Half of Men “Afraid to Help Children Over Arrest Fears”


Nearly half of the men asked whether they would help a needy child said they would be too scared of being branded a paedophile to do so.

The survey, conducted by a UK charity, found 44% of men questioned reported they would be too scared of the potential for being branded a child molester or kidnapper to help a child.

On top of this a third of both men and women would be afraid of the child itself, in case it became violent or abusive, a realistic fear for many in the UK’s rotten inner city areas.

38% of parents with young children also reported they believed it was “common” for children to be snatched off the streets by malevolent strangers, suggesting the fears of men are far from groundless.

Throughout much of the world it seems public and police both increasingly presume any contact, no matter how innocent, by an adult male with a child other than his own to be nascent child abuse, a presumption sometimes extended even to daughters.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Watching episode 10 of Shigofumi definitely reminded me of this article. Sad thing is that the single 32-y/o unemployed male character genuinely cared more (in a non-sexual way) for the girl than her mother or any of her female relatives, who were content to let her sit in a corner playing GBA while they gossipped and went to ninja restaurants. So I wasn’t surprised at what happened when the long arm of the law started reaching his way.

  • Admittedly, I’d hesitate. I’d end up helping the kid but not before I consider what could happen if I do. Knowing how people overreact I probably wouldn’t make it into jail alive. I don’t know what would be worse, a distressed boy or distressed girl. Either way it looks bad and I lose.

  • Two things you don’t do in Japan.

    1) Have any interaction with children.
    For fear of being falsely arrested as a pedophile.
    2) Be within a 20ft radius of a female on a train.
    For fear of being falsely arrested as a rapist.

    Welcome to Japan, when you’re guilty until (rarely) proven otherwise.

  • Like most here, I avoid all dealings with kids due to the insane hysteria and “guilty until proven innocent and probably not even then” attitude these days. I suppose there are situations where I’d feel compelled, simply as a decent human being, to assist a kid. I’d have to face one to decide.
    But it’s just getting loonier. After I finished walking my dog in the park a few months ago, I grabbed a coffee and sat down on a park bench to drink it. Usually I sit at the other end of the park where the view is nicer, but there was a nasty cold wind so I sat over by the playground. About ten minutes later a cop shows up, and tells me I can’t sit there. It seems the city had passed a law stating that unless you are the parent of a child in the playground, you have to stay 75 feet away. The cop did seem a little embarrassed about it, but he said that once a complaint comes it he has to act on it.
    Asshole soccer moms.

  • nowadays people are too afraid to help others

    not only to a child but to the same age or even tp old people
    some people is ignorant, some too shy, and some is afraid of others view about them

    • Grammarfag here.

      It’s spelled that way for a very good reason: the Latin (or Latinized Greek, to be exact) root involved. “Paedo-” and “pedo-” have different meanings. “Pedophilia,” in Latin, means attraction to the ground (and could in theory be confused for meaning foot-fetishism, though that’s generally rendered as “podophilia”). In the original Greek, by the way, the word is παιδοφιλία (paidophilia) – with “paido” pronounced rather like “pie dough.” In Classical Latin, “ae” was pronounced essentially the same as Greek “αι,” the now common pronunciation being associated instead with Vulgar Latin.

      I’m an American, by the way. I prefer the proper spelling, anyway, though I do use the American pronunciation in speech.

  • LOL!!!! This should imply to mitsudomoe’s Soujiro Marui. Who’s only visiting his triplet daughters and trying to help them and always he gets arrested in every episode. So thus this mean let the loli’s die due to this?

  • I’m pretty meticulous with a child. Make sure there are other adults around you when you talk with a young girl.

    Avoid physical contacts…….. use sunglasses if you see one to avoid being branded as a pedophile.

    Mitsudomoe is a good example of this situation. I pity the father of those three little devils.

    • Aye, the father in Mitsudomoe is a prime example of this. I often wonder why our society is moving backwards instead of forwards…then i look out my window to watch the stupid people or turn on my tv for the news, and i remember why we are moving backwards all the time.

  • A quote from Doug Stanhope.

    “The odds are, nobody wants to fuck your kid. I know you don’t wanna hear it- you wanna think your kid is the cause for all the problems- that all the pedophiles are jockeying for position in the schoolyard. Even if you wanted your kid to get fucked, just to prove how ultra-fuckable he is, you probably couldn’t make it happen if you sent him out as bait in a catholic school girl outfit, hopping on a pogo stick with no underpants.”

  • I’m a Brit and I wouldn’t hesitate a child or anyone in need for that matter. One time when I was like 7-8 I wandered off from home in the middle of Ainfield (Which is a rough area, of the already quite rough Liverpool). I was trying to cross an incredibly busy road and a middle-age guy with his kid picked me up and dropped me off home. Both my parents and I are still extremely grateful because anything could’ve happened. This is how it should be…. Not some paranoid society where you can get sued for glancing at someone…

  • Believe me, it DOES happen. An close acquaintance of mine got thrown in jail for a whole year on circumstantial evidence because he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His life is completely ruined now.

    Kids are dangerous, DANGEROUS things. If a kid walks into traffic, I’ll just keep walking.

  • Is this the world people want ?
    is this the kind of behavior that is tolerated ?
    so what don’t help a child in trouble injured or on a death bed because people well brand me ?
    Leave a wondering child into the hands of a monster ?
    Lets a child walk into the streets and get hit by a car because if i stop them am a molester ?
    is this the world feminist, the police and the media want ?
    is moral panic so bad that people rather have a child be harm then let a male help them ?

    theres your equality, heres your perfect world, all I have to say is this,


    “No good deed never goes unpunished” i guess no good deeds should be done,it does seems like “evil well always win in reality”.

  • ….seriously?

    if parents really cared that much for their child/children, would i really have to ask for permission to be able to save said child or children?

    it would make you look like a horrible person by not helping the child, but in reality, it’s just a matter of taking the lesser of two evils between the outcome – society can label you a pedo or a heartless bastard/bitch

    ‘sorry about that, lady. Your kid coulda been saved, but you just look like a sue-happy type of person.’

    (couldn’t say judgemental, because who isn’t?)

  • I know from my own experience the kind of labels that get put on men. I helped a little girl who fell off of her bike one time. I picked her up off the ground and walked her back home. I didn’t think anything of it as this was a family friend. Next thing I know I’m getting treated differently by the family. They keep their kid away from me as much as possible. It makes me sick. You just can’t show any sort of compassion for a child that isn’t yours without being branded a weirdo.

    • Yeah, and the worse part is that once so labeled it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of it. Rumors start to spread, and before you know it the whole community thinks you are creepy, even though you never did anything wrong (and on the contrary, actually did something noble). It can get to the point where the only solution is to move.

      I’m reluctant to even talk to kids that live near me, for fear of someone thinking I’m suspicious. I’ve already got two strikes against me, being 30+ and single, and still living with my parents. Society at large, I suspect, already considers me weird – the last thing I need is someone thinking I’m a pedo.

      It’s really heartbreaking, too, because I like kids and get along well with them. When I was a teenager and college student I tried to be a good mentor to the younger kids and teenagers, and was more popular with them than I was with my peers. Now that I’m older, though, I just don’t dare be around them.

      Society pushes this, to: when I was a teenager in 4-H, the organization was already counseling adult leaders that they should avoid ever being alone with a child that wasn’t their own – more for reasons of liability than fear of actual pedophiles. Other organizations do the same, as most anyone who’s been a camp counselor or Scout leader can attest. As such, I don’t think this attitude on the part of men in general is entirely unjustified. If people with whom a child’s parents have become familiar can’t be trusted, then how can a stranger, even if the actual fact is that most abuse comes at the hands of near relatives?

      In fact, our whole society has made “CYA” (“Cover Your Ass”) the first principle in most every area of life, not just this one. We’ve become so litigious that no one dares do anything generous out of a fear of being sued if it goes wrong.

      It sucks that society has gotten that paranoid. It’s not like this is a new problem (my grandmother, for instance, had a “funny” uncle when she was a kid, with whom she learned to not be alone). For some reason, we’ve reached the point where we suspect everyone, though, and particularly anyone who doesn’t completely conform to our concept of “normalcy” (which has, in practice, gotten conflated with “average”).

      • This probably why you do not find many male teachers in the prek-k programs.

        The idea of a male teacher with young children seems strange and thoughts of “He must have ulterior motives” run amok.

      • Well, that is what we are going to keep on getting until society realizes that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality. We are moving towards that, and I recently had something like this faggotry happen and my friends and family came over and LAMBASTED the lady in question, because I kept her stupid 3 year old from taking a 2 story drop onto a hard floor!

        • It’s not anything that should be seen as “normal.” I wasn’t arguing that at all. The problem is that people see pedophiles everywhere, even where they aren’t.

          I’m not sexually attracted to kids, and find it most disturbing that some are. My problem is that a lot of people might jump to the conclusion that I do, based on stereotypes and misunderstandings.

          The solution isn’t to normalize pedophilia, it’s to recognize that someone can enjoy spending time with kids and care about them without having ulterior motives. The problem is that society sees sex at the bottom of everything, thanks in large part to the perennial popularity of Freud in pop-psychology.

  • Course men are afraid. When helping a young child can end your life, how the hell can you not be afraid? Kids will get hurt, and some will probably die because a nearby fellow who could’ve helped is to afraid to do so. I wonder how many women are scared to help a child.

    • Already have. A man in my hometown saw a little girl drowning but wouldn’t jump in the water to save her, even though he had lifeguard training, because he was afraid of this. This was 6 years ago.

      He was not shy with telling the police why he wouldn’t help the child either.

      That was when my hometown started to turn against this ‘think that a adult is automatically a child rapist’ bullcrap.

  • Fuck this survey. I can care less what the public will think of me if I’m helping a child in need. They can call me whatever they want, it’s not gonna change to fact I’m trying to do some good. And if I DO, somehow, become to be considered a molester, then so be it. Anyone else that knows the truth, knows I’m no such thing.

    Go ahead and give a big ‘fuck you!’ to your local media kids; It’ll make your parents smile!

    • Unfortunately Anon 14:53 is correct.

      You may get cleared of all charges, but the label will not necessarily go away.

      There will always be whispers of “He just got lucky this time”

      Doing the right thing is getting harder and harder everyday.

      Society isn’t making it any easier.

    • Yea you’ll know you did the right thing but after you get slapped with the “Pedophile” label good luck at getting a job, getting other shit or anything in general. Ya you’ll know you did something good but was it worth having your life ruined over it?

  • It is really bad though, my sister is 14yrs younger than me and if we go out to the store or mall I have seen the dirty looks I get from older people thinking I’m possibly some pedo or something! WTF?? This is why it’s getting so f*cked up in society that men will not want to be near ANY children for fear of someone calling the police on them. Even with their own child. Oh and what’s really bad is Caucasian men married to Asian women with a daughter who looks very Asian. I just love those looks from people thinking I have kidnapped some poor lost Asian child!!!! GD!

  • The way things are going these days, people are too scared because everyone is quick to make assumptions.

    “That guy is talking to a kid! He must be a pedo!”
    “The person just touched that kid’s head! CHILD MOLESTER!”
    “Hey! You look creepy! Get away from my kid!”

    While child abductions and the like are very real and valid fears, the fact that people are so ridiculously overprotective of their children is why so many of them tend to either rebel or completely lack life experience.

    • No, they aren’t ‘very real and valid fears’ because 99% of child abductions are done by PEOPLE WHO THE CHILD KNOWS!

      Seriously, the FBI looked at this recently and found out that most cases of child abduction are NOT spur of the moment things. The child has usually been introduced at least once to their abductor and has been told to trust them.

  • Well hey if a feminist’s child gets abducted and there was a male witness who could have prevented it from happening but didn’t out of fear cause of the feminists.

    That would be karma best served with irony.

  • wtff I would help a child in need no matter what. then again i’ve never had to worry about freaking parents out when interacting with their children because i’m exceedingly attractive. moms always give me the ^_^ face when their lil girls run up to me.

    ain’t that sad

  • Little fact for you all.

    In the UK, British Airways have this policy where they have to brand all male passengers as convicted child molesters, and therefore, are not allowed to six next to children. (Even their own.)

    Women are okay though…

  • Here’s something I saw recently, A kid was crying in a park for nearly an hour, it turns out her mom lost sight of her and left the playground to search the surrounding area (playground was in the middle of the park),so a good Samaritan decided to take her to a nearby police station, while on the way there the mom showed up and all she saw was a stranger leaving the park with her child, guess how that turned out.

    • Well, if the girl said that her mother had disappeared and the man was taking her to the nearest police station!

      They recently had something like this in my town, and the police LAMBASTED the parents of the child in question for leaping to conclusions. They were inches away from arresting the parents of the child in question.

      To be blunt: TIME TO REALIZE THAT PEDOSEXUALITY IS NORMAL! Legalize it, and realize that most relationships between adults and children are CONSENSUAL! I’d even go so far as to say ALMOST ALL ARE!

      This pedosexual fear is a load of BULLSHIT and it’s time to realize that it is a load of bullshit.

      • Can Arte stop this idiot anonymous freak on making such posts every time there is such a subject?
        His some fucking sicko pedophile that thinks he is free to post his shit here just because we don’t have a problem with a 2D loli picture.
        We ain’t like you, you sicko.

  • I’m surprised the numbers are so *low*; that’s how bad the situation is over here. People really are hysterical.

    I recall one newspaper columnist saying that a boy on a train pulled out his tongue to him. He pulled a tongue back and the boy’s mother called him a paedophile.

    The statistic about children afraid of strangers didn’t surprise me either. When I was a kid in the 90s, I was taught by my teachers and my family that by going out on my own I was in great danger of being abducted and killed by a random stranger. I didn’t believe it, but that’s what I was taught.

    I do find it ironic, however, that this survey is being reported in one of the tabloids that is responsible for this climate of hysteria and has profited from it. A lot of the blame for the situation in Britain lies with the newspapers; they’re the worst in the world.

    • i grew up in the 90’s and i went out alone alot, i was talked to by strangers, nothing bad ever happened to me because people aren’t as bad as every paranoid and stupid parent thinks they are. All this fear mongering over every person being a possible murderer, rapist, kidnapper is just teaching every new generation that you can falsely judge every person without any evidence.

      • No adult ever said or did anything remotely sexual to me, but I was still taught that there were gangs of men riding around in cars and abducting any child they saw on their own. I could see this obviously wasn’t true, but a lot of kids might have believed it (kids do listen to adults, after all).

        And here’s the worst thing: the generation of kids who were brought up to fear all adult men are now having their own kids. God knows how they’re going to bring them up.

        • True true, it would be counter-brainwashing. Its becoming a pathetic site watching all these newer children that don’t become little hell raisers become pushover shut-ins because they can’t leave their bubbles. Pretty soon we’ll be stuck with a couple generations that won’t be able to do anything at all…hopefully i’ll be dead by then. I look at all the potential human kind has…then i look at how its mostly squandered and die a little inside.

        • Sigh, just as I suspected.

          And hey, it wouldn’t be brainwashing to convince parents that their children aren’t in constant danger of being raped by every adult man; it would be counter-brainwashing to mitigate the effects of the sick society that’s brainwashed them into being so terrified that they lock their children in their homes where all they can do is gain weight from lack of exercise, watch TV and look at porn on the internet. The biggest threat to the physical and mental health and well-being of modern children isn’t paedophiles; it’s the way their parents are “protecting” them.

        • I’ve seen how they are teaching their children…its horrendous. The ignorance brought upon them by their parents has increased 10fold and they teach that same intolerance and ignorance to their children. At the same time they are so pussified at the thought of disciplining them because they could be reported by their children for abuse that the children are becoming disrespectful little thugs.

          As much as i bitch against brainwashing…i’m wondering if some of it may help stem all this bullshit with the newer parents. Only if its done right though, we need to fix the lack of discipline and stupidity they are spreading.

  • This world has gone sick. 15 years ago people will calll Kenshirou from Fist of North Star the manliest man of all. Now if we show that manga to Agnes she will sue him for helping lolis.

    • It’s gotten to the point where society is going to have to realize that pedosexuals are NOT the real worry today: idiots who see child rapists in every single man are the real danger!

      The world needs to realize that EVERY SINGLE SEXUALITY IS NORMAL, and move on!

  • 3 instances right from Sankaku where it would be tough for men to go anywhere near a young girl, even ones in need.
    Its a shame that the image of men cant go anywhere near young girls with the assumption something bad is going to happen first.

  • That’s the UK for you. Something to chew on:

    “A recent 2008 Gallup poll in Great Britain finds that 33% of women “often or very often” feel resentful of men, compared to 14% of men who often feel resentful of women. So fully a third of women carry with them an ongoing resentment toward their opposites, as compared to about a sixth of men.”

    You would be forgiven for getting the impression from reading frequent stories like this,(and the one above)that the UK (like Australia) is one the most anti-male states in the developing world.

  • Here in South Texas you sure don’t help in most situations at least until it might be safe. Parents here teach their 2nd and 3rd graders deadly conduct giving them unloaded real pistols and having the 2nd and 3rd grade aged kid go through the motions of sicking the dog on the eldery neighbors and then training the kid how to hold the gun side ways and walk and shoot just like gang members. In fact if a few of these kids die we might all be safer as we can’t go outside now as it is. Texas schools as well are owned by gangs and no kids are safe there either at any public school in any city no matter the size.
    I say this because I have a strong feeling its the same with many Japanese neighborhoods and schools. These elementary school kids also sell drugs at the schools and no one stops it.

  • This is a symptom of a much bigger problem, really. As crime rates have dropped across developed countries, this has been accompanied by an increase in reporting on crime… It’s all just about control. Scared people are easy to control.

    • I’ve noticed this too. It seems that the less likely people actually are to be a victim of crime, the more scared they are. People living in comfortable, safe, middle-class suburbs seem to be the most terrified of being mugged, burgled or raped. It’s quite a paradox.

    • It’s not even an agenda, really. It’s just the reality of a 24-hour news cycle. There isn’t really enough news to fill 24 hours, so they sensational stories from halfway around the world to fill time and it provides a false sense of how common they are.

      It’s just business, in the end.

  • Would you want your daughter to be “helped” by some creepy dude that reads this website? I wouldn’t. Most dudes on here are strange as hell. Look at the 12yr old lookalike bs that half you people comment on… holy bannanas batman. Stay away from children, all of you.

    • Yeah man. These days everyone’s so terrible. Don’t you just wish it were the dark ages again? Or maybe even the inquisition eh. Someone should try to revive Stalin and Hitler. The world’s just become so horrid since their time.

    • Except that most reported cases of child abuse involve people the child knew and trusted. Teachers, family members. If you’re the type of parent that’s afraid strangers in the street, you should probably be wary of the brother your grew up with, as well.

  • Is it just me who is reminded by the three sisters in mitsudomoe and their dad who always gets arrested because he “looks like a child molester”.

    Itäs a load of bull, but still pretty fun in the series. Not so in real life.

  • “Fear Rules the people”
    Fear of getting Called as Child molesters =_=

    If I found a Lost child on the street, Take her to the Police station and ask for help, that way They won’t be able to call a Child molester, even if they want to.

    Found a Child Hurt in the street and noone is helping? I will just carry her to the hospital.

    Kindness and Justice is not for Showing, it is for giving.

    • Best thing to do is go to the nearest store and have them call the Police/Ambulance.

      If your worried, then stay in sight of the child and wait for help to arrive.

      Want to the do the Right Thing?

      Good for you, really.

      Not being sarcastic, but nowadays you need to look out for yourself as well.

      Sad, I know, but True.
      The days of rushing to the aid of another person/child are over.

      You need to stop and plan it out.
      Strategize, best outcome vs worst outcome.
      Find the best path to success.

      What a world we live in….

    • (quote) ~
      “If I found a Lost child on the street, Take her to the Police station and ask for help, that way They won’t be able to call a Child molester, even if they want to.”


      To me… the safest thing to do, is to – “observe from a safe distance” – keeping the child in view as I dialled the police from my mobile.

      Giving them the exact details of her clothing, her description, and her current surroundings.

      Then afterwards, film her, to be certain that police arrived or (in case) something else occurred as you waited for them to arrive. ~ This way you have evidence if a situation occurred.

      Then present myself (once) the police had arrived, stating/indicating that I made the call.

      It’s a tricky call, because the way society is now, (plus) the variables involved, but its the safest thing to do at the moment.


        • ahh… an oversight on my part…


          I was thinking (while) on the phone with the police… (as they record) all conversation when calling into dispatch.

          Letting them know… in case *any* other situation should arrive (before) they got there, as in another person taking advantage and or attempt to kidnap.

          But, more than likely, dispatch will – “keep you on the line” – as you await the police to arrive.

          The filming part.. was in reference to what would possibly happen when a lost child is present in a Mall setting, were cameras are present, as Security was notified and on the way to scene.

          I hope that clears things up.

          But, knowing society and how (some) people are… even that will be twisted around.

  • Sometimes society gets what it deserves.

    Hysterical paranoia breeds a lack of willingness to help which just makes that portion of society that actually IS dangerous more confident in their actions knowing no one is going to interfere from a justifiable fear of becoming an unwitting victim too.

    This is just one more aspect of punishing good Samaritan acts.

    Unsure about the rest of the world, but I know here in North America, especially the US, home of “I’ll sue’, that the chances of someone coming to your aid, is all too slim, more slim than it should be.

    Girl gets attacked, Samaritan clobbers the attacker, attacker sues the defender and the defender ends up in jail longer than the attacker.

    Fuck that shit.

    Myself, I would gladly take and hospitalize a Muslim abusing a female. But my luck, the damned female likely sues me for trashing her ‘husband/owner’ attacker.

    Yeah I wish I could be more openly generous with my good nature and smiles towards the young. But what’s in it for me? I say ‘hello and that’s a pretty drsss you have on’ and just wanting to be nice, and ooooh no, I get immediately assumed to be a pervert.

    So society is just getting what it needs. A world everyone is afraid of, because we have made everyone unwilling to risk giving any help.
    Sorry mac, I would have liked to save your daughter, but I have a family to protect too and I can’t do that from jail, and I can’t know that I’d have been safe beating the snot out of that guy who grabbed your daughter. Hope you find her some day…. on your own’.

  • Sometimes society gets what it deserves.

    Hysterical paranoia breeds a lack of willingness to help which just makes that portion of society that actually IS dangerous more confident in their actions knowing no one is going to interfere from a justifiable fear of becoming an unwitting victim too.

    This is just one more aspect of punishing good Samaritan acts.

    Unsure about the rest of the world, but I know here in North America, especially the US, home of ‘I’ll sue’, that the chances of someone coming to your aid, is all too slim, more slim than it should be.

    Girl gets attacked, Samaritan clobbers the attacker, attacker sues the defender and the defender ends up in jail longer than the attacker.

    Fuck that shit.

    Myself, I would gladly take and hospitalize a Muslim abusing a female. But my luck, the damned female likely sues me for trashing her ‘husband/owner’ attacker.

    Yeah I wish I could be more openly generous with my good nature and smiles towards the young. But what’s in it for me? I say ‘hello and that’s a pretty dress you have on’ and just wanting to be nice, and ooooh no, I get immediately assumed to be a pervert.

    So society is just getting what it needs. A world everyone is afraid of, because we have made everyone unwilling to risk giving any help.
    Sorry mac, I would have liked to save your daughter, but I have a family to protect too and I can’t do that from jail, and I can’t know that I’d have been safe beating the snot out of that guy who grabbed your daughter. Hope you find her some day…. on your own’.

  • might soon be the case:
    You talked to a girl and the moment after you can see that she misunderstood something.
    Your thoughts:
    whats up?
    oh no she doesnt think that im a pedophile or that im tryingto molest her does she?
    mmh she might accuse me of above said and chances are i can`t be proven innocent.
    so i might as well rape her for real so that:
    – the charges are justified
    – she might rather not report it out of embarassment
    – i get some fun (has been a while now

    other than that what might my options be:
    -pretend to mean no harm (as if she would belief a stranger)
    – ignore the “incident” (but there is still the possibility of getting charged)
    i think i will go with rape so i cant be punished while being innocent (if she should report it)

    well ibetter get going she wont stand there forever

    end of thoughts

    sadly it might one day come to that (if it is not already)

  • I remember years back I was at a mall with my father. We get on a escalator, and theres a girl about 5 years old in front of us by herself. She falls down and out of instinct my father reaches for her and picks her up. And the fat ass soccer mom starts yelling for police because she says my father is abusing her child. My father actually got taken to the police station for this shit.

    Unless it’s a extreme case it’s just not worth it for a man to even acknowledge a child with the hordes of retarded soccer moms.

    Sad too, most crimes committed against children are by people close to them, but the media has made everyone think there’s a mass murderer behind every shadow.

  • I am just waiting for the case where a man helps a child who is being raped and then ends up being charged with rape/pedophile himself.

    Officer: You saw her naked in a sexual act you pervert!
    Man: Jesus she was being raped of course I saw her naked!
    Officer: Sicko!
    Man: But I saved her from the two rapists.
    Officer: You probably had your way with her didn’t you? I bet you told her if she said anything you would give her back to those two other mosters.
    Man: WTF!!!!

  • If I’d come across a homeless child sitting somewhere in the corner of the streets, I would help. Regardless if people think of me as a pedophile or not at that point. If they care more about that then the actual child(And not helping the child) then there must be something wrong with them not me.

    And yes I’m a man. But if I could save a child with my own hands I would do that. Let them gossip, at least I get the feeling of perhaps saving a young person’s life. That’s fine with me.

  • It’s indeed sad development, mostly based on nothing real. But I suppose the adverse effects aren’t bad enough because this degeneration has continued for great many years already, unchecked. At least this is the first study of any kind I can remember studying the other side of the situation.

    Well, I don’t really know how to deal with children anyway, so one more excuse to keep my distance suits me perfectly.

  • Well its true, I wouldnt even report it to the cops. It seems today that there is a abudance of stupid redneck cops that think that ANYONE that reports a crime is the one who did it.

    From my own experence reporting a break in, I will never report anything again, may it be a lost child or some dead body in a field. Theres no one to blame for that but fat lazy cops.

  • If you don’t save a lost child, s/he will ended up kidnapped and it’s your fault for not taking any action. If you decided to help them, ppl around will start blindly stamping you with the paedophile or kidnapper look. Damn, I hate this morally panicked world.

    Lol at the pic btw; Persona child abduction.

      • lol I didn’t know Rin’s manservant loves lolis :3

        As for helping children in need then being branded as a hungry sex starved pedophile is absolute bullshit. Well the world is already a mess and I’d rather die without gaining some “Title”.

        • Its hard to do much of anything without being labled some disgusting pervert by some judgemental moral high-horsed asshole. About a year back some kids playing soccer got their ball stuck in a tree, so i climbed the tree and got it and when i got down i found their parents herding them like fucking cattle away from me like i’m presenting myself as some sort of threat. Granted there are things to worry about nowadays, but peoples massive paranoia of anything and everything is just pathetic excuse to keep their children ignorant of kindness just as much as the evil in society. I made that the last time i ever help anyone like that.

      • In Shanghai, my mom helped a child by supporting her because she was too wobbly on the stairs.

        The kid suddenly smacked my mom a few times with a doll she’s holding.

        It’s China, but it still shows how sad it is, that even a child has learned that people usually mean harm to others.

      • Meh. I see this mere 44% increasing by at least another 5% within the next year. As more cases of “attempted kidnapping” pop up, more guys will wise up and avoid kids like the plague.

        I doubt many parents/people give much thought to the very negative mental images this can give kids. Just imagine growing up in a world where -everyone- but your parents avoids speaking to you, pass you by wordlessly, or pretend you didn’t exist.

      • LanSlyde~”Tis a sad sad day when men will not help a child for fear of punishment. But hey, the worlds fucked anyway.”

        Can’t be helped when you look at how the world is acting. I saw on the news months or maybe a year ago, this guy saved a woman from being taken by a flood. The world proclaimed him a hero but she later sued him saying he hurt her arm or something pulling her to safety. The injury wasn’t even bad.

        Then you look at all these chikans. Although most are always guilty, some get falsely labeled because a girl wants money from the accused. When the world is guilty until proven innocent and heroes are labeled criminals fear is born and hinders the good nature we claim we should all have. Their is so much filth living in the world that we are loosing sight of the gray and focus more on the black and white of circumstances.

      • Yeah… good samaritans are rare for the fact that “helping” now is probably one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. If a woman asks me “why are you not helping that child?” then i will reply “then be prepared to be in my defense if anything happens”
        Chivalry is dead. And that was only the start.

      • Isn’t the reason why men are scared worse than the fact that they won’t help? I mean, if the reason wasn’t there, men would be more likely to help children, wouldn’t they?

        But the fact of the matter is that people are stupid, and as a result public opinion is screwed up. Isn’t it odd that some people immediately think that a man is a pedophile or kidnapper the moment he talks to children?

        It’s not so much a problem of men not wanting to help children, the problem is that apparently, society does not consider it normal that men do so – instead, the expected course of action is that the man will kidnap or abuse the child he just happens to be talking to.

        It is an image problem. And it is sad that it is apparently so widespread. At times, it makes me fearful of just being male, to be honest.

        • “No fear of punishment should threaten this.”

          >> I am not going to prison for some brat who got lost.

          “I haven’t heard of anyone actually getting convicted in cases like these, only that they got search warrants.”

          >> Does not matter, once you are on the news kiss your job goodbye. Don’t expect the 1 line page 5 retraction to help you later.

        • Same here. This is especially true with teens (which ppl still consider “child”) because some are actually hot and the eyes naturally fall on dangerous spot. At the beach I gotta walk watching the sea, the sky or the ground.

        • “I don’t blame them. Even in america I try to avoid any eye contact with any part of any child.”

          Holy fuck this is true, especially the girls. Compared to other people little girls are like visible land mines that move that you have to be constantly aware of. And if they come too close to me I get petrified. The ones that say hello to me are pure evil…

        • To be honest, though, if you can help a child in need, you should. They’ll become better adults, someday helping people themselves. No fear of punishment should threaten this.

          I haven’t heard of anyone actually getting convicted in cases like these, only that they got search warrants.

        • @BaltazarDZ No, I’m sorry, you don’t understand either. It’s not some weird logical complication, it’s just wording. Darkrockslizer read it as ‘suggesting the fears of men are far from groundless’ as in, the fear belonging to the parents, fear of men. You and others read ‘fears of men’ to mean the fear belonging to men, fear of being wrongly accused. It’s a reversible statement that can easily be taken one way or the other especially in its context. Please to be understanding properly before acting aloof, k?

        • Sad thing is it is more likely that someone close to the child will attempt a kidnapping rather than some random person. the thing about the gender always being a male is often incorrect as well, therefore most of the fear of a random male kidnapping your child is baseless fear.

        • BaltazarDZ says:

          I think you are overcomplicating the matter =w=;
          1. Men are afraid that they will be labeled as child molesters upon contact.
          2. 38% Parents say that it’s “common” for males to carry out innaproriate action with their children.
          3.The fear isn’t baseless since a lot of parents would really do that.

          Besides don’t use reversal of argumentum ad populum to prove something is a logical fallacy… it’s simply wrong in many ways.

        • Am I the only one who looks at that sort of logic and says “what magical world have these people been living in up til now??”

          Child molesters, kidnappers, and pedophiles in general have been in this world for …….well…they’ve probably just always been there. Just like normal rapists. Just because more cases are reported these days doesn’t mean that there’s much more, or much less than there always has been.

          All this paranoia just confirms my belief that at least 70% of people are idiots who make up weird “world rules” for reality, and close their eyes to everything else.

        • Oh dear, no no. It’s perfectly logical. It is that the more people or parents believe that there are tons of child molesters/ kidnappers running around snatching children off the streets, the more likely someone is going to call you out and flip the fuck out. Therefore, the higher inherent risk of talking/touching/helping a child (risk as in you get called out, dragged to the police station, becomes a mess, you can never have enough face to go back to that park ever again, ect).

        • However it was written “suggesting the fears of men are far from groundless.”

          Suggesting fears themselves have that much grounding. Only based on public belief. E.g. “85% of Americans believe God exists so its existence is far from groundless.”

          Logical fallacy there

        • I read that as “38% of parents think that child-snatching is common, therefore being afraid of being accused of being one is far from groundless”… so in this instance the actual probability of child-snatching is irrelevant, just the /perception/ of such (as that is what leads to the accusation).

        • @ Darkrockslizer,

          Correct, the fact that their fears are “far from groundless” is because 38% of the British public believe that it’s common, and consequently are very likely to freak the fuck out at some man coming into any sort of contact, no matter how innocent, with their children. The media influence isn’t the same as Japan though, as the UK’s crime rate isn’t much to brag about.

          And, talking of Japan, does anybody know if there was there a similar survey done there? I’ve a feeling that significantly more than half of Japanese males would also be justifiably terrified of helping children.

        • The sad thing is, it DOES happen tho. Anyone who’s been living in Toronto knows about the recent episodes child kidnappings..usually resulting in the child’s permanent disappearance, sadly enough. D: Which is why it isn’t much of a wonder for people to go paranoid, police to panic, and men to just go “unless it’s the direst of circumstances will I only save a child’s life..like them in immediate danger or something.”

        • “38% of parents with young children also reported they believed it was “common” for children to be snatched off the streets by malevolent strangers, suggesting the fears of men are far from groundless.”

          Grounding!? It’s not like 38% of parents actually experienced something like that.

          It’s probably similar to Japan where media makes people believe crime rate is drastically rising while actually it’s falling and is one of the lowest among all countries around the world.

        • Yep. This is the world we wanted. Where no one wants to help any children in need, by scaring people off with “Tagged as child molester” bullshit.

          Next time I see a kid fall off a bridge or osmething, I’ll just go “SORRY, I’M NO CHILD M0LEZTARZ!”.