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Tales of Graces PS3 Due – Wii Beta Testers Duped


In a move unlikely to surprise many given its handling of “Xbox 360 exclusive” Tales of Vesperia, Namco has announced a perfect edition of Tales of Graces on the PS3.

The port promises new story, ougi, and character costumes, and is widely expected to follow the example of Vesperia in introducing all new characters. The elimination of the vast array of bugs which plagued the original can also be expected.

A winter 2010 release is scheduled.



In addition a new PS3 Tales title has been announced, although details are completely lacking, and a 2011 release of PSP crossover Tales title Tales of the World: Radiant Anthology 3 is confirmed.

At this point it seems Wii owners will be sympathising with Xbox 360 owners, having themselves also been granted the honour of being able to buy the chance to beta test the latest Tales game for PS3 owners.

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