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One Manga Shut Down by Manga Publishers


A coalition of manga publishers have successfully forced top manga piracy site One Manga offline for good.

The site’s administration posted a statement detailing their decision:

It pains me to announce that this is the last week of manga reading on One Manga (!!). Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it.

We have decided to abide by their wishes, and remove all manga content (regardless of licensing status) from the site.

It probably comes as news to manga publishers to hear that they “approved” of scanlations in the first place, although the rise of P2P-based scanlation was most probably directly responsible for the medium’s huge growth in international popularity in recent years.

Publishers for their part have stated they are under no illusions about the impossibility of stamping out piracy completely, but that commercial sites hosting vast amounts of scanlated manga simply tip the balance of convenience too far in favour of free and online.

Whether they have the good business sense to now offer a superior legal alternative, or instead cling to the delusion that scanlated copies will translate one to one, or even a hundred to one, into paper copies, will likely determine the prospects of the international manga market for some time to come.

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  • The solution to any manga site to avoid all this red tape is just to have the manga they’re offering by download only and not a online viewer and to back up the site with robots that way it will always work, And NEVER use rapid share or mega upload sites..They and zip the files and store them there on their site with a hidden feature ONLY members know how to access.

  • My…
    just remember something :
    -rules are made to be broken (as rules created by the one that will eventually breaks it)
    -you believe it or not is up to you, (illegal things never ends in this world/there will always a way)
    -hope never dies

  • Anonymous says:

    Well,I only buy what I liked.If they try to stop manga on the internet,I swear I will never buy a single manga from any bookstore.

    And copyright laws never make sense to begin with.It’s no real law.It’s a man-made law which does not fight any actual crime.Copying =/= Stealing.I mean OK,you invented something first,but just because of that you can stop me from re-inventing it?rubbish!

    • Anonymous says:

      one’s story and art should really be credited. piracy is a crime. i know it provides us with manga and stuff… but still. that’s hwy they print it and that’s hwy they seel those stuff, cuz their hardwork is to be credit. what would you feel if you are mangaka and everybody pirates your work? think

  • Never used the site as I mostly went to group sites or elsewhere since I prefer offline reading, so I cant say I’ll miss it. Besides, like others said, internet piracy is like a Hydra, so it’s not like it won’t be replaced.

    On the plus side though, looking at the list did give me where to s=find some of the series Id been missing since S-C went MIA. So there’s its legacy for me. My usual aggregator never had them.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the same with everything (music/games/movies), the companies that distribute these products doesn’t like when the people already knows their products are shitty don’t buy, i think that if they realise this they will stop producing shit and they will start to do some good business, because if i don’t like the shitty music of some of those crappy rappers i won’t buy the CD already knowing that it is rubbish, but if i download a good record i will feel the need of buying it in a record store just for the sake of having it and enjoy it

  • Cherry picked comments from 2ch are prooly not much better than from 4chan or w/e.

    Still, the main never ending issue here – both with mangas and animes or western works, is that people holding distribution power live in the middle of last century.

    Even besides that, they think that relasing physical media in today’s world is “hot” or something (who still wants physical media ? dvd, blu-ray, paper – seriously wtf), that crappy translations are ok, that DRM is great, that shitty streams are the way, and so on. Not mentioning butchering the work to “appease” to western market (like mentioned earlier robotech … *cough*).

    Is it hard to:

    – prepare normal non-IE-only site with decent english and paypal button
    – contact HQ ripping/fansubbing/scanlating group and ask them for help (and provide them script and video source). Think THORA, etc.
    – release good, fully uncensored (incl. JPC #175) anime/manga where the first half minute/frontpage or so would contain disclaimer with info such as: official source, collaboration with fansubs, enjoy, if you like please visit official page and pay (side bonus – no middlemen), etc.
    – ???
    – profit

    Enough indi (and not so indi) music bands alredy have proven it works. And here we talk about monster sized market with potential of millions of fans world-wide.

    As far as I can see, imbeciles (read: management) holding middle/upper positions in the corporations are forcibly shutting them off from the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous says:

    Onemanga.. you guys SUCK ASS. You did all this work and for what? Just to give in to these asshole publishing companies like that? You guys DESERVE to lose your site because all you are and a bunch of goddamn whiny chicken shits.

    What the hell did you do all this for?? I mean, you were afraid of breaking the law in the first place, why the hell bother?? What a damn waste of energy and time, onemanga, you a truly sickening.


  • Anonymous says:

    Sad to see a few of the nice manga sites go down like this. I visited them mostly because they offered series that would never be published in the U.S. and cannot be bought elsewhere. Such a shame really.

  • Anonymous says:

    North Korea needs to get into the piracy business. Kim Jong-il could spend countless hours cookie trafficking, from extreme paranoia and come to the conclusion that he’s an idiot. While ignoring requests to shut down pirate servers and shooting blanks at the Bay of Tokyo. mwahahahah

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny thing is Onemanga introduced me to a few series that I’m now actively purchasing that I probably wouldn’t have given even a second glance otherwise (Ninja Girls leaps to mind.)

  • Anonymous says:

    what are u talking about onemanga has been the best thing that has ever happened to most of the people who go on it did u even know that because of onemanga people came to appreciate mangas before it was some stupid bullshit but know it’s our daily routine we came to love this site and mangas u know when i first went on that site i fell instantly in love with mangas and i started to buy sum all of u who doesn’t understand what i am talking about well i don’t give a shit cause i feel like a part of me is gone and the publishers took that away from me for what? it will never be the same !!!!!!!!!! R.I.P OM u have been always in my heart for more than 4 years and always will be I love u

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess this will convince me to buy more manga now… wait, the manga i read is rarely published in the usa period and when it is, it is rarely finished…

    So until they offer safe (safe as in an english publisher won’t sell me 10 volumes of a manga and then stop translating it when it is complete in japan), timely and reasonably priced manga, i will just stick with the only route i have to read it.

  • mantidactyle says:

    That is internet.
    They’ll never be able to stop piracy.

    That’s just too easy for someone to scan / trad / whatever in a few minutes / hours.

    Seriously, there’s no reason to worry 😛

  • RIP OM.
    but i say this is ridiculous. they’re just blaming scans for their bad sales. sites should opt for server hosting out of US. most publishers doing this are US i’m guessing.

    As if they can ever extinguish practice of scans… some scanlator groups put officially published manga to shame in quality of translation anyway…

    • Anonymous says:

      “some scanlator groups put officially published manga to shame in quality of translation anyway…”

      You’re kidding right? Most of the scans I’ve seen have been so terrible that I wonder if the scanlators themselves know English.

      The only group I know of that puts out consistently high quality work is Saha.

  • Anonymous says:

    My friend was like : “let’s think of onemanga’s death as Gol D. Roger frm one piece and let the hundreds of other scanlation sites roll in. Let the new age of PIRACY(lol) begin!”

  • Yes, they certainly have the right to shut down Onemanga, but i don’t think this will help their manga sales in the slightest. People who buy manga volumes usually only do it for series they know and love. People won’t just buy randomly, sites like Onemanga help me find what series i enjoy enough to buy. With out sites like it i probably wouldn’t buy manga at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    why can’t they think of these site as a positive result? Each scanlation save the usage of paper. 1 tree produces 8,333 paper (estimated). Producing paper also resulted in paper pollution and also cutting down more trees. Cutting more trees requires more oil (chain saw.) and chain saw produce smoke. Think of how much damage will it do to the environment just by using more paper, convert it into comic, and left it on the shelf and not recycling it. If the paper demand is lower, hence the paper production should be lowered due to lower demand. Just take is as reserving all the paper for the mangaka and scrip writer.

  • Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, there is a down side for the publishers.

    One Manga is and was a fantastic place for less popular manga to be found. I know I would never have ever found Freezing or Vinland Saga without it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Time to go underground my friends.
    Thank god for hidden websites. MF is good in all but they aren’t going to last long. They aren’t “hidden” at all :[

    Love you OM <3 R.I.P.

  • Anonymous says:

    Had the majority of visitors to the site been looking for unlicensed manga, I might be somewhat dismayed, but seeing as most were clearly there for Bleach, Naruto, and etc, I have little sympathy for them or the site’s closing.

    Of course, I say this having also worked at a bookstore, and unfortunately anticipate many of these socially inept leeches to start spawning on the floor in the manga aisle.

  • Yea, I found this out when I went to the site this morning. Sucks to see it go. Found out about alot of manga there, most notably Air Gear. But, like many have said, there are plenty of other sites out there to get my manga fix.

  • Anonymous says:

    I want super cheap IPAD manga! Only then will I pay for it.
    LAst thing I friggin need is tons of paper volumes laying around, collecting dust, pages turning yellow over the years or molding.
    Paper is DEAD.
    And who wants to drive out to the book store, when you could just download new chapters each week in hi res instead of on pathetically small books.

  • Anonymous says:

    Even MangaToshokan which had an even larger manga database is removing all of their Japanese manga (apparently the Korean/Chinese-origin stuff will remain). They have a list of the publishers on their site who asked that their stuff not to be up for viewing irrespective of the licensing state in the US.
    Unfortunate considering that many a good series go unlicensed outside of Japan.

    The main issue is that these sites have US servers, so they are targets for takedown based on the copyright laws. Any websites with servers based in Turkey, Russia or Europe may fare much better.

  • one down thousands to go…

    they should really consider making a legal site that actually provides high quality, translated with multiple language subs manga. not to mention i have been looking for old manga’s and such.kinda like steam were they can update it if there’s any wrong spelling and such. sadly that would be a long time

    better check this site for those who want to buy “legal” manga’s

    • That would be a good idea, IF the mangaka did it directly and cut out the publishers. I’d pay for a subscription there if the translations were good, the uploads have good resolution, and its fair pricing. The only thing i see having trouble is the pricing, because if they gathered manga from large quantities of mangaka the sales would be split oddly, i’ve thought about an overall charge that might work, or split credits for whomever you read from…but its all just a thought.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well that’s kind of annoying. I KNEW I should have hurried up and got up to date with Black Lagoon while I had the chance.

    Maybe I should just buy the manga volumes? But then this leads to a different problem- my bookshelves are already LITERALLY overflowing and I really don’t know where I’d put them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Glad to see all the feedback on this sad notice.. I visit OM multiple times daily, so it’s really sad to see it go. First Chaosangel092 gets the boot from youtube, and now OM gets the hammer from manga publishers. Sad sad week so far.

  • Anonymous says:

    I liked Onemanga, I heard about MPD psycho and a couple of other bazaar awesome titles because of them.
    That said, I prefer scanlations, you don’t have to worry about the story being chopped up or “localized”
    I’d rather them just say what was said and then have a note at the bottom of the page as to what they meant rather than getting some awkward B.S. that makes even less scene.
    let alone paying 10 dollars for a book in the kiddy section for a book that was originally 5 bucks in the adult section somewhere else.

  • Was this one of the sites that only offers one recompressed/watermarked picture at a time, in their own reader frame full of banner ads? I’ve heard of it a lot, but didn’t use it, so I have a hunch that’s why…

    Scanlation is great. It’s roughly akin to oldschool fansubs, where you’d copy tapes for other fans just so they could see it. Manga reader sites are not so great – they rely on the hard work of scanlation groups to make a profit off pirated copywritten works, and are often decried by the scanlation groups themselves. It’s more akin to the guys who would sell fansubs on eBay with crappy copied covers for $50 per tape.

    So if it was just a scanlation archive site, like s… *cough* like some others, then it’s sad to see it go. If it was a page by page host, then good riddance. There are better sources that don’t profiteer off the industry and the fans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually in most cases you are correct but in onemanga’s case you would be wrong.

      The owner of onemanga attempted to sell the site. It is possible that the publishers began hitting hard because they heard about this. The owner would have made a few figures if he would of sold it.

      Besides taking down the scan sites means nothing. The manga will still be translated by alternate groups they may just no longer be loaded onto scan sites. You might have to go directly to the source. They won’t stop even if these host sites will…and publishers can’t do anything about it because the origin of the translations do not make money, are extremely hard to find, and are numerous in the millions.

      This may be the end of manga share scans sites but not the translations. They will still exist if you have the resources to find them. which will probably become harder if they hit a number of sites…not to mention google may try to move them elsewhere when you search for them.

  • sevennights says:

    My god this has been one of the longest articles in a while in terms of postage.

    All i can do is laugh at all of the people who use OM. The site sucked. Learn japanese, go to scanslators, buy manga, or find a better site to dl from. Quit bitching about the “death” of a site that will soon be forgotten.

    Note that i said dl from and not stream or w/e its called. Honestly there are soooo many better alternatives.

  • Anonymous says:

    Manga is getting translated into English for everyone to enjoy. These publishing companies are not putting English words in all of these various anime. When they can match the scanlators then i will approve to pay money.

    • Anonymous says:

      It costs a lot of money for a publisher to translate a manga into another language and develop a licensing agreement with a regional distributor. They’re not going to translate a title into English unless they can see a profit on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    When I read the announcement on the site this morning, I didn’t believe it. I had to read it three times over before it sunk in. Looks like I’ll have to find another site to read my manga on.

  • Anonymous says:

    It`s good one manga is gone now, too bad them and other black sheep acting like that made the japanese companies angry at the scanlator scene as a whole.

    Seriously, to all the people crying a river because they missed their naruto or bleach fix, 2 minutes of searching lead you to about 6 other similar sites, half of them with better resolution or a bigger (or at least more varied less shounen-oriented) database.

    Also one manga was crappy.
    They had shitty resolutions, specifically on double pages.
    It`s one thing if you can`t appreciate the artwork fully (buy the original for that), but if you can`t freaking read the text bubbles it`s way too much.

    One manga was also making profit of it.
    So they got what they deserved, since they ignored the copyright holders and creators rights.
    You might say, well, which fansub distributor doesn`t do that, but usually people just spread it and refrain to make a profit from it.)

    They also screwed with the scanlators, who put the actual work into translating all this stuff, but were well aware that this should be a non-profit endeavour or the japanese will get angry with the entire scanlation scene for abusing their property.

    And that`s what`s happening right now, isn`t it?
    You have to thank one manga and similar sites that made profit instead of just distributing, that the japanese companies now declared war on scanlation in general.

    Add those whole “adult series” taken off from reading (for a while) shenanigans they pulled of instead of just adding an age verification on the site entrance like many doujinshi, porn site or even just seller sites like j-list use and I really can`t see why people make a fuss about them being closed down.

  • I personally loved the site and its hard to know its going down next week. Hopefully they get one more WSJ releases out, it would be like going out at their greatest. I’ve read so many new manga and discovered so many anime from just browsing the site.

  • Didn’t most people notice that most scanlators hated the fact that their work ended up on these shit sites?

    I will admit the only benefit these sites had was I was able to skim over a manga to see if I liked it or not (and then I would find out who scanlated it and got it from their website)

    and yes, if I liked a series, and it was available to buy in my area I did buy it…(the same goes with anime)

  • Anonymous says:

    dear onemanga,
    you gave manga to all people. you weren’t an otaku page. you were open for all those gamers and cartoon fans that only dabbled in mangas. you saved me from many books that sounded good, but let me down. you created what the whole manga industry couldn’t: you established a fast site with a huge library. that was really comfortable to use.
    now we scene guys have to move on and tell our clueless friends where to get fix.

    r.i.p one manga, you will be replaced, but not forgotten.

  • Anonymous says:

    Once again, fuck copyright and fuck big publishers. Once a day, we all have to pay for what they believe to be “good”. Luckily, i don’t use one manga lot often. As long as all chinese manga site remains open, i am happy with the world.

    • Never mind that without those big publishers, you wouldn’t have shit to read in the first place. Instead of respecting them for all the content they provide you, you bitch at them for not giving it to you for free. Your sense of entitlement is disgusting.

  • Anonymous says:

    It will end the same way as it did in Poland few years back:

    1) Good scanlation and fansubing projects.
    2) Few legal publishers become active. Get few legal Animu/Manga
    3) Scanlations and fansubbing groups are stomped out. ( Police needed something to make them look good since they are powerless against real crime so they were really effective deploying anti-terrorists against unarmed teenagers and making a big fuss over catching a dangers criminals. )
    4) Since A&M are not very popular in here most of publishers go under. (Probably one is still afloat. It releases like one volume a month, and it’s mostly girls manga like “Paradise Kiss” or something out of museum.)
    5) No good Polish scanlations/fansubs since then. And no legal way of owning desired series except spending 25% of income on Amazon.

    When my teacher told me I should be proud that I’m Pole I’ve laughed at her…

  • Anonymous says:

    Personally, I only buy manga series that I truly love and read over and over again. In my opinion, it’s truly worth being able to hold it in your hands. The OM however is a great way to read titles that are not out in the US. Now that this site is down, I’m going to have to continue buying like I’ve always done, but I will also find other OM sites to read exotic titles.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know every ones bwaaaing about this and all, but i have to say it feels more special if you actual have the book in your own two hands than seeing on a eye straing computer screen.

  • Anonymous says:

    Theyd probably be losing a lot more sales than gain, seeing as how most international readers find existing or new series through piracy sites. Without these sites, international fans would eventually adapt to a new life-style without that of manga (just like the decay of the anime industry and its popularity after sites like crunchyroll went legit… See More). If anyone, its just going to hurt the industry even more. I don’t believe their losses could be accounted towards piracy. Piracy has been around for a major length of time, and most of these releases are not licensed or even planned to be released outside of Japan. These issues are merely scanlated through PURCHASED material directly from Japan, in a functioning market throughout all these years with the strain of piracy. Their current 30% sales decreased can not be accounted for any piracy interaction going on in the net; likewise it is more of the cause of the economic depression beginning at the same time of their sales decline. In fact, I firmly believe that the Japanese people would not be a part of this piracy (they have the access to the real ****, why bother). Their sales decline is just merely an effect of the economics depression that influences thousands of other industries to incline losses in the past 3 years. Tbh, piracy was what brought manga out of Japan in the first place. Their decision to lead legal action to bring down traffic sites what are protected upon the “fair share law” with loopholes found by “kane” munching lawyers would eventually lead to the complete death of the industry internationally. What the industry should do is to focus on promoting and improving the market stability within Japan, the heart of their sales and manga itself, and not close off the international market that took decades of piracy to build.

  • Fun fact: If I were to have purchased every manga I’ve read on OM I would have spent (averaging a conservative 8$ per volume) over $10,000 and I would have to deal with at least 4 or 5 bookcases full of useless paper that i’d rather not dedicate a room to…

    Publishers are too ignorant to see that paper-back is no longer a viable medium for manga distribution in this tech savvy era.

  • Nooooo!! Dammit! I loved OneManga.

    I would always browse the titles, and read to see which ones were worth buying. Titles like Vagabond are a real treat to find, and definitely worth buying.

    I’ll probably just have to stop now, as manga’s far too expensive to just buy titles you don’t know anything about to try out.

    I’m really disappointed. For most (the ones I read) of the titles on OneManga, there’s no way (legal or otherwise) to obtain them without scanlations. How this results in lost sales is beyond me…

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like there’s no problems with their other site.

    I’m willing to bet money that everything shifts there and things continue as normal. Strike one down, and a thousand shall rise in their place.

    No notice on the other site, notice.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pff, those publishers are really short sighted sometimes, if it wasn’t for onemanga and similar sites i would have bought a lot less of my manga collection ( 3 bookcase’s so it’s a lot) It was bacause i could sample the work through onemanga that i bought them in the 1st place. If they themselves don’t come with a viable alternative i would have to say that i will be buying less manga in the future. I dont have the luxury of having a weekly bundle like Weekly Jump to sample my manga.

  • Publishers just simply refuse to understand the simple fact the world is not the same of 30 years ago.

    In the modern world, where internet gives free acess to most of the content, and where the users are willing to both see and create content for free, its just simply imperative that visual and audio productions that dont really have physical use need to be free.

    User created visual, video and even audio-visual productions are out there, and most of them are 100% free. Not just that, there are quite an amount that is licenced so as other users can modify them to theyr liking, and requesting a simple mentioning of the original’s author.

    In relation to intellectual productions, or, in other words anything that doesn’t have a physical use, not only users are unhappy with having to pay for a product that only has any value within theyr brains, but for the reason mentioned above, most are more and more convinced there is no reason to pay at all since content of comparable level is out there for free.

    Most users are willing to both read/watch/listen for free and create audio-visual content for other’s to read/watch/listen for free. And in the same way there are people out there willing to translate and to read translated content for free.

    If in one hand user-translation quality isnt always as good as wanted in some releasses, in the other hand user-translation is free, over-time-reliable (if one releasse has poor quality, there is sure to be future releasse by different users with a better quality) and wider-ranged. (even series that never make official translated releasses will always have fans requesting for user-made translation)

    The only good point in actualy paying to read manga/watch anime would be that “schedule is followed” and “quality is guaranteed”, but as the eagle-eyed of you may have noticed, that is a “WOULD BE…”, since lately its not really that way.
    Take Naruto Shippuuden’s Episode 167 as an example, there are user-created (note: a studio is the “user” here) free animations that, IN THE SAME SCHEDULE (thats important to notice), would still be better.

    Publishers (mainly manga, but serves for both anime and manga) should either start displaying a quality that is actualy worth paying, (i doubt that a lot) or start to actualy sell something that is both supposed and worth to be bought, like a “series-customised bag” and itens like such, while leaving the actual series free.

    • Your argument is utterly specious. Can you name any major and worthwhile anime, manga, movies or games which were produced in a free and “user-generated” fashion? The model doesn’t work for these products.

      It should be obvious to anyone that making things costs time and money. All these productions cost many millions of dollars and can barely be made by independent companies, let alone a ragtag band of hobbyists. What works for YouTube and Wikipedia simply does not apply.

      • i actualy can.

        Take the Americas Army series for one.

        for one: America’s Army (2.8.5 currently…also known as “America’s Army 2” since AA3 came out)

        100% Free from the start, huge success, User-Inproved (Maps and Mods databases..some maps were even officialised and added as downloadable packs within the game’s official downloadable content)

        was such a success that they made another one. “AA3″…wich is still waiting for improvement regarding bugs (it was releassed for open-public before scheduled tough, so the bugs have theyr motive)

        i wont even get too much into the game industry…there are just simply loads and loads of successfull free games…lots of them are MMORPGs that are free to play and that sell special itens and/or features to make profit, but that players can play 100% of charge…”Tantra”, “Ragnarok” (currently has free official servers in most contryes), “Perfect World”, “Priston Tale”, and so many others.

        now a bit of anime:
        youtube…that resumes it all.
        lots of user-made animations, short-stories and short-movies.
        Take the video called “Fumiko’s Conffession” for example…Its nicely animated (even better than the Naruto’s episode mentioned) and produced, and i has a comedy-themed short-story with has very few lines, but still makes sense, and altough it dosent really has episodes, its distributed 100% free and is quite successful in audience.

        and finaly, Manga and text-based stories:
        i just dont know what to say…there are so many blogs and even sites with ppl posting these its pretty hard to pick one!

        still…here goes one since i know you will simply say something like “you dont mention one couse you cant find one! MUHUHUHAHAHAHAHA” or something as stupid as that if i dont.

        “Daring the wind”…a fan-made manga based off hugely successfull game “Assassin’s creed”.

        i dont really know if its allowed to link things here, so if u want, just search the it.

        you are utterly wrong when you say “…YouTube and Wikipedia simply does not apply.”!…plus, you missed the whole point of what i sayd, with sumarized is:

        Regarding things that only have value within the brain of the public, like Information, Manga, Video, Audio and/or Audio-Visual productions, “Buy (just simply) becouse its not free!” dosent work and wont ever work again while internet exists…

        and since internet is there to stay, either they change theyr methods and disponibilize the content for free while profitting from the attention these free content receives…or they present a content that is so high-level that the free, user-created content available on the net dosent get close of comparing.

        …or, of course, they have the option to be stubborn with the conservationist ideas of “Buy (just simply) becouse its not free!” untill they go bankrupt.

        If “Piracy” scanlation profits so much from disponibilizing the series for free, by getting huge public to click theyr adverticing banners, what makes you think the actual publishers couldnt profit the exact same way if they made the series available for free? They’d not only profit, but also kill the main reason “piracy” exists. and all they have to do to incluse “user scanlated” content is ask “upload scanlations to the official website, found here:” and they’d get the scan-lation public all over theyr websites in no time.

        • ok, im really tired of explaining this over and over…

          —>try re-reading (if you even read a first time that is) the part where i say how they should manage to profit from free stuff…it is proof that AA2 is a valid example of a profiteable releaced-for-free production.

          THE FACTS ARE:

          AA2 is 100% free.

          AA2 is successful.

          AA2 producers profited and still profit from its success.
          Even if the “profit” here is not money but attention itself, the other examples given earlier are proof that its just a change on what duck the gun is beeing pointed at, and that if AA2 was aimed toward money-profit, it wouldn’t be any less successfull. (this is undenyable, its a fact)

          America’s Army IS, without any doubt, a valid example of what i have been explaining…So either come up with a valid, well-thinked counter-argument against profiting from free productions, or quit saying “it dosent work that way”.


          About Fumiko’s Confession video, you are missing some of they key points.

          Fumiko’s Confession might be just a few minutes long, but it is undenyable it does have a better animation quality than most anime’s episodes.
          Then, (as somewhat mentioned before) the “how much manpower and schedule-time they had?” question makes a diference.

          Tough then, one of the points you are missing is: There are successfull animations out there on the network made on the same schedule as anime’s episodes and with higher quality than said episodes.

          Fumiko’s Confession is just one example of a successfull animation…the actual number of animations of same level of the Fumiko’s Confession video ranges to the hundreds of thousands…and the actual total number of fan/user-made animations (tough most of these are not really good) ranges to millions, probably even billions.

          The fact that there is free material (material = fan/user-made manga, animation, music, etc.) out there for users(customers) to entertain themselves for a lifetime or even two is a fact! its undeniable!!!

          Once you, or anyone, including the industries who produce non-physical material that is “only valuable/usefull in user’s brain”, realise that, the fact such industries can no longer profit from selling the productions themselves, becouse there are enough free user-made productions for users to not really need to buy non-free material, becomes crystal-clear.

          It is impossible to prevent users from creating free productions, its fact. It is impossible to prevent users from freely distributing theyr free productions via the internet, its also fact. Thus, if the industry follows the path they are walking onto right now (eg. trying to sell manga itself), its also a fact that theyr selling (of sayd manga) is going to drop more and more untill “selling (said manga)” dosen’t exist. AND THUS, either they “quit selling (the manga itself)” and start selling something that profits from attention the “no longer sold, now free (said manga)” gets…or they keep “selling (said manga)” untill the “selling (said manga)” ceases to exist becouse the industry itself went bankrupt and ceased to exist.


          PS: the “thousands of counterexamples” you talk about can’t exist in the way you make it sound. There are productions (products) sold directly and productions wich profit from attention, but that are free themselves…the way they profit is different, but how they are successfull or not isn’t. they are successfull or not by the attention they get from the public…the counterexample of one is also the counterexample of the other.

          The only counterexamples there are for free productions in relation to non-free productions of the same kind of audio/visual material are those who are unsuccessfull, but then, it also happens to paid productions and thus is no valid counterexample.

        • America’s Army is a recruitment/propaganda tool commercially produced by the US military. It doesn’t support your argument at all.

          Fumiko’s Confession was a few minutes long and was probably produced partly for work portfolio. You can’t compare it to a 12 hour anime series.

          Even if you could produce a valid example, for each one there are thousands of counterexamples.

        • “They didn’t need to charge money for it because they were backed by the biggest budget in the history of mankind.”

          “The game is free becouse they didn’t have to charge” is not even close of being a valid argument. Being backed by the US military dosent change the fact the game costed money, and thus, it dosent matter who produced it or what budget they had, but the fact they still profited from the game while the game itself is free.

          (“audio-visual related industries” = Manga, Video, Audio and Audio-visual industries)

          The simple fact is that the audio-visual related industries will not survive the way they are right now. And the public (theyr customers) are more and more convinced audio-visual productions by themselves aren’t worth paying unless they trully have something that is very special.

          Thus, the only ways for the most part the audio-visual industry to survive, is to either let available theyr work, wich is audio-visual content, for free while profiting from the attention this content receives, like open (free) TV-channels do, having free content while profiting from advertises shown in betwen intervals of content. Or to offer something physical/special togueter with theyr productions, like series-customized itens and/or special content, and profiting from selling these special itens instead of from the series directly. (Then again, wichever option, its just a change of what duck they are aiming at, since they are still profiting from the attention the series gets instead of the series itself.)

  • Anonymous says:


    In my country nobody sells manga. Only the stupid popular things of the distant past, such as Ranma 1/2 or Saint Seiya.


    I’d buy them if I could… If it was only that easy…


  • Anonymous says:

    why did they choose to shut down one manga first? far as i know, their collection is smaller than mangafox, and they only get revenue from ads as opposed to donations or even fees like bleachexile and other sites that collect money for other people’s work.

    honestly, if you’re gonna start shutting down sites, why not shut down the ones that charges user money first? way to show what a bunch of a holes the manga industry turned into.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do understand that publishers want to make as much profit as possible,but (at least for me) reading on-line was the only way to read so many great titles,in the past 6-7 years.There are not so many titles to buy in my country (although the market is in a good shape) theres not even a slightest possibility that they will appear in thy place where i live .Im grateful for the work and efforts that scanlation groups are putting to give us great and clean comics to read.Thank you so much.

  • LanceRayne says:

    well, one out of the twenty i view from goes down. oh well, just have to make sure the ones that have the best stuff stay up.
    no whining or bitching. “these things DO happen”

  • Anonymous says:

    I read a bit there before. It doesn’t matter if it goes. I have dozens of other places I use, and when I can’t find something somewhere, a basic search turns it up somewhere else. You can’t stomp out online piracy, especially not when you are trying to compete with it with incompetent business practice (slow releases, selective title releases, censorship, and poor translations) and excessive prices.

  • I figured it would happen after all of that crap with the Mature Manga being removed. It showed how much the “internet police” are paying attention. This isn’t too far off from that. Taking our convenience away.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man. a lot of questions pop up in my head after seeing this.

    So how are people going to know about new manga if there is no way to know now?

    How do publishers expect to gain buyers if nobody will know about what they’re selling and if its good or not,for boys or girls, etc?

    Do these publishers publish the “good” stuff? And not just the ones they like themselves?

    If I live in a region where they don’t sell these, what then?

    [When I thought about these questions, I actually think they don’t give a damn about foreign readers, just their pockets. And that they’d rather manga be untranslated and unknown. Let’s just watch how this turns out. I bet when it backfires, the industry’s decision makers are going to be very quiet.]

  • How ’bout “Freenet”?

    Dark net over an encrypted network. The source can’t be traced, nor can the browser.

    Got some downsides, like slow as F*ck at first till peers/friends get built up, but near uncrackable. Also, use a 2nd browser program, so any ‘cookies’ from the “Real” net can’t be grabbed and backtracked.

    Long and short, the site could just move to Freenet and exist in encrypted hashes moving constantly from computer to computer. Be a neat thing to see setup.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just catch now the end of One Manga …

    What did a I do, replace the site in my favorites bar for another scanlation website that is not run by a bunch of wussies, they took off line for weeks several series because it have adult content so to not “harm” the children that visit the fucking site.

    Just put a disclaimer like every porn site on the web.

    Although One Manga was one of the biggest, it was not the only one in size and quality.

  • Anonymous says:

    Publishers wont see their business improve with this, at most it will only get worse because lets face it most of the people who buy manga go for online readers to read mangas and if they like it, then they will buy it, the only thing that they will accomplish with this is making people work to get their manga, also most people that read this are people who cant get the mangas they want in their country, mostly because theres no manga publishers in their country and if there are they are completely behind on chapters

  • Anonymous says:

    Manga Publishers, authors, etc.

    if you’re going to go to all the trouble getting rid of scantlations, then provide your own LEGAL alternative, don’t snub your fans like this

    I for one am all for buying manga that I like, and I wish to see manga grow through readership and sales, but it’s a tough field now, and the only good option is to try scantlation versions of your manga

    charge a fee (yearly), or better, host sites identical to One Manga, so you can show free versions of your manga, then sell higher quality prints

    it’ll be cheaper than wasting money on low quality prints that can’t sell well enough, and it will most likely help under appreciated manga get some spotlight for profits

    • Anonymous says:

      Learn Japanese FFS. If you spent the energy you currently spend on whining about translated manga on studying Japanese, you could do it. It’s cheaper and faster reading manga in Japanese. It’s an awesome skill, it gives you access to a whole other world of history, culture and of course comics.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nooooooooooooo! I use onemanga everyday god damn day! And I do NOT understand why it matters if its up?
    Most of those who read on onemanga dont even have manga in their country. Not atleast easy to or much to choose from.
    I dont think they lose money. Not a lot ;p
    I actually think they gain money by having sites like these. ppl that usually cant get manga see this stuff and might order it from the internet which they never would do if they couldnt look it up first.

  • Sad is that they know that shuting down some sites won’t make the popularity of manga grow(in the better scene it will freeze, but in the most places it will become smaller), plus that piracy won’t end with it….manga publishers aren’t been smart around here…by shuting down a site that agrees to remove liscenced titles they are at the same time destroing their propaganda and feeding the groups that don’t remove liscenced series…

    • Anonymous says:

      killed and doomed? no.

      shooting itself in the ass? indeed it is

      there will still be people buying manga, but i believe the publishers will lose more sales than they’ll gain from this dumb little publicity stunt of theirs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because one site that posted them at shitty resolutions (seriously, ever tried reading berserk double pages on it, no chance) gets closed down it`s doomed. Bullshit.

      Half a dozen alternatives exist (and several have a bigger library or better resolution), big deal if one gets closed down.

      Not to mention one-manga got what they deserved, since they were making profit of it.
      That`s screwing with the copyright holders/creators just as much as the scanlators, who put their effort into translating the stuff.
      That`s lower than low and equals to the people who rip off others by selling fansubs.

      It`s good they`re gone now, too bad them and other black sheep acting like that made the japanese companies angry at the scanlator scene as a whole.

  • Anonymous says:

    most of you are so whining bitches uuh i dont have the money its too exspensive get a damn job and learn japanes isnt that hard damn fucknuggets

    at least i have the money to buy some manga and call me a fan because I support THEM!

    do you really think that money from ads go to the manga publishers? you making me laugh!

    i rather have something in my hand than just starring at a fucking screen reading shitty translated manga!

    • Anonymous says:

      quote 04.02 anon
      end of quote.

      it’s not that simple to get a job.
      even if you learned japanese easily, some people have learning difficulties.
      not everyone is rich and dumb enough to go through the trouble of finding and buying 30-100 series online if there’s a quick, free and easy alternative.

      CONGRATULATIONS! you are now officially recongnized as a fucknugget brainwashed by money 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Great… not!
    This is terrible, as a student my economy is really limited and start buying translated manga would be a major setback for my wallet.
    I think this will really affect small mangas that can’t get into the top 50. Because of this, many of them will perhaps just vanish.

    This is utterly bullshit, I’ve used OM for many years and I loved that site, it has, partly, made me the person I am today (well at least the manga they hosted).

    But there are options left, but for how long? Someday we leachers have to take a stand against the international publishers with their overprices. Internet is the future, but manga seems to not be able to understand that. Hell, even the porn industry understands this!

    I’d like to see sites like OM made by publishers where you pay for a membership (compare to sites like to read mangas online. It would solve a lot of problems both for readers and publishers. Think of the productions costs that can be saved.

    But for now, we can only watch and observe.

  • This is a sad day for the world of non-Japanese Manga fans. This move is going to hurt the industry more than it will help. It’s not like Manga and Anime got this damn popular and became a global hobby because of the efforts of the companies themselves. It was thanks to the Scanlators and the Fansubbers that the sheer veriaty became avalible to us (do you know that Kadokawa originaly didn’t plan on distributing the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to America because they saw it as “too Japanese”. The only reason it made it Stateside “officialy” is thanks to the built in audience the fansubbers produced).

    However, the beauty of the internet is that if one service falls, something else will always take it’s place. Until ALL distributing companies put their Manga online, there will always be someone else to provide the same service that was once lost. Piracy is the necessary evil of the Anime and Manga Industries. Most of it’s consumer base (including myself) wouldn’t have been here without it. It’s popularity is thanks to Piracy. And it’s thanks to it’s popularity that large chain stores like Best Buy, Barnes & Nobel, and Virgin now carry Anime and Manga. It’s not like this shit is advertised heavily, or nearly at all.

    But whatever. This is the internet, and there will always be an alternative.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Had a feeling this day might come ever since reading about Sankaku’s report about the publishers declaring war on scanlations.

    RIP One Manga, it certainly was one of my port of calls for manga series.

    Now to look for that Chinese scanlation/piracy website I saw the other day…

  • Anonymous says:

    Dude the only reason I even used onemanga was because you can’t buy the stuff they have on it over here. If they actually sold it here I’d get it. I understand why they wanted it gone but if you puplishers would actually sell it to me … gah!

  • Anonymous says:

    How ironic. I started buying comics because I read them on OneManga in the first place.

    Now that its shutting down, I probably won’t find anything new to buy.

    Oh well. Reap what you sow.

  • Firetribe said:
    Well they were making a profit off hosting volumes of manga without giving a penny back to the publishers- which probably did more damage than any small-time scanlator could ever do.

    Oh well, guess it's back to the old scan hunt.

    I am not familiar with One Manga (sorry it's true) but, if they were making money off stolen manga, well fuck em. Only real cunts sell pirated goods. Just like with anime fan subs eh, if you bought it, you got fucked by jerks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Onemanga earn their revenues from the advertisers.

      1. mangaka releases title to publisher
      2. publisher releases per chapter/tankoubon
      3. raw is scanned, packed then made available via P2P
      4. raw gets picked and scanlated by a group and made available via IRC/http/torrent/hosting sites

      5. Onemanga acquires a copy, recompress the image to lower the filesize(results in faster loading time), and makes it available at their site with advertisements

    • Anonymous says:

      Well the money they made was from ads, they didn’t directly charge anything from anything…. so to us pretty much free

      Sad to see it go, bought several volumes of manga after reading the scanlations from OM =/

      • Nevertheless, they were making mad money from it. It’s not some grand crusade to share manga to the world, as they try to brainwash their users into thinking.

        Not once have they acknowledged that what they were doing is illegal. Or say what they did was wrong, or even say that they were making money.It’s all “Manga publishers are bad- not because we were making money off the back of scanlators- but because they because they hate you!”

        Sigh.. Scanlators definitely have more honor than these clowns. They at least acknowlege that scans are unlawful.

  • When I first heard about it I become so sad that I almost started crying. Because it was with OneManga that I started reading Manga and get to know about it. It was almost 4 years ego and Never thought that this would happen.

    R.I.P OneManga 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    it’s really sad for OM to go but as long as there are scanlators, we can still find sites hosting scanlated work. it might not be as good as OM but at the least we have alternatives.

    as what the previous posters mentioned, scanlated works might be harming company sales but it’s because of these scanlated works that their business boomed outside of japan. it may be piracy or whatever you put it but it’s a necessary evil for business to get going imo.

  • As sad as this is i am kind of annoyed at the major manga sites that are getting hit hard, i mean your hosting something that could get you into trouble and you still host it on the shores that have the copyright, believe me when i say this if the sites were host outside of the united states, the publishers wouldn’t have been able to get to them. As bad as this sounds they are countries that don’t fall under the copyright infringement of america and proof of that is the hundreds of music,software,movies,etc. i can show you that pirate stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      One Manga’s servers were hosted in Germany apparently.

      But since the site is American…

      Mangafox’s servers is apparently in China so they have a little more protection.

      Now if a site opens up servers in a place like (A stable part of) Somalia or a calm part of Iraq then the companies are sh*t out of luck.

      • Probably what few people here realise is that ejecting the scan sites from the US is 90% of the battle. They consume vast amounts of bandwidth, and the US is the cheapest market for bandwidth and servers – European servers and bandwidth can cost literally 2-3 times as much, enough to seriously damage the profitability of any such site.

        • Anonymous says:

          How is that possible, when US ISPs continue to dick their customers in speed, cost and total bandwidth? Seriously, you just made that up, right?

          I don’t see how hosting could be cheaper in the US vs Sweden, China, Russia or someplace similar. Domain registry, yes. Hosting, no.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly, there are _plenty_ of those sites still up. I can’t even manage to count them, as I find more everytime I do a little search. The problem lies in finding certain titles, like aa something megami something from 2005, anime. Would like to watch, but am too lazy to search for more than 20 seconds.

      Too lazy to search for lost password,

  • Maderlulz says:

    Yep I noticed when I went on and it didn’t have any of the manga I was following and Manga Toshokan were more supine to adhere to their demands, sadly. But this means that we have to go to the source for our manga. ^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t even buy 90% of published (and translated) manga where I live… if they ban all the sites like this (or at least those with most content) I won’t be able to read most of it without searching for it for ages on torrent sites…

    Most online stores I visited offer no international shipping. Ugh. I’m pissed.

      • Anonymous says: charges $13.98 to ship the latest copy of the Naruto manga via their Standard option to my own “developing” country, and $20.98 for Expedited shipping. It’s a perfectly valid excuse considering how easily you can end up paying more that twice what those in the US/UK pay, and that’s excluding whatever customs would tack on.

      • Anonymous says:

        (different anon)
        Yes Amazon ships it, with over 3x the cost of the manga in shipping charges alone to where I happen to live. I’d rather not give all that money to shipping companies, as much as I’d like to reward the original mangaka.

        If the writers were to set up a donation box on their personal website, I’d gladly sent some money their way, but as it is, I’d rather not spend so much money, knowing that only a tiny fraction (if any) goes to the mangaka who really deserves it.

        Living in the so called “developing world” sucks, but most of you wouldn’t know that.

  • Anonymous says:

    These scanlation sites are the ones who promote their mangas overseas.

    Ungrateful bastards.

    Do you guys think anime like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece could be famous if it weren’t for the pirates?

    Whenever a new manga is made, someone scans it and puts it up online. That is how they get readers overseas. Its not like everyone could go to japan for the latest (raw) mangas.

    Nobody would be interested in long delayed overpriced mangas.

    Damn these idiots.

    • Anonymous says:

      The fucking scanlators are the people who promote the manga overseas by crossing the language barrier, not these piece of shit manga index sites who use these materials to line their own pockets.

      Get a brain.

      • Anonymous says:

        When I think about the OPENMANGA. It will be the end for all publishers that take money us and skimp on manga artists!!!

        Let me give you an example:

        1. Manga creators give chapter 1 or 0 for free

        2. Since its online there are a lot of people to judge if the manga is good or not.

        3. If it is a success (based on the number of hits). The manga artist can make the next chapter for a fee of 50 cents (USD) or 50 yen each (again it is only an example).

        4. Since it is online, the manga creator will not pay a publishing fee and any other BS (you know what it means) that the publisher can do against the will of the manga creator.

        5. The manga creator will not be hampered by the “DEADLINE” of a magazine but the constant beating of the fans (if it is a REAL hit) may pose a problem.

        6. Since it is online, it will all be the latest chapters.

        7. The profits for he manga creator is only theirs or 1 to 2% goes to the site as for maintenance.

        8. There must be a “translations group” that will also help the manga creator in selling the
        chapters in a different language.

        It is HARD to implement but if it works. It will be the end of the publishing era and the magazine type manga.

  • narutard4life says:

    As usual…all good things come to an end 🙁
    Though it’s not as bad as people think. As long as the owners of OpenManga don’t become greedy it’s gonna revolutionise things.
    I’ve sent them an email and recieved replie about any questions I have had, and there’s not many flaws in their idea, unlike a certain online streaming site…(crunchyroll -_-)
    Remember they’ve been in the business as they were mangahelpers before, so they know what fans want. Hopefully they consider fans first before money, but unforunately life isn’t always that simple…

  • Well they were making a profit off hosting volumes of manga without giving a penny back to the publishers- which probably did more damage than any small-time scanlator could ever do.

    Oh well, guess it’s back to the old scan hunt.

    • Anonymous says:

      THANK YOU!

      I was beginning to think most of the people on this site are mentally handicapped. This wasn’t an attack on scanlations, it’s an attack on a group that owned 2 commercial manga sites – yes, they had the enough resources (and assholery) to try and double their income. They were using scanlations (of copyrighted materials) produced for free by passionate fans to line their own pockets, that’s the issue here. It’s like all the rest of these sites, who give no suggestion as to their finances, and since they aren’t taking donations – while shoving adverts in your faces, it’s not difficult to guess just where they stand.


      • Anonymous says:

        On the other hand, they were providing a very convenient service where you didn’t have to dig through tons of scanlator sites until you assemble an entire series.

        Not my top choice for acquiring scanlated manga, but there certainly is a merit to their service.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m glad not everyone in this word has lost their sense of adventure, but you have to realize that most people either don’t know how to navigate the web or are too stupid to find what they are looking for, or both.

          And yes, humans love screwing each other over, but that’s the inevitable result of natural selection. Nature is a bitch.

        • Anonymous says:

          isn’t it all the fun about the scanlation ?

          nowadays, internet is full of lazy kids asking for scanlations and anime to be available for direct-download/streaming in one single place, leading these people (who don’t give a crap to anime and manga to begin with) to create these commercial sites, and which eventually brings attention of publishers/internet police

          honestly, I see these sites as the same as these stupid people selling fansubs on ebay

          there would be definitely no harm if scanlation still had that ‘underground’ aspect, when you had to visit each group’s site/irc channel for getting your stuff, as inconvenient as it is

          but sadly enough, I guess it’s in the human genes, there will always be people wanting to make easy money from other people’s work (financial crisis, anyone ?)

        • It sounds as if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Sources if you do, please.

          None of the offers from OVH would be suitable for comparison due to the limits they apply to bandwidth usage, and the US offer you mention is just some oversold consumer offer – it is possible to get much lower prices than that, I should know.

          A quote regarding OVH, who seem to have an awful reputation:

          “Most of the bandwidth you will get at ovh is the so called Euro Bandwidth , obtained from peering agreements and from regional european internet exchange points.It costs ten times less than the premium bandwidth( sometimes , if you have a big network you get it for free from exchange)

          So , by controlling the area where the clients are/are comming from , they provide a big chunk of cheap euro bandwidth in the mix.
          And keep the costs as low as they can.”

          Cloud bandwidth costs are about 5 times that of dedicated server bandwidth, going off list price. For a steady usage profile they are completely uneconomical.

        • Anonymous says:

          Seriously, did you a research before spewing such misinformation ?
          Hosting in US is ludicrously high. Cheapest I found is 69$/month with limited bandwith (3TB/month) usage.
          I can get simple (2GB RAM, Via nano, DELL® XS11-VX8) dedicated servers with 1Gb/s bandwith, 160 GB disk and unlimited traffic for less than 24$ per month, VAT included.

          And I’m not talking about cloud computing who can put the bar VERY low.

          So yes, finding cheap servers with good bandwith outside US is fucking easy.

          The only real problem for them would be to circumvent current copyright laws.

        • Every single one of their servers is based in the US – hosted on Softlayer if I’m not mistaken. The company and its staff are based in some Chinese backwater however.

          The chances of a major bandwidth dependent international website being cost effectively hosted outside the US are next to nil, so they are probably finished. They wouldn’t be able to offer a usable site by hosting in China, and they wouldn’t be able to afford to host it somewhere prepared to ignore copyright violation.

        • Mangafox was stripped of most things licensed by English companies, i havn’t seen one there that was licensed in awhile. Now if they are gonna target them for hosting any manga period…

          I don’t forsee this actually doing anything, your just going to push scanlating underground more and more. Its the whole “hydra” situation, a pointless venture till the mangaka cut out the middle man (publishers). Piracy will always exist no matter what, but all they are doing is exacerbating the problem. So its pointless to even try.

    • Anonymous says:


      honestly, I don’t think publishers minded scanlarions *that* much, until there were all these stupid scanlations hosting commercial sites making profit from advertising, on the back of publishers and scanlators themself who actually do it for free out of passion without getting anything in return. So I definitely won’t cry for that site’s death.

      expect to see the same kind of rage over fansub too, thanks to these new dumb sites hosting AVI version (duh) of episodes released by various fansub teams (you know, these ones on tokyotosho with [] tags and ‘visit our site for fast direct download’ as description)

      stupid kids making money out of fanwork are killing scanlation and fansub…

  • Same thing that happened ith mangatosho. Heh gonna hafta hit dhyoko up for some of his lternatives. It’s just sad cuse some people actually buy manga as well and wouldn’t be doing that even half as much if it weren’t for scanlations.

    • Anonymous says:

      No it isn’t. Several large websites and scanlation communities have already removed the copyrighted material from their websites. OneManga’s removal simply means they finally got thei C&D letter from the JDCA.

      • Anonymous says:

        False, for quite sometime they would remove things whenever they got a demand.

        Hellsing, Inuyasha, Tsukihime, those had been banned for quite some time.

        A few months back “Wolf and Spice” was banned as well.

        All because companies supposedly requested it.

        There was an “Unofficial” agreement going on here… I’m guessing it was a “give and take” thing because at the time the publishers were acting alone. (And OM was the largest site)

        Kind of backstabby though.

  • Again, the publishers should just open a legal CrunchyRoll styled subscription service for a modest fee. Shutting off these sites with the intent to force readers to buy their overpriced and badly translated series isn’t good for their image.

    • loli in a box says:

      I don’t think it will help if they introduce an own digital alternative -now-. Many people like me will still pirate out of spite.

      We will just withdraw to places they have no power over.

      Still, the English manga scene will probably shrink and stay constant at a certain level. There won’t be as many new people introduced to manga as printed versions are out of question if you are reading them regularly.

      We pirates shall never be defeated!
      ( That is of course until the Japanese also start pirating more and Japanese publishers go bankrupt. I don’t care what happens to the English publishers since everything we read is from translation groups anyway. )

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow… I read manga and would like to buy it legally. If it weren’t one or more years outdated when it becomes a book and if the price is not 5 to 10 times bigger than the original price.

        • Anonymous says:

          You mean libertarians like Nick Clegg? Excuse me, but I will be spending the next 30 minutes laughing on the floor…

          Modern day liberals are nothing like the ideals they pretend to stand for. I’ve seen several highly liberal parties getting elected in office, and then proceeding to do exactly the oposite of what they promised. Kind of like the current US president who promised to put an end to the [s]Oil[/s] Afghanistan war.

          You’ve fallen a victum to a mass prejudice based on the name alone. Not that I blame, you, they did choose to call themselves “pirates” in the first place.

          The pirate parties have evolved a lot since the early days of the Swedish PP. There are a lot of intelligent young people and a lot of experienced politicians who participate and support them. If you would just give them a chance, maybe you will realise that pirates aren’t all about file sharing. Go ahead, have a look at the platform of your local pirate party. You may be surprised at what they have to say.

          Yes, pirates are against the way casual sharing is handled, but that does not mean they are against any form of copyright.

        • Piracy is about getting things for free.

          The “political pirates” are just sophistic inventions designed to legitimise illegal file-sharing.

          The only parties with any real legitimate practical or philosophical opposition to copyrights are libertarian or pro-consumer parties.

        • Anonymous says:

          It really scares me how little people know of politics and yet how eager they are to claim their favourite regime is “the one true way”(TM). Neither communism or socialism have anything to do with the views of modern political pirates.

          Piracy is all about personal freedoms at the expense of the rich and powerful, which is exactly what democracy was meant to protect in the first place. Unlike what the name may imply, pirate parties around do not generally advocate the abolishment of copyright or for harming the creative people. Indeed, piracy only aims to harm big corporations made up of talentless bean counters who only piggy back on the people who truly deserve our money.

          Or maybe my sarcasm detector is failing, in which case, I probably should just get my cane and start telling the youngsters stories of my youth.

      • Loli the Publishers want money they even have to pay the Manga Artist less for their work and still do to cover the cost of publishing it.

        Groups who translate those manga’s are trying to promote those manga’s to be mainstream sold in any country.Not many Publishers or Producers are going to find cool Anime’s or Manga’s interesting the only question they will ask “Will it sell?” that’s all they are interested in asking. I know that Group who do this because they are also fans they wish to share it with people who are interested in reading these Manga’s some of them have some respect to stop so that Businesses can take charge sell it where it can do some good.

    • Benskiman says:

      Even if it gives them a bad name. I see why the publishing companies shut it down. They are a business after all, and One Manga could really have been hurting sells. The ideal of a CrunchyRoll style subscription service would be nice, but I have a feeling people would find other means to avoid paying as always. So we would be back to square one anyways.

      • Anonymous says:

        I used to buy my manga legally all the time and I ended up getting pissed off because I would see people in the bookstore taking a stack of manga off the shelves, plopping down in a chair or a corner, and just reading it for free there. Because of this I often couldn’t find the volume I was looking for or it was already heavily used. People who are to cheap to buy their manga will find a way to steal it no matter what. Even if they have to resort to reading it in the store.

        I mostly used OneManga to find new stuff and I make every attempt to buy when it is available. Some stuff though I can’t even find in my local Japanese book store because it is so new or so obscure.

        I understand the reasoning, but they really need to make some sort of online alternative for people to purchase digital copies. Everything else has gone digital, why are they still stuck in the age of printing?

      • From what I can tell, the scans one OM aren’t exactly the best and some of them are downright impossible to read. If the publishing companies are smart, they’d make a site to capitalize that disadvantage. I’m certain using pirates to leverage your own business would be a smart move but all they’ve done now and piss off a whole bunch of fans. Worst yet now people have vowed NOT to buy any real copies.

  • rupert003 says:

    I loved OneManga. THanks to them I had a chance to find many great titles…

    I understand thee tip the balance thing, but it’s incredibly difficult and expensive to get paper manga in Europe.

    Not to mention titles that aren’t licensed

    • Anonymous says:

      Well truth be told the scanalators actually know what the fans want in most of those manga. not only that, but they are pretty much year ahead of the groups that have licensed them in the US, or where ever else is complaining about it.

      From what I can say they honestly don’t have a right to complain since they aren’t anywere close to how many volumes are out in Japan in certain series. Besides if they listen to the fans and keep it to were the inside jokes are not butchers and have a translator note that the back, like some mangas do, them maybe it might be worth buying the book instead to support the industry.

      Although I can’t support an industry if they do not listen to thier fans about anything at all though.It’s kind of like a once bitten twice shy deal here with some people.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree 100% and I think congress should legalise fansubbing and scanlation, and possibly even making a profit (from ads for example) as long as they pass, say, 80% of their revenues back to the mangaka.

      • Anonymous says:

        One of the things that sparked all of this shitstorm I’m somewhat sympathetic to. The US publishers pointed out that sites like OneManga are housing scanned copies of the US publication and not just the fan works.

        That has a much higher chance of denying the publisher of a sale than a fan translation, which may not be accurate or consistent.

        Several years ago, it was practically unheard of, and hard to find scans of official US volumes. Sites driven by green and a blatant disrespect for US publishers brought this upon the scene.

        That, and Japan’s manga publishers are scared shitless. They know that their people are starting to catch on to this method of distribution and want to do everything they can to stop it.

        I don’t think the US publishers would have agreed to partner on their quest to eliminate sites like OneManga, if not for their actual works being scanned too.

        Anyway, I never liked sites that use online viewers, they always resize the two-page pages and degrade the file for a smaller file/faster loading time. Fuck that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well the real reason they did that to One Manga was because they were making a profit from their ads. Every time anyone visited a manga chapter with an ad, it gave them money over and over and over. I would say that Onemanga was making more than $20,000 a week on ads especially on the weekends when the top manga came out.

        Another problem too, if they got a share of money from the ads on that site. They weren’t paying taxes. When companies like that don’t pay taxes, it’s no wonder no one has a job right now.

        Don’t get me wrong, I loved OneManga, but it sure didn’t change my stance with getting a job somewhere else. They’ve been saying on the news that people globally are not buying things. Everyone is watching or reading things for free on the internet.

        Pretty much, if you think real hard…we’ve destroyed ourselves. >___< I really don't like thinking about complicated things.

        Of course we live in a world where we want everything for free, but there comes a point where that must come to an end.