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Tales Fans Petition for International Releases


International fans of Namco’s blockbuster Tales series of RPGs desperate to see English releases have launched that most effective of pressure campaigns, an Internet petition.

The petition, currently enjoying modest success and with the high proportion of approvals which might be expected of a fan petition, is of course completely non-binding upon either Sony or Namco.

Namco has already denied it has any plans to release Vesperia’s non-beta version to the hairy barbarians.

Namco’s recent international releases of the series have for whatever reasons not done very well (although its Japanese releases are only enjoying a shadow of their former popularity as well) – as a result it seems Namco has completely shelved localisation plans in favour of releasing pathetic God of War knock-offs for the western market.

With Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces and an unnamed Tales PS3 exclusive all lacking any sign of English PS3 release, it seems the stakes are high for non-Japanese speaking Tales fans – with enough neglect whatever release sustaining fandom currently remaining could be dissipated, reducing the chances for a successful release even further..

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  • Dammit I really want to see this game(or any other Tales games for that matter) to be released here in the US. It’s bullshit that they have no intentions of releasing here. T.T I fear the RPG gamers in the US may be of a dying breed fairly soon.

  • How about learning some Japanese language, instead of trying to force another countries developers to make the effort to translate their own games into your language. WTF Are they thinking? Like Japanese games? Then learn fucking Japanese…

  • Bad enough Namco only releases the WORST gundam titles to the US so it’s no suprise they naturally screw themselves over. personally I want Namco/Bandai’s Gaming Department to die so that more Intelligent companies can buy rights from them to produce BETTER and much more marketed games.

  • From what I’ve heard, Namco wants to release more Tales games in the US, but the SCEA keeps shooting down every attempt just like they did with Sakura Taisen. Focus your rage on those assholes people

    • I was already aware that SCEA were responsible for preventing English releases for many great 2D games for the PS2/3 (such as most the better Tales games), because they’re fucktards who think 2D is outdated and won’t sell (never mind that it sells plenty on other systems).

      But this is the first I’ve heard about them screwing over Sakura Taisen. Seriously?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!


  • This will hopefully be a little more useful than an internet petition since it’s a part of Sony’s site specifically designed for users to submit requests and suggestions. So hopefully voting this one up won’t be a complete waste of time.

    Thanks for reporting on it, anyway. It needs more publicity.

  • It is things like this that made me remove namco bandai in my trusted japanese game makers/publishers. Hugs Atlus,Nippon-Ichi, Vanillaware, Tri-Ace(I miss them), Gust (Im a sucker for 2D).

  • They forget why they are obligated to release the games internationally. You loose a war that you started = you become our bitch, is that so hard to understand? Should we “drop” another reminder?

  • The fanbase isn’t big enough internationally to warrant this. Legendia, Abyss, Phantasia, and Radiant Mythology sold like shit and the only reason Symphonia and Vesperia sold was because the consoles were deprived of real RPGs, the latter of which wasn’t even that impressive with sales.

    It’s because of Namco’s failure at marketing and fear of releasing the 2D games in foreign market that they’ve done so bad. This petition won’t work and is not even worth noting. I don’t know why this is even on here.

  • I’ve signed the petition. But in reality, the chances that Namco Bandai will look at that petition and actually consider doing it are quite slim.

    I’m still hoping that they’ll consider releasing more of the Tales series outside Japan though.

  • The problem lies in that, the timing was bad when they released eternal sonata both times in the western world.

    For the 360, there weren’t as much rpg fans. So it didn’t sell so well. Mostly just shooters.

    When they released it for the ps3, that console didn’t sell as well as 360 did at that time. More people owned the 360 then ps3.

    However, it’s now a few years later, and the demo graph changed entirely. There are now a LOTS of ps3 owners. Lots of rpg fans too. So the sales could be very very different.

    Too bad namco doesn’t believe that. They only see the sales of Eternal Sonata to make judgment. And that wasn’t even a really good rpg.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Um. Actually, Vesperia sold a pretty hefty amount on the 360 even considering the ‘limited’ market.

      The Japanese players having more PS3s did factor in a lot as well for the PS3 Vesperia sales.

      To me, the best they can do is have it on both 360 and PS3 and cover all the basis and satisfy all the fans of either consoles. There’s really no reason to hem it to one demographic or one console.

      This whole ‘divide and conquer’ thing for Namco isn’t working too well in regard to Tales series.

      • Yea but I never talked about vesperia. Talking about eternal sonata here. And I’m talking about the western world, not japan. Because that was the only time when they released a game for 360 first then released it later on the ps3 in the western world.

        Namco is looking at that as a example.

        • Unlike Tales games, Eternal Sonata actually had commercials, and still flopped. They’re making the reasonable assumption that a game they won’t be advertising as much won’t sell as much. Sadly, it’s probably true.

          Also, the two Symphonia games and maybe Vesperia were the only ones to really make a profit. They’ve said that it would take about 100-125k to break even, and yet some of the games barely broke 30-50k.

        • Their lagging fan base is their own fault really. They built up a nice, string one with Tales of Symphonia, and proceeded to kill them off when they released the abysmal Tales of Legendia.

          Tales of the Abyss was a decent shot at bringing them back, but it wasn’t quite up to par with Symphonia quality. I was one of those poor fans expecting better, and I didn’t end up buying a Tales game after Symphonia again till Vesperia came out.

          Not to mention the many years of time between Symphonia and Vesperia where a bunch of other Tales games got released and fans lost interest when they weren’t getting these titles.

          Then they finally do release a good title, Vesperia, but again follow it up with weak titles like Symphonia 2, and more leaving non-Japan fans high and dry. Of course their fan base dwindles again.

          They need to smarten up about their business strategy if they ever want to start selling like hotcakes, and stop releasing lackluster Tales titles. I don’t get how the Tekken and Soul Calibur teams can pump out gems all the time, yet Tales Studio can never seem to pull their head out of their ass. Right now is the perfect time to capitalize on a US Tales title anyway. PS3 sales are WAY up than before, JRPG fans are starved for one that doesn’t suck, and FF13 has already been release and proved to be lacking.

          Although looking at the “brains” behind the Tales games right now, they’ll probably get stupid and release the next big flagship Tales title along side the release of Persona 5 or Disgaea 4 and get their asses handed to them.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          True, true.

          Then again, I wonder why they are surprised at Eternal Sonata numbers when it was barely even marketed + it was an unknown game. Tales series always did pretty decently in the West, even taking huge chunks of sales with some versions.

          I sorta can’t blame them for the horrendous economic conditions and the way the competing consoles + handhelds has fragmented the userbase a bit though. Still, I think they can learn to grow the way Capcom did.

  • I signed it, and I hope Namco Bandai comes to their senses–with the Japanese game market shrinking as it is, it makes no sense to stop releasing some of their main games to the foreign market (for proof that this is the wrong way to go, look at the way most other major Japanese publishers in the last few years–they’re focusing more on exports, not vice versa). Tales of Vesperia is especially inexplicable since the long and potentially expensive process of localization was already done on the 360 version, so aside from the cost of actually publishing it, there’s no reason not to release the PS3 edition here, aside from one of Microsoft’s famous exclusivity agreements that has to make gamers want to punch babies, this 360 owner included.

  • Who cares about the PS3? I want Tales of Hearts ANIME edition for the DS to be localized <.<
    At least Tales of Innocence got an awesome fantranslation last month, which took 2 years to finish. lol

      • yeah, i knew that. Problem with that is, that i don’t have much faith in Groups i never heard of and havn’t finished anything before.
        The fantranslation of ToH is getting moved back and forth in between the People who are doing this.
        It’s like no one really wants to sub it. lol :/

        I wish absolutezerotranslations would do it like they did ToI. <.<

    • I think it’s in the official PSBlog. There’s a suggestion area where PS fans may ask what they like. Developers normally come and comment there, but all they get is nagging from fans who can’t get enough.

      Oh yeah, Namco said they’re working on localizing some RPGs to the NA region a while ago on the blog. There may still be hope for “Tales of” fans.

  • article sucks but the pic is just too much win.

    Really would be nice to see the Tales series come to the US, disappointing watching them as they say that we would not like it enough for a translation.

  • I don’t understand why they refuse to make international versions. Wouldn’t sales of the game increase by a lot? I’m kinda new to this kind of stuff because Vesperia was on the 360, which I played, and I didn’t know the PS3 didn’t get a “perfect” version.

    • Well you see, the international fanbase isn’t big enough according to namco bandai, so the time and effort it would take to localize it isn’t worth there time.

      The tales series may not seem that small outside of japan, but it’s not big enough to make a good profit. It’s sad but true.

      Too bad games are produced by companies who don’t care about the actual gamers.

    • Usually, when they decide to release international versions, they need to have a company subsidy overseas. The subsidy’s job includes paying for translators and the voice actors for the English version. If they don’t have any companies that are directly involved with the main company overseas they’ll have to consult third parties.

      Namco Bandai believes that there’s no breaking even if they try to release international versions, since other than paying for voice actors, translators and programmers(Different languages require different encoding, some games may require a complete overhaul, which is to say, get back to the start and do the encoding from scratch), they need to pay for manufacturing and localization costs. Meaning unless it sells a decent amount of units they’ll be making a loss trying to take it overseas.

      Before the world knew that 360’s just a beta, since 360 was more known to be the “World” console, therefore Namco Bandai believed that they’ll break even with ToV. But they didn’t. So they didn’t even want to bother with the PS3.

      There isn’t any evidence that i know of that would say that people who own the PS3 would tend to be a RPG fan more so than someone who owns a 360, and if it really happens to be the case, then Namco Bandai isn’t considering this factor. But otherwise i would say chances of any are slim. Besides, i’ve been following the Tales series for quite a bit, and the best ones that they have IMO are still the first few mothership titles, namely Phantasia, Eternia, Destiny, and Symphonia.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Having played and thoroughly enjoyed the 360 version, I think PS3 western fans should get a piece of the pie.

      That said, if Namco was smart, they’d be releasing ALL Tales games as possible for 360 and PS3 for the western audiences as well.

      It’s like they’re setting themselves for a fall. Especially when PSP, DS, Wii, 360 and PS3 all have a veritable appetite for JRPGs.

      • They have the game, and it works on the console, all they have to do is translate it into english sheesh. The international sales may not match the jap sales but they should easily cover the translation costs with change left over. If these companies are suffering so much financially then i’m amazed they are not doing anything it takes to increase their playerbase.

        p.s. im a pc gamer, but even i can see baka being baka.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Yeah, some handheld versions can stay handheld. Which is totally cool. But it strikes me as odd that they’d divide between consoles AND make them Japan only for home console Tales games. Unless they want to pump up a Tales game with a bunch of unnecessary CGI cutscenes like a Final Fantasy game, they can easily make 360 and PS3 versions without much effort. Also, unlike FF, they have plenty of expertise now to make high definition JRPG on both PS3 and 360, so we’re unlikely to get the heap of whining, Square Enix style.

      • those dumbasses completely redid all the audio and speech for the new game. they could have probably gotten away with reusing alot of the old stuff at a cheeper price. work smarter and make international releases!

      • guess what? a small company like atlus USA localized Persona 3 Portable where they had to redub ALLOT of text due to the female protag.

        if they can do it so can a huge ass corporation like namco bandai.

      • So, translating japanese text to english with fair accuracy isnt cheap? Maybe that’s why tons of manga scanlators do it for free. And the voice, are those “voice actors” they pick from the street are really that expensive?

        The real expenses come from paying the publisers, and that’s where you can scrap all those spendings and publish it online! I think it’s an “old business model” issues all over again.

      • Literally.

        Other than that the fact alone that when the voice actor for the main fudgin character says that recording was finished a year ago signigifies that Namco will continue to be sleazebags.

        I can’t assert on Graces, but really when Troy Fudgin Baker/Yuri Lowell says that it’s been done, the least of you could do is…..Oh wait this Namco. The same company who find God of Wars shitty knockoffs based on another subpar remake film better than bringing this, .Hack//Link out.

        • Not really. They translated some Tales games in the past and it never sold well.
          If those God of War spinoffs are being released one after other, it’s because they sell, like it or not.
          I feel bad for the people that were going to buy the localizations though.