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2ch on Sankaku & One Manga: “Dirty Foreign Scum!”


The reaction of Sankaku Complex users to the scathing comments of 2ch on the recent closure of One Manga has found its way back to 2ch and incited an even more biting response.

Their response to the closure of One Manga and the impudent reaction of Sankaku Complex users angry at having to use more inconvenient sources of pirated manga filled scores of threads across 2ch, and was soon picked up by any number of 2ch-centric sites.

A representative selection of their comments is translated below:

“You lot are always begging ‘give us the zip! give us the zip!’ – why is it now you suddenly start acting like you’re normal?”

“Oh come on, this is a fantastic business chance for publishers. If they don’t go for commercial digital distribution now they really are finished.”

“In America the censorship regime makes them change cigarettes into candy! How many mangaka and publishers are there interested in making that level of change!?”

“I was reading the latest Naruto in the convenience store – are the foreigners jealous of me? Forgive me, Sasuke…”

“‘We want to buy but we can’t! We’re making manga popular the world over!’ Die.”

“Just buy it and read you dirty misers!”

“Do these people feel any sense of guilt over what they’re doing to creators?”

“Serves you right, foreigners! It makes no sense at all for these manga to be available on the net in English first. Stop enjoying them before us Japanese even get them!”

“You guys sound pretty intellectual translated into English, don’t you now?”

“‘Ha Ha Ha – Serves you right!’ – someone translate this and tell it to them.”

“Pirates really do think the same the world over.”

“Impudent thieves.”

“‘Foreigner 1: Do all Japanese hate foreigners? Or is it just a minority? Or just 2ch?
Foreigner 2: Japs hate us all. Even the babies!
Foreigner 3: 2ch is how the majority of Japs think. They are polite in front of others, but behind your back they are secretly insulting you. Japs are xenophobes!’

Pretty amazing that they go this far to dress themselves up as victims.”

“It seems people on the Internet always develop these persecution complexes – whatever the country.”

“‘Foreigner 4: 2ch is not representative of all Japanese! I like Japan.
Foreigner 5: Sorry. I like Japan too. The Japanese are just angry that we’re ripping them off.
Foreigner 6: 2ch is the scum of Japan.’

The guys who understand really do understand!”

“Foreigner 6 – you are a genius.”

“‘Those Jump buyers are complete tools for waiting – hurry up and give us the zip!’

‘I don’t want to buy Jump just for One Piece. I’m glad they get uploaded at the same time as its release. I can keep up with what’s happening in this thread too.’

‘In this damn heat I don’t want to go out and read Jump – hurry up with the zip!’

‘It may only be $2 but it’s a nuisance once you’ve read it. Why won’t they just sell us One Piece without the rest?’

This is from 2ch’s Shonen Jump board.”

“Maybe this thread will be translated and become an article over there? Are you reading foreigners? If you want to read manga, be sure to learn Japanese!”

“With the market for digital manga coming up, these illegal sites are no good any more. Rawpara made $30,000, how much were those guys making…”

“Read your own country’s comics, bastards.”

“It’s a real mystery to me why these damn foreigners can’t get over the fact that you can’t just be reading all this stuff for free on a website.”

“Manga overseas costs $10 a volume though – way too much.”

“But American comics cost a fortune in Japan too…”

“It really is expensive over there. In spite of the fact the paper is shoddy rubbish…”

“Even the guys reading manga are always going on about JAP this and JAP that. Just liking manga doesn’t mean you like Japanese, I see. Japanese are really despised aren’t they?”

“Foreigners are just greedy swine by nature – that’s why they think manga is free.”

“I looked at the responses of the Sankaku inhabitants (not that I’m lumping them together with all foreigners) – pretty amazing.

It’s expensive, 99% of manga is crap, it’s translated because Japanese are uploading it, because they ripped off western culture – their excuses were all on that level. The worst ones are the ones going on about racism or xenophobia though.”

“You hairy foreigners should shut up and wait for your own great mangaka.”

“Compared to Japan and its complete absence of a digital publication market, isn’t consciousness about this much higher over there? Amazon have Kindle and stuff…”

“There are already all kinds of pirated manga on the American Kindle. They’re a real pack of thieves.”

“If all manga fans the world over start thinking manga=free, the manga industry is finished.”

“Even in Japan a lot of young people think that, about games and music too. I hope they really crack down on these sites.”

“Why do these foreigners act so high and mighty when they are reading for free?”

“This reminds me of that damn Rapelay fiasco.”

“Thanks to that we got worked over. Seriously, die you filthy foreign scum.”

“1. Foreigners pirate our manga and develop a taste for it.

2. Foreign big-wigs say ‘This content is violent! Ban it, Japan!’

This is a real problem. If publishers adapt their publications to foreign markets then OK, but just translating the original and spreading it amongst foreigners is a problem!

Do you understand this you dirty foreign scum?”

“Don’t those white pigs comprehend the concept of a thief being ashamed of being caught?”

“Blaming the victims of your own crimes, shifting responsibility to anyone else but you, justifying your own criminality. Total scum, every last one of them.”

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  • The Japanese themselves also pirate the same manga, so I don’t see why they’re so upset about Americans doing it, too.

    If you want to say piracy is wrong, then fine, go ahead. But there’s no reason to start being racist against all Americans for doing the same thing that Japanese people also do themselves. That’s just hypocritical.

  • I don’t really understand what they’re bitching about anyway. If they sell it for $2 over there, and an American company like Yen Press gets the right to translate and distribute it here for $10, the mangaka don’t even receive as much as they get per volume in their home town!

    Since that’s the case, why don’t they just find all the JAP to ENG translators and put them on their payroll? So that if someone wants something translated they’ll have to pay the $1.70 PER PAGE we’re paying to get ero-manga translated by SaHa? They could then sell pre-translated material to foreign companies for the equivalent of $5 per page, and it’d be nearly impossible to get online because publishers would take even it a serious theft.

    • Who the hell cares man? Y’all 2ch’ers can bitch all ya want… to us or let’s say to most of us…. Manga & Amine is like crack… Its addictive…. You trying to ban manga online for free is as effective as Mexico trying to get rid of all its organized crime drug cartels…. it doesn’t fucking matter as long as we want it.. we will fucking get it so shut the fuck up! SO what? u took down Onemanga? who the hell cares we have plenty of other sources of where we can get our sht. pirating happens all over the fucking world… SO what if it happens to you guys? It’s nothing new… What the fuck are u gonna do about it huh bitch? U troll all this Bullshit but really if u were us you’d know how we feel. the main points here are

      1. Pirating will never stop!
      2. WE don’t hate you guys, and im sure u don’t either… You’re jst pissed were taking all ur sht for free and if the roles were reversed we’d be pissed too but oh well. Deal with it
      3.Bitching about it will not make it stop! do something about it! Oh WAIT! YOU CAN’T HA HA!
      4.There are pirates everywhere you can get rid of us!
      5. As long as there’s a demand it will never STOPPU! It’s like the war on drugs… It’ll never end cuz people wanna get high…As long as theres a way WE WILL FIND IT! Simple as that.

  • “greedy swine”
    “Total scum, every last one of them”
    “dirty foreign scum”
    “die you filthy foreign scum”
    “white pigs”
    “these foreigners act so high and mighty”
    “these damn foreigners”
    “you dirty misers”
    “If you want to read manga, be sure to learn Japanese!”

    lol all that and they have the nerve to say their not Xenophobes? Sounds to me more like their up on their high horses and are in need of being knocked down a peg… that’s ok We wouldn’t mind stepping up to the plate…AGAIN

    As it is their damn lucky we LET them keep their damn country at all!

    • I guess we can add racist to the mix. I mean, not every one here on SanCom is white, just like me. I’d like to see them stay this cocky if Kim Jong-(be)Il decides to bitc#slap them around a little.

    • “Total scum, every last one of them”
      “dirty foreign scum”
      “die you filthy foreign scum”

      How cute, the otaku virgins speak. Maybe once they leave their mum’s basement and stop reading manga they might be able to get laid. Well, probably not, but I won’t tell them to go die, knowing Japan’s suicide rates, they probably would. Good luck on getting laid.

      They should work on their own problems before complaining about foreign scum. Maybe focusing on the Japanese people uploading RAW manga and anime would be a start.
      Well, 99% of Americans dislike manga, anime, and Japanese stuff in general. So assuming we all pirate manga is a little.. arrogant. If sales aren’t good, mangaka really have themselves to blame for distributing such boring, generic material. Maybe the kawaii factor is finally beginning to kill anime/manga, along with Japan. But really, blaming foreign sales on everything is ridiculous. It’s probably domestic sales, and the fact that Japan’s youth is disappearing. Manga sales are dependent on kids.. There aren’t enough kids because of all the ugly virgins in their mum’s basements posting on 2ch…

  • Rather fun, considering everyone is a foreigner of somewhere. Say there’s around 200 countries, and everyone has a citizenship to just one. 1/200 citizenship versus 199/noncitizenship/foreign? Yeeeeah, those odds aren’t good.

    Shame that Japan has to be represented by its trolls. Ah well, let the trolls clash and make virals out of the remains. What else can you do?

  • Fuck what anyone says, as an American who has to take shit from japs, i say let there be free manga! Every thing you hear from 2ch is about how bad Americans are and how we are smelly and stupid, well, then why are our jobs and lifestyles being copied by them???

    They are arrogant assholes who who think they are better then us. My path of thinking leads me to wanting to use another Hydrogen bomb on them….America was THE superpower of the world until foreign fucks came here and ruined it…

    Kill the lowlifes and poor people, nuke any countries that don’t follow our plan, world domination…

    • Lol, you’re genes CAN’T possibly be USAmerican either, because, you know, the USA is made originally made up off EUROPES, yeah that’s right, us, the Europes…USA also never was “THE superpower”, during WW2 Germany was THE REAL Superpower, how many countries were needed to take Hitler down?

      Another thing to other people here, complaining about how “Japanese were bad with english”: The worst, when it comes to languages besides english are those woh speak english natively, especially a certain number of USAmericans…Hands down, the best to speak foreign languages are the germans…

      And on the topic concerning those 2ch-guys: Barely any westener would even have considered reading Manga in the first place, if it wasn’t for scanlators…also, Manga were originally not aimed at the western markets, so why do you complain? Also, some stuff, like KnJ, also get’s licensed and never is released…
      And about the guys saying “learn japanese”: “OK! I’ll learn japanese and then go onto the Internet and pirate the raws!”…joking away, I really gotta say that for westeners learning japanese is way more hard, than it’s for a japanese to learn a western language…

      Also those saying “read your own countries comics”: Western comics, imho, do suck completely, except if your a little child (under 13 years) that is, well after all, that’s what the comics are aimed at in the western world, so I guess I can’t complain, ’bout that…

      And lastly: Don’t forget, that the piracy is, what MADE Manga in the western world.

      • wow, you know, sure the Germans WERE a superpower. Too bad the all of Europe was engulfed in the most retarded war the world has ever seen. Yeah, the Germans were SO SMART they not only ruined their own economy but dragged the entire continet down the drain with them. It was the Americans who were still standing after the smoke cleared (financially). It was only natural that Americans became the worlds superpower after WWII. An unstable economy does not breed a powerful country. So go ahead and Salute Hitler all you want, just remember that he FAILED.

        As far as the manga’s go… for me personally it is a 5 hour drive to the nearest store that sells manga, the mangas are overpriced at $13 for one small tiny book that can be read in about an hour… and thier supply consists of a few Bleach and Naruto manga… and that’s about it. Never in my lifetime would i have had the opportunity to have read 98% of all the manga that i have read through Onemanga.

        Japanese publishers consider the American markets unprofitable, otherwise I would have seen a selection that extended beyond the simple Nartuo-Bleach mainstream. Nor would i have to drive 370 miles one way just to get to them.

  • I feel bad at the creators,
    but not a bit at the publishers.
    and i even want to do it just to irritate these 2ch.
    i rather send money straight to the creators than giving 80% off to the publishers.
    too bad it’s not an option.
    When i’m using torrents. how come i see japanese downloaders aswell? It could be the proxy or some western person who have moved to japan.
    well anyway.
    I buy stuff that i can. i have figures, mangas, animes, wall clothes, few games.
    The thing is… There isn’t that many things to buy at the stores i visit.
    It would be great if the sells would become more global.
    well, in any case —> back to download some manga!

  • I only really read 2 mangas,xxxHolic and Dance in the vampire bund and I’ve bought every single volume. Do I have to wait? Sure but it’s fine because I like the shows. How did I discover them? By sampling the anime well at least in vampire bund’s case.

  • “Serves you right, foreigners! It makes no sense at all for these manga to be available on the net in English first. Stop enjoying them before us Japanese even get them!”

    srsly wtf? I doubt that scanners get the current jump! issues any earlier then other people.

    My bad, thinking too much about 2ch faggotry…

  • megatokyo21 says:

    It is because of those sites that I found that I began liking Manga and I have gone out and actually bought all the volumes of them that are actually out in the states. Fact is i don’t think all of them are going to be published in the States or will take forever for them to translate and actually get them up on the shelves.(Also I agree with the 2ch guy about the shoddy paper and don’t like how if the page is colored it usually isn’t colored in the American version)

  • The japs hate chinese, the japs hate koreans, hell the japs hate everybody

    All the way here in south east asia (where manga popularity is triving through difficult times) acquiring good manga (which are censored to shit by the local government) is increasingly difficult as a result of us having to rely on sites such as OneManga to get close to original quality manga (this we apologize to the creators deeply) which we love as much as the japs themselves (i love the japs too, minus the rather disturbing number of twisted/unhealthy population that is ch2, godamnit)

    the reality for everyone is that there is going to be some loses in this game of dog eat dog where everyone wants a piece of the cake (have you seen the prices on manga printed/distributed by companies such as Tokyopop here? At the current exchange rate, it’s no go for us). god we know everyone wants to profit from these trends but their conduct is as illegal as scantilations are to their pockets. As economy deteriorates the world over, everyone is gonna be thinking of themselves (as you guys put it ‘like they have some sort of privilege to it’), especially companies that rake in top dollars from this market. it is an avalanche of greed for the one’s who gain what the creators themselves may very well not want to get themselves involved with as they strive to meet the growing demands for titles such as Bleach and Naruto, while publishers who control their value as mangaka strive to squeeze every last penny worth of their enjoyment for their own gains (as the saying goes, a company’s goal is to rake in profit)

    Even still, I’ll try to enjoy available manga as much as i can in this hard times, regardless of our own hardships

  • They are right, we should pay for our manga. but the main problem here is not all the good manga (e.g. Elfen Lied, Sora no Otoshimono to name a few) is localised in English, leaving us little option if we want to read it (seeing as not many people are as enthusiastic about learning Japanese as people like me). Though on reflection we probably should just import it regardless of language (but the sites will still be there, so though this pays the publisher the problem remains).

    Online resources allow us to read this but we are not paying the creator anything like this. To be honest publishers are probably partially to blame, and laws too (Tokyopop localised Elfen lied to Germany, so laws in UK and USA may be stopping it there).

    There is little excuse for comertially translated manga though, the only reason woould be to read part of it so you know what you’re buying (if you can’t find it in a bookstore), but this would have to limit the amount they have on site.

    Surely manga publishers (for English speaking countries) should realise that due to these sites being present that a lot of manga is wanted to be translated (I understand if they are busy with other manga).

    God knows if this makes sense to anyone anymore -_-

  • Anonymous says:

    “Oh come on, this is a fantastic business chance for publishers. If they don’t go for commercial digital distribution now they really are finished.”

    If there is a Jap on 2chan who thinks like that, is a genius among the scumbag from 2chan.
    There must be one or two at least *cross fingers*

  • Anonymous says:

    lol serioulsy ? it’s quite ironic to be honest.. most raw providing sites like mangahelpers shut down, cause these damn japs were too cheap to buy mangas from the stores, so the publishers take it out on MH.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man..despite this being hilarious at became shallow and petty later on..gave up past 200+ comment.

    Anyway, this might be a war or’s still a way to show that both sides got interest into each other. A sort of negative way to communicate.
    Think about it as neighbors chat..on a different level.

    Outside of those two camps, time still flows…
    My point? No matter what you guys do, both here and on 2ch. Whoever is responsible for that whole crusade against piracy, will not stop.
    And any reasonable and logical suggestion/plead/accusation won’t help. Why?
    Profiters my good men..profiters.
    You pay them little to non, you mean little to non to them.

    And driven by such simple and limited ideology they won’t listen to any ideas, even if those would be really smart, thought out throughly and innovative. As long as it won’t give them valid proof here and now – money.

    Oh, did I mentioned that those reside on both sides?

    And before you’ll tell me to fix my grammar…chuck you farley.

  • Anonymous says:

    so wait, why is this a big deal?

    i mean, 4chan is the American version of 2ch, ffs, it didn’t occur to you that these responses are similar to what you would expect from 4chan?

    hint: they’re trolling and being underage retards, but it doesn’t register because they’re speaking Japanese.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stop crying. Guys on 4chan say worse shit to each other on a daily basis. But I guess once a 2channer says something, it’s baww-worthy? Inverse discrimination, amirite?

    Besides, why do Americans think they’re so entitled to pirate anyway? When I pirate, I acknowledge that it’s illegal and that it might not be an option forever. Likewise, I don’t make excuses for why it SHOULD happen. Considering, you know, it’s ILLEGAL. So is it really Japanese self importance or Americans self entitlement that is causing the commotion? Think about it. Besides, you guys are crying over “go die”. Have you read half the shit people wrote in this one Sankaku thread alone? Way to call the kettle black.

    Besides, a large majority of our internet culture and the stuff on this site is based off the people you are trying to insult. Lol. American defensiveness at its best.

  • It’s very desceptionatin read this comments. (of the 2ch users off course).

    In México, if someone wants to read manga or watch anime, we need to attend at scanlations and fansub because

    1. If we buy the Japanese DVD or Manga (In japanese) the grat majority don’t understand anything,
    2. In Mexico, we don´t have any mode to buy maga since the unique editorial that translate officialy manga (Editorial Vid) has stopped their production.
    3. The cost to import manga or another product, from Japan, is minimal twice than their original cost because shipping and tax, Think that Mexico is not a rich country, but the translated manga was strongly followed.
    4. If the foreginers want to read japanese’s creations is because that we really enjoy it. Why don’t think in Mexico and Latin America as a potential market?

    • Nahhh, that is BIG lie!!! y soy de mexico xD

      I could even get the original things one at a good price, everything would still pirate, perhaps you’ve forgotten that we are the third country with more piracy in the world, I think the Japanese focus their hatred wrong with Americans, and as you say Latin America is a large market, but piracy.

      but someone commented in another post, the jap have never taken the “foreigners” as a market, so where is the problem really if we are not market? … Oh yeah, in themselves, WITH THEIR OWN PIRATES

      Y si algún chilango se enfurece con mi comentario, pues que chingue a su ma…

  • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      合衆国映画は日本と他国で出ます。どこが結合が述べるあなたのすべてのマンガですか? 私たちが、それが欲しいと思って、あなたは、ここでそれを印刷しませんが、喜んで私たちの映画を取るでしょう。

      Yes, badly translated by site. ha!

  • Anonymous says:

    MangaFox scanalations are being removed too, but at teh moment its just series which are possible to get, so no hard feelings.

    Besides, I would become a mangaka if there actually were any profit from it outside Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a cool I dea why don’t we all take pictures of manga we do own and upload it to 2 ch just to show we really support the mangaka we can even put sorry on it….meh who am I kiddin things are so bad they’re at the point they’d think we’re mocking them by doing that hmm

  • Do they not realize that their own people are more often than not the ones buying, scanning, and uploading all of this manga for all us dirty foreigners to steal?

    I like how every time this situation comes up, someone will say “It’s not fair that they get to read it before we do and they don’t even pay for it!” Probably the stupidest statement out of all of them, right next to “Read your own country’s comics and stay away from ours”.

    The only country still completely and utterly butthurt over WWII. Christ, even the Russians are nicer to us.

  • Anonymous says:

    To be honest, this is all rather silly anyway. Like trying to shout insults from across the sea…

    but; I must wonder – so is it actually the case that there’s a lack of digital representation in Japan? Most of 2ch rage seems to come from the fact that we’re not supporting the mangaka; which is pretty fair. But supporting the mangaka and supporting the publishers are two very different things.

    In an age were things are mostly digital anyway – why are the mangaka so reliant on publishers still? I never understood- when it comes to anime or manga – why the good scanalators aren’t hired by the offended parties for their clear, direct connection to the (relatively) niche market that they claim to lose out to? Surely the best solution would be for mangaka/anime companies to hire these people who translate their work and host it themselves for reasonable profit (that we here in the west would actually pay for)- thus putting the money directly into the same pocket that drew it?

    Considering things like itunes.. music had, and still has, this same problem of piracy; and while its never going to really disappear – converting and adapting to the digital download era had made a massive difference to everyone affected by it.

  • Anonymous says:

    No wonder they call us such things… You guys seen the comments we reply with? Indeed, must of are scum of that’s all we can bring forth. I agree, I do read manga online, but just a few series which can’t be found in my country Norway. For example The World God Only Knows, Hekikai no AiON, Sakura no Ichiban and etc. Norway may be a wealthy country, but they import VERY few things from Japan. There are stores like Neo Tokyo here(Which I buy figures, japanese manga, clothes and etc from often) but its one store in the capital, and thats it.

    And must of us dear 2ch, love your culture, and we know what we do is a bad thing… Look at my country’s culture, its trash. Gone centuries ago, we have USA culture mostly, which I honestly dislike. And If my country’s comics very any good I would read them, but I tell you this, I would rather use it as toilet paper than reading it.

    Its stupid that we are racist against eachother in the year of 2010, don’t you agree? Hell, we may look a little different on the outsdie, but were all the same on the inside, doesn’t that make us the same specie? A Japanese doctor can help a forfeigner, and a forfeigner doctor can help a Japanese. But I don’t care too much, because my country is filled with racism… Even against us natives to the country. xD

  • Anonymous says:

    Why do they keep calling people foreign scum, not like we call them jap scum, and its not like all foreigners are white. the funny thing is isnt the japanese population at a declining rate.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the Japanese consumers understood basic economics, they’d realize that factors outside the initial market shouldn’t appreciably affect the profitability of a specific-market product. In other words, manga and Anime are made with a specific market in mind – Japanese. That being the case, the creators should be more than capable of supporting themselves off of sales in their home market. The fact that the creators allow themselves to completely fucked over by middle men and the silly Japanese version of Capitalism is NOT OUR FAULT.

    Euro, US, etc are all SEPARATE MARKETS – even in a global economy the number of Japanese speakers is limited. Because of this, publishers themselves deemed the foreign markets as pointless and not worth their time to pursue, and as a result the foreigners who did enjoy these products were forced to do their own importation and translation.

    Their work became popular as more and more people were exposed to it, the amount of people willing to translate went up, and an entire information economy sprung to life – probably one of the older ones on the net. The people outside of Japan were forced by the people of Japan into this, and now that it’s worth something, they want it back. Piss Off.

    Right now the Japanese fans are being held hostage by the lies of the Anime and Manga establishment. Foreign readers cannot be the cause of any hardship because our market is a separate entity. I suggest looking at the increase in production in the last 15 years instead. That level of output is unsupportable – particularly since they are ALL still manufactured for the Japanese market. The vast majority of that glut will never make it to US shores, and only handfuls of foreigners will ever read or see them – even some scanlated titles have just a few hundred readers. Think about what never makes it here.

    The foreign market is being set up as a scapegoat for the failures of greedy Japanese businesses. It’s twiceover idiotic that they feel justified in making a play for the information economy that was created by their ignorance – alienating huge swaths of a potential market, and at the same time invent a culture war with the only foreign ears that could be sympathetic to some of their more unique cultural behavior. Yet instead the ignorant Japanese populace continues to spend huge amounts of money on overpriced products. Maybe first they should look to their own.

    Forget the barbarians at the gate, the natives have gone loco.

  • Anonymous says:

    really 2 ch’ers really you’re making all us foreigners out to be terrible when we’re not you keep thinking we’re doing all this to spite you when really its the economy that causes it on top of that its causing this STUPID FUCKING FEUD BETWEEN Western and Local Otaku ….sigh and the media the frickin media is horrible its like as soon as we try to mend it they drop an oil rig full of shit on the situation and you americans are the fucking worst! not all of you but the ones going YEEEAAAAHHH U.S.A U.S.A SHUT THE FUCK UP !You’re not helping dawn it calling them japs and the 2 A bombs is an immediate instruction for all of you to just sit down dawn it as a matter of fact…I think this entire feud is cause of americans since their the criteria japanese judge the rest of Us by please 2ch’ers please understand the circumstances for some of us we know we know we rob from the creators we are just as bad as them by no means are we throwing them under the bus hell we’re divin there with them But I,m gonna be the first to come out and so I,M …..NO WE’RE SORRY for those who refuse to because of pride or those who don’t think they should I’ll say it WE’re sorry “BUT!” as long as the economy stays the same and the price of things don’t change I,m afraid we won’t be stopping the veiwing online anytime soon T_T

  • Anonymous says:

    Who the fuck cares!
    Let them think what they want.
    Because they say those things, isn’t gonna change my life in any way.
    They are just an small dot on the butt of the world, those 2ch’ers.

  • Anonymous says:


    sorry, but really guys, i don’t have the long hours needed to read all the comments in this and the past thread.

    i’m a spanish guy who has strained his budget to catch a glimpse of what the japanese have so close and in such a great quantity, without pulling such a feat.
    日本人が近くにいっぱいある物を少しだけ手に入るために財布を空にしなければならないスペイン人野郎で~す informs me that my last purchase has been of about 6000JPY, including shipping fees, which is about 52€ just for 5 books (mostly shousetsu or light novel). They just aren’t published in spain, so there is no alternative way.

    Manga is just about the same price, maybe a little higher. But the alternative, buying manga from the stores here, is not an option. The translation is, at best, poor; sometimes it even gives me nausea. The price, laughable. 9€ for a volume, 1000JPY, which is about the same as buying from amazon japan and get it sent along other 5~6 volumes the same time.

    Anime is just not an option. I can’t pay 50~60€ for a full anime bought here, nor 200€ plus a 30~50€ penalty at Customs for importing DVD. It’s not like i’m collecting it. So, just like about 90% of the otaku at the interwebs, download it (usually raw)

    So, I just can’t understand how is it supposed i can enjoy some of it without getting criticism from japanese and the industry.
    Japanese watch anime free on tv, read manga at a very low cost, and don’t have to pay an extra to read light novels. Some even read for free. Can’t they understand we just can’t be the same? we have the same desires, but not the same ease to achieve them?

    • Anonymous says:




      • Anonymous says:

        justify, you say, but i only mean to be understand

        I’d like you wouldn’t say “living in japan” so easily. Foreigners in japan have a hard life, living expenses are high, there are many cases of people who can’t live a decent life because of discrimination, and the people who can actualli start living in japan are very scarce by law.

        Also, about foreign movies and series not being available in japan, that’s strange/funny. Japan has available more than half the series and movies that come from usa, while the foreign countries usually can’t recieve more than 5% of what’s available in japan. it’s a different league

        • >利益にだけ集中してファンのことをあまり考えないその会社の罰




        • 海外のマンガ会社が死活、か・・・まぁ、利益にだけ集中してファンのことをあまり考えないその会社の罰とは思いたがる俺だがそれも仕方ない、か・・・




        • Anonymous says:








        • Anonymous says:



        • Anonymous says:






      • said:

        You think it is wrong in itself can get a Japanese manga and animation, but not like living in Japan.

        It’s not all fun and music and drama because the Japanese foreign films.

        To justify illegal downloads because the money is called, a high sense.

  • Anonymous says:

    (If this ends up getting double posted I apologise now).

    Hi, I want to anonymous, but it’s hard to have a dialogue like that…

    So I am Decon_T.

    I would first to address this:

    Comment by anonymous:
    To be honest I don’t know where all the hate is coming from which seems to have originated on the 2ch side. However I do agree with them on one thing that keeps popping up: piracy. I have to sympathize with people here that live in countries where licensed naterial is not available but there are MANY people living here in the U.S that simply will never buy a manga or anime dvd and give shit excuses like $10 a manga being too much money. I have friends who dwell on onemanga and will never buy the fucking naruto they read every week. It was first an issue with the fact that we were so far behind but now that we are like what 2 volumes behind you bitch and moan about $8.99 manga. I realize this isn’t the price for all manga but you where I’m going. Short: buy the fucking manga. You won’t go back and you’ll find it easier on the eyes than sitting on your ass staring at a monitor.

    This is certainly a valid comment.

    I do want to say though that it is impossible to deny that the huge delay of Western releases ‘did’ contributed to scanlations becoming as widespread as they are now.

    People used the site to keep up with their favourite magna and it is easy to use the idea of, ‘well it isn’t out yet, so I’ll just keep reading’. While waiting for the one or two mangas they actually wanted to buy to come out, they would then read anything else on the sites. The problem is that for many people this becomes habit. And that is what has happened; it became a ‘habit’.

    It has to be said that the people of most countries are bombarded with endless amounts of things (music, films, books etc) and I do not believe that people from ‘any’ country will buy everything that they encounter.

    They will buy what they love/like or however you want to put it.

    So I think that even if you really do read a hundred different magnas (regardless of the source), then ‘you’ (also known as we) should at least buy your ‘favourites’.

    The Japanese have magna cafes that they can use to decide what series they like; and will buy the ones they really like. (I will assume unless corrected that you pay to read there in a similar fashion to Internet cafes in other parts of the world.)

    As for the rest it has always been the case of:
    Those who would ‘never’ buy vs. those who ‘did (or still want to)’ who still have reservations or problems with the status quo.

    Dear 2ch posters

    I understand that you guys do not like the cost of Anime and American comics in your country. It is downright disgusting. I am not being sarcastic; I think that you are being taken advantage of with high prices like that.
    I wish you guys luck in getting the prices dropped over there.

    A 2ch poster commented, “Serves you right, foreigners! It makes no sense at all for these manga to be available on the net in English first. Stop enjoying them before us Japanese even get them!”

    I recently found out that some places in Japan get things earlier then other areas in Japan, so I think you will understand when I say that we know the feeling. So it is not like we do not sympathise.

    However, think about how it would feel if you had to wait 6 or more months between volumes (not chapters, but volumes.)

    Then add in censorship, poor translations and localisation (the practice of changing everything into Americanised stuff and ruining it) and you have something that could cause your eyes to burst.

    Lastly; you are angry that we read the chapters for free; which I will admit is wrong. (Even though most of the time we will buy the volumes as they are released in our countries if available.)

    So what would I suggest?

    The Japanese publishers could and should create pay pal accounts and encourage the scanlators to put the links to these accounts on their sites.

    If you just read a chapter of one of your top five favourite magna, then please pay 1 dollar into to the appropriate publishers account.

    (I do realise that you would have to wait until you have read 5 chapters before paying due to how pay pal works.)

    So the maths (based on 1 Dollar a chapter) for this would be;

    50 paying members = 50 Dollars x 5 series = 250 Dollars
    250 x releases per month.

    E.g. Nurarihyon no Mago at chapters 4 (on average) released per month = 1000 Dollars.

    I think it would work; and yes I would pay.

    Everyone’s happy.

  • kajunbowser says:

    Rant for 2channers:

    Ya know what, 2channers? The Koreans showed you just how vulnerable you really are, and yet you still forget that? Yep, the FBI of these “dirty gaijin” went to bat for your impudent arses (servers in the good ole USSA).

    Sure, all that censorship crap that we do is bad, but whose govt actually conveniently censor certain parts that we actually de-censor (in most cases)? That’s right, us.

    At any rate, remember this: “he who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” You supply the illegal downloadable raws anyway. We “dirty foreigners” can send you slipping into another “Lost Decade” by not buying your products & services. We could also take Heroman from you, take back Iron Man & Wolverine, and pilfer Ghibli from you (since it’s technically owned by Disney, an American company), and let [In]Equality Now & UNICEF finish your freedoms of expression off.

    Don’t start B.S. you can’t finish.

    *End of rant*

    Really, such trifle B.S.

  • The only people who complain and bitch and cry about Piracy are the internet neophytes who lack the ability to engage in it.

    On the internet, it’s a dog eat dog world where the smart thrive and the idiots remain jealous of those who can do what they wish they could do. Same as the real world, really.

  • Anonymous says:

    —–> JUST

    ——-> WATCH


    When you find out that japanese otakus like that are calling us “scum” you will laugh at it and not care about it anymore.

    Really, give it a try.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like how the “foreign scum” they talk about is usually portrayed as the handsome and beautiful characters in Anime. Grow a pair of eyes and then discriminate others, japanese midgets.

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, 2ch! I used to use scanlations as a way to see if a series was interesting by reading a few chapters before going down to Kinokuniya and buying it. Even if I had to put in a special order, I bought it.

    But now I will do things the Japanese way! I will only buy legally from BookOff and other used bookstores. I’ll buy all my software and games used too. That’s the Japanese way, right? It doesn’t really matter if it supports the creators, only that it’s legal!

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason I read manga online is because it is really damn expensive here. I do buy manga as well of course, but only the ones I really like since buying them all is way too expensive. Would it have been the same price and quality as it is over in Japan I would have rather just bought it all since I really like owning material things.

    People really are mindless no matter where in the world you are, it has nothing to do with a specific country. I have seen the same problem with both users of 2ch and users of Sankaku. You find something that annoys you and you post about it but you do not care about the other aspects of that something, which in fact might be the reason as to why that something occurs. There is therefor a very thin line between (in this case) ‘hating’ and ‘feeling sorry for’.

    For example: It is not easy sympathizing with a pirate. Especially not a pirate that whines about him not being able to continue pirating. However, if you actually dug into the problem and learned the reason to as why this person became a pirate in the first place, perhaps you would sympathize with him instead of hating him. Of course, there are pirates that should really be hated as well but I think they actually is an minority, so saying “All you foreigners are scum”, is really not fair at all.

  • 違法にファイルを入手した者を批判しているのであって、外国人全員を批判しているわけではない。

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with this comment. Marvel you can subscribe to get access to comics for a year. Why not just do the same.

    “Oh come on, this is a fantastic business chance for publishers. If they don’t go for commercial digital distribution now they really are finished.”

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s pretty funny how butthurt a bunch of kids get over this stuff. Most anime and manga is laughably bad anyway.
    Which makes this entire thing even funnier.

    Also, someone tell them, if others are not allowed to read their books, then they should not be allowed to use other countries inventions.

    China invented paper and printing. The Japanese should print their manga on their own invention, stop stealing this off of the Chinese.
    Europe invented TV. The Japanese should stop using it to watch and show their anime, and should invent their own device for watching moving images.
    America invented the internet, and Britain invented the World Wide Web. Japan should get off the internet already, and stop ruining the place for us. Maybe they’ll invent their own network infrastructure like the internet.

    Your move, Japan.

  • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      And japanese(or rather 2chan) should try to make clear who they are blaming,are you just blaming american? or are you trying to piss off the whole world?
      not everyone outside japan is american you know..

      big talk from someone who live in a country that can’t even understand that.


      and not i won’t buy those from japan cause the importing fee are worth twice the price of the localized version.
      (when it come to game at least)

  • Anonymous says:

    Well…I rather read manga on paper and in my country there are many available so I buy them often. But if there is stuff NOT AVAILABLE that interests me much or some series here gets dropped suddenly (which happens quite often sadly) I WILL get the scan naturally. This happened only a few times however. Just the same goes for anime, only that here I have to rely on the us market which seems to be still the biggest market for anime outside japan. Anyway, those 2ch commenters who are full of pure racism towards anything non-japanese can screw themselves as should all western racists here on the board, too. I don’t see myself and others that act like this as thieves or destroyers of the japan manga economy rather but typical devoted fans. After seeing the actual behaviour of some japanese otaku…i wouldn’t want to be called an otaku any more, at least not in the japanese sense.

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG! They are acting like we are not supporting them at all. Folks buy mad shit. I know I do. I can actually afford a ticket to japan to punch out every 2cher I can find. Can you find me? I doubt it.

    But off topic. If you look at english language sites and respond as a 2ch type you most deffinitly torrent english media that is NOT FOR SALE IN YOUR AREA.

    No really, get off my jock. The law in most countrys is ” If it is not for sale in this area I dont know”.

  • Anonymous says:

    i don’t think i am entitled to anything but on the other hand, if something isn’t licensed over here i see no reason why we can’t read translations that fans have done for free, if the mangaka and japaneese publishers don’t like it they should translate it themselves and sell it over here.

    if the licensee censors everything and changes stuff i too would prefer to read it online, sorry but i don’t agree with the companies idea’s of what is healthy/okay for me to read, i am an adult so I’ll read whatever violent/sexual things i want to.

    I am not saying i am entitled to this but if they want my business they better cater to my needs otherwise they won’t be getting my business, it’s as simple as that, any businessman could tell you that

  • Anonymous says:

    well.. one question! are majority of those 2ch people mangaka? if not, why must they stick their nose into this? and also…my parents are both japanese but im born in singapore… does that make me a foreign scum as well? I admit that i don’t buy alot of manga and games but i do for a few…i have an entire set of Dear Boys at home =D

    One last thing…all the scum and bla bla… it sounds hurtful…well… that goes for the “Foreign Scums” as well

  • Anonymous says:

    Apparently, the japanese don’t even understand why we are translating their mangas for, it is because we like their culture. However, what we are doing is affecting their market and more mangakas are quitting. All these publishers wanted to do was to stop this from getting serious by stopping sites like onemanga. Though we are in the wrong, the publishers only kindly asked us to stop distributing their manga illegally. Some people from 2ch totally got the wrong idea and think that we are making money out of scanlations and doing on purpose to disrupt their market. Also, they think that the publishers are being hostile when they are not. Idiotic people(not worth mentioning) circulating on sankaku went to tell 2ch our ‘bad’ comments and giving us a bad image. They are instigating and aggravating the situation. If we have lesser retards around, 2ch wouldn’t be that aggressive.

    • Anonymous says:

      No let’s start it! Let’s start by bombing Akihabara!
      Those ungrateful Japanese otakus, all Sankaku did was praising their weird and crazy country and making fun of the Chinese and this is what we get as thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    To be honest I don’t know where all the hate is coming from which seems to have originated on the 2ch side. However I do agree with them on one thing that keeps popping up: piracy. I have to sympathize with people here that live in countries where licensed naterial is not available but there are MANY people living here in the U.S that simply will never buy a manga or anime dvd and give shit excuses like $10 a manga being too much money. I have friends who dwell on onemanga and will never buy the fucking naruto they read every week. It was first an issue with the fact that we were so far behind but now that we are like what 2 volumes behind you bitch and moan about $8.99 manga. I realize this isn’t the price for all manga but you where I’m going. Short: buy the fucking manga. You won’t go back and you’ll find it easier on the eyes than sitting on your ass staring at a monitor.

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to keep anonymous, but it is hard to open a dialouge like that so…

      Hi, I am Decon-T.

      The point above is a valid one.

      However you cannot denie that being so far behind on releases in the many western counties ‘did’ contribute to this problem.

      The issue is that we get into using the phrase of ‘it hasn’t come out yet, so I’ll just keep reading’. Especially with sites like OneMagna; while waiting for your ‘must buy seris’ to be updated, you end up reading anything else there is to kill time.

      And thus it developes into a habit. And that is what has happened; it become a ‘habit’.

      However, People in many diffrent countries get bombarded by lots of things (films, music and books)and japan is no exception. It is highly doubtful that people (excepting the most extreme) in ‘any’ country will buy everything that they are exposed too.

      That being said, even if they are reading a hundread others they (a.k.a we) should at the least support their ‘favourites’.

      It is the old argument of people who would never buy vs. those who did buy, but are disgruntled with the status quo.

      Also Magna cafes exist in japan, so that people can read the magna for entertainment. They don’t have to buy any of it, unless they really love it.

      Not really that diffrent from how you would use a liabary.


      We know that you guys do not agree with the price point of anime and american comics in your country.

      I think the price you guys have to pay is at best shocking and at worst totally disgusting.
      (I am not being scarcastic here, you guys pay too much for that stuff)
      I wish you guys luck if you decided to boycott or something simular.

      A 2channer said,“Serves you right. It makes no sense at all for these manga to be available on the net in English first. Stop enjoying them before us Japanese even get them!”

      I can see how it can be annoying; as it is being released in your country first. As it should.

      But, if you think that is annoying, imagine being in a country were you have to wait six months or more to read the latest stuff.

      Then add censoring, poor translations, and the terrible localisation; your eyes would probably pop out your head.

      Getting back on topic.

      We feel cheated because we can only know how things are going in terms of the story via volumes that are months apart. (in effect we are forced to pay for a something without ever reading it (in a liabary or magna cafe.)

      So what would I do if I the power?

      I think that using 3rd party companies is a mistake.(e.g. churcharoll)

      How about this;

      Have the major (japanese) publishers create paypal accounts and ask the scanslation\translation sites to put links to these accounts on their sites.

      Want the latest chapter of one peice?
      Visit the scanlation site to get your download>

      you see a link to the ‘Shueisha’ (one peice’s japanese licenser) account>

      pay a dallar for the chapter(of whatever a single chapter would be worth).>

      The publisher then gets the money.

      You may not have to pay for every chapter of every seris you read, but paying for chapters of your top five is a definite improvement, isn’t it?

      50 paying readers x 1 dallar x 5 Series = 250 dallars.

      Now say the seris comes out 4 times a month, such as Nurarihyon no Mago. 4 x 250 = 1000 dallars.

      Everyone’s happy.

  • Anonymous says:

    “‘Ha Ha Ha – Serves you right!’ – someone translate this and tell it to them.”
    -why dont you translate it yourself dumbass

    You hairy foreigners should shut up and wait for your own great mangaka.
    -well hey in foreigners eyes your all skinny yellow ass chinks with small dicks so AHA AHA (and im half-Asian)

    Foreigners are just greedy swine by nature – that’s why they think manga is free.”
    -Your a damn foreigner to, too other countries.Japan isn’t the damn center of the earth

  • Anonymous says:

    The Real Manga culprit Is The Rescission

    quotes From somewhere

    ”According to the research institute, manga fans have been tightening their budgets in the economic recession by reading in manga cafés instead of buying in bookstores ”

    ”some feel that they actually increase the market for manga collections by c greater exposure for new properties. While it may be true that more manga buyers are telling retailers that they’re reading online rather than buying, that may be due to economic conditions (they’re buying fewer titles over-all), or to the lack of a major hit that stimulates buying. ”

    don’t you japanese people know the rest of the world is still in a economic recession? there might be a revolution in eupore in the near future because of the problems.

    ANOTHER issue finding mangas in eupore is rare and pricey so the only way the people could read it is through online for free, no one in eupore is willing to buy or even buy mangas on there Ipads because they will rather save it for the food.

    Your manga publishers have just destroyed our freedom of right, freedom of speech.

    Rescission is the culprit for your manga sells japanese people, not scanners.

  • Anonymous says:

    To the 2ch people: in a lot of ways you are right. But to an extent, we went on onemanga because it was convenient. If Jump, for example, were to offer us an online version we could read when it came out and charge us the same price as a magazine subscription, I at least would buy it. I don’t think it would be too hard to get it translated in a timely manner either—I mean, there are already people willing to do it for free. As it stands, Bleach, for example, was still in the middle of the Hueco Mundo arc in the American version of Jump the last time I read it a few months ago. Offering a service like this will probably do more to reduce piracy than closing onemanga ever will.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Maybe this thread will be translated and become an article over there? Are you reading foreigners? If you want to read manga, be sure to learn Japanese!”

    That’s like saying if you wanna watch Hollywood flicks then learn English. Pssh.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it’s important to note that not all of us who read scanlations are thieves. I have a subscription to Shonen Jump here in the U.S. and I also buy the graphic novels when they come out. In fact I prefer the look of the printed pages to reading on a computer screen. That of course begs the question why do I read the scanlation? To avoid having the stories spoiled for me. It takes months or years for a comic to come overseas but the info still trickles out almost instantly and finds it’s way into Wikipedia, You Tube and lots of other sites. It’s too easy to stumble upon spoilers while looking for general info. This means I either have to purposefully not go looking for info or keep up with the release as it comes out. Keeping up with the release means reading scanlations.

  • Anonymous says:

    i really gree with the japs, although i hate their xenophobic ways, they sure are right in their anger.
    but is their fault for dealing with the deavil by
    exchanging culture with the empire of evil, now the empire has fucked them in the ass without lube!

  • Anonymous says:

    我々は2chのからアメリカに十分なあなたのがあった。あなたは巨大な陰茎との女性を取る。我々は我々の陰茎ことを喜んでけれど私たちのペニスがとても小さいです。我々は持っていない場合は私たちの陰茎は、我々はまた、かかる怒りとの漫画に対象とする幸せ。 2chのは、戦争を宣言する邪悪な力を打ち負かす。私たちの漫画にはかかわらず、私たちの美しい女性を飲み続ける必要がありますことはありません。それはあなたの巨大な陰茎に2chのために我々のように非常に小さい場合を除き我々は失うことはありません。とても小さい。

  • Anonymous says:

    god damn it, i’m not white! which isn’t the point.
    I’d happily pay for up to current manga if i could! and though i read it online before it comes out, i still buy merchandise and import it over many times because i know it’s not free.
    We don’t wait around for manga to be translated and butchered by America so we can read it once it’s been changed to suit the people there, we want to read it translated because we love the original and not fakes.
    I thought it was a good thing that people like the culture of other nations, but apparently others think we don’t respect the japanese and their manga. Well i do and i am supporting it in my own way.
    I’m sure some people think things are “free”, but there are many that know that’s not true!
    besides that, i am sure many of YOU are guilty of doing similar things whether it be anime and manga or not!
    Reading the magazine in the store and not buying it is the same thing as ripping them off (i’ll have you know i would willingly pay for all those manga magazines IF I LIVED IN JAPAN!)

    • Hmmm…i can understand maybe a pay to read site or something >.>

      i’d pay a couple $ a week to read manga hell i’d save alot more money xD

      *looks at bookcase* so many paper cuts ever since i noticed onemanga existed i’ve been content living a paper “cutless” life ^_^

  • The people on 2ch are a bunch of racist bastards and manga publishers are idiots.

    This whole thing boils down to supply and demand. The Internet is a new, untested marketplace that’s ripe for the picking for anyone who can come up with a reasonably foolproof way to make media available cheaply and quickly electronically. But instead of finding a way to exploit this market and satisfy the demand that’s there, publishers and distributors are trying to dismuss (if not outright crush) this new market while desperately clinging to a business model that’s quickly becoming obsolete.

    You either roll with the times or the times will roll right over you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nothing intelligent or worthwhile ever comes from 2ch. And I love how they’re attacking English Anime sites. Shouldn’t they be threatening to kill a Voice Actor over her voicing a character who isn’t a virgin? They are downright pathetic and are why the amount of good Anime is totally lacking nowadays.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whoo…lookit the comments 🙂 All in all, funny stuff. From God to Pearl Harbor. Nice! I think I saw it listed a few times but didn’t a few people say the server for 2ch is hsoted in the US? If so, for the lve of the mighty yellow goddess… POST THAT SHIT TO THEM!!

    Yes. I cap locked that. I am good, yes?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s Japanese custom to lower their heads and pretend they haven’t a clue to any wrong doings. I’m sure if 2ch reads your post they wont have a clue as to what your talking about. At least we own up to it when we steal from other countries.

  • Anonymous says:

    Five reasons why we still win against 2ch.

    1: Onemanga shutting down, while indeed very sad, will have no effect… unless your one of the brain dead who can’t surf the Internet.

    2: So maybe soon another site gets shut down. Then another. Then another and another and so on. Go after all the sites just like Onemanga because we still have our download sites.

    3: How do you think we get all this manga in the first place? We have a lot of help from your own people. You are your own enemy. Sit on that.

    4: We translate your language into English better than you with your broken Engrish.

    5: No matter what your girlfriends tell you size does matter. Our penises will always be bigger than yours.

    Win (period)

  • It’s cute how other countries outside of the US think that they can possibly insult us any worse than we embarrass ourselves. Whatever, maybe their insults of “dirty foriegners” makes them feel special for a change considering they’re a nation that buys anything that’s sold to them if a trendy one-joke semi-celebrity wearing a sailor suit mini-skirt is attached to it.

    Those troubled kids are so afraid to express themselves that all their music sounds the same, and every male hairstyle looks exactly like every other, and every female is desperately trying to “out-cute” each other even into their mid-forties. I can’t imagine what it must be like being so worried about your social status and physical image that one would rather take a last walk into Aokigahara than to break free from the confines of conformity and be an individual.

    What’s the point of supporting the Japanese Anime and Manga industry anyway if their animators and artists settle for wages that are less that what our teenagers make on their first jobs at McDonalds flipping burgers? The country is so suppressed that people are afraid of the very act of procreating anymore. All they can do to keep their sanity is kiss the ass of every American celebrity that rolls through town, but treat every other US citizen as if they were a disease based on some archaic prejudice that’s practically forced upon them by their Yakuza violence group whom have a stranglehold on their police, economy, government and country. I pity them and their non-struggle… their civilization will be wiped out in 50-100 years.

  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    2ch = the cum bucket of the internet. We all know this. There’s a reason every Japanese person I talk to (even those into anime and stuff) cringe if I ever mention 2ch.

    4chan inherited 2ch’s penchant for idiocy, but they are still amateurs when it comes to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is its progenitor.

  • This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    2ch is full of piracy.
    How many of these people blaming foreigner’s for the decline of the manga industry steal movies or software such as windows 7 or photoshop?
    I say most of them.

    The manga industry is in decline because they are not being innovative and making an attempts to explore new markets.

  • Anonymous says:

    An outspoken minority does not reflect the views of the majority.

    Anyway, whats really Hilarious to me right now is that this has really just become an international flame war carried out in different languages across the world.

    Ah how the Internet brings us so close but people refuse to connect on their common ground and instead voice their prejudiced thoughts and flames.

    • Anonymous says:

      Japans just screwing themselves right now it’s like this JAPAN VS EVERYONE ELSE thats NOT in Japan
      ummm yea make all the insults you want 2ch you can have 1 billion comments and the rest of the world will throw 6 billion back at YOU

  • Anonymous says:

    No one at Sankaku complex ACTUALLY cares about what 2chan thinks. Just because ONE site goes down that doesn’t mean that 100 other ones wont pop up in its place, I can honestly say thats the beauty of the internet. So stop bitching and THANK your manga-kas for the free manga, I know I am enjoying every page of it.

    with love,

    the hairy foreigner who is sitting on the computer reading FREE manga.

  • Anonymous says:

    To all American anime and manga fans….

    Learn Japanese or if you don’t like how manga is translated there then it’s time for you guys to make a hostile takeover of the publishing business….

    To all 2ch posters

    Not all foreigners are Americans. If you can’t remember that then you sir are a total fail!

    To all Asian anime fans that are not japanese…

    continue piracy as US laws are only subject to USA… Not in Thailand, the Philiipines, or in China….

    To all Korean anime fans….

    I hate Manwah…..

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s all follow laws because laws created this world therefore they are God.
    They shall depict the rest of all our lives for us, tell us what is right and what is wrong.

    People created this world, people have the right to do whatever they want in this world, because without people there is no world. I don’t see how people seem to forget this.
    Live your life however you want. Read manga, watch anime, die happy. You’re all going to die someday anyway, why the fuck should you waste your life living by other peoples’ rules?

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear 2ch:

    You whine like a bitch. The white man is never wrong, and when we are we are not. Yes, Piracy is bad so stop downloading our movies. Other than that, suck up and walk it off.

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous says:

    What they don’t seem to realize is that those alterations they speak of is what we don’t want.

    Adjusting manga to the foreign market ruins them. We like them because they have Japanese elements, when you change that to not offend foreigners we, who wouldn’t be offended, don’t like it any more and feel cheated.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is what happen if a country gives a power to people( not all, I meant some ). if they have power they want to do everything THEY think right But the probem in 2ch is that they THINK they have the power to order other people…I wonder, why does they care about foreigners reading manga online? unless they ARE the mangaka, they have no right to talk to other.

    “foreigners has no right to read before japanese come out” bullshit, everyone has the right to read a book no matter where, how, when. Hey~ over here has some funny thing. How on earth Foreigners got the manga before japanese? I really want to know HOW.

    “Foreigners should buy when the official english comes out in their country” -Laugh- this one is funny. As I said, Why should you care? I read whatever I want. Consumer Buy if they want to, or do something else.

    I hope no one get offend by this, because what I say is complete facts of business.
    People should know, if publisher think online manga doesn’t help in marketing, THEY will say. 2ch doesn’t need to say. Leave us Foreign Manga Lovers.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Serves you right, foreigners! It makes no sense at all for these manga to be available on the net in English first. Stop enjoying them before us Japanese even get them!”
    – See, 2ch is just butthurt that we get what they get faster and free. Go eat a dick, 2ch. Nationalist idiots.

    “If you want to read manga, be sure to learn Japanese!”
    “You hairy foreigners should shut up and wait for your own great mangaka.”
    “Just buy it and read you dirty misers!”
    “Read your own country’s comics, bastards.”
    – Um, why? No thanks, I’ll go with the more convenient option. Plus, American comics are tend to be uninteresting, or just more Marvel superhero shit.

    “Pretty amazing that they go this far to dress themselves up as victims.”
    – Sites we go to are being taken down, so yes, in actuality we are kind of victims here.

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry guys, with the low Japanese birth rates, these posters are just practicing being grumpy old men. Maybe I’d take more of what they say to heart if they weren’t freeloading NEETs dependant on their parents and never going out other than to get new tissue paper because they finished it while masturbating to an anime girl.

    In short, Japan/stupid NEETs, don’t generalize us and we won’t either. I’m glad you guys really don’t represent most of Japan or else we’d have to drop another A-Bomb on ya. 😀

  • I’m not buying manga simply because i can’t buy it. The only manga they have here are 5-10year old. I have already lost my interest in them or already seen them. If japan would publish manga world wide across america and europe this wouldn’t be a problem for neither america, europe or japan. Actualy Japan would even profit of it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Note to those posting on 2ch:
    When ALL you move out of your mother basement and have sex with a REAL WOMAN, your comments MIGHT have some value. Until then….SHUT THE HELL UP AND BOW DOWN TO YOUR MASTERS, BITCHES!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have assorted operating systems‚ business editions of all kinds software‚ more games than I can play‚ mountains of music from all over‚ countless movies and TV series‚ and elevens have a problem with me following a few of “their” manga? Seriously?

    Pirates‚ crack teams‚ warez distro‚ etc don’t care what nationality you are‚ they’re pleased just by getting the goods out there as everyone helps themselves. I’ve produced little but elevens are as welcome as anyone else to it.

    The article is a bunch of 2ch drivel‚ no better than our own. Which I partake and enjoy regularly‚ but I also badmouth us at every opportunity. This has only confirmed that Anonymous and his silly character has no nationality.

    I tip my hat to all anon who supply‚ eleven or otherwise. Keep the scene real fellas.

  • Anonymous says:

    hey everybody, I wonder what would happen if america just decided to pull out all troops from japanese territory and make japan a sovereign nation?
    Oh, hi N. Korea! Hows the nuclear program going?
    Just like the french!
    Fuck americans! Oh wait, the germans are here! We love americans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah I’m pretty sure the whole world hates Americans of the US and those who live in the country.

      I don’t hate.. but I’m not exactly proud of the government and most of the people who inhabit the great land of the new world.

      The middle east hates us, the southeast Asians hates us, the Russians hates us, Africans hates us, the french hates us, germans hate’s us and of course the native Americans despise us.

      Latin Americas don’t like us, Canada don’t like us, many of the UK and Europe don’t like us, I’m not sure of Australia but i think they don’t like us too much either.

      Funny thing is, the US is full of foreign people from said countries…. ah a country of foreigners.

      Ironic huh.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese people, havent u realized that we (americans) dont really care what the rest of the world thinks of us? I mean, look at the news and other media. Why do u think ur oppinions should matter to us anymore than anyone elses? I, and many people I know, dont pay for tv shows, movies, music, computer software, or books. Everything, not just anime/manga, can be downloaded of the net for free. If I could download clothes, food, and car parts of the net I would be set. It hurts the market for everybody but its not gonna stop. Pirating happens to every countries media, not just urs. I dont see it as a reason to be a bunch of purists. Their are no pure races really left anymore and u guys are no exception, and you are not better than anyone else so get over it. Blame the femists for the rapelay thing. Besides, other countries (philippines, sweden) complained about the child and rape thing too. P.S. – I dont care what a bunch of hikikomori’s and/or racists think of me and, every race has its share of thieves.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hahahahaha! How Amusing it is to see a small minority bitch and moan blaming people who aren’t Japanese for the state of the manga industry!

    And yet notice none of them had the balls to address the fact they too probably pirate it just as much?? All I see from their whinny complaints is a bunch of xenophobic racism. Do you people at 2chan understand what a xenophobic racist is? Do you understand how idiotic racists are?? Your ideas are all coming from that fact. Pathetic:

    “Read your own country’s comics, bastards.”

    “Foreigners are just greedy swine by nature – that’s why they think manga is free.”

    “In America the censorship regime makes them change cigarettes into candy! How many mangaka and publishers are there interested in making that level of change!?”

    “You hairy foreigners should shut up and wait for your own great mangaka.”

    Do 2chners READ what they write?? Do they understand they probably know nothing about the rest of the world’s manga fans because they’re hiding in their little bubble??

    Manga fans and Otaku around the world can become a GREAT and POWERFUL force, yet their divided over racism. Truly disheartening but unsurprising at the same time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Interesting comments they made. When you go in utorrent, you can see the country of the peers. It’s funny how I always see people from Japan downloading the same manga/anime as I am. They are just being hypocritical. Do as I say. Not as I do.

  • Manga (and anime) “piracy” is because so called “publishers” live in the middle of last century.

    – they think that paper is still hot
    – they think that cumbersome optical media is still hot
    – they can’t make a website working well without IE and with understandable english
    – they think that DRM is great
    – they think that crappy translation and often pathetic quality overall is excusable
    – they come up with retarded prices (e.g. recent Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu blurays)
    – paypal donate button is black magic to them
    – in the process they cut out themselves from millions of fans

    and so on..

    I wonder if words “internet”, “p2p”, “globalization” ring any bells ? Is it that bloody hard to:

    – get a site with understandable engrish
    – publish your works (after asking scanlators for help)
    – put paypal button / purchase button
    – publish official torrent, an example for reference:

    – ???
    – profit

    Fansubbers and scanlators, juggling their fan work and real life can provide far faster releases and FAR superior at that. Without DRM, paper, stupid BD/DVD physical media or any publishing costs whatsoever.

    Why don’t they ask them for help and come up together with something great, official and customer oriented ? Using bloody internet and bloody DIGITAL DRMLESS content, preferably with reasonably open standards.

    Waaait a moment, that would render our lovely publishing parasites useless. Awww.

    • Anonymous says:


      I’m not japanese and I live in US, but yeah, lots of people who have a interest in the manga/anime things know japanese language quite well…

    • Anonymous says:


      I’m not japanese and I live in the U.S., but yeah, the fact is lots of people with a interest in manga/anime stuff know japanese quite well…

  • Anonymous says:

    If you want to know the true feeling of jap people towards downloading or so called pirating things, just look at how many people watch new anime on say-move… or look at how many people download instead of purchase to play eroges, or look at how many people use R4, or look at the difference between the psp hardware and software sell… They just love pirating.

    They don’t care of manga scans only b/c it’s much easier to get a paper copy than trying to find a decent scan online, bt or share… and it’s cheap. If each volume cost $20 and it’s super easy to get a scan online, then you know what would happen.

    For anime, they basically watch them for free, so as people living in the rest of the world. So love and peace, there shouldn’t be any problem.

    And for 2chers, (is this the official translation for the usually used “ねらー”?) they are composed mainly by undereducated trolls and losers in real life. Just ignore them.

  • Anonymous says:

    The primary problem here is that manga is less available here. I think the guy that said “learn japanese!” is pretty much correct, however that’s not necessarily viable for everyone, nor is it viable for everyone to pay an import premium for manga.

  • *sigh* This whole thing is just getting out of hand…yes, Pirating is bad. YES, people should buy their manga rather than steal or pirate it. But this sort of harsh reaction makes them look just as bad as those they are insulting, if not worse.

    Childish, much?

    I swear, I’m just going to buy the Japanese Tankobon releases of manga I like and get it done with. This way I won’t have to deal with the horrible English translations that are so rampant nowadays.

    Though I have to wonder; are people who stand and read manga in the stores rather than buy them just as bad as those who pirate online? They’re generally doing the same thing–reading entire manga series without spending a penny on it. Or is that a different category altogether?

  • Anonymous says:

    You know what I find bullshit about the manga publishers in the US? Here, it costs what, ~$10 to buy one damn tankobon? In asia, it costs fraction of the price at around $2-5. That is one of the reasons why I refuse to buy English translated manga, not really out of principle, but more out of not having a damn money tree.

    Now, I don’t think that pirating manga(or anything else for a matter) is right just because you can’t afford it. If anything, I hate reading manga on the computer monitor, I’d rather have it in hand to read it comfortably someplace else. I can, however, understand why people would want to.

  • Anonymous says:

    To all foreigners,
    Try living in Japan and paying your salary for all your Anime/Manga desires….and knowing foreigners are getting it free.

    Simple solutions: Provide translations at the Japanese publisher level and rake in profits from across the globe.


    • Ikuhisashiku says:

      To all pirates,
      Try living in (insert country here) and paying your salary for all your (blank) desires….and knowing pirates are getting it free.

      It’s all the same, no matter the country or item(s) in question.

  • Ikuhisashiku says:

    The one thing that they fail to understand?

    2ch wants to sit up and say that we’re the retards and stuff, then points the finger at us for a few xenophobia accusations. But, the one thing they fail to realize is that by calling us “dirty foreigners” and crap like that, they only enforce those accusations.

    Such a shame…

  • Anonymous says:

    I only see hate in those responses of Japanese against foreigners. Blind simple hate.

    “R. J. Rummel, a professor of political science at the University of Hawaii, states that between 1937 and 1945, the Japanese military murdered from nearly 3,000,000 to over 10,000,000 people, most likely 6,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese, among others, including Western prisoners of war”

    “In Southeast Asia, the Manila massacre, resulted in the deaths of 100,000 civilians in the Philippines and in the Sook Ching massacre, between 25,000 and 50,000 ethnic Chinese in Singapore were taken to beaches and massacred. There were numerous other massacres of civilians e.g. the Kalagong massacre.”

    “kill all foreigners” seem to be in their mindset. Better us be thieves than murderers, 2ch.

    Fun fact: Japanese don’t teach their school kids about their war crimes whereas U.S school kids are taught about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll admit, I’ve read manga online. But I only read what isn’t brought over here. Stuff like Hells Angels. I think I can honestly say, I don’t think that will ever be brought over.
    But if you are reading shit that is everywhere like Naruto and One Piece online for free, then yeah, go buy a goddamn copy. It’s not like it costs a shit-ton for one lousy volume, guys.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s more about staying current with the series than anything else. It’ll take Viz quite some time to catch up to where the stories are at now and some folks just don’t want to be left behind. It doesn’t make it right, but there’s at least a decent point behind it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bleh, I dont really care about most 2chers. After living in Japan for 2 years, I can say that most Japanese dont understand foreigners. The few that MIGHT, live in or near large cities: Tokyo, Osaka, etc…due to larger foreign influence. Otherwise, its only natural to not understand a foreigner. What surprises me most however, is that they often group ‘foreigners’ together as opposed to “Yankees”, “Brazilians”, and “Nigerians”, etc…

    To say foreigners to say us vs them mentality that spawns hatred/misunderstanding. Fortunately, for Americans/UK, English is still widely taught, so amongst many languages, english speaking countries probably are understood more in Japan than most.

    There does exist a nationalist populace within Japan that despises ANYTHING FOREIGN. However, with China being a large influence right next door, I dont think that nationalist influence will get very far UNTIL THEY COLLUDE WITH CHINA.

    After all, Nanjing is still a soft-spot for many half-educated chinese. Until then, beware the ‘Japon uber alles’ attitude.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had to throw my two cents in.
    While I don’t exactly understand 2ch’s rage at people who pirate manga, I can see where they are coming from. Personally, I have never been able to stand reading manga on a screen. Paper is the superior format. So what did I do? Taught myself Japanese to an intermediate level, go down to kinokuniya and 100% ignore their small selection of English works for the giant wall of Japanese stuff. I admit it is hard to find out what is good. I just pick up random volume 1s from publishers that I know or ask other people around buying manga(usually Japanese). Only thing I pirate are doujin manga since there are next to no sources inside the US and importing it can have unwelcome outcomes if customs doesn’t like what they see.

  • Anonymous says:

    How are we ripping off the mangaka if the mangaka don’t even get paid anything from the publishers as is?

    Perhaps they should start looking at the evil publishers, not us “evil” foreigners.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cause that would require to much effort on their part and would require them to stop buying those products out of protest. It would be like asking a crackhead to stop taking crack as a form of protest.

  • creator get hurt while their manga get famous oversea because the scanlation group translated them? it is more like the publishers get hurt because they can’t earn money as the scanlation group did.

    by the way, i do saw japanese people standing at the store reading free manga. I bet 50% of them are the 2ch users calling us pirate or scums.

  • I really hate it has come to this, I really like the japanese culture and people and still want to go to Japan soon. I can’t believe people still think that only caucasians live in the US, that’s kind of hurtful. Makes it seem like no other race matters.

    With way more negative comments than positive, I don’t think it’s any use in going further with this debate, ’cause 90% of the people on both sides are already so mad. It’s just too bad things seem to always turn out like this online…

  • Anonymous says:

    They should go back to trolling Koreans. It made more sense. At least Americans, Europeans etc do not claim they invented manga. If you ask Koreans they will tell you they invented it along with Japan and China and every cultural item in the world.

  • Anonymous says:

    [sarcasm]Oh wow I feel soooo insulted by being called dirty foreign scum by a bunch of otaku that even other japanese people think of as worthless human beings.
    Yeah i’m so insulted right now [/sarcasm]

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL what kind of harm are we doing to them anyways ><? The same amount of manga will still be bought in Japan whether or not we translate them and put them online, its not like they can read English anyways. I just don't get it……… They don't really lose money unless they all suddenly know how to read English lololol We're actually helping them by promoting the manga

  • Anonymous says:

    They hate foreigners, yet they want to look and act like them. How many “Japanese” characters in anime actually look asian? Not many. Most of them have blond/red/brown hair and round blue/green eyes.

    Face it Nihonjin, you are all ORIENTAL; you don’t look much different than the Chinese or Koreans you despise so much. Bleaching your skin, “fixing” your slanted eyes, and wearing contacts won’t make you white.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Even the guys reading manga are always going on about JAP this and JAP that. Just liking manga doesn’t mean you like Japanese, I see. Japanese are really despised aren’t they?”

    Does he mean to say that the epithet “Jap” was being used in the comments? Because there wasn’t a single example of that.

    No 2ch, *you* are the racist.

    And they (2ch) are pirating it too. And for even sillier reasons. Too hot indeed!

  • I find these amusing and full of out right troll. The fact that they are SO MAD makes me actually think they might be exaggerating and/or faking it. So here is my shot and imitating them and going down to their level.

    I know I’m going to get bad marks for this comment but at this point I’m indifferent. I want to start a rage fest!

    “Maybe this thread will be translated and become an article over there? Are you reading foreigners? If you want to read manga, be sure to learn Japanese!”

    Hey all you Japanese Trolls, are you reading this? If you want to see the latest Hollywood movie, or your favorite TV show and/or American soap, LEARN SOME FUCKING ENGLISH and MOVE HERE, YOU XENOPHOBIC BASTARDS! If you don’t want us to read your manga, you don’t get to see any of OUR movies nor our Broadway plays! You can’t listen to rock and roll or jazz either, be happy with what you have and stop leeching off of our American entertainment!

    “Read your own country’s comics, bastards.”

    STFU n00b and learn a little history. Our comics GAVE YOU THE FUCKING blue print! If we didn’t create the comic industry do you really think manga would be what it is today?
    ( If you can read English look at the history part and SUCK IT!

    “You hairy foreigners should shut up and wait for your own great mangaka.”

    >Hairy foreigners
    trollface.jpg lol enjoy your skin cancer

    “Thanks to that we got worked over. Seriously, die you filthy foreign scum.”

    I guess two bombs wasn’t enough, right guys?

    “Don’t those white pigs comprehend the concept of a thief being ashamed of being caught?”

    No U! Takes a thief to know a thief. Where is YOUR shame?

    Ok, I’m done. See it’s easy. It’s pointless.

    Oh well, so much for the world village and everyone getting along, seems the Japanese still have isolation issues. They should really open up and stop thinking that this is “race pollution” since we are all humans and there is not such thing as race.

    inb4 white power

  • Anonymous says:

    The generalization is what gets me. I have a large shelf full of anime DVDs that I bought. I love and respect anime.

    However, some individuals just choose to condemn and label the entire populace of my geographic region as being nothing but filthy thieves.

  • soooo…… the creator is hurt while they get famous because of their manga being translated oversea when there is no manga of their’s selling oversea? i see… weird people indeed. or rather because of the publishers, which are “modean day vampires” want to remove the scanlation sites so that they can earn money…do you think they get more money while remove the source of the mangas’s popurarity? On top of that, i do see japanese people standing at the store reading the manga for free…I bet 50% of them are those who call us pirates.

    (no offends to japanese people, only 2ch users who post without thinkin ;), ごめなさいね?)

  • “Maybe this thread will be translated and become an article over there? Are you reading foreigners? If you want to read manga, be sure to learn Japanese!”

    Of course we know Japanese. How would we translate your manga without knowing it? On a side note who do you think is in Japan right now scanning the latest one piece/naruto? You guessed it – it’s some Japanese dude who buys Shounen Jump, not us “foreigner”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Japs nowadays know about World War II. Their History lessons are like their AVs. School kids in Japan probably think they won the war. Seriously, I looked it up.

    If you really don’t want your comments to be posted in 2ch, talk about the war. They might learn a thing or two. Nanking? Bloody hell. Like perverts being given God mode. 2ch trolls are probably the grandsons/granddaughters from those “soldiers”. I expect alot of things from Japan and tolerate them because I love the culture and language. But arrogance? W.T.F.

    Thieves? Better than rapist and murderers. The victims were unarmed civilians so add cowards, please. Raping, murdering cowards. Dear GOD, the ARROGANCE I read in those responses. And the HATE. I googled “did the Japanese apologized for Nanking” and a “why should we apologize” popped up.

    The worst part is, given the chance, I believe that they’ll probably repeat incidents like Nanking and be damn proud of it (judging from those responses).

    I just want to add, I don’t hate Japan, but I am amazed with how they feel about foreigners in the Net. Not just about manga but their games, too. Frankly, it ticks me off. The hatred and arrogance seems raw and genuine… and it’s just sad.

  • Anonymous says:

    One last thing, don’t consider anonymous commenters as sankaku members !!!!

    It’s insulting for the usual members of the websites who really love Japan, japanese manga, japanese culture and japanese people and believe in the US-World-Japan friendship. Sankaku members are proud to like Japan and to like manga. They are often civilised and well-minded. Please stop confusing us with the brainwashed, japan hating, stupid, teen, ignorant and close minded anonymous users.

    Thanks you.

    • Anonymous says:

      you are an anonymous commenter too! total idiocy!
      please japanese people, don’t consider the comments of this maggot as if it were a sankaku member: he is an idiot who started to write crap and we hope he will go away ASAP!

  • Anonymous says:

    “1. Foreigners pirate our manga and develop a taste for it.

    2. Foreign big-wigs say ‘This content is violent! Ban it, Japan!'”

    Factually ignorant. All the calls to ban things have originated from within Japan. The rest of the world doesn’t give a shit and just accepts that Japan is weird.

  • Anonymous says:

    2ch is the scum of japan just like 4ch is the scum of america. nothing new to see here folks.
    i can’t help but be shocked about some of their responses though. judging by what they write, it looks like all japanese always buy their manga, and all foreigners always get it for free online. sso the japanese never go online to read manga for free? if that’s true, i will suck my own dick.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Regardless of what those nerds say the majority of the japanese hate foreigners especially americans I mean they still say black ship for christ sakes when the refer to americans… know 4chan anons sound exactly 2chan anons….concidence I THINK NOT GOOD SIR.

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem here is that they are wanting to stop piracy, but piracy always appears when things are unaccesible to other countries or their prices are too high. Jap people have to accept the fact that if you have something really good people will eventually copy it. Even if they closed onemanga, piracy will find another way, you cannot stop all the population of manga/anime online viewers, maybe we will be seeing mangas in IPOD o.o. Anyways they wont get rid of it. And also the manga company wont fall. Because all their buyers are the same Jap people if you think about it, they almost never sell them outside, so tecnically their lose is rather minor, it is just the fact that mangakas dont like it so they make it seem as the Manga/anime company is falling. In any case if it is really falling it is because the same Jap people are using our same resources. At the end we can sort of be the blame of giving them that idea of piracy but if they really want to make a change they have to do it with themselves rather than us.

    PS: I hate stupidity of population, they eat up all the information they throw to them and stop thinking.

  • Anonymous says:

    1 volume of Biomega in America = $13
    The same volume of Biomega in Japan = 6 dollars with better quality an quicker release.

    This is why we pirate. And with all these religious fanatics in America censoring manga and putting people in jail for lolita manga then its understandable why we pirate. I don’t want to order Kodomo No Jikan and get arrested the next day.

      • Heck, it’s the better way to properly KNOW about manga. Many old farts still thinks manga = kids comics with guys, stuffs and stuffs. At best it’s Doraemon, Superman and Spiderman combined.

        If not for the internet manga would’ve crumbled due to nobody knowing a single thing about it outside Japan.

        Also, as long as the internet exists, pirates will be. And most of them are Japs. U MAD JAPAN ?

  • Anonymous says:

    The Japanese are the main market, if Americans don’t buy manga, companies wouldn’t feel it as much but if the Japanese don’t buy then the whole thing collapses. Instead of worrying about us 2ch should buy more manga and anime.

  • Anonymous says:


    Machine translation:

    Are prices of the cartoon other than Japan such why high first of all?
    Is the publisher in Japan lifting up the license fee unjustified?
    Or, is the publisher that imports it setting the price unjustified?

    The thing with a lot of people who try to use the net because there is certainly no chance to read writing where the license of the translation publication is not taken is true. Anyway, feelings to want to read the latest work are understood.
    There are a lot of people who unlawfully deliver it also in Japan. (However, the arrestee and the report have come out now, too. )

    However, it is a favor of the reader who buys a regular cartoon that the cartoon industry consists.
    Cartoonist doesn’t draw the cartoon free of charge.
    As for cartoonist with writing where an overseas license is not taken, does it want you to stop the delivery of illegal for the future?Or, does it want to be taken the license and market by you when it comes to be able to make the blockbuster by delivering it illegal for the advertisement now?However, there is a cartoon of me that the license has been very illegal delivered to the net of just drawing. Does not motivation fall on this?Or, do not you feel it at all as a honored thing?

    After all, it reads, and there is a large amount of cartoons of the extent judged to be not worthy more the more it doesn’t exist in the bookstore, too, if existing in the net. There might be a person of the stance of buying it looking for when liking it by using the net delivery as a trade fair of the cartoon, too. This looks like the relation between a serial magazine and the cartoon book on the cartoon of Japan.
    How about the negotiation on the trial reading site of the cartoon regularly updated in official recognition to the publisher though it is a proposal?And, the content of the update intitles cartoonist. It will be transmitted in case of the message to the reader from the author if the update stagnates.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japanese culture values politeness and understatement. It’s too bad that this restrictions makes it impossible for 2ch denizens to honestly state their feelings toward gaijin manga readers.

    Go ahead Japanese brothers, tell us how you REALLY feel.

    Oh, and I think Aya Hirano may not be a virgin, and I don’t care. Also.

  • It would be more convenient if we could have a licensed scanlation website that offers many manga for a decent subscription fee. That way I don’t have to search far and wide for the store that may sell a small amount of manga.

  • Anonymous says:

    this is sooo ridicilous !! they should be glad that we are scanlating mangas really.. i read && find new mangas at those siting sites like mangafox or onemanga.. when i like it i always go and buy the manga so they should see it as an art of promotion.. yeah i also feel guilty for them at the same time cause there are ppl who publish their works without their approval but they didn´t have to scold us “foreignors” that bad u know that is just RUDE.. i always thought japanese ppl were nice and all but most of them are really only twofaced ppl -.-
    i´m really pissed off right now !! so u know what? i´m not going to buy any manga anymore they can kiss my a** ^^ if they also take mangafox down then i´m gonna go and write a complaint to those mangakas.. just what do they expect from us? those hosting sites are the only way for us to find new manga and read mangas that are rare.. u know some book stores don´t even sell them so what are we supposed to do? i´m gonna go and enjoy my last time on onemanga till it gets closed down :´( thank u onemanga for every scanlation u made and everything u made for us !! we really appreciate it :´(

  • Anonymous says:

    why so much racism? We are all humans why those guys act like if they live in the jap isolation period?

    guess the internet annonymity brings out the inner asshole to anyone those days.

    • Pyrolight says:

      “why so much racism? We are all humans why those guys act like if they live in the jap isolation period?

      guess the internet annonymity brings out the inner asshole to anyone those days.”

      Good troll or doesn’t realize “jap” is racist.

      • hmm…its true in ww2 “jap” was offensive, but nowadays i think of “jap” as a mere short for “japanese”, i might be wrong as well as the Anonymous-04:18 guy tough.


        “guess the internet annonymity brings out the inner asshole to anyone those days.”

        agreed. Just look at all troll-like / hatefull comments on this very thread, you will see that 95%+ are from “Anonymous” guys! ”o.0

        • Pyrolight says:

          “Even the guys reading manga are always going on about JAP this and JAP that. Just liking manga doesn’t mean you like Japanese, I see. Japanese are really despised aren’t they?”

          It still is.

  • Was I supposed to care what 2chan has to say about anything?

    Heck I regularly dump on half of the guys here myself 🙂

    Manga sells or it doesn’t sell on the strength of the thinking of the people that make it. If their sales suck, it’s not our (the market) fault.

    I speak English, hence I am not about to read manga in Japanese. But my money’s just as good to get. If they don’t WANT my money, fine.

    The internet though has no borders and cares not for borders. If someone translates it, it becomes available to anyone that wants it.

    Refusing to sell to me only accomplishes one thing. You don’t get any of my money.

  • far as I know personal rage is no more but I will say this pirating, it’ll always exist and you schmuks on 2ch are no better than us we get manga, anime the whole freakin she-bang.

    You get anything that’s american, day-time TV soap opera’s the works
    Yeah Im lookin at you one who’s watchin General Hospital!

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems they think that no Japanese pirate manga/anime/games at all and it’s all the fault of us damn foreigners.

    While I don’t condone piracy (and my large paid manga/dvd/figure collection will attest to my support of the industry), sometimes it’s the only way English speakers can get access to some titles (in particular ones that have been dumbed down and edited to reach mainstream America’s level).

    So in the end, if there weren’t Japanese providing the raws, there would be much less floating around in the internet.

  • Anonymous says:

    The fact of the matter is this. SCANLATING MANGA IS WRONG. Plain and simple. No if ands or buts. Now as I say this I realize how big of hypocrite I am seeing as how I am not exempt from downloading pirated material in the forms of manga and anime. Do I feel guilty…meh~…maybe a bit. Without a doubt my guilt stems from the fact that I KNOW that what I am doing is wrong. Why do I do it? It’s been stated already. $20 for a volume of anime is goddamn ridiculous, not to mention that 90% of the shit that I want to read is censored to the point that it makes me want to rage.

    I find the comments that some of the people from this website, as well as those on 2ch to be highly offensive. Guess what? It’s fucking manga! Both parties need to grow the fuck up.

    In the end I’m glad that Onemanga has been shut down, but in now way shape or form will this put an end to scanlations.

    • Anonymous says:

      but if we grew up…then we shouldn’t be reading manga. Scanning is never wrong. Is it wrong to share books? Is it wrong to share movies? Is it wrong to share video games? If any of that is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    • Pyrolight says:

      “The fact of the matter is this. SCANLATING MANGA IS WRONG. Plain and simple. No if ands or buts.”

      Ya scantilation is wrong.

      “I find the comments that some of the people from this website, as well as those on 2ch to be highly offensive. Guess what? It’s fucking manga! Both parties need to grow the fuck up.”

      Trolls trolling trolls.

      Anyway atm it is trolls (2chan) trolling trolls (Sankaku and 4chan anon) trolling trolls (2chan) trolling…

      We need to get 4chan, 2chan and sankaku together on a webiste somewhere and get in to the greatest trolls wars the internet will ever see.

    • Pyrolight says:

      “The fact of the matter is this. SCANLATING MANGA IS WRONG. Plain and simple. No if ands or buts.”

      That it is.

      “I find the comments that some of the people from this website, as well as those on 2ch to be highly offensive. Guess what? It’s fucking manga! Both parties need to grow the fuck up.”

      It has nothing really to do with manga. It is “the west” (basically the U.S.A.) vs Japan. This is tame compared to what it would be if it was Korea or China on the receiving end of 2chans “wrath”.

      The artist should set up a donation page where westerners who read their manga can pay them directly for their work since the publishers basically removed from the equation.

      • Anonymous says:

        So in other words you’re saying that they are trying to make this place as 2ch bitch right?

        I mean they took a lot from Korea or China before so I guess it’s just something for them to vent against before they get overun by who normally overuns them I guess.