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2ch on One Manga: “Good Riddance to Foreign Thieves!”


2ch’s usual scathing response lends some insight as to how the closure of the world’s biggest manga piracy site sits with Japanese manga fans.

As ever, not all of their opinions are based on sound information or reason:

“Won’t they just start another site under a new name?”

“The biggest illegal distributor online, eh? Hurry up and destroy the rest.”

“Teach them the consequences of serious crime!”

“Just deleting them won’t stop it – the data will live on forever. You have to put in place fines and make it a serious crime or you’ll never stamp it out. It’s the same with music and movies.”

“With the major source gone I expect the small ones will die off too.”

“Scanlation won’t disappear, but a billion monthly page views is obviously going too far.”

“The industry has brought this strange situation upon itself by not seeking damages. Being forced to pay damages would have set a precedent and discouraged them from being so brazen.”

“Now get rid of Megauploader – they are busy making money off fansubs!”

“Manga is wasted on foreigners. Those outside Japan should stick to reading manhwa!”

“With a billion page views they must have been rolling in it. Best to sue them.”

“The reason it came to this is probably because this content is only that of the yellow races. They should have sued first like Nintendo. They’ve probably got used to scanlation so it’s no good now.”

“Good move. Now do it more with music and movies too.”

“It’s the fault of those idiot publishers for doing nothing. Whilst Hollywood was busy protecting its copyrights they just let it slide. You reap what you sow.”

“With the strong yen they are probably aiming to curb Japanese copying.”

“The disease has spread too far – the market seems to be collapsing like that of anime. It’ll be layoffs and bankruptcies from here on.”

“They enjoy making scanlations – it’s like a club activity to them.”

“It’s like that for fansubs too, but they’re all saying they are helping propagate them. Even the guys writing ero-doujinshi don’t think like that.”

“If you don’t release simultaneously with the Japanese release they will pirate them. They are that committed.”

“They get them even faster than the Japanese regions do. It’s too much…”

“What a bunch of crooks. They make a fortune off donations and advertising revenue. They pretend they are creators and heroes. I want to watch Hollywood movies and American dramas at the same time as their US release. Of course, for free.”

“Overseas manga is ridiculously expensive, so that’s probably behind One Manga’s popularity. However you look at it, ¥2,000 for a single volume is way too much.”

“If the prices drop they’ll just start using censorship as an excuse instead.”

“They wouldn’t buy even if it were cheap. Their anime is far cheaper than in Japan and they still won’t buy.”

The indignation of Japanese anime and manga fans who see themselves having to support an audience of freeloading international fans unwilling to support creators, whilst themselves paying top dollar to ensure even niche audiences can have their needs met, is perhaps not unreasonable, however unsightly its manifestation may be at times.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Manga doesn’t even reach my country and online shopping + tax + transportation + another set of taxes kills my wallet. If they would hire translators and open an online website i would consider subscription.

  • The Japanese are pissed at your fucking attitude…
    If you are enjoying ripped shit then know that you are enjoying illegal shit. Don’t go shouting “I have the right to enjoy them for free!”
    The image you are putting out by doing that is exactly like bunch of fucking hippies smoking pot on open road and shouting “We have the right!” at least act like you are ashamed of doing it or something

    And if you really like the series buy the original you can get them from various online stores…. then you can say the you have the right to read scanslation ver because you have the original…

    I mean come on, Americans aren’t buch of fucking Chinese…. have some respect for copyright laws and shit

  • They said foreigners *cries*. I’m not American….and I always want to buy manga/anime/figures…but impossible to see them in my country even Japan is the foreign country who is giving most ODA and support to us *cries*. Only Doraemon, Card Captor Sakura, Bakugan and Digimon aired in my country…original voice replaced with crappy voice acting…only kids watch those modified show! Yu-Gi-Oh! was banned after a few volumes published by a publisher who bought the license due to “gambling content” (gambling is forbidden here =.=)…Guess I’ll have to move to Japan to work for them and buy their manga/anime/eroge/figures…to stop pirating their stuffs…I feel guilty :(, sorry 🙁

    Sadly, my country is one of the poorest country in the Asia…so my dream won’t become true easily…*sigh*

  • Everybody knows the Japanese are hypocritical and arrogant, just like every other race. Big deal. There are just as many websites for the glorious nippons to see scanlated american comics, and 2ch is no internet saint community either.

    Who cares if 2chan is bitching and being self righteous, its probably just a bunch of overweight basement goons just like any gaggle of malcontents who gather to complain en masse.

  • i have a whole shelve of mangas… and guess wad
    i only brought them cos i read them on onemanga and found them worth getting
    im not gonna spend $20 on a manga if i dunno if its nice…
    without scanlators i prolly wun even buy mangas anymore

  • Sandalphon says:

    “…Japanese anime and manga fans who see themselves having to support an audience of freeloading international fans…”

    That’s because publishers insist on having the Japanese be the paying part of the fandom instead of spreading the load. Income from western releases is too little and too late, years after the original publishers already made their sweet profits with local sales of the work. Even if elimination of piracy raises western sales, the time gap between the local and western releases would still make publishers calculate profitability off local sales, with western sales being just a small bonus.

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  • なんで欧米人は自分で文句言うだけで自分で作ろうとしないの?
    あの20~30ページ程度しかない同人誌を500円くらいで買ってるんだよ それも何十冊も

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  • Please do not worry.
    The publisher in Japan is sure to online deliver the manga at a low price at time.
    Because an illegal site like onemanga had existed in the net up to now, the manga was not able to be delivered at ease.

  • Anonymous says:

    Air and Kanon are finally being brought into Australia. I’ve been waiting for ages! I know it has been released in the US for while now.

    My point I’m trying to get at is that ~ pretty sure America or Australia and any other country aside from Japan would have even heard of these two titles if it weren’t for fansubs.

    And yes I will be getting them once they’ve sat on the shelves for it a bit so they aren’t so damn expensive straight off the bat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, alot of people in Aus(particularly Hobart/Perth/Adelaide) cant even get alot of the releases of decent manga/anime. Gantz hasnt been in ANY of the shops. hasnt been sold at any cons ive been at. furthermore they sell trash manga like Ragnarok. why the fuck would anyone read that trash. the proud nihonjins need to get off their throne and realise stuff isnt as easy as cruise control all over the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      make a manga market as big as Hollywood then we might consider selling it to other countries… atm its not so…
      tough luck.
      but does it make it right to download an illegal copy? not
      as long as people admit that its wrong and keep their mouth shut instead of whining like a fucking child we wouldnt even bother posting shits

  • Anonymous says:

    Japannese is criticizing the copyright infringement of chinese and Korean for years.

    However, the actual people degree also of the Europe and America people is equal to Chinese and Korean.

    I was disillusioned to the comment of the foreigner who had overflowed with the excuse for criminality.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tell me where I can buy all the volumes of Angel Densetsu or Ocha Nigosu or… 25 of my other favorite mangas…. in english. It’s been freakin’ years since they came out! Some mangakas don’t even want their works licensed.. WTF! Moreover, it’s hard even to buy shounen jumps here.

    Where I can buy box sets of even the popular animes where they aren’t crappy dubs, there aren’t even subs available! Who wants to hear freiza sound like a lady? WHOOOO? Or Naruto say BELIEVE IT 15 times.
    Shutting down fansubs is equivalent to shooting the interested in the face and then wondering why they don’t want to purchase your stuff anymore.

    Seriously price is such a minor issue. The issue is AVAILABILITY!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    i always wonder why they don’t demonize the chinese scanlators as they do the other countries, cause it is a know fact that the chinese are worse in both manga and anime pirating, i pose a question to the authors of series like digimon and pokemon are you really happy with the rip-off versons the chinese produce completly making a mockry of your hard work and creation, would you like it better if other countries adopted such techniques?

  • Anonymous says:

    Will you stop illegal download?
    Because the Manga(NARUTO etc…) might be restricted by the pressure of the foreign country.
    There is a problem of the religion in them.
    When it is understood, I am glad.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d buy it if the series were good enough to buy. But it isn’t long before I watch a few episodes or read a few pages and lose complete interest. It’s rare nowadays that I even find an anime I like. Why am I going to take a gamble with my money and spend, spend, spend on something I’m most probably going to shove aside? And don’t give me shit about “sample pages.” Half the time, three little dinky pages tell me nothing.

    Do you know what I did when I downloaded scans of “Death Note”? I went out and I bought that volume. I didn’t regret it at all. In fact, I kept buying until I had the whole shebang…and I’m kind of unhappy that I did not read the scans first. If I had, I wouldn’t have wasted my money on the other half of the series. With me, scans are about smart spending: if I like it, I buy it. But if your product doesn’t cut the mustard? I’ll have none of it.

    If you’re so worried someone’s going to read through your precious manga, then you might as well have all the copies in book stores shrink wrapped. But really, you’re making a living as a *comic book artist,* what the hell do you expect? You need to adapt and evolve to the age of piracy. Give your readers an incentive to buy your product, include something they CAN’T download, like a cheap-o T-shirt or a crappy little figurine, key chain, book signings, bookmarks, whatever. Market your shit better, people.

    And isn’t it true that the original creators don’t even get a cent of the money that’s made off of their shit in other countries? So sorry if I don’t feel too guilty.

    • Anonymous says:

      not everyone is like you. in fact most of them are prolly not. i just want to know why people are saying “manga piracy is not wrong. we have the rights to download them for free”.
      so we can download hollywood movies etc

  • I haven’t used these manga sites but my logic applies to other piracy: If I steal it, I have more money left for hardware and food. Other people will always buy enough so I don’t have to.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I could get a mansion for free, why not? If I could download a car, why not? So many things I could acquire for free, then why not? This is how it all works out to be. You’ll have to live with it one way or another, cause this is reality, this is humanity and this is how our society will be like, past, present, future and for eternity (or as long as we’re alive).

    The difficulty of acquiring the same quality is leading to the problem. Hey! I’ve got a good suggestion! Let’s all become Japanese! Invade their little island and pack it all with gaijin, perhaps then, they wouldn’t complain. Remember to rid of all non-Japanese cultural actions and speaking, be like the Japanese and be ready to be part of the ignorant, Japanese nationalist population though.

  • Anonymous says:

    【What is the MANGA?】

     ①(⊂_ `ミ B.C. – It was drawn as a wall painting in Italian Pompeii.
     ②( ´∀`) In the latter half of the 6th century – When Horyu-ji Temple was built, MIYADAIKU drew graffiti above the ceiling.
     ③ (*´ ー`)  Heian era end – 源氏物語、信貴山縁起、and 伴大納言絵詞 became picture scrolls.
     ④彡,・ー・,ミ In the latter half of the 6th century – 鳥羽僧正 drew the birds and beasts caricature.
     ⑤(´U_,`) 16 century – Italian applied the printing technique again as a Renaissance art.
     ⑥ミ゜Д゜,,彡 18 century – Katsushika Hokusai made the Hokusai Manga a print as an ukiyoe model.
     ⑦ミ ´_>`) 19 century – The German described to the newspaper as a caricature.
     ⑧(´_⊃`) In the first half of 20th the century – American made comics such as AMECOMI a magazine.
     ⑨ (-@⊃@) In the latter half of the 20th century – Osamu Tezuka etc. completed “Cartoon”.
     ⑩ 21st century – Korean insisted on MANHWA as an origin of MANGA.
     ⑪癶( 癶;:`;益;´;)癶 21st century – MANGA beggars went mad.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are all people in your country as foolish as you?
        ODA of Japan like the support of education and the infrastructure support, etc. might be necessary.

        The average life span and the population might double like Korea that Japan ruled.

        Also in your country(笑)

  • Anonymous says:

    *Universal Copyright Convention
    *Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works
    *Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

    The expense that it costs for a trial>>>Money to be able to take away from you poor person

    poor person meeting place here

  • Anonymous says:

    i just wanna say my post really sincerely……kiss my ass. manga is the reason i think japan is so creative and cool, you idiots are the reason why i now think japanese manga readers are selfish.these sites gave us a reason to collect manga for our children or for reading yet its people like you who ruin it. guess all we have left are the japanese movies no one watches.

  • Anonymous says:

    “The biggest illegal distributor online, eh? Hurry up and destroy the rest.”

    Fine, destroy onemanga
    Destroy all online manga websites then
    Destroy 2ch

  • Anonymous says:



    • You fucking idiot! Do you realize this is an ENGLISH site? your fucking japanese comment is useless…..even with a crappy google translation (which i used but the damn thing is shit) ….

  • Anonymous says:

    外人はキチガイが多いからしょうがないよ。 こいつらネットにあるんだから自分らは悪くないって意見が大半だから。 モラルが低すぎる

  • Anonymous says:

    Where do these 2channers think the raw magazine scans, raw tankoubon scans, TV raws, transport streams, VHS/LD-rips, game isos, DVD isos, and Blu-Ray BDMVs used by the foreign piracy scene come from? Hint: aside from scans of English-released manga and rips of English-language DVDs/Blu-Rays, it’s all the same place.

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason why the japanese publishers removed onemanga because the japanese is also reading at that website. I say why not make another website like onemanga and block japan ips. So, the japanese can access it. or every country can just make their own onemanga website that’s only viewable in their own country.

  • Anonymous says:

    >>I guess Japanese otaku wants an “Anime Sakoku” since >>they say that manga are wasted on us foreigners that >>we should just read manhwa.

    >>Ok, I get it, just don’t blame us foreigners if the >>time comes when manga is overshadowed and left in >>obscurity by manhwa or other non-Japanese >>comics/graphic novels.



    �������������������漫��業��������������������������漫�����������������������������移����� ^^ ���度�漫�読�����

  • Anonymous says:

    so whose to blame here?
    the publisher that did put their life on marketing the manga, protecting it while suffocate some with their copyright? hell, they do it for money too. the bad sales means their company will go down and means no more manga’s available.

    but yes, they also the one that puts hard-negotiation on some titles thus making it longer to appear in ‘our (respective)’ country. plus, they are the one who makes the price plummet.

    the scanlators/translators/raw provider who did drew their blood to share their happiness (experience maybe fit better) with us? they give us a thing that we can’t get in normal ways (read: buys) if the manga’s not in local stores. further, they give a language that easier for us to understand thus expanding the market (at least by one or two titles) by grasping people to read manga. people might say that this is an advertisement.

    but yes, they are the one that branded ‘pirate’ because taking a product and sharing it to others. but hey, they only ask for donations. the main problems is of course when donation can be taken as a profit making. let say i want to read a chapter of manga then i donate and pay the scanlation group so that i can read it>>> i can propbably said that i am (maybe) contributing to piracy too since i actually has to give my money on someone to gain a product that is not actually ‘the group’ has the right into.

    the uploading site that gather manga for the sake of ‘easy search’ (download or online reading)? well, rather than googling one by one with many keyword, isn’t far more convinient to have it only stop on one site?

    but here’s the cue, because manga stops there. the distributor’s label will be put on them. thus, they are the easiest target to track down and killed (especially if they only load manga or anime).

    the uploader whose having enough (or huge) bandwidth to store their collections on the net? particular reason might exist here such as: upload in the net because of physical storage is in jeopardy, sharing to peers, or even more… charity toward others so that they will have partner who can discuss the object/hobby or such.

    the leecher whose having no money yet having a lust over knowledge and information over some material? we demand to know faster than other, eager to wait, and we paid if that’s have to do to get they materials. but what happens if there’s no channel to get the information? of course when you get frustrated, you can take anyway you like (and thus they called we are supporting piracy because our hunger of information).

    the others who doesn’t know about our condition that is hard to get manga? many of my friends says that we fairly dictate judgement fairly on what we know. heck, the japanesse thinks that we get it for free while they have to pay much for it. but they don’t know that NOT ALL of manga are available (even the popular one). they might think that manga is expensive on their place but in comparison actually the foreign may suffer more than what they could imagine. some posters above already mention it.

    the others who thinks manga is their primary life, let alone their real life in vain? i pity on them, really. they might think and bash us because they think we take their life, their so-called ‘right’ by getting free online reading or download. just like having their girlfriend/boyfriend snatched by someone without any effort. and that, maybe the reason they get mad. but they are one of the loyal market for publishers. they are the onw who buys. if they are dead who knows what happens (domino effects maybe)?

    in conclusion it can be said almost like a drug trafficking. whose to blame then? the roots (manga, mangaka, publisher)? or even the worst: us (as leecher who keeps their-called piracy alive)? or the one who scream on this things (2ch ppl, anti-piracy ppl)?

    and further more, killing a big site isn’t really gonna help since this is like a guerilla war. one down, 1000 spawns. could you kill that?
    the deterence effect might shock for awhile but heck resistance is always there and demand is always exist so there will be a lot of new site growing each day to take over the reign.

    so whose to blame?

    sorry for the long post. partially i have my subjective opinion and therefore “correct me if i’m wrong”

  • Anonymous says:

    A lot of manga isn’t available here, and some of the less popular ones (eg. Less popular than Naruto) will NEVER be available here. Ever.

    The manga that is available here is overpriced as hell. $28 (Not incl. Taxes) for a single volume of manga? Yeesh.

    I think some Japanese people should try moving over here and attempt to obtain manga. They will cry.

      • Anonymous says:

        What someone pirate can’t justify “your” piracy.
        To begin with, Who says “Japanese pirating American music/tv/movies is ok?” ??
        If you a angry about some Japanese who ripping off American contents , you should say it to their face and tell it to copyright holder.
        Now we are just saying that you who are pirating are shit. That’s a poor excuse “I do wrong but so do that man!”
        When I was a child ,I have heard enough about this.

        • Anonymous says:

          “If you a angry about some Japanese who ripping off American contents , you should say it to their face and tell it to copyright holder.” says the Anonymous poster.

          Media from other countries are probably not licensed in Japan so it is a grey area. Stop being such arrogant assholes.

  • Anonymous says:


    There is at least a news that Square Enix will distribute English translated manga on line this camming fall and I hope other Japanese publishers will follow it soon too, and if they do it together things will be much easier for you foreign maga readres.

    I usually buy manga but sometimes use an online manga site to read manga in Japan and it costs 100 yen($1.00) for each volumes. Those manga on the site are not new ones-since you can buy new ones at book stores easily you just go to get them at stores in Japan- but old ones and some of them are used to be popular.

    What I think is reading those old manga on the net and paying for them has helped retired manga artisits. Actually Many manga artists are retired or out of jobs when they were still young because it really hard to keep up with their works and popularity.

    Since manga is a part of our culture in Japan and Japanese readers are the ones who are growing up with it and have supported the market and made them bigger it can not be helped that they can not understand your point of view,unfortunately.I belieave that many of you also really want to support the industly but just don’t know or have the better way. Since many of you are just not reading scanlations but also buying manga I’m sure if your sutiation had been just like Japan you would have supported the industly more too.

    Some 2chanellers are extreamsts like some of you are extreamst here and it is ridiculous to see the flam war like this so I really want to kick Japanese publishers butts to solve the problem.

    Another thing is that some hard core Japanese otakus are not happy with world wide popularity of manga because there would be a risk that some countries would finally force their sencor ship to Japan and they can not read what they like anymore. As for me,I want more people around the world read manga easily and like it but a little bit worried about the sencor ship.


  • Anonymous says:

    “good riddance to foreign thieves” yeah, you domestic thieves don’t want the competition.

    japan despises foreigners, news at 11!

    if they want to complain about thieves they should try talking about the publishers who print the mangakas’ work and then ensure that most all the money goes to them instead of the mangakas. they are the worst kind of thieves: the ones who bent the law to let them do as they wish.

  • alphaville says:

    The pirate also has the rule.

    The price is unrelated.

    If money is not paid, the criticism is not approved.

    The culture is not mature either.

    It is not possible to say as height or cheapness.

    The truth doesn’t receive the culture of Japan.

    Only your country is making it to isolation.

    The culture is worthy only after it makes it to relativity.

    The standard was put on own absolute sense of values.

    The culture in your country

    It is splendid monoculture.












  • Anonymous says:


  • Rebellion says:

    I guess Japanese otaku wants an “Anime Sakoku” since they say that manga are wasted on us foreigners that we should just read manhwa.

    Ok, I get it, just don’t blame us foreigners if the time comes when manga is overshadowed and left in obscurity by manhwa or other non-Japanese comics/graphic novels.

  • See this and you will understand how much japanese defend the law.
    The most of then only stop to defend it when begins to have risk of starvation.

    And even in that, some guys defend the law at cost of his life like this one.

    Post WWII Japanese judge starved because he was too honest to buy food on the black market. UL?

    Yamaguchi Yoshitada (japanese wikipedia)

    So no matter what we say, the only thing what they say is “Even a bad law is law. Have to be protected. Don’t complaint it!!”
    What a overprotection.

    • Anonymous says:

      ntbxpさん、私は「国之常 さくら」です。覚えていますか?



    • Anonymous says:


      “The bad law is a law. “?


      Man who doesn’t pay the aproduct for sale is “Thief”


      You are the thieves, criminals.
      It conscious?

      • 自分らの国ではちょいと問題がありましてね。



  • Anonymous says:

           ,, -──- 、._
            .-“´         \.
            :/   _ノ    ヽ、_ ヽ.:
            :/   o゚((●)) ((●))゚oヽ:
          :|       (__人__)    |: ぷぎゃー
     :l        )  (      l:
          :` 、       `ー’     /:
           :, -‐ (_).        /
           :l_j_j_j と)丶─‐┬.”´
              :ヽ   :i |:
                 :/  :⊂ノ|:

    drop the atomic bomb to Japan again.go white pig go

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem is not the “foreigners” who would never have access to most of those manga in their country (translated properly too). those dudes would had never bought manga ever. It is not that translated paper copies of manga remain unsold because of this.

    the real problem is the japaneise customers who watch “pirated” manga instead of buying and supporting manga while they can.

    Digital fansubbed manga read by people who would never have had access to legal alternative in a language they understand have no economical impact on the publishers.

    Someone above said something about “if one had a ferrari but could not buy one would they steal one?”
    The answer to that since we are talking about DATA is more like “somoene wanting a ferrari while he cannot buy one and making a copy of the one he sees and keeping it as his own” instead

  • Anonymous says:

    The beggar who doesn’t have money to buy Z is pitiful.

    The thing to dislike ugly beggar and crime is not a thing to dislike foreigner.

    Work if there is time to complain to the Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    Their ignorance is not of surprise, in together as a mix with nationalism, the result is that spouts words that do not understand other people’s perspective and situation.
    Blame on censorship, pricing etc? Perhaps many cannot even begin to accord it, and even if they do, disgusted by the pathetic and insensible changes that divert the artwork and story away from the original.

    2ch, once again, it has proven the human ignorance, stupidity and selfishness.

  • Anonymous says:

    意味が分からない。 何かコメント読んでると外国じゃアニメが高いとかほざいてるのいるけどこいつら日本のdvdとかbdの値段しってるのかな?w

    Hey tp who whinning about “high price anime ” Here. Do you know how expensive the anime in japan? Do you know it cost over 100dollars per 3episodes? And Do You know people in 2ch actualy buy them? I know u guys are raging cuz You guys used to read manga online for free and now that comes to end. But please understand, Manga and Animes are not free. It’s a fucking product. You have to pay for it. Do you know most of people watch “shinya anime”(those animes you guys love are shown in midnight. I believe you don’t watch anime made for small kid shown during after noon) Buy extremely high priced dvd and BD even after they watch it with tv? It’s a cultural difference. For You guys, maybe 100bucks+ for 3 episodes of anime is ridiculous. But for us, it’s normal. So please stop whinning and start buying thnx.

    Sorry for my bad english

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah… You’re not Japanese. Your Emglish is written better than your first Japanese sentence.

      Also, manga an anime are different issues. In Japan you can go to book off for tachiyomi. Online scanlations are no different. Unless manga-ka have issues with tachiyomi too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whining? That is how businesses is done in Japan. This is how our world works, how the human psychology works, seeking the easiest path when nothing else is possible.
      Has the fact that most people cannot afford it occurred to you? Nor does the fact that most people do not have enough disposable income to purchase it?

      I do not have any disposable income, my family are highly sensitively against Anime and Manga. And the fact that I live in Australia puts people like me in extreme disadvantage of accessing these products.

      Personally, my uncle had bought me a stash of Anime and Manga before the recession hit, so can I complain? Sure I can, I have purchased, I have spent.
      The cultural difference will always exist, it’s normal for Japan to promote Japanese-related topics such as a history that boasts Japan as being better than any other country, as other countries have their own culture. However, it by no means is a way to use as a standard measure, has your ignorance swallowed this point of fact?

      Japan naturally has a high-spending, so use that as in comparison. Also, “100 bucks+”, what currency is of that?

      • Anonymous says:

        If you can’t afford it. Don’t watch/read it then. Will You steal a ferrari from a care store because You cant purchase it? Answer is NO. Manga/Anime is a product. Not a free entertainment for you guys to watch. Even in japan, japanese illegal downloaders are hated. We aren’t being racist. We just dont like people who don’t do thing with legit.

        • Anonymous says:

          Laws is based upon morals. Is that no understandable? If there was no morals, there would be laws. Understand which of the restrictions came beforehand. As humans, morals is plain bullshit, it doesn’t exist and never did, never will. Great job pushing your moralfag opinion onto people.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s about Moral. Not about law . I believe there are foreign consumers with Moral who buy dvd/mangas after they watch/read it online. Really, its about you Moral as HUman. Not about Law

        • Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a sample of a normal Japanese common sense.

          While we say “f* off” to law, Japaneses say “yes, my Master”.

          “The law is more important than everything.”
          What a common sense…

          I would like to have a little bit of that common sense to my country. But not so much, or the seller will have much more rights than the consumers.

  • Anonymous says:

    dudes this is ironic. we got a major anime store here in the philippines aaand….wait for it… SELLS FAN-SUBBED SERIES!!! Take that Japan!! you can’t even bust this friggin store!

    tbh, i saw biomega’s manga at a book store and waited about 3 weeks to buy it. why? it friggin costs 1,645peso!! the heck with that pricing!? im buying manga here for 3 years mind you all, and the only freaking series that’s been different from the naru-diot and bleach-fag is sayonara zetsubou sensei and pastell! the latest edition of those two is vol. 3 and vol. 10 w/c sux since it took hell of a 3 year update!

    so we resort to online reading. buut if you wanna shut us out, send your manga here fast. there are people like me who buys even a crappy doll just to support your poor authors there. even if the volume is late here, we sacrifice a good time to save up cash

  • Anonymous says:



  • Anonymous says:

            / ̄ ̄ ̄\
            /        \
         /   ─   ─  ヽ
          |   (●)  (●)  |
         \   (__人__) __,/
         /   ` ⌒´   \
       _/((┃))______i | キュッキュッ
    .. / /ヽ,,⌒)  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄(,,ノ \
    /  /_________ヽ..  \
    . ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
            /⌒   ー \
           / (●)  (●) \  +
         / :::::⌒(__人__)⌒:::::ヽ
          |     |r┬-|    |  +
    .      \_   `ー’´   _,/
          /            \     +
          | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |  トン
       _(,,)    ざまあw    (,,)_
      /  |              |  \
    /    |_________|   \

  • Anonymous says:

    Pff the japanese don’t even cater to any market but their own, they can’t lose money on something they don’t even send any on. So if they are failing in sales it the japanese them selfs that are responsible for it.

  • Anonymous says:

         /_ノ  ヽ、_\
       o゚((●)) ((●))゚o    
      /::::::⌒(__人__)⌒::::: \   
      |     |r┬-|     |    (⌒)
      |     | |  |     |   ノ ~.レ-r┐、
      |     | |  |     |  ノ__  | .| | |
      \      `ー’´     /〈 ̄   `-Lλ_レレ

  • Anonymous says:

     (‘A`)ノ  くまの子みていた
      ノ( ヘヘ

      (‘A`) かく   (‘A`) れん
      ∨)       (∨
      ((        ))

     ヽ(‘A`)ノ  ぼっ♪
      (  ) ゛

           (‘A` )  おしりを出した子 いっと…

      (  ) (‘A`)
      (  )Vノ )
       | |  ω|

  • Anonymous says:

    I watch fansubs and buy dvds of the one’s I like, I don’t have the luxery of watching it on TV like they do. So they can go cry me a bloody river for all I care, besides downloading movies and tv series for personal use is legal here. And if they want me to support them, they should support the forgein markets more and provide more international releases so we can buy and support them directly. And the dvd’s I do buy are all US releases since the EU get pretty much no love at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    ル イ ズ ち ゃ ん は 現実 じ ゃ な い?にゃあああああああああああああん!!うぁああああああああああ!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am sick of the attitude of these americans! From now on I’m going to pirate all american music, movies and software. I’m only going to buy entertainment in japanese. They have no remorse… even after doing illegal things they still feel that they are right. Since american media doesnt get released everywhere instantly might as well pirate it all.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m American and I don’t have a problem with you pirating things that don’t get released instantly in Japan or old things that are impossible to find off the internet. (I was downloading TV rips of Patalliro before the DVD set came out because there was no place else to get them.)

      I go to see movies and buy American books because it’s easy for me, not because I love the companies. I buy a lot of Japanese manga because I have a lot of Japanese bookstores where I live. But I download shows from the UK and Australia that will never come over here too.

      If you can’t get it, you can’t get it. I don’t take it personally. Watch what you like and if it’s good enough then buy it when it comes to Japan. No problem?

  • Anonymous says:

    i know japanese mangas and anime are sold expensive and not easy to purchese out from japan.


    but it does not mean everyone should be able to watch it on web for free.


    understand 2 simple fact


    industry and creaters have to make money to make good contents


    it is against the law


    i hope every otaku can enjoy manga and anime for right price and fast


    sorry for my poor english.
    from a otaku in japn


    • Anonymous says:

      犯罪は犯罪だが、すっげ~読みたくて仕方ないんだよ、こいつら。 俺もな、たまには

      あんたもまさか一緒何かの映画でも、MP3でもダウンロードしたことないっすか? 「ない」って言うのなら、信じることが辛いんだけどなw


      それに何も買う気がないやつらなら、きっと買わないっしょ? ダウンロード出来るのか、出来ないのかと


      But hey, why the sudden influx in Japanese anon? Is this article making its way all over Japanese blogs now? lol

      • Anonymous says:





        I hope that you will have time to read this and
        know more about what is manga-artist

        • Anonymous says:












          thanks for your replay

        • Anonymous says:



          とういう印象を受けましたのですか?出版社は仕方ないと思いますけど(普通日本のビジネス開業なんて海外の一般人にはよく知られていない)、漫画家とスタッフに対してこういう件に関しては罵倒はしてないと思いますけど?その に載せてある漫画の感想とか漫画家のセンスとか評価していますよ? forums とか行くと。ただもっと探してください。探せばあなたと漫画を感謝している人が絶対いると思いますよ。そして漫画家に対して罵倒しているなんてあんまりない。そしてスキャンした人が感謝されるのは一時的(死ぬほどいますし存在も忘れる)。漫画家に対しての感謝や誉めは長くて印象に残りやすい。彼らもオタクだ、盗みばっかする人達じゃない。

          スキャンやファンダブが無ければほぼ外国人は漫画・アニメシリーズなんて知らないないだろう(アニメ店は非常に少ない原因)。ワンピースが一番いい例。米国2003年でワンピースをSHONEN JUMPにのせて、後単個本に出した。日本で爆発的人気があっても米国では少々人気を得た。読んだの覚えているけど、結構微妙に違う雰囲気だった。このとき、スキャンの方が日本と追いついていつもは出版しているのより翻訳が遥かに原作に近く雰囲気までもほぼ同じぐらい上手い。SHONEN JUMP認めている。


          VIZメディア(米国のアニメと漫画出版社)はこの結果を知り、 と他のサイトに人気シリーズのスキャンを許可している。無料でまず人気を得てからビジネスしよう、知名度さ無ければローカライゼーションする価値ないや続ける意味も無い。米国は日本みたいにアニメや漫画を多く宣伝する金さえ無い。無料に賭けるしかない。漫画の2~3倍の値段で一般人さえ拒否する。





          and sorry for a really long essay length Japanese comment.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are nice otaku’s in Japan. We wish the same thing, enjoy アニメと漫画.

      But there are many places/laws/countries make it difficult to pay for a good price. くそ!

  • Anonymous says:

    I really fear that otaku are becoming too consumerist and materialistic in their beliefs. How much money you spend doesn’t determine how much of an otaku you are. What makes an otaku is passion, not what material possessions you own or how much money you have.

  • Anonymous says:

    This type of sentiment is what stopped a lot of the fansubbing groups that used to jap-sub popular english shows for them from continuing.

    The group I was part of a couple years ago that did CSI (yes, japs love CSI) stopped doing it because all we had were ungrateful bastards that complained that we should be doing it faster and more shows because they provide us with anime.

  • wow that is sad, when i was over there ever one was downloading american tv shows ect, that right there make me think they are all jerks. lol well nothing going to stop they from scaning them and post them any way =^_^= more power to us

    • Anonymous says:




  • Anonymous says:

                   ../_ノ  ヽ、_\ ぷぎやぁー
             ,. — 、,  o゚((●)) ((●))゚o  ,. — 、
         ,.―<,__    ヽ:::⌒(__人__)⌒::: /    __,>─ 、
        /          ヽ  |r┬-|   /          ヽ
       __|            }.  | |  |  {            |__
      / ヽ,       /  {   | |  |   }  \       ,丿 ヽ
      {    Y—-‐┬´   、. | |  |  /   、 `┬—-‐1    }
     /’、   ヽ    |ー´   ヽ, | |  | /   `¬|      l   ノヽ
     {  ヽ  ヽ    lヽ_!´   ヽ`ー’ォ./    、 !_/l    l    /  }
     ’,   ヽ  ヽ    ,/     }   {       \     l   /  ,’
      ヽ  ヽ  、,__./      /   .\      ´`ヽ.__,ノ  /   ノ
       \  ヽ__/,’    _ /       \     ヽ、\ __,ノ /
                              ̄ ヽ、_  〉 ,!、__/

  • Anonymous says:

    (I’m Japanese. And I am 2ch’er. I rarely post my opinion on 2ch, but watch and enjoy anonymous’ comments.)

    (Since I knew Sankaku, I have watched and enjoyed your comments.)

    (But, I post my first opinion.)

    (Some of you know how crazy 2ch’er are.)

    (In this case, you may think that idiots and racists goes crazy.)

    (But, many Japanese, especially hard-core anime, manga, game otaku, hate piracy.)

    (On 2ch,illegal down loaders are called “ware-chu” and look down on them.)

    (Most of normal Japanese who are not otaku are rarely interested with manga or anime. But, in this case, probably they agree with 2ch’er)

    (And, this article has been translated in the blog which translate responds outside Japan)

    (If you have ability reading Japanese, you should watch the comments.)


    *I can not speak and write English well. So, if I mistakes grammer or words, you should check and translate my Japanese comment.

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess it is beyond comprehension for 2ch that there is a good number of people in the West that read scanlations and watch fansubs but also buy the Manga and the Anime as well.

    2ch shows that Japanese otaku can be every bit as stupid and annoying as American otaku.

  • Anonymous says:

    you can’t really blame them though the media on both sides hasn’t exactly been propagatin good for foreigners between the rapelay cnn investigation and that stupid government offical saying anime is why 2 bombs weren’t enough its No wonder they hate U.S yes some of them are hypocrites but the points in their hypocrisy are valid honestly I,m disgusted that I,m part of the reason the anime and manga industy are falling through but what the hell am I supposed to do If the sytems rules are gonna keep me stuck in the mud then you’re dawn right I,m gonna cheat

  • I use another site and know another where people can read manga. I never liked One manga and never really used it. If manga was released quickly and completed as soon as possible, I would have no problem with buying them but unfortunately that’s not the case. I won’t make excuses for reading manga online though. It is wrong… but with this new age, it’s not very hard to do SOMETHING that isn’t cheating creators.

  • Anonymous says:

    In the world I see everyone has an E book reader like kindle or Ipad or at least “gasp” a computer.
    New mangas come out and you get to read the first chapter or whatever for free.
    Then it gives you info like released weekly, bi weekly, monthly.
    $ per chapter or volume.
    Then you can auto subscribe like internet, tv or cable and on the release date you can either have it set to auto download and bill you credit card or other payment method, or have an email alert letting you know your new download is ready.
    This would be worth it to me just so I don’t have to keep checking to see when new chapters are out.
    No scouring the nets for old “out of print” stuff.
    Its such a easier business model then, having heaps of stuff printed, delivered, unsold copies disposed of etc.
    The current business model sucks.
    Overcharge for lots of extra costs, lose money to piraters, higher big money lawyers to chase them.

  • Looks like I will need many bullets to clear all those “yay OneManga closed down” idiots from this world. Cartridge load…I cried blood already when MangaToshokan got most of it’s content deleted.

    For now, MangaFox is busy with all the OneManga readers moving to their site, hope it holds better, that OM.

    BTW people are mass-downloading from OneManga with batch downloaders, so I think someone will start up a new site soon(I already saved 70% of my fav. manga =).

  • Anonymous says:

    I certainly wouldn’t mind paying for anime and manga IF IT WAS AVAILABLE. Unfortunately, most of what I read and/or watch just isn’t available in the Western world. How about these companies actually license/publish in English and I’ll shell out the cash.

  • Anonymous says:

    “What a bunch of crooks. They make a fortune off donations and advertising revenue. They pretend they are creators and heroes. I want to watch Hollywood movies and American dramas at the same time as their US release. Of course, for free.”
    I don’t know how they equate movies and manga; the former costs (hundreds) millions of dollars to produce, latter is pieces of paper. If they absolutely wanted to see movies when they came out in USA, they could watch shitty cam-rips, just like how people in the Weest have to watch shitty cam-raws of movies that come out in Japan.

    Dramas, well they CAN watch them online for free like everyone else. They have google, they can find links just like everyone else.

  • It just comes down to the fact that a lot of anime is worth checking out but not necessarily worth paying for. Lucky for us, streaming is becoming a major thing now and it’s opening up a lot of windows for people who simply can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a single series anymore.

  • Anonymous says:

    Because 2ch scum doesn’t illegally download any western games/movies/music…

    Almost everyone with access to a computer has at one point broken copyright laws. People who post their “morally correct” views on how it’s bad to steal online are hypocrites with superiority issues.

    The only ones who actually haven’t ever “downloaded illegally” are the people without access to computers, those too old or too young to use them, etc… The kinds of people that you wouldn’t find posting their moral shit on forums.

    Industries just need to get over “illegal digital distribution”. They need to start viewing that as free advertizing. Quality will always make money.

    Quality movies keep on breaking records in sales (yes, even when you inflation adjusted). Music will always make money through live concerts and licensing fees. Plenty of people will even buy the stuff just because they like it (movies, games, music).

    Industries are just too greedy to see that almost all of these “illegal downloads” aren’t lost revenue. They are a market that doesn’t exist. Average person with average downloading habbits (let’s say 4 movies, 4 games, 100 songs a month) in reality cannot afford to buy them all. If downloading wasn’t an option he might go see 1 movie, buy one game and 20 songs. Or maybe not. Maybe he would borrow cds from friends.

    On the other hand let’s take a shameless example of a pirate who downloads anything and everything just for the sake of it. Eventually he will play a game or see a movie that really blows him away and will want to buy it.

  • Anonymous says:

    You ignorant foreigners admire our culture and copy all we do (from cosplay to our food). This website is the real proof you envy us. It shows your inability to create things. At the same time you dare to insult us and to call for war. It’s outrageous.

    You just copy and steal without paying anything. Onemanga was scanned by japanese and you weren’t able to hide this website. You don’t deserve this generous help anymore. It’s your own fault, if it dissappeared. We have to pay for your stuff, you will have now to pay for ours.

    You even stole our Godnesses from our own board without being generous and thanking us. It’s a lack of respect. And you wish to have sex with our girls and lolis. You are western perverts and paedophiles. You won’t have them, no foreigners allowed. Japanese girls for japanese men only. Your IP will be reported to our countries police. It’s despictable and demonstrates how low you are nowadays. Do your own mangas, respect us and stop stealing our girls and culture.

    We won WW2 after all. You are now our slaves and admirers. Respect us or bow to us. We closed Onemanga, we will close all websites stealing our culture, admiring and hating us at the same time, even our US copied board. You lack respect, we won’t have respect anymore.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I seriously doubt that most of the posters are touting this bullshit who are not PAID posters who are trying to make it appear that “EVERYONE IS AGAINST MANGA PIRACY!”

    Seriously, who do they think they are fooling!

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL What a bunch of hypocrites. My ass they don’t download free stuff all the time acting like they’re high on the moral ground. Then again it’s 2chan, what’s to be expected? I really hope someone somewhere in japan posts OUR responses back to them though.

    On a side note, I’d like to give a middle finger up to whoever said people should stick to manwha. Manwha is great too, and just because it’s korean doesn’t make it genetically less superior to japanese manga. All manga in the world deserves to be read and no amount of whiny ass generic internet losers no matter how much they complain will keep and prevent such freedom of expression to expanding from the outside world.

    On a closing note, if you’re STUPID enough to pay 5000 yen for an anime DVD that’s basically the same episode just because you’re a fan (i’m talking about the Haruhi Endless summer videos) and eat any shit the corporations feed them they deserve paying over the top and being robbed.

    This isn’t the last wave my friends, It’s the FIRST. Get use to it because the battle for scanlations have just begun.

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to legally purchase all my manga and I still prefer having it on paper and officially. Unfortunately, many of my manga aren’t worth paying money for only a week after release given how impossible it is for me to dodge spoilers (both online and offline).


  • Anonymous says:

    “Manga is wasted on foreigners. Those outside Japan should stick to reading manhwa!”

    Well I think the internet is wasted on 2ch and guess who invented it 2ch bitches – THE FOREIGNERS

  • Anonymous says:

    “Manga is wasted on foreigners. Those outside Japan should stick to reading manhwa!”

    but we can actually appreciate their better manga. The nips audience on the other hand, managed to keep filthy crap like naruto and bleach on top. Their horrible taste for entertainment IS the one ruining the manga industry.

  • Anonymous says:

    My dad was watching anime since the 80’s and he had to get it on tape to get it in japanese… do think he got it?
    Someone in japan taped it and sent it to america, duh!
    So it’s not all america’s fault, japan is at fault too!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have yet to see managa or anime in a story in sweden. Atleast at the city I live. Even if it would come here it would be the usuall evangelion, FMA and all the others that most ppl already know of.
    There is NO way we will ever see other stuff. Not that I even see that here anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    Onemanga made a mistake here: it hosts licensed titles. That is why they want shut down the site.

    But the companies made also mistake: they destroy easy unknown and unlicensed titles. Especially titles which has very low chance to get licensed because it’s too much or has some lolicon pictures, or too crazy.
    And if it’s licensed, the America censorship shall destroy original pictures. Like I”s, Battle Vixens, Tenjou Tenge and more.

    I like German versions better, it’s kept original and uncensored.

    And it’s easy to see for companies to see which titles are popular or not thanks to scanlations. Then they can publish manga titles and it sells mostly good.

    I’m not against scanlations, because i can read some titles first before i buy some. But i think Onemanga is a bit too much with keeping many titles. Because if the manga is licensed, the distribution should be stopped. That is basic rule in translation/scanlation world.
    Manga creators should be happy if many people, also outside, likes his manga titles. Otherwise the sell chance is much lower.

    And who say Onemanga get money for manga? Hosting and server costs much money. They get money from ads. Where is the proof Onemanga gets million dollars from manga? The site is free, it’s not online shop!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I think the Japanese companies are the ones putting a lot of the pressure. Dropping books licensed in the US would help a bit since they have a lot of the larger titles. But still, if it’s coming from the Japanese side, it’s no promise they’re not going to serve people with Cease and Desists.

      Censorship is only on some titles, not most of them. and considering the holy hell people raise over it (when it’s usually not that major,) I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s even less censorship going forward. Generally helps if you read books that would sell for older audiences in the west, too (stuff like Beserk and Gantz and stuff that gets put on sigIkki, and stuff Vertical publishes.)

  • if the international anime, manga lover(not necessary otaku)declare war with 2ch user, they will surely lose lol. indeed most 2ch user just say anything that they think is true, plus the translation of licensed anime and manga is TOO LESS AND TOO CRAPPY!

  • It’s funny how they think suing people and instating huge fines will make the problem magically go away. I guess the music and movie industry are going a good job getting rid of piracy then.

    And they failed to notice that they can get every manga and anime they want at their closest book- or videostore. I’d be lucky if I can find ONE comic store that sells a few manga in this entire country. Talk about a wasted market potential…

    And maybe if they offered English translated manga and anime for a decent price as soon (or at the very least within a week) as it’s released in Japan, I wouldn’t NEED to use online resources at all.

  • First off if they would produce manga or anime here stateside that was worth buying then I might buy it. Secondly, Japan’s economy is out of control. Everything is so absurdly expensive. Its not our fault that they have to pay twice what we do in their own country. That being said anime here is still way to expensive to purchase regularly.

  • Anonymous says:

    ““Manga is wasted on foreigners. Those outside Japan should stick to reading manhwa!””
    WTF does this even mean? “Manhwa” is how the word “Manga” is pronounced in Chinese (maybe by Koreans too?). It’s the same thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whaddaya mean manhwa being ‘lower level’? With what manhwas can deliver nowadays, they are just as competent with their Japanese counterparts. Perhaps the only element they are clearly borrowing is art style, but art style is something we all copy and modify from each other.

        You obviously have never read anything illustrated from Im Dal Young’s works. ‘Freezing’ for example has a story that’s so fresh in comparison to most popular crap the Japanese can deliver.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Manhwa” put the technical spelling aside, it’s the pronounciation for 漫画 in Cantonese (Chinese) and it means comic. The kanji is used as “manga” in Japan, again, meaning comic. It’s literally the same thing.

        What 2ch is trying to say is “Japan Managa for Japanese. U read non-Japan-manga else where!”

        But yes, I can see the irony very clearly. THose 2ch are just eccentric.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of assholes…
    Most of those sites exists because of the gap of time people have to wait until the oficial versions of the mangas are released in their countries (if they ever arrive). The rest of them because of the horrible translation of the official version. The money is the third cause…
    If you want to make dissapear those “evil” sites then improve the distribution and the quality.

  • Anonymous says:

    In Japan, Cheap comic books are being sold everywhere at $1 or 50cents. I don’t know why they don’t same thing outside Japan. Publishers should construct new cheaper system to delivery.

  • Anonymous says:

    thing is , 98% of all anime/manga is really garbage and not worth being printed on toilet paper let alone hugely overpriced undersized hard to read books…
    no real loss, i only ever saw 2 series that were worth reading and neither one was popular with the weeabos…

  • Anonymous says:

    The Japanese Anime/Manga industry must be making so much money from their silly otaku in Japan, that they do not need the money from the rest of the world. Cool.

    So, no manga or Anime company has shut down ever?
    They all drive great cars and pay their staff amazing wages?

    Anyone want to buy a bridge?

    I can NOT buy most of the Anime I want to read in Australia. It is either a YEAR behind the Scanned translations, or NEVER makes it here.

  • Anonymous says:

    They say shit like this because unlike the outside world, manga is actually CHEAP TO BUY for them. They HAVE access to manga as soon as it comes out, whereas we have to wait months, even years, to get the same chapter. Fuck those 2ch pricks, seriously. They have no idea as to what it’s like for us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not all Japanese on 2ch blame only foreigners but piracy. Japanese pirates are also accused ,and called 割れ厨.
      Manga is cheap to buy for Japanese ,but so what ? Theft can’t be justified for any reason.I don’t give a shit if you are poor or something.
      In Japan , ticket for a movie is $20 , but I don’t think I want to pirate a US movie.
      Don’t hide behind sophistry! Just don’t pirate!

      • Anonymous says:

        japaneses always depredated western culture, now that they can give something back, they bark like a bunch of fools. maybe you already forgot japan sent its people all over the world to rob art, engineering, food etc. unfortunately we couldn’t impose copyright on these things like japanese do.
        How about japaneses that went to Cremona to rob the secrets of Stradivari’s violins?! Thanks god they weren’t intelligent enough.

  • Anonymous says:

    The irony is where do they think the piracy originates from?

    Someone IN Japan has to scan and upload the files onto a sharing program before a scanlation group can translate them.

    Same with manga. I love how the Japanese blame foreigners for problems that start in their own country.

    Perhaps they should be paying more attention to p2p programs Japanese use, rather than just blaming foreigners.

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s with the comments saying as if (all) Sankaku regulars LOVE Japan? That’s saying as if, if you like Nirvana, then you must like Kurt Cobain and you must like smoking heroin like he did.

    I don’t care if they’re just trolling or what, but distinctions need to be made:

    MOST OF US LIKE ANIME, MANGA, VIDEOGAMES AND TOYS FROM JAPAN. NOT NECESSARILY EVERYTHING ELSE TOO. Not necessarily the people too. Not necessarily their culture too.

    So yeah, we can like their entertainment product and still hate eveything else Japan.

    • Anonymous says:


      So yeah, we can like their entertainment product and still hate eveything else Japan.”

      you are right, i’m starting to feel the same.
      it’s not that you have to love japan in its wholeness. Japan has some very crappy aspects too.

  • Sorry for being a gaijin from a country where everything from japan and north america is so goddam expensive, I’ll get a job, learn japanese and move to Japan. But seriously, I don’t buy manga because I AM learning japanese and the “profesional” translations in spanish really, really suck.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bah, typical japanese racist crap, just ignore, like we care about what they say.
    It’s like The Pirate Bay closure, there’s a million torrent sites around, just because they close one of them doesn’t mean shit.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s true though. Manga is wasted on moron like you people. Because of it, you guys become pedophiles and go into 2D shit.

    The people in 2ch are actually doing you all a favor. Stop reading manga or watch anime an get an actual life, losers.

  • I’m still waiting “Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu” to be licensed in Spain, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be forgotten and I’ll never see it in on my country…

    Those 2ch people don’t know the meaning of something called “Empathy”, don’t they?

    • Anonymous says:

      are you sad for “nochi guu”?! I do not want to belittle your problems, but..
      we in italy are waiting for HAIBANE RENMEI, damn crap! our people require more empathy than any other..

  • Anonymous says:

    Most of the Japs who commented thought that OneManga is the source of piracy. Not. OneManga only hosts scanlations of the many scanlation groups.

    But I agree with this comment though:
    “Won’t they just start another site under a new name?”

  • i don’t think those japanese have the faintest idea what kind of crap we have to put up with in the non japanese speaking world. sadly illegal subbers are way better than most licensed subbers and if anybody tells me i could wait for german or english dubbs i would subsequently punch him in the nose for english anime dubbs are scary as fuck and german dubbs are very well the worst thing ever created by anybody ever…

  • Anonymous says:

    oh for the love of Christ, seeing themselves as the only ones who support the manga industry, boo hoo. Pff if I could get the niche manga i read on these sites i would. They don’t seem to realize that some of us don’t understand or read Japanese. By the way I use scanlations sites to follow the story on a weekly basis just like they do, problem with me is that i don’t have access to reasonably priced weekly anthologies like them ( one of the few negatives of living in Europe). I don’t want to wait 3 months for a new takobon to be released in Chinese which i can read.

  • Anonymous says:

    Most japanese are deep-hearts racists. Even some friends became pale and afraid because when they understood I was able to speak japanese. They avoided me from this moment. I heard many japanese curse words and racists slurs behind my back, by elders, youngs and even babies.

    Some apartments, motels, night clubs, and public baths in Japan have put up signs stating that foreigners are not allowed, or that they must be accompanied by a Japanese person to enter. In housing there is also discrimination based on ethnicity. In metros even if the only seat seat left was next to me, they refused to sit with me and i don’t smell or act loudly.

    The police didn’t stop controlling me a lot of time for stupid reasons, being stopped for ID or bicycle checks, even if i lived in the neighborhood since 3 years. Some jobs are also restricted to japanese.

    I felt like a black in the southern US states during segregation or as a black in apartheid south africa and i am half japanese. I obviously look as a japanese and speak a perfect japanese. I am just half-european by my mom.

  • Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t matter what they think. Looking at most of the comments they’re idiots.
    Frankly it doesn’t matter what happens to onemanga, in fact it’s a good thing it happened. I’ve been reading manga since before there were online reading sites, so I have no problem finding other sources. And most importantly if the publisher coalition does suceed in abolishing more main distributors like onemanga all it means is that less manga get translated but the quality rate will rise. Let’s face it 90% of manga titles are trash and rehashes. Even more so true for the manga on onemanga.

  • Anonymous says:

    Most of my money is spent on goods and not DVDS. If I like a series I’ll buy figures and resin kits and such.
    If you wait for an American release of anime series, and it turns out you like that series by the time you go to buy goods for it they have long been sold out in Japan.

        • Anonymous says:

          I was waiting for someone to bring this subject up 😀

          In Chinese characters, it’s written the same as Japanese’s Kanji, even though Kanji is literally Chinese.

          It makes me wonder…. if we take out the Kanji’s in Japanese literature…. wonder how many people will get sick of reading extra long hiraganas and katakanas?

          Could even take out katakana’s used for foreign words….. I tried that when I was studying Japanese and thought “Thank goodness they are borrowing Chinese characters (Kanji) otherwise I would spend a long time to read a page!”

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually thats how Western people differentiate between the 3 sources of pictured stories coming from the East. Manga for japanese, manhua for chinese and manwha for korean, I know in chineses it’s 1 generic term but westerners make that distiction so it’s easier for them to deduce whence it came from.

  • Rebellion says:

    “Manga is wasted on foreigners. Those outside Japan should stick to reading manhwa!”

    The let’s say all American, German, British, French, etc. products, games, technology, clothes and weapons are wasted on Japan.

    From that line it seems these otaku want an “anime sakoku”

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe you forgot ITALIAN products.. a large share..
      however the japanese man is right: most of the foreigners are stupy people, otherwise it should be easier to introduce mature animes and mangas in their respective nations.. I remember the first time americans had the ARIA manga, it was dropped because no one bought it (i’m speaking about the first print). the stupy american people had to watch the anime to recognize the value of the manga work.
      stupy japaneses, stupy foreigners, stupy world.

  • Anonymous says:

    I pay an expensive bill on cable tv, i only cared for the anime channel called animax, and what do i get for my money? Tokyo Majin or Birdy decode? no way i get shitty american garbage and way old programs like Clueless!!!! and networks like cartoon network have pretty much dropped all anime, geez i can believe i finally got to watch Ghost in the Shell on public TV!

  • Anonymous says:

    “Their anime is far cheaper than in Japan and they still won’t buy.”

    In Portugal, there’s not that much anime and manga for you to buy. Most of the times, we have to go to sites like OneManga so we can read, so I think that shutting down the site will only decrease the number of manga readers. I have a good collection of manga that I bought, but there’s many people that think it’s too expensive, so they won’t buy it, and consequently, they’ll stop reading.

  • 2CH, they simply dont understand simple things.
    Of course, people read it online without buying the real Manga , but because of One Manga, i found Berserk and because i enjoyed it so much, i just buyed every Berserk Max Volume i could get.
    But sadly, sometimes you cant buy specific Mangas over here, cause they just dont exist and then One Manga was a good place to read them.
    I bet other people did the same, i dont think i was the only one.

  • Anonymous says:

    I want to know what the one guy was smoking at the time he made such an asinine comment as to want American dramas and such. American TV is pure unadulterated crap. I’d rather sit through chinese water torture or be at work at a job I hate and getting paid than endure the horrors of American TV. It’s cop shows, lawyer shows, doctor shows, forensic cop/lawyer/doctor shows, supernatural cop/lawyer/doctor shows, reality TV, and faux risky laugh track torturous sit coms… Bleh!

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are we even bothering to post about this? Seriously. “derpderp they will never buy manga ever derpderp”… “derp you steal it even though it’s never brought out in your country, ever derp!”… “derpderp every manga viewed is a lost sale! Derpderp”

    None of these are completely true. Is every scan viewed a lost sale? Hell no. Do they lose sales because of scans? Probably. On that note, do they gain sales because of scans? Hell yes. I wouldn’t have half the manga I do if not for scans. Figure out how to work with these massive sources already in place and make money.

    And isn’t it cute when Japanese go all hypocritical? How are sales doing of their ero games that are never released anywhere else? What? Only sold 10k at most? But wait, 2 mil patches are downloaded for it? But how?

    It’s not only aliens downloading this stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the 2chers remember or even realize that the current witch hunt started because of the huge numbers of Japanese downloading from the raw aggregator sites like Mangahelpers? Going after scanlation aggregators is just cleanup. I wonder how many of those “billion pageviews” were from Japan, and how much that colored the coalition’s decision…

  • Anonymous says:

    If OneManga was profiting from publicity just with scans of Mangas that went through a Fansub why they don’t do the same?
    It wouldn’t be an extra operative cost, but they’d get that extra income.
    It’s all because they want to profit more than that and no less.

    Their greed for even more revenues is the topic here… if they seriously wanted to expand their art outside japan (getting extra revenues in the process) this topic wouldn’t exist in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not so much for manga aggregator sites like onemanga, but for sites that host raws (the now defunct raw paradise being the most prominent example), the vast majority of traffic is from Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Manga is wasted on foreigners. Those outside Japan should stick to reading manhwa!”

    They keep it up and one day, manhwa would surpass their mangas.

    Anyways… In Japan anime is showed on tv. They don’t pay anything unless they get the dvd sales.

    What fansubs do is sub what was aired in Japan then show it to us. The same way their local networks are showing them their anime.

    If fansubbers earn from it then they should be punished. If not then no problem with that.

    • Anonymous says:

      They pay a thing call TV tax. The whole country pays it. They took the risk of their product may not return on the investment. And how about the advertisment, product placement and the fact that its shown at fix time late night?

      What others around the world dont take the same risk and pay the cost of it. See it as and when.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if I should be really depressed or just not care. I mean I read on onemanga a lot on stories that weren’t printed in America. I still buy some manga if I really liked the ones that I read like Deadman Wonderland. But I can see where they might get a bit angry at the American culture for “stealing” manga. I mean if you could just read the manga for free instead of just buying the book wouldn’t you? Also, the complaining of the price comparison is a bit odd. I didn’t really know that manga cost so much more in Japan then in America. I just thought that they cost the same. But from what I heard from a friend the price could be higher because of the space available for stocking items and the quality. Maybe I’m just spouting nonsense and this is totally pointless of me to write this crap. But it’s something to think about I guess.

  • Cherry picked comments from 2ch are prooly not much better than from 4chan or w/e.

    Still, the main never ending issue here – both with mangas and animes or western works, is that people holding distribution power live in the middle of last century.

    Even besides that, they think that relasing physical media in today’s world is “hot” or something (who still wants physical media ?), that crappy translations are ok, that DRM is great, that shitty streams are the way, and so on. Not mentioning butchering the work to “appease” to western market (like mentioned earlier robotech … *cough*).

    Is it hard to:

    – prepare normal non-IE-only site with decent english and paypal button
    – contact HQ ripping/fansubbing/scanlating group and ask them for help (and provide them script and video source). Think THORA, etc.
    – release good, fully uncensored (incl. JPC #175) anime/manga where the first half minute/frontpage or so would contain disclaimer with info such as: official source, collaboration with fansubs, enjoy, if you like please visit official page and pay (side bonus – no middlemen), etc.
    – ???
    – profit

    Enough indi (and not so indi) music bands alredy have proven it works. And here we talk about monster sized market with potential of millions of fans world-wide.

    As far as I can see, imbeciles (read: management) holding middle/upper positions in the corporations are forcibly shutting them off from the rest of the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hit all the nails on the head. The fact is that most mangas/anime do NOT come over to the United States ever, and there is no reason for that.
      Personally, I HATE dubbed anime and prefer subbed, it’s easier to understand AND you don’t have the “FUCK WITH IT BECAUSE WE ARE STUPID AND THINK AMERICANS WANT US TO DO IT!” syndrome, like with 4Kidstv and DragonballZ.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Foreign thieves”? Yeah right, they’ve never been outside Japan do they? I don’t live in Japan, I live in a country where Manga is in German, releases are not so fast and the content is pretty much the mainstream stuff that everybody reads.

    OneManga for me was a necessity. It helped me discover new, obscure titles that would’ve never come out here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Japanese stuff but they should go out more and be on our shoes.

    I support the artist, I WANT to support the artist but I can’t. And now the publishers doing this is like taking our freedom away. They will release late and crap translations and we wouldn’t get much diversity too because all they want is to sell what everybody reads at a high price just to rip us off.

    I know that this is piracy but what they don’t understand is how desperate we are for manga and all they want to do is make us scream and rage rather than make us happy. This won’t help them getting more money but getting more hatred. They’ve become just like the music industry. Shame on you, I’m disappointed.

      • Anonymous says:

        lol..oh man, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read 🙂 Do you actually beleive that? Then you haven’t been around this site long. Japan is also about the only place I knwo of where a little girl will walk up to you and dorp her panties for you to buy and sniff. You can easily grab a pre-teen\young teen for $30 or less for sex because they want stuff and know older men want them. Oh man… I really hope you were just trolling.

  • Anonymous says:

    The manga volumes won’t drop, they will just increase in Japan if the sales don’t do too well internationally.

    Personally, I’ll boycott manga because without scanlations, I’ll no longer know what sucks without buying it first.

  • Anonymous says:

    Either they are pretty retarded, too narrow minded to see why we are doing it(mostly just fun), or just why the industry is failing so hard and copyright in todays world just doesn’t work anymore.

    Maybe they don’t get it all, or they are just trolling hard.

  • “The biggest illegal distributor online…”
    lol what? I dunno about biggest and they’re certainly not the best quality. Who cares if they took down a distributor anyway? They should be more worried about the scanlators, not the distributors. It’s easy to make a new site and there’s tons of other sites anyway but take down the scanlators then the distributors got nothing to distribute. Of course it’s a lot harder than it sounds so maybe they just want to look like they’re doing something?

    “Now get rid of Megauploader – they are busy making money off fansubs!”
    No one makes money off fansubs or scanlations. Fansubbers and scanlators explicitly say in their releases not to sell or redistribute them. Where are they getting their information from?

    “They enjoy making scanlations – it’s like a club activity to them.”
    If they’re talking about Americans, Japanese are in on it in some groups. How else do they think we get scans? And the Japanese are guilty of scanlating our stuff too.

    “It’s like that for fansubs too, but they’re all saying they are helping propagate them.”
    lol if it wasn’t for fansubs most of us wouldn’t know jack shit about anime or even give a damn about Japan. And then where would their industry be? We’d be stuck with bad anime-inspired cartoons and shounen anime like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Pokemon, Yugioh, etc. Oh wait we are stuck with those. Good thing we have fansubs to expose us to less known titles like Haruhi, Lucky Star, K-ON!, Higurashi, Index, Bakemonogatari, Gundam, all the new anime every season, etc. so that at least some people will buy them when they’re released elsewhere on DVD (not on TV like in Japan), if they’re even released.

    “They get them even faster than the Japanese regions do. It’s too much…”
    If we do it’s because a Japanese distributor leaked it out, not because we ninja’d it or something. And this happens rarely, and only for popular titles like Naruto and Bleach. More obscure titles tend to take weeks or months or even years before we see a scanlation, and sometimes they aren’t even intended to be released outside of Japan. Official translations take months before they hit shelves, and they’re not always accurate translations.

    Way to act like a bunch of assholes. They get they’re anime/manga fix every week or month. We want what they get so frequently but we either have to wait months for another 7-8 chapters or 4 episodes in stores, or we sub it ourselves in literally a fraction of the time. When will they realize they need an online alternative that churns out translations just as quick as the fan community. It won’t stop piracy but at least they won’t lose as much money.

  • Anonymous says:

    They close down manga anime sites
    people read/watch less anime
    their sales go down around the globe
    manga/anime writers/makers create less
    no more anime for/from japan

    (Main Topic the japanese need to share their blessings)

  • Anonymous says:

    stupy japaneses should understand that if you make scanlations of a product intended for internal market, you are not robbing anything; so, if there is a crisis in the manga’s japanese market, it is not due to foreigners but due to the said stupy japaneses.

    • Anonymous says:

      f*ck them, pirating things made by their own country when it’s needed within a blink and come to sankaku and talk about “moral” LMFAO

      If the japs can only watch anime via buying crazily priced bd/dvd, piracy will dominate and kill the market.

  • well certainly the only thing thats good about 2ch is the hackers in there that provides us with crack hex info on eroge sometimes even become a force to be reckon with. and just like the west's 4ch its quite all the same really now let us see if they even watch soap operas from the west and see how bad the situation is for them if thats ever the case…

  • “Manga is wasted on foreigners. Those outside Japan should stick to reading manhwa!”

    i want to kick this persons ass!

    anyways i am annoyed that one manga got shutdown but their other scanalators so i can live on.

    P.S. Publishers can lick meh balls

  • Anonymous says:

    What I read from all that:

    “We’re bitter and racist. The End.”

    2ch can suck a big fat one. No one that fansubs makes money off of it, unless they are just absolute cretins. I don’t even read manga and I think that One Manga getting shut down is a travesty. Until companies get their act together and offer stuff in a way that people won’t have to resort to the fan community to stay up-to-date, fan translations will continue.

    Sorry we don’t pay as much as you do, Japan. But, maybe if you stopped actually buying things at those prices, you might send a message. Just saying.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like the comment thinking that people are actually making money off these things through donations. If donations even manage to cover the web server costs then you’re incredibly fortunate.

    The loss of onemanga is sad, but it’s somewhat expected. They were popular and unashamed in hosting, so obviously they were quite public. I’ll miss their convenience, but all it will really do is send me elsewhere to get my Hoshi no Samidare fix.

  • 2DGIRLSONLY says:

    Sankaku has become another garrison for the ranks of 4ch. LOL even me. We should discuss this on a new channel 4ch + 2ch= 6ch where both sides can troll it out, but North American and international Otaku versus the Japanese NEET/Hikkikomori r essentially the difference between Chuck Norris (United Nations) and Fat Albert (Japan).

    However it does not mean that we r enemies, its just that piracy cannot be blamed on one side alone since we’re all doing it eh? We foreigners help each other’s economy, and so are yours HIkkikomori, Im using a Sony laptop as we speak.

    ALL HAIL BRITANNIA stupid Elevens hikkikomori on 2ch.

    4ch ftw

  • Anonymous says:

    I say piracy is completely righteous. I’m serious here. No kidding, no trolling.
    anti copyright and anti intellectual property right have much more meaning than just free content bullsh!T.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, they watch most new stuff on TV immediately when it’s out. Don’t have that elsewhere, nope.

      Most of the TV series get a dvd release while the serie is still airing, gotta wait years for that here and some of it won’t see a release at all.

      And they wonder why we download anime and manga for free. There’s barely a way to get it in a legitimate way in the 1st place. I’ll lose interest in it by the time it sees a release overseas.

      • Anonymous says:

        If your country pitch in for the development cost of the program then yes you can see it in your country. Programs need MONEY to be develop. News to you?

        Barely legal? You mean you are not allow to order it online? Its sold in my shop online. Oh and you sound like Everything in your country is available to be sold everywhere in the world.

        Language is one thing, moral is another… saying its not available to you legally is just delusion.