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K Cup 12-Year-Old Spared Giant Breast Hell by Surgery



A 12-year-old girl whose breasts ballooned in size to 105cm, the equivalent of a K cup or more, is undergoing surgery.

The 12-year-old Chinese girl’s breasts grew to 105cm, compared to a more typical 60-70cm average for her age.

Unsurprisingly, this huge endowment proved a curse rather than a blessing – their huge weight caused back pain, their great size hindered mobility, and as the undersides were unable to perspire properly and were thus continuously moist she developed skin disease.

Shaanxi doctors overseeing the case became concerned and recommended drastic breast reduction surgery, an operation complicated by her still being in the midst of puberty.

Doctors say they intend to leave as much of the mammary gland intact as possible whilst removing excess tissue so as not to hinder further growth. The operation was to have taken place on the 22nd.

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