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  • isnt a bit silly to call beta to a previous version?

    I mean, story of gaming is full of games with bugs and programing issues, corrected en future versions for different platforms or re-releases.

    Also is obvious if this game will go to a more powerful platform it gonna be improved in graphics and sounds.

    Its like be surprised for how a bluray version of a movie will include more extras.

    • actually bamco isnt doing fine even in japan…. so what now… what can you expect from them…
      PS the shift style that tales of graces introduces is apparently a good concept with a lot of potential however not wisely implementing it kinda made the graces lame… but i hope they improve the system better on the next installments yep…. i can say about graces is that it had a lot of potential even for a beta game on the wii but they clearly need to think harder despite their current bad condition in japan they need to bring out wha made ToD like wise ToA following suite the best game of the tales series so far

  • Oh Namco, you’re such a tease. First you give me the epic Tales o Symphonia for my Gamecube, and now you tell me I can’t have any other Tales game that ever comes out again? Well that a damn shame, huh?

  • I just want to say that people should probably start to differentiate between the two teams (actually three) that truly create new “Tales of” games and those that make all those horrible publishing decisions, i.e. those shithead CEO’s of Namco.

    Those are the ones that cause all that grief because they are nothing more than old, retarded shitheads with next to no grasp of reality.

    Just look at Namcos financial situation and it becomes apparent that these people don’t have a clue of how to run a successful business. Even with a strong series like that and a surprisingly rabid fanbase.
    At least, in Japan they annually celebrate their Tales of Festival with the seiyuus as the main attraction. That’s someting a foreign fan can only dream of.

    As for Graces, i think it was relatively safe to say that a mothership title like that would see a port to another console, especially after that rather bumpy start they had with the Wii. And i have to say i’m pleased that we get a superior port simply because i don’t own a Wii and probably never will.

    In that regard i’d say it’s pretty logical that the PS3 version will look much better. I’d be disappointed if we’d only get a shoddy port with a few new costumes or redundant crap.

  • You people are fucking stupid. It’s not like they make all their money on the Tales series alone. Probably it makes more money in Japan and barely any in the US or anywhere else outside of Japan so they decided it wasn’t worth it. Tough shit. I want Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side in English but I have to live with it never happening. Some games just aren’t released in English, deal with it.

    Also do you guys have any fucking idea what a beta is? Of course it doesn’t look as good as the real thing or has bugs, that’s the point of a beta! Users playing it and testing it out.

    • they barely make any money anywhere else because they don’t try to make money anywhere else.

      It’s not that they can’t since there clearly is a demand, It’s that they refuse to cause they are so fucking pigheaded that even trained chimps can do better jobs then them when it comes to managing a company.

      • probably… and what do you mean tales isnt the cash-cow of namco game line i mean just look at what they have done to the series how many game ports and some bad games really came out of it… seriously JUST LOOKS AT IT and do mind you namco is barely getting the cash even in japan only sales

    • You’re kidding ?
      The development of the game was rushed to release it for the Tales 10th anniversary, the japanese version was incomplete and full of bugs and the US version complete but still full of bugs.

      The Tales of which is going to be complete is probably the Next on the PS3 made by team symphonia, he was luckily not rushed to be released on the Tales 15th anniversary contrary to Tales of the Abyss.

  • I would be all for playing this in Japanese if

    1.) I had a lot of time on my hands

    2.) If there was no Kanji, only Hiragana and Katakana. Not sure if there is or not but if there is, I’m done for. How am I going to easily access a dictionary or translator what the character I see stands is in romaji. There’s a lot more than 1900 kanji characters, isn’t there? If the game doesn’t have it though, I’d be willing to import.

    3.) If it didn’t ruin the gameflow. I have a feeling it might.

    • kanji?! on a tales game… you kidding… majinken uses down right kanji for god sakes though i dont want to spoil the story of graces though but if you watched code geass then you will really see a lot of similarities… characters and plot wise

    • looks like noone really sees the beauty of nitendo game…. ohh well… though id be happy if there was a harvest moon game on the PS3 better if it was rune factory really fits in it yep… hardcore farming on a hadcore console like no other

  • You cant expect a PS3 version to look the same as one on the Wii.
    With the 360 maybe but the capabilities of the ps3 and the Wii are so far apart.
    The actually hardware inside a Wii isn’t any more powerful then what was in the Gamecube. So its like asking a PS3 game to look identical when run on a PS2..

  • Can’t just be me who isn’t seeing much of a difference. I see a stronger usage of cel shading but thats about it. The character models still seem pretty low res, especially compared to Vesperia.

    So I guess this could be considered a double disappointment?

  • Interesting… just a few minutes ago, namco accounced that they are combining their departments in america.

    Here’s a direct quote:

    “We strive to make games accessible to gamers across multiple platforms. Combining the companies’ deep pools of talent and resources is the best way for us to achieve our goal of broadening our consumer base,” said Kenji Hisatsune, President, CEO and COO of Namco Networks. “I am very excited about uniting these dynamic groups and look forward to delivering top-notch content that’s appropriate for multiple gaming platforms and communities.”


    With all the ppl bombarding their facebook the past 3 days, maybe they finally decided to localize some stuff.


  • I have bought and completed the Wii version of Tales of Graces but i am not angry to see the game being released on PS3, i mean more people will be able to play it, the fans who like the game on wii will be able to play a better version on PS3 and the ones who don’t like it probably don’t care about a superior version.

    It’s funny how it’s always the ones who haven’t played the first version who are always complaining about “beta version blabla”

    (I’m not defending Bamco at all, but i find this situation kinda funny)

    • Yeah poor bastards are going to be so jealous until they ruin the story(if there is one) for you. Wait for it SPOILERS!!!!!

      They will have beat the game and moved on long before the ps3 users get to even play it.

      • true… very true… played and finished as well haha sure i got lazy completing all the titles in game (which can only be completed via NG+) but it was worth it due to the game breaking bugs the first version has
        and i dont care if asbel gets a new hi-ougi but all i care is that grown asbel must have a rekkuzan not just his younger-self… possible if his new hi-ougi would be dealing a lot of spinning kick then ill buy it for the hell of it after all bandai has license to code geass… which in turn has namco

  • I don’t know why they keep releasing major titles like this on the inferior Wii. I also don’t know why they insist on teasing us with Japanese only releases when there is a respectable fanbase in the rest of the world. Of course it really doesn’t help their low sales when they keep pulling nonsense like this either.


    – Vote on this : http://share.blog.us.playstation.com/ideas/2010/07/30/sony-should-publish-ps3-tales-of-games-in-the-us/

    – Post a wall post on Namco Games’s official Facebook page ; http://www.facebook.com/namco?v=wall , (be sure to be polite when you do so as overly negative posts only hurt things).

    – Fill out this fan survey, the results of which will be sent to Namco Bandai sometime in the near future. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PQQBGNQ

    – Send a tweet to @NamcoGames or @namcobandai using the hashtag #TalesFansUnite (as before, please be polite).

    – There are publicly listed phone numbers for the company which can be called. They are expecting fan calls now so it is very likely you will get a automated response or a canned response from one of their representatives.

    • You can always mod your wiis and xboxes and play without being ripped off as beta testers for the ps3. I for once ain’t buying Namco anymore after the first “betas” and exclusives ripped off a lot of ppl.

    • …I can never understand how some people who want to play Japanese games, but somehow just refuse to learn the language and goes on bitching about ‘Release in English damnit!’

      English games are meant to be played in English, Japanese games are meant to be played in Japanese.

      FFS, just take the bloody time to go learn Japanese. It’s not as hard as you people make it out to be, and all it takes is a few hours per week…

      • Even if they did learn Japanese, there is still the large sum of money to not only import the game (at insane Japan prices, plus import fees, plus considering how weak the US Dollar is compared to the yen at the moment), but also have to either have a hacked console to play games from that region, or a console FROM that region.

        Sometimes it’s just better to wish that Namco would stop hating people who want to throw money at them for their games (that have little to no gameplay difference between them, or story for that matter).

        • “Of course, there are differences between individuals with differing levels of affinity for the language, so some may take longer…”

          That. On top of the fact that unless you use the language and keep up with it, it’ll fall out of memory. And don’t say it doesn’t, it does.

        • Around 6 months ~ 1 year is enough to learn enough to understand 80% of what’s going on in games and anime and such.

          Of course, there are differences between individuals with differing levels of affinity for the language, so some may take longer…

          But hey, once you have gained knowledge of the language, the knowledge is yours, and not definitely will not be limited to the playing of games only.

      • Ready for this? Believe it or not, not everyone has a few hours, over an unsaid number of weeks, to learn Japanese right now. just an observation… I’m not saying people “deserve” to have games translated to their language, but it’s not that simple.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          araradude, the thing is, it takes a lot of effort to learn a language, plus it doesn’t correlate too directly when you have a HOBBY, it’s understandable you don’t want to make a work out of it to make it work. Not everybody have that kind of ironclad mindset. Some do, not all.

          And subtitles and translations are a fine business. Let’s stop pretending that they don’t matter, shall we?

        • @Anon12:57

          As Anon 13:37 has noted, you have time to play games, yet not the time to learn the language to play those games?


          If this is a case of “I am so busy with work and family that I have no time to spend to learn another language”, then you will be right in that case, of course.

          But since this is a case of “I would rather spend the time playing the games than learning the language required to play them, then bitch about how they don’t translate the games to a language I know”?


    • well i finished the first run of the first Wii version and it was fine… though i kinda missed the point that Asbel should haze rekkuzan <_< instead of non-spin kicks… (yes SPINASBEL needs it)

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I only care because of what an utter joke Namco Bandai’s policy of releasing games is. Not only do they make incomplete games, they release it intermittently between different consoles, spread the Tales series into every which ever direction they please without a sense of timing and order and now they want to make 2 more Tales games fully knowing that their game release schedules are quite possibly one of the worst in the gaming industry.

      If they were smart, they wouldn’t rush 3 or 4 Tales games all within a short period, release these games to the western world where some game sales like Symphonia and Vesperia for 360 saw Western sales do just as well if not better than Japanese sales. And doing these weird beta-releases is just ridiculous. They should do the RIGHT thing by trying to release them in all three consoles and let some porting team do the job for the two other consoles and try to stay profitable.

      As it is, all they’re doing is looking like the schizophrenic weird uncle of the gaming world while pissing off whole segments of the gaming population. Hell, even Activision runs a tighter ship than this.

      • I fail to see how you can say people who bought the ‘beta’ were cheated. They purchased the product on an as is basis knowing exactly what they were getting and were most likely satisfied with it.

        They only feel indignation because another version has been released with better/more ‘features’. This is no different than buying anything else in the tech field, there is always the possibility that the next version will come out shortly after your purchase.

        Perhaps the only difference is that the product is a video game and not some actual device.

        • Releasing a beta and using the feedback of the angry customers to release an improved edition for the console of choice some time later is way cheaper than having some working quality control. It not only doesn’t cost anything, they EARN with the beta sales.

          Quite smart, as long as they find enough idiots who buy the betas. The customers should know by now, though…

        • Most likely satisfied? Wasn’t Tales of Graces for the Wii horribly bug-ridden, so much that so that it was RECALLED?

          There’s a difference between the two following things:

          1) Releasing a complete product, and then later releasing another complete product with more features.

          2) Releasing an incomplete product, full of bugs, and then later releasing a full version on a different platform.

        • I think George Bush got it right the first time “Fool me once Shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me, Fool me a third time I’ll have your balls in a vice and let you go hunting with cheney.”

      • Why do people act like this is something new in the industry. Companies have been changing and enhancing games that were released later on different systems since the beginning of video games.

        Atari did it with most of there games between there various systems. The original Mortal Kombat was different on Snes and Genesis. Onimusha got “upgraded” to Genma Onimusha in its move from PS2 to Xbox. The list goes on and on, so people really can’t complain about it. It’s just business after all.

        • Anonymous from 10:11 06/08/2010 back again.

          I’m well aware of the fact that the original MK was released at the same time on both systems, I was just using it as an example of differences between versions of games on separate consoles, in hindsight it might have not been the best analogy; but I digress.

          As to brningpyres point the Xbox came out about 8 months after Onimusha, and Genma Onimusha was released almost exactly one year after the original PS2 version. But when the original was released it was touted as a PS2 launch exclusive, but it didn’t stay that way.

          All I’m saying is it’s part of the business to upgrade things for re-releases, I’ll go out on a limb again and bring up the Street Fighter series this time (not talking about different systems, just upgrades in general), I had each version of SF2 at some point on my SNES, and I also have SF4 and SSF4.

          We get special editions, game of the year editions, greatest hits, expansion packs, DLC; upgrading games is part of making them, in the eyes of a designer the game is never truly finished, there is always one more thing you could add, one more mistake you could fix, ect.

          Hell even simultaneous releases have differences these days, the Soul Caliber games have had exclusive characters for the past few games, although the Star Wars chars did become DLC after a few months. Then there’s the Pokemon games with multiple versions each generation starting with the two initial then the inevitable upgraded version that comes later (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum).

          There have been lots of games with differences between versions be they drastic or subtle, it’s just that most people didn’t really care before and if they did they didn’t have these kinda sites to come bitch about it on.

          Now I know I’ll likely get down voted again but I’m just stating the fact that video games are a business and the people making them will do what it takes to make money. Be it upgrade graphics, add characters or levels, or completely remake a game from the ground up for a different system.

          tl;dr for the lazy/impatient:
          Upgrades are part of the business, they just take on different forms, so either get over it or buy the other version if you want the upgrades that bad.

        • Those weren’t beta tests on one console before fixing it up on a different one. Those are completely different situations.

          First of all, Mortal Kombat on SNES and Genesis were released around the same time, and the difference between them was censorship.

          As for Onimusha, perhaps you forgot that the XBox hadn’t even been released when the PS2 version of Onimusha came out?

        • stopping you right there the original Mortal combat was only different cause of Nintendo’s Policy on blood and gore in games.

          things often have changes do to policy but I mean if you look at Japanese game Companies and american Game Companies, American Game companies at least have some form of honor cause they don’t sign into exclusive deals just to turn their backs on said deal or promise one thing to their player base and completely do another if there if they plan on releasing to multiple consoles they at least announce it and don’t try to be sneaky about it unlike Namco/Bandai who swore up and down this wasn’t going to be a repeat of the last tales fiasco.

      • @Jeen

        That’s my last resort next to just fapping to the hentai doujins of characters I haven’t even played or know…

        Ah well, I did remember fapping to Tales of the Abyss hentai doujins before I even played the game…

        It’s just one way for me to ‘get to know’ the characters better…And what better way to know them than see them in a crack-pairing (yuri/yaoi) hentai doujin~

        *eyes his TOTA doujin archives*

        That said, the Wii version has more armpit exposure, that’s for sure thanks to the clothing design…

        And I prefer the tank-top exposing armpits on my anime loli rather than a more beautiful outfit, but without the waki-exposing goodness~

        • eh whats the point of complaining Namco/Bandai has always had more or less an Anti Foreign Gamer mindset just look at the numerous Gundam games never to be released to america not to mention the ones that do get released in america are under advertised and usually the most poor choice they could pick at the time so the market for their gundam series never really takes off with the average gamer.

          But I’m sure Bandai is aware of how large of a foreign market they have since they IP block users massive lists of IPs from their Japanese version of their Online game SDGO. Yet still refuse to release a american or european version even tho they make 1/5th of the player population between the 4 already existing game servers spread out amongst China and Korea.

          lets face it Bandai just hates people who arn’t Asian cause they are prejudice.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          I don’t think it’s just about learning the language though.

          The way Namco Bandai split the userbase, release Tales games in strange release days or just not releasing it to the MILLIONS of players around the world is a disservice. Can’t get more clear about that. Also, even if you do know the language, the price to import those games are pretty prohibitive. If you thought $60 was pricey, then get ready to shell $80-$90 for import + shipping.

          Like some have mentioned, Namco Bandai is just being totally schizophrenic about the release of the Tales games. If they were smart at all, they won’t keep hurrying through to make the next Tales games inbetween only months of eachother and if they’re gonna make console Tales, then they should try focusing a bit on that. Also, there’s no reason not to release them on the States when Vesperia and Symphonia showed that the western world may buy just as much, if not more copies of a Tales game than the Japanese.

          It’s a worldwide market and they should play it. Also, if they have such experience making Wii, 360 and PS3 versions, then they have less of an excuse to not release them across as much consoles as possible (especially those 3).

          Maybe they can grow a brain and do the western fans some justice like what Capcom has been doing the last few years.

        • ゲーム Game
          新規ゲーム New game
          作成 Create
          設定/オプション Settings/Options
          記録 Save Records
          セーブ/保存 Save
          ロード/読込む Load
          主人公 Main hero(rine)/Protagonist

          魔法/魔術 Magic
          物理 Physical
          魔物/怪物 Monster

          力 power/strength/force/vigour/might/energy
          攻撃 Attack
          -> 攻撃力 AP
          防御 Defense
          -> 防御力 Defence
          気力 Strength/SP
          魔力 Magic strength/MP
          根性 Will power
          体力 HP
          知力 Intelligience
          魅力 Charm
          敏捷 Agility
          速度 Speed
          器用 Dexterity
          運気 Luck
          命中 Accuracy
          回避 Evasion/Dodge

          地図/マップ Map
          確認 Confirmation
          はい Yes
          いいえ No
          キャンセル Cancel

          剣 Sword
          -> 双手剣 Double handed sword
          槍 Spear/Lance
          弓 Bow
          矢 Arrow
          弩 Crossbow
          杖 Staff