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Aya Hirano Lays Love Life Bare “Please Don’t Hate Me!”


For the first time ever Aya Hirano has spoken publicly of her love life, sparking off instant otaku fury before the revelations have even aired.

In a recent interview she reports (about 9 minutes in) she has “revealed all” about her love life in an upcoming variety programme episode to air at the start of August – “It’s up to you what you think, but don’t hate me!” she says, paradoxically.

With her TV talent appearances for the start of August having now risen to no less than 5 different programmes in a single week, it also seems she is indeed thrusting headlong into the world of TV talent whilst leaving her mouldering career as seiyuu-idol behind.

Revelations about her love life are sure to alienate completely her creepy otaku fanbase, suggesting she may well be intent on abandoning her idol/seiyuu credentials completely.

Even the mere admission that she has a love life has already stoked 2ch’s substantial seiyuu stalking component (along with their even more numerous detractors) into a frenzy:

“‘Don’t hate me’ – she thinks anyone still likes her?”

“So she’ll tell us what positions she likes?”

“A bitch making bitch talk doesn’t change the fact she’s already a bitch.”

“Fans who stop liking her because of this weren’t real fans to start with!”

“Don’t dump us!”

“She can say whatever she likes, if she does it in Konata’s voice all will be forgiven.”

“I hope she’s prepared for the reaction of all those creepy otaku…”

“There’s no way any creepy otaku would forgive an idol who had a boyfriend for even a second.”

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