Aya Hirano Strikes Back – “Stop Telling Me to Die!”


Controversy idol Aya Hirano has made a defiant update in which she tells her legion of furious fans to stop saying they hate her and want her to die, calling them her “lifeline.”

This only prompted the response “then why did you cut off your own lifeline?” however…

Aya Hirano made a relatively lengthy update to her blog in which she attempts to extinguish some of the flames currently engulfing what is turning out to be the funeral pyre of her seiyuu career:

All of these romantic experiences helped support me, and I don’t want to continue this shallow and unrealistic façade.

I don’t want to write songs about some fantasy love. I should be able to show the real me.


Stop making Tweets telling me to “die!” or saying you hate me.

And after we just made a lifeline to each other… Even one as powerful as me is reeling under this.

So, from here on I hope you wish me well!

2ch is less than sympathetic:

Well you guys, what do you make of her diary?

I laughed at this excuse-like update. This will probably anger you lot even more.

“And after we just made a lifeline to each other…” – and just who hacked off that lifeline?

She’s turned and become defiant. It’ll be war from here on. Who will die first, us or Hirano? It won’t end until one does.

She’s just saying “It’s not my fault!”

As expected, she wants to move on. Who cares about her acting or singing though.

“So, from here on I hope you wish me well!” < Unfortunately, there is no “from here on.”

Indeed. She cuts off here lifeline, and is then like “Yoroshiku!” What an idiot.

Aya-chan, but you have no future in show-business now?

Now we know what to call all the fans who forked over cash for her – her “lifeline.”

The Hirano Lifeline.

We should abbreviate it a bit as that is too long – HLL. The HLL incident.

Hirano fans now truly do seem to be in HLL.

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  • Personally, I would have been more blunt.

    Dear Creepy Stalker dudes,

    Get over it.


    Aya Hirano

    P.S. Admit it, your just jealous that, even if I’ve only had sex with that one guy once, I had sex more than you guys will in your entire lives.

    Then I would post a picture of me making a tough face while flipping them off. Definitely pout my lip and bit and bend it back at a 10 to 15 degree angle.

  • Haha the japanese people are sick…if the neurotical psychoed’s fan’s of her keep on this way, maybe she’ll change her name and move to another country like venezuela or cuba, shit, what’s wrong with this people? they don’t have a life???

  • Ugh, stuff like this makes me ashamed to be one of her fans. She may be a celebrity and all, but her life should be her own damn business, IMHO. And the stuff 2ch are saying is complete bullcrap.

    “Who will die first, us or Hirano?”

    Definitely you. Idiots.

  • But … dang dawg … older men?

    Talk about madonna’s “Material Girl”… ‘m pretty sure the backlash would have been < 1/2 if she was romancing with someone somewhat closer to her age.

    But then again in this day and age with all the good girls taken by men who are 45+ …

    Bah, forget it. It's not my cue…

  • Those guys at 2ch are pathetic.

    “Aya Hirano has a life outside of us and I hate her for it, I want her to die”

    Boo fucking hoo. Those idiots need to grow up. Aya Hirano should get mad and tell them all to fuck off.

  • All you Aya haters are a bunch of fuckin retarded dipshits. No wonder White guys are taking Asian women. No wonder the jocks are always beating the nerds. Grow the fuck up. Aya has every right to live her life the way she pleases, and she doesn’t need some hikikomori to dictate who she wants to fuck or if she is open about it. This is fuckin 2010, you dumbass! It’s not the 1800’s, fuck! Grow up and go and meet a girl by you and stop living this fantasy life thinking you’re the only one for Aya. SHE’S NOT INTO YOU! It’s time to move on an accept that. Respect Aya for what she is, a great voice actress and singer! Love her for that, and stop fapping so much to your idols. You get way too attached to them that way. And if you don’t agree with me, FUCK YOU, you fuckin nerd!

  • LOL i just realize

    on the bright side, we might get a chance to see her sex video..

    considering she been two timing, that’s mean she’s a one helluva bitch, and use sex to release stress

    if the video goes out by chance, im gonna enjoy it….

    but it will kills her for sure^^

  • GUYS WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?(all who complain about Aya)

    • mannn, CHILL
      why you getting so worked up

      we all know how fuck up the creepy and otakus ppl in japan, or the crazy japanese ppl, but it also happen anywhere else, not just the japanese ppl or in japan only

      same thing goes for the terrorism….

      no matter how you yell, is not gonna change….
      and seeing you typing with capital words and yelling and screaming, is a nuisance for everyone

      so stop it

  • After all this it is clear the ride is over. Points of interest, fans have lives full of more fantasy than the stories they read in manga or watch in anime. Since they have no grasp of reality it would be better to retire from a job for ‘health’ reasons then reemerge in 6 months a year or 2 years later in the new job you wanted.

    I haven’t broke my Riot Girl CD and still love listening to it. Move on Aya to whatever pays more for less effort as it goes. Oh btw, delete you social sites, remake them but leave the invite friends options off and leave them inactive so no one can clone you and act like they are you on it.

    Best wishes, a fan.

  • I don’t really care about Hirano Aya outside of her roles. Even then I never liked haruhi or lucky star so I’m completely indifferent to her. Why does it matter if she’s having sex, newsflash EVERYONE IS. The sooner these shutins get over it, the faster they too can learn to go out and get some sex of their own instead of focusing so much on idols and 2D characters.

  • This is funny. People hate when reality slaps them. Go to some chick you know that just LOVES Riddick. Can’t remember the actor’s name. Van Deisel? Something. Anyways, find a girl that ADORES him in his Riddick role or the fast furious thin and show her his break dancing vid where he’s all skinny and pretty funny too watch. That video alone can mess with them. Good times.

  • Without these creepy otakus, she would’ve been a nobody. The otakus are those that made her an idol. And yeah, only an idiot would think that she was a pure virgin because probably the vast majority of idols fucked their way to the top.

    But to create that fantasy for her fans so they would buy her merchandise and when she got bored of them to make an announcement that she’s a 2 dime dick sucking cheating whore is a bit too much.

    She should’ve just said that she’s in a relationship and just stop there. Now her career as a voice actor is completely crushed and I kinda doubt that she’s gonna make it into television because at the age of 22 she looks like she’s 40 and there are far too many cute beautiful girls in japan that don’t need to be photoshopped.

  • So am I the only one who finds it utterly pointless to tell someone to ‘die’? Face it, it’s going to happen sooner or later anyway, with or without your shouts. Dying must be the simplest task there is, just wait.

    Other then that I probably have no basis for this as I frankly couldn’t care less who voices who and who sings what. If they do a good job I’m happy. I don’t care how big or small their name is. But isn’t it obvious that people.. I dunno.. Have lives?

  • I don’t understand, we, in Poland also have far more stupid celebrity (Jola Rutowicz, that cannot do anything, she is just famous of her stupidity) and nobody wishes her death. Let her live her own life, that’s all.
    Japanese people look for me very emotional (altough they try to hide it from the world’s eyes), but quite cruel.
    I understand the sorrow of japanwide otaku after they found, that Aya is a normal human, that also has her needs, dreams and wants to have somebody close at her side.
    I understand, that japanese otaku badly want to idealize a pure, innocent virgin, pretty girl, that was never touched by a man. I also like ideals like this, a girl, that knows, what is sex, but keeping herself in chastity. But I know, that this is just the ideal. 99,99% such girls in the World are just acting. I am waiting for this 0.01% 😉

  • Okay lets break this down simplistically

    1) She is not a god damn Love Plus hand-held your mine fake anime otaku bullshit character that you can “own”.

    2) Shes obviously not interested in her watchers romantically, therefore she went out and found real men, not people who have nothing better to do than stay home playing some Loli/Moe Dating Rpg and trying to make themselves feel better for their obvious lack of SELF ESTEEM.

    3) If you seriously think that just because you watch a half naked woman on screen that she immediately becomes your property than you’ll never get anything IRL. You can say “That’s overrated”
    but while people go and live their lives in reality, and have meaningful relationships and children, you can go fap to the next iteration of K-ON or Haruhi Moe garbage. Seeing as you (those simpletons whom believe 2d is better than real) people think that real relationships are too much of a hassle (meaning your just a lazy bitch).

    Finally rather than send the self-conscious model death threats WHY NOT FIND ONE OF THE OTHER FIVE DOZEN MODELS? Seriously either STFU and move on or go jump off a cliff.

  • yeah, must admit that she an idiot, or it was planned the whole thing by either her or the manager
    either way, from this point, she gonna have aa loooottttt trouble, just pray that the otakus dont suddenly attack her

    but despise all the thing i bet she still stay in a big and nice apartment or house, and still enjoy delicious food and sleep well, and also having sex with the older guy to relieve stress….

    mannn, just once i want to see her crying or angry, or got hit in the television or she the one hit the fans.

    it seems she just being naive&idiot or a clever fox that should be hunted before things goes worse..

  • This is crazy, some of her fans are just going too far. I hope these aren’t adults acting like this, like in their late 20’s. Oh man.

    I hope she is okay and safe right now. Hopefully she has some kind of protection. Sorry this is happening to you, Aya-san.

  • Dear Creepy Japanese Otaku,

    Hi. You don’t know me. I’m one of your counterparts from the West.

    Well, haha, let me just say, not one of YOUR counterparts. You see, I can still tell the difference between fantasy and reality, which I sometimes think precludes me from your little club.

    You don’t see geeks on this side of the isle living in bedrooms being fed cheese through the crack under the door because someone was mean to them at school, or creating little 1/6 scale statues of Lady Gaga, or marrying their goddamned pillowcases.

    Or thinking they “own” some voice actress who wants to get out of a dying industry.

    Now this Aya chick. She’s cute, I’ll give you that. But, seriously: Get the fuck over yourselves. Did you honestly think she was going to be your personal 16 year old virgin for the rest of her life? That she had some sort of duty to keep herself pure for you just because you bought a few Anime DVDs? That you had anything over a 0.000000% chance of ever having sex with her? Ever?

    Seriously, are you that deluded?

    Hell guys, if she saw most of you in a dark alley she’d spray you with mace, kick you in the crotch, and go running the other way. And I have to believe that most of you know that, deep down.

    So she’s had a threesome. Dude, this is prime fantasy material. Don’t ruin it by being stupid and deluded and thinking that makes her some kind of slut. It’s not like she’s dropping her pants for anyone who walks up and smiles at her.

    (Just an FYI, even if she was, you probably still wouldn’t have a chance.)

    (Just as another FYI, statistically speaking, she — and most of your “pure” voice actresses — probably has used sex or sex appeal in an attempt to get favors from someone higher up in her various companies at one time. Pity date, casual flirting with a boss, sex for a contract, politely ignoring being sexually harassed by someone who could ruin her, etc etc. And no, that doesn’t make her a slut and no, you still wouldn’t have a chance.)

    So she likes older men. Lots of women do! See, older men don’t act like little “otaku” children, bitching about a voice actress daring to date someone and not be a virgin on an internet forum! Older men are men, not boys.

    And since I’m a nice guy, here’s some other hints for what women like:

    * Soap / Deodorant / Toothpaste / Personal Hygiene in General (This is a big one guys, go nuts!)
    * Talking face to face, not on some stupid anonymous BBS.
    * Talking about things NOT involving video games, cartoons, comic books, or figurines of any of the above. (Read a book without drawings in it for once!)
    * Being listened to, and not held up as some sort of nonhuman… thing.

    She’s had sex, guys! Just cause you never will doesn’t mean she can’t!

    I mean, come on. Speaking as an American geek to a bunch of Japanese Otaku… grow the fuck up. You’re giving us geeks-who-like-anime a bad name.

    You mock her for saying the fan reaction wasn’t her fault. Well, guess what, creepy otaku freakjobs — it’s not!

    Because she’s done NOTHING WRONG. She doesn’t OWE you her purity, her virginity, or her life.

    – KiTA

    • Nice one KITA. I thought I was an American otaku, but I now I know how creepy Japanese ones can be. At least I shower and have a job. Just because they’re going to die as virgins, doesn’t mean girls like Aya have to. I bet some of these losers are still fapping while crying over their torn pictures of Aya-chan.

  • These otaku fandom gives the word fan a bad name. They need to put up with it and get a life instead quiting living in the real world. Come on, she’s a human being, and as a human she have needs and she have a life to fullfil. I don’t know why these guys are complaining all the time and saying horrible things to her. Fans should be happy for her new step on her carear and support her.

  • I really did not want to post on such a trivia
    thing, but all the Aya-supporters pissed me off.

    You Aya-supporters, obviously you don’t know what the hell you are taking about.
    This may have been a personal choice for her
    to air her personal love life, but it was
    obviously a completely dumb-ass business decision.

    She is suppose to be an idol figure,
    not some 2 dollar slut. She is a retard
    if she or or manager did not expect this
    shitstorm from the Otaku when she made her “announcement”.

    Imagine one of your local female, highly respected,
    loved,cherished idols/celebrities/people suddenly
    announced that they like older men and they
    screwed multiple sexual partners?

    Would you *REALLY* still hold or look at that
    idol/celebrity in the EXACT SAME high regard
    after such a revelation ??????????????????
    If you do, then you are a lying stack of sh*t
    in extreme denial.

    If you want to be a two dollar b*tch, then
    do the smart thing like Hollywood and DONT
    ANNOUNCE IT until you are 6 feet under.

    And now she wants her former fan-base to continue
    to support her???
    Seriously WTF did she think was going to happen?

  • At the end, is her life and her job; only her have the descition of make with her life whatever her want.

    Personally, I admired and love her as one of my favourite seyuu, thanks to her and her voice I can enjoy a lot of funny and happy moments. That are a thing that never will change.

    Now, maybe don’t like her new career, and don’t follow her at same that in the past, but I don’t have any reason to hate her or want to kill her, that might make us very sad.

    I really hope with all of my heart that she be very well and she find her own way in her job life.

  • Boozedimpulsegundam says:

    Really is it anybody’s business but hers? I mean just because these fans have to deal with forced celibacy. Why should she? I mean if they unplugged the DS, took a long hot shower got deloused, they might be able to find a girl who would want to sleep with them.

  • If this were an anime, and a heroine was struggling as a lone idol trying to stand up to the whole culture of threatening, unreasonable male stalkers, these same guys would be jerking off while writing pages and pages expounding upon how moe she is.

  • “he’s turned and become defiant. It’ll be war from here on. Who will die first, us or Hirano? It won’t end until one does.”

    —2 minutes later—

    *commit suicide*

  • This was bound to happen, she is afterall a beautiful girl and eventually she would have to find a man and get married and all that. Plus whats wrong with her being honest? She cant live a life of a lie or live a life that her fans have created her. Thats not her life than is it its Fans’ life.

  • 2ch’s rage and stupidity fucking astounds me. I mean, sure, we’ve seen what they’ve been posting for a while and this has been proven before. But, this current incident…..man, it’s just depressing to think that something so stupid could cause such a overblown reaction.

  • Fuck, those retards that take it out of level. They’re so detached from reality that they don’t realize that other people have problems of their own. Well, I’m sure not all her fanbase think the same, it’s just likely a minority… those beyond hardcore that is.

  • Aya should have known that this would happen.
    On the other hand, her so called fans are going way over the top with this. I still like her, it’s not like she’s become any less talented by admitting about her sex life. They swear as if she betrayed them or something.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    She would have been fine if she just ignored them and went about her business. Dumbass now thats scary nerds are never going to live her alone…so lets take bets people normal sucide or total career destruction then fat then raped by nerds to death.

  • It seems, to me, like she’s just fucking with her creepy stalker “fan base” for publicity. More power to her on that.
    If she can trade a tiny number of creepy otaku fans for a solid chunk of main stream Japan’s audience by alienating and possibly mocking the former, that’s a great publicity move.
    On top of that, the extreme outer fringe of otaku really need to be told to shove it now and again…even if it’s done in the politest way possible.

  • I honestly hope that she tells her “fans” that are sending her death threats and acting like children to go fuck themselves.

    For them it wouldn’t really be a change of pace after all.

  • I hope someone sends these comments of support to Aya, let her know that some of her fans aren’t retarded man children who are mad at her for having sex. That being said, this would be directly for her:

    “The hell with those dipshits Aya, you don’t need fans like that. Ignore them and cast them aside, people like that need professional help. Don’t give up and good luck on your new career! Oh yes and your acting is awesome, the end!”

  • Those guys from 2chan are just sick, people who dont have a life and want her to be just the same way as them.

    Hey sick otakus just find a real girlfriend not just the 2D version you always get, and try to be productive, if not, why bother? Just playing videogames, watching anime, feeding and sleeping… what a life!!

    Leave the girl alone, she deserve more than just your hate, she’s got a rel life and ur just jelous, and what u deserve are just a few pixels and some code 0011001011001101001.

    I post this here cos I know some bastards from 2chan will read this.

  • A large proportion of her fanbase is made up of people who expects her to be “PURE”. Whats happening now is akin to green apple lovers turning away from one thats turning red. It really is just a matter of preference.

    With something changed, expecting the admirers of its previous form to follow suit and switch their likings without any effort being put in is just rather improbable.One either tries to change them, or leave them.

    Remeber, in this world, things either create a change, or be changed.Those inept in creating changes are branded as powerless, with only the option of changing themselves to follow the flow of the world.Those with abilities to create change others are described as accomplished, and lastly, those who are incapable of changing both others and themselves will struggle to survive in our world.These are facts, nothing complicated, nothing special.The commotion stirred up by the posted incident is obviously due to people’s inability to realise or accept the facts.

    Why are people judging otakus?It is because they felt all strong and mighty with themselves being the majorities.Not taking any sides, I am merely pointing out how the world works.

  • I don’t see her as having any talent in show biz in the first place.It’s quite illogical for her to just ruin her voice acting career to pursue other shit.She can’t sing,she can’t act.

    The way I see it, I think she just wants to get a little fame before she gets too old.Or at least try something.And if that fails,she can obviously go back to her many “older men” and milk money from them.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Recent Sankaku reports on these “informed” 2ch comments have increasingly revealed most of these people to be the ignorant, xenophobic and bigoted mass piece of shit that they are.

    While the biggest internet forum in the world, 2ch can no longer truly claim to represent Japanese, or even otaku society, as a whole. Hell, even their servers are based in Singapore, since they’re too cowardly to face Japan’s jurisdiction. Sometimes I wonder whether the Densha Otoko phenomenon was merely a false hope that 2ch can be something positive.

    Even 4chan makes more sense than they do.

  • lol 2ch and 4ch are together… you can never find a place worse than the both of them (aside from conservative places, where ideals take place before reason i.e. radical otaku ideals: the seiyuu/anime character I’m worshipping must be a virgin, otherwise they die).

  • Maybe she did all those things on purpose? Man, it’s like the biggest but cheapest promotion she has ever done even though it’s a negative one. Most japanese people know her name now and it may help her selling herself on TV easier. I mean, normal people aren’t like otakus. They don’t give a damn much about a celebrity going out with someone as long as it’s a normal realtionship.

    If it is her real purpose. Damn, this girl is smart and wicked.

  • Bakamoichigei says:

    Good for her for standing up to them! I never particularly cared for her in the first place, but she just earned a bit of respect in my book.

    This kind of behavior by the overly-vocal minority of otakudom really needs to stop. IT’S WHY NORMAL PEOPLE HATE US, YOU MORONS.

  • hahaha… I’m actually starting to feel sorry for her since really… she’s got to be one of the most normal humans I’ve seen in the industry, and she has the nerd jihad against her for it.

    Whatever… if she wants it to end, she should lay low until they forget her. If she wants to keep me laughing daily, she should fuss over this and try to manage a board full of unruly NEETs with her simple writing, lol

    I still don’t get why people liked her in the first place though… I don’t care either way, but I have to say this debacle is awesome.

    • And what is growing up exactly? Doing a lot of drugs? Havign many kids? Working hard and buying the idol shit you like? Your idea of a ‘grown up’ is cvastly different from everyone else. Look at yourself for example. Most people I know consider a site like this, and forum chat in general, to be done by children only. Are you a child? You are according to most. So is their idea that you need to grow up any better than your idea that others need to grow up? Anime\manga\video games are generally considered to be things only children do by most people.

        • Bugger off anon 05:00. How is anything I said wrong? Any people that come here are looked at by SOME people as being immature and needing to ‘get a life’ So tell me mr\ms all knowing, what is a life, eh? Is it coming here to type to other anons? Is it working so much you have no time to come here? What is this so called life? You have your own idea what it is? Good for you. I’ll bet you dollars to ballsacks that your idea of a real life is different from your mother’s. Or your father’s. Or your friends’.

          We all have different ideas of what a life is. So telling someone to ‘get a life’ means you are already acting like you know the person and throwing your assumptions of what a life is onto them. Think before you type, geez. We all have different ideas on what a life is, therefore, telling someone to get a life is just trying to wrap them into your own perceptions.

          Get a life? We already all have one.

        • What facts was this person stating? How are they different than anon 02:50? One says they need to grow up. One says what is growing up. Are you the one to decide? Pretty presumptions of you to think you know what growing up is.

  • They’re just mad that they can’t get any and Aya can/does, very frequently. Simple as that.

    She’s a normal girl who likes older, experienced men and enjoys sex. She’s 22, she’s hot, she’s rich…of course she’s going to screw like there’s no tomorrow. If she didn’t, I’d think she was weird. You know, like the shut-ins that are mad at her.

    Sweet girl, feel bad for her.

  • Pardon my ignorance. But IMO this otaku reaction was obvious and foreseen and planned by Aya and her new manager, they wanted this to happen and then be portrayed in the Media as an idol victim of the Violent and Creepy Otakus, rising her popularity this way.

    I just hope no foolish Otakus try to harm her, because that is what she wants, even if she has to betray her old fans. I’m sure she has the cameras hidden in there waiting for an incident to happen.

    tl;dr: It’s a trap!

  • well, i read all the 180 comment for now
    here’s my comment…

    She’s an idiot, i give you that, and yeah she date two older man at the same time, and have sex with more than one person at the same time, here’s the list of the possibility
    1. She just a slut
    2. aim for the money
    3. stress relieve
    4. sadistic woman who play around with ppl hearts and life
    5. she simply an idiot.

    and from what i read, there have been no definite proof that’s she really done it…
    dont know what the reason, but there’s also possibility everything is her plan…or the manager plan…

    IF all of the news is true, then there’s something wrong with the manager…or Aya slip her tongue and end up telling everything on the media….

    And, there’s also a possibility wether the guy he date or have sex, is the same thinking with her…’Friend with Benefit’ i think?

    Lastly, no matter what, the flame from the creepy otakus is burning like HELL….no matter what we say that otakus should get life or anything like that, Creepy and idiot otakus like them is BEYOND HOPE…

    so instead of trying to get them straight, better get away from their creepy and dangerous action.

    as mentioned from comment above, IDOL is about IMAGE,
    being honest is a good think, but think about place and time, you don’t need to lie, just avoid the question….

    Lastly, maybe because she still young, imagine 22 years old but already a big Seiyuu and great perfomance in Japan, cause of that, she become naive and think she can get whatever she want…this also one of the possibilities happen….

    so whos the wrong here? Aya Hirano and the manager is partly to blame of, and for the creepy and idiot Otakus, they like a terrorist or trash that will never get cleaned, so no need to think whether they wrong or right, they are doommmmmmmmm

    P.S. when i said otakus, i used creepy and idiot otakus for the one thats have commited idiot comment, so not all Otakus all like this….as i am too an otaku ( but not a crazy one ), plz dont take the wrong idea

    all of this is simply my thinking, i dont to offend to any of you, except the creepy and idiot otakus in Japan, and Aya hirano, and the stupid manager, also the stupid Media ppl

    CHEERS ^^

  • Females can take it too hard sometimes, in the end she’s doing this for herself for once right?

    Who cares if a bunch of lonely Japanese guys cry, bitch, moan and type the words “I hate you” on twitter.

    Then quit your accounts or just don’t go on twitter anymore.

    I say- fuck em, she’s only making it worse by continuing to acknowledge them and reply to them back.

    Simple huh.

  • Did anyone event think for a second about Hirano’s background? Like where she came from, what her family’s like, etc? Let me paint a picture here:

    1) She never mentioned anything about her family.
    2) She was originally an aspiring singer and actress, but she failed and became a seiyuu.
    3) She likes to date older men.

    In my experience, a lot of girls who like to date older men have issues in life. Usually its daddy or abandonment issues. And in my experience, people like these will do ANYTHING to gain affection from older men they like. She never mentioned anything about her family, let’s assume she does have family issues.

    Now we look at her early years as a failed talent. She was young, full of dreams now shattered. Assuming what I said above is true, she has two holes in her heart now: one dug up by her lack of fatherly love, and one dug up by her failure as a talent. And who can fill those two holes?

    Its most likely the experienced musicians and producers that she looked up to when she was still young. And by now she sees a chance to feel love from an authority figure she didn’t have, and at the same time hope to revive her failed career.

    If otaku thought of this earlier, they wouldn’t be so surprised and hurt now.

  • Frankly, I expect all actors in major media to be “Whores” of one form or another unless proven otherwise.

    Ever since the “Industrial” world took over, Acting, music, art have had a 95% failure rate. That is of all with “The Muse” 95% simply could not support themselves in the profession. The “means of production” the access to the studios, markets, etc. controlled by a select few who only cared about $ and their own agendas, who actively kept out the most talented to make sure everyone but them was disposable.

    Of course there was a “Casting Couch” where a producer could take personal advantage of people he’s “Letting in” that little world he owns a bit of. And if they complain to the law he gets maybe a slap on the wrist and they never see work again.

    So, frankly, these guys are uber-deluded “Nerds” thinking she’s anything but a cum dumpster for rich older guys and is trying to accumulate as much $ as possible with her looks, her body, her “Acting/Modelling” whatever before they fade.

    Not that I agree with any of this.
    This is why I want the “Major Media” broken up. Not so much for the ‘sex abuse’ but that the guys on top actually keep away people with real talent because they don’t want the public wanting them and then being able to dictate their own terms. The capitalist only cares about “The law of supply and demand” when it works for them, they seek to disrupt it for other people and they’ve “Won” this game for far too long in the “Media” area.

    • Dear Barbarian Gor,

      You have a point there. You reminded me that in Japan, not even seiyuu are safe from the lecherous predations of entertainment execs. The proff is harder to come up with so far though. Some people think Yuu Asakawa might’ve been a victim of the “casting couch” dilema. Yui Horie has been accused of doing a “pillow sale”. I can’t take it off the table I hate to say.

  • Otaku need to go out and get lives. Seriously. 2ch wouldn’t be an angry nation of hopeless virgins if they actually went and tried to do something with their lives, rather than just harassing others.

  • lol don’t forget those are otakus that make her rich and popular :p
    if she was saying those hard words on her begin career i don’t think she would make so far like now :p

    she is just a hypocrite !!
    she is a fantasy and made unreal fastasy story’s ??

  • Klingengeist says:

    Somehow this is funny.

    I wonder why she would lay bare her love life in TV or other media, i would never do this. Job is job and private life is private, dont mix it…

    Btw, do you know how hard it is to find virgins that you can sacrifice to your dark gods these days? 😉

  • its seems the most violent and hysterical comments are coming from hikkis and rabid fans. some from the malaysia incident, remember the ones wanting to take a bite out of aya (ala high school of the dead) if they get to track her down after forming alliances and factions to track her down during her visit.

  • And they wonder why the suicide rate is so high in japan? Probably because of parasites like 2ch harassing peopl. You can only torment someone so far before they snap, though I’m sure 2ch would love that.

  • What has to REALLY suck for these poor souls is thinking of their idol using THAT voice when she’s gettin boned by some old dood. I’m pretty sure after all the fantasy with the one you love, the reality hurts. And on that note, what the fuck is she thinking posting that? A ‘lifeline’? wtf?? Didn’t she know the second she did this her ‘lifeline’ was cut? Those fans that lifted her up and placed her above so many did so because of their fantasy of her, which she just completely destroyed. Those fans are fans no more. I’m curious to see if she becomes another an hero or just fades away, marrying some rich older man and popping out young’uns.

  • Despite being treated like this by the creeps, she still tries to be nice. This just shows how sweet she is. But she can’t kowtow to the pseudo-fans that only liked her when they could jack off to her “virginal image”. She can take solace in knowing she has not hurt the feelings of her true fans that are all happy for her that she is with someone, those of us who will still listen to her music and don’t fawn over her constantly. Forget those Otaku creeps, they are nothing.

  • marcos67450 says:

    So Aya Hirano is human and likes to fuck, big fucking whoop! It is beyond me why those Otaku can get so damn obsessed about a person. No wait, they are obsessed with an IDEA, they fap to the fantasy image of Aya as a pop idol, or as one of the characters she voiced.

    Her voice work is pretty good, her music is ok by today’s standards (tho she sounds crappy live, looks the youtube vids). She should just stop feeding the trolls online and get on with her life and her career.

    I guess at the end this was the fastest way to cut herself from the Otaku world and move on to something else, and as for those Otaku who now hate her. Some will end up killing themselves, which really is a great thing, or will find someone else to obsess and fap to

  • I expected a bit more outraged posts from 2ch and SanCom both in this article. If you track this story back some pretty fucked up things have been said by users and mostly anons here on SanCom like one being and I quote from anon 10:21 06/08/2010 in the Fans Rage at “Betrayal” article, “Seriously, fuck her. She deserves being raped and killed by creepy otaku now”.

    The fairness in that some of this anger is justified by her calling her fans “lifelines” doesn’t excuse death and rape threats at all on any level. If any good has come out of this it’s that otakus helped reinforce the stereotype that creepy otakus are creepy. For her sake she needs to pull herself out of the spotlight now and hide for a while before one of these crazies finds and hurts her.

    • No. When you’re considered an idol, it’s not your right anymore. When you’re any kind of celeb it’s not your right to privacy anymore either, you must expect to be in someone’s lens at all times because you are. That’s the price of fame. You destroy your fan base, you are no longer a celeb\idol. That’s the very sad reality of life in the public’s eye.

  • Ha.. The Media Suicide of Aya Hirano 🙂
    But why the hate ? C’mon, fanboys, she wants you! time to gangr… show true LUV’ !
    That said, i like her work. she could be a 6legged carnivorous trisexual giraffe, spiting acid through the eyes, i couldn’t care less.

  • “Even one as powerful as me is reeling under this.”

    I’m not a fan of hers, but even I can see what a fucking idiot she is. She’s ‘powerful’ because of her equally idiotic fanbase and without them she’ll be just some random VA who happened voice two popular characters.

    What a stupid and self-centered cunt.

    • I think by ‘powerful’ she is talking about inner strength here. Strong would have been a better word. ‘Even someone as strong as me is hurt by this type of thing’ is what she is most likely saying. I’d bet my third nut.

    • Didn’t she quit being a VA to be normal tv talent? without a fan base to carry over to normal tv she’s really got no future. The fact is that many of japans girls are hot so she’s easily replacable and if she doesn’t want to play the adorable single virgin others will since it pays over there. She really should have kept her mouth shut instead of overexposing herself and creating this, what I am now calling, “Fandemonium”.

  • Does anyone else find it hilarious that the people that fap to her characters being gang banged, raped(many times gangraped) and fucked by older men are outraged at this?
    I actually have to pre screen doujin I download in the off chance that some random old guy and his minions randomly pop in and declare “it’s raping time!”

    • Slight mistake in that post of mine. It’s not an off chance for random crap to happen. The off chance is finding a doujin without the main character being raped ,gangbanged , fucked by old men, or any combination of the 3.

  • Have Kyoto Animation actually stated they’re not going to make any more episodes of Haruhi or are they just leaving a gap before they continue production?

    They’ve only got as far as the forth book so there’s a lot of potential for more episodes. If plans for more episodes are canned because of this stupid bitch then I’ll be joining the line telling her to die. I personally don’t give a shit about her or what she does in her free time, I just want more Haruhi but this is now looking unlikely.

    She really is a total moron for doing this. What she’s done is akin to a politician announcing that he’s a fan of loli manga – there’s nothing wrong with it but you know it’s not going to go down well with the public so you just wouldn’t say it in the first place unless a)you wanted to end your career or b)you’re a complete idiot.

    • meh, they can fidn a vocie that’s close enough if they think they can make money from the series still. All voices might be unique, but there are people that are really good at sounding like others. In every land.

  • I’m sure most of the messages on twitter can be traced and since they are threats, consequences will… will be put in place. If people have the ability to say what they want, they will and they are obviously upset (for stupid reasons). Then again, she was kind of asking for it. She could have said “I don’t want to sing about going about this facade anymore” without saying “Oh and I slept with numerous guys and had many relationships.” Oh well, the deed is done. It’s pretty sad that a voice actor of all people has to endure this. Otaku need to get their shit together. They act too much like overly possessive boyfriends from movies on Lifetime and that is pretty bad.

  • you are not allowed to have a private life Aya !! Ò_ó

    Those reactions are so ridiculous.
    But well what would happen if she said yes to all that and marries aaaaaaaaaall those hardcore otakus ?
    Those guys probably would start a battle royal and killing each other xD

  • I always hated her, but now that she’s experiencing pain caused by fanatics I feel kinda bad for her and wish her well.

    I mean, what do they insult her for? For having a private life? Fucking jealous otaku.

  • So she wants the fanatical support that comes from this whole idol bullshit but doesn’t want to live up to the creepy expectations of those same fans?

    That would be convieniant, but if she chucked one, she’s chucked both.

  • And what do we learn out of all that? Don’t lay bare your personal life in japanese TV because it will swing back at you a hundred fold.

    Her problem is that she and her managers are making wrong public stunts one after another and after the damage is done they are still being extremely vocal about it.
    In this business you keep your work and your private life as separated as possible. But i guess that Aya’s just too naive to realize that. I know lots of people who have that urge to let it all hang out, so to speak, and in most cases nothing but grief comes out of it.

    Besides, she really isn’t suited to be a TV host/talent, so logic would dictate that she should stick to what she’s good at: making a living as a seiyuu. At least, that’s a respectable job away from those spiteful idiots on japanese reality shows and the like.

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      I have to agree that the otaku are not looking at the reality. Any fans of her, or any one who know about her should have known that Aya always wanted to do showbiz, and the seiyuu profession is just a stepping stone, which she would ditch sooner or later.

      While having ambition in career is a good thing, but trying to ditch the job as a seiyuu would probably not a great move for her. She’s burning down the bridge as a idol-seiyuu, and the chances are she will end up as some washed-up talent in may be 5 years time, if not less.

      If she just stay loyal as being idol-seiyuu, she probably will still have huge, if not a larger fanbase even after she reach 30 like other idol seiyuu such as Tamura Yukari and Horie Yui. Peoples’ honest opinions is that she simply won’t make it in actual showbiz, where the target audience are regular people instead of otaku.

      While she being honest about her love life is a decent thing to do, but I’m not entire sure if it is a good thing to do as an idol, as it is bounded to do more harm than good.

      People that say those obsessive otaku need get a fucking life, I don’t disagree with that, however shallow as they may be, the whole idol worshipping thread is shallow itself, and being an idol is all about image, not matter how fabricated or as unreal as it may be. If you were a idol, and you fooled the fans, you might as well fool them to the very end…that’s just simply how it goes.

      • What I’m curious is WHY she decided to burn that bridge. I know its dumb, but still I’m curious as to ‘why’.

        Originally, Aya Hirano was aiming for a singing/acting career. She was part of a failed U-15 group called Springs, and she made small misc appearances in TV shows and commercials. But all that bombed and she was forced to take the seiyuu path. (I could imagine at this point she was the type who tried to sleep her way to a career)

        So basically the seiyuu career gave her a boost, and now she’s reaching the dream she always wanted. Now why didn’t she think that just in case she bombed again, she could go back to the seiyuu life?

        The way I see it, either she terribly hates the seiyuu/otaku culture, or somekinda trauma happened.

        IMO a girl who prefers way older men and has dated multiple of them has some severe issues in life.

        • If she is leaving the industry she shouldn’t maintain a staff. She should be acting as her own manager.

          Her comments are burning bridges she would have to cross if she wants to return to this industry. She is either making bad decisions or her manager is giving her bad advice.

          What is her skill-set outside this industry anyway?

          She did good work in the animes I’ve heard her in and I wish her well in her next trade.

    • @MaidNiac

      *a mysterious persona comes out above Aya*

      “I am thou…Thou art I…”

      *she stares at Aya and speaks again*

      “I am the MOE~ persona, Konaruhi…Take care of me, onee-chan~”

      *the persona does a ‘Kira Pose’ before vanishing*

      [Konaruhi turns into TimoteiSOS after Aya maxes out her Social Link with otakus]

    • Doesnt she have an access to her own private otaku defense corps/private army? I mean, since she is followed by otaku(some of the most obsessed people on the planet) she should have disposable knights ready to take it for her due to their blind faith.

      • Unfortunately the vast majority of her fans are probably NEET’s or hikkikomori’s that can’t leave the shelter of their house..much less sacrifice themselves. Most of 2ch is just a bunch of retard trolls anyway, they’ll find a new seiyuu to worship and life will continue on as normal. She really should have told them all to die in a fire as i’m concerned…but i’m a bit more cold hearted than most people, that and it may have been bad for her new career. I guess thats what talented writers are for, they can tell them to fuck off, disguised.

        • Where is your god(dess) now?

          Those creepy seiyuu otaku crybabies are a bunch of fools. Take some reality in your ugly faces and move on (search for another sacrifice). Or get a life. Impossible to get a life? At least do something less useless, and try to make your existences a worth one (I think that’s impossible too, but I want to believe there’s someone with a functional brain among them).

  • I used to really dislike her but after her coming out, I have to say I find her less grating. I still hate her annoying voice but I give her props for having some balls. Good on her for doing what she wants and telling the losers to suck it.

    Now if only all the seiyuu start to live their own life and stop pandering to the creepy weirdos.

    • Yeah I agree with you there on her having some balls about coming out with her love life and stuff. The thing is though is that she shouldn’t have to hide it in the first place. None of the seiyuus should. This hole stupid ass purity thing probably started because of some fucked up otaku in the first place.

  • This beginning to get old. Seriously? A ‘war’?

    By this time next week 2ch will have already moved on to making death threats towards someone else. In a month no one will even remember this ‘HLL incident’.

    • It’s called ‘obsession’. Also, I doubt you understand the circumstances from which obsessions like this arise. To the ‘stalkers’, this is life – many don’t want to know of another way to live, perceiving the contemporary situation as ‘good enough for them’.

      On another note, most people are quite hypocritical when lecturing people like this… it’s not like you’re a highly enlightened one, and therefore you too have your fair share of mental ‘issues’.

        • Denial of an undesirable fact, like what you’re trying to do, stems from mental issues. Illogical behavior stems from mental issues, and most people who are not enlightened cannot avoid acting illogically at times, thus they have mental issues.

          Do you understand? Granted, many people aren’t willing to swallow the fact that they’re ‘mental’ unless they see it for themselves, thus starting to walk the ‘path to enlightenment’, so to say. Maybe someday you’ll see it for yourself.

    • And do it in either Haruhi or Konata’s voice…

      Heh, she could do both of their voices, just for the bloody hell of it…

      That would give the fans that are in denial a reason to hang themselves…

      You know what would be better alternative to a sex tape..?

      She could be the seiyuu of some Konata or Haruhi look-alike characters in a hentai anime…

      Maybe that would put the flames down a bit…Or the other way around…

      But kidding aside, I hope she doesn’t let these insecure fools hold her career and life down…

      People can say the most cruel things and become the most wretched of creatures when their views of something gets crushed by reality…

      • the problem is that those creepy otaku ARE the voice actor’s career. who else is going to buy all their crappy merchendice and watch their shows? The general public in japan isnt really into anime that much

  • Dumbass otaku. She may be pleading with them right now, but soon that sadness will turn to anger. And angry Aya Hirano is never going to come back to the seiyuu world. Goodbye Lucky Star season 2, goodbye Scheme of Haruhi Suzumiya, goodbye everything.

  • Previously I didn’t really have much of an opinion about Aya Hirano one way or another- she’s a pretty good seiyuu and that was all I cared about. Now I’m starting to like her. It’s good to see someone stand up to the stupid douchebags who treat the people they claim to be “fans” of like property and tell them “whoa, wait, you’re being stupid”. I just wish someone would have the guts to just come out and say “shut the fuck up you stupid whining pussies, my life is my own”.

  • If they REALLY “love” her then they should be happy FOR HER that she is finding happiness of her own.

    I would REALLY like to see how THEY like it if some ass-jockey with less life than THEY have pulls a “Perfect Blue” on them, and see how THEY like it if they have a constant 24 hour “Emotion Police” up their ass 365 days a year, those stalking bullying bastards!!

  • Those Otaku just don’t have a life. Why should Hirano keep up this perfect facade for humans who are just too ignorant to see reality?
    Everybody should know that even those idols don’t lead a “perfect life” (otakus definition of perfect life).
    So what if she loves older man and is a bitch fucking different guys all the time, who the hell really thought she would be all innocent and stuff?
    Nah, those Otakus need to go to a mental hospital of some sort.

  • Once, just once, I wish an anime/manga/voice celebrity would just come out with something like this.

    “To all my REAL fans, thank you for all your support over the years. To all the creepy freaks, get a life, you give our industry a bad name. Neither I nor anyone else will miss you, trash your possessions if you must.”

  • I guess voice actors really are that big in Japan’s otaku base. Well, I can’t say I don’t sympathize with them, I bought the Prince of Persia game (not the bad movie one) just to hear Nolan North. Hell, I’d even pay a British man just to hear him talk, even if he were to swear at me and my mother.

  • Oh man is that getting ugly. Still, she does have a point in that she should be able to be honest about her love life without her fanbase of what appear to exclusively be stalkers declaring anathema. Even if that love life is, well, a bit more promiscuous than what society considers acceptable (I mentioned in the other post that I have no problem with the older men thing, it’s that she did them all at once).

    Still, at least in theory, it’s supposed to be about the work she does, not some otaku fantasy of virginal seiyuu and idols which does not and never has existed. I would hope this would be the start of the destruction of the lies that obsession is built on so seiyuu can actually, you know, voice act and not pretend to be socially stunted virgins instead of human beings.

    • Nobody is owed a career that pays hundreds of thousands of dollars and is based on the thoughts and ideas of your (admittedly) crazy fanbase. She fucked up, alienated her “lifeline” and now she might just be finished.

      Was she talented? yeah, but that was only one part of the reasons why people gave a shit about her. Accepting her for who she is? that’s not really part of what she sold her Otaku fanbase in the first place now is it?

    • DeathCrunch says:

      I never saw the whole celibate idol thing to be entirely to please the fans.
      I’d much rather say I had no interest in sex than have millions of people trying to fuck you every day.

      • It isn’t about being virginal, it’s about selling an image.

        Lovers? No problem if it is kept low-key. Publicly announcing that you are boffing several dudes at once? Oddly enough, that ruined the pure-and-innocent image for many people. Go figure.

        Honestly, if this girl voiced a sexually aggressive character, there wouldn’t be an issue.

      • I’m curious how Kikuko Inoue and Megumi Hayashibara handled that thing. The marriage thing. Also, I think that at least Inoue has a child…

        Maybe when they “came out of the closet as heterosexual women”, otaku weren’t such a mob of obsessive psychopats? :/

        • When they got married, I suppose they were already veteran seiyuus (around 30 years old, technically the age limit to get married in Japan). Aya is still very young being only 22 years old.

          I don’t know if Kikuko Inoue is married/have children). But I know Hayashibara is married and have one child.

    • if you want to be treated like an idol. then don’t act like an every day person. gimme a break.
      the only thing she can do now is try to build a different fan base with older rich men. puahahaha. as if those stingy bastards will buy her stuff.

    • i have said this from the beginning. she has a good voice and thats it.

      here lets take this quote, don’t know how good its translated, but i will trust that it conveys the message accurately.

      “All of these romantic experiences helped support me”

      basically saying she fucked people who had money and power, to further her carrier, and even than, even if she liked them, she also cheated on them. saying in the interview, dated many at one time, conveying some amount of emotional attachment, and that she cheated at the same time.

      now im not going to be on the otaku side here, but i cant even consider her a good person anymore at this point.

      she could have shut the fuck up, not said anything, or at least said im not a virgin, and i like to date men, get the fuck over it, and i would have liked her for haveing balls to say it. but going on and on about dateing older men (people who have money, power, or can further her career) many at the same time (if she or they had any emotional attachment, she was CHEATING ON THEM) and the dumb bitch told that to her “fans” but not only that, but to all of japan who wants to google her name.

      i have no respect for her as a person
      i dont want her to have a career any more, because she as a person pisses me off, and dont want to hear, even if it is a decent one, her voice any more
      and all i can hope is that she realizes that she fucked up big time, alienating her former “fans” and probably getting her self labeled as a cheating slut who fucks to further her former career.

      • LOL You’re so full of shit you sound like some whinny virgin otaku who can’t get any. I assume you have the perception of looking into her life and feeling her feelings and thoughts. Hmmmm..? I assume that by support it helped he emotionally through life, not everyone is a big fucking slut whore.

        Not to mention if you had real proof of this, where is it? I don’t see no sex video or anything to support your sad accusation. All I see is a bunch of nerd rage.

      • i read your comment, but i cant help but think, that’s all is overreacting….

        the older man probably just friend with benefit

        the older man probably just enjoy the sex as much as she did…so that’s could mean no cheating

        being honest is a good think….although yeah, think about time and places….

        i can see your point here, but you’re overreacted…also there’s a possibility that she believe in her fan, unknown that things will turns out like this….remember that she being a little bit dumb…^^

        but i must admit, is reeeeaaalllyyy interesting and funny how they reacted….

        YEAH she just have to learn about the world but using the harsh way…

        and for the creepy and idiot otakus, they will never learn about the world, they’re same as trash

      • “All of these romantic experiences helped support me”

        Somehow turns into:

        “basically saying she fucked people who had money and power, to further her carrier, and even than, even if she liked them, she also cheated on them. saying in the interview, dated many at one time, conveying some amount of emotional attachment, and that she cheated at the same time.”

        Good going sounding like a complete fucking retard by imagining up details, I’m sure you’ll fit into the otaku community just fine.

        • sounds like you are telling me that cheating on people is ok, wow how fucked up of a love life must you have had to make that even seam ok.

          now lets put it this way. your former fans are pro stalkers who most would never approach you unless its over the interent. they will find him and they will harass him.

          now 2 reasons for not just saying it is because…

          1 he is normal.
          2 he is your boss and you fucked for where you stand today.

          number 1 doesn’t seam likely, because she is relatively famous, that gives her perks that others don’t. like finding that good looking guy who is “famous” and older. i honestly dont see her going to a bar, or where ever she would pick up a older person.

          and if that person is relatively famous, what the fuck would he care about some otaku unless he was a va too? its not like being hated by 2d lovers like them (former aya “fans”) would have ever supported him in any way to begin with.

          like i am saying, unless she drops a name of someone, than you can only assume. somehow 15:32 managed to assume that she is not cheating, and indecisive.

          well let me put it this way. im going out with someone, and she fucks another guy, i stop seeing that bitch. like i said above, apparently he got cheated on so often that he now expects it as a normal thing in his life… i just realized it could be a female. in that case you are defending someone who cheats because you do the same shit.

        • “like i said, she has no reason in the world to hide who she is dateing, or at the very least fucking.”
          Here’s two reasons that immediately pop up:
          Wait, you’re failing to find a reason for her to respect the privacy of others by not naming them on public television without their permission and (whether deliberately or inadvertently) protecting them from the masses of raging ex-fans? Are you serious?

          “now there are 2 reasons for that, 1 she is a heartless bitch, or 2 there was no love at all in there. and the only reason for number 2 to be true is if it was all business.”
          Or she just has a lot of “friends with benefits”, or she subscribes to the thought that dating is the process in which you find someone you want to have a long-term relationship with and isn’t just an unofficial marriage, or she’s just really fucking indecisive. Just because you’re bitter and can’t think of anything other than negative reasons doesn’t make it the only reasons. Goddamn.

        • you know its hard for me to even understand how everyone became so naive.

          exactly how dumb are you all? do you think japan is like many other western countries?

          like i said, she has no reason in the world to hide who she is dateing, or at the very least fucking.

          she even said she cheats on them, openly.

          now there are 2 reasons for that, 1 she is a heartless bitch, or 2 there was no love at all in there. and the only reason for number 2 to be true is if it was all business.

          and lets just go with Anonymous 08:14 for a minute here. women are looking for many things, someone who looks good (you ever wonder why some women stay with a complete asshole), someone who can support them, and someone who they like.

          i dont look good,
          i cant support them,

          so all thats left is people who they like talking to you, and honestly people like that, once you are an adult are all taken by people who realized they were special long before you met them. so all im left with are people who are difigureingly ugly, a shallow bitch or a gold digger.

        • Don’t know what kind of fucked up people you’ve been picking up from dating sites, alidan, but you have a really, really warped view of relationships. Before you start commenting on your wild fantasies of other people’s relationships, maybe you should find a stable one for yourself first.

          And here’s a hint: the relationship will last longer if you don’t yell at her and call her a money-grubbing bitch.

        • money and power.

          marry = you want the money
          date = you get nice shit as gifts
          or in her case
          date = his power (possession in place or work) to further her career

          and to make it worse, dated several at a time makes that all the more true, or she is a cheating slut, one of the two, i’m leaning towards furthering her career though. i mean its either she fucked her career forward, or she cheated on multiple people at a time.

          now i ask this every time i remember, did she drop any name in those interviews that would give us some context, because if she sais nobody, there are two reasons.

          1 they are not famous, or at least in the limelight, which i would severely doubt given that she is.
          2 they have been producers or people who could further her career.

          now if they were in publics eye a bit, we probably would know by now because she came out, and why not him? if he was in the limelight he probably wouldn’t care about some fucking otaku and would want to be able to brag about her.

      • over 60% of famous people all over the world ,not japan do that….i can say only one thing:who the fuck cares who,how many and why she dated them….she isnt anyone’s sister,wife,mother,ex etc…and alidan why are you talking about respect,i as long as she does a good job as a VA(if she remains one) am fine…

        • Your girlfriend is ONE, though.

          The problem isn’t that those men are older, the problem is that I can’t really take things like:

          “In this world,there is such thing as TRUE LOVE.
          She is a HUMAN with EMOTIONS.
          She FEELS,she LOVES,she KISSES,she HUGS and she FALLS IN LOVE.”

          seriously, when we’re talking about someone who openly admits she had relationships with several men at once.

          Do I care? No. Does it change my opinion of her as a dubber? No. But please don’t try to start the pity party and don’t talk about love and shit.

          Her fans are crazy and useless rejects, and she’s an idiot. Don’t accuse others of assuming unlikely things when you yourself try painting an unrealistic and idealised portrait of someone comparing her to your personal and totally unlike experience.

        • Dude,Alidan.

          You are one MESSED UP son of a bitch.

          In this world,there is such thing as TRUE LOVE.
          She is a HUMAN with EMOTIONS.
          She FEELS,she LOVES,she KISSES,she HUGS and she FALLS IN LOVE.

          I am a 20 year old male,and I also love my partner to be older than me.
          My last girlfriend was 26 years old.

          And I loved her because of who she is,not because of nice gifts.She was poor living with her parents.

          So if you are going to come here talking this shit,you better get ready to fight.
          Because people in here are gonna disagree with you so hard you will probably never come back here again.

          I’ll say this one more time.
          You are one messed up son of a bitch.
          With probably no life.
          An otaku basement dweller.

          One more thing.

          It is not HER fault that these people have gone love crazy for her.

          She deserves a life,she is a human like you and me.

          Now seriously,GROW THE FUCK UP.

    • How hard is it to understand that otaku, out of whatever weird reasons ever, hate outings like this to the death?

      She should’ve either stayed in otaku business and kept the facade up, or she should’ve said goodbye to otaku business and moved on.
      She can’t have both personal breathing room and mindless otaku buying whatever she touches no matter how bad it is.

      Doing both is kind of like “Oh, keeping a clean image is too much of a bother for me, so I quit doing that. But I still hope you people will continue to spend your money brainlessly on my overpriced merchandise.”

      • Well, Aya is a bit of an airhead so I guess maybe we shouldn’t expect her to make well thought-out decisions.
        I wish her well and all that, but only out of politeness. She stops voice acting, so she passed over my horizon in many ways, and I’m frankly a bit puzzled why there’s still so many articles on Sankaku about her. Are we so addicted to drama? Oh, what do you know, I guess we are…
        I wonder if no one ever told her that it’s usually a bad idea to burn bridges.

    • Well done, SpideyPHL…

      Like I said in the previous post…

      They should accept who she is and what she wants to do with her life…

      She has a great career and she’s a damn good seiyuu…

      But…She is also a human being…

      She is not something that her fans could keep as a pet obsession and expect her to be locked in a cage of their fantasy, whims and desires…And the very moment that their fantasy world crumbles, and the illusion of her dissipates because of her real life choices, they go and tell her to die…

      Being a fan is one thing…Being a supportive and accepting fan is another…

      The ugliness of ‘fanatics’ and of human beings really show here on how they turned their back on a person they looked up to and admire…Some more (and creepy) than others…

      Because they EXPECT and want her to remain ‘PURE’..? HA!!!

      Fools…Life does not work like that…

      If they cannot distinguish the fact that she is a human being that has a life and makes her own choices and who she wants to be with, then that’s up to them…

      They don’t have the right to keep her locked up in their fantasy cage until she dies of old age…

      She is a human being…She has her own life…Get over it and continue to support her for what she gave to the anime community at least…

      And damn it, they should accept the fact that she is AYA HIRANO, and not Konata or Haruhi…

      I really love the latter two characters…Aya Hirano gave them life and charm…

      No one has the right to tell her who to be with or what to do with her life…

      She deserves better than that…

      Those who tell her to die…Ignorant and in denial of the fact that they are powerless and insecure…

      Even fans could become the worst enemies…

      Goes to show human ugliness is just around the corner when their shattered fantasy gives way to the painful reality…

      Either way, everyone needs someone…

      Aya Hirano is no exception to that…

      If you are really her fan…Then…Accept her for what she is…

      Continue to support her and be her fan…Through the good times, and the bad times…

      If not for her, then her voice acting and the characters she gave life to, at the very least…

      • i agree, i don’t really care of what people say about her she’s still one of my idols, and i do support her as well as thousands of other people do who love her for who she is…like you said we are all humans, everyone deserves to choose their own paths

      • The Ethical Slut tv trope is in play really, also these is nothing compere to the shit here in west, I mean look at Dan savge podcast or adves column eta and you’ll see how every one and there born-again grandma are just as horry if not more so.

      • I agree with you guys, about Hirano only being truthful, however she was naive if she thought a lot of her fans liked her because of her voicing ability, it’s disgusting when you think of it like that, but it’s the sad truth, and she should’ve been at least aware of that enough to not bait, a good percentage of her fans on.

        It’s just the realistic Kannagi incident all over again.

        It does show you how shallow seiyu themselves are though, she admits to liking plenty of men, however she’s never been pregnant, because she knows, im sure for a fact about the % of fans who liked her for ‘that reason’. Both sides do ploys to keep their fame, but the mass is always likely to win, I feel sorry for her but she is stupid for admitting it in such a floozy way, what does she expect, and what do her fans expect her to say a virgin, naive of them as well.

      • I was thinking that all those show-biz anime about the evil producers making the idol break up with her boyfriend were way overdone, but if the Aya Hirano fan-base is a typical reaction when their idol’s love-life becomes public, it seems a lot more realistic.

        No wonder “otaku” in Japan has so many more negative connotations (somewhere between NEET and hentai) when compared with the same term in the US. These guys have a real problem with reality.

        • It’s not about REALITY, though. Any characters she voices and the image they engender is pure fantasy.

          Linking personality traits of characters to the actors who portray them – in any genre – is quite a common phenomenon. Part of getting really into any show is the willing suspension of disbelief. Very few actors are able to survive a personal life scandal that destroys their cultivated image and exceeds people’s ability to separate that from their work.

          Certainly, she is free to live her life as she sees fit – but she traded on an image that is no longer supportable. Now, if she wanted to voice aggressive, slutty characters: no problem.


        sure is a big thing happen in Japan and with the stupid ppl,

        well i dont think all otakus like that,

        up until now, there has been no case like this, i’m really looking forward where this go….

        it is simply end by time, or get worse…

        hmmm, i bet there will be an attacking on the girl, thinking how crazy they are…..

        uuuu, scary

        man, i’m enjoying this

      • It’s exactly the same I tried to say in the previous post of this matter.

        You hit the right points, and I totally support that kind of reasoning, they are being such a bitches, acting like that.
        In anime, when I see people like that my only desire is for them to die and fast!!!
        Everyone have their lifes, those shut-ins have no right to decide how idols and VAs should be, and if the japanese anime community is mostly composed of people like those shits then we, the so called “thiefs” are way more otakus then they are, as we respect give respect to everyone and everything of the anime universe…

      • “Either way, everyone needs someone…”

        … And for these otaku, Aya Hirano might very well be that someone, even if it’s one-sided.

        This isn’t really an epitome of ‘human ugliness’ or anything. The ex-fans are telling her to die, but that’s just words. Give them time and they’ll probably just move on to a new idol / seiyuu. That’s life.

        • So to sum up what the Anon(s) at 03:52 and 06:02 is/are saying:

          Hirano was aware of her fans’ feelings for her, yet dropped this message with no regard for those feelings(as opposed to attempting to soften the impact by omitting or temporarily withholding certain information, rather than pouring it all out at once).

          That this is what it seems to them at least.

        • Eh. I just see someone who stopped liking/doing their job and still wants to be paid for it.

          The idol’s career is all about crafting an illusion (the pure perfect persona) and fans who want such a fantasy buy it up. It’s a simple marketplace transaction.

          This idol has decided to stop maintaining the illusion, so naturally, what do you think happens to her fans?

          Don’t get me wrong, Hirano-san is fully free to live her life as she sees fit. Otaku who make noises of death threats are quite out of line. But at the same time, what kind of reaction was she reasonably expecting? If you work at a kindergarten, getting puked on is part of the job after all…

        • im not a fan of hiorano aya.sorry.
          Revealing a personal life is totally different from just having a personal life.former one affects fan’s mentality,latter one not.

          Someone says “Do not mind”.but,for fans,it is unreasonable.She could keep her unreal image as it is.But she did not.She dared to talk her romantic life in detail even though she could imagine how fans react to her words.
          People in 2ch think that she leaked her romance relationship”s” with an aim of getting [ new ] [ non-otaku ] [ girl ] fans and rejecting [ old ] [ otaku ] [ boy ] fans.I think its not true…I cant make her aims out.

          you dont know.A girl co-star in グータンヌーボ named 倉科カナ(actress,idol) talked about her past romantic relationship”” briefly not to break her unreal image that her fans have.but Aya did not.she leaked out her romance relationship”s” excessively.

          本音[hon-ne](real intention) and 建前[tatemae](expedient word;lie) are so fuc*ing important traditions in japan.She knew that.but she did not keep it.So jap otakus got very confused.”Why she did break this tacit rule?”

        • Everything about your post is crappy. Getting shocked that your idol(who probably doesn’t even know you exist) has a personal life like everyone else? Just because you’re lonely doesn’t mean she has to! Gah! The anime industry panders to a mentally challenged crowd…

        • Your comment is smart.

          most of 2ch otakus don’t get angry.
          they are just shocked by her comments and feel pity for her “downfallen” future.
          you know,Aya is not so good at singing though she is “singer”. Her songs will not be admired by people who have been not interested in her career.

          I think she will soon disappeared from anime industry.Guessing from her remarks,it may be her will.She cut the fans off on purpose.
          So fans who have bought his CDs constantly went away in despair.
          Onlookers were disgusted by his infidelity behavior and avoid her.
          That is her choice.I don’t care.

          Chop-logic is useless for earning a living.
          “Has a life”? yeah,go ahead as you like.
          There is no duty for fans to support her any more.
          sorry for crappy english.

        • I think to a certain extent she doesn’t -want- them to move on. If they do, who’s going to give a shit about her model/singing career. I don’t like complimenting stalker/obsessive behavior….but I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say those otaku MADE Hirano’s career…

        • It’s not the tip of human ugliness, but a glimpse of it…

          But you’re right…

          It’s a pain to let go, but it’s for the best that some of her (less than stable) ex-fans find another person to admire/obsession/fap material…

          And like you said, that’s life…