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Top 10 Spring 2010 Anime – Angel Beats Beaten


Fans of Angel Beats have been aghast at a ranking of the best anime of spring 2010 which manages to completely omit the anime in favour of such classics as the latest Precure.

The survey, conducted by Japanese anime portal AnimeOne, is predictably headed by a certain non-moe anime:

1. K-ON!!

2. Durarara!!

3. Working!!

4. Heartcatch Precure!

5. Ookiku Furikabutte

6. Giant Killing

7. Katanagatari

8. B-Gata H-Kei

9. Yojouhan shinwa taikei

10. Kaichou ha Meido-sama!

Contrast to the recent Dengeki ranking.

The question on the lips of fans is of course “Whither Angel Beats?”

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