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Love Plus Arcade: The End of Japan as We Know It?


Konami, not content with creating the game that had turned countless Japanese men into the proud boyfriends of hunks of plastic by way of Love Plus on the DS, are now are plotting to extend their control over the  Japanese population at larger scale, via the introduction of the Love Plus Arcade.


The arcade versions are now undergoing a test run at Tokyo Leisureland in Akihabara for a limited period.



While not much info on the arcade machine is yet available, it is widely believed that it will also use a touch interface, as with the DS version of the game. Myriad paid extras seem likely as well.

Konami has also doubtless been investigating the success of the original IdolMaster arcade experience – these machines hooked countless men into virtual relationships which could only be progressed by dutiful attention to the coin slot, a promising business opportunity if ever there were one, even more so considering the power of Nene.

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