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Aya Hirano “Will Give Up Being a Seiyuu”


Speculation that Aya Hirano may be set to give up being a seiyuu in favour of becoming a TV “talent” is raging, after the seiyuu revealed an itinerary dominated by appearances on variety programmes.

The suspicion that she is in the midst of a major career change began circulating recently, but became heightened with the announcement of 3 variety programme appearances in under a week.

One show-business source describes her current circumstances:

“Her current manager differs from her last, a seiyuu specialist, and is now a specialist in variety TV programmes. It looks as though from now on she’ll be mainly a talent.”

Whether any of this was tied to her recent episodes is not clear.

Hirano’s introduction to show-business was in fact as a general TV talent, and has made a number of appearances throughout her career, though none as concentrated as now. That she also has a TV show further lessens the leap.

The demands of selling herself to a notoriously fickle and demanding otaku audience may also be a consideration – a career as TV talent and singer would place much lower demands on her image.

However, with most (if not all) of her fame as seiyuu stemming from roles in Haruhi and Lucky Star, shows which are both defunct and comparatively little known in the mainstream, she may face an uncertain future even as a talent.

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