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“K-ON! is Not a Moe Anime!”


According to an apparent majority of K-ON! fans on 2ch, K-ON! is most definitely not a moe anime.

The debate began with a seemingly innocent query as to the merits of K-ON!, but this soon resulted in a storm of angry denials when the questioner called the anime a “moe anime” in passing:

“I haven’t watched K-ON! at all, but everyone talks about it. Is it really just another moe anime, or is there something excellent about it?”

“It’s not a moe anime!”

“It’s not because it’s entertaining or excellent, it’s because it’s loved. Both the makers and viewers watch over the characters and setting with great affection.”

“Only part of it is moe!”

“You guys are being trolled hard.”

“Even if we are being trolled I get really annoyed when it’s called a moe anime. It’s not an easy thing to depict the cuteness of the characters!”

“It’s pretty embarrassing seeing all these guys going on about it not being a moe anime – I wish they’d just shut up…”

“It may be a moe anime, but it’s certainly not just any moe anime!”

“However you look at it, it isn’t a moe anime.”

“I hate moe anime but it has me hooked, so I don’t think it is one.”

“You’re just prejudiced against moe anime then…”

“There’s a real preconception that late night anime = moe anime…”

“There seem to be a hell of a lot of people about who don’t want to recognise it as a moe anime. From any commoner’s perspective it looks like a moe anime, doesn’t it? Why are people so desperate to deny it?”

“It’s because it’s not just moe, it’s a reason for living!”

“I never really thought of K-ON! as a moe anime. Always though Zero no Tsukaima and that sort of thing was what a moe anime was. I want to lick Azunyan.”

“Moe anime used to be a positive term, but at some point it ended up just meaning anime using catchy pictures to show panchira. That stuff’s rubbish.”

“So why did it become so popular? Its sales and viewership weren’t that impressive…”

“Because they know how to attract otaku buyers.”

K-ON! – moe anime or not?

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