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Google Censors Sankaku Complex


Google has begun quietly censoring Sankaku Complex from its search suggestions in much the same way as it does anything else which does not fit into its white-picket-fence fantasy Internet.

Whilst still dominating the listings for actual searches (and apparently unmolested there), autosuggested searches using unfiltered results now resolutely refuse to acknowledge the presence of “sankaku” in the English language, whether in connection with this site or lesser pursuits such as judo.

Previously even a “sank” would yield pointers for pathetically lazy typists as to the proper spelling of this site at the very top – not a hugely significant change to those seeking the site, but an example of the kind of “chilling effect” Google pretends to abhor.

Internet usage of the word “sankaku” itself, previously the rather obscure name of a judo move and a piece of software, now appears generally to point out this site – the judo move “sankaku jime” returns 40,000 pages as opposed to at least 800,000 references to “sankaku complex,” and Google’s own statistics indicate it indexes millions of pages on the “” domain alone.

Judging from past incidents, Google seems unlikely to explain itself – flagrant speculation suggests Google objects to the content of the site, and so has quietly slipped the entire word into its secret ban-filters, or “technical errors” as it has lately taken to calling them.

Whilst Google still maintains, if barely, the appearance of unfiltered search results in its main results, its autosuggestions have lately been attracting attention for political correctness and puritanical purging run amok – politically sensitive but historically significant words like “Aryan” are blocked, and the company even blocks suggestions of such offensive terms as “penis” whilst freely allowing anything connected with “breasts.”

A policy it applies increasingly widely – except of course to huge sites busily hawking vast amounts of porn on the side, or sites which have been accused of harbouring all manner of illegal content.

And of course, the suggestions it offers up remain as bizarre as ever

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