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Mitsudo Moe Massacred by Censors


Even innocent loli nipple loving anime Mitsudo Moe has fallen foul of the censors, for reasons even more mysterious than usual.

The first bout of censorship involves the usual bathing scene massacre (not that the bathing scene actually shows anything) and a rather more unusual spot of artistic censorship – as usual only premium or anime-friendly Tokyo stations can count on getting the uncensored broadcast:


Technically Nipples are still present however.

Rather more ominously, one broadcast version has even censored the audio – a scene containing the line “このメス豚!” (“You filthy sow!”) has been bleeped (or dubbed over with oinking) out in the more heavily censored versions.

TV stations can usually be counted on to censor crude references to genitals, but this is probably the first time calling someone a female pig has been deemed obscene, and in the early hours of the morning no less.

With the phrase cropping up in other anime entirely unmolested, just why it was deemed unacceptable is a mystery – some speculate it was because it was uttered by an elementary schooler.

Whatever the cause, for once DVD marketing is probably not behind this creative interference.

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