PS3 Outsells Xbox 360 by 4 Million


The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 by nearly 50% over the past year, and is projected to overtake the total sales of the Xbox in 2011.

The PS3 is said to have sold 14.3 million units over the past year, compared to 10.3 million for the Xbox 360.

Assuming the miraculous performance of Kinect does not reverse this trend (or Move does not accentuate it), total sales of the PS3 are projected to exceed those of the Xbox 360 in the first half of 2011.

Depending on the success of the motion controller rip-offs, the bitterly contested crown of second-place loser in the console market may yet change hands – Nintendo’s position remains completely unassailable however.

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  • well i dont think the hundreds of millions of people who have bought xbox360 over the past 6 years are in need of buying another one.

    there is more people owning a xbox360 then ps3. period.

  • I own all three plus pc. I got the 360 when it came out, and I recently got the ps3. I gave the ps3 a fair chance, but I just liked the xbox’s performance over all. I mean yeah the Ps3 has some cool features on it, but it just doesn’t compare. Ps3 like the wii is aimed for more casual gamers, while xbox on the other hand is aimed for hardcore gamers like the pc, who are serious about it. the online for the ps3 sucks compared to 360. Ps3 I say is better for single player type games. 360 FTW in my books. But I will say this though, kinect is just gonna hurt the 360 more. Microsoft is just trying too hard now. Just stick with what we have and work our way through it.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      I’d agree with you, although it looks like Sony finally realized this and is working on actual multiplayer gaming instead of garbage timewasters like LittleBigPlanet and Home. Killzone 2 lacked cooperative MP but I guess they won’t make the same mistake with the third one, Uncharted 2 already featured a pretty solid MP, and now they’re also bringing Twisted Metal back.

      There’s also MAG, but dunno if, barring the absurd number of possible simultaneous players, it’s actually any good or if it feels more like a “MMOFPS”.

  • It doesn’t really matter that they’ve outsold them, because Sony just recently started to actually GAIN PROFIT from the system. Xbox/Microsoft is still doing far better despite the PS3 outselling the xbox 360. Now that’s saying something.

    • Yup, nearly 4 years til they stopped bleeding money. If not for the state of the global economy, Sony’s Playstation devision would have to seriously be in jeopardy, as Sony is not a company which likes to keep around those who do not turn a profit or break even. But, because of how bad the market is, this generation of consoles is going to last at least another 3 years, maybe even 4.

  • Sales used to be a big debatable battle against the PS3 from Wii and 360 owners, but when things started to look more positive, the fanboys kinda died down a little and the argument against the PS3 turned into appreciation from all sides. Of course there are still hardcore fanboys who will never appreciate anything good that comes from the PS3 (or 360 and Wii). Just check those people at Youtube, they make videos about how the console fails, yet forget the shortcomings of their own supported consoles.

  • Why do they even mention Kinect, both Move and Kinect will be failures. A few tards with more money than brains will buy it, realize how shitty they are and throw them in the closet next to the SuperScope, Menacer, Activator, Power Glove, Power Pad, Zapper, Light Phaser, and every other failed add-on controller accessory.

  • Well, I expected this. MS only cared about profit, not really their system, which caused a huge amount of RRoD problems and now ridiculous overheating problems with the slim model. Many of my friends also got tired of their Xbox 360’s, so they sold it and their games to buy a PS3. Never regretted their choice since.

    Though I would still get the system, despite its crappy quality. Gears 3 and ME2 won’t come out on PS3, my PC is of horrible gaming quality, so the only choice i have is spend a small amount on getting a 360.

  • The 360 doesn’t have a single game on it I want to buy that I couldn’t get on the PS3 as well.

    Microsoft has never had a ton of exclusives to it’s systems that I’ve ever wanted to play, so I’ll never get a 360, unless I really want Reach, and if that’s PC then screw that noise.

    Now I just need the PS3 and Wii >.>

    • While I’d normally support the Anon above me, this is a perfectly good reason to choose the PS3 over the 360. While the ports may be “inferior”, the fact that you don’t want any games which are exclusive to the 360 means it makes sense to buy a PS3.

      Unless, of course, you don’t want any games which are exclusive to the PS3 either, in which case, it’s 360 for the price and superior ports.

  • I recently bought a PS3 after only having a 360 for the past 2,5 years. And I got to say that I’m disappointed. With all the ps3 fanboys saying that the 360 sucks, RRoD, etc I was expecting a better console.

    But truth be told, the PS3 lacks in areas that the 360 excells in, and vice versa. Neither of the consoles are bad, and it should be the exclusive titles that decides which one you buy (or both).

    Then again, after selling my old 360 and buying the 360 slim I have to say that the 360 is more silent (it actually is) and the controllers are still more comfortable than the outdated PS3 controllers.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Did you get a fat or slim PS3, flasksis? I’m curious about the noise level of both systems, especially the slim ones.

      Also I agree with Mr.Bitches, the 360 controller’s D-pad bites. The only thing I personally tried that sucks almost as much is the GameCube controller’s D-pad. The Wii remote has a better one.

    • I have the original fat 60 gig PS3 and that thing is loud as a jackhammer, but the Slims are actually extremely quiet. Also, I have to disagree with the 360’s controller being more comfortable. The only thing that the 360’s controller feels more comfortable with is shooters. Everything else is in favor of the PS3 especially if you have a Dualshock3. Also, the 360 might have the worst D-pad of any controller ever.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          @flaskis: Yeah, I also wonder about the revised D-pad. Last I heard, they bundled a green controller which featured that D-pad with some copies of World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009 (now Pro Evolution Soccer), but nothing about using it in all the others.

          Perhaps they just replaced it on all new controllers without any announcements or something, but who knows.

        • Thank you, finally someone that agrees. Whenever I say that those triggers just suck, some ps3 fanboy says “no, they work fine. I prefer these over the 360 triggers!”.

          Btw, what happened to the “revised d-pad” that Microsoft talked about some years ago?
          Oh, and I’ve sometimes managed to press up/down when I also pressed on right/left on the PS3 d-pad. Even if it’s four different buttons in appearance, it’s still one big button.

  • If you factor in the high failure rate of the 360 and the relatively low failure rate of the PS3 it means there’s probably more people who currently own a working PS3 then a working 360.

  • Funny thing is that XBox counts every broken an replaced console as another sale, while PS3 isn’t so even without cheating like Micro$oft they outsold them.
    But until there are stupid people it will sell, and there are sadly plenty.
    Guess why most are sol in Dumbfuckistan, ops I mean America.
    Pay for online gaming while it’s free for all other consoles, have a 46% chance it breaks down on you, dont have a bluray player, how can anyone be so retarded to buy one…

  • probably because more ppl are buying a PS3 since there cheaper than the previous year??? and the 360 came out before the ps3 so ppl already have an 360 arnt gonig to buy another one…unless its me who got an elite, was cheaper than buying the 120gig HHD on its own lmao

    • Halo still sells stupid amounts. Even ODST, little more than an expansion from what I hear, sold over 2.5 million in less than a month. Outside of the Xbox brand dying off entirely, I don’t see Halo dying anytime soon. And even then, it’d just go to PC.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Actually, ODST plays quite differently from the previous games since you don’t control the super-duper Spartan soldier thing Master Chief anymore, but some random UNSC dude.

        Additionally, I see the Halo franchise dying off (or at least getting severely less popular or relevant) much quicker than the Xbox brand, which only seems to get more and more popular on non-Japanese territories.

  • I’m an Xbox owner and I have to say: “Fuck yeah!” competition makes the market grow and this will force Microsoft to be better. I just hope someone over takes nintendo so they to can step up their game.

    This happens all the time:

    SNES was king in it’s time, got cocky and had PSX/PS1 take over their spot in the next generation. PS2 continued the trend and sony became cocky and from out of nowhere BAM Nintendo raped them with the wii.

  • Now owning a PS3 myself, I personally dont see the point. Its not super cool, the games I want to play are limited, and it heats up 10x more hotter then my computer…

    I assume its the same or worse for the 360.

    Again I guess this just proves that the PC IS the better ‘gaming console’ in every way.

        • Its not about exclusives. That may be core of XBox vs PS3 flamewars, but PCs have good games from all genres and even genres that are not present on any console. If some stupid Halo sequel wasnt released for PC – who cares, PC have tons of better FPS. Plus it have mods, it have emulators, its backward compatible and it have mouse. I dont think that can be called dead. Maybe for morons that measure good game experience by number of GB spent on CG movies or number of possible achievements.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      They also have the option to ax it as they did with the first one and move on to a new platform. After all, they’re almost five years into this generation, that’s about enough for them. I could almost bet they’ll announce a 360 successor during either TGS 2011 or E3 2012 and release it on the latter’s holiday season.

  • PS3 will not overtake Xbox 360. At least not while this generation is still relevant.

    PS3 sold more than before due to a price cut and a new model. Now 360 has had a price cut and a new model. After that comes a bundle with Kinect. Then dropped price. There are many tricks ahead, and Sony will try to follow using Move and price reductions, but they are still extremely sensitive on the latter.

    When 360 and PS3 came out, there was a 7-8 million gap in install base. Now – four years later – that gap is around 5 million. But that 5 million gap is increasing once again due to increased demand for the new 360 model.

    If PS3 were to overtake 360 within four years, the 360 would have to stop selling completely.

    • We’re already 5 years into this generation, 4 more years and the new systems will either already be out or be close to being out. At that point, it won’t matter if Sony did catch up or best them. Too little, too late.

      Honestly, I’m shocked that this generation of consoles has lasted this long, without any hints of replacements in the distance. Thou I’m sure that is only because of the global state of the economy.

      Most console generations only last 6-7 years and the last one was only 5 years. Which is something I’ve always found amusing, about ‘Sony’s 10 year plan’. If they really had a ’10 year plan’, the other generations would have lasted longer. But they did not, once the new consoles came out, new 1st party games began to dry up. Simply manufacturing systems does not give them the right to claim they’re got a ’10 year plan’, they need to do a lot more than just that.

      geez, now I’m ranting to a bunch of delusional marks, what the fuck am I thinking… I need coffee.

    • Then again, HD- and 3D-movies are coming stronger in to the market, PS3 has support for both ( thanks to blueray ). So that may be a selling point, ofc it’s got nothing to do with PS3 as a gaming console.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Well, high definition movies are available for the Xbox 360, in the United States at least, through that streaming service, Netflix. Not to mention it should be capable of playing movie files through a Media Center setup.

        I’m not sure about 3D movies. I guess the appropriate stream should be made available, have the right TV set and HDMI cables, and that should be it, dunno ’bout additional requirements (perhaps a higher bitrate, therefore needing more bandwidth if you’re watching a stream instead of a locally stored file).

        By the way, I’d assume Microsoft isn’t all that excited about the whole 3D thing because one of the main beneficiaries of the technology is, of all people, Sony itself. PS3 is pushing 3D games in order to sell their 3D HDTVs, just like they did with the Blu-ray Discs, it’s only good for them. Microsoft has no need for it, and what may fly at movie theaters may not necessarily do so at home theaters, at least not right now. See also the 1080p games fiasco: almost no games run at true, native 1920Γ—1080p60 resolution, the systems don’t have enough horsepower.

        • You have been able to rent HD movies and other HD content over XBL long before Netflix. Netflix was just incorporated because it’s a flat-rate service, as opposed to a pay-per-view service.

      • Such games are usually so bad that they are not even worth pirating. Indies, mods, PC exclusives. For example I am enjoying my real time strategies on my PC everyday. Try that console fag.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          PC games never froze on me since I have Windows XP. They either run, or not run (by “not run” I also count games that’ll load but are completely unplayable or require that I set them to something like 640Γ—480 when they’re supposed to run at 1280Γ—720 or above).

          Problems when running PC games often stem from faulty drivers, which are mostly nVIDIA and ATi’s fault.

    • Yeah, I’m gonna drop $1000 on a bad-ass gaming console that has a less usable lifespan than a console.

      Think about it: With the PS2, you could play great games for over 10 years! Think what kind of games you could play on a state-of-the-art 10-year-old PC today? Yeah, even Plants Vs. Zombies would choke a 10-year-old PC.

      PC gaming may be better, but it’s a HELL of a lot more expensive, even if you pirate your games.

  • Japan doesn’t matter anymore. Sales in Western regions now count more than Japan’s anemicv market. X-Box 360 is still ahead of PS3 there.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a X-box fanboy. I think both consoles are shit.

    • I truly hate fagit box 360, i wander why do people still by that pease of shit. I know its because thet rely strongly on there trinity engine, without that the console will literally fall apart. Did u ever wonder why it and the PS3 were the same size and yet it still carried that BIG ASS A/C power pack…hmm I wonder?… the PS3 size on the other hand is built inside with a good size fan and yet you all call it inferior… tell me now what killed the GC and XBOX? Was it the PS2 and its Emotion Engine can Butt Fairies hmm tell me Dick Puddin lovers. Back to the PS3, compare any 360 games PS3 exclusives and non exclusives and give me an answer please anc thank you. Im not done yet. You already know why its easyer put games on the 360… correct the Trinity Engine, the PS3 dosen’t have an engine and look at how powerful its graphics are imagine how it be if Sony brought a new type of engine to the PS3… think of how much trouble Microsoft be in… PURE DESTRUTION to the XBOX 360. Im a proud PS3 owner and my PSN is Gohan723 hit me up up when you want to hear some real shit boys. also a Wii, DSi, PC, and PSP I quote myself “IM NOT AN XBOX FAN, IM PLAYSTATION MAN!!!” PEASE im out. and lm BLACK yes black what of it.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Of course, being released a whole year earlier, turning into the de facto industry standard for real games, costing a hundred bucks less money at almost all times throughout both systems’ lifespans, having a better and much more mature online infrastructure thanks to Microsoft’s proven experience with their previous system, and boasting the superior version of almost all multiplatform games doesn’t have anything to do with that, no…

      • Having it released a year earlier and being cheaper certainly showed… The reason the 360’s sales have been so good is because everybody owns 4… 3 of them RROD’d.

        Once M$ creates consoles similar to the quality of the products that Sony and Nintendo create, fanboy wars will be even.

        • So far its not a big deal there was minor sales of Xbox 360 counsels in Japan because people wanted to play Monster Hunter Frontier online.

          The Wii manage to have a good increase in sales when they released Monster Hunter Tri 3 even though there was issues with the controls It manage to be a fun game.You would also be surpise that Mario Galaxy 2 manage to outsell Red Dead Redemption.

          Sony is doing alright with sales because people ether want to have that whole HD3D movie and gaming experience on there PS3 or the fact that there are some games coming out soon from Sony that people want to play.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          I’ve seen more pictures of people’s gaming setups having multiple Xbox 360 consoles than multiple PlayStation 3 or Wii ones (mostly from NeoGAF). It may have to do with the 360 being the only console with enough worthwhile import-only titles, and it (console)/ them (Japanese games) being region locked, so they probably have an American or European console and a Japanese one. There’s no reason for that with the PS3.

        • Okay, maybe those for which the warranty ran out (which, by the way, doesn’t account for any sales before 2008).

          People banned due to pirated games probably just keep using their banned console offline, since pirated games are usually made to work that way, and few of them buy another console. Even so, this isn’t a RROD-related purchase, so it’s not relevant.

          People with warranty that still buy another console are just idiots, and I’d like to believe that there aren’t many of them, however often I’m proven wrong.

          That still doesn’t account for the millions that Anon 01:14 is claiming. Assuming the two consoles are otherwise equal (to help prevent fanboyism) most of the extra 360 sales come from the earlier release date and lower price.

        • Alot of people are known to just buy a new 360 then to send their old ones in to get repaired. Especially ones that already lost its Warranty, or ones that got banned from XBL due to playing pirated games.

  • This article would only make sense if it included holiday season sales data after the release of all the new Slim Xbox bundles. Until then any such fanboy “victories” can wait. I hate such blatantly biased articles.

  • Probably 3 million sold with avatar Bluray.Joke, BUT:
    Many MANY PS3s will never see a game-disc inside of their drives (inb4 no games). You can’t explain the overall higher gamesales on 360 for cross-platform games…And those 360 owners can fucking pirate their games.

  • Well, since PS3 sold so little in its first years, I guess it was time it would catch up.

    Still, 360 has sold way more units in its overall life. Wake me up when PS3 achieves 2nd place in sales.

    Wii > all

  • Kinect failed btw.
    All the hype created = phail.
    Controllers are still the way to go for hardcore gaming, heck even decent casual gaming the kinect lags in translating movement & some say it can’t even detect the human in front. lol

  • Since the USA Air force and other agencies have been purchasing the PS3s to link together as their countries, err i mean, agencies, supercomputers its no doubt they have outsold the Xbox360.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I’m a proud Wii, 360, PS3 owner and I don’t see what’s so good or bad about the numbers there. So 360s sold over 10 mil and so did the Wii and so did the PS3.

      It seems the gaming industry is healthy. To drag this into a tired old console war crack-theory is unnecessary.

      Be proud to own your Wiis, 360s and PS3s. They’re all fine consoles.

    • With MvsC3 this year of course PS3 will outsell XBox…. It’s been expected that graphics superiority plays an important role with this years games as gamers will search and value those that has beautiful design as well as gameplay… Capcom’s tried and tested formula also played a role….. This year is PS3… exclusively…..

    • Fact that Sony went from first place for two generations to barely passing microsoft after how many years is not a victory for the ps3. If anything it shows how vulnerable the system is.

      Also the xbox is still doing much better in the primary game market and its domestic market the US. Oh and before you say the US doesn’t matter that much think of this. The xbox is doing poorly across the globe but is still outselling Sony due to the US ALONE.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Wow. I thought the DS and pretty much every single Nintendo handheld were so successful because, among other things, they were cheaper than more powerful systems, including other handhelds!

        Go figure.

    • If those stupid Japs would buy one, those numbers would not to so uneven. Anyway, for the last 5-7years Jap devs have produced a shitload of shit games.

      Buying a Jap system for Jap games is really retarded, when devs like Rockstar, Electronic Arts, Naughty Dog and BioWare own the Jap devs like SquareEnix, Namco and Sega. Honestly, the only Jap dev worth a shit, these days, is Nintendo.

      • hey fuck off you stupid yank, we japanese basically single handedly created 90% of everything good in video game world from all the different developers to sony and nintendo it self, what have you american created? microsoft? the xbox? what a fucking joke! all you’re good for is crappy/mediocre shooting games, cod, l4d, halo, gow,fallout,bc,bioshock, all those games suck and only the typical stupid american meathead likes them. go stick your american flag up your ass and suck off your george bush blow up doll.

        • hey fuck off you stupid yank, we japanese basically single handedly created 90% of everything good in video game world from all the different developers to sony and nintendo it self,


          what have you american created? microsoft? the xbox? what a fucking joke!


          all you’re good for is crappy/mediocre shooting games, cod, l4d, halo, gow,fallout,bc,bioshock, all those games suck and only the typical stupid american meathead likes them.

          Again, bullshit.

          go stick your american flag up your ass and suck off your george bush blow up doll.

          Well, I’m not american, perfect.

          Also, I’m mainly playing JRPG. But Halo and Bioshock, among others, were very enjoyable game. So stop being even more retarded that the ones you criticize.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          Don’t know y’all, but I just have too much love for videogames to be restricted to just Japan’s or USA’s or Europe’s great games and game designers.

          I also have so much contempt for bad games, and more especifically for shit game designers and greedy game publishers, that I can’t restrict it to just Japan’s or USA’s or Europe’s shit games, game designers and publishers.

        • Everything? I guess Tomb Raider, Price of Persia, Uncharted, GTA, Mass Effect, Nearly EVERY sports title and countless others originate from Japan then?

          If you love Japan so much, move there and enjoy your generic story arcs and stereotyped cast. Because that’s what exists in nearly every JRPGs, these days.

          The worst offender being Star Ocean Sands of Time. loli cat-girl, gay elf, mature tit monster, traditional Japanese beauty and emo hero, all present and accounted for.

        • I’m not japanese, but I have to agree whit Anon @ 5:07…
          Japanese devs have done pretty much everything, from rpgs, fighting, racing, you name it, and they did it.
          And what he said about the american or western devs, they all do FREAKING fps, lets face it, maybe one or two exception, but 90% of the western games are fps, crappy/mediocre shooting games that “only the typical stupid american meathead likes them” and it sucks how they feel the big shi* just because they play all day long in MW2, but you bring the topic of FFXIII or even MGS4(has happened to me) and they think you are a retarded just because like them and dont play MW2, halo or gears of wars…

          Sadly, but a typical american thing from “gamers” wanna-be…

          Signed… Someone from North America… :'(

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Haven’t yet seen a Western 3D hack ‘n slasher that even compares to Ninja Gaiden I/ II and Bayonetta, nor a STG that compares to Ketsui or DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou or Mushihime-sama Futari, nor a 2D fighting game that compares to BlazBlue -Continuum Shift-. So no.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          “BluBlaze is fucking trash, just a clone of GuiltyGears and GG is so old, that it was on the PS2 AND Dreamcast.”

          So Guilty Gear on Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 runs at 720p, not to mention feature the exact same character roster with the exact same movesets, the exact same designs, the exact same control setup, and the exact same backgrounds and soundtrack? Perhaps in the same way as Street Fighter III is “just a clone of” Street Fighter II, right?


          “Ninja Gaiden sucks ass, because it’s far too difficult for anyone who’s life does not revolve around games.”

          Scrub. Faggot. Grow a pair and lrn2block.

          “‘Western 3D hack ‘n slasher’

          this screams GOD OF WAR

          but dont get me wrong i do not agree that japanese devs are crap.”

          I think of God of War as almost an exact opposite of Ninja Gaiden: instead of blocking and rolling most of the time and waiting for a chance to attack, in GoW you keep mashing the attack buttons most of the time (and keep grabbing the smaller ones for the ultimate in crowd control) and wait to roll out of the way from time to time. It gets old real fast, the one thing keeping the game(s) up are the constant appearance of new types of enemies and the Resident Evil-ish puzzles. Not bad games or anything, just not as good 3D hack ‘n slashers as the Gaidens or Bayonetta.

        • BluBlaze is fucking trash, just a clone of GuiltyGears and GG is so old, that it was on the PS2 AND Dreamcast.

          Ninja Gaiden sucks ass, because it’s far too difficult for anyone who’s life does not revolve around games. Also, Ninja Gaiden debuted on xbox1, long before this generation of suck Jap titles.

          Bayonetta, that’s an exception to the rule. Although far too sexed up and full of useless animations. Like those photo op poses. As I said, most of the Jap games coming out in the last 5-7 years are shit.

        • You know what, for all the hype MGS4 got, I did not think it was that great. Uncharted 2 kicks the shit out of it, in graphics and cinematics, and they did not need fmv to do it either.

        • You can love it but never ever say that the FF13 and FF14 have saved the PS3

          WOW >= FF14
          FF13 and MGS4 might as well be called Movie games ^^.

          PC >= to all though 0/w you can’t read sankaku complex and type shit like this in ^^

        • Why the fuck would I be an idiot for liking the FF after FFX-2?

          I love FF because it has proven itself to me.
          I love FF because it has impressed me enough times already.
          I’m not abandoning one of my favorite series simply because “they haven’t been as great as the older ones”
          It has proven itself enough times already.
          You make it sounds like we should like games and squeeze all the good stuff from it until there is no more and abandon it.

          And for the record,I still love SquareEnix.
          They still make beautiful games.

          And I won’t accept an internet troll to call me an idiot for liking something you don’t

        • Final Fantasy has sucked dicks since FFX-2 was released. Anyone who continues to believe this series to be great is either an idiot or a delusional fanboy. As I said, for the last 5-7 years Jap devs have produced a lot of crap titles. And for the record, Squaresoft went downhill AFTER FFVI(III-US).

      • You know what’s stupid about the new Halo games? ODST and Reach characters + gear look more advanced and evolved than Combat Evolved, yet ODST and Reach are supposed to be before Halo CE’s time frame.

        WTF is up with that?


        • I guess they either went through time and got the blueprints for the more spiffy gears or the armaments designers at Bungee just wanted them to look bad-ass and made their armor and weapon design more complex and detailed…

          But I really don’t care about the armor and weapons…I’m just waiting for some rule34 images and maybe a few Japanese hentai pictures to pop in after a week or two…

          One of my favorite Halo hentai pictures was Loli-Cortana with a grunt fapping in the background…

          (I’m the one who made that little logo in the upper right corner 2 years ago in my Doujin Style days…I still have the original pic…)

          Video Games, Anime, Movies…

          It’s all about Hentai in the end for me…

      • I have every console and handheld, so I don’t have to worry about missing any games that I want to play…

        The only thing that bugs me is how Sony and Microsoft spend their money ripping off the Wii’s “hands-on” experience when they could be focusing on what they already have and bolstering it…

        And that last stunt by Microsoft on faking their Kinect movements in their presentation…Shameful…Just shameful…

        That said, f*ck this interaction bullsh*t unless it involves a SNUFF GAME WITH ANIME/CELEBRITY CHARACTERS were you torture them with the EyeToy/WiiMote…

        Yes…An anime/celebrity snuff game would be the perfect interaction game on the stagnant interactive market that would give it new life…While taking it!!!

        *nosebleeds as he imagines torturing Accelerator with a cauterization laser and a rusty auger*

        Torturing your favorite celebrities/anime characters via a table and some good old-fashioned tools like a hacksaw and a spiked branding-iron…

        Now that’s something I’d love to have a “Hands-on” experience with…

        In the end…It’s not the consoles…It’s the games that matter to me…

        I can’t stand all this family-friendly, party, sport, exercise games anymore that they spew out by the dozens every year…

        And no amount of buttering it up with all these “hands-on” gimmicks will change that…It’s the same thing…

        Unless, like I said, they make an interactive anime/celebrity snuff game…

      • Well if my console is gonna RRoD, I’d rather not buy it. Besides a lot of games this generation are multiplatform, which doesn’t really give you an incentive to choose one. I’ve been pretty much consoles last gen, but I switched to PC. Got a fair amount of the same games with my own custom improvements, plus there’s even “current console gen” emus. Some games I won’t even use a Wiimote to play on my PC, I prefer my PS2 controller.

        • 17% and 54% as some articles have stated is a big difference especially when the company in question knew about the fact that it cut corners to save money.

          As for the PS3 gaining ground I’m not surprised add the fact that the PS3 hasn’t been hacked which means all of the money from games will actually go to the company unlike the X-box 360 which has massive piracy which made for most of the X-box 360 console sale anyways.

        • RRoD stopped being an issue when MS released the Jasper revision, around September 08. The failure rate went from a little above 30% to 10%, dead even with the failure rate on PS3.

          Coincidentally, the failure rate on the Wii is only 5% and a lot of major computer brands have failure rates much higher than 10%, but no one bitches about them. Acer’s notebooks have a failure rate of 30% and Dell’s is around 24%, iirc. Apple is very high too, at 17%. And as I said, I don’t see people ragging on Apple for their failure rates.

        • there is one more thing i want to address, a fps story could be something like the story of one soldier, the story of the combat, the politics, many things beyond they shot us lets fire back. if this game even has a hint more story than that it could be pretty good.

        • i think multiplayer in reach will be big, but at the same time its like writing off cod mw 1 (not 2) as being multiplayer only when it had a fairly great story to it.

          and i cant deny the fucking retards who play those games. thats why i when i do play an fps i turn the mic off and mute chat.

        • Halo’s plot is pointless, the only people who play it, play it for multiplayer and act like fucking idiots, while doing so.

          Even Bungie and MS know, which is why OSDT and Reach are primarily multiplayer driven games.

        • i hate every halo sense combat evolved, but from my understanding reach is taking place in the part of the halo universe where the “halo has a great story” comes from.

          and this being a real halo “sequel” and not just a new multiplayer maps and mode (little brother got odst, they gave him a fucking disc for halo 3 multiplayer, what fucking shit is this?) i can say with some certainty, that this will move consoles again, and will possibly be the best one of the series.

          again, i hated all halos beyond the first

        • The best prequel than the original game is….. SNAKKKEEE EATERRR. the birth of a legendary soldier πŸ˜€ seriously a combination of james bond 1960’s film, crazy boss fights, stealth(not just hiding on walls or in the shadows but blending on the environment now that’s the true stealth) crazy easter eggs, online play(even though it’s already shut down) a climatic final battle what more do you want? not to mention you get to eat Snakes and other edible’s as well:) not that’s how you make a masterpiece game πŸ˜€

          good to see ps3 overtaking the 360. i hear people saying sony won’t overtake the 360 by the end of this gen yet we’re barely halfway through. now if sony made another mgs4 deal with kojima productions like i don’t know zone of the enders 3? πŸ˜€ japan will probably buy at least a million day one πŸ™‚ i would probably buy 3 copies of it πŸ˜€

        • Anon 1:23 Castlevania was on MSX before the NES cartridge was made. MSX is a Microsoft Japan system.

          It’s a bit odd that Microsoft haven’t made any attempt to use their 8-bit gaming heritage to endear themselves to current Japanese gamers. The MSX also boasted early games in franchises such as Metal Gear, Gradius, Parodius (Konami loved the MSX), Bomberman, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Puyo Puyo and Gradius.

          The most complete version of SOTN is the Sega Saturn one, and the game is said to have started development on the Sega 32X, before it was apparent that the 32X wasn’t commercially viable.

        • …Halo:Reach, ANOTHER prequel spinoff BOUND to be underwhelming in comparison to the originals.

          *Note: I actually thought some of the Halo games where good, Combat Evolved for instance, but prequels are guaranteed crap made only to sell to fanboys and drug addicts. I can’t name a single prequel better than the original. If you can name one, please enlighten me.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          @Ghost Dog: This time the Bungie guys are changing the game mechanics a whole lot, even ODST featured many differences from 3, so there’s really no reason for not picking up Reach. Besides, if the plot is really all that important (but, seriously, lol@fps plot lol), that one’s gonna be a sequel.

          Regardless, it seems to me the Halo franchise is slowly running outta gas, so…

        • Relying on Halo reach is is a bad idea. It will certainly be bought by all the halo 3 and ODST owners, generating plenty of software sales, but i doubt it will get many new customers. New customers who’ve heard of the game probably wouldn’t want to start on the 5ht-6th halo release.

        • LOL, yeah take that JAPANESE xbox 360 fanboys!!! As these sales figures are for JAPAN and NOT the USA. ROFL!! I can’t believe how far the Editors / writers of this site are crawling up Sony’s ass.

          Seriously, the USA figures for June / July have Microsoft Up against the PS3 because of their new xbox 360 “S” So I don’t know where these writers are getting their news sources from (probably their own asses) but make sure you actually do the research before crawling anymore into Sony’s ass ok?

          All Sony Fanboys are completely forgetting about what is coming out in September: Halo Reach. This will make sales of the xbox 360 go up at least 300% AGAIN like it did with the launch of Halo 3.

        • w/e my only regret in not owning an xbox is l4d 1 n 2.

          o and also the castlevania game i mean WTF castlevania was spawned from Nintendo and SOTN was spawned from Sony and the last great one which was aria of sorrow was on the gameboy advance. WTF all the good characters are put into a shit box 360 exclusive. I ****ing bought all of these previous games and it is not being put in any of the consoles they were originally made for, that is BULL****.