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“Kizumonogatari” Bakemonogatari Prequel Announced


The prequel novel to top-selling anime Bakemonogatari, titled Kizumonogatari, has received the long-sought confirmation for an animated adaptation.

The announcement comes attached in flyer form to the recently released novel, Nekomonogatari:


As can be gathered from the poster, the plot is set around Aya Hirano-voiced loli-vampire, Oshino Shinobu.

Fans of top-tier tsundere Senjougahara Hitagi or much-loved Sengoku Nadeko may be disappointed, as the story takes place before their encounters with protagonist Araragi Koyomi, likely preventing a more than passing appearance, if any.

With animation studio Shaft’s history with releasing episodes finished and on-time, expectations of numerous delays may be justified – in any case Shaft has yet to mock fans with further release details.

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