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Aya Hirano’s Love Life Laid Bare: “I Love Older Men!”


As promised, Aya Hirano has laid her love life bare, and with the revelation that she “loves older men” and has apparently dated several at the same time, her remaining fans have either collapsed into sobbing wrecks or begun bitterly denouncing her as a strumpet on anonymous bulletin boards.

Her major confession was that she prefers older men, of which she has dated any number, saying “they were practically all older.”

According to her, she is currently dating a man over 10 years her senior, and at one point was actually intimate with several men at once.

She also mentions she has experience of being cheated on (causing her to dump her partner), and of being turned down herself.


Incidentally, sharing the interview was Sony’s hottest product, Kurashina Kana (more on her jiggling antics in the previous article) – both idols expressed surprise (after both looking each other up on Wikipedia) at sharing the same age and height, and both soon admitted to loving older men – although in certain crucial respects they are diametric opposites.

As the news broke on 2ch, it appears her remaining reputation and popularity instantly evaporated – it seems her switch to TV talent will be irreversible after all.

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