-related products.

    These were valid military targets. It’s not like they bombed Kyoto.

    At any rate, the US gave the Japanese a chance to surrender during the Potsdam Declaration on July 26, 1945. The Potsdam Declaration said if they didn’t surrender they would face “prompt and utter destruction”. Did they think the US was kidding around? They could have surrendered and avoided the bombing but chose to ignore the Potsdam Declaration.